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Green Cuisine

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5-560 Johnson St, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, V8W 3C6

Vegan restaurant featuring a daily changing self-serve salad and hot food buffet, dessert bar, and a selection of hearty breads and baked goods made from wholesome sweeteners and organic flour. Food ingredients are listed. Offers fresh juices. Casual atmosphere. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:00pm.

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Reviews (44)

First Review by KelseyApple

Most amazing find ever - Edit

Stumbling across this place was so awesome for me! The food was incredible for lunch and dinner and I would definitely reccomend to anyone. The macaroni was my fave :-)

Pros: Awesome almost hidden location, The decor / painted walls , GREAT value

Cons: Can't think of anything

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Pretty good - Edit

I used to hate this place because the food all tasted the same to me. This was awhile ago and I'm happy to say most of the stuff I've had since has been pretty good.

The decor is bad and dated and the bathrooms always seem kinda grimy. I'm just going to put that out there.

For the above reason, I pack my stuff to go or sit outside.

I love that they offer so many options. Weigh-by-the-plate buffet can get costly if you get too excited though. I usually get a soup, salad, and a slice of bread, and that costs me around $5.

This is my "I'm hungry and I'm downtown alone and I want food now!" place.

Pros: Kid-Friendly, Lots to choose from, Cheap if you don't make your plate heavy

Cons: The decor, The bathrooms, The outdated hippy vibe

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Interesting - Edit

I wandered in here by accident once and then walked out again because I thought I had gone in the wrong place. I wound up going back because I was meeting friends and they suggested we check it out. I am glad I came back. Its very unassuming when you walk in because it feels like a school cafeteria. They have all sorts of options from curries, to salads, to sandwiches and smoothies. I really enjoyed that the seating areas were broken up and kinda more intimate. It made me enjoy my time with my friends a lot more as I don't see them very often. I'll come back here because the staff was helpful and nice and I have great memories.

Pros: Neat selection, Nice friendly staff, Interesting seating arrangements

Cons: Hard to find, Confusing the first time

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The place to buy your tofu tempeh mochi Sauerkraut - Edit

Most people will talk about the awesome buffet. I also want people to know this is the best place to buy tofu tempeh mochi Sauerkraut amazake etc. great prices that will save you money on these vegan and almost all organic. :)

Pros: Organic, Vegan , Great quality

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Great quick meal - Edit

Flavourful food at a decent price. As mentioned by others, it can be a little pricey as it is pay by weight, but they have some very affordable items too (slices of breads, $1.80 bowls of fries that you can fill as full as you possibly can, and a similar deal with rice) so if you get your starch that way, the meal becomes much more affordable. The buffet style is convenient, I often run in to grab a quick snack if I get stuck downtown longer than expected, so I feel it's benefits outweigh the fact that the food isn't always hot. Their cornbread is amazing, and I'm never disappointed with their wide selection of desserts. Also, if you mention that you are a student you receive a discount, which is greatly appreciated.

Pros: Wide variety - menu changes daily, Student discount, Quick

Cons: Can be expensive

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Totally convincing buffet - Edit

To begin with "Green Cuisine" is a buffet restaurant, so don't expect any gourmet food or waiter service. Basically it's an all-vegan canteen with plenty of choice, both fixed and varying dishes.
It comes as no surprise that not each and every choice is as hot as it should be. However, by and large "Green Cuisine" offers one of the best buffets I have ever seen. What I liked most about it is the great range of vegan food! It's probably the best point you can make in disproving non-vegans that vegan food is boring and poor in choices, just go there and show them the incredible range of value food.
It is a bit expensive, but on the other hand it's a nice atmosphere there and there is plenty of space to sit. On top of that the opening hours are really convenient.

Pros: incredible range, value food, very convenient opening hours

Cons: a bit pricey

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Great variety buffet - Edit

I love this kind of place! I am bad at deciding which item to pick on a menu, but at a buffet, you can try a bit of everything. And everything I had at Green Cuisine was delicious. It is the kind of food everyone (not only vegans) can enjoy.
The restaurant is nicely located in Market Square.

Pros: Tasteful, 100% vegan, Nicely located

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Enjoyed our lunch - Edit

It is buffet. They had a good variety. Dishes that I don't get very often. So often soup is vegan soup is lentil but they had a vegan cream of spinach soup! Nice variety of desserts as well. We sat outside to eat and that was very pleasant. Not fancy but very tasty. Recommend it.

Pros: tasty food, good variety of food, nice to dine outside

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Good vegan fast food - Edit

Fun serve yourself buffet type, then pay by weight. Also a few add on items like soup and fresh baked bread. Awesome dessert choices. The twice baked potato was the best!!

Pros: Good variety, All vegan!, Awesome desserts

Cons: A bit pricey

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Good - Edit

I've eaten at Green Cuisine on a few occasions. I find that the food is not bad. Generally speaking, the hot dishes in the buffet are underdeveloped, and it's a little on the pricey side. The cookies and squares are the tastiest items I've had there, and the cakes a gooddecent place to get some vegan food in downtown Victoria, especially if you need to grab something quick.

Pros: Nice vibe, Good when in a hurry

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Good home-cooking style food - Edit

I love the variety here! I've only been twice but each time all the food was tasty. On my last visit, I had falafel, penne alfredo, tofu lasagne, smoked tofu sushi (tasted like smoked salmon), and potato pancakes. mmm

It's a buffet-style set-up and you're charged by weight. Have as much or as little as you like. It's nice to be able to try a little bit of everything.

You can also get soup and bread for a set price (forget how much but it was CHEAP). They also sell packaged tempeh and goodies.

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Decisions, decisions - Edit

We arrived yesterday in Victoria, and after reading quite a few posted menus, my husband and I were struck by how few omnivore restaurants offered acceptable dishes for vegans or even vegetarians. Therefore we were delighted to find Green Cuisine, one of those wonderful places with an all-vegan menu. The pay-by-weight system defines this place as informal. Cheerful as it is, I felt a bit as though I was eating in a college dining hall because of the cafeteria layout of the food selections, waiting in line to have my food weighed and busing my dishes. But the food is very good and as plentiful as you want to pay for. Particular favorites were the multi-grain focaccia, the plentiful vegetables, the cashew rice and a delicious chocolate-hazelnut bar. The only problem was not holding up the line while I tried to chose from the many offerings. I'm sure we will return before leaving Victoria.

Pros: Extensive variety of good vegan food , Pleasant staff, Cheerful surroundings and low-key atmosphere

Cons: So many choices, Figuring out cost vs benefit of every dish

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Long live Green Cuisine! - Edit

Every time I make it out to Victoria, I enjoy food at Green Cuisine. By far they're the best pay by weight restaurant I've been to. Casual atmosphere... Chill.

Pros: great selection, sweet location

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Fantastic tempeh! - Edit

This is a great spot to go for a quick meal, and they're the BEST place to buy tempeh! They make it themselves, and it's a lot cheaper to buy it right from them than from the grocery store.
I always love the selection of dishes they have, and they list all the ingredients so you can see exactly what's in everything. They also have really good desserts :)

Pros: great value, healthy dishes, very efficient and casual

Cons: food isn't always hot

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Great Variety, delicious food! - Edit

They had a great variety of foods out for lunch when we went (we were vacationing in Victoria for an extended weekend). Great corn chowder! Pay by weight, so gotta keep the eyes are bigger than the stomach urges in check. Friendly staff.

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Expensive but worth it - Edit

I've been to Green Cuisine more times than I can count, and I always leave happy. It adds up really quickly when you get a plate, so we don't go as often as we used to. I didn't always feel like I was getting my money's worth, especially when a small dessert from the buffet would cost more than twice as much as one of the desserts sold by the piece at the counter. My favourite thing about GC is the variety and quality of the food. The ingredients are listed on most dishes, so you know that what you're getting is healthy as well as delicious. My only other complaint besides the price is that they use a lot of tofu and other soy products, and I like more variety. Sometimes their cakes taste way too tofu-y, and there will be too many soy-based dishes in the entrees section. Other than that, I love this place (and the staff!) and I'll keep going there every time I'm downtown.

Oh...and I have their cookbook and it's awesome! Definitely worth picking up.

Pros: Great food, Healthy, Lots of variety

Cons: Expensive, Too much soy

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Worth it - Edit

I don't go often because I try to stretch my money when I visit Victoria, but when I do, I always love it.

The food has always been superb. I remember going here as a kid and just loving it.

A great tip I got from Sarah Kramer of Sarah's Place is to go right when they open(if you're in a breakfasty or coffee/tea and a muffin mood) and get their fresh made muffins. So good! That actually didn't weigh on my wallet at all.

If you're visiting Victoria it's definitely worth it, and if you visit a lot, like I do, check it out once in awhile.

Pros: consistantly delicious food, beautiful location

Cons: can be pricey

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I Freaking Love This Place!!!!!!!!!!! - Edit

I saw green cuisine when I was in market square awhile ago .. we went in to check it out but didn't have time to stop and eat. I saw on the sign that it was vegetarian ... but when I got home I looked it up and realized that it was actually vegan! Bonus! We go their all the time. I love the fact that you can go on their website to look at their daily menu. I have very been disappointed with their food. Even my little brother likes going their!! The only problem is the cost of the food ... one decent plateful can cost between $15-$20. I love that you can just try a bit of everything. And I always do. I love it so much i'll be taking the rest of my family their on my birthday :) Go Green Cusine!!

Pros: Vegan, Amazing Food!, Good Variety

Cons: Expensive

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Expensive but good - Edit

(note: at the time of my visit, the Candian and US dollars were pretty much equal). While in Victoria on our Honeymoon, I was excited to have this place as an all-vegan option. They have a buffet that is pay by weight. The first time we went, I put a spoonful of everything on my plate. This didn't quite cover the entire dinner-sized plate and ended up costing around $15.00. We really enjoyed the home-fries but ran out of ketchup. A spoonful of ketchup cost $1.30!!! Even the owner of the store expressed surprise at this cost! I really loved that they had vegan ice cream, both chocolate and vanilla made with tofu, as well as two sorbets. They were serve yourself, and the scoops were frozen in the ice cream so it was hard to do, but I had a cone each day. They also cost per weight and a two scoop cone was about $6.00. Each day I noticed that the food was pretty much the same. It was definitely good, just very expensive. You can get a 10% student discount though. My final time there I got some cobbler to go, and again a employee expressed shock at how much it cost-$6.50 for a cup of serve-yourself cobbler. This place was great because I was on vacation, but there's no way I could afford to eat there all the time!!

Pros: Vegan Ice Cream, Lots of Choices

Cons: Very Expensive

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Happily stuffed - Edit

We went to Green Cuisine for Friday night dinner and as soon as we walked in, the aroma was inviting and the ambiance was welcoming. There was an amazing selection of hot entrees and we tried most of them. The "french fries" are more of a roasted potato and are fantastic. Mexi pie was yummy, vegetable curry was delicious. Nanaimo bar was a great dessert as was the lemon sorbet. We ate way too much but plan to go again this weekend.

Pros: healthy, tasty, friendly

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Awesome - Edit

If I lived in Victoria and lived or worked within 4 blocks, I would never use my kitchen. They have a buffet menu that changes daily, everything is vegan and there is a great selection of soups, hot foods and desserts. If I did live near the restaurant I would probably take my food to go since I'm not crazy about the atmosphere. The other drawbacks and they are minor are the price. You pay by weight and I felt it should have been about 20% less expensive and they should offer a few more plain, raw vegetables in their salad bar area. I didn't try any of their baked goods but they did look good. They also have a little "ice cream" section with four flavors, something you rarely see in a veg restaurant.

Pros: selection, location

Cons: price, ambiance

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Excellent Food - Edit

Excellent food, healthy - sold by weight, reasonable price, lot of variety, very eco-conscious..nice ambience. Walking distance from Ferry port. We had a great lunch before a beautiful visit to Buchart gardens. Life saver for our family in that visit.

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Awesome Vegan Buffet!!! - Edit

We have been to many cities with many vegan restaurants and this is the first vegan buffet we have come across. What an awesome idea! A vegans dream! So many options, all were really good, tasty and fresh. Watch out though as the cost with add up quickly. I saw another reviewer comment that her Samosa probably cost $4 alone and I second that from my own experience. But if you watch what you take the place can be quite affordable and nowhere else that I seen will you be able to get such a variety of vegan options all on one plate. In particular we loved the: cornbread, falafels, veg sushi, shepards pie. We were in Victoria for 3 days and managed to go there twice because we liked it so much. Enjoy!!!

Pros: Vegan buffet!, Large variety, Healthy Choices

Cons: Cost can add up quickly

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What a nice surprise! - Edit

We went to Victoria for our first visit and absolutely loved it. We were very happy to stumble upon Green Cuisine, which had a full vegan buffet. I've never seen a vegan buffet before and felt like we had come across a goldmine! Wanting to try some of everything, we loaded our plates and were quite surprised to find our bill come to over $35. It wasn't alot of food (though it was plenty to fill us up), but it was so great to have such a variety and and to not worry if something was vegan or not. Neither of us were too enthusiastic about the desserts we tried that were in the buffet--seemed like the chocolate was pretty bitter and nothing really had that "delicious" factor. I'm sure other baked goods they offered were better, but the chocolate ones we sampled were just ok.
Some of the other posts refer to the food as bland or lacking seasoning, but neither of us found that to be the case for us. Everything was tasty and well-seasoned, though not everything had a perfect texture since it was a buffet and all.
When we return to Victoria we will definitely go back to Green Cuisine, though perhaps take lighter food (I bet that samosa I took cost $4 in weight itself!) and be more choosy to bring the cost down. As vegans often struggling to find a place to eat out at, we thought this place was the best find ever.

Pros: variety, all vegan, fast

Cons: expensive

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One of my favorite places anywhere! - Edit

I really like Green Cuisine! It was the first fully vegan restaurant I ever visited many years back and I always make a point of stopping in whenever I am in Victoria. It is very warm, relaxed & generally pleasant. I like how GC seems a bit stuck in time in it's historic, hidden away sunken plaza. The food is healthy and tasty. GC makes their own line of packaged products such as tempeh, tofu and seitan. They have a fairly large divided into several cozier rooms plus some outside seating. GC has a nice kids/family space off in a quiet side-room. Definitely give Green Cuisine a try if you get the chance! :-)

Pros: Great Variety! , Healthy & Fresh!, Tasty desserts

Cons: A bit pricey (not too bad for Victoria), Hidden away (this is good too!)

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Vegan in Victoria - Edit

I come from a city in which support of veganism,friendliness, and consciousness about the environment doesn't even come close! I was so impressed with Green Cuisine's fantastic tasting food, atmosphere,location, and employees. I visited Victoria for a week and dined at the resturant nearly the entire time.

It's a buffet style of restaurant and you pay by the weight of how much food you have on your plate. If you filled your plate with lighter items (ex: salad, veggies) and heavier items in moderation (ex: potoatoes, tofu, tempeh etc.) your plate could average out somewhere close to $8.00. However, they also offer items that have been packaged/prioed to go. So overall, the pricing of the food is affordable and reasonable for the quality in which you're getting.

The place was clean, unique, and quite cozy - and overall the food was delcious, healthy, and amazing. Both myself and the individual who I was traveling with were so blown away and 100% recommend Green Cuisine, not only for vegans, but for everyone who wants to eat better for themselves and the environment.

Pros: Fantastic food, Friendly employees, Comfortable atmospher

Cons: Quiet, Spacious , Reasonably priced

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all vegan - Edit

This is my town, and I dine at GC fairly often. Since the buffet items are sold by weight, in order to dine more cheaply, avoid the heavy items, like potatoes. There are always two good soups on offer, and for just $2.50 a bowl, it is great value.
It's one of very few all-vegan eateries in Victoria, so I enjoy being able to eat anything they offer.

Pros: good soup value

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bland, bland, bland - Edit

it's great to have a vegan buffet, and there's a lot of selection. but, none of the food has any flavour. it could be SO much better if they just used a little spice and seasoning! also, it's surprising how much it ends up costing when it's time for the weigh in! i do love their tempeh and tofu products. they sell them at the restaurant, and i think are cheaper then in the grocery stores.

Pros: packaged tofu, tempeh, etc., desserts

Cons: price, lacks flavour

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Very Disappointing - Edit

I've been in Victoria for two days, and had food at three places. I've been vegan for six months, and never had food so bland and boring as it was at Green Cuisine. This is what vegan-wary omnivores expect vegan food to taste like. Not good, boring, and very mushy. They even managed to overcook the veggies. I felt like I was eating in a retirement home. They're afraid of cooking things al dente, adding flavour, and getting things good and hot. The staff was nice, and did refund me 50% so I could take my leftovers to some homeless people rather than wasting the food... but I went and ate my own dinner at Rebar. Not 100% vegetarian, but the vegan food is delicious, the staff is rad, and it's actually cheaper than Green Cuisine.

Pros: all vegan, elderly-friendly

Cons: overpriced, bland, boring

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Tastiest vegan/vegetarian food! - Edit

I'm visiting Victoria for 2 weeks. Finally had the chance to visit it today. Sooooo delicious! Had big salad w/ arame & tahini dressing, rice salad, tempeh in peanut curry, eggplant curry, navy bean curry, apple chutney and paid about $11. Not expensive when you consider the quality. There are cheaper vegetarian places but you don't get this quality food. Everything tasted so fresh and healthy. I'm very impressed with the healthy choices in their salad / hot buffet bar. I have never quite come across such healthy choices like this anywhere else. Govinda's in Sydney used to be my best favorite vego place, but Green Cuisine is far better, because it is organic, vegan and it's even got BAKED samosa! :) Highly recommended.

Pros: good quality , good value / friendly staff, organic ingredients

Cons: Gluten-free choc. cake is too sweet

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Thumbs up for Green Cuisine - Edit

My husband and I recently visited Victoria and ate at Green Cuisine several times. As a visiting vegan, I found this place to be a godsend. The food was great, especially the vegan desserts, some of which are "to die for", as they say. I highly recommend any of the homemade chocolate/peanut butter pies or bars. I missed them the next day and wishes I had gotten some goodies to go. There is a large choice of entrees and side dishes, all served salad-bar style, so you can have as much or as little of anything as you like, and you can sample a variety of dishes. Honestly, we had a much better experience here than at the Lotus Pond. In addition to the terrific food, Green Cuisine also graciously accommodated our folding bicycles indoors.

Pros: Great food, Nice staff, Awesome vegan desserts

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Good Food and NOT Expensive - Edit

I eat at this restaurant regularly and have been a vegetarian for about 35 years. Of course I have my favorites but in general their food is very tasty and healthy. I seldom pay more than $10 and usually pay less for what I eat and walk out full. If you think Green Cuisine is expensive, try Rebar or some of the other restaurants listed here. And, if you're on a tight budget, they always have hearty soup and bread or rice and vegetables for two or three dollars. I don't trust restaurants that are not 100% vegetarian - you never can tell what happens in the kitchen. Green Cuisine is 100% vegetarian and vegan as well. You never need to worry that some gelatin or lard or egg has carelessly been added into what you're eating. Finally, anyone who is a true vegetarian knows that delicious baked desserts are hard to find. Green Cuisine's are some of the tastiest I've ever eaten. Try the Peanut Butter Cake or the Pecan Pie, or the Raspberry Cheesecake or Chocolate Mousse. You will come back for more. A final note with regard to price: Green Cuisine is located in the very heart of Victoria, an expensive locale. You will pay at least as much for a meal (and more in most cases) from any other restaurants within walking distance of Green Cuisine.

Pros: 100% Vegan, Great food, Reasonable prices

Cons: No problems

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Yummy, Healthy - Edit

I made a quick stop in here on a visit to Victoria and was very pleased with the experience. The buffet had an impressive variety of foods and flavors, all with a fresh, healthy taste.

Pros: Variety, Atmosphere

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not great - Edit

me and my wife (both vegetarians) lived here in victoria for 5 years and rarely visit this restaurant. we agree with previous reviews that it is overpriced, even with student discount. the food is not particularly good. we even found the restaurant a bit dirty sometimes. i think their heart is at the right place, but this restaurant is just not up to par compared to other vegetarian restaurants from around the world.

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our favorite place to eat - Edit

It is so very delicious. We too found it pricey at first, but we have gradually gotten the price down by loading up on the lighter more filling items, and less of the heavy cooked items. We eat here regularly. Adding hemp oil and apple cider vinegar gives food the zip and excitement I need and we enjoy that second counter corner to flavor our foods! They have gluten-free items as well, which is a very novel thing in a vegan place.

Pros: Good food, good variety, Gluten Free items, location at Market Square

Cons: atmosphere is very much like a diner, Rotating staff

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Hot & Cold at Green Cuisine - Edit

I had dinner at Green Cuisine this summer. It is a self-serve buffet in which you pay by weight for your food. While the salads and other cold dishes are an excellent value, the hot entrees are heavy and consequently very pricey. We paid about $40 for dinner for two, and definitely didn't feel that we got our money's worth. I would recommend thinking of Green Cuisine as a salad bar, not a place to go for a cooked meal.

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Reviewer Avatar


Went to Victoria with my girlfriend and decided to eat at Green Cuisine. The place looks like a Denny's but has the price of a 5 star restaurant. We paid $50 2 plate of food and 2 deserts!!! On top of that the food wasn't even that good. I don't mind paying that much, but if i pay $25 a plate I expect some gourmet food, not some cheap indian food.

Pros: overpriced, not healthy, bland food

Cons: crappy restaurant, dirty bathrooms, no drinks included in the price

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vegan but not so great - Edit

I found that the food was good and fairly priced. The only drawback was the quality of the desserts. They could definitely have been better. Overall, I would go back if I found myself in Victoria again but wouldn't splurge on the sweets.

Pros: cheap, good food

Cons: bland desserts

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