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Serves meat, vegan options available. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Has veggie options. NOTE: June '22, reported limited vegan dishes, please confirm and let HappyCow know. Open Mon 8:30am-2:00pm, Tue-Sat 8:30am-9:00pm, Sun 8:30am-2:00pm.

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First Review by lentil


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22 Mar 2023

Not a place for vegans

I guess some of the items could be made vegan if you remove the egg, cheese, meat, & aioli. But what’s the point? Not a place for vegans.

Pros: Has water, Has coffee

Cons: Long wait times often.



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08 Jan 2023

3.5 stars

Always has at least an hour wait and I don't find it to be worth that. It was tasty but there are plenty of other good restaurants in the area that could seat you quicker.


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22 Dec 2022


They have a couple of items, ask for extra sauce. Was awesome years back. The garden still rocks!

Pros: Garden


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24 Jun 2022

Not for vegans. Headed in the wrong direction.

This place sucks. Nothing vegan on the menu. The Huevos rancheros can be made vegan, if you ask. 1 thing. Ridiculous. Thought I’d give them a chance, but they definitely blew it. Hadn’t gone in years, because they used to only have a couple options. Figured they’d hopefully have more. Instead the menu had NONE! They did give my niece toast with oil in place of butter & some fruit. Can’t have some vegan pancakes or something? C’mon. What’s so stupid is that it costs less and requires fewer ingredients to make many things vegan AND everyone can eat something vegan, but not the other way around. You cut out a growing population & that =money. Not to mention being the right thing to do for the animals and the planet. I’m just so annoyed that one of the most popular joints in Asheville, a supposedly progressive, vegan-friendly city, has not a single vegan dish on their menu. WTF?! I see (via the previous review) that they used to have a separate vegan menu with a few things on it, but it no longer exists. When I asked about it, the server (who was great) said something about how it always had typos?! And stated supply issues as the reason they didn’t have vegan options anymore? IDK, I just don’t see how restaurants get away with this bs anymore. Gives me little hope in the future. There is ALWAYS a wait. Why? Won’t give them my $ ever again.

Pros: Nice patio, We had a nice server , Crayons and kid activity sheet

Cons: Not one single vegan thing on menu, You have to ask and they can make 1 thing , Living in the dark ages


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31 Dec 2021

Amazing Food - Vegan Options

Sunny Point has an incredible menu that provides options for everyone. They have a separate menu with vegetarian and vegan options - ask the hostess. Hue is rancheros are to die for!

Pros: Separate Vegan/vegetarian menu , Delicious!, Great drinks!

Cons: Long wait if you go at prime brunch time


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28 Dec 2021

Great food. Full vegan menu. Dog friendly! 🐶

I had the Carrot cake flapjacks. They were great.


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17 Jul 2021

I found one vegan option

The black bean cakes can be made vegan by leaving out the cheese, and they were very good. Disappointed that nothing else besides a starter is vegan, but the serving size was solid at least.

Pros: Tasty vegan option, Friendly staff


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15 May 2021

Not vegan friendly

There’s maybe one truly vegan option, and no GF options. Not sure how they are with “veganizing” dishes, but didn’t feel worth it to ask


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15 Sep 2020

Huevos rancheros vegan

Potatoes bean patty sauce with chips and avocado

Pros: Few vegan options , Mostly vegetarian , It’s always ok

Cons: Expensive , Not a lot tofu or vegan options , Long waits


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19 Jul 2020

Best for brunch!

The avocado toast is so good! There is always at least 1 hour to wait so I usually order take out and go to a nearby park to eat


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11 Jul 2020

Everything we tried was AWESOME!

May 2018- Vegan huevos rancheros? Avocado toast? Empanadas? Vegan oat banana hotcakes? YES PLEASE! Everything was delicious! And try the strawberry rhubarb homemade soda. YUM!

Update July 2020: not vegan friendly any longer. Sad


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01 Aug 2019

Annoying that it's not more vegan friendly

The last time I went they had no vegan salad dressing options, which is super frustrating. They prioritize local more than veg. Only have a few vegan menu items and they aren't super exciting. And there is a super long wait. But my watermelon margarita was quite good.

Pros: Local

Cons: Less veg friendly , Long wait, More pricey than I'd like


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28 Jun 2019

Not impressed

As a non egg eater I felt like sunny point was really lacking .. had a breakfast burrito with vegetarian chorizo, but couldn't even finish it cause it was all pepper and onions . After living in the southwest for 10 years , I can honestly say it was the worst breakfast burrito i have ever had . Oh well . Won't be going back


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15 Jun 2019

Not a place for me to eat. I am strictly vegan.

Everytime I have gone I found no vegan options. Also the wait staff did not understand what vegan means. Also nothing was organic. I left without eating because I found no vegan options on the menu and when I asked the waitress about vegan options I got ignored until I left.

Pros: No vegan options

Cons: No vegan options


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14 Jun 2019

Great brunch place

Great brunch place with vegan choices and willing to adapt others when possible.

Pros: Fun place with good food.

Cons: Can be crowded, especially on weekends.


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02 May 2019

Incredible flavor profiles

Not a whole lot of options .. but the ones they did have were fantastic!! Super flavorful salty sweet smooth and crunchy. Fabulous !! ESP the avó toast

Pros: Vegan options were heavenly

Cons: Not a lot of options


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15 Oct 2018

Good food, super long wait

This was one of my favorite breakfast spots before going vegan. I’ve been back a few times as a vegan and enjoyed my meal. However, the wait is usually super long, and the vegan options are limited so you gotta make sure you like their offerings.

Pro Tip: order to go ahead of time and enjoy it somewhere else.

Pros: On-site veggies garden, vegan Huevos rancheros is AMAZING


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27 Feb 2018

vegan breakfast options

We are able to come here about once a year, and it’s always great. The staff is knowledgeable about vegan options, and a lot of them are clearly marked in the menu. The empanadas and avocado toast are delicious!

Pros: several great vegan options


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03 Jul 2017

Just a few vegan options

While the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, any visiting vegan is limited to just a few menu items to choose from. The vegan juevos rancheros were highly recommended, which wound up falling short from being a great dish. Would not go again.

Pros: Few vegan options

Cons: Extended wait times


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02 Jul 2017

Very few vegan options, extremely long wait

A vegan friend recommended this so we thought it would be good. The wait on Sunday morning was 1 hr 45 min. We could only see a couple vegan options on the menu. The huevos rancheros veganized was pretty good but not amazing and absolutely not worth that wait. Also very loud and lots of meat dishes everywhere around. Wouldn't go again.

Pros: Tasty enough

Cons: Very few vegan options, extremely long wait time w/no reservation option


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02 Jul 2017

Worst veggie burger

Had the worst veggie burger ever. Not many veg options. No tofu scrambles for breakfast, you have to substitute avocado.


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Mostly Veg
30 Nov 2016

Charming Breakfast Spot

Such a great find in Asheville while on vacation. Small charming restaurant with a garden outside. They serve fresh farm-to-table ingredients. They're food is absolutely delicious and I really appreciate that they specify which meals can be made vegan! My only wish is that they had more vegan options.

Pros: Delicious food, Fresh ingredients, Wonderful staff

Cons: Few vegan options


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24 Jun 2016

Few options, super long wait

We went on a weekend morning and waited for over an hour and a half for a table. We were there for brunch and there were VERY few vegan options. My husband got the vegan Huevos Fucheros which he liked, but didn't love. I got the cornmeal hot cakes that were pretty good, but also a little dry and felt kind of anti-climatic after the long wait. (after getting a table we had a super long wait for food). The omni friends we were with seemed to LOVE their food. Shame there weren't a few more vegan options to choose from. I wouldn't go again, the wait wasn't worth it.
Also, there were dogs all around that were barking non stop. I'm all for letting dogs be in the outdoor seating, but several of the dog owners there that day seemed to have brought dogs that hate being around others. It was pretty unpleasant.

Cons: long wait, not many options, serves meat


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16 May 2016

Good options

My partner and I stumbled on their amazing garden and decided to try it out. I love that they have an extensive garden so they can incorporate local fresh veggies into their food. I tried their veggie burger with a gluten free bun and fries. It was pretty tasty, but honestly I like my homemade version better. The fries were delicious, though. If I went again I would probably try their gluten free hot cakes.
Items that can be made vegan are labeled on the menu, but you must request it to be sure of what you're getting. Gluten free items are also labeled.

Pros: Outdoor patio , Vegan, gf options


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28 Nov 2015

A Good Option

There wasn't too much to choose from for a vegan, but they did have a few items labelled. I ordered the breakfast salad. They subbed the non-vegan biscuit with their focaccia (which was delicious albeit oily), and subbed the fried egg for a whole half of avocado. The avo was ripe and not a brown spot to be seen! The mustard dressing, potato hash and vegan tofu bacon were outstanding. All the greens were fresh (no wilties to be found) and possibly grown in the garden patch out back...! Coffee was also perfect-- soy and almond creamers available. I'd come back again just for this salad!

Pros: Fresh produce, Cute space-- indoor, outdoor, and patio, Great coffee

Cons: Too few vegan options


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23 Nov 2015

One and Done

Went in the summer, but outdoor seating wasn't available. Waited more than 15 minutes for a table, but at least you can help yourself to tasty coffee! Tables are packed close together and our REALLY pregnant server could barely maneuver around. The menu is extensive, but true vegan options are minimal. As a plant-based eater, limiting my oil and salt intake, the options were even less! The place is cute and really busy, all the time. I think I'll stick to Green Sage.

Pros: outdoor seating

Cons: limited vegan options, long wait for table on weekends


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13 Jun 2014

Vegan Items Marked

Sunny Point had a large menu but very few vegan options. Vegan options are marked, but be careful because you have to inform the server to make the food vegan. I ordered the Hoppin' John's burger which was delish, but the bun it normally comes on was not vegan and needed to be replaced with their house made bread. For conscientious meat eaters and vegetarians, they have many organic and gluten free options and more humanely raised animal food options as well. The server we had wasn't very attentive, but that fact does not effect my review as other servers may be better.

Pros: Dog friendly (on patio), Organic options, Local foods

Cons: Few vegan options, Items labeled "vegan" must be specified when order

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