A branch of T's Restaurant offering the signature dish being tantan ramen. Choose from several ramen dishes and side dishes. Located inside ticket gate of Tokyo station (must buy platform ticket if coming from outside station). Follow the Keiyō Line signs inside the ticketed area until reaching Keiyō street. On the right hand side next to the escalators where it says “Keiyō Line (for Maiahama). There’s a big “Certified by Vegan” banner. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-10:00pm. Last order 30min before closing.

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First Review by RebeccaBolte


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01 Dec 2023


We had the golden sesame tantan and a side of the gyozas and wow did it hit the spot! The broth was so peanutty and flavourful, we loved this place and would definitely recommend it to others.

Also, the staff were so lovely and friendly.

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24 Nov 2023

Ramen vegan

Une valeur sûre pour manger vegan à Tokyo !
Le ramen au sésame doré et les gyozas sont délicieux 👌
Dommage qu'il soit aussi compliqué à trouver dans la gare.


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22 Nov 2023

I too would like to express my fondness for this particular vegan icon

Amazing. Incredible. Outstanding. My most recent trip to t’s after coming here every single time I’m in Japan was nothing less than extraordinary. From the incredible ramen to the wonderful staff, this restaurant is amazing! True pioneers of veganism in a country that infamously does not cater to us.
Thank you for the incredible work you do! Y’all are amazing.

Pros: The entire menu, Seasonal specialty ramen, Gyoza


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20 Nov 2023

Loved the ramen with peanutbutter

Quick, tasteful and ramen with peanutbutter ❤️


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20 Nov 2023

Very nice and cosy place

A little bit hard to find om the station but info on their website was very helpful. Delicious tantan and gyozu dumplings, nice looking interior, free water provided to the table when seated. Definitely worth waiting in the line :)

Pros: Taste, Design


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18 Nov 2023

My favourite Vegan Ramen spot in Tokyo

Love this place and always make a visit when I am in Tokyo. The Ramen is super tasty with great flavour. Lovely Gyoza too. Their ramen instant pots are also great as a takeaway for home, I always take a few home to the UK.


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12 Nov 2023

Vegan combo meals

We've got two combo meals. One was Grilled Mushrooms SHOYU Ramen + Mini Bowl with Char Siu + Soy Milk Yogurt (Strawberry Sauce) and another Golden Sesame Tantan + Vegetable Gyoza. Both of us liked our sets. Golden sesame was very creamy and nutty, and gyoza was good, but nothing exceptional. Shoyu Ramen had perfect balance of sweet and savoury, and Char Siu bowl was a nice addition to ramen, but soy milk yogurt wouldn't be my first choice of dessert.

Overall portions of the ramens were satisfying, and the price of the meals was not bad for the amount of the food we've got. Staff was nice but we were waiting at the door for quite a bit, even when the sits were available. Trying to get there for the first time was a nightmare, but probably we would come back to try other options.

Pros: All vegan, Good value, Nice staff

Cons: Hard to find the place


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10 Nov 2023

Efficient, clean and creamy

I came to T's Tantan years ago and was happy to see that it is still going very strong. Both times I've come here, the lines have been out the door, but it moves pretty quickly. The staff is efficient at cleaning the settings and moving people through, the restaurant is clean and tidy and bright, and the food continues to be delicious. I had the golden goma ramen with gyoza set and the ramen was so rich and creamy. The sesame flavor is evident in a very nice way that gives it a rich personality. The gyoza were also wonderful. Last time I was here I brought broth packets back with me to California and served it to a group of friends upon returning. I look forward to eating here again!


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08 Nov 2023

Amazing fully vegan

Amazing ramen food, good selection. We came here a few times because it was so good and it’s very difficult to be vegan/veggie in Japan!

Pros: Amazing food, Taste , Money value

Cons: Hard to find


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07 Nov 2023

Great Ramen

Whenever you are in Tokyo Station you should try to find this place

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Pros: Ramen, Gyoza, Speed


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06 Nov 2023

Very tasty!

Had the new Ramen with grilled mushrooms, shared the gyoza and enjoyed the offered lemonade:)


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06 Nov 2023


Ramen was really good and the price is quite reasonable!


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03 Nov 2023


How to find it: it's inside the station, so you need a ticket. Go to the Tokaido Shinkansen South Transfer Gate and then towards GRANSTA. You'll find it at the end of the hallway.
It's almost always busy. Staff is friendly but a little stressed. No toilet inside.
Sesame ramen tastes great, the side dish "rice with char sui (soy meat)" does too.

Pros: Delicious, Cheap

Cons: Difficult to find, Need a JR ticket to get inside the station


17 Nov 2023

Thank you so much, without you I would never have found it.


17 Nov 2023

You're welcome!😄I'll ask happycow to add it to the description.


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01 Nov 2023

Hard to Find - worth it though

I’m stoked to have a fully vegan restaurant at such a key transport hub in Tokyo. Everyone is right though. It’s hard to find. It’s on the 1F and if you find a map it’s marked with “red 1”

The menu is good, with a few distinct options and rotating seasonal offers.

I had the seasonal mushroom Shoyu ramen, which was a nice unique flavour with some exotic mushrooms. It came in a set with a delicious char sui rice and a pretty average soy yoghurt dessert.

The wait staff ask if you have any allergies which is nice. Can’t verify if they’d have asked in English though.


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31 Oct 2023

great food and friendly staff

great atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious ramen at a fair price!


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31 Oct 2023


I had the golden sesame ramen with a a side of soy meat. The ramen was so delicious, natural nutty flavours and the soy meat dipped in the broth was divine 🤤 The shop is quite hard to find though, you have to follow signs for the Keiyo line, if you see lots of Disney posters you know you’re going the right way! It’s at the end of the Keiyo shopping street, next to the elevators.


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27 Oct 2023

Best ramen I had so far

We has the black sesame ramen, which were really damn good and well spiced, the yuzu ramen which were delightfully fruity and the special mushroom ramen which were good but could not compete with the sesame ramen.
The gyozas are good and the soymeat chunks on the side are decent as well (pro tip: put them into the ramen)

It was really busy, so we had to wait quite some time to be seated and served. So bring some time. I dont dare to deduct a star for that though.

Pros: Really delicious, Comparably cheap!

Cons: Popular - thus takes time to be seated


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25 Oct 2023

Weird location, great ramen

A limited fully vegan menu but was great. We tried their limited edition mushroom ramen which was great. Didn't miss meat as the taste was great. They have a few sesame ramen options which my vegan wife loved.

Pros: Great flavour, English was good

Cons: Hard location to find


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23 Oct 2023

Nice central location

Conveniently this chain of T’s is inside the train station so it was a very welcome find. We ordered the side of cheese balls that are quite literally balls of cheese. Not sure if they were meant to go into something else but they were very random. We ordered a ramen/12 piece gyoza set and shared. Beer was cold but half the size/twice the price of beers in other places. Ramen wasn’t as good as other places but it was still nice.


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22 Oct 2023

Another “hard to find but worth it” dinner

Firstly it’s inside the ticketed area of the station. We found the best directions on a completely different blog which helped us the most. Follow the Keiyō Line signs inside the ticketed area until you reach Keiyō Street. The restaurant is in the corner on the right hand side of the escalators where it says “Keiyō Line (for Maiahama) above them. There’s a big “Certified by Vegan” banner next to them too.

Regarding the food we had about a 40 minute wait (Friday night) but gave us time to browse the menu online and pick what we want. Chose the special golden sesame ramen set with the 12 gyoza (2300¥) and the black “hot” sesame ramen (~1100¥). Another white person hot ramen but nice and tasty regardless! Gyoza were quality! Food came quickly.

Pros: Cost, Quick food once ordered , Dense ramen

Cons: Location; if not familiar with station/lines, Felt like a quick in and out experience


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18 Oct 2023

Sauve la vie et exquis

Je ne pensais pas galérer autant à trouver du vegan à Tokyo, par chance on est tombé sur ce restaurant qui sert des plats absolument divins! L'endroit est très beau et serveuses très polie. La dame à l'accueil n'était pas très souriante alors on s'excuse si nous avons fait quelque chose de déplacé. Je conseil fortement ❤️

Pros: Plat, Rapidité , Prix très attractifs


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14 Oct 2023

100% Vegan

T’s Tantan - Tokyo JR Station was the first fully vegan chain we’ve been to (for dinner) on our first day in Tokyo! The food was of high quality and we did come back for lunch. The food was very hearty!

Pros: Conveniently at Tokyo JR Station , Staff can speak English, Great customer service

Cons: Can be pricey, Can be busy with many diners, A tad difficult to find


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07 Oct 2023

Great ramen and gyoza

Delicious food! Prices sensible. Nice staff. A bit hard to find, but you should find it if you follow the hints in the listing.
You can buy their instant ramen at check out (which we have yet to try).


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04 Oct 2023

Not the best ramen but still good

It did not blow me away but it was fully vegan and convenient. The vegan meat and cheese things were honestly pretty good and the gyoza was delicious. Definitely better vegan ramens out there though.


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23 Sep 2023

Great Ramen as always

Returned after not being in Japan for 5 years. Was just as good as I remembered


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16 Sep 2023

Good vegan ramen!

The ramen and gyoza at T's Tantan are really good. The place is a little bit difficult to locate. Its inside the train station so unless you are already at the station you will have to get a ticket to enter.

Pros: Tasty Ramen, Lots of options, Really affordable

Cons: Difficult to locate


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14 Sep 2023

Went there twice on our trip!

We went there twice during our trip to Japan. The only con is their location - we got lost trying to find the restaurant the first time. Visiting them is definitely worth it, more so if you’re already at the station. The tantan noodles and the toppings were really delicious but the real star of the show was the broth!
Never tasted anything quite like it. I recommend trying the white or golden seame ramen, but my bf said their rice bowl tasted pretty decent as well.
They also sell cup noodles - they’re really yummy and also come in pretty handy during your flight back😄

Pros: Portion sizes, Taste, Fast service

Cons: Location

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