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3-1-22 Nishi Azabu 4F, Minato-ku (at SAI building), Tokyo, Japan, 106-0031

Vegetarian Taiwanese food restaurant located 1 minute from Roppongi Hills shopping center. Moved from previous location at Granduo bldg. 7F, 3-2-1 Shibasaki-cho, Tachikawa. Stickers denote menu items containing milk (blue) or egg (yellow). English menu available. Directions: from Roppongi Crossing or Roppongi Hills walk downhill (southwest) on Roppongi-dori Ave and Roppongi Hills will be on your left. Continue walking past Roppongi Hills for 2 minutes. Chien Fu is on the left side, look for SAI building sign. Reported closed, Sep 2018.

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27 Reviews

First Review by Aya


Points +41

28 Aug 2018

Delicious chinese/vietnamese food

The food was extremely good. My actually non vegeterian friends were blown away too! Unfortunately the restaurant will close permanently from 31st August. So glad that I have come here before! Perfect place for dinner :)

Pros: Delicious food, Veggie stuff to buy


Points +116

11 Jul 2018

Tasty Taiwanese/Chinese

We had dinner here at around 7pm, and there was one person when we came and about 14 when we left. The food was good, we tried both a Taiwanese dish and a Chinese. The servings are big, and it is not very expensive (about 1300 yen for a set with main dish, rice, soup, dessert and tea.) Be aware that on the sign on the street it says “Chinese Vegetarian” not Taiwanese, and that the restaurant is on the 4th floor, so hard to spot.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Exciting food

Cons: Dirty/stained tablecloth


Points +23

10 Mar 2018

Friendly and tasty

The gentleman serving us was incredibly friendly. He laughed and joked with us (in excellent English too!) and helped us understand the menu. One thing to note is that although all meals in the restaurant are vegetarian (and most appear vegan) they're sometimes described as "pork" "squid" etc. But all are mock meats. We had mapo tofu and sweet and sour fried "fish" both of which were delicious. The gentleman serving us then gave us a lovely fruit jelly and tea on the house. Highly recommend this place.

Pros: Friendly staff, English menu, Excellent food



Points +23

14 Feb 2018

Chinese - Taiwan style meals.

More of a restaurant, than cafe style venue. The waiter was very friendly and helpful, taking me through parts of the menu that weren't in English. There were many variations of traditional dishes with mock meats.
Some of the dishes have that glutenous texture that can be a bit different if you're not use to it..not sure how healthy it is!

Pros: Lots of options

Cons: Very quiet, not much atmosphere when I visited.


Points +88

18 Dec 2017

Standard Taiwanese food, but good

I stopped by this place because I love their vegetable buns I tried at the Tokyo Vegan Food Festival this year. Like other reviewers have mentioned, this place is pretty desolate. I went during lunch time and there was only one other person. It seemed relatively clean the decor was nothing to write home about. But the waiter was really kind and the food was tasty, but simple. It's nice if you're looking for an alternative a standard Chinese restaurant. This place isn't going to blow you away but it's a good place to eat a vegan lunch if you don't want to break the bank.

Pros: Nice staff, Authentic food, Reasonable price

Cons: Dated decor, Mediocre


Points +252

06 Apr 2017

Friendly place, OK food

The menu is in Japanese with some (but not all) dishes also labeled in English. This was not a problem as the friendly and cheerful waitress spoke good English. You have to take a leap of faith and assume that they remember to use meat replacement products everywhere because dishes are labeled as "pork this" and "shrimp that" without any mention of e.g. "soy-based" anywhere. The signs outside, the place mats and the the waitress all reiterated that this is a purely vegetarian place though, so I had no problem ordering the fried "shrimp" and a large bowl of soup with sides.

I enjoyed browsing the little vegetarian shop shelf at the entrance while waiting for my order. When the food arrived, I was a bit disappointed: It looked exactly as advertised in the menu, but the taste was nothing special. The "shrimp" (really battered mushrooms) were very oily. The soup was spicy but did not have much taste beyond that. Of the sides, the fried rice was interesting. I usually see egg fried rice everywhere. Nice to get a vegan version of that popular dish.

There should have been WiFi, but the waitress forgot the password and did not know where to look it up :).

Overall, I give this restaurant 3/5 for the cheerful service and decent fare.

Pros: Friendly service, English-speaking, Easy to find

Cons: Uninspiring taste, Greasy


Points +172

23 Sep 2016

Really liked this restaurant!

I think its a great choice if you are in Roppongi! a good 10-15 min walk from the Roppongi station. the restaurant is quite small and cozy, better to make a reservation if you're aiming for peak hours. we ordered the ma po tofu and fried rice noodles. both were so delicious! I live in HK and i must say, i have never ever tasted such yum mapo tofu in MY LIFE! i thought the rice noodles where the thick and fat ones and when the gave it to me, i saw it was actually thin (like angel hair).. i was quite disappointed when i saw it (cuz I dont like angel hair).. BUT... when i took one bite, all my disappointments vanished. so delish!

Updated from previous review on 2014-10-14

Pros: Good food and service

Cons: Cant think of any


Points +91

09 Jul 2016

very oily

I agree with previous comments about the cleanliness. The tablecloth was old and marked and there was a Vege chicken nugget on the floor. I wiped a spill of the seat and a big black mark of dirt came off. The walls hadn't been cleaned for a long time.
The mapo tofu had a 3mm layer of oil on top. Even the noodles were oily. We had a banquet for two and still needed to order an extra dish due to small serving sizes. Overpriced for what was served.
The serving staff was nice.
I prefer the Taiwanese food at It's Vegetable over this restaurant.

Cons: oily, small serving portions


Points +36

11 Jun 2016

only for the brave

The food was very good, but this place was so dirty! The tablecloth, the dishware, etc... really offputting.


Points +143

Non Veg
08 Jan 2016

Delicious, must-try

Really delicious! Medium priced. Small and cozy restaurant, not too many people. Most of the menu items are stir fried in various sauces. Wish there could have been more variety, but it was still good. Really interesting tastes.

Pros: Lots of menu items, Delicious, Quiet restaurant

Cons: Mostly similar dishes


Points +64

05 Jan 2016

Cute Chinese place

It's a little hidden, you have to take the elevator behind the corner to the 4th floor. Everything here is vegan although you can be confused at first as the menu lists just "pork" and "chicken" without specifying. Food was not mindblowing but good enough to make us happy. :)


Points +49

02 Jan 2016

good mock meat

fairy good if you like mock meat and dont have gluten allergy. Restaurant does not look very clean.

Pros: variety

Cons: hygiene


Points +53

30 Dec 2015

Brought back great memories

I had lunch here on Christmas Day. I had the sweet and sour 'pork' which tasted just as I remembered it from my pre-veggie days. It was delicious! I hope I can return one day to try their other menu items.


Points +41

Mostly Veg
22 Nov 2015

fulfilling Chinese lunch

I went here earlier this month with a vegetarian friend and had a great meal. We both ordered Mapotofu teishoku and a plate of yaki gyoza. We were satisfied with the proportion of the teishoku meal and how it was vegan but still tasted like the original mapohofu. Personally the gyoza was very mild and watery compared to the non-veg gyoza, which was sort of predictable. But overall the food was nice and they give you a full set of rice, soup, side dish (pickled vegetables) with white rice pudding and tea. we payed around 1,000~1,500 yen each. They also sell veg products such as noodles and veg 'oyster sauce' made from shiitake mushrooms, so try them out if you're interested! As for the place itself, I have to be honest, it didn't feel very hygienic... we were a little skeptical about the stains on the water glass but it turned out to be water stains. Anyways I'm taking off one star for the cleanliness and another star for the place being a bit hard to find...

Pros: genuine chinese dishes, sells veg products

Cons: not so clean , hard time finding the place


Points +147

05 Nov 2015


First off, I had been to Chien-fu in Tachikawa about 6 years ago and found the food to be mediocre at best. I wasn't overly excited to come here after that experience but I was glad I did!

If you take the Hills exit from Roppongi station it's just a little further along in the SAI building. You then have to take the lift up to the restaurant where you land right at the reception area.

We went on a weeknight and unfortunately we were the only people there for a while. We ordered a fried nikuman equivalent and sweet and sour tofu as appetizers, both very delicious and we ate the whole lot. For the main course, we had the "sea bream" and chien-fu fried rice, both super delicious but the fish was amazing! It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and the sauce it came with was so good! For desert I went with the mango pudding which was also really good. I left stuffed and highly satisfied, a completely different feeling than I had before at the now gone Tachikawa location.

The waitress had mentioned to us that their whole menu was now vegan so we were also pleased to hear that.

Nevertheless we will be going back here to try more things from their huge menu!

Pro tip: Bring cash, as they don't take credit cards.

Pros: Tasty, Close to Roppongi station

Cons: No credit cards


Points +39

10 Sep 2015

not veg restaurant

I don t think they know what vegan or else is. Don t speak english, I guess chicken is no animale to them. Food tasted not good. Maybe there was a change in ownership when I see the good ratings before. Place is hard to find, looks crapy and the food is bad. Would give less the 2 stars. And someone should change this to veggie friendly but not vegan or else.

Cons: tasted bad , not clear what is vegetarian


Points +501

20 May 2015

chien fu

We took the happy cow advice of getting the black bean tofu and it did not disappoint!
Had a mixed bag of good dishes and not so great.
4 people - ¥89000

Location and restaurant itself ok.

Cons: felt rushed by staff


Points +314

11 Apr 2015

Tasty Chinese Food in Tokyo!

I've been to this Chinese restaurant a few times now during my stay in Tokyo, and I really like it. But I guess it depends on how you feel about mock meats - I don't mind them. Saying that, I think I've only ordered the tofu dishes! The menu is large, most of it is also in English, and there are the ever-helpful photos! The meals I've had have been delicious - veg dumplings, steamed Chinese buns, tofu & cashew nuts, tofu & spicy noodles, black bean tofu (not all in one sitting!) I'm here alone, but I've noticed that for 2 or more people, you can order set menus where you can try about 9 different dishes - looks lovely. The interior is like a typical Chinese restaurant back home in the U.K.,, which makes me smile. Very easy to find. Take the metro (Hibya or Oedo lines) to Roppongi, and exit at Gate 1B. On street level, head left. You will cross a couple of busy roads at pedestrian crossings, then walk along the street with tall buildings on your left and the road/motorway on your right. There is a sign, in English, hanging off a building called the Sai building, and sometimes there is a sandwich board outside. Go into the elevator vestibule and take elevator to 4th floor. The elderly gentleman who works there will make you feel very welcome!

Pros: Tasty food, Inexpensive, Friendly service


Points +156

17 Jan 2015

Very tasty Asian cuisine!

I love this place! The food is great, the location is great, not so difficult to find. The staff was maybe a little cold, but the food made up for it. The interior of the restaurant is very nice, great place for a date. I went there on a weekend and it was quite crowded, so I recommend making a reservation.
Most of the food is vegan and the vegetarian dishes are clearly marked in the menu with a dot.
I ordered the curry and the nuggets. The curry was just the right amount of spicy. I will definitely eat there again.
I also recommend the Kunitachi location - same food, same prices.
Updated from previous review on Saturday December 13, 2014

Went there again in January 2015. The menu seems to have changed and the prices went up. There are now less vegan options, but most of the menu is still vegan. The chicken nuggets I mentioned before are no longer vegan, or they maybe they never were in the first place and they have realised it just now and simply corrected the mistake, just guessing. Sadly no longer a low budget option :( But the food is still delicious and worth the price!

Pros: nice interior, Tasty food


Points +84

10 Jan 2015

Probably best veggie place in Roppongi!

Living in Roppongi, it is quite difficult finding vegan(or even vegetarian) food. Chien Fu quickly became one of my favourite places, and I even had my going away party at this restaurant when I was leaving Japan! Having a party with 16 people was no problem, and we got several different dishes, each one unique and delicious!

The food is really good, and although the prices are slightly above average I'd say it's worth it because the portions are huge! The restaurant can be a bit hard to find.

Pros: Friendly staff, Good value, Delicious food

Cons: A bit hard to find


Points +1085

29 May 2014

Your mileage may vary

Chien-fu is a Chinese vegetarian restaurant in Ropongi, Tokyo. I ate here several times because of the convenient location, the courteous service and the variety in the menu. Even when the menu says "fish" or "pork" it means fake fish and fake pork made from tofu. In other words: the whole menu is safe to choose from.

The taste of the different dishes varies a lot. I wan't impressed with the tomato rice, nor with the baked noodles. The tofu dressed in wasabi with peppers on the side is fascinatingly spicy, but not exceptionally good.

On the other hand: the spring rolls are very good, as are the various soups. My absolute favourite is the rice with tofu in chili sauce, which is tasteful and obviously made from fresh, high quality ingredients.

Pros: 100% vegetarian menu, can be very tasty, english menu

Cons: can be tasteless as well, not cheap


Points +26

22 May 2014

Other reviews too complimentary

This is a small, difficult to locate restaurant in the Roppongi neighborhhood. Almost missed the entrance, if I had not had GPS smartphone app. Food was barely ok, nothing I could not get at a regular, non-veg spot. I think too many vegetarians "rave" about any restaurant that serves veggie meals, without actually rating the food taste compared to an often better quality meal served at a non-veg restaurant. This is one of those places that serves veg, but is not necessarily a good choice if one wants a really excellent meal. Too pricey as well.

Pros: It's in Tokyo

Cons: Price, Serving size, Quality and taste


Points +147

Mostly Veg
15 Mar 2014

I agree with all of the below ;-)

Good food, friendly staff.


Points +125

08 Mar 2014

Love the spring rolls!

As I mentioned in my review of the Kunitachi branch, Chien-fu serve great meat-free Taiwanese/Chinese food which is a rarity in Japan! It's such a relief to be able to go in and know that what I'm eating is safe. I love the spring rolls and also their ma-ramen set at lunchtime is a favourite. I recently tried the sweet and sour "pork" which was also very good. They have a huge a la cart menu, so big that choosing what to have can be a challenge! Absolutely lovely waiter at lunch times and great service.

Pros: Rare veggie Chinese food, Huge menu, Good value

Cons: Atmosphere a little lacking?


Points +48

02 Feb 2014

good value veggie food in tokyo

A nice restaurant although bit difficult to find as its not right on the street - you have to take a lift up to the actual restaurant. even though we arrived with about 40 mins till closing time they were happy to accomodate us and the manager was very friendly and happy. nice menu with lots to choose from - lots of fake meat dishes as you would expect in this type of restaurant. the food was tasy and not too expensive.

Pros: tasty, lots to choose from

Cons: bit difficult to find


Points +212

13 Jun 2013

best vegetarian Chinese in Tokyo

This is the newest branch of Chien Fu which is wonderful because the Tachikawa (closed) and Kunitachi branches are quite far from central Tokyo. I've been to a couple of other vegetarian Chinese restaurants in Tokyo and I feel that this one gives you the best value for money. This is a good place to try more unusual fake meat dishes such as fake baked fish (cleverly prepared with yuba and seaweed) and fake shark fin soup. A variety of Chinese teas are also available. 1-person dinner set is 1200 yen, course menu from 3000 yen. Compared to other vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo, Chien Fu is reasonably priced. All foods are also well-prepared without onions, garlic, leeks, shallots, etc. as is standard in some Chinese and Indian vegetarian practices. Owner (manager?) is extremely kind and friendly.
Note: the sign outside does not say "Chien Fu", it says 中一 (nakaichi) which is the name of the company that runs Chien Fu. I believe it's green.

Pros: good value, nice portion sizes, convenient location


Points +605

29 May 2013

Many vegan options

There are many different kinds of vegetables, a wide range of mock meats (made with soy, gluten, yuba and konnyaku) and tofu dishes. Everything tasted very good.

I had a dinner set (8 or 10 dishes) - 3000yen - seems expensive, but I was completely stuffed afterwards. Will go there again when I start craving Taiwanese food.

Seemed to be a little more upscale than most veg restaurants in Tokyo, but the prices were OK - around 1000yen for one meal.

Pros: A nice dining experience, Many vegan options, Tasty food

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