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Homegrown Smoker Vegan Barbecue - Food Cart

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Contact 503-277-3823

4237 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97217

Vegan barbecue food cart at the Mississippi Marketplace. Serves Southern-style BBQ without the meat or dairy. Sample items such as chili shroom sammich with fryz, cajun fried tofu sammich, soy curls, tempeh ribs, barbecue beans, mac-no-cheese. Also sells sweet mint iced tea, vegan desserts and cookies. In 2015 it opened its brick and mortar deli on SW Jefferson (see that listing). Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-8:00pm, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Fast food, Take-out

Reviews (50)

First Review by Tigra220

Comfortable bbq - Edit

In town from California. Looked interesting for local vegan spot, loved it all. Great flavors,had the platter with mac and slaw, ribs were the best..... hope to make it back someday.

Pros: Great servings, Great flavors, Good location

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delicious! - Edit

Amazing comfort food. We had tempeh ribs and a special jack fruit sandwich, and kids enjoyed Mac & cheese and baked beans. Everything was flavorful and complemented the other flavors without all tasting the same.

Pros: delicious, friendly staff, stayed open later than other trucks

Cons: no bar drinks allowed in food truck area

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Yum vegan BBQ - Edit

Okay so the line can get kinda long, and it's slightly expensive...but well worth it! Great tasting vegan comfort food. Really hits the spot. If you're in the neighborhood and they're open definitely go!

Cons: don't think they use all organic

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My boyfriend and I were trying Vtopia next door and we're still wanting more of a meal after trying some cheeses so we decided to try the Smokehouse. When we went inside, the owner asked if we wanted a sample and we both wanted to try a bite of the temper rib. As we were conversing with the owner, he came around the corner with not only a sample of temper rib but an entire faux meat platter for us to try. We also ordered a Macnocheeto to go which was AMAZING. Such great service and food!!

Pros: delicious, cheap, simple ingredients

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Vegan Comfort Food - Edit

Definitely try this place. It's all good. I especially recommend the mac and cheese and hush puppies to go along with any entree you get. The staff is very friendly.

The only con I would say would be the wait, especially if there's a lot of customers waiting for their order. It's understandable, but doesn't make the place any less worth trying.

Pros: delicious food

Cons: waiting period

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One of a kind - Edit

Didn't realize this was a food truck! Walked here in the rain hoping to sit down and dry off a bit. Even all the tables in the food truck court were covered in rain. Had to take food back home by train. Had to reheat food a bit but was very good! Hush puppy were amazing!! Also shared chili Mac and cheese and the chili cheese fries. All very good. Wish they had a sit down restaurant!

Pros: Options not usually seen for vegans

Cons: Outside - so weather permitting

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grubbin lovin - Edit

If you want some comfort food, come on down! Mac and Cheeze on a sandy? Big portions, fast service, smiles!
They offer field roast protein which I think it one of the tastiest store bought seitan varieties.
We are here a few months back, I remember stuffing myself and then wanting to take a glorious weekend nap.

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Delicious - Edit

This place was just as tasty as I hoped it would be. Even the lemonade was amazing. I ordered the tempeh ribs and mac'n'cheese. Both were delicious. I definitely recommend visiting if you are in Portland.

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OH YEAH!! Hush puppies! You didn't have to say much more to get me to eat here. It was a beautiful day. I found a yet another vegan food cart. And, I was ordering hush puppies! Could life POSSIBLY be any better? Oh, yes, it could - I was in Portland, Oregon (put a bird on it!).

This area had about 10 food carts. I ordered vegan BBQ ribs and the hush puppies. The ribs were really good and kinda of sweet/sour. The hush puppies were OUTSTANDING. It was a lot of food for a small price.

There are plenty of tables all around in a covered area. The food carts are pretty-much in a parking lot, and it was clean, and friendly and the people were all pleasant. There were a lot of recycle bins there next to the food carts, and I like seeing that. Coming from a non-eco-friendly town, I SO MUCH appreciate Portland and its dedication to being eco-friendly.

All good. No complaints. If I had to say one thing negative, the hush puppies were just a tad on the spicy side. I don't like any spice at all, so what I considered spicy may not be to someone else. And, let me tell you, it didn't stop me from devouring them!

Pros: good hush puppies, reasonable prices, vegan

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Half great - Edit

We had the combo platter and it was 50% great. The mac and cheese was to die for. The tempeh ribs were yummy. But the soy curls were drab and the cornbread was inedible. So be cautious about ordering.

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can we say yum - Edit

This is one of our favorite go out vegan food places. The food is fantastic and creative. The staff is happy. I recommend the soy curls, though anything we have tried has been great.

Pros: creative food, price, happy staff

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Nothing short of amazing! - Edit

Might this be the tastiest food... in the entire world??? It certainly is right up there. This was so good and you get a lot of food for your money. I got a wrap that had mac& cheese, some kind of seitan I think, and bbq beans in it, with a side of greens, which I sort of tried to combine with the burrito each bite. We also got a mushroom grilled cheese kind of a thing, which was a special and tasted like magic. Also, a side of the hush puppies, which were incredible. A+ times a million.

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Too Good... - Edit

Not the healthiest vegan experience you are going to have, but damn is this place good. They serve the best Mac Nocheeze I've ever tasted, and my hubby cant get enough of the Field Roast Burger thingy.

Yummy Lemonade too!

Pros: Very Tasty, BIG portions, Lovely guys serving you

Cons: No, it's not healthy

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McDonalds without the meat? - Edit

Part of living a vegan lifestyle is improving your health through whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. This place contributes to an unhealthy epidemic we have in the US. Perhaps a nice idea for those transitioning into a Vegetarian/Vegan way of eating. Besides that, this is not the type of positive message I would like to see.

Pros: Supports Vegans

Cons: Food choices

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Awesome Vegan BBQ - Edit

This place is located in a cool trendy area. I had the buff burrito after seeing another review about it. This burrito was enormous!!! The burrito was stuffed with so many yummy things including Mac and cheese with a little bit of a spicy flavor.

Pros: Tasty BBQ, Affordable

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Killer Burrito - Edit

Had the 'Buff Burrito', which absolutely kicked ass. Huge and delicious. Probably shouldn't have eaten it in one sitting but it was so good!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday September 24, 2014

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They accept credit cards now! - Edit

Go-to cart for vegan comfort food.

Pros: Delicious. Large portions for a good price. New menu items. They accept credit cards now. Far enough away from my house that I'm not tempted to go TOO often.

Cons: I butcher the name of my favorite sandwich every time no matter how many times I hear it said ("slosomomofo"). Wish they were open on Mondays.

Pros: Great food, Good value

Cons: Not open Mondays

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Worth the trip there - Vegan &Gluten Free - Edit

The title is about the trip because if you're in downtown Portland its a bit of a trip but we took the bus(you can get a day pass for all the transport in the city) and it only took about 15 minutes from downtown.The other advantage is that the Mississippi area is cool and funky and worth exploring.
Even if it was longer the trip would be worth while as the Homegrown Smoker vegan BBQ is quite fantastic.
I had BBQ soy curls with a tasty cole slaw on a toasted gluten free bun with a side of sweet potato fries and a spicy dipping mayo.i haven't had much BBQ of late but this was tasty comfort food at its best.
My husband had the BBQ chicken on a toasted gluten free bun with a side of BBQ beans that we both really enjoyed.
The food was just great and I'd take the trip agin by time to eat this tasty comfort food.There are chairs and tables to sit at and it is along side a craft brewery so you can have a beer with your meal.
The service was friendly and helpful and the price very reasonable .

Pros: yummy food, seating area, gluten free available

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Absolutely excellent - Edit

Southern Comfort food meets Northwest veganism ideologies - all served from a food cart in a cool little enclave of different cuisines. Go here, get a sammich and some mac n cheese, and sit down and eat in the Mississippi Marketplace.

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Fan-Freaking-Tastic! - Edit

This place is sure to please vegans and even their most carnivorous friends. Their mac no cheese is my favorite comfort food. So ooey-gooey, rich & creamy. The combo platter is huge, big enough to share, and I've got an enormous appetite. It's so good that we go to No-Po from Beaverton just to eat there. The daily specials always make me want to drop everything and run in, and sometimes there are unusual things to try (battered deep fried broccoli?!?). They will feed you well. We have never left hungry, or broke.
Updated from previous review on Thursday January 16, 2014

Pros: Great food, Very reasonable prices, Friendly staff

Cons: Cash only, They close too early, Parking on the street

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Run, don't walk to this little vegan paradise! - Edit

If there was one food that I would take with me to a deserted island, it would be the Tofurito from Homegrown Smoker Vegan Barbecue. I kid you not, it is that good. We stopped here on a road trip through Oregon and when I ate this thing I could not stop saying "Omg this is amazing" Pretty soon my kids were rolling their eyes at me. Check it out, this thing has Smoked Tofu, salad greens, grilled peppers and onion, BBQ Beans, sweet potato fries, tomato, daiya mozzarella and chipotle aioli, wrapped in a tortilla!!! What crazy genius came up with this? Seriously, go to Portland now and get one, or if you are lucky enough to live in Portland eat one at least once a week. Peace out!

Pros: Great Food, Fun location

Cons: I don't live in Portland

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Delicious! - Edit

Update: I originally reviewed HGS way back when they first opened. I loved it then, and I am quite sure I only love it more now. I'm always trying to find reasons why we need to go into Portland on the weekend so we can swing by and get some vegan bbq as well! The food is so good that my meat eating fiance almost always chooses to eat here over the meat bbq place in the same location. The mac-no-cheese is some kind of miracle food, I do eat cheese but I would choose this over regular mac and cheese any day. The SloSmoMoFo is my favorite - it's a ton of food so I order it with no bun so I can focus on the most delicious aspects.

If you've never been you seriously need to go - keep an eye on their Facebook page because they do shift hours sometimes but they are really good about keeping things updated there!

Between my boyfriend and I we were able to try all of the proteins and sides in our combos this weekend. I would recommend getting the soy curls, the chorizo, mac no cheese, and the baked beans. The tofu was a little too thick/unseasoned for my taste... but still not terrible. Their mint lemonade is also fantastic! Not too minty and super refreshing. The people working at the stand were very friendly as well, always a plus! I will definitely be making my way back here again.
Updated from previous review on Monday August 17, 2009

Pros: Delicious BBQ, Friendly staff, Covered seating @Mississippi Marketplace

Cons: Hours can sometimes be tough

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Good - Edit

They are very friendly here and answer questions when you're not sure what to order. It's very much a vegan junk food cart, with the fried, smoker food, but I think you know that before you go. The chili mac and cheese is very good. I definitely want to try again....I just need to come with the stomach for all the grease!

Pros: Order and Go, Chili Mac and Cheese, Friendly

Cons: Greasy

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Oh so good! - Edit

Hands down my favourite place in Portland!

Lots of imaginative options and a lovely array of side dishes alongside more classic choices. My favourite is the platter with tempeh ribs, macnocheese and collard greens with molasses cornbread. The remoulade and barbecue sauces are amazing, too!

Daily specials like cajun eggplant po boys and pesto grilled cheese keep it interesting. And the minty lemonade is perfectly refreshing.

On top of the great food, everyone who works there is super nice and the service is always quick.

My love for this place knows no bounds!

Pros: Fun outdoor atmosphere, Seriously good food, Nice people

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I Love Homegrown Smoker! - Edit

Homegrown Smoker offers some seriously yummy vegan BBQ. My husband and I both love it! The macnocheeto or the smoker sandwich with a side of mac no cheese are the perfect lunch for chilly Portland. The portions are generous, and the staff is friendly. Just thinking about going to Homegrown Smoker makes my mouth water in anticipation.

Pros: covered seating, tasty specials, vegan BBQ

Cons: sometimes closes early

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I like homegrown smoker - Edit

I like Homegrown smoker but I don't LOVE it. The food looks and sounds really good, but I always find it bland. I have only tried it twice, and I do plan to try it again. Maybe I just haven't ordered the right thing?

Pros: vegan, reasonable prices, lavender iced tea

Cons: bland food

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House Smoked Vegan BBQ! - Edit

The Portorito: smoked soy curls, smoked portobellos, mac-no-cheese, sauteed pepper and onions in a wrap.

Toss in a little Secret Aardvark sauce and welcome to a tasty, tasty mess. It's the only thing I order there and it has my number.

Pros: two locations, mac-no-cheese, smoked vegan meats

Cons: opens late

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Five starts across the board! - Edit

The food is always fresh. The price is pretty darn good for the amount of food you get. Everyone that works there is truly nice. I love the fact that this location has onsite seating!!! The specials are always creative and delicious. I just can't get enough and now that location #2 has weekend hours... nom!

Pros: friendly staff, good value, seating!

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Best of PDX! - Edit

Vegan BBQ. Yes, vegan bar-be que! I've been following them on Twitter and salivating over the daily food porn. As I walked up to their original food cart location on SW4th and Hall, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. The daily special was the "Loaf-a-roni", Smoked Meatloaf smothered in Mac No-cheese and stuffed between a sesame bun served with a side a chipotle cole slaw. This combination is obviously not "healthy" but it's dayum good when you're ready to indulge. The food warrior took a bite and could not believe how packed with flavor, tender and juicy the meatloaf was. Mind you, this is coming from my cousin aka the Bacon BBQ King, so I consider this to be a worthy testimonial. I took a big swig of my mint lemonade and was ready for a carb coma nap.

Pros: Big portions, Excellent flavor, Good Value

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I LOVE this cart! - Edit

Great food! Creative Menu. Good Price. Good portions. The Specials are wonderful. I HIGHLY recommend this cart. In fact, if you are a visitor to Portland, you HAVE to come here. Go do Voodoo donuts (you know you will, tourists), then swing by Homegrown Smoker.

Pros: Great Food, Good Price, Fair Portions

Cons: Not open weekends (except for summer)

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The Best! - Edit

I live in Boise Idaho, the NON vegan capital of the world. I luckily go to Portland about every other month and always hit Homegrown at least twice a day while I'm there. The people are friendly, and always laugh that they just met up with other people from Boise looking for great vegan food. Homegrown is the best!!! I found them online last year and immediately became a Homegrown Addict. The prices are excellent and the food never disappoints. My only wish is that they would come to Boise.

Pros: Awesome Food, Fun Staff, Great Portions

Cons: It's hell when it's raining

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Pretty good - Edit

My husband and I dropped by Homegrown Smoker while in Portland after walking around in the rain all day. I was a bit bummed to not have a cozy restaurant to sit down in, but the guy running the stand was super nice and told us about a place close by that we could squat and hide from the rain.

The food itself was great. The mac, cornbread, and meatloaf are all a home run. I wasn't so hot on the soy curls.

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So delicious! - Edit

The first time I went, I got the side plate, hush puppies, and lemonade. The side plate was superb: macnocheese, collards, baked beans, and cornbread, with some comparatively less flavorful coleslaw. The lemonade is amazing and super minty. I've since become a bit obsessed with the side plate, and especially with the macnocheese (my favorite!), but recently tried a fantastic special: the nori-battered 'fu-fish sandwich with mellow yellow sauce, chipotle mayo, peppers and onions, and pickle. I think you would have a hard time going wrong at this absolutely amazing food cart.

Pros: Great food, Good service, Great specials

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Good for Vegans, Not So Good With Omnivores - Edit

I got the BBQ soy curls, cornbread, and coconut-batter dipped oreos. I loved it all and thought it was amazing. My omnivore mom tried the MacNoCheese, and thought it was bizarre and didn't taste like "real" mac n' cheese. It's a great place, just not where I'd bring my omni friends to introduce them to vegan food.
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 24, 2011

Pros: Great Food, Friendly Staff

Cons: Not Intro Comfortable

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There the best around! - Edit

I love Homegrown Smoker. The prices are reasonable and the food is amazing. They do an awesome job. If you visit Portland, you must must must go here! I love the side plate entree. It comes with cooked greens, coleslaw, baked beans, mac "no cheese," and a piece of molasses cornbread. The perfect amount of food!... Don't hesitate to try whatever sounds interesting. ALL of their food is awesome! And they always have great specials too. :)

Pros: Cheap, Delicious, Ample Servings

Cons: Not Open 24/7

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What a find! - Edit

Sometimes I get cranky that there are too few vegan restaurants in Portland, and so the good ones are always crowded. But then I remember the food carts--so many with vegan options to try! All-vegan Homegrown Smoker is a recent discovery--I found it through getsconedpdx.com--and it's a 10-minute walk from home. Thank you! On my first visit I tried the Combo Meal--smoked soy curls, tempeh and sausage, cornbread, sweet potato fries and the best ever MacNoCheese for $8 and enough for three meals. The smoke flavor is real, not liquid smoke flavoring, and that makes for very tasty food. I almost missed out on my second visit--arrived just past the 3 p.m. closing, but the nice guy at the window sold me his remaining chili, some baked beans, cornbread and excellent collards--enough for two meals for two people (i.e., four meals) at a bargain price. I had been hoping for an order of MacNoCheese, but the lucky customers who preceded me finished off his supply. I am not one of those people who lives for barbecue, but the Homegrown Smoker may lead me to a new addiction.

Pros: MacNoCheese, BIG portions, Everything tastes great

Cons: closed on weekends

2 Responses

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celynki 24 May 2011 - Homegrown Smoker is now open on Saturdays!

blisssu 21 Oct 2013 - Unfortunately, Homegrown Smoker closed its cart near my home. I'm sure their food is still delicious, but I haven't been to the Mississippi location yet to try it out.

Nothing Better Than Home Grown - Edit

Spent a couple days checking out Portland and the Veg scene there, Homegrown was by far the best meal we had. In fact it was the best meal we've had anywhere recently, Vegan or otherwise. We sampled the Chili dog, the Mac-No-Cheetoh, a side of beans and the piece de résistance: the BBQ Tofu Curl Sandwich w/ Slaw. We got two meals out of all that in Portland and still had enough to take some back on the plane with us. The ambience of the PDX Food Carts was wonderful and the service 5-Star.
Thanks Homegrown, You Rock.

Pros: Food, Service, Ambience

Cons: No Vegas Location

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Amazing BBQ - Edit

When I want some comfort food, I look no further than Homegrown Smoker. They have a great selection, even for a "picky" (i.e., gluten-intolerant) eater like me. Their baked beans and coleslaw are DELICIOUS! What am I saying? Everything is good there! I definitely recommend the Frito Pie.

Pros: everything is delicious, inexpensive, friendly staff

Cons: minimal hours, across the river

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Awesome - Edit

The reviews below do not lie. This is one of my favourite places in Portland, especially if you are in the mood for some rib-sticking comfort food. I had their "special" of the day, - a clam sandwich that was fabulous. Great sauce, great substance. The side order of Mac N Cheeze was everything advertised. One of the best by far that I've ever had. Really enjoyable. Do not miss this little gem of a place when you come to Portland.

Pros: excellent food

Cons: a bit heavy!

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Finding vegan paradise in Portland - Edit

This was our first and best stop on a recent visit to Portland.The food was terrific, especially the mac and cheese, which even tastes better than our memories of the so-called regular version. The owners could not be nicer and it was a great experience. Unfortunately they were not open on the weekend but we were lucky to get there on Friday for lunch. It will be the first of many stops there when we return to Portland.

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The best - Edit

If you are craving some smoky, savory, vegan goodness then look no further. Everything on the menu is fantastic, they are always coming up with new fun variations and new dishes. The guy who owns it is an awesome human and is always super friendly. Prices are very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the ingredients (Field Roast chorizo, for example) and the time and love put into the food.

Pros: Taste, Smell, Price

Cons: Not in my mouth right now

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Vegan BBQ! - Edit

I had never tasted, or even heard of soy curls, til I travelled to Portland. So I tried Homegrown's bbq soy curls, served on pita. Pretty good. I'm not sure if their bbq sauce is homemade or not, but it is delicious! Baked beans were pretty good too. Next time I'll try the soy chorizo.

The staff was friendly & I love that they have a little hand-sanitizing station. There were open until 8pm on the day I went, which is late for a corner food cart, but perfect for those of us traveling to get to it. I believe that I read somewhere that they'll close in the winter, so I look forward to going back next spring. And they only take cash, so stop by the atm before you go.

Pros: bbq sauce is outstanding!, Friendly staff, Reasonably priced

Cons: Cash only

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