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Darbster - West Palm Beach

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8020 S Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, 33405

Vegan restaurant with a bistro feel, located on the waterway. Serves an electric mix of innovative vegan dishes such as palm cakes along with favorites like enchiladas, mac n cheese, salads, and raw food. Brunch offered on Saturday and Sunday. Dog friendly. Also has a location in Boca Raton. Tue-Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm, Sat-Sun 10:30am-3:00pm, Sun 5:00pm-9:00pm

Category: Vegan, American, International, Organic, Beer/Wine, Fusion

Reviews (66)

First Review by ellen and alan

Above average vegan fare - Edit

You gotta love a vegan restaurant that donates all profits to fund animal welfare issues!
Ordered the Caprese as an appetizer and it was very good...probably my favorite dish. The Nachos and the Mac & Cheeze were yummy too. I was expecting the Palm Cakes and the Parmigiana to be better...I was disappointed in those dishes and wouldn't order them again. The faux meat on the Parmigiana was not good at all. All in all, I liked the place and will return if I'm in the area again. I really want to give a 4 star rating, but I felt let down after all the hype I'd hear about this place.

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outdoor seating, great slightly upscale vegan food - Edit

restaurant is very open and and breezy, half the seating is outside. pro dog, restaurant even seems to have there own cats lots of great stuff on the menu, but i almost always get the black and blu burger. (cant be beat IMO) also have hot and iced teas , overall , just a cool classy place with great vegan food

Pros: pro dog , great food , outdoor seating

Cons: little parking,but worth finding a spot

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Mediocore vegan food - Edit

I have revised my Darbster review many, many times. Unfortunately the quality of the food varies with who the current chef is at the restaurant. If you're just looking for somewhere vegan, you will like it. If you're used to higher quality vegan food like in other cities, you will likely be disappointed.

Things to love about Darbster- it's 100% vegan and proceeds go to an animal non-profit. You just want to love a place like this. However, the quality of the food has really taken a dive. I can't bring myself to eat there often because I (and my vegan friends have also remarked) can make better vegan food at home. It's convenient to drop in or to bring out of town guests, but I"m often disappointed in the food.

For example, the brunch quiche used to be my favorite breakfast item. Well, it was taken off the regular menu. One time I visited, the quiche was a special so I ordered it, but it was full of overcooked, stringy onions instead of tofu eggs. Also, no tempeh in the quiche (as advertised). The last breakfast burrito I had from there also had very little tempeh.

Coffee is good. Wine and beer options are good. I enjoy their $3 brunch mimosas. Wait staff is usually very friendly. I love their love for animals. Wish the food quality would improve. For now, I visit Christopher's Kitchen for a nice, vegan dinner out.

Pros: Vegan, Dog friendly, Profits donated to animal rescue

Cons: Food is so-so, No AC so it's very HOT this time of year

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Excellent vegan restaurant - Edit

I wish they hadn't closed the Boca location which was closer to me, but any time we're up in the WPB area we make sure to go to Darbster. They have a wide variety of foods on their menu and everything is excellent. Everything is vegan and tasty. Their tuna melt is excellent - sandwich is HUGE and I took half of it home. My husband always likes the wings. Mac & Cheez was really creamy and tasty (though noodles were a little soft and overcooked) and I think it would fool a non-vegan. Chocolate ganache cake is rich and chocolatey and also one that you'd never know is vegan.

Place is small. There is indoor and outdoor seating and it's on a small waterway.

When coming from the south the signs are hard to find as it's facing the north. Trust your GPS and do a U-turn if you have to.

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Reason to move to West Palm Beach - Edit

Before looking for a second home we looked for Vegan friendly towns. We found this wonderful restaurant and ate there both nights we were in town for our search. The food is very inventive (in a great way). We met a friend there who is not a vegan and he absolutely loved it too. He kept commenting on the flavors and spices.
It is also very dog friendly and serves beer and wine, which some vegan restaurants don't do. We loved loved loved it. Can't wait to go back.
All proceeds of the restaurant are donated to Darbster foundation. So awesome food, Awesome setting and a lot of altruism. I would give them a 10 out of 5.
Updated from previous review on Monday May 23, 2016

Updated from previous review on Monday May 23, 2016

Pros: Interesting food, not standard vegan , good value, great vibe

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Very Good - Edit

My husband and I were in from out of town and were lucky enough to eat at several very good vegan restaurants in the area. I liked Darbster. It was not my absolute favorite, but it was very good. I had the Southwest Burrito. I had the Southwest Burrito and my husband had the kale salad and the mashed potatoes. We ended the meal with a raw chocolate mousse. We LOVED the Chocolate Mousse. I do think that is the best chocolate mousse I've had. The burrito was good. My husband really loved his meal.

Pros: Beautiful presentation, Clearly compassionate, Good food

Cons: Not much without yeast and sugar

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Darbster - West Palm Beach - Edit

The menu at Darbster is diverse (has good amount of rotating specials), the staff very friendly and knowledgeable, and the atmosphere conducive to a fantastic dining experience. There are many "vegan curious" dishes which makes it great for first-timers, along with wholesome items and an exquisite raw menu. The atmosphere is relaxed with a nice outdoor seating area next to the water; even on busy days it feels relaxed, intimate, friendly. I truly love the vibe here. The parking lot is small so time you visit right or you'll have to find street parking.

Pros: Flavorful Vegan Dishes, Great Vibe, Friendly Staff

Cons: Small Parking Lot

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Hard to Find Anything Wrong! - Edit

We LOVE Darbster. To give you an idea of how much, we've (more than once) made the four-or-five-hour trip to eat dinner there, spend the night, then have brunch to celebrate a special occasion. This was our first Thanksgiving there, and it was wonderful. As always, staff and atmosphere are wonderful. The cornbread stuffing and cinnamon gelato were my favorites, although everything was very good. The only things I would have done differently were to serve the gravy on the side (or at least ask) and to warm up the apple pie.

Pros: All-vegan, Delicious food, Lovely atmosphere

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Love at first sight - Edit

I LOVE this place. The food is amazing and affordable compared to many vegan places nearby. The chefs are AMAZING. They are always surprising me with new vegan specials. The vegan brunch is a must experience. The staff is friendly and the vibe is great. Very pet friendly and they even offer discounts if you bring your furry one. Be prepared to dine with the resident kitties on stormy night. I love Darbster!!

Pros: Great food, Awesome staff, Pet friendly environment

Cons: Parking is tight

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Awesome - Edit

The restaurant is very hip. The food is presented beautifully. Menu is just what you want for compassionate eating. A little on the higher side, and the price reflects the ambiance and quality. my server Connie was knowledgeable and friendly. I love it.

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This used to be my favorite restaurant - Edit

I don't usually write negative reviews but after many chances, I can't stay quiet. This used to be my favorite restaurant but now, no way! Yes, Chef Seth is gone again so that must be why. The orange chocolate creme brulee was great.The last few times that I have been there, I did not think that the food was what it used to be but this time it was the absolute worst, not including dessert. The dill cucumber gazpacho literally tasted like vomit. The kid's scrambled tofu had so much pepper even an adult couldn't eat it and even the beloved palm cakes weren't good. It really makes me sad.

Pros: friendly staff

Cons: food quality and taste

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My favorite local vegan restaurant - Edit

I've turned my friends and family onto Darbsters and have been going here for years now. I love being able to get a gourmet raw vegan meal while I'm donating to a good cause. Love when they have live music and free goodies. So fun!

Pros: Proceeds go to a good cause, Great food, Relaxed atmosphere

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Great Spot - Edit

I was on vacation last week in Palm Beach. We went across the bridge to get dinner at Darbster. Right off the bat the host was really helpful and outgoing. He told us what his favorites were and answered any questions we had.

They were running a special for a BBQ chicken pot pie, collards w/pintos and corn mash w/gravy. I decided to go with that. The food is cooked well and it seems like a good amount of care and pride goes into it. My girlfriend ordered the burger and enjoyed the flavors (vegan blue cheese, mayo).

It was so good that we came back a few days later and got a couple of tempeh sandwiches. This time we ordered the vanilla gelato sundae for desert. I've had vegan ice cream at many places throughout the country, but this was definitely one of the best. Definitely try the sundae if you go.

Pros: Great food, Great service

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vegan dud - Edit

Canal front dining isn't what it used to be. Quality and taste have deteriorated since Chef Evans departure. It has now become a place for high calorie junk food. My last straw was burnt French toast. Lots of menu items are defrosted gardein and not organic. Customer service has also gone down the tubes. Don't get me started on the parking lot.

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Customer service has deteriorated - Edit

We have been going to Darbster since it opened whenever we are at our vacation home in West Palm Beach and I am always bringing our non-vegan guests as well. We were incredibly disappointed last weekend at brunch with the manager who was very inhospitable and unaccommodating.

We had my non-vegan sister and mother-in-law with us for the first time and were a total of 7. She refused to seat us at the tables we requested insinuating that we were not important enough because we were a group of 7 instead of the 10 she could seat there. The restaurant was empty and throughout our entire meal, the restaurant remained that way until we were done. She ended up seating two people at each the two tables we had requested for a total of 4 people at the tables she was saving for 10. No party of 10 ever showed up. Had her demeanor been more personable it probably would have been fine, but she was so rude about it, I was ready to walk out for the first time ever at Darbster.

On that day, despite the restaurant being empty, our food took 45 minutes to come and my MIL's meal never came until the rest of us were finished with no explanation or apology from the manager (who never came by our table throughout the entire meal), however it was on our bill.

I was also disappointed with the quality of some of the food changes they have made. The tempeh bacon used to be thick and almost carmalized. Now it is thin, limp and without flavour. I can do better at home. They used to bring you loose tea in a little silver ball so you could adjust the strength yourself and get more water, (it was also served on an attractive tray with coconut milk and sugar options) now it is just a cup of way too strong tea with some stray leaves floating in it. Not very attractive.

The rest of the food was good as usual but I am seriously turned off. When I spend my hard earned money and bring family and friends to introduce them to vegan eating, I expect to have a pleasant experience.

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Excellent Vegan Food - Edit

Outstanding restaurant. There is a wide selection of vegan food and I love that they have both raw options and traditional/cooked options.

I also love that their names and the presentations are a take-off on non-veggie foods. For example, I had the "Beet Tartare" appetizer (love the name). The flavor was fresh, and the mix of sweet from the beets and spicy/bitter from the arugula was a great combination.

My husband ordered the special which was some sort of oat-based breaded cake in an amazing mushroom sauce. The mushrooms sauteed in a sherry sauce were my favorite flavor on the plate, although the roasted asparagus came a very close second. I ordered the palm cakes which were really great. The mustard sauce was delicious, and it was served on a generous bed of rice. It was too much food but it tasted so good, and we so rarely find gourmet vegan food that we couldn't stop.

We couldn't pick one dessert so we went for the sampler. Our least favorite was the carrot cake but that's not surprising because I have never found a vegan carrot cake that comes close to the real thing for me. The very best dessert was the brownie a la mode (although they were out of vanilla soy-ice-cream (homemade) but the chocolate was great and I didn't feel a chocolate overload that I expected with chocolate brownie and chocolate ice-cream. The chocolate mousse, although good, paled besides the chocolate ice cream, and the chocolate ganache cake paled beside the brownie. I think we would have been most happy had we chosen just the brownie a la mode and had a full serving but since that wouldn't have been our first choice anyway, I'm glad that we chose the sampler.

The service was quick and prompt and our server had a great personality and was very helpful in the selection process.

Despite the fact that it was a generous portion of food, that the food was very fresh, and well prepared, and the presentation was lovely, this restaurant was much less expensive than comparable meals we have eaten in Ft. Lauderdale (Sublime) and San Francisco (Millenium).

The only small complaints - there is a single-stall restroom (and the handle was sticking), and there was not adequate parking in the lot so we had to park on the street, but these are just small issues. Overall we enjoyed this restaurant it was a great value, and a great way to spend valentines day.

Pros: Fresh, creative, and great-tasting, Generous portions, Wide selection

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Vegan and Dog Friendly - Edit

My favorite item on the menu is the heart of palm cake appetizer. The remoulade sauce just makes the dish.I also like that they have an eclectic offering of hot and iced teas. They have several chocolate deserts and the ones that I have tried, I have enjoyed. If you have a dog, they are welcome here and the server will even give the dog a bowl of water. They also have another location in Boca, but I have not been there. I would recommend this place.

Pros: Covered outdoor patio, Friendly servers, Variety of foods on menu

Cons: Parking is a little complicated

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Vegan WOW!!! - Edit

Thanks Happy Cow for guiding us to Darbster. We were in town for a half marathon (yes, vegan runner) and thought we'd try out Darbster. Wow!!! Saturday night we had the flatbread with a peanut Asian topping, raw pesto lasagna, and scallops. Omg the flavors were amazing and perfect balanced. This was a huge boost for our vegan lifestyle as we learned several new bits we will be trying at home. It was so good Saturday, we came back for Sunday brunch. I was actually thinking about Darbster while I was running my 13.1 miles. Not kidding!!! Brunch was Benedict English muffin with bacon and home fries. Fabulous!!! We live 3.5 hours away but now will re-route any and all trips anywhere nearby for a stop at Darbster. I want to try everything on the menu!!!!

Pros: high vegan quality cuisine, great staff

Cons: small tight parking lot, a bit pricey, but worth every penny

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Best - Edit

The best restaurant I visited twice during my vacation in Florida. Dishes were really good and beautifully made. Many gluten free options. Friendly staff. Reasonably priced.

Pros: good tasty dishes, gluten free options, good deserts

Cons: a bit of street noise

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Darbster - Edit

I love this Place. I come there for special occasions with my boyfriend and our Dogs. My boyfriend is not vegan , but still loves the atmosphere and he knows it makes me Happy.

I'm glad they have this restaurant in west palm beach

Pros: great food, can bring your dog, outside lighting is beautiful

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What a Great Surprise !!! - Edit

My husband and I had been in Miami for a few days and really struggled to find anything close to vegan and gluten free.What a surprise when we travelled up to West Palm Beach.Using our HappyCow app we found Darbster and what a great find.The setting is beautiful - you can eat inside or outside and the food is outstanding.Our friend had the Palm Cakes (not GF) and he raved.We had the Onion Soup and the Beet tartare as starters and they were just great.Our main course was theScallops Provencal (Marinated Tofu) and a Sweet Potato Pad Thai that was just heavenly.Two nights later we went back and we had the Caesar Salad and the Falafel Plate - we were just as satisfied.On both visits there was plenty left over to take home for breakfast.The staff were knowledgable,friendly and very attentive.The restaurant is also Certified Kosher.

Pros: Great Selection, Scrumptious Food, Attentive Staff

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Great place - Edit

This is a fantastic, quaint, little spot. Love the fact that all of their profits go to animal shelters. We ordered fried mushrooms, the wellington and the quinoa loaf. Unfortunately, I think I got a bad mushroom and got sick rather quickly and couldn't eat either of the entrees or order dessert. That really bummed me out cuz we had a $80 tab and I couldn't enjoy it. What I did taste was great, oh yeh we shared a mac n cheese too. I would like to go back and try again without ordering mushrooms.

Pros: Menu/Food, Atmosphere, NonProfit

Cons: Price, Snobby rich people, Bad mushrooms

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Best vegan restaurant in West Palm Beach - Edit

We go at least once a week, we love this place and it's kid friendly

Pros: awesome food, always have something special on the men, the staff are amazing

Cons: not open for lunch, not open for breakfast, not open on Monday's

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A wonderful patio dining experience - Edit

I walked in to Darbster's the day the opened and have been going back ever since. There are always daily specials and a very good selection of both raw food (for myself) and vegan cooked food (for my husband). The live entertainment is always enjoyable and just the right level to allow intimate dinner conversation and dogs are welcome yet not intrusive. It is mostly patio dining which is perfect in south Florida. And if you get the chance I highly recommend their Thanksgiving day meal which again has a raw menu and cooked menu for this special holiday. The staff is very friendly.

Pros: good selection of food, both raw and cokked menu items, Lovely environment

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Food Good - Disappointing Service - Edit

We ate here for the first (and last) time yesterday.

Most of our food was good. The palm cakes and portabella "steak" hoagie were wonderful, the stuffed mushrooms not so much.

However, the service (or lack thereof) is what will keep us from returning. We started out with one server who took our drink and appetizer orders and left us to decide what we wanted for dinner. So, we waited, and waited, and WAITED for her to return. About 15-20 minutes after she left us, a new server came to our table and started over with us. We explained we already heard the specials, had given our drink orders, and just wanted to order our main meals. We asked questions about the dish ingredients and she didn't know the answers, but said she would ask - though she never did get back to us with the information.

The food took a VERY LONG TIME to come out. I mean, a REALLY long time. We had to ask for drink refills THREE times before receiving them. We weren't gulping down our drinks, but a whole meal having to ration your beverage throughout? That's ridiculous. Finally, after yet another drink request had been seemingly forgotten, I stood up to go find our server. She happened to be coming back our way again and must have heard me comment to my fellow diners that I was disappointed in the service because she took the dessert charge off the bill since she "wasn't as attentive as usual" with our group.

So, bottom line - if the service were better, I'd gladly go back. But "inattentive" service can ruin a meal - and in this case left us with no desire to return.

Pros: Good food, Great outdoor dining

Cons: Really slow, inattentive service, LOUD, Pretty expensive

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The Darbster Rocks! - Edit

We are fortunate to have a real vegan/raw restaurant here in West Palm Beach, FL. We are also fortunate that it's a busy place at times, ensuring their presence in our community.
The food itself is inventive and delicious, especially with the raw dishes. The price is a little steep, but not too outrageous considering the quality and the ambiance, which is nice since the place is situated near a canal and has a nice tropical feel to it. It is certainly a place to bring the family on a Sunday afternoon or a date for an evening dinner.
I highly recommend the Darbster to anyone in the area or traveling through the West Palm area in South Florida.
Updated from previous review on Monday September 30, 2013

Pros: Creative cuisine, Great outdoor ambiance, Professional wait staff

Cons: Slightly pricey, Food can be a touch bland

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What a great spot - Edit

Amazing food in a cute setting, had dinner there with my wife last night and we loved it. We live in MIAMI and it is crazy that there's is nothing like this place there. Miami needs a high end vegan restaurant urgently. Maybe Dabsters should open a location there and make it in a beautiful setting and it would be a hit!!!

Pros: food, service , value

Cons: nothing

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Special!!! - Edit

My son and I had a wonderful meal here at the end of June 2013
Our appetizer, crab rangoon was lovely crisp.
I had the Wellington and my son the Ruben...MMMMMMMMMMMM!
Dessert we shared the sampler because we couldn't decide.
Every dish was delicious and pleasing to the eye. We enjoyed the lovely outdoor setting.

Pros: All vegan, Great staff, Good value

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Did I Die and Go to Heaven? - Edit

Vegan food, dogs, and fun! The world needs more Darbsters! I had the raw Tostadas, Kale Salad, and Flax Tomato Sandwich. My only regret is that I didn't get to try everything on the menu. I am going to Florida in a week and I am not dreaming about going to the beach, I'm dreaming about going to Darbster. I might just move to Florida because of this place :-)

Pros: Raw Food Options, Vegan, Dog Friendly

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Great vegan food! - Edit

This a fun restaurant here in West Palm. They have outdoor and indoor seating. They also allow people to let their dogs hang out.

For a vegan like me, the menu is great. They have a nice variety of appetizers, meals, salads and desserts. I will say to me this is a difficult place to bring a meat eater who is not used to vegan or vegetarian food. Most of the food here is a vegan version of something else (gardein, soy cheeze, etc) so the food may be a little strange to them.

One of my favorite things here is the caesar salad. I also love the chocolate ganache cake for dessert. I think the food is great.

Pros: Great dessert selections, Raw section on menu, Variety

Cons: Weather can mess up experience, Not open all day

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Great Food, Nice Atmosphere - Edit

This is a very friendly place that serves wonderful vegan and raw dishes. It has a great atmosphere, including really nice live music on some nights and the option of outdoor seating. It's also really dog friendly; more than once I've shown up with two large Standard poodles in tow and have felt warmly welcomed. I like lots of the dishes, especially the burger, falafel salad and tomato bisque soup. The deserts are also amazing. If there was one thing I would love to see added to their menu, it would be fresh mixed vegetable/fruit juices. Overall, it is a great restaurant. It is a little expensive, but much more reasonable than some, and they have lunch specials if you sign up for their lunch club. I usually wind up spending about $30 for a meal, including tip, but it is possible to spend a lot less than that. It's a great place for people who appreciate healthy, fresh, vegan cuisine.

Pros: delicious food, variety of healthy choices, nice atmosphere

Cons: a little expensive

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Truly Amazing! - Edit

My husband and I (both vegan) frequent Darbster. We try a new entree every time and have yet to be disappointed. The chicken parm is awesome!! The atmosphere is great and the staff is friendly and helpful. They have a great happy hour and specials every week. The cheddar ale soup is to die for!!! On top of it all, they're non-profit.

Pros: friendly staff, amazing food, great value

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A Pleasant Time - Edit

After looking at some reviews of the restaurant, we had high expectations and we were not disappointed. This is a busy restaurant but has a nice relaxed feel to it. There was lots of choice - almost too much. Everything tasted good and the server even took a little time to speak with us. A pleasant and satisfying time indeed.

Pros: Relaxed atmosphere, Extensive menu, Engaging staff

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Darbster - Edit

This is my favorite vegan restaurant in South FL! They have done an incredible job with the landscaping so you really forget that you are right next to a road under a billboard. You feel like you are in a beautiful garden, very peaceful place that you can bring dogs. The food is amazing and they have specials everyday. You can join their lunch club and they will email you their specials before lunchtime so you can plan your day. The wings are very good as is the cheesesteak and chicken parm. We get the sliders every time we go...delicious! On Sundays they have brunch all day until dinner, the tofu scramble and potatoes is a great plate! They have quite the variety of salads and 3 or 4 raw dishes. The staff is great, very friendly. On weekends there is live music that lends to the laid back atmosphere. I have been there during the summer on very hot days and there is plenty of shade and breeze that it is not uncomfortable. There is a small 'indoor' area if it is raining.
Updated from previous review on Monday November 19, 2012

Pros: atmosphere, quality, variety

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LOVE it!! - Edit

My husband (vegetarian), son (4 years old carnivore) and I have eaten at Darbster 3 times. I have actually went there 2 other times but they were closed (Monday and Tuesday). We have loved everything we ate. Even my non-vegetarian mom liked her meal. My non-vegan son is in love with the restaurant too. He loved the mac and cheese and chicken strips and fries. Of course he likes the brownies because "they are vegan and vegan means healthy" LOL! HIGHLY suggest this restaurant to vegans and non-vegans.

Pros: great food, good atmosphere, great experience

Cons: closed 2 days/week

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Love it - Edit

Great open air vegetarian restaurant. We frequent this spot in the winter when hanging out in Florida. Awesome menu. Great service. Make a reservation during prime time.
Dog friendly too. Your pooch is welcome to sit under your table while you enjoy your dinner.

Pros: Choices, Service great, Atmosphere great

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Delectable! - Edit

I very much enjoyed the daily special, the portabello mushroom scramble with Bernaise sauce, the blueberry torte, and especially the smoked tempeh bacon. The atmosphere was very chill, the guitarist/singer was a great addition. The only downside was the it was especially HOT in West Palm Beach that day. The establishment was not air conditioned.

Pros: variety of choices, good service, nice vibe

Cons: no AC

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Out Of This World - Edit

Easily the best vegan restaurant in southern Florida offering mock meats as well as raw vegan food. I eat there all the time and I live in Boca, so it's a bit of a drive, but well worth it because the food is amazing and the owners, chef, and staff are very friendly. Also, the restaurant is dog-friendly and not for profit!

Pros: friendly, delicious, good value

Cons: too small!

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Yay for Vegan Food in South Florida! - Edit

My mother, her friend (both carnivores) and I (vegan) went to Darbster for lunch the other day before a play we were going to see in Lakeworth.

Unfortunately, it is summertime in South Florida (meaning: extremely hot, muggy, and rains every hour or so). THis is an outdoor/open restaraunt so it was quite hot. Although that itself has no reflection on the restaraunt itself.

I must say I was so happy to eat here. The only true vegan restaraunts I have been to were when I was visiting California. It was disheartening to not find any vegan places near where I lived (Coral Springs). However, I've disovered many great vegan places hiding about a half an hour away (no problem, great food is worth it).

Speaking about Darbster's food...AMAZING! It is such a wonderful feeling to realize I can order anything off the menu and I am "safe" (no substitutions, no worries about animal products, etc). For lunch, I ordered the house salad with apple cider vinagrette (perfectly sweet and light) and the mac n cheese. THe macaroni and cheese, I must say, was unbelievably delicious. I have tried making vegan mac n cheese so many times, with lots of different soy and rice cheeses, but it is always off. The mac n cheese here was exactly like the mac n cheese I used to enjoy as a kid. Creamy and soft with a crunchy baked top. Amazing.

My mother's friend ordered the Southwestern Burrito,which she seemed to enjoy a great deal. My mother got the BLT made with tempeh and onion rings. Unfortunately, she only ate half (but she loved the onion rings!). I think the texture of the tempeh that they use in place of bacon was the issue. I know there are meat substitutes that visually look like bacon, but Darbster uses thick slices of tempeh instead (which I think was the issue for my mom, as tempeh is kind of like nut-shaped crumbles shaped together, not very bacon like).

After that, we shared a carrot cake and brownie dessert. THe carrot cake was delicious and had this awesome 'spicy' kind of icing (which I usually hate icing on anything). The brownie was also amazing, and I loved that they topped it with fruit as I only usually eat fruit desserts (not a big chocolate fan).

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and I really wished I lived closer!!

Pros: delicious food, all vegan, very nice staff

Cons: tempeh in BLT

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Amazing vegan food on the water! - Edit

I loved everything about Darbster. We sat outside by the water, and the atmosphere was beautiful. They're dog-friendly, and not only let us bring our dog but brought him a bowl of water, treats, and a Darbster bandana. The food was fantastic - we split an appetizer of "wings," which came with hot sauce and vegan ranch dipping sauce. As meals I had the palm cakes, which were delicious, and my partner had the chik'n parmigiana, also good. For dessert we got a warm brownie with ice cream on top, which I wasn't sure about initially because the brownie was labeled "gluten-free," and sometimes gluten-free desserts aren't the best, but the brownie was delicious! The service was also prompt and very friendly. This is definitely one of my new favorite restaurants.

Pros: Dog-friendly, Outdoor seating on the water, Great food

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Average Vegan Food - Edit

Salads and homemade dressings are very good. The chocolate mouse is good too. However, much of the dishes have weird textures and the taste is just average. I have eaten there 3 times and ended up with an upset stomach each time. Christopher's Kitchen on PGA has much better food - more flavorful, great textures, 100 % raw, vegan and organic. I have eaten there many times and never had an upset stomach either

Pros: Good salads

Cons: Average taste, Upset Stomach, Loud

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Our family has been in South Florida for two years now and somehow DARBSTERS slipped under our radar.  We live about 30 minutes away which is nothing for a very good vegan experience.  We ordered the Spicy Wings, the Falafal Wrap, the Spicy Tuna Sushi, the Kale Salad, 
and Gnocchi with Tempeh.  To finish the meal we ordered their Carrot Cake and a Lavender Blueberry Tart.  Yes, we were little piggies!!!  Better to be one than eat one:) 
Almost everything was up to our expectations and then some.  Every dish was exciting with the right amount of texture and flavor.  The only dish that  wasn't great was the Kale Salad.  We werent sure if it was the kale or the dressing, but something was off in that dish.  
We loved the outdoor dining - it is Florida Funky, which works for us.  Who cares if we are eating under a huge highway type billboard.  It just adds to the charm of the place. 
Seth, the Exectutive-Chef helped us with our food choices several times, even though the kitchen was busy.  A very nice touch.  The service was excellent as well.

Pros: Fresh, Delicious, Inventive

Cons: Next to a busy road

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My Fave Vegan Restaurant! - Edit

I absolutely love Darbster and am SO happy that it has secured a foothold in south florida. Chef Seth (of Sublime's heyday) is truly gifted, and has brought some of that NYC penchant for food over to Lake Worth. Yay! This is a place you can truly safely take the omnis to!! :)

see one of my many glowing reviews here: http://cameraphonevegan.com/2011/04/18/sunday-dinner-darbster-wpblw/

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, cute restaurant

Cons: specials get a little pricey

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One of the Best! - Edit

We have been following Happy Cow's recommendations for a couple of years now, and we found Darbster to be one of the best yet. The menu is varied, all of the food is delicious and to top it off, it is a non-profit benefiting animals. The wait staff is great and the chef came out and introduced himself to every table. We cannot recommend this restaurant enough!

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Happy happy kids... - Edit

My Husband and I took our two girls to dinner at Darbsters yesterday. The kiddie menu is limited but the girls ordered Mac & Cheeze and Chikn' Tenders served with french fries. They not only love it but were curious enough to ask the waitress how it was made. My husband and I ordered the special; Raw Korean BBQ Burger on Flax and the Spicy Dragon Sushi Nori Roll, bothe were amazing. We ended our dinner experiance with dessert x's 3..blueberry cheese cake, blackberry (i think) cheesecake, the chocolate mousse. I can't wait to go back !!!!

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AMAZING!! - Edit

I was visiting my grandmother in Delray Beach, and found Darbster through this website. After reading all of the rave reviews, I knew I had to go! My grandmother didn't know what vegan food was, but she said that she would try it. We ordered the palm cakes and a Caesar salad (!!!!!!! my old favorite!!!!! my first Caesar salad in years!!!!) for an appetizer. SERIOUSLY GET THE PALM CAKES. They were one of the most delicious things either of us had ever had! For our meals, I got a shepherd's pie (special dish) and my grandmother got a burrito. Both were excellent. We ordered a carrot cake and the raw chocolate mousse for dessert. The chocolate mousse was soooo so rich, and delicious! I took the leftover home, and ate it the next night. It is all outdoor seating. For some that is a pro and for some a con. I enjoyed it. People can bring their dogs. There was also a gentleman singing and playing guitar when we went, and we liked his music a lot. Long story short, DEFINITELY make a trip to Darbster if you can!!

Pros: excellent food, outdoor seating, good prices

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Soooo Delicious!!!! - Edit

Okay, even my self proclaimed carnivore husband likes this restaurant. Unbelievable staff! Delicious FOOD!!!! Reasonable prices. I want to eat there every day! And so many choices. I love the raw and cooked items. YOU MUST TRY THE PALM CAKES!!!! I know... I'm a bit too excited about this, but I just love them. And their little dog, too. ;)

Pros: Delicious food, Great atmosphere, Fantastic staff

Cons: Eat too much, Want to try everything

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An Excellent Birthday Brunch - Edit

I was visiting family in the area and I insisted that we go to this restaurant for my birthday even though my parents are not even vegetarian. It's on a busy road, but still manages to feel tucked away, intimate. The scenery was beautiful and the musician they had playing live sounded lovely. The staff was very friendly, patient, and helpful. We all enjoyed our food. It was all excellent!

Pros: delicious food, beautiful surroundings, friendly staff

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Like it!! - Edit

I was coming from a road trip and we had the info about this restaurant from this website. I had the vegetable tempura, it was very good but maybe they should be a little less generous with the sweet chili sauce, it could be amazing that way. Then we had the Tempeh Reuben, it was very good and tasty, the lemonade with agave was excellent!. The concept is very good, a vegan heaven in my opinion. The customer service was outstanding!...the dessert? well, that what was a little disappointing. The mango tart was not tasty, did not taste the mango at all! and the texture of the crust was not right, it taste too raw and chalky. The waitress recommend another tart with chocolate that it was better but is not something I will order again. I will definitely go back if I am in the area but they might need to be a little more careful with the desserts preparation or just keep it simple!!..do not imitate desserts that if vegan ingredients are used might not have a good outcome.
Updated from previous review on Friday February 25, 2011
Updated from previous review on Friday February 25, 2011

Pros: food, customer service, concept

Cons: desserts

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Healthy Dining requires menu hacking! - Edit

Our first attempt to eat at Darbster was met with disaster as everything on the menu contains oil and we're on the healthy vegan Dr. McDougall diet. We went back to entertain our family and finally were able to hack together a healthy dish by getting a house salad and hoagie roll with apples and dijon mustard and then cramming the plain salad into the hoagie. It was quite fantastic. The place is really cute and on the water. I don't fault them for forgetting half our table's order since we order so weirdly. I'll definitely go back.

Pros: atmosphere

Cons: everything contains oil

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Nice atmospher, raw food is better than the cooked - Edit

We got so excited to hear of this new restaurant when they opened, and went a few times. The faw food was good, the kale salad was really great. And great desserts. The cooked food was ok, the mock meat is Gardein right out of the package, and not cooked well.

Nice atmosphere

Pros: nice atmoshper, good raw food

Cons: mock meat out of package, cooked food is just ok

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It couldn't be better - Edit

After a few successful dinners with my husband, the Ladies met for a great lunch. We called earlier to confirm the ten of us and a great table was waiting and Tiffany was there to great us. Some of us were new to raw and the items were described perfectly. We had a variety of raw/vegan dished all beautifully prepared and topped it off with one of each for desert. On the way home and at the Health club the next day, everyone was still raving about it.

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Wow! - Edit

I can't say enough what a wonderful experience I had at Darbster this evening. Simply the best vegan/vegetarian food I've ever had! Unbelievable creations, one after the other. The palm cakes as an appetizer... YUM!! For dinner, the 'bacon cheezburger' and the rawvioli... Wonderful! And for dessert, carrot cake and chocolate mousse... OMG! I am still amazed that I just ate such an amazing guiltless meal and I can't wait to go back to try more of the menu. The service was fast and the servers are so friendly. Such an amazing stylish yet unassuming environment. Don't miss out on this gem!

Pros: Everything

Cons: None

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Best Vegan Meal Ever - Edit

You must get the Palm Cakes. They will remind you of your crab cake eating days. Also the "tree" wings are to die for! I'm not a big fan of faux meats, but this is sooo good. The place is absolutely adorable and perfect for a date night :) I live almost an hour away from this place but it is totally worth the drive!

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Amazing! - Edit

I was in town for a wedding and had already found this restaurant on Happy Cow so I was really excited to check it out! I wasn't aware that the whole restaurant is outdoors and unfortunately their air conditioners were down that they normally run. So needless to say in July IT WAS HOT! But I have to say, I wouldn't have missed this for the world. The food was amazing. I had the philly sandwich which was a fav of mine in my meat eating days. I have to say that I was in love with it! And the carrot cake was to die for! Even my meat eating mom loved it and couldn't believe that it was vegan. This is definitely a restaurant worth checking out. Even if you have to sweat your ass off to get it:)

Pros: Food!!!!, Excellent and Helpful Staff!!!!, Did I mention the Food!!!

Cons: Outdoors = Hot in Florida

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One of the Best Restaurants I've Eaten At - Edit

It's hard for me to write a review of this restaurant, in the same way it can be difficult for me to write about music or visual art that I really enjoy. Using words that come to me first seem melodramatic, writing "I love it" is too vague. The menu, from my first visit a couple months ago, was already very good. It has, in a short time, transformed into excellence. They've adjusted the menu and even improved some dishes, such as the palm cakes, which were already a favorite. The flavors, atmosphere, service and even the people that tend to visit, all hit a standard that is very rare. The food sometimes even gets me almost a bit panicky because knowing that this is both vegan and so delicious...I want everyone to know. (Carl Sagan, when speaking about his passion for science said: "After all, when you're in love, you want to tell the world"). I wasn't previously the type to just stop by a bar or restaurant without companions. Here, even if I decide to go alone I don't worry because I seem to always be able to talk to people who are intelligent, driven, and full of good humor. On that note, it's a great place to bring companions as well. Darbster has a casual waterfront atmosphere with elegant dishes. Speaking of which, I haven't touched much on specific menu items, like the mentioned palm cakes, (shockingly delicious) raw tostada wraps, sliders, chile relleno, and the excellent specials, as well as the wonderful sides like the homemade french-fries or coleslaw, and on and on, because it's too difficult for me to narrow it down for a brief review. Take this as a general review on quality, and other reviews (or customers or staff) will be able to help you decide what you may want to try when you visit. I hope you get to experience Darbster soon!

Pros: Delicious Vegan Food, Excellent Staff, Friendly Atmosphere

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A Marvelous (and tasty!!) Experience - Edit

I had the opportunity recently to eat at Darbsters. I was a bit apprehensive, as I am not a Vegan, nor am I a Vegetarian! What a wonderful experience in Vegan Dining! The food was fresh, delicious, well presented, reasonably priced, tasty, yet healthy. I started with a yummy Caesar Salad, followed by Palm Cakes which were outstanding. For dinner I had the special that evening, Lasagna. I couldn't even tell that it was made without cheese! Kudos to the chef!! I topped the evening with a Carrot Cake which I am still dreaming about!! Outdoor dining created a fantastic ambiance as well. The wait staff was very friendly as well. This was a wonderful tasty experience in Vegan Dining. I will be back!!

Pros: Exellent food, good value, friendly staff

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I like Darbster - Edit

When I first heard of Darbster opening up, and its menu options, I wondered that if in time, it would overtake Sublime, who is slipping with their food and service, even if no one else wants to admit it. To be frank, I shouldn't have to apologize to my sister about the vegan food.
After a single bite of Darbsters menu special chicken sandwich, I laid all worries that this new restaurant wouldn't make it to rest. Darbster wouldn't eventually outshine Sublime. It already has.
The ambiance is beautiful, the type of beautiful where you can enjoy it in your soul as you relax in the open air seating. Everything is artfully designed and placed. The staff is very helpful and very friendly.
The food, for lack of a more non cliche word, is amazing. I rank amazing by how well I can cook the dish for myself, which is necessary to survive in this non vegan world. I was blown away.
The chicken sandwich I mentioned earlier was a blends of crispness, savory, creamy, tangy, melty flavors. And the chicken actually tasted like chicken. I had been long getting frustrated over the fact any tom and hank claim they have chicken flavored whatever and its really a tasteless lump of chew.
Before hand I ordered "tree wings" a buffalo style wing.
I admired the bowl of ranch dressing but wondered if it was really necessary for these mock buffalo wings. I mean, fake wings, is it really going to be spicy enough for celery?
Uh, yes. The sauce taste was exactly how I remembered it to be, the right amount of spicy and tangyness.
The menu is unique in that it has the normal comfort food that vegans do not have normal access anymore. Case in point, the buffalo wings.
Not only that, but you can order things that you yourself dream up.
All in all darbster is the most unique vegan restaurant in florida, with its waterside location, open air seating, custom food ordering and amazing food.

Pros: Great Food, Same price as sit down resturant, All proceeds go to helping animals

Cons: Sauce was a tad too thin, not open everyday

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An Oasis - Edit

Darbster is excellent. Starting with attentive & friendly service, the Darbster experience has just begun...

Delicious and inventive menu items include:
Hearts of Palm Cakes as a savory modern take on the traditional crab cake are tasty and have beautiful texture.

Sliders made with Gardein and served with a rich dipping sauce make you wonder if you are really eating vegan. These bad boys are so good I placed a second order.

Special raw raviolis filled with nut meat mixture and served with a wickedly refreshing tomato coulis that is as comforting as delicious.

The raw chocolate mousse is so rich and decadent it couldn't possibly be a product of the raw food movement. The mousse is a religious experience!

Run don't walk, Darbster is a budding star showcasing food that is refreshingly delicious, inventive and healthy.

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Darbster's - Edit

I had the pleasure of eating at this open-air restaurant twice last weekend. Although it was only their second week in business, the quality of food and the service were both outstanding. There was a great crowd gathered on both Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon - evidence that this venue is sure to be a hit! On Saturday evening I started with the vegetables tempura which was very flavorful. For my main course I had a special, chicken Parm with linguini, which was also excellent. We celebrated a birthday with carrot cake which was to die for! On Sunday we planned on just having an appetizer and then moving on for dinner elsewhere but the menu proved to be too tempting. I started with the house salad with the tofutti ginger dressing, then had the tacos and a portion of the palm cakes. Everything was amazingly flavorful and filling. The prices are very reasonable and you certainly get more than you pay for.

It is important to note that this is a vegan restaurant and I am neither vegan nor vegetarian. I was visiting West Palm Beach and was introduced to this restaurant by friends who had been there. I enjoyed eating here as much as I would enjoy any high-end restaurant. The staff and the atmosphere are welcoming and the food is worth the trip.

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wonderful experience - Edit

I had been planning to go to Sublime in Fort Lauderdale when I was on vacation in West Palm. When looking for directions on happy cow this new restaurant popped up and we decided to go there since it was closer. I have never been more happy to change dinner plans. I took my in laws to their first vegan restaurant and my husband. We started with chips and salsa and guacamole. Salsa was a little spicy but cooled with the guac, very complementary. We also had the tempura veggies and my father in law raved about them. For our entrees, I had darbsters chicken which I enjoyed, non-vegans found it a little boring. We also tried the hearts of palm cakes, the southwest wrap and the veggie burger all with positive reviews. They said mine was the worst. Of course we had to have dessert and tried everything on the menu. I can't say enough about the cobbler and the carrot cake. I really enjoyed the whole meal and my meat loving family said they would go back. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Pros: too many to count

Cons: Small veggie burger, smallish sides

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