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5240 University Ave NE, Seattle, USA

best vegan thai food

19 Dec 2008

I were recently in Seattle and visited this restaurant.It is a family run business which makes it very homely and friendly.
The food was amazing > I was with 2 non veg people who said it was as good as any authentic thai food that they had eaten.
We went back the next day for the buffet which was also very good with a good selection of food to choose from.
It is worth the visit.

2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Canada


22 Oct 2013

I had the Ronny Russell in a bowl as I wanted it gluten and corn free. I also had it vegan.
It was a yummy bowl of food with roasted yams , blackbeans , avo , rice , and cabbage. It was very good and tasty.
I also had gluten free and vegan apple crumble. Very good.

370 Virginia St, Buffalo, USA

So good we ate here twice in two days

03 Jan 2013

One would think visiting Buffalo would present a challenge for vegan/gluten free customers but Betty's saves the day.
Our first meal was a breakfast and my husband and I had the Scrambled Tofu Hash which was very tasty,generous portion size and quite delicious.The only downside was the gluten free toast had diary in it but the meal was quite sufficient without the bread.I had a salad as a side and my husband had the home fries - both were good.Our non vegan friends were very happy with their meals.
We went back the next day for lunch and I had the Black Bean Burrito without the tortilla (I am gluten free)and it was delicious.My husband had the soup of the day which was Tomato Basil which was very good and the Roasted Veggie Chick Pea Burger which was also very tasy (be aware the gluten free bun does contain dairy).
The service was very fast,friendly and eager to please.
The pricing was very reasonable and we would definitely visit again - after all we ate there twice in two days!

Via Erbosa 12, Florence, Italy

delicious food

09 Feb 2015

Chickpea omelet
Tempura veg
Raw sushi
Fennel balls
Red tofu Sicilian
Pumpkin cannelloni with tofu and chard
Roasted pancake with leek and mushrooms
This is a list of what we ate. There were 4 of us of which 2 were not plant paced but they loved their meal and were very satisfied.

I had the roasted pancake ( crepe ) with leek and mushrooms and I will say it was the tastiest meal I've had in a long time !

Everything else was just as tasty.

The staff were excellent and spoke English .
I would recommend this restaurant if you are in Florence.
Updated from previous review on Sunday February 08, 2015

112 Dunlop St E Unit 2, Barrie, Canada

great burgers

23 Jun 2015

I was recently in Barrie on a business trip and ended up at Boon Burger Cafe for lunch.
I had a chickpea patty with sweet potato and pickles , lettuce , onions and BBQ sauce , on a gluten free bun.
It was delicious.
The rest of my party also had various veg burgers and we all loved our meals .
We shared a Caesar salad which was huge - enough for 3-4 people . Having never had a " real " Caesar salad before - I really loved it. The bacon bits are made of soy and as 1 of our party has a soy intolerance we left it off.
We would all return to Boon Burger Cafe if we are in Barrie again

128 Church St, Moncton, Canada

A wonderful surprise

31 Aug 2011

We were recently in the East coast of Canada and were very pleasantly surprised to find the Calactus Cafe.
It was a nice night and we sat on the patio which was very relaxing.
Our waitress's name was Andrea and she was a delight and was very knowledagble about the menu. The restaurant is ovo lacto but every thing can be made vegan.
My husband started with the minestrone soup which he said was great.
He then had the enchalada with soy meat and cashew "cheese" and it came with guacamole and rice salsa & chips . It was a huge plateful and was very good and welcome in a province that only knows from lobster every where !!!!
I had the black bean borrito with tofu "cream "and it came with guacamole salsa and chips and ahuge mound of rice.
It was all very yummy.
We even had a choc brownie for desert which was a delight.
I would return to Calactus Cafe if I was in Moncton again.

5 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, Canada

Great food and service

12 Dec 2013

I recently ate at Cardinal Rule . I went with my meat eating family. We all had amazing food.
Being vegan and gluten free was no problem at all. I had the triple decker with tofu , avo , lettuce , it was very yummy.
My husband had a veggi burger on gluten free. Also very good.
I went again and had the spicy Asian noodles. All gluten free and began. All very yumm-0

5052 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, Canada


13 Jan 2014

I've always seen big pho bowls of food and thought how delicious it looks. Well you can get that at chau veggiexpress and a lot more.
The noodle bowls are very flavourful and full of veggies and tofu.
As I am gluten free as well , it was not a problem and I could eat almost everything.
My broth was sweet and yummy and my husband had a spicy broth.
The portions are huge and I have a another meal , which will prob be breakfast.
The staff are friendly and knowledgeable

4783 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, USA

A Must Visit if you're close to West Palm Beach

30 Apr 2014

This is a must if you're anywhere near West Palm Beach.
The setting is beautiful - you can eat outside with palm trees and fountains and our server had more energy than the Energizer Bunny - just a delight.
I had the Mushroom and Cauliflower soup which was hearty and tasty and my husband had the Aged 'cheese' Plate with side of nuts,figs,olives ,greens and GF crackers - just lovely.
Our main courses were the Heirloom Lentils served over rice which was just amazing and the portion allowed me to have plenty for breakfast the next morning.My husband had the CK Tacos which was a good size portion and very very tasty.
The menu is marked with Gluten Free and Nut Free menu items.
There is a large selection of GF items.
There is also a huge selection of Gluten free desserts.

428 Chapala St, Santa Barbara, USA

Fabulous Food Vegan& Gluten Free !!!

26 Jun 2014

Surprisingly there are few vegan restaurant options in Santa Barbara so we were apprehensive when we entered Adama for lunch.
There was no need as the menu was varied and innovative and the food was extremely tasty and satisfying.
I had my first quiche(gluten free crust!) in over 30 years (I have been vegan for over 30 years) and it was quite exquisite -light and tasty and filled with veggies.My husband had the Chipotle Panini which was had a lovely chipotle aoli which gave it a great flavor - the gluten free bread was unique and irresistibly crisp.I couldn't finish my quiche so took some home for later and my husband took and apple pie home and we thoroughly enjoyed later with a cup of tea.
Because of the aforementioned shortage of vegan options we went back for dinner and were just as impressed.
We shared an onion soup -the cheesy crisp topping was outstanding - and then I had Tandoori Spiced Cauliflower and lentil curry and my husband had the Pot Pie - both were very good indeed and the we both really enjoyed the flavors and textures the chef created.
Marsha,the manager.couldn't have done more for us and the rest of the staff at both meals were friendly,attentive and very knowledgeable about each dish (I ask lots of questions)
Don't miss this restaurant when you're in Santa Barbara

87 John St S, Hamilton, Canada

the best vegan place in town

13 May 2008

I have eaten at this restaurant many times and have never been disappointed. The daily buffet is amazing ...for $8.99 you can have 2 soups and a variety of dishes to choose from, and they are all delicious.
The saitan platter is great , the sweat and sour soy bites are amazing and so are the "chicken drumstix" and kung pao soy chicken.
Staff are knowledgeable and friendly.

25 Hayden St, Toronto, Canada

great vegan food

20 Oct 2009

I recently visited Camros and was very pleasantly surprised. The food is very simple and tasty. There are a few entres and salads to choose from and you can have combination plates.the buffet is all vegan.
My husband and I ate huge plates of food and we did not find it expensive at all. The owner does all the cooking and her family do the serving.
It was well worth the visit and I would return in a flash.

Bay Street, Christchurch, Barbados

good food

03 Nov 2009

I recently visited Barbados and found this falafel place on happycow. The falafel was tasty and very good value. i needed a snack for my plane ride home and got 2 falafel dinners from them .
It is reasonably priced and easy to find. Very pleasant people working there and a sighn that says 100 % vegetarian.!
The salads were very good and you can take as much as you can fit into your pita.
I would go back.

881 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

a great gluten free place

29 Aug 2015

The owners are lovely people who cater to all food sensitivities.
I'm vegan and gluten free and always get their veg pies. ( they also have meat pies ) and began gluten free pizza .
They also have bread and wraps.

1426 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

tasty food

31 Aug 2009

I recently visited new york and went to Gobo for dinner .We were a party of * and I was the only vegan the rest were meat eaters.
We all had very tasty meals and would go back to this restaurant . The staff were nice and knowledgeable which is always a plus in a restaurant.

3980 Fraser St, Vancouver, Canada

fancy good vegan food

07 Jan 2014

We were at graze recently with friends who are not even vegetarian . We all had wonderful meals and cleaned up our plates.
I had the 3 salad plate for starters and had to substitute the wheat portion for another no wheat app. Thus was not a problem and the staff are very knowledgable and polite.

I then had a gluten free crepe ( what a treat ).which was very yummy.

My husband had a apple and fennel salad that looked and tasted like nothing I have ever eaten.
He then had gluten free perogies with yam and eggplant and he said it was very delicious. ( I can't eat eggplant so I never tasted it )
Our friends had equally yummy food and said they would be back.

Via Maurizio Bufalini 19r/21r, Florence, Italy

Great vegan gluten free hamburgers

09 Feb 2015

A very casual small place with counter ordering.
They serve different veg patties on a panini.
They have different toppings that you can choose like roasted veg, grilled onions , zucchini , and a bunch of salads.
It was a delight to find this place for a quick light lunch.
The staff were very friendly and spoke English.
I recommend this restaurant.
The owner also owns Bioveggy which is an excellent choice for a more upscale delicious meal .

3485 Fraser St, Vancouver, Canada

yummy Chinese food

07 Jan 2014

This is a delightful place and the owner is very nice and helpful.
We needed gluten free and she was very accommodating.
I had a yummy veg and noodle bowl which I could not finish and had the remainder for breakfast the next day.
I will be back

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