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A bar and grill style vegan restaurant that serves recreations of comfort foods including burgers, donuts, fried chicken, bbq, mac n cheese. Est. 2019. Open Mon-Thu 5:00pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-11:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-10:00pm.

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First Review by Lafeesirene


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25 Jan 2024


The food was top notch. If it was later in the day I definitely would’ve spent too much money in there, cause they have a full bar. The food would go perfect with a beer or cocktail. We had a Mac bowl and pulled pork. Both excellent

Pros: Delicious, Fully vegan



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12 Nov 2023


The food was delicious. Definitely get the pulled pork, it was amazing, we ate it too fast and didn't get a pic.

Pros: Food , Options , Staff


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05 Oct 2023

Superb Vegan food and lovingly made

They make fresh and crispy hand cut fries that I'd trade my firstborn son for. Also, that was the best Chickun Quesadilla I've ever had.

Pros: Friendly Employee , Attention to detail, Heavenly Taste


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01 Aug 2023

Excellent Food

The best jackfruit ever, the bbq sauce was ridiculous. The buffalo chicken sandwich was so good, you won't be able to put it down.


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27 Jul 2023

Tasty place!

Visiting friends nearby and took a chance on Evolve. Very impressed!! Got regular fries, drunk fries, crack burger, pulled porc mak, and the BBQ grilled chickun sandwich. Everything was really tasty! Food had a ton of flavor, everyone was satisfied.

Pros: Lots of flavor , Reasonable prices , Nice staff

Cons: Maybe a little less salt on the fries


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13 Jul 2023

Better than I could have imagined

I went to this place and wrote a google review because it was so great, I'm shocked I didn't remember to review it on this site/app! The bartender and the cook here were awesome. The food was on point, everything is vegan here, this is a little confusing when you first look at their menu if you're not aware because nothing is labeled vegan specifically for that reason. The PBR cheese was a bit heavy on the mustard taste, but I haven't had such a bomb vegan chicken parm sandwich since I stopped eating meat! Full bar in here too, which is not very common with vegan or healthy food establishments and that was such an epic bonus considering I was on vacation when I went. Super sad there isn't one up by my state. 10/10 would recommend and will absolutely go back in the future.

Pros: Full bar, Wide variety, EVERYthing is vegan

Cons: Little heavy of a mustard taste in the PBR cheese


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Mostly Veg
24 May 2023

Comfort food

I stopped in and had lunch on two different days. The food and staff were amazing. I will definitely be going back next time I’m in town.

Pros: Chickun Sandwich , Jackfruit quesadilla , Chickun quesadilla

Cons: Nothing bad on the menu


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21 May 2023

Mac & Cheeze 😋

I’ve said in a previous review, I wish my vacation in Daytona was longer than it was so I had more time to try the vegan food in the area. It was definitely hard to choose from the menu options, I went with the chick’n mac & cheese with the smash sauce which tasted like spicy mayo - so good, I can see where they are coming from with the comfort food idea. They also have doughnuts on the menu but were unfortunately out 💔 100% recommended, the staff member who took my to-go order was incredibly kind as well.

Pros: Completely Vegan Menu, Comfort Food, Great Service


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15 May 2023

Good, but a little greasy

Fries were overcooked on our first visit, but still edible. Great barbecue sandwiches and PBR cheese. All food is really greasy and messy, though. Also not much variation in flavors. Still a very good place to visit.

2023/01/21 update: Tried a few new things. The Texas fries were great and not at all overcooked like the last time. The Porknic is an absolute winner and I would eat it again and again. Viva Las Vegan was a bit disappointing as it didn't have as much flavor as I expected, but it was still not bad. The strawberry ginger combucha was not my thing. Will upload pictures of everything! Please ignore the upload dates of the foods not mentioned in this update as I meant to upload them months ago.

2023/05/15 update: Another great visit. This time we had nachos, chicken and mac, Philly burger, and the BBQ burger. All of it was flavorful as always, though the jalapeños om the nachos were very mild and didn't add any heat. The knife stuck through the BBQ burger was a necessity with how thick it was. Unfortunately, the donut fryer was broken so we couldn't enjoy any of thoss.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-23


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07 May 2023

Delicious food

Ordered a Buffalo chickun sandwich, and it was smackin. If I lived here, this would be a regular spot for me.

Pros: Everything is vegan , Full (ish) bar, Cozy atmosphere

Cons: Not open for breakfast


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13 Apr 2023

Fun place!

Was great to dine at an all vegan place and order drinks. I had a hard time picking what to eat! Ordered the mac and cheese, blackened chicken sandwich, and the southern sandwich. The mac and cheese needed some salt but both sandwiches were good! Moe was our waitress and she was really nice, friendly, and helpful! She was guiding us of all the vegan options in the area. Definitely would come back and try other things!


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10 Apr 2023

I loved the Pulled Porc Sandwich

It was my first time there and first time with a vegan pulled porc and I really, really loved it.
I didn't enjoy too much the beer cheese sauce, but beside that everything else I really liked!


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31 Mar 2023

Sadly and regretfully, food was not good

Ordered pulled porc fries and a mac n cheese. Mac was sitting in oil, had that re-heated texture almost, and flavorless. The “Porc” fries that come with cheese was just store bought shreds that weren’t melted and tasted old, you know how vegan mozzarella shreds go bad quickly. Came with onion pieces on it that were bite size. The Jackfruit porc was the best part of the meal.

Pros: All vegan!

Cons: Flavor lacking


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23 Mar 2023

I used to love this place.

Their chicken sandwiches are sooo good. 13 for just a chicken sandwich, which is the only thing I get is too pricy for us. Their fries used to be great but something happened in the last year and their not as good😒My fiancé and I have been going there for years to support them but it seems like we prob won’t be going back as often bc we are in NSB area now. Not the friendliest when we go in. Everything is vegan!!! So you can get whatever you want!

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-23


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15 Mar 2023

All vegan, great variety

Excellent vegan menu with decent food. The ambiance, noise and smells took away from our awesome service and good food. All in all a good meal for a large family. Has something for everyone. Smash sauce was good.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Something noisy behind counter


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10 Mar 2023

Big delicious custom chickn “Z” burger

Friendly staff, excellent selection, and amazing taste, get in my bellly! Had to get something vegan during bike week and found the best spot in town. Made me a custom chickn sandwich with pulled jackfruit and cole slaw, even saw some friends from the northeast who also happened to be in town. 11/10 will be back, go if you can

Pros: All vegan, excellent options, Great service, Mmmm mmmm good

Cons: I don’t live close enough


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18 Feb 2023

Absolutely delicious

I had the best vegan nachos I’ve ever had. The chicken sandwich was delicious. We sat at the bar and enjoyed some conversation.

Pros: Great food, Serves alcohol, Bathroom wall to answer all the haters questions


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04 Feb 2023

If You're Black, go Somewhere Else

Food was decent, but the unwelcoming staff will never see another dollar from me. It seems they are not fans of black people, although they will take your dollars. I went twice just to check that I wasn't tripping and made sure I told the lady taking orders thank you and good night and she wouldn't even look at me just shook her head yes. If you're black, find another place to spend your money. Go where you are celebrated. Would give this place zero stars, but 2 was the lowest they allowed.


10 Feb 2023

Not people friendly, generally. Don’t take it personally. Sorry.


14 May 2023


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30 Jan 2023

Coming back

My wife & I took a day trip to Daytona and found Evolve on the Happy Cow app. We were amazed at the top notch food here. Definitely going to be making more trips to Daytona just for the food. Great staff, great food, easy parking. #Veganuary

Pros: Large portions , Lots of options , Great taste

Cons: An hour drive for us


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20 Nov 2022


Derive great, clientele awesome, food phenomenal.

Pros: Food fresh , Everything homemade

Cons: Not near my house.


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23 Oct 2022

BBQ Quesadilla was delicious!

Lots of yummy choices on the menu

Pros: Very reasonably priced


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18 Oct 2022

Comfort food…

What can I say…Yummmmmmm. So nice I’ll say it twice. In fact let’s kick it up a notch. MEGA yummmmmmmm!


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05 Oct 2022

Surprisingly Delicious

I’m a vegetarian but this Vegan restaurant was nothing short of delicious. I ordered the Pulled Porc Mac and it tasted like the real thing. The service was amazing and drinks are strong. I will definitely be returning!

Pros: All plant-based food items, Strong drinks, Great service


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25 Aug 2022

I love it

I loved the island chickun sandwich

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-25

Pros: Have many options

Cons: I don't have cons


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20 Aug 2022

Delicious stop by !

fresh! Great service very welcoming !

Pros: menu its easy to ready and choose from, fast service , no hit or miss

Cons: pulled fork was a bit overpowerd by sweetness, a bit worm inside I was here at sunset time , fries were a bit toasty but This place is amazin!


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08 Aug 2022

Delicious food with reasonable prices!

Evolve has a variety of traditional American foods entirely plant-based, from mac and cheese bowls, to burgers, to chickun sandwiches. Great portion sizes too!

Pros: All options are vegan , Large portions , Reasonable prices


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25 Jul 2022

yum yum yum

Food is awesome, 100% cruelty free!

Pros: Totally vegan, Yummy, Hot donuts!

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