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CLOSED: Panz Veggie Restaurant

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Contact 604-266-3637

3485 Fraser St, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6Z 1W7

Opened since Mar 2010 at 1355 Hornby St and relocated to the current address for re-opening sometime in 2015 -- please let happycow know when it re-opens! / Vancouver vegan restaurant serving Chinese cuisine. Its name translation means "compassion."

Category: Vegan, Chinese, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (30)

First Review by axelboot

Very good Chinese food - Edit

The menu here is quite extensive, so my wife & I only got the chance to sample a small portion of the menu. The food is not amazing, but generally very tasty & good value for money. The sour-spicy soup that we ordered was particularly good. This restaurant is great value, and definitely worth going to if in Vancouver.

Pros: Extensive menu, All vegan, Tasty food

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Fantastic Flavors, Food and a Fun Experience - Edit

Slow down and check this place out! Expect to spend some time here but it's so worth it! Panz is DELICIOUS and healthy, but make sure you are ready for a family experience and bring a pen and paper. If you do end up writing out your own order, help the staff out by using the exact name (not just the number) of the entree. That helps them the most. Understand that they think tea is water, so if you want water, you will have to ask. For example, don’t just ask for broccoli, ask for Canadian’s Favorite Broccoli, and Laughing Tiger and Buddha’s Feast; use the exact names that appear on their menus (they give you two menus that are different but mostly the same, except one is pink and has a bit more English descriptors of the dish). The ribs are excellent but you will have to wait until you get there to find look up the proper name to use when ordering (I can’t find it online). They are kind, they will appreciate your understanding, and the food is amazing. I read that dinner might take 2 hours, and it did, so just be ready for that and you will have a great time. I recommend the Won Ton Soup, The Masala Soup (spicy and flavorful), Laughing Tiger (excellent flavor with taro, jicama and even some string beans), Buddha’s Feast (unique and tasty with mushrooms, bean curd sheets and aduki beans), and the rice is mixed whole grain. Canadian’s Favorite Broccoli is really just regular broccoli with baby corn (if you like broccoli then that’s your dish). The ribs are decadent and orange TASTY. I got up to order, I got up for water and I got up to pay. There are 2 different dishes with Tiger in the name, just know that. The people are wonderful. Take your time and enjoy this experience!

Pros: Excellent Flavors, Great Food, Amazing Soup

Cons: Expect 2 hour meal time

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Cheap with utensils - Edit

I called to order take-out, the receiver on the other side was not only rude and not helpful. When I did get there to pick up my food, the person who picked up the phone told me that if I wanted extra utensils, I had to pay extra, since the "economy's hard."

This is the first time I've ate food from this restaurant, however the food was decent. Just really awful service.

Pros: Quick food, Vegan

Cons: Rude, Cheap, Unhelpful

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Amazing semi-hidden vegan gem!! - Edit

I love eating there, the vegetables are crisp, delicious and fresh.

I go there often, I also grab to go from there. Love the service! delicious and unbeatable weekly lunch specials!

If you are into Chinese style food, you need to try this place out.

Pros: Crisp and delicious vegetables, Really cool atmosphere, Unbeatable lunch specials

Cons: If only they delivered

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Vegan and kind to veterans? What else do you want? - Edit

Seriously, what other place feeds veterans for free and wants a picture taken with them?

I mean, I am no veteran but I am thankful for their service and I could not be happier than eating at a restaurant that is so kind to them. It almost brought a tear to my eye when I saw the little notice with the poppy...

Panz, you have great food, and for this gesture, I love you more than any other vege joint. You have my loyalty!

You rock!

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yummy Chinese food - Edit

This is a delightful place and the owner is very nice and helpful.
We needed gluten free and she was very accommodating.
I had a yummy veg and noodle bowl which I could not finish and had the remainder for breakfast the next day.
I will be back

Pros: very tasty, owner is very nice and accommodating , huge portion

Cons: none

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Great Lunch Low Price - Edit

After spending the day walking around Vancouver, my wife and I decided to try this place out. The lunch special was our choice. Something like 7.50 each. Includes tea, soup, spring roll, 5 grain rice or chow mein noodles and a choice between 6 main dishes. Amazing flavours and great amount of food for this price. The meal was fantastic. The restaurant very clean and pleasantly decorated. Highly recommended.

Pros: Price, Original Flavour, Good Portion Size

Cons: Not In My Home City

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Very Good - Edit

I'm not a vegan nor a full fledged vegetarian, in fact I wasn't expecting a very good meal. I couldn't have been more wrong. This was very good, our table ordered about 4/5 dishes and we all shared - I enjoyed every one of the dishes even the desert!

Pros: Price, Great taste, Atmosphere/service

Cons: Off the beaten path , Some ingredients I didn't know

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Good food, reasonable price - Edit

The service was quick (there was only one other group), and the food was good. The place had free WiFi. Lunch specials 11:30-4:30pm (mains for $8 rather than $10, without tax).

Pros: Good food, Reasonable price

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Good in general - Edit

I went there few times for lunch and dinner. They have a lunch special going on for $7.99 from 11:30 am – 4:30 pm. In general the food was good, but to me it was a little too blend. I wouldn`t even mind this but I wish the staff spoke english so I could ask questions about what I`m ordering....

Pros: Good Value especially for lunch, Nice vibe, fast service

Cons: Staff doesn`t speak english, a little too blend

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Excellent! - Edit

I visited Panz twice while I was in town on vacation. Tried the Buddha's Feast, sweet and sour soy spareribs, soya ham (fried noodles), curry vermicelli and the spring rolls. It was all delicious and I only wish I lived in Vancouver so I could try even more!

The location is convenient just south of the city centre (an easy walk). The prices are good ($10 per entree and $6.50 for appetizers as of July 2013) and the portions are of a good size.

If I had to pick two items out of the ones I tried, I'd go with the ribs and the soya ham.

If I'm ever back in Vancouver, I'll definitely visit again. Highly recommended.
Updated from previous review on Friday July 26, 2013

Pros: good food, reasonable prices, quick service

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Horrible Customer Service!!! Mediocre food! - Edit

Today I went to Panz Veggie and ordered the Won Ton Soup (what used to be the best won ton soup around). I was very disappointed to find it has changed dramatically. The won tons used to be filled with fake meat but now contain potato. These are the blandest won tons I have EVER had!! When mentioned to the owner asking why they have changed she became very defensive and told me it had not changed whatsoever. With most resturants if the customer is not happy they will make you another plate or not charge you for the particular dish. The owner did not try to make me happy, or redeem her resturant whatsoever.
The rest of their food is overpriced and medicre. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE, I will not be returning to this resturant again.

Cons: Expensive , Customer service, Mediocre food

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What a find! - Edit

We were holidaying in Vancouver when quite by chance we spotted Panz... given that we hadn't checked for any nearby veggie places this was a real find for our last evening. If we'd been staying longer in Vancouver we'd have definitely gone back! As other reviewers have commented, the menus are a little short on descriptive detail, but the helpful waiter was at hand to answer our questions and make suggestions.
The meal was delicious, and portions generous - the 'Buddhas Feast' a feast indeed. The food all tasted like proper home-cooking, not over-spiced of over-salted like so much restaurant food.

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Vegan Chinese in Vancouver - Edit

Went to Panz Veggie Restaurant while vacationing in Vancouver. First thing we noticed is that the menus are not descriptive. It has entrees such as Lucky Tiger or Buddha's feast with no description of ingredients so we had to ask about each item. Ended up getting 4 different things and sharing them amongst 4 of us....including chow mein with soya ham, a sweet and sour soya rib dish, a tofu and broccoli dish. The 4 of us, including 2 vegans and 2 carnivores, all agreed the food was very good. They have non-alcoholic beer available. No dessert but we were too full anyhow.

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Great value weekend lunch special - Edit

I had the weekend lunch special, which was a bargain at $9.99. This included a vegetable spring roll, a small bowl of vegetable soup, rice, choice of stir fry dish, and a small dessert.

The food was tasty and filling, if a little on the greasy side. My stir fry - soya spirals and eggplant on a bed of spinach - was very nice.

Service was polite but a little unresponsive.

Pros: tasty food, good value

Cons: unresponsive service, food can be quite greasy

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Great dinner! - Edit

My husband and I loved the food! We were delighted to find such great vegan dishes. The egg rolls were SO fantastic! I think a little music would go a long way though(just in case the owner reads this), as well as a description of the selections on the menu. The food was yummy, big portions, and wonderful service.

Pros: Taste, Portion, Location

Cons: No music

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Delicious and friendly - Edit

We visited here while on holiday and were delighted with the wide choice of amazing dishes and the warmest of welcomes. I'm not even a big Chinese food fan but this was seriously good and I would make a bee line back here on my next visit.

Pros: lots of choice of food that's all tasty , lovely staff, nice venue

Cons: *

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Amazing Chinese food - Edit

The best vegan restaurant in downtown Vancouver. The owner is very welcoming and open to chat with customers. The service can be hit and miss depending on who serves, but the food is consistently delicious. The 3 cup soya sausage is deep fried tofu sheets on glass noodle with basil and soy sauce and it is highly recommended! Unlike many other Chinese restaurants, Panz always serves many vegetables in their dishes and not everything is deep fried so some of it is reasonably healthy. The menu is a bit heavy on soy ingredients but this is consistent with Chinese restaurants. You have to use your imagination to know what the menu items are but if you check their website, the photos will give you a better idea than the dish names. Amazing food if you're ever in Vancouver.

Pros: great value, lots of veggies, great downtown location

Cons: hard to know what dishes are on the menu

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I wish I lived in Vancouver... - Edit

On a recent trip to Vancouver we ate here twice, and both times we were amazed.

Excellent service, wonderful food, huge portions, good prices. You really can't go wrong. This is easily the best Chinese restaurant I have ever eaten in, vegan or not, and is now one of my favourite vegan restaurants full stop.

Looking forward to coming back one day.

Pros: It's great.

Cons: It's a long way away.

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Disappointing - Edit

My husband and I went in for the lunch special which included soup, your entree and dessert. We were really looking forward to it. In all honesty, we were both very disappointed. The food was fairly bland and just not all that appetizing. The veggie "sausage" my husband got was merely tofu sliced with a batter on it, not at all sausage-like. The price was great but the food was very blah. Quite a disappointment.

Pros: all vegan, good price

Cons: bland food, staff not welcoming

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Delicious! - Edit

The virtue and kind fried rice was really good, as was the virtue and kind noodles, which are like chow mein (we had it with broccoli instead of soy ham). The spring rolls are good too. The server was really nice, and they were very accomodating even for my family of omnivores who won't eat tofu or fake meat! I would bring more people here again, and can't wait to go back and try some of the tofu dishes! The decor is nice and modern too. They were also welcoming for my 5 year old niece.

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For Business or Pleasure! - Edit

Panz has been a favourite of ours since we first found it, and it's time to add our support for this clean and friendly downtown gem to the list of positive reviews here.

If you're familiar with Buddhist vegan fare the menu will be familiar, though they use some interesting and cryptic labels for some of the more popular dishes! Their soups are always great. If not too busy, we can sometimes talk them into making a hybrid version of the Hot & Sour and Wonton soups; especially warming on a wet, wintery evening. Virtue & Kind rice and Bamboo Hot Pot are not to be missed. We also love the Soya Dices Hawaiian Style, but watch out for the ginger!

Panz is easy to find, on Hornby right across from Il Giardino. Panz doesn't have valet parking or singing waiters, but they don't have the high prices either! If you really need your materialism fix you can always get a table by the window at Panz and watch all the Bentley's and Ferrari's pull up across the street;)

I've taken business guests here frequently and always been happy with the results. Even carnivores are not disappointed. The decor is modern, clean and tasteful and the staff are very friendly. In true Buddhist fashion they are soft spoken so don't hesitate to ask for advice to avoid ordering too similar dishes.

We would urge anyone to support this small, friendly, affordable and delicious alternative on the south side of downtown.

Pros: Friendly, Tasty, Healthy

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The best we've had anywhere - Edit

What a fantastic place with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere! With an enormous menu we took advice from the staff, and the second time we went we had food that wasn't even on the menu. The dishes with several varieties of mushroom were exceptional, and the Buddha's Feast contained at least three vegetables I've never eaten before. We really couldn't manage a whole dish each and were offered a takeaway container for the rest - and we were served with a complimentary bowl of fresh-tasting soup and plenty of tea. It's not only near the downtown area, it's close to the Aquabus ferry from Granville Island - and would be well worth the trip to avoid the overpriced tourist food on the island.

Pros: variety of vegetables, size of portions, the staff

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Fabulous! - Edit

Went here for dinner one night with a friend. We were the first table of the dinner rush. The owner sat us and was extremely helpful and friendly. The food came out very quickly and was absolutely delicious. The portion sizes are huge and the entrees are inexpensive. The food is very flavourful and the atmosphere is intimate. I would highly recommend this restaurant!

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Awesome Vegan Restaurant - Edit

Found this gem in Vancouver while visiting. Located a short walk from downtown. I can't say enough good things about Panz Veggie. The owner and staff were so nice. The atmosphere very cool and calm. I hear they have lunch specials too. All vegan all the time.

Pros: 5 Grain "Rice", Buddah Delight, Great meal

Cons: not more diners enjoying the restaurant

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Best yet - Edit

I can't understand how anyone could give this restaurant anything less than 5 stars. I'd give 10 if they let me. Ambiance: 10. Service: 12. Food: Off the charts. Simply spectacular. I've eaten at well over 2 dozen Buddhist vegetarian restaurants, and this is actually the best. They could stand to expand the menu selection a bit, but being new, I'm giving them plenty of time to do that. If you're in Vancouver, BC, GO THERE! Can't miss.

Pros: FRESH food, TASTY!, Very welcoming service

Cons: Closed Monday :o(, Menu selection needs expansion

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Panz Veggie Restaurant, Vancouver - Edit

I've just had lunch here and it was something of a bargain. A small bowl of soup, a spring roll and then a choice of 5 dishes with either of fried or boiled rice or chow mein, all in for $8.95. The a la carte menu also looked very interesting.

The decor is contemporary and tasteful enough and the service was fine. 100% vegan veggie is a big tick in the box for me.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 9pm. Closed Mondays. centrally located downtown near to the Granville & Burrard bridges.

Pros: 100% vegan veg, Bargain lunch menu

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Enjoyed my Buddha bowl... - Edit

This place just opened, and we had dinner tonight there.
I ordered the spring rolls which were not a good idea as they were far too oily- needed to put them on napkins.

However, my main dish, the Buddha bowl, was very good. It contained a wide variety of interesting mushrooms, bok choy, taro root etc all on a bed of noodles in a tasty sauce.

I would recommend giving this place a visit, and I hope they stay around.

Pros: good service, good portion size, very nice decor

Cons: oily rolls

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