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TerraZen Centre

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19 hs Sint Jacobstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1012 NC

Vegan food cafe near Dam square. Menu combines Caribbean and Japanese tastes and ingredients. Sample menu items like the house-made vegan burger, quinoa salad, fresh spring rolls, udon noodle, hijiki seaweed salad, and vegan desserts. Beverages offered include fruit shakes, tea, and coffee. Hosts special events.

Category: Vegan, Japanese, Organic, Western, Caribbean, Fusion

Reviews (155)

First Review by ChakaKamaNath

Delicious and original - Edit

Great spot hidden in a very touristic area. Good vibe, yummy, colorful, unique, homey and fulfilling food.
Messy service but the tastiness of the meals makes up for it

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Amazing food, scuzzy vibe - Edit

I absolutely loved the food, it's mostly vegan junk food with some fantastic japanese fusion. The cook is a lovely bloke and we had a brilliant meal. I had the japanese bowl with wonderful homemade natto. God I love that stuff.

There is just one big table to share and the decor is shabby and that didn't bother me at all. And yes there is soil on the floor in a little garden at the entrance and that is a japanese thing (as far as I know from my limited experience of visiting Japan only once) and is completely cool. To all the people freaking about it in previous reviews: soil can't come and jump up onto your plate, chill out please!

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Good food, great mood, bit expensive - Edit

Except for the waitress, everybody was nice, smiling and welcoming. The food is great. Care, it's often spicy. The plates are a lil expensive IMHO.

Do not expect a regular restaurant as it is not. There is a cat, you might end eating on a couch, there is some and dirt at the entry. Either you love it or not, I did. Now, you're warned.

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AMAZING FOOD very addictive :) - Edit

Thank you Happy Cow for letting us vegans and veggies of course know that this place exists .
Fully 100% vegan with the Caribbean and Japanese combination making Terrazen have the best vegan food in Amsterdam.
The vegan crispy chicken is so good that you will be back for more and more and more .
I love this place it has really good vegan vibes and every one can meet more vegans on the big communal table
Thank you Terrazen . see you soon :)

Pros: 100% VEGAN , Amazing dishes .

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the best food in Amsterdam - Edit

Cozy atmosphere with some nice reggae tunes playing. My favorite on the menu is the burger, which is so satisfying. The seasoning is amazing, I haven't been able to even come close in making something similar at home. It is worth visiting Amsterdam just for this restaurant! It is that good.

Pros: delicious food, central, coziness

Cons: sometimes slow service, not too many seats

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Not what I expected. - Edit

I really wanted to love this place, but it was awful. My mother and I visited hoping for an amazing vegan meal, but left before we could get any food.

It looked nothing like the pictures on Happy cow. I walked in over a pile of dirt surrounded by logs. There was one dining table in the middle of the room, and a bench to the side. There were three young people sitting waiting on the bench as the table was full. I went to the counter and asked if it was ok to sit and wait for a space at the table to be free, and was told that was fine. We sat down and looking around, the place was filthy, the table and furniture looked very grubby. There was also a cat sitting on a dirty chair by the counter. But the food smelt good so I thought i'd stay. However after about ten mins two diners left. I expected the three people waiting before us to be seated, but two new people came in and sat down on the spare seats at the table. The waiter then took their order and cleared the old plates away, completely ignoring the 5 other people waiting. I decided it wasn't worth waiting to see if we could ever eat, so we left.

The food people were eating looked ok, but nothing special. The menu said it was 16 euros for a Jamaican Plate, or a Vegan Plate. This seemed a lot for a plate of average looking food.

I was disappointed as I had read so many reviews of how amazing it was. But I wouldn't go back.

Pros: Staff spoke great English

Cons: Dirty, Expensive

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Es war anders... - Edit

...als erwartet. Ich hatte dank der vielen positiven Berichte wirklich etwas anderes erwartet. Leider war ich schon beim Betreten des kleinen Bistros enttäuscht. Der erste Eindruck mit selbst bemaltem Schaufenster, Blumen und dem "steinigen" Eingang ließ mich mehr erwarten, doch noch im Eingangsbereich wurde ich enttäuscht. Ich habe nichts gegen kleine, alternative Lokale, aber sauber müssen sie sein und eine gewisse Ordnung wünscht man sich in einem Umfeld in dem mit Lebensmitteln hantiert wird. Der große Tisch war schmutzig - nicht von vorherigen Gästen, denn das Lokal hatte soeben erst geöffnet - die Platzsets ebenfalls und die Theke war auch eher naja. Wir haben uns trotzdem zum Essen niedergelassen und ein gutes Mahl genossen, welches allerdings auch besser hätte sein können. Es war nichts besonderes, nicht schlecht, aber für den Preis kann man schon etwas anderes erwarten. Der junge Mann hinter der Theke war sehr freundlich, das Ambiente an sich war auch sehr nett. Ich würde ins TerraZen nicht noch einmal gehen, es gibt genug andere vegane Alternativen, die einiges mehr zu bieten haben.

Pros: Zentrumsnähe, alternatives Ambiente, freundlicher Service

Cons: schmuddelig, Essen war nicht besonders lecker, zu teuer

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Pleasant place - Edit

I really enjoyed my visit there :) The place is very friendly, sells lovely snacks and deserts and also some vegan cheeses, milk, etc... Would definitely go back there when in Amsterdam again :)

Pros: Atmosphere, Cafe+Shop, Friendly staff

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Great food, small restaurant - Edit

Homely and unique flavours. If you like fake meat alternatives and Jamaican good with a twist this is great. had the roti wrap which was really good! I asked for the hot sauce on side which added an additional kick!
Don't go there too hungry though as you might have to wait (they have a really small place with seating for 11-12 ppl).
My wife had the noodles which were really good also.

Pros: great food, unique Jamaican/Asian twist

Cons: small space, slow service and visa cards not accep

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Best. Food. Ever!! - Edit

Looks like a living room, which might take some getting used to.
But once you do, you'll see the charm in it and the unique experience of eating at 1 big table with other like-minded people.
Definitely creates a very open and positive environment! And the food is to DIE for, except no creature had to die :) ! The cook really shares love through his food, which in itself is an art and so needed in this day and age!


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An Experience - Edit

Well, this restaurant is an experience.
It is like a living room with one table and the cook is like the sweetest person ever.
What I like in a restaurant besides good food, is hygiene and good service. The food is perfect, but the hygiene is far from good. Your mindset has to be free to dine at this place. Not my kind of thing, but I can understand that some people like it.

Pros: Good vegan food, Nice vibe, Friendly staff

Cons: Only one table

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Spicy Reggae Vibes - Edit

I see a lot of different reviews for this place on Happy Cow. That's no surprise because you'll probably hate it or love it. For me I must say that I loved it.

The food is mostly fried, so yes, it is greasy. But nobody ever said that vegan food is always healthy. And maybe the place looks a bit cheap. Old chairs, an old counter, an old speaker and some old reggae music. But that's the vibe you need to feel.

On the 9th of February I visited TerraZen Centre for a quick meal. I started with the spring rolls. They did taste good but they were not very crispy. The outside of the rolls were not what I was expecting. The sauce and taste were both good though, so no big deal. After that my noodles as my main dish. Great spicy noodles with lots of veggies. A good plate, a little too spicy for me, but I'm so white. I can't handle a lot of spices!

After my spiced noodles I had a chocolate cake. A little dry, but the taste was good. I also bought myself a vegan white chocolate bar. Great, never knew there would be a vegan white choco.

The guy who runs the restaurant is a good man. Very friendly attitude. Would definitely go back. And yes, you also eat with strangers at one table, but hey, we are all grown ups, right?


Pros: Good vibes

Cons: Not for everybody

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Messy and disorganized - Edit

I had the same experience as many people here. The people working at the restaurant seemed completely disorganized. I waited about 30 minutes before I could order, I waited a long time before my meal arrived. I ordered a smoothie, a salad, then a dish, it came in the reverse order. The place looks messy (just take a look at the front desk) and the kitchen, for what I have seen from a limited angle, seems quite dirty.I didn't like the food very much: too thick, too fat. But this just says about my personal taste.

Pros: Friendly

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Seriously needs improvement. - Edit

I went here with my boyfriend on his recommendation - he had been here multiple times in the past when visiting Amsterdam and said it was wonderful. Unfortunately, in the last year or so since his last visit, something appears to have gone terribly wrong.

We arrived to find that all the tables had been removed, and had been replaced with one large community table. I didn't love the idea but I thought I could suck it up, however, five people had managed to spread themselves around the entire table, made for about ten, leaving my boyfriend and I crammed in between them and their loud conversations. The next problem we faced was trying to order. The staff member working here seemed like she couldn't be bothered with us, and didn't have much of an interest in being there at all. From reading other reviews, it sounds like we weren't the only ones to cop her bad attitude. We ordered the chicken wrap and the burger to share between us. Now, the food itself was actually quite delicious. However, when our burger was brought out to us, they also brought out the burger for a lady sitting opposite us, and the difference between them made me want to weep. Our burger consisted of four little chicken balls and some veg. Her burger looked like the chef had tried to recreate Everest on her plate out of seitan. It appeared to be three times the size of our meal. I know at this point I should have spoken up and said something to the staff, but I honestly felt too uncomfortable to complain in front of a group of strangers to a lady who wouldn't care about what I had to say anyway. This overall experience was such a disappointment, especially after my boyfriend had raved about it and told me we had to visit. It's such a shame that this place appears to have gone downhill, as it is one of the only fully vegan places in Amsterdam. Really hope these guys get it together because the food that we did have was really nice.

Pros: The chicken was bangin

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interesting wee place - Edit

Although the place is small it was a good find as vegan options seem to be limited unless you want to eat lots of falafel. We found the food to be very tasty and the portions were a good size. Maybe a bit expensive but I don't know for the centre of a tourist city. Having to share table might not be for everyone but was not a problem for us and we got chatting with the people next to us. If I am in Amsterdam again I would come back.

Pros: central, all vegan, interesting menu

Cons: service was a bit slow

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I wish to give 1star. - Edit

This is just awful place! Nobody cares for anything here. We went there tempted by HC reviews, very hungry after all day in museum. First lets talk about the food. We ordered Jamaican Plate, burger, miso soup and two teas. The asian girl at the counter ( who was far from being enthusiastic, to be fair - barely nice) told us its a chicken Jamaican jerk style, rice and salad. When the food came I tried to stay positive but it failed with each bite. The food was not tasty, not spicy, bland, overcooked and canteen-like. The "chicken" was rubbery (if one don't know how to use seitan ends up like this). The "salad" it was literally t w o lettuce leaves and two halfslices of tomatoes. With each bite I got more angry. My partner burger was also a disaster. The bun wasn't a burger bun but what's more important it was simply not fresh, flat, rubbery and soggy! He didn't like the taste either. They forgot about the miso soup (thanks god). I got the tea with broken leaking cup.
All this was sooooooo pricy and far from its real value! We paid 30€ - Jamaican plate was 15€ so much expensive than I paid day before in a quite fancy restaurant. Im really pissed. And lets be clear - I don't mind spending on good food but im so angry being made fool and paying so much for no quality at all. Now - the place. Im really and honestly sympathizing with vegan-anarchy-squat spaces. And eat there. But this one has really decaying vibe and is simply dirty. Lots of random things, furnitures and objects piled up same randomly without putting any care how it look like. Real soil on the entrance inside (wtf?!), dying pot plants just near with fallen dry leaves around. Dirty surfaces. Terrible, heavy food smell inside - now our clothes and hair smell like canteen! All customers must seat in one table. If it would be in a squat in Berlin and food would be maximum 5€ - it could be funny. But not for Amsterdam city center and with normal restaurant prices! We are so pissed. I regret that we were to tired and didn't think to leave immediately when this so called "food" appeared. I don't know how this place gets good reviews - maybe some customers come here marijuana stoned to eat -and that's the only explanation for me.

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Caribbean-Asian fusion, informal, cosy - Edit

Beware when you enter the restaurant - the floor at the entrance is a rocky surface, don't trip! Small and cosy with communal tables. The menu is limited. No tap water available, bottles only (a practice I hope they'll do away with). I had the Jamaican plate, spicy and yummy, 15 EUR, pricey in my opinion but standard for Amsterdam vegan restos. Friendly and patient staff.

Pros: Yummy food

Cons: Communal tables, bottled water only

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Deep Fried Heaven - Edit

I give it four stars because it's vegan, but it's a bit on the high side. Like the other references also state: this cafeteria could be much better. The food in this small place was interesting and quite tasty, most of it was deep fried though. I know that not all vegans eat a planted-based diet because of health reasons, but this was too much. Moreover, the music was loud, the phone of the waitress was ringing all the time and her kid was running around; nothing zen about that. Finally, I guess they want to avoid taxes, because we didn't get a receipt, the waitress just used a calculator to tell us what we had to pay.

Pros: 100% vegan, Interesting food, In the centre

Cons: No receipt, Loud, Inattentive waitress

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needs improvement.. - Edit

Not a very good memory of this place. We will never go here again.
We ordered two different dishes from the menu - the meal looked the same.
The meals didn't have a lot of taste.
If you like shabby living room informal, with a touch of spirituality (wellness etc), this might be something for you. Had to sit eating on a bench, without place to put our plates. Later we had to share a table. Again, if you like that sort of thing, go ahead. No privacy. I think we even made a reservation...!
The man seemed nice though, and I hope the restaurant will improve.

Cons: shabby, not a lot of taste in meals, reservation; no place to sit

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best! jah rasta! - Edit

best vegan restauarant in amsterdam! I dont care what the stupid reviews below say, I think alot of the vegans commenting are very judgemental and quite hypocritcal in their standpoint on things! This restauarant is humble, honest and real. Its run by an amazing rastafarian jamaican chef who lived over 20 years in japan, so he makes an amazingly unique combination of rasta and japanese vegan food that tastes like nothing else! amazing food cooked by an amazing soul! This is one of my top 5 vegan places in the world! best food and best energy! JAH!

Pros: vegan, ital, rasta

Cons: run down

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way to expensive for what you get - Edit

The food is tasty, but you have to like that place and the prices to enjoy it.
It is dirty, crammed and highly priced for the tiny little portions (with a lot of rice, which is actually a very cheap ingredient).
There is only one small table (for couples) and one large table for about 8-10 people, if you sit close. There were nice people, you have to like that a few single guys - as nice as they are - are hanging out there and try chewing of your ear or getting you into a conversation (if you like it or not). If you like the other parties at the table is another big influence on how good of time you have in there.
So think about it.
But you'll see what I mean, when you go there.

Pros: good food, nice people, a toilet to use

Cons: overpriced for food and location, dirty, 1 table to share with almost all guests

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what the noodles!! - Edit

at terra zen there are not so many places to sit but is easy to share a table with other person. the kitchen and the dining room are not separeted so its easy to smell like a fried potato. despite that, noodles are delicious and the rest is nothing special. we took sushi, crispy chicken and spring rolls but their taste was covered by a creamy souce that hidden their natural flavour. the cheese cake was good but it leaves a bubbly feeling in your mouth.

Pros: all vegan and different options avaiable, fast delivery, good music and not touristic

Cons: too spicy , use of too much sauces, clothes smell of chips and fried

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Good Food - Edit

This is not a typical restaurant.
I was very surprised when I saw the space and made me think twice about eating there... but the food is amazing. Their burger is awsome, really, you have to try it really.
The crew is very nice and helpful also :)

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not what I expected - Edit

i honestly do not know how this restaurant got so many positive feedbacks...it is dirty everywhere, the toilet is disgusting, the food is too expensive for what it is and there is only one small table and a big one to be shared with the other customers. i am sorry to say this but this place should be closed for not meeting the hygienic standards...

Pros: food is tasty

Cons: dirty, too expensive

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Really nice food - Edit

Small restaurant where you will have to share table with other people. There was just one person to attend the tables and cook so we had to wait a bit but it worth it. We ordered the vegan plate and the vegan chicken wrap and they were delicious!

Pros: Really nice food

Cons: Small place

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One of the worst restaurants we've ever been to. - Edit

We made our decision to go to this restaurant because the reviews seemed generally decent on most sites (HappyCow, TripAdvisor). The location is easily accessible. The inside of the restaurant is very casual and not very inviting. There are two tables, one larger table for communal seating and another with four seats.

We sat down as no one acknowledged us when we were waiting to be seated. There were two unfriendly teenage girls working. I went up to the cash to ask about the menu on the blackboard. One of the main menu items was the vegan special (15 euro) and the other was a Jamaican plate. I couldn't really get a sense of what the difference was from the server except that one was crispier. We also ordered a side order of spring rolls. During this time, no water was brought to the table nor any cutlery. When the food was brought to the table, the plates were literally flung at us. We already felt unwelcome. I had to ask for some cutlery. One napkin for two people with wet cutlery inside was brought over.

I can't express how awful the food was. Overly salty and greasy. It's really difficult to make spring rolls taste bad, but this restaurant succeeded. The spring rolls lacked many veggies inside. They were more like a dough.

If you read through the reviews on many sites, you'll find many are full of praise for this spot, but then many other reviews that reflect our experience with nasty staff (I don't how or why the owner allows these teenagers to work there). They obviously don't want to be there. They were far more interested in being on their mobile and hanging outside the restaurant than making people feel welcome and actually offering a smile).

I've been vegan for over 10 years. I've been to great restaurants, bad restaurants, and most that are in between. This is truly one of the worst. The restaurant was also quite expensive. It was 40 euro for the two "vegan specials", two bottles of water, and one order of spring rolls. This restaurant doesn't even deserve one happy cow, but two is the lowest that the system will allow me to award. Perhaps if the food was good it could make up for the terrible service. In this case both were horrible.

Pros: good location

Cons: Awful greasy food, Terrible unfriendly service, Not very clean inside

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DELICIOUS & quaint~ - Edit

I love this cute little oasis in the middle of the city, on a very small street. It was super eclectic and had a nice hippy vibe, very relaxing, very causal. I had a big plate of food for 15EURO which wasn't so bad in my opinion! My friend had an onion soup for 3EURO! All in all, tasty food, fairly quick service, almost all the food is organic - I would def go back! Could be spicier, though ;) but thats just me

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Fantastic food - foreign ambience - weird staff - Edit

The food was really really good!! And we didn't pay much at all.

I would not go there with a big group or when going for something ''chic''.

We were attented by a young boy and girl. The boy was cute, but not so social and the girl didn't seem the care at all. We got the feeling they were the kids of the owner ''forced'' to help with the family business.

Either way, I would definitely return.

Owh, and they didn't have sugar for in the coffee... don't know if that's something standard or they just ran out of sugar XD

Pros: Food is really good, Funny/authentic ambience, Close to the city center

Cons: Waiters are not so social or helpfull, Small place

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Wonderful! - Edit

The chef is outstanding, he's so down to earth and friendly and cooks amazing food.

tried their burger and curry- both very delicious, cooked so well!, very unique flavours, not mild and not strong- just perfect.

only wish the staff who were serving would be friendlier, the looked sad (esp the girl)

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amazing and unique - Edit

don't be fooled by the look of the place, the food is amazing and unique. Choice is wide enough but I always go for the vegan plate: it is always different and delicious. Highly recommended.

Pros: all vegan, different from anything else , central

Cons: place needs refurbishing, shared tables

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Different, Spicy, Expensive - Edit

Das TerraZen befindet sich sehr zentral in Amsterdam und ist sehr gut zu erreichen und leicht zu finden in einer charmanten Seitengasse. Der Eingang in das Etablissement ist äußerst ungewöhnlich — lose, in Erde eingelassene Steinplatten zieren das Entree. Ansonsten ist das Interieur bunt gemischt. Die Ausstattung beinhaltet in die Jahre gekommenes retro-modisches Mobiliar, das nicht jedermanns Fall sein dürfte. Auch die Gerüche erinnern nicht unbedingt an ein Restaurant, sondern an die eines Headshops. Pflanzen runden das Arrangement ab.

Hinter der Theke begrüßte uns sehr freundlich und herzlich der Chef. Nach kurzem Smalltalk erläuterte er uns die heutige Menükarte und sprach Empfehlungen aus, welche nicht einleuchtend verständlich waren.

Wir entschieden uns für Spring Rolls, Sushi mit Avokado und die Vegan Plate. Auf Nachfrage des Chefs, ob die Speisen "spicy" gewünscht seien, drückten wir unmissverständlich aus, dass es auf keinen Fall ("not spicy, please!") erwünscht ist.
Nach kurzer Zeit (ca. 10 Minuten) wurden die Spring Rolls serviert. Die Rolls waren paniert, interessant gefüllt und schmeckten bis auf die Tatsache, dass die dazugehörige Sauce spicy war, sehr empfehlenswert. Wenige Minuten später wurden Sushi und die Plate serviert. Bei den sieben Sushis wurde zwar der Wunsch nach Avokadofüllung missachtet, jedoch schmeckten auch diese anders-interessant. Man sollte allerdings beachten, dass sie mit herkömmlichen Sushi nichts gemein haben (allein die Tatsache, dass sie nicht mit normalem Reis, sondern mit braunem Reis hergestellt wurden). Auch hier wurde an Schärfe nicht gespart. Die Vegan Plate sollte aber noch einmal in Sachen Schärfe einen drauf setzen... die auf der Platte befindlichen Sachen waren ausnahmslos frittiert und aufgrund der Schärfe beinahe ungenießbar.

Die drei Speisen kosteten insgesamt 36 Euro (ohne Getränke) und waren in unseren Augen nicht gerechtfertigt.

- für hygienisch-penible Leute nicht zu empfehlen
- Portionen zu klein
- Essen entweder zu fettig oder zu scharf

Pros: friendly chef, short wait

Cons: price

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delicious - Edit

Indeed, you easily walk past the TerraZen Centre, but once you stepped into this tiny restaurant through a tiny garden (!), you will find some delicious food! Everything looks a bit crappy, but it's very cozy. The chef is nearly always singing to reggae music, and everybody is very friendly. The first day I had the "Vegan Plate" with lots of fake meat (usually not my cup of tea), but it was tasty and crispy. The bread that comes with it was far beyond anything I've ever tasted--so yummy! The next day I was not that hungry, and took the Samosas, very delicious, too, but nothing else comes with it, it's a side dish. My wife ate the TZ Burger, which was not a burger in the commom sense, but very good! The TZ Jamaican Plate was an explosion of taste.
To make it short, visit this place, even if the looks may deter you.

Pros: taste, staff, limited seating (if you want to chat)

Cons: expensive, the look of the place, limited seating (if you want to be alone

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Surprisingly amazing! - Edit

TerraZen was so nondescript we completely walked past while we were trying to find it! When we walked in we were second guessing we were at the right place as it looked completely different to what we saw on social media but once the food came out we knew we were in vegan heaven! The food was so good and quite a good price for the size and quality. There was very limited seating and the staff didn't really explain well what the dishes included but is definitely worth going to as it is located in the city centre close to Dam Square which many other vegan friendly cafes aren't.

Pros: Delicious food

Cons: Limited seating

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Best place in Amsterdam for vegan food - Edit

We had to go there twice to try the rest of the menu. First day vegan plate, spring rolls, sushi and chocolate cake. Second day, Jamaican plate, noodles, spring rolls(again), chicken rott wrap. We wanted to try samosa and burger but was so full.

Very nice relaxing atmosphere, cosy small place. A little hard to find the first time. But the next day, easy. Nice couple running the place. Good service and no stress.

You HAVE to go there!!!

Pros: fantastic food, close to city centre

Cons: a little hard to find

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lack of service - Edit

Our group of 4 arrived at TerraZen, hoping for good food as reported on Happy Cow. However, we could not bear to stay to order after the service (or lack thereof) at this restaurant. We sat down at a table, and two young ladies came up to our table and asked us what we wanted to order. The menu was written on the blackboard in front of the cashier. We started off by asking them what was in the 'Vegan Plate', as it was not indicated on the blackboard. One of the young ladies explained it in a tone like talking to my teenage spoilt cousin. My friend then asked about the 'Jamaican Plate', and it was like talking to a spoilt teenage princess and repeated the contents of the 'Vegan Plate'. I explained that we wanted to know the contents of the 'JAMAICAN PLATE', and the two waitresses giggled along with the man behind the counter. There was no language barriers, as we all spoke English. The food may be good, but we didn't think the attitude would come with it.

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Amazeng! - Edit

So wish we had found this place last year and earlier this year.The most amazing tasty food do not be put off by it's warm and friendly shabby chic look,it's moor like a friendly beach shack in the centre of town,the whole atmostphere is so restful,great music,have a game of dominoes while you wait,enjoy fantastic shakes,everything prepared fresh, I had the Roti 2 days in a row and my husband the Jerk Chicken...place totally vegan,so obviously not the real chicken.Service on day 1 by a beautiful kind Japanese lady,the next day different waitress, quite impatient,not tolerant of people who can only speak English, was more like a surly teenager who did not really want to be there so it did change the vibe a tad but food was still great and the other lady was around so a lot was forgiven as we all have bad days.

Pros: fantastic food, totally vegan, mostly great staff

Cons: in Amsterdam and not Somerset

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DELICIOUS!!! went back 3 times in 4 days - Edit

Really friendly and chatty couple (if you want to have a natter). EXCELLENT food, sugar free desserts. Very unassuming little place that was a gem to find! Can't recommend enough.

Pros: food top quality, service v good - quick & friendly, funny decor inc. mini zen garden inside!

Cons: perhaps difficult to find

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Seriously the food is incredible!!! And the staff is super kind and friendly. BEST restaurant ever!!!!
We had the spring rolls, the sushi rolls, the curry and the ginger tea. And all the people reading this you have to try the food there. It is simply AMAZING...


Cons: Nothing!

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Very interesting food! - Edit

I had a bowl of something called "natto", which is a Japanese dish of fermented soybeans. Something I'd never heard of but loved a lot!

It's a bit pricey though (~€12-15 per dish) so wouldn't eat there every day.

Also, they can sometimes be closed when it's supposed to be opening hours, so you might want to ring in advance.

Great atmosphere with wall paintings, reggae music and vegan "propaganda" :)

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Excellent food with a comfortable atmosphere - Edit

I ate here the last two nights. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is great. The owners are a man from the Caribbean and a women from Japan. We had two combination plates, which were great. We also had spring rolls which were breaded and with a very good sauce. It is a bit expensive, but I think it is worth it. After dinner, the chef even gave us a free drink to enjoy for our walk home. Overall this is a great find, it is a little tricky to find as it is tucked away in an alley but it is worth the extra trouble of finding it.

Pros: Great Food, Great Atmosphere, Great Service

Cons: Hard to Find, limited menu, Prices are not clearly displayed

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Nice food, abysmal service - Edit

The food at TerraZen was nice, but probably not worth the struggle it takes to get it. There are no prices anywhere, so the bill was a bit of a surprise - as other reviewers have noted, the setting is neither big nor particularly attractive, so I'd expected the prices to reflect that. We had the combination plate, which had some really well-prepared vegetables, rice and deep fried mock chicken. Everything tasted good. We were told there was only one dessert option (others were given two options), and were served the scrawniest piece of cheesecake imaginable. The centre was nice, but the outer part had no base and was almost frozen. The main problem was the surly attitude of the waitress. We arrived at 7:15 and it was full, so we asked to reserve a table for 8, which she cheerfully agreed to. When we returned at 7:55 and it was full, all she said was "It's not 8 yet", so we hung around for 20 minutes, despite the fact that only 2 people there were actually still eating, everyone else had finished. She made no effort to offer anyone the bill, or offer us a drink while we waited. When we finally placed our order, she told us that we could have ordered while we were waiting. She could have told us that! It seemed like everyone had to make an effort to be served - she wasn't asking if people wanted another drink/dessert/the bill. It was very peculiar service.

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Great food, lovely atmosphere - Edit

The food was absolutely amazing, it was honestly the tastiest food I have ever eaten, we ate there everyday for the 3 days we were in Amsterdam. I had the combination plate, the crispy chicken roti wrap and the crispy chicken burger with roti. I can't recommend this place enough. Fantastic Caribbean/ Japanese food in a friendly chilled out atmosphere, what more could you want?

Pros: Delicious food , friendly chef and waiters/waitress

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Room for improvement - Edit

Very central but still a bit hard to find. I was there a few days ago. Yes, it is small and sticky and seemed not very hygienic either. For my mixed plate, which was a rather basic, not exiting dish I payed 15 Euro. Even for Amsterdam is was insanely expensive. Besides, there are no prices declared anywhere, regarding both food and beverages, so this came as a surprise to me. I don't want to impute they are ripping off unaware costumers, yet it's tinged with lack of understanding. Apart from that TerraZen have by no means 'moderate' prices. I have to admit though that there was nothing wrong with the taste or quality of the food, that was untainted. Since I had to wait for quite a while (few other guests had to wait even (much) longer although they had ordered earlier than me), back in the hotel my cloths had a penetrating oil smell. The staff seemed a bit overchallenged, some small child scrambled about in the food counter aso. But there were good things too: Reggae music, nice other guests and after all everything is vegan. Still, there is quite some room for improvement.

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No prices anywhere - Edit

When you step in it's dirt everywhere cause of the plants inside. The place looks nothing like the pictures. No prices anywhere to be seen and the staff is mostly 10 yo kids that speak bad english. They sell the most expensive brands of water in smallest bottles. Foods for two people cost us almost 45€. The waiters drops forks and knives on the dirty table and the chef handles cash and coins the same time as he's cooking.

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A Guide to dining at TerraZen - Edit

So, after reading a bunch of reviews and visiting the place myself just this weekend, let me tell you how to enjoy TerraZen.

First, make sure you are not too hungry, prepare for it by making sure you are going there for the hunger to come. If it is closed and you give them a call, just hang out in the neighborhood until the time they tell you to. Should be about right. Plenty of things to see in the area, so no reason to stay.

Second, the menu is more like a guideline. Don't busy yourself too much with it, just go with the flow. The chef will take custom orders if you want to (just be a bit specific). Also, this chef just says what he thinks. I like that in people.

Third, ignore the surroundings, the "shabby"-ness of the place. It resembles a squatted place, loosely, both in interior decoration (lol) and mannerisms.

Fourth, it is not called terraZEN for nothing. Don't rush, take your time, talk to people. YOU create the atmosphere you want at this place. Going here and expecting to be served like in a normal restaurant will yield you little results and lots of irritation. Just have an open mind!

Fifth, enjoy the food! It might be pricey, but it is well worth it in my book. Just remember that you are in the center of Amsterdam, and that this might be one of the cheapest places to get some decent food in the evening. Don't know where you are from, but most capitols I've visited are always overpriced. - insert memory of 5€ stale beer at a random pub -

So, if you have the right mindset for this place, go for it! You will not be disappointed!
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 04, 2015

Pros: Great food, ZEN, Attitude of owner

Cons: Waiting time, few chairs

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A piece of jewel in Amsterdam's city center - Edit

When you enter this place, you wouldn't say the food is going to be as good as it is. The place is small and very simple, but the food has a very high quality. The vegan chicken is is excellent!

Pros: excellent food, friendly personal, a bit expensive

Cons: not enough place

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trust your instincts - Edit

My sister and husband were with me when we finally found this hole in the wall. And yes, this is what it was, a hole in the wall, and not in a good way. Very bad vibes when we looked in. The owner looked and acted high, the one table had an oil cloth on it, which probably started out as a regular cotton cloth, but over the years, it had probably never been washed, the "oiled" look, probably from the oil in the air. We walked by here two times, one time being brave enough to just go inside. We should have trusted our instincts. The stench was enough to make us make a beeline out of there. There is nothing quaint, or "chill" about the place. It's a dump. If it looks dirty and the smell is bad, that is your indication that it's time to find another restaurant. If it's dirty IN the restaurant, what do you think the kitchen looks like??? No, not cool. If this were in the US, the Dept of Health would shut the place down, period. Not worth it.

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Good food - Edit

The food was really good. The interior is kinda shabby looking, so if you're the kind of person that is bothered by that or by a little mess, don't go here.
It's a nice place, not my favourite, but I would totally go back!

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not really sure what to think - Edit

First of all: The food is good but the place is not very inviting. We were three people and we asked for a large plate to share. The plate we got was small so I asked for another one and earned a strange look and "I saw u coming in and knew u were sceptical..." That brought a very strange vibe to the whole thing. We payed 39€ for two plate (each 15€ which was basically enough for one person) + 3 drink á 3€. I would like to recommend the place but my overall impression was more negative (what I have being told about my second order + the overpriced plates).

Pros: good taste

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Excellent Food, Good Vibes in the City Center - Edit

This owner run establishment is a breath of fresh air in the City Center. The menu has something for everyone.

The owner is very accommodating and takes special requests with an open heart and a big smile.

We felt like we were having dinner at a close friend's house.

We were there for 4 days and ate their for dinner every single night.

Five Stars!!

Pros: Owner Operated, Fresh Produce Daily , Good vibes

Cons: Cant name one

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Nice and different - Edit

I enjoyed my meal at this place. The owner is a friendly man who recommended us the combo plate with rice, veggies, tofu, tempeh, chicken flavoured something... Really tasty and enough amount for a meal. A bit overprized though. Prizes are not written anywhere and i felt a bit surprized when he told me the combo + a drink were 17,5€. Anyway, i'd recommend to give it a try at least once.

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not what we expected - Edit

To start, the place looks like anything and certainly not a place to eat. The atmosphere is really bad, there is two poor tables. All is dirty, tables, floor, fridges, cutleries ... There is also a showcase with questionable food, tabacco, cigarrets papers, filters ... We didn’t understand. There is no prices, bad explications. And that’s why we paid 35 euros for two mixed plates. It was fried fake chicken, barbecue sauce ... It was late, we were starving, and the reviews were good. That’s absolutely not what we expected.

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Trippy cafe - Edit

OK, this place has totally changed over the past years and I'm not sure why. I was there with my partner in December. There were only two tables in there (1 oval and 1 small square). The whole interior is very weird and looks like they combined any furniture they could find randomly. It is a very trippy sort of cafe (exactly the kind of psychedelic joint your usual meat eater/omnivore has in mind when you tell them about a vegan place). To be fair, the food was very good. I had a Tempeh burger and it was delicious and very satisfying, the portion was big. Also the staff was very nice as well. We found the prices also OK. But...this place could be so much nicer and the small space could be used a lot more efficiently - What happened here over the past years?! Seems like there is absolutely no business model or concept behind this. Last but not least...ATTENTION: For some reason they sell "Rivella" drinks (saw them in the fridge) and they are NOT VEGAN. Rivella contains Milk Serum and it even says so on the label...do not drink that if you are vegan. This lead me to rate this cafe with 2 points instead of maybe 3.

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simply amazing - Edit

I was very happy with the service me and my boyfriend got when we visited the place on our latest trip to Amsterdam. We were the only customers during our stay, and the food came very quickly. After reading the reviews I was expecting to wait forever for the food to be ready, so it was a pleasant surprise. We both ordered the vegan plate, which was huge. Neither of us very able to finish the this enormous portion that consisted of rice, some kind of cabbage, tempeh, tofu and vegan chicken. I've never eaten tempeh so great, and the chicken was mouth-watering. The whole price for two portions and one drink was around 30 euros, which I find reasonable since it was probably one of the best meals ever. We will definitely return here.

Pros: the food, amazing service, atmosphere

Cons: no prices or the whole menu visible

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Chaotic, small, expensive - Edit

The eatery is located in the center, in a small streey secluded from the main busy streets. There were only 2 tables, each occupies up to 4-5 pp. We shared one table with 4 other guests. There was no menu card, only a black chalkboard with handwritten 4-5 dishes. They refer the "vegan plate" right away, which my partner took, along with a Bionadr. I took a pumpkin soup, along with a green smoothie. My soup came first, smoothie came last. In total, it cost 28 Euro, without a bill!! There were no prices so we didn't expect it to be this much! They had a drink automat selling Bionade and water. There was a glas vitrine separating guests from the bar, selling vegan milk and chips, but it was rather empty. On the wall, there was another glas shelf which sells greeting cards and picture frames... During our stay, a group of people walked in, greeted the cook and walked out. Needless to say that we just felt strange...
All in all, food was good, nothing impressive though and really expensive. Everything does not seem in place and little space was not used efficiently. There's a lot of room for improvement.

Pros: Vegetables, Friendly staff, Location

Cons: Chaotic, Very limited menu without price indications, Expensive

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Fantastic - Edit

The food here was amazingly good! I was in Amsterdam on business and ate here two of my six nights in town.

The owner makes a daily vegan plate that is customized by adding tofu, tempeh, or vegan chicken and rice, roti, or noodles. Both of the daily plates were great, the vegan chicken and noodles were particularly tasty.

The family who owns the restaurant is very nice. The owner / chef even came out and joked that he was "putting extra love in the food".

The wall has a fantastic mural painted on it, but the restaurant only has two tables so takeout could be a good option.

Pros: So tasty, friendly staff, nice mural on the wall

Cons: only a few tables, limited daily menu

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This is not your corner restaurant. - Edit

If you are looking for a restaurant, and you want to be served...and I mean this in all aspects of the word....then DO NOT GO HERE!

If you are looking for great food, fabulous conversation, and a little education and enlightenment. Step right up, pull up a chair.
This is like coming back home to mom's house and she's cooking in the kitchen. Except here it's dad working his magic. I come here to be nourished. I don't ask for anything specifically, I just tell him to make me whatever he wants. Whatever moves him, cook it up, and AMAZINGLY it has always been fabulous. I have read a few of the reviews here about the cost of things at his place, but seriously, good vegan food is hard to find, and maintaining any establishment in Amsterdam ain't cheap!

This place isn't about sitting apart, it's about communal eating. It may throw many people off because we have been fed a stereotype of what a restaurant is suppose to look like. Well, what if you took your mom's kitchen table, you know the old oval one with the leaf insert and put that in as your main eating area. This encourages people to sit and talk to one another, strangers with the same eating habits actually sitting around and talking! Mix in some great island home cooking with a little asian flair and next thing you know you're all talking and eating and SHARING!

I've met people from around the world here from Isreal to Alabama, Texas to Taipei and back again, and it's amazing what seating can encourage people to do. I too was a bit thrown by the atmosphere at first, but some great things come weirdly wrapped. I spend a lot of time in Amsterdam and this is the only place that I eat. Find me sitting at the square table, pull up a chair and lets talk and eat together.

I have been eating here at least twice a week for about a month and the conversations with people are so great and the food is so good I didn't even know until a few days ago that he also has WIFI. It helped out when someone tried to explain ackee and jackfruit to me. Oh yeah, he has that in the kitchen too.

Server yourself your own beverage out of the beverage area, and just wait. you'll be pleasantly surprised. And if you see me, just smile and say hello! :)

So if you're looking for a "you must server me...or a ...have it your way" kind of restaurant... Burger King is around the corner.

Pros: Great food, Easily accessible, It's VEGAN!

Cons: Wish it were a little bigger

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Ambiance rasta pour un repas délicieux et varié :) - Edit

Ambiance rasta en dehors du temps et de l'espace un peu space au premier abord ^^, mais une fois l'immersion effectuée et le plat apporté, que du régal, varié et équilibré :)

Pros: Ambiance dans un autre espace-temps, Qualité du plat, Tout vegan

Cons: Cash only

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cool atmosphere and amazing plates - Edit

the owner welcomed my boyfriend and I so well ! He was really funny and cool guy. there were nobody else in the restaurant as it was a bit late for a lunch, and he made 2 big and delicious homemade plates. For me it was Tofu with a sweet sauce, azuki beans, "roti" (like a big pancakes really good), and some vegetables with delicious topping and sauce. My boyfriend had vegan chicken nuggets, brown rice, vegetables. Everything was absolutely delicious and we want to go back the next time we visit Amsterdam.

Pros: excellent food, funny and lovely owner, feel "at home"

Cons: slow service, a bit pricey

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I went on hols from UK to Amsterdam with my friend and we visited TarraZen. It has a really relaxed atmosphere and very friendly staff. There was so much choice, it took my ages to decide but I had the beans/greens and rice and it was AMAZIN, so good that a few days later my hubby joined me in Amsterdam and we went back for lunch. A 'must-eat' if your a vegi/vegan in Amsterdam, would definitely go back. xx

Pros: Excellent Food, Nice Atmosphere, NIce Staff

Cons: Nedd more menus, Faster service, a tad pricey but sooo nice

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the love affair is over - Edit

Love the owner and family but things are going downhill for terra Zen. For the second time I arrive and the door is locked. Phone number rings the house, no one knows where the owner is. Strolls over 20 mins later and makes a nice plate of tofu for me. For 17 euros including a drink. Great food, great guy but this business model is not going to fly.

Pros: owner

Cons: price , unpredictable hours

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If only I could go there everyday... - Edit

Great slow food! Everything is vegan, super well-cooked, great atmosphere. Don't go there if you're in a rush. The food is kinda Japanese-cuban fusion it will blow your mind. Really loved it!!!

Pros: great slow food, Menu = mouthwatering, nice location, very calm

Cons: a bit slow

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Great Vegan food, Home-cooking, Home-service - Edit

I went to have my meals here many times when I was in Amsterdam, eat-in and also take away. It was like having a meal at a friend's home. Every dish was made fresh & hot from the kitchen with the feeling of home-cooking. Although I ordered some of the same dishes, each time they were not exactly the same, but every time was very good.

The owners are such a lovely couple of husband & wife. I can feel that they cooked from their heart. Someone might feel that their service is 'weird'. But as I mentioned, if you expect a five stars or a proper restaurant service, this place is not for you. But if you like home-cooking and simple-friendly atmosphere, I definitely recommend. For me, if I live in Amsterdam, I would regularly have my meals here.

Anyway, one thing you need to be ready for is waiting, it is not very ideal to have a meal or order a take away here if you are in a rush. Just chill out, good food needs some time and they will serve you the best you can get.

Pros: Good taste, Fresh ingredients, Hot dishes

Cons: Quite a long wait

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Not really amazing... but good vibe - Edit

I had good expectations about this restaurant (exotic cuisine and 100% vegan) but when I tried it, I was a bit disappointed. Among the negative points were at first the very poor service. We ordered 3 dishes and 1 was forgot even if we were only four people inside the restaurant! At the end, one of our desserts was also forgot. They seem to be really disorganized. They are very friendly nevertheless. The man is a character and funny.

In terms of food, I was also a little let down. I ordered the TerraZen main dish that consisted of brown rice, some vegetables and vegan chicken nuggets and tempeh. It was not bad, but it was not amazing. I can do the same home. Moreover, there was no sauce for the rice or the vegetables. It was accompanied with a miso soup that was however really good. But 16,5 euros (with night extra charges) was really to much for that. We also ordered the crispy sushis. They were good, but were served without any soya sauce. Our third dish was a bowl of rice, vegetables and vegan chicken nuggets, also accompanied with a miso soup. It was good and correct for the price (less than 13 euros) but finally rather basic. As a dessert, we wanted to try the chocolate ice cream but they didn't have it anymore. We finally chose the banana cake and the chocolate cake. The banana cake was really good (with a fresh cut banana over it and soy cream) but the chocolate one was a bit dry and rather basic. However, their price was fair.

To sum up, I believe that some dishes are really good whereas other are basic and clearly overpriced, considering taste and service. The place is nice and has a good vibe but you have to be patient, tolerant and accept sometimes overpriced food.

Pros: 100% vegan, menu items, friendly staff, nice vibe

Cons: small, very poor service, overpriced, food rather basic and not impressive

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Torn between four and three stars - Edit

This restaurant is well located close to Damrak and the train station, and although it looks very run down, and the furniture can best be called a brave mix, I immediately liked the relaxed atmosphere. The reggae music and the vibe of the place really cheered me up. The owner/chef is quite a character and was very friendly, and I got my meal very quickly. Well, it was the wrong one - I didn't say so, though, because to be honest, I was very hungry, it looked well and I knew it was vegan, so I didn't really care. Of course, this still shouldn't happen and I wonder what the owner would have done if I had told him.
What I got was an avocado and rice dish and it tasted good in a homemade style. Unfortunately, the Matcha Soy Milk I had ordered was really just that - soy milk with Matcha powder, nothing else, not sweetened at all. You can imagine how bitter and disgusting it tasted. The miso soup accompanying the main dish was very good, though. I was also delighted to find chocolate ice-cream on the menu!
Altogether, the meals could be presented in a nicer way and it all could do with a makeover, but on the other hand it might lose its special character then, which would be a pity.
My meal came to more than 16€, which was quite expensive considering what you get.
Because I still somehow liked the place and enjoyed it very much, I am torn between four and three stars, but considering the mere facts, it has to be three.

Pros: Interesting place full of character, Unusual meals, Great location

Cons: Quite expensive, Small size of meals

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Hit and miss. - Edit

I was in Amsterdam with my girlfrriend in February. We decided to get somthing to eat and after looking on happy cow we settled on the terrazen centre. We found it and straight away it was very odd. It was empty other than one couple and there was no one working there to be seen. We sat down and after a few minutes a man appeared from outside and asked us what we would like? This was a weird question as we hadn't seen a menu. We asked what they had and I eventually went for a vegan chicken katsu curry whilst my girlfriend went for some noodles. He went off to start cooking it and we felt a bit awkward. There was a couple sitting in the corner eating alone and music playing but some how the atmosphere of the restaurant/ caffe was strange. Eventuly the food arrived and whilst my girlfriend devoured her noodles, my "chicken" katsu curry tasted a little too realistic. I know that might sound stupid but it put me off. We finished our meals and paid (it was quite expencive for what it was) Overall it was ok but I don't reckon id be going back. The service was weird/ non existent and there was a strange atmosphere.

Pros: Good location, Interesting food.

Cons: Poor service, Strange atmosphere

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I felt like a guest in someone's home - Edit

I visited here with my husband approximately 18 months ago, and whilst the food faulted, in my opinion, it was rather expensive, priced as an upmarket restaurant rather than a cosy cafe. The owner was very friendly, and did nothing personally to make us feel unwelcome, but I still got the feel that we were in the way, because the only other occupants were friends or family of the staff, who were slow to break off the personal conversations to serve us. The small size of the place made this more noticeable. It's very conveniently located, and has a unique menu, but is not my favourite restaurant in Amsterdam.

Pros: location, quality of food, unique menu

Cons: price, service speed

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Felt ripped off - Edit

It's a rare opportunity to try Japanese & Caribbean fusion, and the food wasn't bad, just a bit odd and slightly pricey. The service however was terrible. It was very hard to understand how the staff could have mixed up our order with someone else's, since the place, at full capacity, only seated 9 people, a modest amount of customers.
We also got the wrong bill, and the owners attitude towards us afterwards was rather disrespectful. He didn't apologise or anything, but seemed pissed for some reason.

Cons: bad service & staff, expensive

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Not worth it. - Edit

I really wanted to like this place because it's all vegan and close to where I was staying, but I will not go here again.

First thing - it's dirty. The table I sat at had bits of food on the floor, a tablecloth that I'm sure has never been washed or even shaken out - old bits of food all over it, and when I touched it, it felt really grungy.

Second thing, the WAIT. From ordering, it took something like an hour and 20 minutes to get my food. One hour and 20 minutes of awkwardly sharing a table with strangers (who also waited over an hour), trying to stay occupied... the restaurant wasn't even that busy.

Third. The amount they charged was more than on the menu, with no indication of this. The dish I ordered was supposed to come with miso soup but didn't ever get it, but at that point I was so desperate to get out and not wait probably another hour for the soup.

On the plus side, well, the food was reasonably tasty, though it'd be tastier if it weren't seriously overpriced for what it is, and what this restaurant is.

Pros: food is pretty good, all vegan

Cons: dirty, incredibly long wait, small portions/high price

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love it or hate it - Edit

The guy who runs this place is quite a character. And, for the both times I went there, he was running it all by himself. He takes the orders and prepare the food. I was the first one for lunch for both times and the time I had to wait for the food was about 30~40 minutes. It was a ok time for me, but I was really sad for the people who came later. Some of them were waiting 20 minutes so they could order.

Despite all that, the food was great and really tasty. The cook does not spare on the spices and everything was delicious.
I would (and want) to come back only if a have a lot of time to wait. If not, I'd go to some other place.

Pros: Tasty, well served

Cons: only one guy running everything

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We REALLY enjoyed the food - Edit

I had been holding off trying TerraZen due to the mix of reviews, and that there are plenty of other veg places to try that sounded like more of a 'sure thing' for my hard earned euros. In short, we'll be going back. Yes, it's decor was lacking, but we didn't find the place to be dirty. It's very much a little hole-in-the wall. They bill themselves as Japanese-Caribbean which is spot-on. The service was fine and friendly. The food didn't take long to prepare and that was the big surprise. It was delicious. We ordered their 'chicken' katsu which came with a really good miso soup, and their 'chicken' curry. The place could benefit from a sprucing up and getting rid of the large kitchen table, replacing it with a few mores small tables. But, like I said, we'll be going back, and soon.

Pros: The food, reasonably priced

Cons: table layout

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Ganja explosion! - Edit

I have been backpacking with a friend through Europe and she conveniently lives outside of Amsterdam and we have been using HappyCow throughout our travels. TerraZen being our first place in Amsterdam to try. We walked in already alert from all the previous reviews about the "dirtiness" of this place, but we were excited to try the food. The second we walked in we were almost pushed right back out the door from the stench of marijuana. I realize it is legal in Amsterdam and without a doubt a scent you smell everywhere and is quite normal but this was overpowering! I'm not one to be bothered by the smell, but this was SO extreme after sitting down reviewing the menu we had to get up and walk out! We were super bummed but I'm not sure we would have been able to taste our food..maybe we'll try again in the near future?!

Pros: Friendly Staff, English Menu

Cons: Smell, Dirtiness

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Yummy - Edit

This place is a bit pricey for what you get, but the food was delicious. Service was a bit lacking but it made the experience that much more amusing. Go in with an open mind.

Pros: yummy food, you're in Amsterdam!

Cons: pricey for portions, service was slow

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Good Food, ugly place. - Edit

Very good vegan food.

Japanese/Jamaican mix, that really works.

When you first met this place, you think "what the hell is this??"" Ugly decoration, poor furniture, but a ver good flavor in food!!!

Pros: Grear taste, Lot of dishes

Cons: The Place, Decoration, Dirt

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sadly run down, or just too 'alternative'? - Edit

While we love supporting vegan eateries we were disappointed by how dirty and run down this place was. The chef and daughter were nice and friendly though. The food had many options but pretty bland in presentation.

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A unique place indeed! - Edit

After searching a good while for this cafe and eventually finding it (not sure if that's just me!) it was a relief to spend time here. The menu was full of unusual options and plenty of fake meaty goodness. I had a chicken style seitan burger sandwich and ginger beer. It was a fairly quiet time of day but that didn't lessen the lively atmosphere with the chef singing and chatting to regulars. When it suddenly dawned that i didn't have my purse, this was not a problem and it seemed that i could return at my leisure, which i did almost immediately.
Updated from previous review on Sunday August 04, 2013

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Intimate size

Cons: Small portions/no sides, A bit pricey

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Bad experience... - Edit

After all the reviews we really expected more from this place! The place is quite dirty and there is almost no place to seat. The food was a good, but a little disappointing for the price, since the portion was really small. The takeout containers was also not professional at all, they don't even had a Takeout cup (It is impossible to carry a juice in a bicicle in a opened cup). Would not recommend...

Pros: Friendly staff, Good food

Cons: Dirty place, No place to seat, Small portions

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very good food, not so cozy anymore - Edit

All the times I go there the food is great. The people are friendly and sweet. The waiting time is worth it, just don't come starved, have an apple as all is made fresh.
The menu is very varied and the combination of Caribbean / Japanese makes it really exceptional!
In was cozier in the past but now the interior has changed. The venue needs a renovation to say the least.
But don't be discouraged, the outstanding food is fantastic! I still give it 5 stars
and if you compare food prizes in general in Amsterdam, it is NOT expensive. 10.- Euro for a miso soup and bowl with brown rice and tempeh is really good value

Pros: great food, varied menu, central location

Cons: interior looks run down, bit chaotic

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Def. go here when you visit Amsterdam! - Edit

I first had lunch here, then came back for dinner the next day. TerraZen is such a cozy place, the owner & cook is extremely friendly. Prices are a little high but I was more than willing to pay, since the food was so good. Recommended restaurant, you should really go here when you visit Amsterdam as a vegetarian/vegan.

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Tasty food - Edit

I visited TerraZen whilst in Amsterdam this weekend. The restaurant is not fancy, but it is cosy in it's own way. I ordered brown rice, braised tofu and veggies, which was very tasty!! My boyfriend had the veggie curry with roti, but it was a very small portion and quite overpriced for what he received. Overall, the food was good and the chef was super friendly, but it is a tad on the expensive side for what you actually get.

Pros: Friendly staff, Tasty food

Cons: Overpriced

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Chill Atmosphere, Homey Food - Edit

I really enjoyed my time at Terra Zen. It is a bit hard to find if you're not looking for it, but it was a nice discovery. The prices weren't that great, but the food was really tasty. We did have to wait quite a while, but if you're in good company, and not that hungry, you'll be fine. They had really creative and homey dishes, which is hard to find for lunch in Amsterdam. The owner is really friendly, talkative, and is very passionate about his dishes. The place is small, but it has a very chill vibe. Would definitely go again!

Pros: nice atmosphere, great service, homey, creative dishes

Cons: waiting time is long, a bit expensive, hard to find

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loved it! - Edit

Great atmosphere and fantastic food. We are in Amsterdam for 3days as part of a month long Europe trip and we agreed that our meal here has been our favorite of the trip. My omni brother and friend loved it just as much as I did. Super friendly staff and great food, what more can you ask for?

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worst restaurant experience - Edit

Excited to find a vegan place (thats not comparable to a restaurant) near the Central Station, we headed there and sat down to look at the menu choices. After about 10 minutes we could order. Another guy sat down at our table. Then the waiting started.
The same song was playing over an over. The guy ordered. Waiting. The guy got his food. Waiting. After 45 minutes they asked if we wanted just bread instead of the ordered portion rice which was not yet done (?) but we said we would wait. The owner, calmly smoking a joint in the kitchen, confirmed us it would take 12 minutes. The other guy payed and left. And after another 30 minutes (!) our food arrived. Well, part of it at least.
Unfortunately I didn't like it that much but my boyfriend did so for that we can't make a statement. It was an average meal but not okay if you consider the prices.

A bowl of rice, 5 pieces of veganChicken and a miso soup (with seetang) costs 11€.

Considering all those points, I'd not go there again.

If we would have been looking for a comfortable chill-out on a rainy afternoon, our judgement might not have been so bad.

Pros: apart of the humidity - nice atmosphere

Cons: Waiting 75min for the food, Expensive, same music over and over

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tasty food, iffy service - Edit

I’m late with this review. I was in Amsterdam in September 2013. Comments from my first visit to TerraZen:
Good and varied menu. Mains of curry and rice or roti, €9.80-17.00 (not cheap!), burgers, stews, lentil daal, quinoa salad and other salads, noodle dishes (soba, udon), sushi, miso soup and other soups €7.50, drinks (including hot ginger soymilk, ginger beer, juices), cakes, choco ice cream, fruit plate. I had “crispy tempeh burger” €8.80. Meal took a while to come but was tasty and satisfying. Beware: 10% is added after 6 pm for “night charges”!
Second visit: Not impressed with the service (desultory young woman), and a toddler and others going in and out the door, right beside where I was eating. Delicious soba noodle/vegetable stir-fry topped with a piece of okra. Yakisoba, €9.80. Rather than wait longer, I walked to the back to place my order; details on the menu had to be extracted from the server.
Don’t be in a hurry. The meals take at least 20 minutes or more to arrive, but you know it’s freshly cooked.
Toilet beside the eating space didn’t flush, and there wasn’t any hand towel.
Seating is limited, and what there is includes a low table where you sit on cushions on the floor and two chairs at a window counter beside the door, meaning you and your warm meal are impacted by the cool air. A potential additional eating space was occupied by a sleeping infant.
I'm thrilled to have a vegan eatery, but this place could use some improvements.

Pros: good food, varied menu

Cons: slow service, certain servers need improved attitude

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Loved it! - Edit

The café was fun to find, tucked up a narrow little side street – I almost walked past it. It was cold outside so it was a relief to walk into the cosy friendly atmosphere of the café. I was welcomed warmly by both the chef/owner and the waitress. The waitress was clocking off but she still took the time to wish me a nice meal and night. I ordered a hot chocolate soya milk and a crispy tempeh burger which the chef made whilst singing along to the same reggae track which seemed to be played on continuous loop the whole time I was there. I couldn't help but smile inside!

The hot chocolate was very nice and I enjoyed sipping it while reading my book. I had just finished it when my burger arrived. I’d never had tempeh before, but based on my experience I would definitely order it again. It was indeed crispy, and there were several slices placed on-top of a salad on-top of an extremely yummy brown sub roll. The salad consisted of lettuce, spring onion little sprouted things (like mung beans but smaller), sesame seeds, chunks of a soft fruit-like thing that I didn't recognise and a really tasty sauce. Despite my ignorance towards some of the more “exotic” ingredients, everything worked really well. The burger was crunchy, yet saucy and fresh without ever being dry or drab in taste or texture. I was feeling under the weather but had I been well, I may have asked exactly what I was eating, but what is life without the odd little mystery?

I guess the food did take a little while to arrive at the table, but I was having such a nice time reading and drinking my drink that I didn't mind at all. However the chef still came over and apologised for the wait and explained that he likes to take his time making sure the food was perfect. Mission accomplished, my good man!

I would definitely recommend this cafe ♥ So much so I have written about it in my blog: http://flash-gordonette.com/2013/12/07/21-vegan-las-amsterdam.aspx

Pros: Fabulous tasty cruelty-free food, VAST selection! , Cozy & friendly atmosphere ♥

Cons: Slight wait for food - but not too bad!, Not posh enough to take guests

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Disappointing - Edit

After reading the reviews here, I couldn't wait to go to TerraZen. It was hard to choose something from the menu, because there are so many things, so I randomly picked the 'Rasta Pasta' because it sounded nice, but the waitress couldn't tell me what the dish was.
My friend and I both ordered and then the wait started. My friend got his food (vegan chicken and cassave) in about 20 minutes but then it took another 30 for my food to arrive. Although we ordered different dishes, they tasted quite the same (soy sauce). When we wanted to pay, it took another 10 minutes because the waitress couldn't figure out how the till worked. Quite unbelievable.
I might give TerraZen another chance when I'm in the city centre again, but only because of the other positive reviews, which may mean my experience with them was a one-off. Let's hope so.

Pros: lots to choose from, vegan

Cons: slow, food not so special

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Too good to miss - Edit

Having been here earlier this year I had to go back for more. I was on a study trip with Uni so took 3 non-vegetarians with me, 2 ate with me & loved it. They both had the veggie burger while I had the vegan chicken burger, the food took a while but was totally worth it. The place has such a nice friendly atmosphere. I went back on Sunday night but with eleven other students who tagged along, this made the wait for food over an hour, but the food is so delicious it's still worth it. Next time I won't let so many people come with me. On both nights I had conversations with local patrons of this place who were all really cool people. It is a small family operation (two people)but they are lovely, I would definitely eat here again the next time I'm in Amsterdam.

Pros: Fantastic fresh & tasty food., Not expensive.

Cons: Waiting time.

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Interesting! - Edit

I read the reviews here before deciding to brave this place. I was expecting something quite manly and it wasn't as bad as I imagined. However I agree with the other reviews: I don't think this would pass any kind of inspection (!) but the staff are lovely, there's lots of choice of food and it is good quality.

My meal was rather a surprise. I ordered the vegan chicken burger. It was an open sandwich with something like stir fried sauce and veg over it. Underneath was the 'burger'. The 'chicken' was AMaZING. It was really good. However it wasn't really a burger per se. So just bear that in mind. Next time I would ask for the burger simply with the 'chicken' and roll. The bread roll was good quality though. Afterwards I had banana cake which came with vegan cream. It was so delicious and not too sweet.

Definitely worth a visit. Just be open minded!

Pros: All vegan , Friendly, Tasty

Cons: Very small, Not the cleanest looking place

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GREAT food, good atmosphere - Edit

This is a Japanese-meets-Carribean place just off a main street in Amsterdam central area.

Everyone we met was SUPER nice, the food was amazing, the prices were good - it couldn't be better.

Their hours say that they are open all day, but they close in between lunch and dinner. From 14:30-16:00, they're closed.

We went for lunch one day and dinner a different day. Both times, we really enjoyed it.

Order the katsu chicken bowl!!!

Pros: All vegan, Super friendly

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Exactly what I needed - Edit

After a long weekend of less than ideal food, arriving in Amsterdam and dining at TerraZen was exactly what I needed. The service was warm-hearted and helpful in choosing from among the many delicious sounding dishes. I had the crispy tempeh burger (so satisfying) and my companion enjoyed the chicken sweet and sour with excellently prepared seitan. The survival cake was also very good. I highly recommend a visit to TerraZen!

Pros: delicious food, friendly staff

Cons: small space

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hilariously tasty - Edit

I absolutely loved this place.

I prob wouldn't have stepped in had it not been on happy cow and am really glad I did. On arrival we walked into an empty shop filled with very loud reggae!

We sat ourselves down and were eventually served by the wonderful owner.

I had the chicken katsu burger and organic cola. We also got spring rolls to start which we re more like crumbed and fried dumplings... They were amazing!

My burger was a taste sensation and the evening was made even better by hearing the cook/waiter/owner singing in the kitchen.

Defiantly recommend

Pros: amazing food , fun atmosphere

Cons: don't go there if your looking for special service, bit slow

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Only 1 person works there - Edit

Be sure you have a LOT of time to wait around.

I stopped in, excited to find an all vegan place. It looked empty, but there was one customer ordering at the counter from the Jamaican owner guy. The owner took his order, and disappeared into the back, so I sat down & waited ... and waited. Next I heard him chopping things back there and realized he was still going to have to cut, then cook, etc., so I had to leave.

I was there around 4 pm. I will go back today or tomorrow so I can finally see if the food is any better than the wait.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Horribly long wait

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Best vegan food in Amsterdam! - Edit

This cute little restaurant is absolutely perfect if you're wanting to try something new! The blend of Japanese and Caribbean food is something radically new for your taste buds!

The atmosphere is very upbeat as the owner/chef sings while he cooks for you! Haha

I went with a couple friends and between the three of us we got the bean stew, the miso soup, the vegan chicken burger and the teriyaki tempeh burger. All three were absolutely to die for. The bean stew is perfect if you're wanting some comfort food to fill you up, but still leaves you feeling light and earthy. Both of the burgers were perfectly seasoned and come with fresh veggies. I particularly enjoyed the chicken burger! The miso soup also had a little bit of a spin, being a little bit spicy and containing cauliflower! We finished everything up with a slice of the chocolate cake which was incredibly light for being chocolate. It left you feeling satisfied without being overly sweet and rich.

Definitely some of the best vegan food I've ever had!

Pros: New flavors, awesome atmosphere, perfect vegan chicken burger

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Fantastic food! - Edit

Took my meat-eating father here for dinner last night and we both really, really enjoyed our food.

I had the organic sweet and sour "chicken" roti and my dad had a mixed bean roti - both were really tasty and really hearty.

Only slight negatives were that the service was very slow (though we were there at peak time) and after waiting 30 minutes we were told we would need to wait a further 30 minutes for rice, which we'd originally ordered instead of the roti.

Nevertheless, we're looking forward to returning later in our stay in Amsterdam!

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Fantastic vegan food in the centre of Amsterdam - Edit

My husband and I went to TerraZen Centre for a late lunch yesterday. We had the Teriyaki Tempeh Burger and the "Chicken" Katsu Rice Bowl with Miso Soup. Both dishes were delicious.
We were the only guests, which was not surprising for 3pm in the afternoon, and service was friendly and swift. Some reviews mention an issue with the bathroom - we found it to be very clean.
The quality and taste of the food was really outstanding - I would say that this was among the best vegan food I have had in a restaurant in the Netherlands. The place itself is small and somewhat chaotic looking (in a charming way), so definitely more a place for a relaxed group dinner or lunch than a posh meal.
We felt that the food was good value for money by Dutch standards - we have paid a lot more for less good food elsewhere.
We'll definitely be coming back!

Pros: Very tasty food, Central location, Friendly staff & relaxed atmosphere

Cons: Small place - could get crowded

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Green smoothies for daaays - Edit

My friend and I visited this restaurant twice during our stay in Amsterdam solely for their smoothies. I had their green smoothie and their coconut/soya milkshake. We didn't have any food but the smoothies themselves are worth a visit. The owners of the restaurant were very kind people as well.

Pros: delicious smoothies

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Eating at TerraZen, Amsterdam - Edit

This is a small vegan restaurang that have a delicious menu with a lot to choose from! The owners was very helpful, serviceminded & nice! We didn´t have to wait long for our food and it was good portion-sizes.
We visited them twice and we went home full, happy and content!
I can gladly recommend TerraZen in Amsterdam!

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The best vegan food cafe I have ever been to - Edit

I love everything about this place. The owners, the atmosphere, and of course the food! I wish I could eat here for the rest of my life.

Pros: 100% vegan, GREAT food, Not too tough on your wallet

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Very nice vegan place! - Edit

Nice cozy place! Very delicious variety of food and drinks. Large portions, reasonable prices. Cheerful and pleasant family staff, the owner is very cool man! Respect for TerraZen Centre!

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Excellent people & food, diverse menu - Edit

My partner & I wandered into TerraZen around 8:30pm on a Monday night, and the place was CROWDED. It's tiny, seating around 4 groups of people at a time, or maybe 6 - 7 couples, but the location is phenomenal. The restaurant is just a bit north of Dam Square, in the pedestrian-only shopping alleys. Inside, the place is full of color, with murals and paintings on the wall. The menu is Japanese and Indian-inspired, with lots of tempura, rice, noodles, and tempeh.

The clientele and staff are super friendly. While we waited for 2 seats to open up, a regular customer chatted with us and volunteered information about the best menu items. She said she'd been coming every week since the place opened, and never had a subpar dish there. The staff were also very kind, exchanging laughs with us and being very patient while we tried to decide on what to order.

We ultimately ordered:

- Ginger Tea
- Hot Ginger Soyamilk
- Tempura Udon (€9.80)
- TerraZen Teishoku with Miso Soup (€15)
- Chocolate Cake

In total, we spent €35 for a meal that could have fed 2 very hungry people, or 3-4 moderately hungry people. And it was DELICIOUS. With the exception of the hot ginger soyamilk, which was just soymilk with ginger chopped up in it (I don’t know what I was expecting), everything was phenomenal, and very fresh, piping hot, and crispy.

Actually, the meal was so filling that we saved the entire Teishoku dish in tupperwear and ate it for lunch the following day. The Teishoku is a mix of 3 of the first 6 items on the “Main Dishes” menu, decided upon by the kitchen based on what veggies are around and what’s good (which was perfect for my indecisive partner & I). The Tempura Udon is a gigantic bowl of noodle soup with tempura and veggies (such as seaweed and mushrooms) on top. For dessert, we finished with the chocolate cake, which was PHENOMENAL -- just moist and just sweet enough, but not too much. It was perfection.

If I were to suggest anything, it’d be to add seitan to the menu.

Pros: delicious food, upbeat vibe / atmosphere, great location

Cons: no seitan, very small location

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Just wonderful - Edit

We had dinner here a few days ago, and came back today for more. The place is small, and very not fancy, but you feel very welcomed, the owner is super friendy, and the food is amazing. It feels more like having dinner at a friend than going to a restaurant. The menu is a mix of carribian, japanese, sushi, soup and salads. I would recommend this to all of my friends.
Prizes vary from around 7€ to maybe 14€.

Pros: Food is super, The owner is soo cool, Very cozy

Cons: Not for large groups

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