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Regarding Business Listings - restaurants & health food stores

There is a new vegan / vegetarian restaurant / health food store that is not listed on your website, how do I send you the information?
Please use HappyCow's online forms to submit information for new restaurants or stores that are not already listed on this site. Add a vegetarian restaurant or Add a health food store

Note: If the restaurant you want to add is NOT Vegan but is very vegan-friendly, submit only after you read our guidelines.

Do you charge a fee for a restaurant or health food store listing?
HappyCow was founded in 1999 as a public service website to assist vegans, travelers, and people everywhere find veggie and health food. Our mission today is the same as it was then.

There is NO charge for restaurant and health food store listings. Anyone can submit a listing, and we highly encourage all visitors to add any vegan-friendly business that might not already be listed on this website.

I submitted a restaurant or store a few days ago, and it has not appeared on your website. When will you list it?
Listings get added depending on a few factors: the type of restaurant or store you submitted and our volunteer time availability.

Vegan / vegetarian restaurants - We will do our best to add it as soon as possible.

Not all vegan / vegetarian - If the restaurant menu is at least +60% vegan-friendly, we will add it. If the menu is LESS than 50% vegan-friendly, we will need to review it - it might or might not get added. If the restaurant you submitted serves veal, foie gras, and/or lamb, we will likely NOT add it (more info).

Health food store - We will add it just as soon as possible.

How do I send you an update on a restaurant or store that is already listed on HappyCow?
To send an update for a listing on HappyCow (i.e. change of hours, new location, change of menu, shut/down or closed, etc.), please use the UPDATE link provided next to the business name of each listing on the City page. Or use the update form.

Owners Note: Logging in won't help you update your listing as there is no such thing as owner login on HappyCow.
All editing is done by HappyCow staff only. While member accounts do not allow owners to make changes to their business listing, with a member account you may respond to user reviews, and upload images for your listing.

Owners and Managers

What do I have to do to maintain my listing?
Your listing on HappyCow is entirely free of charge, and we are pleased to be able to share about your vegan-friendly offerings with our worldwide visitors. You can send us updates about your listing anytime (ie. change of location, new hours, new menu, etc...).

You can also get additional exposure & publicity for your listing - more info

For instructions on responding to review about your restaurant or store, see - respond to review

Regarding Restaurant & Store Reviews

Can I write a review as a Guest?
In order to raise the standard on reviews and allow for greater accountability, we now require a (free) membership account to be created in order to add reviews.

When will the review I write be posted?
Reviews are posted immediately once you write them.  If your review did not appear it could be that you had internet connection trouble on hitting the submit button. You should always see the message "Thanks, your review has been added to:" immediately after you hit "Submit Review". If you took more than 30 minutes to write it, it's also possible that you were logged out.

Why was my review removed or deleted?
May be one of several reason such as out-of-date content, profanity, personal attacks, tedious fights with restaurant, etc... see: review terms

How can an business owner respond to a user review?
If you are the manager or owner of a business that is listed on HappyCow, please feel free to respond to any reviews about your listing using the RESPOND link found on the review page for your listing.

For instructions on responding to unfair reviews see: respond to review

How come some restaurants can get only 4 of 5 stars (happy cows) maximum rating?
Our rating system disallows a "5 happy cow" overall rating for any restaurant that is NOT 100% vegetarian. Additionally, the restaurant rating system is set to disallow a "1 Star" (or HappyCow) overall rating for any restaurant that is vegetarian or vegan. We have implemented this decision to show support for vegan & vegetarian restaurants. For the fact that a restaurant is providing a completely vegetarian menu, we want give them this benefit.

How come some restaurants can get 2 of 5 stars (happy cows) as the minimum rating?
Our system disallows a "1 happy cow" overall rating for any restaurant that is 100% vegetarian. We have implemented this decision to show support for pure vegetarian restaurants. For the fact that a restaurant is providing a completely vegetarian menu, we offer them this benefit.

Regarding HappyCow Membership

Who are members of HappyCow? Can anyone join?
You and everyone can join the Members Community. It's totally free, and you get access to exclusive site features - more info

I am already a member, but I forgot my username and password.
You will need to use your Email Address to reset your password and be reminded of your username- here

Also see: Additional Common Member FAQs

Regarding Finding Health Food and Products

Where can I find [name brand] products or foods? Can you give me more information about a [name brand] product? Do you deliver to [City /Country]?
HappyCow is a GUIDE to health food stores and vegan-friendly restaurants worldwide. We are NOT a store. We are NOT a restaurant. We do not carry grocery or food products. If you are looking for something from a health food store listed on this website, please call the individual store and ask for details.

Use our Restaurant Guide to help you search for stores or restaurants nearest you.

I will be traveling to [City name] and would like to know where I will be able to find a vegan-friendly restaurant or a health food store.
Please browse/search the HappyCow site for a directory of vegan-friendly restaurants and health food stores worldwide. HappyCow lists 7,300+ listings in 101+ countries - including veg-friendly, vegan, raw, some organic cafes and restaurants, as well as health food stores and natural foods markets.

Regarding More Information on Health and Diet

I am concerned about health, nutrition, general well-being, vegetarian/vegan/raw health. Can you give me suggestions or answer my questions?
Happycow staff are not doctors or experts in this field, and we do not claim to be so. Please feel free to browse our site for Vegetarian Health & Nutrition related information. Also, we could refer you to other websites that offer more information on health-related concerns. Visit: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine or GoVeg

Contributors and Volunteer Opportunities at HappyCow

I love your website, and I want to help. What can I do to?
We are always looking for friends and volunteers to help us improve and expand this site. There are many ways you can help - more info

You can also help us spread the word about the this free resource by downloading/printing flyers and taking them to your local veggie restaurants, health food shops, book stores, vegetarian festivals, and green event - here

Media: Flyers for Veg Festivals and Health Fairs

Can you give me flyers for my local veg festival and health fairs?
We are happy to distribute HappyCow flyers for your local events. Please feel free to download and print as many as you'd like. We offer flyers in colors as well as black and white. - download

Media: How Do I Get My Vegan Book or Video on HappyCow?

I am the author of a book or video related to health, nutrition, and/or healing. How can I get it reviewed on the HappyCow site?
Yes, our staff will gladly review your book/video for you. Email us for our postal address. We will get in touch with you via email should we decide to review or share your book with our site visitors.

HappyCow T-shirts, apparel, and accessories

Where can I buy t-shirts & apparel with the cute HappyCow logo?
Indeed, we do have some really cute HappyCow t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories that you can order online - for men, women, teens, and children - t-shirts & gifts

Other Questions and Miscellaneous Requests

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