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5-3-9 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Cool place, great burgers!

10 Feb 2015

Island Veggie in Hiro-o is a cool little Hawaiian burger joint with a casual, laid-back vibe. They do a selection of soy meat burgers in a variety of flavours (terryaki, BBQ etc.) with lots of lovely salad topping. Burgers come with small portion of fries, bit soggy, but still good. They also do soy 'chicken' nuggets. I've tried several of the burgers and the nuggets, and they are truly delicious. When you've had your fill of Japanese food, this place is a nice change. They are also open for breakfast, and make the most delicious acai berry bowls, with granola, fruit and honey. Last week I had a veggie BLT sandwich for breakfast, with a soy latte, soooo good. Oh, and their shakes & smoothies are also yummy. Can you tell I like this place?

They have a loyalty card too, you get a stamp for every 500 yen you spend, and you either get a free mug or money off. Very inexpensive, good comfort food, and easy to find. Take the Hibya subway line to Hiro-o station and exit at gate 2. Turn right when you exit onto the street. Take your first right and walk along the street for a few minutes. There is a tiny side street on your right, there should be a sandwich board advertising Island Veggie. I walked past it the first time, the street is so unobtrusive, so just keep your eyes open. By the way, Hiro-o is a great area for wandering around in, nice shops etc.

3-8-9, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan


11 Apr 2015

I visited Ain Soph Journey in Shibuya when I was in Tokyo last June, and thought it was nice. On a recent stay in Tokyo, I tried to go back on a Friday evening without a reservation, but it was fully booked. I tried again on a Wednesday evening a few weeks later. I was asked if I had a reservation, even though the place was empty (it had just opened), but they did seat me. I must admit, I do find that a bit off-putting, especially when I am the only patron!. However, the food was nice - I had some sort of mushroom stroganoff with rice and salad, and then the heavenly vegan pancakes for dessert. They really are heavenly, much better than the main meals in my opinion. The interior is really cool and the staff friendly and attentive. But I don't know..there is just something that stops me raving about this place, a sentiment I also expressed in my review of Ain Soph Soar. I think it is a popular place, with a very particular crowd - mostly female, young, hip Tokyoites. It just feels a little bit too trendy to me, like it doesn't have to try. No complaints at all about the food, especially the pancakes, but I've had better main meals in other, cheaper places. This branch is very easy to find; take subway to Shinjuku-sanchome station, exit at Gate C5, and it is right there at the subway exit.

Toshima-ku, Higasi Ikebukuro 3-5-7, Tokyo, Japan

Nice place...

11 Mar 2015

I visited Ain Soph Journey in Shibuya when I was in Tokyo last June, and thought it was nice. I did try to go back to that one a couple of weeks ago, but it was Friday night, I didn't have a reservation, and they were fully booked. So I went to the branch in Ikebukuro last Sunday for lunch, and although it was very busy, I was able to get a table. I had the lunch set, which was a tomato & veg soup, mushrooms & veg in red wine sauce and a drink (I had coffee), for 1700 yen. The food was very nice, and the staff, although very busy, were attentive enough. But I don't know..there is just something that stops me raving about it. I think it is a popular place, with a very particular crowd - mostly female, young, hip Tokyoites;. And maybe I'm just used to all the other veggie places I've been to, where you can often be the only customer, so don't get turned away or have to wait a while to pay. It just feels a little bit too trendy to me, and like it doesn't have to try. No complaints at all about the food, but I've had better in other, cheaper places. Yes, I would go again, and yes, I would recommend it...but it wouldn't be my first choice. This branch is quite easy to find. Take metro to Ikebukuro, which is a massive station. Can't remember which exit I took, but there are maps on the station and you want the exit opposite Sunshine Dori. Head along Sunshine Dori until you come to a really busy main road (it's about a 10-minute walk). You have to use the overpass to get across the road, and the restaurant is on the other side, clearly sign posted.

Green Bldg 1F, 5-1-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

I LOVE this place!

13 Feb 2015

Brown Rice Canteen is located within the Neal's Yard complex in Omote-Sando, and as you can imagine (if you know the Neal's Yard brand) it is a beautiful, stylish 'canteen'. The interior is very calm and Zen (!) like a really nice spa. And the food is delicious. I've been here for lunch and dinner, and have always had the set meal, which comes with miso soup, brown rice (naturally!), and pickles. They always start you off with a piece of tofu in a delicious sesame & ginger sauce, and I can honestly say it's the nicest tofu I've had. I've tried the breaded, fried tofu and also the steamed veggie basket for my main meal, so delicious and filling (the tofu is my favourite though). For lunch, I've had the set meal which comes with various types of prepared tofu, lovely. I've also had a couple of the desserts, the tofu cheesecake is amazing, and the black bean soy latte is a great, tasty alternative to coffee. What I really like about this place, apart from the lovely food, is that I feel I'm experiencing Japanese dining, which is great. I don't want to spend my time in Japan just eating veggie burgers and pizzas! The portions are healthy, I'm always full, and I don't think it's expensive at all (but maybe that has to do with the current £ to yen exchange rate?)

It's very easy to find, exit Omote-Sando subway station (Chiyoda or Ginza lines) at exit A1. The Coach store is on your left, there is a small side street between Coach & Hugo Boss. Turn left down this street, walk for about 3 minutes, you'll see Neal's Yard and Brown Rice on your right.

A quick word about the staff - they are some of the lovliest, helpful people I've encountered here in Tokyo, and that's saying something! One girl got chatting to me and pointed me in the direction of Natural Foods grocery store, just around the corner - organic,rather than veggie, but I was able to stock up on some good staples.

5802 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, Canada


21 Oct 2009

We were not having the best time in Calgary, and headed to this restaurant after a long, hot, tiring day. I was a little apprehensive when we arrived - situated on a busy road, opposite a huge mall, it didn't look too appealing from the outside. But when we went inside, it was large, airy and very pleasant. And then I saw the menu! It doesn't usually take me very long to decide on a meal, but the choice here was amazing. All kinds of dishes, including noodles, rice, veggies, tofu and what semmed like a zillion faux meats!

I finally settled on veggie Won Ton soup and Veggie Beef with Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce whilst my partner had Golden Fried Dumplings and Pepper & Candied Veggie Steak. The food was delicious, really tasty, but I must admit we seriously struggled with the huge portions. They are not for the feint-hearted! We were so impressed with the choice available that we took a take-away menu to show our friends back home.

The staff were nice enough - pleasant, polite, and not too overbearing.

I doubt we will ever return to Calgary, but if we did, we would definitely eat here agin.

Djurgardsgatan 13, Gothenburg, Sweden

Great, satisfying lunch

25 Sep 2011

We stumbled across this place on our recent trip to Gothenburg, as it was near our hotel, and what a great find it was. We went for the buffet lunch, 75 SEK (about £7.50) which included a varied and extensive salad bar, various breads, soup, and several hot dishes including lasagne, potato dauphinois, and a veg bake. Tea/coffee and water also included. It was a filling and hearty lunch and set us up nicely for an afternoon of sightseeing. Casual, relaxed vibe in the cafe, plenty of seating, and a mixed crowd from local office folk to families and us! There is also an a la carte menu in the evening, but unfortunately we never got a chance to try it out - next time!

Lausitser Platz 12, Berlin, Germany


12 Oct 2010

We went to Cafe V after a LONG day sight-seeing, and also suffering from stinking colds. It was great to just sit and relax and not feel rushed, although it was a Friday night. Our server was really nice and although she didn't speak much English, the menu was in German & English so it wasn't a problem. I had the most delicious lentil soup to start, which was amazing on my sore throat. We were also given a basket of bread with some sort of tomato tapanade, which was yummy. My main course was veggie schnitzel in a mushroom cream sause with potatoes. My partner had a courgette, tomato, cheese & basil bake, also with potatoes. The portions were HUGE, and I don't think I would have a starter again, I was so full. We used the very good directions posted by another reviewer and it was quite easy to find. Cash only, so be prepared for that, fairly inexpensive, and really delicious food. Took us a while to get the bill, but they were busy (only 2 staff I think), and at the end of the day, it wasn't a major hassle. Highly recommend.

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain


24 Jun 2012

Shortly after arriving in Barcelona, and in desperate need of food, we visited CatBar for lunch and it was fab. The server was soooo nice and friendly and spoke great English, so I didn't have to attempt to use my poor Spanish! We had the set lunch (9.50 euro each) - cauliflower soup, potato tortilla with beans and rice sticks, lemon cake, and fruit juice. It was delicious, filling, and just what we needed after our early flight from the U.K. We did say we would return one night for the infamous burgers, but alas, we never did. Ah well, next time! One thing to remember though - when you are offered beans here, they actually mean baked beans in tomato sauce (very English!) and not, as I presumed, refried beans, kidney beans etc. That gave us a big smile :)

3-1-22 Nishi Azabu 4F, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tasty Chinese Food in Tokyo!

11 Apr 2015

I've been to this Chinese restaurant a few times now during my stay in Tokyo, and I really like it. But I guess it depends on how you feel about mock meats - I don't mind them. Saying that, I think I've only ordered the tofu dishes! The menu is large, most of it is also in English, and there are the ever-helpful photos! The meals I've had have been delicious - veg dumplings, steamed Chinese buns, tofu & cashew nuts, tofu & spicy noodles, black bean tofu (not all in one sitting!) I'm here alone, but I've noticed that for 2 or more people, you can order set menus where you can try about 9 different dishes - looks lovely. The interior is like a typical Chinese restaurant back home in the U.K.,, which makes me smile. Very easy to find. Take the metro (Hibya or Oedo lines) to Roppongi, and exit at Gate 1B. On street level, head left. You will cross a couple of busy roads at pedestrian crossings, then walk along the street with tall buildings on your left and the road/motorway on your right. There is a sign, in English, hanging off a building called the Sai building, and sometimes there is a sandwich board outside. Go into the elevator vestibule and take elevator to 4th floor. The elderly gentleman who works there will make you feel very welcome!

1-17-9 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Really nice place

21 Feb 2015

I came here last week for dinner and was happy at how easy it was to find. Menu is just pizza & pasta really, with some anti-pasta. I had French fries to start (!) and then a pizza. Fries were lovely, lots of black pepper. Pizza was smallish, but incredibly tasty and filling. I came back tonight to try one of the pasta dishes and for anti-pasta I had 'spareribs' made with burdock root. Oh my! Amazing! Really tasty, never had anything like it before. I had linguine with cream sauce and seasonal veg, very tasty, and a lovely banana muffin, which I took with me. This place is not like a traditional Italian restaurant, it is definitely a Japanese take on Italian food, but that makes it more interesting. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful - I had a conversation tonight about the spareribs, they showed them to me in their raw form, and we talked about other food (in English). Menu is also in Japanese and English. Really nice place, good food, reasonably priced. Very easy to find - take the Yurakucho Line to Edogawabashi station, and exit at Gate 4. On street level, turn right and walk for a few minutes going past an overpass. The restaurant is on your right, clear signage, you can 't miss it.

655 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada

Quick and Easy

22 Oct 2009

We ate here on a recent trip to Toronto and found it to be pretty good. There was a lot of choice, clearly labelled, and it was a good way to try small portions of lots of different things. The food may not have been piping hot, but you kind of expect that with serve-yourself buffet style. We knew that it was 'pay by weight' and so were careful not to over-load our plates with too much. Maybe I'm just easily pleased, but, after a long day sight-seeing, this was a good place to grab some quick and tasty veggie food.

3-10-1F Kitame Machi, Sendai, Japan

Delicious Lunch!

17 Jun 2014

I am working in Sendai for 6 weeks, and as an English vegetarian with no knowledge of the Japanese language whatsoever, eating well has proved a bit of a challenge! I've been to Fredrick Pantry twice for lunch (opening hours are a bit limited) and each time I've been extremely satisfied! They offer a set vegetarian lunch for roughly £8, which consists of home-made soup, salad, roasted vegetables, and home made bread. Sounds basic, but believe me, having existed on supermarket salad and crackers for several days, this felt like a feast! You get coffee or herb tea and a home-baked cookie for dessert too! The staff don't speak much English, but they understand 'vegetarian lunch' and they are always really friendly and helpful. This is a lovely little place, I only wish it were open longer!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday June 17, 2014

C/Hospital 74, Barcelona, Spain

Nice place

24 Jun 2012

We stopped here for a quick lunch whilst out sightseeing. Funky, colourful interior, and friendly staff. I had a salad with noodles, tofu, ginger & peppers which was quite delicious and my partner had a tofu & pepper sandwich. We also had milkshakes - chocolate & coconut, which was thick and rich, and vanilla, which was a bit watery. It was a good place to stop for a quick veggie bite and there seemed to be alot to choose from.

Minami-aoyama, 5-5-21, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan

Delicious little place...

11 Mar 2015

Another great place in the Omote-Sando area is Pure Cafe, in the Aveda store. This is more casual than Brown Rice and is a great place to grab lunch. I usually get the sandwich set, which includes soup of the day, salad (lovely dressing), whichever sandwich you chose, and a small piece of cake. The sandwiches are delicious, and, after avoiding Japanese bread & cakes (I read somewhere that they are made with lard) it's a great treat to have some "safe" bread! I've also been for dinner and had veggie enchilladas and a tempeh burger, both of which were fabulous! I'd read in previous reviews that this place was expensive and the portions were small, but that has not been my experience. I'm always full when I eat here, and I would say the price is average. My only problem is that I am tempted into the Aveda store, where I can spend a lot of money! Take metro (Chiyoda or Ginza lines) to Omote-sando station. Exit at B3, turn immediately left when you come out of station, down a small side street, walk for about 1 minute and you'll see Aveda is right in front of you.

Iwatocho 7-3, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Good food

22 Mar 2015

I came here after reading some glowing reviews, which also mentioned that they had an English menu. I walked past it at first, because there is no signage outside, and the menu boards are only in Japanese. Came back and showed the staff the logo on my phone, asked if it was the place. Staff were lovely but didn't speak English and there was no English menu (or the usual photos of food!) Luckily for me, one of the other customers could speak English and very kindly translated for me. I was brought a small appetizer that I did not order, which I presumed was complimentary, but later found was on the bill. It was delicious though - some sweet potato, a shot glass of soy milk with tomato, and some green noodle salad (I think!) I then had fried potatoes to start, with a lovely herb salt sprinkled on top. My main was mushroom stroganoff with brown rice and some salad leaves. The food was really nice, the staff very cheerful, and the interior was lovely. I thought it was reasonably priced too, but then, i think that about most of the veggie places I've been to in Tokyo. Unfortunately, I would not go back without a Japanese speaker, as it was impossible for me to understand the menu. This is unfortunate, because, based on the quality of the food I had, I think their menu must be really good. To get there, take the Oedo line to Ushigome-kagurazaka station and exit at gate A1. Turn left on street when you exit, walk for about 4 minutes. There doesn't appear to be any signage to the restaurant, but it's on the left, ground floor of a high-rise building, large full-length windows, cool-looking scandi interior.

Friedrichstraße 103, Berlin, Germany

Super Restaurant!

12 Oct 2010

This place is fab! It was really refreshing to go to a veggie restaurant that looked so contemporary & cool, but was still within our price range (i.e. cheap!). On our first visit during our recent trip to Berlin we had one of the all-inclusive meals, with fresh squeezed juice, delicious cheese burgers and polenta fries, for approximately 6 euros. The cake of the day was superb, and the waffles and ice cream are simply heaven. We returned several days later because we were so impressed with the food, the central location, and the gorgeous interior design. And also because we had stinking colds and really wanted soup! I was served by the world's most helpful chap, who was happy to speak to me in English, and again, the food was just yummy. We noticed that this restaurant was nice & busy which may be because it doesn't scream out 'vegetarian' and is less intimidating to non-veggies (you know how they can be sometimes!) I highly recommend 'Supergood' and will go back again the next time I am in Berlin.

Patio ST, 106-0045, Tokyo, Japan

I LOVE this place!

11 Apr 2015

I was recently working in Tokyo for 3 months, and I think this is the place I went to the most for meals! It has a great vibe, cool without being pretentious, and is kind of funky. It definitely has that laid-back NY bar feel! I've tried many things on the menu - burdock soup, potato soup, taco rice bowl, various pastas & pizzas, fried veggies, and the butternut squash gratin - all delicious! They make the best soy latte, and the cakes, pies and doughnuts are truly amazing. I would recommend this place to anyone - even if you're not veggie, it's a great place to hang out, alone or with friends. And the staff are just lovely! Very easy to find: Take either the Oedo subway line or Namboku subway line to Azabu-juban station, and exit at Gate 5B. Exit station and turn right, walk to the end of the street and turn left. Cross the main road and walk down what looks like a little alleyway. Eat More Greens is at the end of the alley on the right.

Pso de la Florida 53, Madrid, Spain

Nice Dinner

15 Nov 2015

This restaurant was very close to our hotel, so we went for dinner one evening at 20:30hrs, only to be turned away as they did not open until 21:00hrs. The restaurant is downstairs below the store, and we sat indoors. I believe you can sit outside on the terrace, but there is a charge for this. We had the set meal which includes bread, drink and dessert. The food was a little salty, but overall, quite tasty and very filling! Our server was really friendly and helpful - the menu was in Spanish but he was more than happy to translate for us. The shop upstairs had a good selection of veggie/vegan items, which we would buy to have picnic lunches outdoors.

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