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Fig Bar Cookies (Vegan And Gluten-Free)

Here’s an awesome way to make a veganized, healthier version of a childhood favorite – Fig Newtons! This recipe from Something Vegan uses natural ingredients and skips out on all those preservatives!

Terra Madre – Alberobello, Puglia, Italy

If you’ve ever been to Alberobello, you know that this little white town looks like a fairytale with all the trulli houses. In the heart of Alberobello there is a special trulli house where you can ha

Blindfolded Meatlovers Guess Vegan Foods

What happens when you blindfold meatlovers, give them a bunch of vegan and non-vegan foods, and have them guess which is which? Buzzfeed tackled that very question in their latest video. They put belo

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