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885 Dundas St W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4M1R4

Small veggie restaurant. Sample menu items include pan fried dumplings, summer roll, salads, eggplant fried with basil, vegetarian curry, spicy pad thai, coco tofu. Cash or interac (debit) only. Confirmed open by happycow Apr 2010. Open Mon-Thu 5:00am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 5:00am-10:00pm, Sun 5:00am-9:00pm.

Categories: Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Fast food, Pan Asian

18 Reviews

First Review by pheonix

the best food ever - Edit

We eat here often . It's the best food. Menu is quite extensive and caters to gluten free as well.
Love the soups and the duck and the noodles and the rolls ! I've never had anything I don't like.
The owner is a very nice gentle man and always remembers us when we are there.

Pros: big portions, very tasty, can do gluten free

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Fresh and filling - Edit

I hadn't been here for a number years because I didn't care for it back when it was located at Dundas and Bathurst, but boy was I pleasantly surprised when I came back. The rice noodles are actually made fresh which is awesome. Also, loved the Vietnamese soup, the fresh soy sheet appetizer rounded out with an order of simple mixed greens, this was a memorable meal! Oh, and LOVE the fried mushrooms.

Pros: Fresh, Simple, Fast

Cons: Cold bathrooms

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fantastic food - Edit

This is one of my most favourite restaurants. Try 'veg duck' and 'summer rolls' for appetizer and black bean eggplant for the main.

Pros: amazing food, great service

Cons: location hurts the bussiness

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A Little Disappointed - Edit

I'd been meaning to go to this place for ages, as probably the closest veggie restaurant to my house - I guess you always ignore the most convenient, close-to-home option in favour of something more exotic. Having finally made the decision to breach its shiny glass exterior...well, it was kind of average, really. Nice and cheap, and decently sized portions, but the food was rather bland (admittedly, my girlfriend complained hers was too spicy, so they may just have mixed up our respective orders...). I'd go again if I had the itch for cheap, convenient Asian food - but it's not somewhere that will be in my regular rotation.

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Very good food - Edit

We've been going to 668 for years, and while we have noticed a slight fall off in quality since moving to their new location, they still produce some amazing summer rolls and fried dumplings that are better than any other vegan restaurant's summer rolls or fried dumplings, from NYC to Phoenix.

The bathrooms are nice, the problem is the hallway down to the bathrooms is dark as hell, you'll need to turn on the light immediately, but the place is clean, in a great location, and the staff, while not the most personable, they do have a sweet demeanor once you get use to their personalities.

Pros: World's best fried vegan dumplings, Amazing summer rolls

Cons: Not the most outgoing staff

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food good, bathroom problem - Edit

The food was first rate, but the bathroom situation is deplorable. The low ceiling (about 5 and a half feet) would be ok if there was only one room, but on top of the low ceiling, there are two stalls. The owners need some help with fixing this problem. Other than that, no complaints. There were six of us and everyone enjoyed their meal immensely, including two non-vegetarians. The service was very good.

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The old Cafe 668 was much better - Edit

The new digs are beautiful: it's a great place to take a date to. But the portions are much smaller than the old restaurant down the street and the prices are higher. While I'm happy that the owners, a lovely husband and wife team, are more successful, I'm disappointed that they've abandoned their demographic.

We had the mock duck, and it was such a tiny, sad thing, maybe 6 bites, and 6-7 dollars. I've had the same dish at many other places, including the old Cafe 668, and never paid close to this for as little. The other dishes were as consistently good as before, but barely enough for a child to eat.

I wouldn't go back, as there are plenty of other restaurants with similar cooking in the city.

Pros: beautiful interior, consistently tasty

Cons: tiny portions, way overpriced

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Lovely look, not-so-lovely food - Edit

I was taken here on a date and was pleasantly surprised by the decor of the room, but worried as I was told the place was good value, but it definitely looked like it was aiming for a higher price bracket. My date had gone here at the old place and I believe they were surprised as well.

The server was very hard to get the attention of, which was a little much given there were only two other tables when we arrived, and everything had to be flagged down. We ended up chasing him down for a bill, and I really felt like he'd rather hide than serve table.

The vegetarian cuisine was okay, but nothing outstanding, and didn't seem worth the price that was being charged. The spring rolls were small and expensive ($4.50 for two)!!, and we got that and the taro rolls (these at least were good), and by that point had spent over $10 just on starters. I ended up paying twice as much as I am used to for this style of cuisine, and I can only assume it's to pay for the lovely stone wall.

As previously noted, the meat substitutes aren't very good, I wasn't happy with them, after being spoiled by Graceful Vegetarian and other Chinese Buddhist places. I'd avoid it myself but it takes up a good chunk of the menu, be warned.

Except for the service, I'd call this a good date place, since it looks GREAT and the food is nice enough. It's not expensive but neither is it a great value. If you aren't trying to impress someone(like a non-vegetarian friend, an out-of-towner, a girlfriend), then I'd stick to someplace cheaper, of which there are more than a few in the city, and suck up poorer ambience for it. And don't get fake meat.

Pros: Beautiful room, Good selection

Cons: Little pricey, especially on apps., Not-there service, So-so food

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meh - Edit

This place is okay. Food is consistent and decent, servers (owners?) can be ambivalent at times. I go here mostly with my non-vegetarian friends who really enjoy it. Also a good place to take meat eating parents.

If its just me, or i am eating with vegan/veg friends I favour Buddhas or M+B yummy for Ethiopian over cafe 668 for taste and value.

Pros: food is consistent, food is decent

Cons: service

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Very disappointing - Edit

I went to the new location with my partner about a month ago and was treated quite rudely by the server. When I asked how spicy the spicy food was, he volunteered "Oh, we can make it mild if you want!" At which point, I asked to make two spicy dishes less spicy (my partner and I were going to share two dishes, we also ordered two appetizers and wine). When he brought the first entrée out, I tasted it and my mouth was on fire. I quickly called him over and simply asked if I could cancel the other dish since this one was too spicy and order a less spicy one since making the dish mild obviously didn't work. Even my partner who LOVES spicy food said it was INCREDIBLY spicy (she ate it since we already had it, but she was sweating at the end of the meal). He simply told me it was too late to cancel. Then he told me that if I didn't like spicy food I shouldn't have ordered it! Well, that's what I was going to do until he told me they could be made less spicy.

After he brought the other dish (which was still very spicy but not nearly as spicy as the other dish), he didn't come back to our table once (we had finished our wine and wanted more, but couldn't order any because he didn't come over - lost profits for the restaurant!). He finally brought the bill after I went to the washroom without offering us coffee or dessert. Again, lost profits to the restaurant.

I highly discourage going to this place. My partner who LIKES spicy food was totally unsatisfied by both dishes and we were both horrified by the service and the waiter's attitude.

I highly recommend going elsewhere. Buddha's or Full Moon have much better food and the people there treat you like a human being for the same or less cost.

I would give this a 1 star rating if I could, but Happy Cow won't let me.

Cons: Poor service, Disappointing food

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Way to much sour in the sour sauce...poor service - Edit

My girlfriend had heard of this restaurant awhile ago and wanted to check it out. After checking the menu online, it seemed like a good idea. I didn't know what to get because the whole menu seemed to be the same items over and over again with a small variation. I ordered the fake chicken in sweet and sour sauce. I needed hot sauce with this right off the bat, but there was no one around to help me out. I then noticed it was missing my fake chicken. After trying to get the waiter attention for a few minutes, he finally came over and examined my dish, like I would lie about not getting my fake meat. A few minutes later he came back with a bowl of fake chicken. My girlfriend was well into her meal at this point. I took my first bit and was instantly turned off. The sweet and sour sauce was incredibly over powering and I had to take a sip of water every bite I took to wash the horrible taste out of my mouth. Needless to say, when I was done my giant glass of water I couldn't stomach another bit. I guess I need to lower my expectorations when eating out at a new spots in Toronto. I get to pick the restaurant next time

Pros: giant glass of water

Cons: poor service, gross sauce

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Great food, prices too high though - Edit

I love the food here, so many wonderful dishes, but the prices were raised when they moved to the new loaction and they aren't really justified, imo. $10 for a small plate of stir-fried broccoli?! a nice addition to the Toronto veg scene but they are maybe too big for the britches?? I would eat there more if the prices were lower, that's for sure.

Pros: lots of garlic, ginger and basil, organic wine, location!

Cons: unfriendly service, high prices

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Nice Spot, Not So Nice Service - Edit

I was over to the old Cafe 668 once. It was okay but I can't even recall what I had to eat. I had a Vietnamese coffee (I think/ evaporated milk etc), which was okay.

The new Cafe resides in much nicer digs, no question. I'm not a big fan of open sea of tables concept, mind you. I like more privacy. Sometimes. Some open sitting areas work better than others.

I told my server (who, I suspect was the owner) to give me anything, as long as it wasn't hot spicy or noodles. I have noodles all the time. He brought me eggplant in black bean sauce, with a side order of plain steamed rice. It was very good.

However, The fancier the digs, it seems, the less one seems entitled to. There's nothing on the table I can use to make my rice more palatable. I had to ask for soya sauce. And I had to wait a long time to ask, since my server never came around to check on me once he dropped off my food.

But the main item was wonderful. The sauce included just the right amount of carrot slivers and black beans and an amazing, but slightly overdone, anise flavoring. And the actual eggplant was done to perfection. However they did it, they managed to get the texture perfect.

And it was a real bonus for me to be able to order my favorite tea, namely Oolong. And they had enough leaves in the pot to bring the pot to strength, once I let it sit sufficiently. It was delicious. Although I'm sure it wasn't organic, a big concern when it's very possible that the tea originated in China where they still use DDT on their agriculture.

I look forward to returning but will know what to expect service-wise and won't have my expectations, in that regard, too high. I sure wasn't made to feel like I was wanted. Also, I'll be sure to ask for a fork and soya sauce (if rice is coming) up front next time. I did make it through the meal without the fork, but Why do they make you feel guilty about asking for forks and knives in places like this? How is that nice? They should, in my view, offer cutlery.

Pros: excellent food, nice digs, small, but good selection of teas

Cons: friendliness lacking, service poor, crappy, barren hood

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how nice! - Edit

Cafe 668 has a really nice atmosphere (somewhere between Fresh and Fressen). Good place to bring a date or your family (although not a large group and probably not really young kids).
Really delicious food, good portion sizes (not too big or small), terrific soups. Lots to choose from on the menu, quick and friendly service, even when it's a full house.

Pros: great prices, great taste, variety!

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Clean decor but small bland servings - Edit

My wife and I went to this restaurant (885 Dundas Street West) which has a clean modern decor which may appeal to some people. My meal included a small mound of white rice which was rather dry and lacked taste. White rice should be a bit stickier (especially if you use chopsticks) instead of dry as this was. The peas in my meal appeared to be colder than the rest which seems like they were frozen and thrown in without proper cooking.

My wife's meal was the hawaiian rice which was rather tasteless. My wife said there was a strange smell to her meal too. There was not any salt or pepper at all on the tables so we couldn't even add some taste that way.

The price was quite high for the quality and size at around $22 CAD (before tip) for our two meals.

There was no free pot of tea like in the various Chinese vegetarian restaurant we had gone to but maybe we have been spoiled by such things.

We think they need to work on spicing up their meals to be more unique and have a bit more quantity for the money.

Pros: clean decor, modern looking, lots of ice water

Cons: small portions, bland taste, dry white rice

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veggiewoman 22 Feb 2013 - $22 for 2 meals is not expensive, especially in Toronto. That is a really silly critique for a nice restaurant. Maybe at McDonalds that would be too much....

Why should there be free tea? It isn't a strictly Chinese or Japanese restaurant. Even if it were, that is a highly illogical complaint to make about a restaurant. That is just a gripe pulled out of thin air. They had tea on the menu if you wanted to pay for it.  

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the best veg chinese in T.O. is moving - Edit

This is the best veg Chinese I have ever had. They have a good variety of spicy, sweet, and savory dishes. You don't have to worry about all of the dishes tasting the same. For those who were not impressed with the setting, the restaurant is moving down the street to 885 Queen St. West.

Pros: large portions, excellent food, easy access by street car

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really good immitations! - Edit

impressive. poor ambience

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Dissapointed - Edit

My girlfriend are not from Toronto but happened to be in the city recently and decided to try 668 since it got so many good reviews. First of all, the place was obscenely small and we were lucky to get a table. The decor really wasn't very good but hey, some of the best restaurants I know are ugly. Anyway, when we sat down there was only one menu for the both of us so we had to pass it back and forth. I didn't really mind too much but it's still kind of annoying. My biggest first impression was the smell of the restaurant. I almost instantly got a headache and felt sick. I did my best to overlook it and ordered anyway. We got a #7, pan fried dumplings. They were really good and I was impressed. We were also given complimentary tea and it was also good. I ordered the sweet and sour veggie chicken with soft noodles and my girlfriend ordered the same thing but with rice. We didn't wait too long for the food and our server was fairly nice. The food though was not very good. The sweet and sour sauce was really overpowering and sadly the food tasted like the heavy odour i first encountered. Also, the veggie chicken bits were perhaps some of the worst faux meat I've ever been served. My gf, who's not at all veg didn't really like it but that was for other reasons, such as she doesn't like veggies too much. All in all, it wasn't the worst meal ever but I don't think I'll ever be heading back there again. Maybe I'll try Buddha's next door or the Full Moon.

Pros: pan fried dumplings, complimentary tea, a little pricey

Cons: noisy, small, really bad smell

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