Vegetarian dim sum, faux meat, and tofu dishes. Good size portions. Vegan except some dishes reported to contain dairy. Please let HappyCow know. Open Mon-Sun 10:30am-9:00pm.

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28 Oct 2023

Authentic Chinese Food

My go to place for dim sum and their entrees are also delicious.

Could be better if vegan options are clearly marked.



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24 Oct 2023

One of the best Chinese restaurants in town.

Only thing stopping it from being 5 stars is the odd vegetarian items on the menu.

There's also just too many things on the menu. Luckily, there's a really cool waiter that hasn't failed us yet with his recommendations. Some of our go-to favourites are:
Deep fried enoki mushroom on soft tofu
Pine nut fried rice with preserved olive leaves
Chili & Pepper deep fried fresh oyster mushrooms (hold the chili)
Dim sum: pea tips rice sheet roll

Price has gone up the past few years, so we frequent less and less. But we always leave satisfied and happy.


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20 Sep 2023

Vegan Hong Kong Style Fokd

Good Hong Kong style food. Definitely recommend going here if you're in the area.

Pros: A lot of options , Good portion sizes


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06 Sep 2023

Pretty good!

I haven’t had dim sum for a while now! This tastes great. But! I think I could taste too much MSG.


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19 Jan 2023

Favourite Restaurant!

My absolute favourite restaurant in vancouver, I bring vegans and non vegans here and everyone loves it!! Some ~must try~ dishes are sizzling black pepper steak, chilli pepper fried chicken nugget, chef's special fried rice, hot and sour soup, and the pan fried colourful gluten balls w/ assorted veggies. Everything I've tried here is delicious, and I've tried a lot! Dishes are well priced for how much you get, it's best to go with more than 2 people to share dishes. Most dishes are vegan, only dishes I've found that aren't are the mango pudding dessert, a few things listed "with cheese" on the menu and I think the deep fried enoki mushroom on soft tofu (egg tofu). They don't serve alcohol, but I've never missed it. Staff are so friendly too! #Veganuary

Pros: 99% vegan menu, Quick service, Knowledgeable staff

Cons: None, I'm obsessed


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11 Jan 2023

Must Try

This is a classic Hong Kong Style Dim Sum vegetarian restaurant. You can check with them that they are actually a “vegan”restaurant as they do not use egg, nor dairy. If you are a vegan, this is a must-go place. I had my usual congee, spinach dim sum, taro rolls and deep fried tofu, and I am a happy vegan all over! 🤩


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25 Dec 2022


Their veggie ham is fantastic as all the rest of their menu. We loved it so much. Lots of food, tasty and cheap. #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Cheap, Lots of food

Cons: None


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13 Oct 2022

Did not live up to the hype

For a long time I've wanted to go in to the city and try the vegan dimsum at po Kong, but upon arrival they informed me in a condescending manor that they only serve it in the morning even though it says that no where on the website.. the dinner menu items we did order were way too expensive for what you get and was mediocre flavor at best.. we left and drove to ritchmond for 4Stone to save the birthday dinner experience.

Pros: Everything is vegan/ vegeterian , Nice buddhist decor

Cons: Expensive , Not great service , Mediocre taste


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05 Sep 2022

Dim sum

We decided to try Po Kong after eating across the road at Sun Bo Kong for years. We found the quality of food and service comparable and enjoyed a family meal of our dim sum favourites, such as, BBQ pork buns, bean curd rolls, taro dumplings, sticky rice wraps, peanut dumplings and sesame balls.

Although their dim sum menu is much smaller than Sun Bo Kong, we found plenty of options for everyone and a few we hadn’t tried before. Overall, it was a great experience and we will be back to try full menu items.

Pros: Quality dim sum, Good service


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02 Jun 2022

Disappointing food...

I was really excited to find a veggie wonton soup but I was really disappointed in the taste. I couldnt eat the wontons themselves they were just not good, the broth was like veggie broth with a bit of broccoli flavour. Undercooked broccoli was the only thing I ate out of it. I also ordered the spring rolls which were extremely mediocre... I've had frozen ones much better. I also tried the shredded veggies on fried udon noodles which were lacking in flavour and just extremely mediocre even though it looked good. Overall it was overpriced mehh food. Wouldnt order here again.

Pros: Large menu, Everything is vegetarian

Cons: Bad food, Expensive for what you get


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28 Apr 2022

Pickle was amazing!

I ordered takeout this time. C22 and G6.

C22: Fresh ginger on steamed Beancurd skin sheet
G6: Pine nut fried rice

C22 was perfect, mouthwatering Beancurd skin dripped with fresh ginger sauce. The warmth of fresh ginger, the tenderness of Beancurd skin, it was soooo good. I couldn’t have enough of it. This dish was on the pricy side considering its portion.

Pine nuts can be easily over cooked, but that’s not the case here. They were fried just right. Combined with other beans and mock ham, the fried rice had a very nice balance and tasted very good. The portion was generous.

The killer however, is the pickle they gifted. The renowned 老干妈(Old godmother or simple Laoganma) is a household staple in Chinese families, more than a million bottles are produced daily. Because Laoganma sauce tastes good. This bean pickle made by Po Kong is on another level. It’s phenomenal. Now I’m contemplating going back to have a business venture discussion with the chef.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-28


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06 Feb 2022

I’m a fan

I’m would never say “let’s have Chinese food” normally - it’s not my favorite. But Po Kong is so delicious even I’m shouting it out- go get some! #Veganuary


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11 Jul 2021

Always delivers

I try to eat different dishes everytime I come and every single time they are amazing! Such a great place for vegans as well as meat eaters…everyone loves it!

Pros: So many vegan options , Great place for the whole family


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02 Jun 2021

So many options!!

Tons of unique and authentic Chinese dishes to choose from, so it’s hard to pick a favourite!


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05 Sep 2020

Good dim sum and entrees

It's really busy, but the food is good and the servers are kind.

Pros: Lots of option, Prices are fair , Delicious


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22 Jun 2020

Fresh and Flavorful

Listen, you’re in for some fried and even deep fried items here and if you can deal with that then you’re in for a treat. Recommend ordering the Bean Curd Skin Rolls in black bean sauce, Noodles in homemade sauce, the Shitake Mushrooms, and the green beans. These dishes won’t disappoint. Works well too as takeout. About $15 CDN per dish it seems.

Pros: Street parking available , Attentive staff, Food is fresh


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05 Jan 2020

Typical veg Chinese and dim sum

Pretty typical of west coast Chinese places. Large open space with round tables to accommodate large groups. Reminiscent of outer richmond in SF. Offers dim sum and larger plates. Lots of veggie dishes fresh from the hot wok and sugary-sauced mock meat dishes. My friend and I stopped here while waiting for our table to open up at a nearby veg Vietnamese place. Menu is very expansive and so much to choose from. Would love to come back and try a proper meal.

Pros: dim sum /small dishes, mock meats, expansive menu

Cons: adds up due to options, can get crowded


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05 Nov 2019

Vegetarian Chinese Food

My family and friends love coming here. I enjoy the taste of the food as well, but have gotten an allergic reaction every single time I visit despite being assured by the servers they will take the proper precaution to ensure my food will be allergen-free. Sometimes it can be hard to communicate with the servers as their English can be lacking. I wish I could eat here.


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02 Sep 2019

Best Vegan Dim Sum

Best vegan dim sum I have found including in Hong Kong. The dumplings, especially the spinach dumplings and black fungus dumplings are more flavorful than those at the hot dim sum places. The Pea tip rolls and cannelloni donuts are tasty. The turnip cakes are simple but really good, as good as those at the famous Slanted Door in San Francisco. Even when they are busy, the wait is not long.

Pros: Wide selection for vegans, Many dumplings more flavorful than usual, Reasonable prices and available 7 days a week

Cons: Regular menu relies too much on typical faux meat


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05 Aug 2019

The best.

This has been my favourite vancouver restaurant for many many years. Beautiful and kind people. Man is the man.


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31 Dec 2018

Just ok

Not great service and all the food was just ok. I liked the bean curd bites a lot but everything else was take it or leave it.


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09 Sep 2018

Pretty good vegan dim sum!

We were told that everything on the current dim sum menu is vegan except the Mango pudding (contains dairy). Was nice to have some vegan dim sum, wasn’t the best dim sum I’ve ever had but it was awesome to have all the typical dim sum dishes - vegan.


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18 Jun 2018

Decent for scratching that dim sum itch

Not the best vegan dim sum I've had. It was rather hit and miss and the menu doesn't do a good job at telling you what the item is but when you crave dim sum it does a decent job. I'd make dim sum myself but it's just so much work and I don't have enough friends to eat it with so this is better than having no dim sum at all.


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14 May 2018

Terrible Service

We had an extremely terrible experience here yesterday, on Mother's day. This is the first time I've ever written a bad review, or had such a bad experience at a restaurant. And I see that this place has generally good reviews, so maybe our experience was unique and maybe we were just singled out.
My sister made reservations a week in advance and we arrived on time. The place was packed. The hostess completely ignored us when we asked how long it would be (we could see that our name was second on the list of reservations for noon). When we spoke to the hostess she would immediately turn away and speak to someone else in Chinese.
Everyone else at the restaurant seemed to be nice enough so we decided to wait it out (plus my sister had been here a few times before and we figured the food would be worth the wait). It took 20 minutes to get a table (although they seated a lot of walk-ins before us even though we had reservations). When we did finally get a table we were able to order our food fairly quickly and we received the first few dishes in a decent amount of time. The rest of our food never came. The table next to us, who was seated well after us, received most of their food in the meantime. No one came back to our table and the waiters/waitresses were rushing around so we were unable to flag anyone to ask where the rest of our food was. We waited for at least 30 minutes before we decided to leave. There was a nice gentleman who apologized as we were leaving, but other than that, no one seemed to care.
Needless to say, we will not be going back.

Pros: None

Cons: Terrible service


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21 Jan 2018

large selection

Very large selection of vegetarian and vegan Chinese food. Unfortunately the menu is not clearly marked which is vegan and vegetarian. They advised us the wonton was vegan and I must say hands down the best wonton noodles I’ve had in a long time. The pineapple delight was also really delicious. Can’t wait to go back and try more.

Pros: friendly staff, large selection

Cons: menu is not clearly marked if vegan or vegetarian


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11 Jan 2018

As always, excellent vegetarian Chinese

Many times we ate at Po Kong and not once we were disappointed.

Food as usual is delicious, tasty. The place is clean and spacious. The quality of the food its always impeccable.

Atmosphere is nice. Service is fast and waitress are really nice.

Great, great place for vegetarian Chinese!

Pros: tasty, excellent quality


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20 Feb 2017


This is a real gem. Fabulous flavours of vegan Chinese food.
The "beef in black pepper sauce " " dish is amazing as are the spicy green beans. The soups are also very good. In fact everything is good.

Pros: huge portions. , good for sharing , staff well informed

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