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Franchia Vegan Cafe

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12 Park Ave (at Midtown, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10016

Sister-restaurant to the venerable Hangawi (also a vegan restaurant in Manhattan), Franchia offers a casual take on refined Asian fusion cuisine. Decor is traditional Korean architecture contrasts with elements of modernism. On the menu are dishes like vegetable sushi, Korean dumplings, and a selection of noodles, rice dishes, and main entrees. Teas and gifts available for purchase. Open Mon-Fri 12:00pm-10:00pm, Sat 1:00pm-10:00pm, Sun 5:30pm-9:30pm.

Category: Vegan, Take-out, Asian, Korean

Reviews (71)

First Review by Poundie

Will return... - Edit

Everything I ordered was great: steamed buns, kimchi pancakes, salad, citrus tea, teriyaki kebabs...except the sushi. Not much flavor going on in any of the three rolls we tried. Honestly, everything else was so good that I would go back and try the rest of the menu sans sushi.

Pros: flavor, variety, service

Cons: so-so sushi

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Really yummy and charming - Edit

We have been twice now to this place. We always go around mid-day.
It is close to where we are traveling when in NYC and we know we like this type of food- casual but a little fancy (my mom's dish had an orchid flower as a garnish) and mostly Korean, but "pan-asian" cuisine. The staff have been very nice and attenttive to us both times. We have gone on a day it was very low traffic and one where it was moderate. We never felt rushed.

This resturant is wheelchair accessible and has a seating area which are two of our requirements for traveling. The door however is narrow so we have to fold my chair to get in (I have a wider chair 30.5 inches wide including wheels). I am able to walk short distances so I was able to walk to the bathroom and can't recall how easy it would have been to fit a chair inside. The nice pottery and decorative art pieces make me a little nervous with my chair being so large.

The resturant is beautiful, look at the ceiling tiles!
It's not too loud and has a pleasant atmosphere, it is darker as you go up (there's I think three levels and the place is narrow like a lot of NY places).

The ground floor being by the large window is quite bright with some mild lights and the servers have a bar/station right by you so they're easy to call over on the ground floor if you need them.

The food was decent proportions, they make their rice excellent, their veggies are excellent and fresh, even fruit they use is really fresh and vibrant. Some dishes are just a little pricey compared to other vegan places nearby, but they also don't all provide seating.

Taste wise I really have enjoyed the dishes I have ordered. The steamed veggy dumplings were a little unusual, they fall apart and can't be eaten with chopsticks (easily).

The pad thai was really outside my normal pad thai experiences and I didn't like it - it is kind of "fishy" so if you like that kinda of fishy umami taste you might enjoy it. If you are more of a fan of other kinds of pad thai try something else.

I tried the Hainan Seitan rice/veggie bowl and the Mock Duck rice/veggie bowl (bibimbap style). Both were really good, Hainan has quite spicy sauce, but it is served on the side. They serve a bowl of kimchi for the table too (small "kick").

Value wise your bet best may be their combo special for 2(+) people. 2 salads, 2 appetizers, and 1 main dish to split.

Their tea selection is really nice and they also offer sweets but I haven't tried any yet. I plan to go back (lots)!

Pros: Great options for most tastes, Tofu, seitan, rice, and veggies cooked perfect, A nice place to dine and relax in the city (day)

Cons: Prices seem just a little high for some things, Sauces could sometimes be better described on menu

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food was cooked well - Edit

I have been here twice and I ordered the same main dish both times. I don't remember if there was a specific name but it was a tofu and vegetable dish in brown sauce. I wasn't a fan of the sauce either time. Something about it just seemed off. It wasn't awful; I finished the dish both times. It just wasn't as great as some other vegan korean restaurants I've been to. The food itself was cooked well. I've had some pretty poorly cooked tofu in my day but this was great. I also had the crispy tofu skin sushi roll and it was great. The atmosphere is nice, definitely a good place for a dinner date. I made reservations both times but it never seemed to be too crowded.

Pros: food was cooked well, nice vibe

Cons: sauce, dark

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A little gem with fantastic food! - Edit

On a recent trip to NYC, I had a chance to eat at quite a few vegan restaurants. This was, by far, the best meal I had in the city. A very creative menu and a wonderfully decorative setting. A lot of the places I ate at in NYC were really pricey. I don't know if that's an NYC thing or a vegan thing. But, this place seemed very reasonable by comparison. Certainly not an inexpensive restaurant... but at least the food and atmosphere are great.

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great Korean vegan! - Edit

Wonderful food and service. Somewhat casual restaurant with many options of traditional Korean fare served in vegan style. The tofu dishes are my favorites - along with the steamed dumplings. Reservations are not required, but can be helpful.

Pros: delicious food, attentive service

Cons: long wait, if no reservation

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amazing place - Edit

Food was awesome and the attention was great! I really love Korean food and I had the vegan jajjangmyeon ver with kale, it was delicious! Also the Tealatte with non-dairy milk was fantastic! Definitely one of my fav places :)

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Lots of Asian Options - Edit

Food was delicious! There were sooo many different options and different types of Asian cuisine which was awesome. Their servers could be more attentive though. Modern vibes and creative dishes.

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yummy and delicious - Edit

Vegetarian Bibimbap or Stone Bowl Rice
Bodhi Noodles
(sweet potato & gluten free buckwheat noodles topped with mountain greens and vegetables )
I had the Bibimbap which was full of delicious veg on brown rice
And my husband had the Bodhi noodles. Also very yummy.
We shared a veg sushi before which was very fresh .

Pros: very yummy and huge portions.

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Quaint vegan spot Midtown East - Edit

Very good dumplings, has a gluten free menu and some lower fat items. Everything is vegan! Service was nice and charming atmosphere in nice neighborhood. Will be back next time we visit NYC for sure...
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 03, 2016

Pros: gluten free, vegan, good tasty food

Cons: small tables

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Great food - Edit

Everything my fiance and I ordered was delicious. But we were disappointed that the duck buns weren't bigger. The tea was delicious but also felt a bit too expensive for its size. Our stone bowls were tasty and a good size, my only complaint is that the one I ordered had mushrooms in it even though it didn't say there'd be mushrooms in the menu (I'm not a mushroom fan). If the menu was a bit clearer I would have ordered something else. I'd still love to go back and try more of their menu.

Pros: delicious food, kind staff, nice atmosphere

Cons: small portion sizes, expensive, menu is a bit unclear

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wow! - Edit

What a treat! Right up there with the best vegan restaurants nationally. I had the spicy 'duck' salad, and two small plates; crab cakes and zen rolls with dill veganaise sauce. All three were outstanding. I chose dishes that I thought would be a challenge and they all exceeded my expectations. I will be back for sure.

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Vegan Elegance and Style - Edit

I LOVE this restaurant. While I am very happy to find any vegan restaurants while traveling - more often than not - they are a more casual, diner-type atmosphere with food to match.

But Franchia is one of my all-time faves! It treats a vegan diner to a beautiful meal in a classy setting with all the trimmings to go with it from fancy cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks to home-made desserts like black sweet rice and coconut pudding.

This restaurant makes me 'want' to go to NYC....it's always the first place I hit when I go.

Pros: elegant atmosphere, wonderful gluten free menu, fancy cocktails

Cons: none

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WOW, such an amazing food! - Edit

This is a must stop for Vegans in New York. Amazing food, I really enjoyed it.
The service is slow and the desserts are mediocre, however the main dishes, they are amazing.

Pros: Amazing dishes, so good, Plenty of options

Cons: Mediocre desserts, Slow service, Expensive

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My favorite New York City vegan restaurant - Edit

My husband and I spend a lot of time in New York City - and Franchia is our favorite vegan restaurant there. The menu is extensive, and everything we've had is at least good if not excellent or outstanding. Our favorites are the Peking Buns, Spicy Ramen Noodles in Miso Soup, and various Bibimbap dishes. They have a nice menu of wines and teas, too. Like most places in midtown Manhattan, it is medium-priced and medium-fancy. Service is reliably efficient and friendly. We eat there many times each year.

Pros: Excellent food, Great wines and teas, Great service

Cons: None!

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Great food and great service - Edit

I went to Franchia on a date night with my partner and we both loved it! We tried the mixed plate of dumplings the Peking buns and a California roll to start. The Cali roll was good but not great. The other starters were so flavourful and 100% would recommend.

I had the Bibimbap, not really knowing what it was very happy with it.

We also had cocktails and desert and both were great.

The best thing about this place was the service, we had a few different servers and they were all so warm and friendly and genuinely seemed happy to be there.

Pros: Friendly service, Flavourful food, Nice atmosphere

Cons: slightly pricey (but I would go again!)

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Superb! - Edit

Great location in Murray Hill on Park Avenue near 34th Street shopping. Has a very dark intimate and subdued atmosphere. Nice lunch special menu with many options for $12; however, I had the Vegan Lunchbox which includes 2 appetizers. Everything was fresh and amazingly delicious. I can't wait to go back!

Pros: All vegan, fantastic food, great service

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delicious and so many options! - Edit

Franchia was great, I'm so glad we were able to eat there! The menu is huge and has a lot of variety; we ended up going with a few tapas/appetizers, a sushi roll, and one entree to share, plus a delicious greet tea "icee" type drink with whipped cream on top- yum! Everything was great and very reasonably priced; my only regret is that we couldn't try more! This would definitely be a place I'd come back to on a return trip. The wait staff was also super nice and efficient, and it has a lovely ambiance- definitely give it a try if you're in the area!!

Pros: Big menu, delicious food, friendly staff

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One of the best vegan restaurants i have visited - Edit

Food it's amazing, plenty of options, beautiful dishes. A little pricey but very good value for money, One of the best restaurants i have visited!

Pros: Large menu, Excellent food, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Pricey

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Vegan scallops and kimchi dumplings, all for about $12 in the city, no complaints. Beautiful atmosphere, absolutely delicious food, gorgeous plating and courteous staff. Would go back any chance I get!

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Delicious! - Edit

Very good food! Ordered the Avocado Bibimbap & having never had the dish before (or even knowing exactly what it was), I was wonderfully surprised. There were a lot of options & I admire the creativity that went into thinking them up. The set-up of the place is eccentric, but works nicely nonetheless.

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My favorite vegan restaurant! - Edit

Of all of the amazing vegan restaurants in NYC, this is my FAVORITE! My husband and I come here once a month.
Some of my favorites:
From the tapas menu: lobster balls, caviar rolls, crab cakes
Mains: avacado bimbimbop, and ramen
Rolls: spicy tuna and spicy chicken
Desserts: blueberry cake with almond ice cream


Pros: Delicious food, Reasonable prices, Nice ambience

Cons: Not enough locations, open more please

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Highly recommended - Edit

Spicy kimchi dumplings and a delicious sizzling avocado stone bowl were the perfect match for a lunch break after visiting midtown. Relaxing atmosphere and great korean food in this vegan cafe. We loved it.

Pros: Great food, Relaxing atmosphere

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Amazing!! - Edit

The food was amazing, it was so hard to narrow down the selection. The dumplings and buns are incredible! All of the bibimbap was incredible! We ate here twice in a 4 day trip it was so good!!

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Good Food - Edit

We really enjoyed this location! I would only note that "Cafe" gives me the impression that it is a bit more casual environment than it actually was. We went there one evening with our baby to enjoy dinner - the lights were dim, and a lot of folks were having "romantic" dinners together. Not a complaint, but again, I didn't know what to expect when we arrived. The food was great. We tried a rice dish and a noodle dish. Overall, it was a good experience.

Pros: Good Food, Nice Atmosphere

Cons: A bit pricey

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delicious!! - Edit

I absolutely love Korean food, so when I discovered this fully vegan Korean cafe I was overly excited. Highly recommend, everything was delicious, the staff was nice, just a great place in general! Make sure to try the avocado bimbap/stone bowl

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Korean Food! - Edit

This place has lots of choices, which I love. They have Korean teas, bibimbaps and stone bowls, and lovely cocktails. I am a huge fan of the tofu avocado stone bowl, which is a hot bibimbap that makes the rice hot and crispy. The avocado makes the dish creamy. The date paste tea is lovely. If you're up for it, try the prefixes. A little pricey, but worth it.

Their sister restaurant, Hangawi, is not far away.

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Delightful dinner - Edit

We had a very nice dinner here. We had the Leek pancakes as appetizer - very good. For entrees we had a mushroom sizzler (big portion), a soy chicken sizzler, spicy noodles and a seitan chicken stone bowl. We enjoyed them all, but would have preferred mushrooms less salty. For dessert we had the black forest cake a very solid coy cheese cake. Service was excellent. The multilevel space was pleasant. Note that the gluten free items are more expensive than the regular menu.

Pros: fine choice, excellent service

Cons: gluten free more expensive

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Awesome meal + celebrity sighting - Edit

This is my second time eating at Franchia, and what a treat. On Park Avenue just south of Grand Central, I love its laid back vibe and varied menu options.

I went for the kale and tofu dumplings, and spicy franchia noodles (delicate pumpkin noodles and veggies). Attentive and non-intrusive service, sublime flavors and a reasonable bill ($26) at the end.

Oh yeah...and Richard Gere was sitting at the next table. How bad could this place be?!

Pros: Sublime food, Attentive service, Laid back vibe

Cons: N/A

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Quite Nice - Edit

Had a very nice meal there while in NYC for business. They didn't mind seating a solo diner w/out a reservation on a busy evening. I did get there before the main rush so fortunately they still had open seats. If you're going during regular diner hours, book a reservation. They were packed on a Wednesday night. Solo diners don't always get good service and we often end up feeling like we're being hurried out in favor of giving our table to a group but the Franchia staff was very accommodating for solo diners. There were a few of us there. I wanted a quiet meal where I could relax and read after a long day and I got just what I was hoping for.

Service was excellent as was the food. I went with a few different appetizers and the prix fixe menu and took a couple items from the tapas menu to go. All the items were quite tasty, particularly the tofu & kabocha squash entree, and I left stuffed and satisfied.

Pros: Lovely food, Good service, Great for solo diners as well as groups

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mmm, so good - Edit

This is a clean restaurant with very friendly and attentive service. The crispy eggplant was NOT crispy in any way, but it was filled with many meat substitutes and really delicious.

I'd return if I visit New York again!

Pros: service, cleanliness, tasty dishes

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Beautiful space - Edit

Wow, what a beautiful space! My husband and I ate here on our first day in Manhattan. We were initially put off by the call button on the table because no one had explained to us what it was for. After we studied the menu, we decided to push the button since no one had come by. Within seconds someone was at the table to take our order. I have now decided that I think all restaurants should have call buttons! The food was excellent! I never eat Korean because in Vancouver the Korean restaurants are very meat heavy. It was all so good, as was the tea. I highly recommend Franchia!

Pros: Excellent menu, Tea selection and presentation

Cons: Confusing call buttons to order

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Great 'tea' and Korean food - Edit

We ate here at Xmas on a wet and cold day. We ordered the ginger tea, which was lovely, hot, spicy and sweet, perfect for the weather, some friend dumplings that were tasty and well presented, and a bimbibap and stone bowl for mains. We had never tried Korean food before, and we were really impressed with the flavours/textures. It was a little bit more expensive than we would usually spend on lunch, but for the ambiance, generous portions and quality of the meal we were very happy and would def. return if we visit NYC again.

Pros: Great food, Great tea

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Less than Good - Edit

My boyfriend and I were so disappointed with Franchia. Two out of three of the dishes we ordered were just BAD. The sauce on my dish was so sugary sweet, the tofu too fried and the pumpkin undercooked. My boyfriend had a veggie bowl that was super heavy and came with this cayenne paste-like sauce. So horrible. We asked for less spicy options and 30 min later, we got some. Not much better than the cayenne, taste-wise. On top of it all, the service was rushed at the wrong times and delayed at the wrong times. Such a shame, because the restaurant is actually really beautiful.

Pros: Summer rolls, Tea, Beautiful restaurant

Cons: Horrible service, Mostly horrible food, Cheesy music (think Titanic and Mannheim)

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The starters and desserts are choice - Edit

A wonderful place for a date night. The atmosphere is right. I had my birthday dinner here and filled my belly for the third time that day with vegan yummies. We started off with 'crab' cakes as the appetizer. I wanted more after they were gobbled up. The mains were mediocre. We had sushi, a Buddha's nest sort of dish and another stir-fry and rice sort of dish. It wasn't incredible, but desert was...I had one of the best cheezecakes in my career as vegan cheezecake eater. This is before I tried a vegan treats cheezecake in PA. (dubbed the best)

Pros: cheezecake, 'crab'cakes

Cons: mains boring, pricey

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Wow! - Edit

Ate there tonight. This place is fantastic. The ambiance, service and, most of all, the food, was beyond expectation.
We went there with kids and it was a great experience. The serene and beautiful surroundings helped calm everyone as soon as we bounced in the door. Remember to look up - the best art is on the ceiling.
The menu is truly exciting and extremely creative. Highlights were the kimchi tofu patties, crispy tofu sticks, tofu with sesame leaves stone bowl (way more exciting than the plain bibimbap), Soy 'chicken' sizzler on a hot plate. Rice noodles in Hot & Sour soup good, but not up to the subtle mingling of flavors and textures of other dishes. The Franchia Summer Rolls were tasty, but just lettuce leaves that required some assembly - great in another restaurant, but overshadowed but the high level of the rest of our meal.
The tea was some of the best I've had. The Lotus tea was sublime. It may seem strange to wax poetic about tea, but Franchia raises it to a new level. They even have a glossy, full-color pamphlet detailing the process used to make it.
Dessert: have the mochi (but give the peanut butter one to the closest kid). Delicious! Save up for this special treat and tae someone you really love -- or want to :)

Pros: Creative and varied menu, Delicious food, Service & ambiance

Cons: Price

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Disappointing - Edit

We went there today for dinner with much anticipation and left quite disappointed. Expectations for a place like this, that too in NYC are very high. To start with, service was slow, indifferent and inefficient. It started with getting a lunch menu instead of dinner, taking too long for any one to take our orders, for our drink order not coming, for the dishes not being cleared before the check was brought, and generally, the dishes were brought and served with an air of indifference and rush. Essentially there was no TLC in a restaurant that is a sister restaurant of Hangawi, one of the most sublime restaurants in NYC.

We ha dteh assorted pancake platter that was very good along with the baby dumplings that were doughy and devoid of flavor. So was the spicy stirfry noodles. The sauces were all laden with salt making them almost inedible. One of the bright aspects was the wonderful and extensive tea menu and the mixed herbal tea I had was excellent. The ambience is very upscale and serene, but try and get a table upstairs, We were seated downstairs near the door, and even though there are double set of doors, the frigid draft from outside was very uncomfortable. The cold service did not do anything to warm things up.

Pros: Value, Ambience, Tea

Cons: Service, Flavor

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I loveeeee this place!!!! - Edit

The rolls and tea selection are amazing! One Summer day I was walking and glancing over the menu was excited to find a vegan cafe however I didn't go in. I had forgotten the name and location of it and after weeks searching for it online thanks to happycow I found it. Ever since I eat there frequently. Just make sure you go on a slow day or make reservations before going or you'll have to wait a very long time!

Pros: Vast variety in teas, Delicious rolls, Nice ambience

Cons: Staff constantly standing near you, Long wait to be seated on busy days

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Good set lunch - Edit

My partner and I came here for our last meal in New York before flying home. We needed to be able to sit in comfort for a couple of hours and fill up on good, fresh, vegan food before the horrors of the flight home! Franchia was perfect. It is comfortable and stylishly decorated and the tiered spaces add to the atmosphere. We chose the 4-course prix fixe lunch menu which consisted of soup (a nice spicy soup with shredded tofu) or salad (unremarkable but with a nice dressing); dumplings (these were probably the highlight of the meal); a choice of mains (I had pad thai which was ok and my partner had a gorgeous tofu and pumpkin dish which was a real suprise); mango sorbet. It came with a choice of tea and we really enjoyed the unlimited hot water and having your own strainer. It made it fun. As it was a farewell meal we also had a bottle of wine. The total bill was about $80 including tip, which we thought was very reasonable for the style and quality we experienced. On balance it wouldn't make me put Korean food at the top of my list of best cuisines, but I think the freshness and unusual flavours/ingredients made it a memorable experience. 8/10.

Pros: Fixed price lunch was good value, Nice decor, 100% vegan

Cons: My pad thai was cold, The waiter clearly had a cold!

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Cute Place - Edit

Walking distance from GCT, this is my go-to spot for vegan sushi. It's a nice, welcoming place with very friendly service with a smile. They sometimes run out of dessert but that's only because they're so yummy. Lots of interesting choices for food and drink. It's a teahouse so there are plenty o' teas to choose from.

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Nice place - Edit

The restaurant in itself is beautifull, very well decorated, and we loved the 3 floors idea. The service is excellent, people are very nice and helpfull (they made my sauce pepper-free upon demand).
The food was good, although not exeptionnal. The deserts are excellent, on the other hand! A little expensive though.

Pros: Well decorated, great service, deserts

Cons: a little expensive

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Good food, one of the few vegan places in the area - Edit

There are very few vegan restaurants in mid-town so to find a good one is a nice find. The spicy vegetarian duck salad was delicious and the bibimbap was good too. Service was quick.

Pros: food

Cons: location

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Vegetarian stone bowl is a really poor value - Edit

The setting one flight up was pleasant. The four scallion pancakes were tasty. The vegetarian stone bowl with mountain greens and roots was very disappointing. The brown rice was hot and crispy, but a bit oily. Unfortunately, the vegetables were four TINY LITTLE dollops atop the rice, each amounting to a small, shamefully STINGY mouthful. So the vegetarian stone bowl is a decent sized serving of hot rice with a hint of vegetables, all almost tasteless, for a price of $13.95. If I visit again, I won't order the same entrée, which is a really poor value.

Pros: friendly staff, pleasant setting

Cons: food is bad value

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Beautiful Experience - Edit

I chose to dine at Franchia over it's sister-restaurant after reviewing the menu online, and finding it more to my liking. This was honestly the best restaurant meal I had in NYC. I imagine that, looking at the reviews, they have likely improved their menu and service since they first opened, because nothing we ordered could be described as bland or poorly prepared, and our service was very prompt. We recieved much larger food portions than at other restaurants we dined at. I highly recommend leaning towards the fresher, cleaner foods like the Bimibap bowls over the fried foods, or the heavier noodle dishes. Also, my friend tried their signature $10 green tea, and said he would pay for that tea again any day. If you want dessert though, plan to be there early, because they run out of most of their desserts later in the evening.

Pros: Authentic Korean flavours, Amazing teas, Beautiful atmosphere

Cons: May run out of dessert

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Too Many Choices! - Edit

Delicious! Wonderful teahouse atmosphere, extensive all vegan menu, candlelight at your table, and little call button for immediate service from waiters. Only possible complaint could be that our waiter wasn't veg and hadn't tried the menu so couldn't recommend anything. Loved the stone bowl meals, the peking dumplings, and the brown rice "tuna" rolls.

Pros: atmosphere, whole grain availability, fake meat

Cons: high price

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great spot - Edit

I visit Franchia almost every time I am in town. It has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the food is always amazing. Saw some reviews that said it was over priced, and it can get pricey with appetizers and drinks, but a simple meal is certainly worth the cost. The dumplings are always amazing and I love the Shanghai style rice noodles with tofu substituted for the lobster balls.

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Defiantly Going Back - Edit

I loved Franchia. I had green noodles with fake meat and mushrooms that were amazing. I tried one vegetable dumpling that I did not really like (although no matter how many times I have vegetable dumplings, the only one I have ever liked is from Land Thai Kitchen.) The sauce for the noodles was unbelievable. The one problem was the menu did not tell me that the noodles were fried and I don't eat fried food. I ate it anyway (and I am glad I did.) It was huge (which meant the next day's lunch.) I had blueberry coconut cake for dessert. It was the best dessert I have ever tasted. I defiantly recommend going there.

Pros: excellent food, nice staff, large portions

Cons: Not a good description of food

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nice atmosphere, good food - Edit

We found this to be one of the best veg restaurants we went to during our week in NYC.
Very nice atmosphere, great food, great choice on the menu, wish I could go again and try out more things!

The only thing that bothered me was the airco being too cold!

Pros: nice atmosphere, good food

Cons: too cold airco

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YUM! - Edit

Han Gawi, Franchia's sister restaurant, has been a NYC fav of mine for awhile, so I was excited to try Franchia. I was not disappointed! The food is amazing - maybe even better than Han Gawi! Maybe. The crispy tofu sushi is an excellent starter. I typically do not like seaweed, as it tastes way too fishy for me, but the crispy tofu inside these rolls is so amazing that I can't even taste the seaweed. As a main course, the kabocha pumpkin and tofu dish is a must (unless you prefer the sizzling spinach noodles ;D ). The presentation is amazingly beautiful and the tofu is absolutely delicious, as is the entire dish. Overall this is a very stylish restaurant with excellent food, teas, and desserts... now one of my NYC favs!

Pros: flavor, presentation, atmosphere

Cons: none!

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Amazing! - Edit

Went here for dinner on New Years Eve and found it romantic, friendly and the food was excellent. Massive range of Korean teas so it was great to try teas we hadn't experienced before. Everything was vegan. The sushi was amazing and very well presented. Mains were lovely, mock meat sizzling with perfectly cooked brown rice (what a lovely change from white rice!) and the blueberry and coconut cake for dessert was fantastic. Massive portions (we're from the UK so they seem big to us) and reasonable price for the high quality restaurant it was. Was so good that we went here a second time on our holiday (we had gone to Hangwai but it was fully booked). Both times we didn't need a reservation. After having now ordered four main courses (two of us visiting twice) the only disappointing thing is that the sauce each of the four came in was the same (and we ordered completely different dishes each time) so if we ate here regularly it might become a bit samey. However there's such a massive menu it's not too much of a problem. The lychee wine is recommended as are the mojitos but the teas are so gorgeous that there's really no need for alcohol! Great website too. Highly recommended for vegan travellers or those that love tea and zen in equal measure!

Pros: large portions, friendly staff, large menu range

Cons: can be difficult to find

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A bit of an upset - Edit

I went here for take out because it's almost right on the way from Penn Station to Grand Central Station. The service was as fast as any Chinese restaurant I've seen (though this is Korean)-- less than 10 minutes for my entree. With tax, I paid $13 for 6 dumplings. I was glad that I wasn't super hungry before, because it left me satisfied, but not full. The dumplings themselves were a little bland. Contrary to another review, I got them steamed, and realized they tasted like "healthy food" (not that it was a bad thing). It just wasn't a special treat. I'm pretty sure all of the dumplings are freshly made. The spinach dumplings had bit, hearty pieces of spinach in them (which I liked).

The entire restaurant is 100% vegan, which is nice. I haven't tried any of the noodle dishes, so don't know if that deal is better (or at least closer to traditional Asian take out). The waiter was also friendly and the decor was lovely. It might be a good place to go for a special, fancy event, but certainly not for quick take out. I think most of what you pay for at Franchia is the experience.

Pros: Downtown location, All vegan, Lovely decor

Cons: Food is nothing special, Expensive

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great for mixed group - Edit

Visiting NYC, I had to find a restaurant that would cater to a mixed group of six including teenagers, adult meat-centered & alcohol-drinking omnivores, & myself, the lowly organic vegan :) This place worked well. We were seated in the middle tier of the "mountain" which offered some privacy & lovely decor. We ordered everything from sushi to noodles, tea, sake & wine, and desserts. My 14 yo non-veggie niece raved about the soy ice cream. All eaters seemed pleased with the experience. Service was attentive but relaxed, which allowed for a nice relaxing meal. Organic wine options. Yes, pricey but worth it since it met all of my criteria.

Pros: ambience, varied menu, organic wine

Cons: pricey

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Bland, tasteless - Edit

Ordered entree and sushi as takeout. Both very disappointing (and expensive). Sushi was tasteless and entree oddly put-together: hot food on a bed of cold lettuce, unidentifiable otherwise and I could not even tell if I was given the correct order since I could'nt make out any of the ingredients! Expected it to be pricey because of the location but definitely not worth the price.

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Not bad, but not good - Edit

We stopped off here on a hour delay coming back from Europe and took the train in from the airport and figured this was close enough to Penn Station. I enjoyed the ice blended tea, but I requested the Bim Bap bowl w/o any oil and they presented it to me covered in oil so I scrapped the poisoned veggies off and had some rice with chili paste... My girl's wrap came properly prepared, though. It seems like a nice enough place, but they are heavy on cooking oil, which is disgusting in my book and rude when cooks won't simple put the veggies on my plate w/o ruining them.

Pros: tea blends

Cons: don't follow dietary requests, everything covered in oil

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Overpriced and ehhh - Edit

I can't say the meal was awful, but boy do i think this place is overpriced and over rated. My wife and i got had a lunch consisting of 1 cup of tea each, a noodle dish, a tofu dish and an assorted dumplings which we shared... All this at a bargain price of 26 dollars each!! (FOR LUNCH!!!) The tea, which is supposedly this restaurant's trademark, was so sweet it made Snapple taste authentic. For 5 dollars a cup i can't believe that I was longing for an Arizona. Smehow the main dishes were even more disappointing though. If you consider a big portion to be an enormous plate with 10 times the amount of sauce neccesary, than this is the place for you, as far as food goes, if there are 10 bites on each plate I would be shocked. The noodles were almost non-existent as it was mostly very American vegetables with a few noodles mixed in. The tofu reminded me of the last time I tasted a sponge that fell into, overly sweet, sweet and sour sauce. Lastly of the dumplings the green tea were the best, but my wife thought they all tasted the same. The most embarrassing part is my best friends wife made dumplings for the first time in her life that night and we thought they were of higher quality. As for the other elements of this restaurant I can't complain. The presentation was beautiful from the cucumber flowers to the carrot roses. The restaurant itself through music architecture and atmosphere brings you a peaceful taste of Asia, and the service was quick and impeccable. Yet for 30 dollars a lunch I think you have the right to expect a better meal than the tiny westernized unsavory portions of Franchia, because say what you want about atmosphere, but there are plenty of places in NYC with higher quality vegetarian Asian food at more tempting prices.

Pros: Very good service, Great atmosphere

Cons: Mniscule portions, Underaverage food, EXPENSIVE

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Not a real friend to vegan diners - Edit

We were sorely disappointed in this restaurant. The service was very slow and food was just not good. We ordered vegerarina sushi, and it came with mushy rice! Other dish we ordered was apetizer size and essentially deep fat fried thread noodle with very litle vegetable. I would strongly recommend against spendning your $ at this place. It was expensive on top of all that!

Pros: Quiet, Take your time

Cons: Lousy food, Very small portion, Oily

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Amazingly delicious - Edit

I just now signed up for this site just so I could rave about this restaurant. The food was delicious as was the atmosphere. I can't wait to go back and try other menu items!!! I highly recommend this restaurant.

Pros: atmosphere, food, tea

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Glad I went - Edit

Ate there yesterday (Sunday 10 Feb 08) - was about half full but a relaxed atmosphere and the food was good. Not as large a selection of tea as you might expect given it was a 'tea house', but otherwise ok.

Pros: Easy to get to, Reasonable value ($30 per head)

Cons: Not huge portions

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awesome restaurant - Edit

The service was quick and friendly, the food was incredible and the portions were large. Overall it was a great deal for the quality and quantity of food. I would highly recommend the sushi combo platter, also the pumpkin noodles and kimchee tofu dish.

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Amazing! - Edit

On a recent trip to Manhattan (I grew up on Long Island but never went to Manhattan much until recently!), my husband and I had lunch at Franchia. I can't wait to go again! Having an ENTIRELY vegan restaurant is so very relieving when dining out. I did not have to ask 200 questions or have to dissect the menu to find hidden animal products. We had the fried dumplings to share. I had the lunch portion of the pad thai, and my husband had a dish with tomato, coconut and dill that was intensely delicious. I had the plum iced tea, and my husband had the iced chai tea. This is a great restaurant to bring a date.

Pros: Informative staff, not too expensive, fresh delicious food

Cons: uncomfortable seating

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Nice place for tea - Edit

This is a nicely decorated, quiet place to meet for tea and snacks. I didn't try any entrees, but the dumplings were decent (if a bit bland) and the tofu cheesecake was tasty, but not the best I've ever had. I did like their extensive options for tea and the great ambiance and decor inside.

Pros: Tea selection, Ambience

Cons: A bit bland

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Soooo Good! - Edit

We stumbled on this restaurant because it was close to our hotel and we loved it so much we ate there two out of the three days we were in the city. The food is delicious. It is such a comfortable space to be in we lingered for a few hours over tea and the best asian food I have had since becoming vegan. Even our 18 month old daughter enjoyed the flavors. Try the first pick green tea, it is worth the experience!

Pros: Warm environment, Excellent service, Inovative flavors

Cons: none

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One of the best - Edit

This is fun by the same folks that run Hangawai. Although the atmosphere is simpler and the prices are a bit cheaper, the food here is of the highest quality: everything on the menu is good. I eat here regularly, and have brought many friends, too: everyone agrees that this is a great vegan restaurant. The location (near the Empire State Building) is also great.

Pros: Great food, healthy, clean

Cons: a bit pricey

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