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5420 E Burnside St, Portland, USA

Decent Brunch

We came for brunch around noon on a Saturday. The wait was quick, about 20 minutes? Our waiter was ok, he seemed pretty annoyed to be seating us and getting us drinks, but once we were ordering he was great. It was so strange. My husband got the feast waffle, which is a savory waffle topped with tofu scramble and gravy. He really enjoyed it! I got the garden grilled cheese which was yummy with the avocado and spinach on it. I loved the flavor of the herb casher ricotta too. I'm giving it four stars because the food took FOREVER. Almost an hour from the time we ordered. It was a busy time, but the place is small, there aren't that many tables and nothing was said to us. A little "Sorry guys, the kitchen is backed up, we'll have everything out as soon as we can" goes a long way.
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 01, 2015

675 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, USA

Yummy Pizza!

We really liked the pizza here. We got vegan cheese, artichoke hearts, spinach and pineapple and really enjoyed it. A local friend suggested the peppercorn crust, said it makes you feel like you are eating pepperoni pizza! We'll try that next time. We got an order of fries and some cider as well. Service was great, we sat out on the patio. I wish there had been a good movie playing while we were there! We'll definitely come back next time we're in town.

2320 W End Ave, Nashville, USA

Worst Smoothie I Ever Had

This place is cute, and I like the idea. There are several spaces you can rent for any kind of event, or even just to hang with your friends. When I went they were out of coffee (this was on a Saturday) and stuff to make a chai, so I went with a smoothie. It was AWFUL. The taste was weird, and they must have blended up whole kiwi in it because there were large chunks of kiwi skin all through it that I kept having to pick out of my mouth. So unpleasant. I did love the Kind Cake (vegan cupcakes) i bought there, but that brand sells several places in the city, so I for sure wouldn't be back to Atmalogy to get one. Also, parking sucks there.

3000 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, USA

Great for a fancy night out

I checked out Avo during their soft opening and was pleased. It is the most upscale vegan dining option in the city and perfect for a date. The waiters weren't great yet, but that is to be expected at a new place. I had the avocado margarita which was AMAZING. I would go back just for that. It was creamy and delicious! For our entrees I got the raw pizza with a Cesar salad, and my husband got the raw lasagna with the house. I much preferred his salad. The raw pizza tasted great but was TINY, I feel like it was as big around as a baseball, and I think it was $14. The raw lasagna was good. We split a peach of raw peach cheesecake (yum!) and a bowl of smoked vanilla ice cream. It was good and tasted like a burnt marshmallow to me, in the best way! The only downside was the price for me. We had two entrees, two drinks, two desserts and spent $70. The food tasted good, but wasn't amazing for me. If you are really into raw you will LOVE it. We will be back, probably for dessert and drinks on a special occasion. I'm also excited to try some of the items off their full menu. It is wonderful to have another fully vegan place in Nashville and I hope it does really well!

2217 NE Alberta St, Portland, USA

Great ice cream, friendly staff

The highlight of our visit to back to eden was the woman behind the counter. I wish I had written down her name, but she was super friendly and gave us tips for places to go in town.
We got ice cream, a banana split and a sundae. Both were great! We shared a little Boston cream pie that was just ok. I would love to come back and try more of their bakery items.

700 Main St, Nashville, USA

vegan breakfast sandwhich not vegan

When we walked in a saw "Vegan Sausage Egg and Cheese Bagel" we were both excited to try it and ordered two. Imagine our disappointment when we pulled away (we got the food to go), opened the foil and saw it was dairy cheese and regular eggs." Just the sausage is vegan. When we took it back they acted surprised that the description was confusing. I don't know if they changed it, hopefully they have. So we ended up with just vegan sausage on bagels which was pretty mediocre. Not sure if I'll go back and give them another chance. The guy at the counter was nice about it and refunded us part of our money.

722 Thompson Lane, Nashville, USA

Burritos forever!

This is the place my husband and I eat out the most! The portions are huge and the food is so good! He always gets the chorizo con papas which is seitan chorizo and potatoes. I usually get the peasant plate which is a plate of beans, rice, lettuce, guac and pico with chips or corn tortillas. I LOVE it. The staff is very nice and everything is vegan unless it obviously isn't, like sour cream and meat. They veggies are always fresh and there is something about their pinto beans, i can't get enough! They make some delicious fruit tea, and horchata. A great place for a quick filling lunch or dinner. The line can get long at peak times, but worth it!

2145-A Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, USA

Vegan Junk Food Done Right

We loved this place so much we ate there twice in one day. My favorite out of everything we tried was the fishless sandwich. It was perfect. The flavor, the texture, the bun, loved it! Also really enjoyed my BBQ sandwich. They have an extensive all vegan menu and the staff was all great. I also like their little grocery selection in the front. We bought vegan candy bars to take to a movie later that day.
Highly recommend! We'll be back next time we're in town for sure.

835 NE Broadway, Portland, USA

Food so nice, we ate here twice!

While on vacation in Portland we ended up here twice! The first night there wasn't an event going on so we stayed to eat and watched the Hobbit on the big screen. The second night they were getting ready for a punk show so we got everything to go (all the tables were taken.) The food was SO GOOD. My favorite thing was the vegan cheese sticks. How do they make them?? My husband was in love with the Western burger and got it both nights. I had the BBQ sandwich one night, and the mac and cheese the second. Both tasted great. The bartenders were very friendly both nights and it wasn't too long a wait, even the night that it was packed.
Like the other reviewer said, check the facebook page to see what events were going on. We love shows and loud music so weren't put off by the crowd for the show, but I can see families might be a little hesitant to try it. Just get the food to go if that is the case, it can't be missed if you love GOOD vegan junk food.

507 S 6th St, Philadelphia, USA

Good Pizza, Philly Cheese Steak!

We stopped here for lunch and they had a nice little selection of vegan pizza by the slice. I got the Hawaiian and really liked it. My husband got the vegan Philly and hasn't stopped talking about it. It was cool to be able to get a vegan version of the classic dish while visiting the city. We split an order of fries and they were the worst fries I've ever had! I'm not sure why, they were a little burnt, and not salted at all, and the oil tasted old. Really gross. Weird because the rest of the food was so good. We also split a Kitchen Sink cookie, which was great! The girl behind the counter was very friendly. If we lived nearby we'd get takeout pizza from here for sure. Just not the fries. Yuck.

232 SE 1st St, Gainesville, USA

My favorite vegan taco!

We stopped by Boca Fiesta around lunch time on a Sunday. The place was pretty much deserted so I was a little nervous at first. BUT it was amazing! I got the TVP tacos with a side of rice and beans and watermelon and I think they were the best vegan tacos I've ever had! Just the right amount of spice! I loved that watermelon was a choice for a side. We got some cocktails too that were delightful. The service was great and everyone was very nice. We were on our way home from a vacation at the beach and it couldn't have been a better stop. There were fliers for all kinds of events, movies nights, trivia, etc, which made me wish we lived close by! We were traveling with a meat eating couple and they loved their food as well. It was a little strange to see good vegan options on the same menu with exotic meat choices but I always appreciate a restaurant that doesn't just have a few options for vegans, but caters to them!

447 State St, Schenectady, USA

Mediocre at best

We picked up lunch here while passing through town and both got burritos with the vegan chicken nuggets. They weren't terrible, but definitely not something I would eat again. The place was deserted and still our food somehow came up pretty cold. The nuggets were ok, the rice wasn't good, the beans didn't have much flavor. Pretty bleh all around. I didn't even finish mine.

1025 5th St NW, Washington, USA


This place had great atmosphere and wonderful service. Our server was very nice and vegan options were very clearly marked. We had been walking around seeing the sights all day and were starving so we started out with the hummus plate and some cocktails. I had the dark and handsome and it is a new favorite! A twist on a dark and stormy. For dinner my husband had the tempeh panini and I had the vegan pepperoni calzone. It had the perfect mix of pepperoni, cheese and veggies. I loved it and wish I lived in the area so I Could get it again. My husband was happy with his choice too. Would love to go back and try the vegan brunch.

603 N McLean Blvd, Memphis, USA

Pretty good

We stopped in for Sunday brunch. They have a separate brunch menu, which didn't include the tofu scrambles or the vegan pancakes that are on the regular breakfast menu, but when I asked they were happy to make them. I had the vegan pancakes and an earl grey with almond milk. My husband had the same with the veggie sausage added. He liked that, I thought it was kind of soggy. I like my veggie sausage crisp on the outside. There weren't tons of options, but it was nice to get something for breakfast at a restaurant other than oatmeal.
Next time in town we'll go back to try lunch. They had some vegan blueberry pie that looks great!
Vegetarians, there were TONS of vegetarian options on the menu, all clearly marked. And even a separate vegetarian specials board.

119 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Savannah, USA

Vegan Mexican!

I was so happy to be in a Mexican place that had a whole separate vegan/vegetarian menu! And you can even get vegan cheese! My husband and I both got the spice tofu tacos and they were pretty good. And they were definitely spicy. We were there at around 2 in the afternoon and it was pretty deserted. The service was good, I'd go back if we were in town again.

4719 Hwy 280 S, Birmingham, USA


Thought I would give Chipotle a try since there weren't many options around for me. I have a favorite burrito place back home so I haven't gone here before.
I got a burrito with the sofritas filling, pinto beans, lettuce, rice and guac. It was really mediocre. The food was fine, it just wasn't great and it cost me 12 dollars for just me. I know it's old news, but $2 extra for guac is kind of insane! And their guac isn't even very good. My burrito was huge and I only ate about half of it. I wish they had an option for something smaller. I was in a hotel with no fridge so I ended up throwing half of it away.
The girl who finished my burrito did a really bad job wrapping it and it fell apart from the first bite.
Honestly I don't get why people love Chipotle so much. I might be back if I'm in a pinch and have no other options in the area.

1205 4th Ave S, Nashville, USA

Nice lunch stop

Went in for a late lunch on a Saturday. I had the vegan grilled cheese, which was good if a little plain (they don't put earth balance or anything on the bread when they grill it so it's a little weird). My husband got the chili and the chick*n salad sandwich. We both really liked the chili. The chick*n salad had a good taste, but the texture was a little strange. Instead of chunky like you expect everything in it was really fine.
The service was good and the place is cute but small. They had some games to play but only 3 tables along with four counter seats. Also, it looks so dark through the windows we weren't sure if it was open until we really got close.
I think this place has potential. I'm sure we'll be back to try it out again.

181 N Main St, Harrisonburg, USA

Good food, not great service

We got the lunch buffet and the food was very good. I liked that of the 10 dishes on the buffet, six were vegan. My husband loves Ethiopian food and said this was some of his favorite. The only bummer was the service. We passed through town near the end of lunch time on a Saturday. Blue Nile was busy, but not packed. Our waitress never refilled our water, or really came by at all after we were seated. We had to ask someone else for our check. The table next to us ordered drinks two separate time and didn't get the until they were done eating.

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