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T's Tantan

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Tokyo Station, 1F, Keiyo Street, Tokyo, Japan,

Vegan ramen restaurant. Also serves salads and a few other main course options. Last order 10pm. Located inside Tokyo Station so you must be taking a train or you must buy a platform ticket. Restaurant is located on 1F (1st floor) of Tokyo station. If coming from Keiyo line, move in the direction of JR Chuo line and you will reach a lighted sign "Keiyo Street" on the right. The restaurant is the 1st shop on the left at a corner. If coming from other lines, move in the direction of Keiyo line. Youu will pass some souvenir shops on the right. Once you see "Book Express" on the left, you will find T's Tan Tan, last shop at the corner on your right. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-11:00pm. Last orders 10:30pm

Category: Vegan, Japanese

Reviews (160)

First Review by RebeccaBolte

Perfect quick meals - Edit

I went with the golden sesame ramen and a side of tofu meat. It was absolutely delicious! This was my first taste of ramen and won't be my last. I'll be passing through Tokyo station again and this will be my number one restaurant for future meals. Very nice atmosphere too and fairly simple to find.

Pros: Useful location , Affordable

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Tokyo vegan - Edit

Vegan ramen spot. Tasty options. I was there three time during my stay in Tokyo.
Fast service.

Pros: Prices are okay, fast service, tasty

Cons: during the rush hour you have wait some minute bef

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Exceptional - Edit

Portions were massive, staff was kind and food was served really fast and was super tasty!!! Love it so much I will definitely go back !!!

Pros: portions, service, kindness

Cons: you have to pay ticket to access restaurant

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Limited selection for those who truly vegetarian - Edit

It seems all the ramen soups are cooked with garlic and onions. Therefore, there is not much left except for green salads and rice. At least they are honest and told which foods doesn't have them.

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Do yourself a favor and give this place a try.

One of my veg-friends recommended this to me while my sister was visiting and we ended up eating here for almost every meal in Tokyo. The ramen is so amazing and there are different combinations. Great flavors, quick and just amazing food.

Pros: AMAZING FOOD, Good Location

Cons: Only in Tokyo

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super good ramen - Edit

It was the best ramen ever !!

The service was quick and nice. The restaurant is small and not really easy to find.. but I suggest you to go there at least once ;)

My boyfriend took the black sesame ramen and I had a special one (I can't remember the name, it was on the special menu).
They were both super tasty.

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great! - Edit

Very easy to find, you just follow the signs to keiyo and you will find it, if you don't have a platform ticket or Jr it's easy to fix just walk to yaesu south ticket and buy entrence ticket for just 140 yen. It's worth it! Amazing food! Very fresh and decent price. Will definitely go back!

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A must try! Best vegan food in Tokyo. - Edit

Where do I start! This place is such an awesome little ramen joint. It's totally vegan and serves the most amazing ramen we've ever had. The golden sesame seed ramen is a must. There was a line to get in when we arrived, but well worth the wait (we only had to wait 5 or so minutes). The food tastes clean and isn't full of preservatives and all that other nasty stuff. Clean, yummy, good vegan food.

Pros: The food , Staff, Our food was served in less than 10 minutes

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The only place we went in Tokyo - Edit

Before we came to Tokyo, we spent 11 days travelling through Japan-seeing at least a new city every day, and we covered the entire island of Kyushu. We came around Christmas/new years-and the dates we were in Tokyo for was January 1-4th-a date when apparently most of Japan takes a holiday. I meticulously went through the Happy Cow ratings, and found many restaurant/locales were closed for the holidays or hard to find (after days in Japan, we got tired of not finding the places) .

T's Tan Tan were closed for our first day, so on our second day we finally made it, and we loved it. We decided to try out all their ramen-and that just fitted in with out meal plan for Tokyo. Just having a 'easy' vegan place to eat felt like a luxury. The hours were wonderful, we had breakfast there at 8 am, and found they have a breakfast menu. I had the curry for 540yen, and a coffee for a extra 100 yen. My partner regularly ordered the large noodles (100 yen)-which means a double portion of noodle. If you're hungry, or not sure, just get the large noodles as it's a negligible cost, and well it's a seemingly bottomless bowl of vegan ramen.
All the ramens were good, from left to right, top to bottom on the menu, my favourite were: the second (black sesame), third (gold seseme), and fourth (sweet sour). Top favs were were 2 & 4. The gyoza are good, and worth trying once (the menu has sets that allow add-ons of gyoza, curry, or fried "meat" for a lower price, breakfast offers coffee/tea for a lower price).
They offer chili pepper to add to your ramen. The locale is very cosmopolitan, and while Japanese, you can hear a lot of continental English. It's also very busy, and you need to wait to be seated. They give a lot of very cold water.
So big pros: easy-to -find location in Tokyo, that's quite accessible. Hours. Price (while we don't mind spending 3000 yen on food---our eyes do water after seeing bills for 7000 and over. It's hard to see that at T's, and just nice to feel like one can eat out without worrying). I worked for years in a Japanese kitchen, so I know the cuisine inside-out. Ramen, for me is something special-but one thing I must resort to making at home. I liked this place for the way they make new flavours that I did not use in ramen, it's 100% vegan, so no need to make a risk. I just find the chance for vegan ramen so rare and special, it needs to be tried in full-so we did for breakfast lunch and diner-and we also noticed some repeat customers there.

Pros: Very yummy and 100% vegan, Very good price and quality and quantity ratio, Long Hours and perfect location

Cons: In ticketed section of station, was closed on new years day (according to website), not in many other cities.

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Amazing! - Edit

Great restaurant! We were in Tokyo for 9 days and managed to come here twice because it was so good. Its a bit hard to find the first time but just ask the information desk in the station. The restaurant is IN Tokyo station. Ask for "Keiyo Street" as its a section of this massive station.

The only down side is you have to purchase a platform ticket if you're not on the JR Chuo line already.

Pros: Delicious, Options, All vegan restaurant

Cons: Hard to find the first time

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This place had good food - Edit

This vegan tantanmen was good. I had the white sesame seed tantanmen, and a size of gyoza (since I got the A set of the white sesame seed tantanmen). The gyoza were kind of small and fried but they were good. The tantanmen came with some spicy pepper stuff on the side that I could put it in. I would have liked for there to be some soy sauce, sesame oil, and spicy pepper to be able to make dipping sauce for the gyoza since there was no dipping sauce for it, but that is only a minor detail and the gyoza did taste good on its own.

There was a line for this place, but also it was a Friday around dinner time on December 30th, so those factors may have made it a bit busier than normal. But just in case it might be good to prepare for a line. They handed us menus while we waited in line though so that was nice. The staff seemed nice as well.

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-30

Pros: Good food, Nice staff

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Great ramen - Edit

The taste is definitely different from conventional ramen but the sesame soup base packs a flavourful umami punch with lots of depth. Shoyu soup base was also good. Soy-meat was fairly average, have had much better tasting ones else where. Great overall.

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Must go! - Edit

If you want authentic Japanese ramen, this is the place to go! Absolutely amazing! The hot and sour ramen and a side of dumplings is my favourite! Worth traveling to if you are not near here!

Pros: Delicious and well priced food

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warm bowl on a cold day - Edit

so damn good. got in and out within 45min at 12:30pm. used the directions in the description and found it fine. once you see book express it is tucked in the corner opposite, and has a large vegan ramen sign. staff were lovely. had hot and sour soup, and the midori. added one side of greens and one plate of dumplings between us and left very happy! good portion sizes and came to 1500Y each with coffees. will return in spring!

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Hidden Vegan Ramen Gem - Edit

Delicious if you can find it! Tucked deep into the labyrinth that is Tokyo Station, T's Tantan delivers savory vegan ramen at a very reasonable price. The menu includes English names and descriptions and the staff speaks English as well. Well worth it if you can find it. Note you will need a rail pass to get in to the area that T's is at, but if you had the Japan Rail pass like we did that won't be a problem.

If you are in the station and need to catch a train there is a bit of wait time but you should be able to get in and out in under 45 minutes.

Pros: Delicious, English Friendly

Cons: Hard to Find, Cramped eating area

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Best Ramen - Edit

Basically what the other reviews said: very good ramen, generous portions, quick service, affordable, but quite hard to find and there was a line outside to wait to be seated. Saying that, it was definitely worth it and I hope to come back here again! Such a good find for vegans, and non vegans will enjoy too.

*Directions*: We had a very hard time finding this place, despite following the clear directions in other reviews. We decided it was best to exit Tokyo station completely and enter from near the JR BUS station, and Yaeau exit, buy a Y140 admission ticket, go through the JR gates, turn left and walk straight until you see the last shop on the right with a poster Vegan Ramen!

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Best meal in Tokyo - Edit

We visited at 5pm so it was busy but there was no wait and we were seated quickly with an English menu. The food arrived quickly and was SO good - we had the seasonal ramen (which came with an additional dish of veg to put on top), gyoza, fried mock meat and a mini curry rice. Delicious, hot and filling.

Pros: All vegan. Reasonable prices. quick service. Great

Cons: Can be tricky to locate inside the station (it&#39

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Delicious ramen - Edit

We went here twice during our stay in Tokyo and our favorites were the golden sesame tantan and the hot and sour ramen. Would totally recommend this place if you are into ramen.
You can use your JR pass or Suica card to get inside the gates to get to the restaurant. You can even pay at the restaurant with your Suica card! :)

Pros: Quick service, Friendly staff

Cons: A bit tricky to find (but worth it)

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Finally vegan ramen! - Edit

A delicious ramen restaurant in Tokyo! If you succeed to find it (as said in previous comments, from the outside of the Tokyo station you have to buy a platform ticket and go through the platform gates), you'll be rewarded with a delicious ramen bowl and some amazing dumplings! (best dumplings of my life)

We tried the sweet-and-sour ramen and immediately fell in love with it. We loved it so much than we came back for it 3 times in 7 days!

We also tried the breakfast curry which was very good, but not as amazing as the ramen bowl. If you can, give it a try!

Pros: Amazing food, Not expensive

Cons: So hard to find the first time!

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Vegan Ramen! - Edit

The Shiro Tantan was very good and spicy! Got side of dumplings and fried soy meat bowl. The dumplings were only OK, the soy meat bowl was delicious though. Hard to find, but worth it.

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Lovely Vegan Cafe - Edit

Although not a huge menu, the food is freshly prepared and absolutely delicious and this restaurant is also licensed. The staff are friendly and helpful and had an English menu on hand which was great as we don't speak any Japanese. We would definitely again if we go back to Tokyo.

Pros: Excellent central location, Friendly staff, Relaxed atmosphere

Cons: Not a huge menu, Only a few gluten free options

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One of the Best Ramen's in Tokyo! - Edit

All I can say is fabulous Ramen! In a city that is very difficult to find vegan options we were so excited to try it. We visited there twice when we were in Tokyo for 5 nights. We weren't catching a train so just purchased a platform ticket (140 YEN) and it was well worth it. Fresh, fast and very well priced. They can speak fairly good English and have an English menu available too.
A must try when visiting Tokyo!

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-14

Pros: Delicious , Great options , Well priced

Cons: Can get busy at times so may need to wait a little

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Very convenient - Edit

This place is a great stop if you are going somewhere and happen to be in Tokyo station! I've come here many times and never been disappointed. Their food is fairly inoffensive, maybe nothing super special but hearty and nice.

Pros: convenient, english menu

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Yummy & great value! - Edit

Inside the Tokyo train station on Keio St heading to the Keio Line so if you don't have a ticket you'd need to buy one. We stopped by after our shinkansen journey. We had black sesame & green vegetable ramen, dumplings and some soy pieces. Great value for money and delicious. There's an English menu and staff speak English. Exactly what we needed after a long train ride!

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A HUGE let down - Edit

I came to this ramen restaurant expecting the best vegan ramen in Tokyo. Stellar reviews, so much hype. Firstly, it was super hard to find as we didn't understand you needed to be inside he JR station. When we finally got there, there was quick seating, really nice how they gave out English menus, nice atmosphere. Food came out super fast as well. I got the shoyu ramen, my other two companions got the Suratanmen and the White Tan Tan. It honestly was just really bland tasting broth with a bunch of soup, and not that many vegetables. There was no deep rich flavor that was expecting from so many reviews. The soy meat that came with the shoyu ramen was also really hard and tasteless. We also ordered the gyoza, which my other two really liked but honestly I felt the skin tasted rubbery and just not delicious. Really a disappointing lunch, would much rather grab a bowl of Tan Tan from Jinnan Ramen in Shibuya. Considering how it was the same price as "meat" ramen my friends thought it was overpriced, and I for one agree. There just wasn't even that many veggies, there wasn't anything of true quality and it was just bland. Just super disappointing. Really do not understand the hype, except for the fact that it is nice knowing that there is no cross contamination and that there is a variety of ramen. Now maybe we lucked out on the ramen we choose, but that was 3 out of the 8 ramen they offered. Worth it to go try again? Certainly not.

Pros: Good staff, All vegan, Quick service

Cons: Hard to find , Disappointing , Bland

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Vegan Ramen in Japan! - Edit

We refused to leave Japan without having tried Ramen, Sushi and Dumplings at least once. Vegan Sushi is easier to find but we really struggled with ramen and dumplings. This place is a real blessing. We had to wait for a little bit to get in but it didn't take long.

We tried to get there a first time but it's true that you need a train ticket and we didn't have any. But watch out, the subway ticket doesn't work, only the railway or Shinkansen ticket. We were really disappointed but as fate willed we got there on our very last day as we were about to leave Tokyo by Shinkansen. Even if we weren't hungry we ordered a set menu with ramen and dumplings and it was SO GOOD!

Pros: water for free, delicious

Cons: you need a train ticket to get there

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I absolutely love this place - make sure to visit while at Tokyo Station! - Edit

I always make sure to visit this place whenever I'm passing through Tokyo Station. Ramen is one of those famous dishes of Japan that vegetarians are unable to experience, but if you come here, you can enjoy delicious ramen that is also vegetarian! Their soy meat that they use is delicious. Definitely don't miss this place!

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100+ can't be wrong right? that's right. - Edit

Visited T's twice whilst in Tokyo and may even go back one more time if I have time. If you're going to see the madhouse that is Tokyo station and you're vegan, you'd be a FOOL to not try T's if you have the time. If you're visiting Japan there's a good chance that you have the Japan Rail pass allowing you free entry into the station but it IS inside the station. To repeat what others have said, its very near the Yaesu south exit. Tokyo Station is a big hot mess. The restaurant is in a corner on the main floor just to the right of a single one direction escalator coming up.

Ramen in Japan is very not vegan, maybe other's experiences have differed but every package I've ever google translated contained fish or pork, so being able to eat such an authentic dish while you're there is awesome.

Btw, for those who can't read Kanji, those extra vegetables you can order are pickled vegetables on the side, not veggies that go inside your ramen. And if you're vegan in Japan you might have just had enough of pickled veggies! haha.

Pros: Under $10, English Menu, Very Friendly

Cons: Busy, had to wait in line twice

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this place is da bomb - Edit

they have it right, their philosophy is painted on the walls, so you can be sure the food you're eating is just that, food, not animals...

I had some curry plate and i just remember everything being very tasty... i'm not sure how authentic it all is, but that really isn't something that bothers me, they have the right idea and its very friendly, despite being so popular its almost bursting...

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Don't exit the gates! - Edit

When you get to Tokyo station, don't exit the ticket gates! The restaurant is easy to find if you stay within the ticketed zone, leaving that (but still inside the station) will give you a crazy runabout of hair-pulling frustration.

Pros: All vegan ramen. Tasty.

Cons: Difficult location. Quick turnaround, no chance

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kick-ass ramen - Edit

This place is hard to find. It's on the second floor inside the JR station. It's packed, but service is fast and people come in and out quickly. The very hot ramen wax just what I needed to be a happy camper in my way to Kyoto. My only regret is not being able to go back and try more menu items

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Best Ramen - Edit

Located in Tokyo Station, it's simple to find. Just follow the signs for "Keiyo Line", (as you would go for Tokyo Disneyland, too) and if you reach the Keiyo Street (you'll see it in big letters) it's the last restaurant on the right.

T's Tantan has the best Shoyu Ramen (soy sauce base) I've ever tasted. I always order the Shoyu Ramen everytime I'm there because It's my absolute favourite. Unfortunately last month I went, the Shoyu Ramen was only on the morning menu and not on the normal menu anymore. I hope this will change again.

A small advice: On the opposite of T's Tantan there is a small bakery called "La Terre" and they have a lot vegan delicious bread options, i.e. the walnut chocolate bread, olive bread, the baguettes and a soy cream filled doughnut.
I go there everytime before I visit Tokyo Disneyland, and when I come back I go for delicious Ramen at T's Tantan! :)

Pros: Good price, Amazing Shoyu Ramen, Inside the station, so you don't need to check out

Cons: Shoyu Ramen was only on morning menu

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Incredibly Yummy - Edit

Probably the best vegan restaurant I've ever been to (I've been to most places in Chicago and Tokyo).
Must taste the Tantan noodle. If you like spicy, then try the middle spicy and if you can take that, eat the hottest one! Tonkotsu style noodle is also yummy but not as incredibly amazingly super delicious as the tan tan noodles. The dumplings are super yummy too! I've had the curry as a side dish, but would recommend the dumplings more!
Also I love that every single menu at this place is totally vegan! It's so easy and comforting.

Pros: Incredibly delicious tan tan noodle, Everything is totally vegan , Perfect portion for an adult vegan person

Cons: Inside the station so you have to pay to get in (b, One of the current staffs is a little unfriendly (, The middle spicy tan tan is quite spicy so it woul

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Must Try! Read instructions for location. - Edit

Great delicious ramen! A Must-Try!
My favorite is T's Tantan (one of the choice).

This info should make it very easy for people to locate T's Tan Tan from inside Tokyo station since the station is huge! It was very difficult to find this place based on current info provided on happycow:

T's Tan Tan is on 1F (1st floor) of Tokyo station.

If coming from Keiyo line, move in the direction of JR Chuo line and you will reach a lighted sign "Keiyo Street" on the right. The restaurant is the 1st shop on the left at a corner.

If coming from other lines, move in the direction of Keiyo line. Youu will pass some souvenir shops on the right. Once you see "Book Express" on the left, you will find T's Tan Tan, last shop at the corner on your right.

Last order is 10.30 pm.
Good especially when you are on way back from Tokyo Disneyland after the last show ends at 9.10 pm.

Pros: delicious , long opening hours

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inside the station! - Edit

Good ramen, I didn't really like the dumplings that I found too dry (no sauce with it), good menu. Set ramen and dumpling was 1000 yen, reasonable price.
Be careful the restaurant is inside the station, you have to pass the gates to find it.

Pros: not too pricey clean, fashionable relax atmosphere

Cons: inside station, lots a fake meat

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Reliable, great taste, good value - Edit

Agreeing with everyone else here, this place is a must for veggies or vegans in Tokyo. A little hard to find in the station, try to follow directions for the Keiyo Line and you will find 'Keiyo Street'. There is an English menu but you can probably figure it out from the pictures. Decor is light, bright and clean. Despite being Vegan & Westerner-friendly it still feels like something 'authentic'. I particularly enjoyed the Bibimbap side which is something I had never tried before.

Portions are generous. There are about 5 options and a number of sides to go with each, all noodle bowl based dishes with various types of soy/wheat fake meat. There are spicy options for the adventurous and more plain options. Beer and wine reasonable price. We went at least 3-4 times in 7 days for lunch/dinner. Service was fast despite being busy although large groups might struggle to be seated together. Non veggies would likely have a good time as well.

You will be relieved when you see the bill. There really is little to criticize overall, if you want something more upscale this is still worth a visit for a quick lunch or something!

Pros: Location - central, Good portions, Good value

Cons: Location - if you aren't in the station!, If you don't like noodles?

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tricky to find but worth the search - Edit

The first time we tried to find T's, both the map on happy cow and Google maps couldn't show us where to go.
A few days later we managed to find it near Keiyo Street at Tokyo Station, hidden away to the side. It's inside the station so you need a ticket. I had an Apple Lemonade Tea that was to die for! My partner had a Caramel Tea which was also great, sweet too.
We had the lunch set of Ramen with rice and soy meat. The soy meat was incredible, and the ramen was good but I got one without much of a broth so will try again next time

Pros: Incredible Tea, Easy menu

Cons: Hard to find

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don't even think about skipping this place - Edit

stopped by for lunch before catching the train to my hotel in narita, and sorely regretted not eating there the previous night as well.
i ordered their lunch set A, which is your choice of tantan (i went with the spicy midori tantan) and a bowl of karaage on rice. my only complaint is that their noodles were a wee bit soft, but it honestly didn't affect my dining experience. i was so impressed that i ended up shelling out the cash for their cookbook and a bag of their TVP.

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Ramen - Edit

Their vegan ramen are amazing! Really, I could eat there everyday!
The only negative point is that it's inside the station. So if you don't take a train you still have to pay a fee for the entrance. But I will still come back again and again!

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must eat!! - Edit

This is totally MUST EAT place! Been here 3 days in a row (and only 5days in tokyo)
Also good for budget meal deal (soup/curry + side) is for only 1050yen, so about £6-7 and you can't eat all.
It's in tokyo station, so you need to buy platform ticket for 140yen, but totally worth it!
Look for red 'keiyo' line and follow the directions, you will find 'keiyo street' and there's a t's tantan! Bit confusing, but if you follow red keiyo line sign you'll find it without problem. My omni boyfriend didn't want 'regular' ramen after trying this one!

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Yummy! - Edit

Our family found this on our second to last day in Tokyo and we were so sad we hadn't found it earlier! It is so yummy! It was really nice eating food where everything you ordered you didn't have to worry about eating meat or getting sneaky fish flakes in your meal. They happily seated our large party of 6 (and our luggage) and understood our English and hand signals. The food comes out quick, is beautifully presented and tastes delicious. We had ramen bowls and some sets too, all delicious. The soy meat was excellent. Can't rate this restaurant highly enough. It's tucked away just as you get off from the Keiyo line, straight after the escalator so keep a sharp eye out.

Pros: Every dish is vegetarian and could be vegan.

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Best ramen in Tokyo - Edit

This is inside Tokyo station , get a ticket (platform or to your next destination. My omni family and I came here twice, I think they agree it's the best ramen we had a chance to try.

Pros: amazing ramen, price

Cons: hard to find, no desserts

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Convenient, vegan, delicious - Edit

If it's your first time going to T's TanTan, make sure you ask someone to direct you to Keiyu Street. Tokyo Station is huge! The restaurant, however, is not. If you go at lunch, you may end up waiting in a long line to get in, it's worth the wait though. Everything is good.. I generally get a ramen set: T's Shoyu Ramen (soy meat, seasoned Chinese bamboo shoot, green onion, bean sprouts, seaweed) & fried soy meat on top of rice. They also usually serve at least one curry, and a spicy ramen as well. The menu changes throughout the year. The last time I went (5 April 2016) they had a seasonal ramen featuring Hokkaido potatoes. Drinks are a little expensive. I sometimes get a tea, and they're priced at ¥400+.

Pros: Everything is delicious, Convenient/English Menu, Vegan/No worries of cross contamination

Cons: Most staff speak little English, Less variety than T's Restaurant, Sometimes long queues to get in

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delicious, inexpensive and convenient! - Edit

Yum... Hard to find vegan noodles around Tokyo, this place really satiates your noodle cravings! Cheap and quick(if you avoid lunch and dinner peak hour), it's super convenient to grab a bowl of ramen on your way from A to B in the Tokyo station. We've been back several times during our week in Tokyo.

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Fabulous! - Edit

This is one of my favourite eateries in Tokyo. I always get the Veggie ramen with fried vegetable gyoza (1010Yen) and the hot orange or lemon tea (450Yen) which you can buy a small bag of (750Yen for 10 teabags). It is a casual dining area which has been extremely busy every time I've been.

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The best vegan place to eat in Tokyo - Edit

It is funny to look back at how amazed I was at Tokyo vegan food when we went here for our first restaurant experience. However as the days followed, every restaurant that came afterwards were worse when it came to taste and expensive. So I had to come back for more amazing ramen goodness. You get a lot for your buck.

Only bad thing I can say is that the ramen brine is a bit too salty and greasy. However the ramen noodles balance that out.

Pros: Great taste, Great location, Inexpensive

Cons: Greasy, Salty

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Tantan - Edit

My partner and I went here on the way through Tokyo station while doing some shopping in the area. Yes, you do need to be in the actual station to come to this place.

We went for the 'set' meal where you choose a ramen type dish and a side. We both enjoyed our meals. The place felt a little cramped but the staff were friendly and were able to help us in giving us the English menu.

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Best vegan ramen in Tokyo! - Edit

I've been here so many times and I'm gonna miss it like crazy when moving back home. This is a place you have to visit!

Pros: Delicious ramen (and soy chicken!), Moderate pricing, Amazing staff

Cons: Could be tricky to find

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Great food and great service - Edit

Had the breakfast menu this morning...excellent price, we just arrived in Tokyo yesterday and we were struggling to find somewhere to eat close to our hotel, so were so happy ro find this place....The staff were all lovely and have good English. We will be back before our trip is over!

Pros: price location service English speaking

Cons: None!

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Amazing vegan ramen noodles - Edit

T's Tantan quickly became a favourite on a recent trip to Japan. We had 4 meals there in between shooting to and from Tokyo including 1 breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner.
Seriously, the ramen noodles are amazing.
The menu does not change so if you like what you had for dinner, you can also have it for breakfast :). This made it awesome for me as I absolutely loved it.
Its located on "Keiyo Street" (it really is a food mall, not a street as such) inside Tokyo station - we accessed it mainly from the Yaesu Central Exit. You need a JR rail pass or a train ticket to access Keiyo Street. We found it a little tricky to find at first as Tokyo station is a labrynth to the uninitiated. After some help and much pointing and gesticulating from a kind and friendly station security person, we found Keiyo Street. Then we found T's Tantan. And then I found ramen heaven!
I liked Set A which is a bowl of delicious mock meat on rice with a bowl of ramen noodles.
Another cool thing is that there is no desert at T's Tantan. They focus on what they are good at with a streamlined menu. Why muck around when your ramen is this good?
I am not a coffee drinker but really liked their coffee. It may have had something to do with the cold Tokyo weather and the awesome sugar syrup and soy milk served in cute little beer steins for ants...
The vegetarian graphics and messages around the restaurant are a nice touch. As they say on the walls... smile + vegetables + health = smilevege = happiness. Couldn't have said it better myself.
The service is friendly and fast. Whilst the staff speak minimal English, there is an English menu that the language challenged like myself can order from.
Do yourself a favour: go to Tokyo and visit T's Tantan. It is sen-sa-tion-al!!

Pros: Amazing vegan ramen noodles, Service is friendly and fast

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The best in Tokyo - Edit

Literally the best vegan food in Tokyo, obviously very hard to eat out as a vegan in Japan, luckily this restaurant makes up for it! use your JR Pass to get into the tokyo station and ask the information booth for directions. You will not be disappointed :)

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Amazing - Edit

I have eaten here twice and it is really delicious. The food is relatively cheap, but a little more expensive than non-vegan ramen places. They also sell food, cook books and some other things at the restaurant.

Pros: Delicious, Cheap

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Great location, great ramen - Edit

I appreciate the convenient location, where you do not even have to leave the Tokyo station (inside of JR Tokyo station, by South exit of Yaesu)

It's a quick eat and go place so does not serve side dishes nor dessert.

Ramen is great, but I think they could increase the volume.

Sometime their ramen is too soft.

Some of their staffs could be a little more friendly.
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 10, 2016

Pros: Location, Good Rament

Cons: Unfriendly staffs, Small volume, Crowded

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Best vegan ramen place in Tokyo! - Edit

I go here a lot, and by lot I mean the staff knows me and my order. The Ts tan tan ramen + A set is my recomendation, cause then you get their awesome fried soy meat with! If you dont like it spicy just remove the chili straws on the top.

Pros: Cheap, Easy to find, The ramen

Cons: Dont expect any fancy dining

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Tokyo Ramen - Edit

This was my first Ramen place in Tokyo so I don't have a lot to compare to. I ordered the T's Tantan combo C and was pretty happy with it. Everyone else's food looked great so I wish I could have tried more. I got there just before 11am when they switch menus. I think the early menu had some cheaper options. I've always thought that food in Tokyo would be crazy expensive but found this place very reasonable.
Although there is an English menu, nobody working there spoke any English so bring your Google translator app if you have questions.

Pros: Location, Good food, Nice place

Cons: No English

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Best vegan ramen in Tokyo - Edit

I've been looking for great vegan ramen in Tokyo for a while; the search is over. T's Tantan is officially the champion! Good selection of options (after 11am - though still good before) at very reasonable prices. The soya meat is fantastic and there's not too much, the soup is just how I remember (from before I turned vegan), and the noodles taste very fresh; I can't say enough how good this was.

Only slight downside is location: you have to plan your visit to coincide with a trip to or from Tokyo station (it's on Keiyo street - follow signs for the Keiyo line), as it's behind the ticket barriers.


Pros: Best vegan ramen in Tokyo, Do I need to say anything else?

Cons: Location (slightly)

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One of My Tokyo Favorites - Edit

Hands down, one of the best vegan options in Tokyo. A variety of ramen as well as some curry dishes and seasonal specials. I usually frequent T's twice a week for lunch as I'm often in the area.

Pros: Great selection , Delicious, Great value

Cons: Noisy, slurping patrons, You have to access the station

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I was moved when I walked in - Edit

We went to Tokyo Station specially to have lunch at T's Tantan and it was totally worth it (I found it thanks to Happycow.com) Anyone who is strictly vegan and has been to Japan -and doesn't speak the language- knows how hard it is to find vegan food at restaurants. I would actually call it impossible.

We were able to find the restaurant quite easily thanks to HappyCow and the user's reviews (thanks!) so don't forget: The restaurant is INSIDE the station, DO NOT EXIT THE STATION!

Upon entering the restaurant, both my husband and I were deeply moved and tears came to our eyes. Walls are covered with phrases such as "We live to eat vegetables" and explanations of all the things that can be made with Soy and how T's Tantan does not use ANY animal products (all in English, phew!). So this was very positively shocking and really touched us!

The food was REALLY GOOD! One of the premises they have, as stated in their website, is that they like to show to Japanese people that their traditional dishes can be made deliciously without using animal products. Well, I've never tried Ramen made with fish or pork, but I can tell you it was AMAZING! We had a set that consisted of a big bowl of Ramen (and I mean BIG) plus a small portion of rice with curry. The menu is not very wide, they have a set amount of Ramen variations and curry (more spicy, less spicy...) but I can assure you, you will love everything they serve!

We will most definitely return!!

Pros: DELICIOUS FOOD!, Very good price, Instructs people about veganism!

Cons: No dessert

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Fantastic Ramen! - Edit

The reviews are true, T's たんたん is amazing. We had a bit of trouble finding the place. It's located on the first floor in a section of Tokyo Station near the South Yaesu exit known as "Keiyo Street". You have to either go through the ticket gates paying a "platform fare" or on your way to/from the JR lines, Shinkansen or Keiyo line. It's worth the bit of searching to find this culinary gem.

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Tasty tantan - Edit

During my stay in Tokyo I headed here several times because the food and service was consistently very good and they even accepted payment by debit card. You can get a medium-sized bowl of ramen (I like the spicy hot peanut ones) for Y900 and add a small side (the soy meat and rice is fine) for Y300 plus I'd sometimes add an iced tea for Y400. That's a bit pricey but the ramens are very tasty, especially the hot and very hot ones. I noticed that the sinus-cleansing hot ones must be popular with some of the local Japanese customers who were audibly blowing their noses (usually a big no-no in a Japanese restaurant)!

Pros: Spicy, variety of flavours, Prompt and friendly service, Vegan commitment

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Maravilloso - Edit

Una gran experiencia. Menú exquisito y en gran cantidad. Bien de precio. Carta en inglés, aunque camareras no hablan mucho inglés. Difícil de encontrar, dentro de la estación de Tokio en el Jr ir a la calle Keiyu dentro del metro, al fondo del todo está el restaurante. Vale la pena

Pros: Food, Price, Quality y atencion

Cons: difícil de llegar, Poca variedad , No hablan mucho inglés

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Trust me, you won't be dissapointed - Edit

We made this a regular stop while staying in Tokyo and it was enjoyed by our Omni companions as much as it was the vegans! The T's Tantan ramen is spectacular, as well as the curries and the soup! The soy meat is great too and I recommend adding it if you're there for lunch and can get a set. The prices are reasonable and the meals are more than enough to fill you!

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Best ramen ever! - Edit

This is the best ramen I have ever had, vegan and non-vegan. The noodles are tender and the broth so hearty. I could eat more of these if I could. Even omnivores give it two thumbs up!

The place is small so the wait can be long but the service is fast so the wait is not too long.

Pros: excellent ramen, fast service

Cons: there's a wait sometimes

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Awesome - Edit

I always go here if I am in Tokyo. Nice, fast service in a busy train station.
platform ticket is 130 Yen.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 29, 2013

Pros: Fast, all vegan

Cons: need platform ticket-unless riding train

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Excellent! - Edit

What a perfect way to start ones trip in Tokyo. The ramen dish I had was delicious as was the fried soy meat side dish. Yummmm!!!! Yay for vegan options at the train station! Make sure you follow the signs to Keiyo Street inside the ticketed area.

Pros: delicious , cheap

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This is the best ramen I've ever had! It's also one of the best places to eat in Tokyo. I always end up getting the T's Tan Tan Ramen with deep fried sweet chili soy meat and rice. It fills me up, it's amazing and I just love it there. And it's also inside Tokyo Station so unless you're leaving the station it won't cost you anything to get there!

Pros: Best ramen, Tasty soy meat, Completely vegan

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Doesn't disappoint! - Edit

The reviews say it all!

The set is worth getting and if you're worried about not being full, opt to get the large noodle bowl for an extra 100yen, I was very content after eating here.

Will be my go to when I'm back in Tokyo!

Pros: Speedy service, Delicious food, English menus

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Convenient Location and Good Price - Edit

I was really surprised to see at least two vegan options in Tokyo Station. This place is an excellent all vegan ramen shop with curry options available. I got the spicy ramen and curry set. Altogether it came to about 1300 yen. I left feeling full which was rare for me in Japan. The Curry was especially delicious, I can't remember the type but it was also the spicy one.

Although it's a small restaurant there's a lot of seating available

Pros: Great Price and Portions, Delicious Food

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Great ramen in central location - Edit

Nice place with filling bowls of ramen that were very tasty. We also ordered a sticky sweet soy dish with rice on the side: don't know if it was healthy, but it was certainly well appreciated after a long day of exploring Tokyo. I would definitely return to this place as I haven’t found that many other places throughout Japan where I was able to eat veggie Ramen.
We followed some signs for Keiyo Street inside the station and were able to find it alright.

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lots of noodles and curry, not much veg - Edit

Good for what it is, but very little vegetables if that's what you're in the mood for. All the soy meat was pretty tasty, but fried. Heavy food.

Pros: cheap, tasty

Cons: lack of actual vegetables

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Ramen & Rice Joint - Edit

This spot should be called the Ramen & Rice Joint. Nestled in Tokyo Station the family and I raced up the steps in pursuit of this highly praised noodle spot. Since food was scarce at Tokyo Disney we destroyed our noodle bowls and brown rice curries. The spices and flavors awoke the taste buds and left us fully satiated. For this reason each table is provided a tall jug of ice water. We basically went with Bok Choy noodle bowls devoid of the fake/fried soy meats which are not healthful. The cheapest dish is 750yen which makes this spot an excellent value when a quick noodle dish is needed on the go. Fyi, they don't serve salads as the description stated.

Pros: excellent flavors, quick and easy , good pricing

Cons: too many fake, fried meats

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Nice vegan surprise in Tokyo Station... - Edit

It was a bit hard for me to find this place in Tokyo station. My GPS went all over the place but eventually my dinner companion found me and took me to Keiyo Street. There was a queue at the door and we waited about ten minutes to be seated on a Sunday night around 8pm. I was given an English menu (without asking). The menu consists of a number of ramen options, each ¥900. They'd run out of my first choice so I chose the Midori Tantan which was just a bit spicy, with noodles, pak choi, pumpkin seeds and soy mince. Not too bad, and I ordered the combo deal for around ¥1200 and got a small bowl of curry and rice as well. Jugs of iced water on the tables were welcome. Good for a quick meal if you can find it and they serve beer but not dessert.

Pros: Reasonably priced, tasty vegan ramen

Cons: A bit of a wait for a table

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Cheap and cheerful vegan ramen - Edit

This is well located and has good opening hours. The vegan ramen is very tasty and filling and starts at 750 yen which is very reasonable. Best defined as a truly Japanese 'fast food' vegan place.

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Thank god for Tan Tan!!! :-) - Edit

I adore T's TanTan...it really is a go-to place for me when in Tokyo, as it's a no brainer vegan place that I know of and can easily find - super convenient! I lost count of the number of times I ate there during my last trip to Tokyo (maybe 3-5 times a week)and I think I've tried everything on the menu. So nice to be able to finally eat vegan ramen and not have to worry about any animal products being used. I love the miso ramen, shoyu ramen and the tan tan men (it has little to no liquid in it).... as well as the smile curry and aubergine side dish. It's very reasonably priced for Tokyo and if you order a set, you will be stuffed! It's like eating 2 meals for me. When I'm not in Japan, I really crave vegan ramen from Tan Tan and you can bet it'll be the first place I eat at when I get back to Tokyo! :-)

Updated from previous review on Sunday May 31, 2015

Pros: Vegan ramen!!, Reasonably priced, Huge portions

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t's - Edit

Located on keiyo st in station, you must have a train ticket to be able to visit T's

Delicious and super fast!

Looking forward to stopping in on our way back through

Pros: great atmosphere for station location, staff very friendly , priced well

Cons: no takeaway

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an absolute MUST for authentic vegan japanese - Edit

located right in japan central train station, which is a MUST GO for all vegans. it's located on keio street and tucked away in a corner so a little tough to find but once you know where it is, it's easy.

the sweet and sour soy meat was brilliant and caused a long running argument on what was better, this or the soy meat at ain soph journey, between me and my boyfriend that is still debated 6 months later

as for the mains, it was so great to have authentic vegan ramen as a lot of the best vegan food in japan seems to be western food! we went about 4 times on our trip and tried most of the options which were all great in different ways.

they also sold the packets of dried soy meat to take home, so we bought some to try and recreate the experience when we returned to england.

Pros: great location, authentic japanese food, affordable

Cons: past the barriers on the platform

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Superb - Edit

Absolutely superb ramen with their signature peanut based soup is delightful. The side dish I had was fried soy chicken which had a fantastic sauce. Large queue outside reflects the popularity of the place, and rightfully so.

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great place - Edit

This was our favorite place in Tokyo. We loved the miso ramen, and the sweet and sour chicken. We ate here twice, and there was a queue both times. They are incredibly efficient. Water picture left at your table, check left with your order. Great location in Tokyo station.

Pros: great ramen, unique, fast service

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I love it!!!!! The best!!!! - Edit

This is the perfect place to eat a perfect vegan ramen!
Lo amo, e servono i migliori vegan ramen di Tokyo a mio avviso!
C'è il menù in inglese e lo staff e cordialissimo!
Aperto tutto il giorno è da provare!


Pros: Ramen, Good value, English menu

Cons: not easy to find

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Life-saving Vegan Ramen! - Edit

T's Tan Tan is a lifesaver when you've just arrived in Tokyo, tired, confused & hungry! It's located inside Tokyo Central train station, in a shopping/food arcade called Keiyo Street, so it's easy to find before you get acclimated and get your bearings. You do have to buy a platform ticket (140 yen) if you don't have a train ticket or rail pass, but as the food itself is inexpensive, it doesn't matter much. T's is a vegan ramen restaurant, with about about 6 different ramen options plus 2 curry plates. You can also get a dinner set, where you chose a ramen and small side bowl of rice with curry or soy meat. But I have to say, despite the small menu, I never get tired of eating here (once a week now!) The service is super-fast, the price is right (about 1200 yen for ramen and side), and the food is always delicious. I've tried everything on the menu, but my favourite is the miso ramen with a side dish of soy meat. Yummy, never disappoints!

Pros: Delicious!, Inexpensive, Quick

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Tastes like real ramen - Edit

I made a special trip to Tokyo station just to get vegan ramen, and it was worth it. I had the miso ramen, and while not the best ramen in the world, it was really good, it tasted just like I remembered ramen should taste. I also had a side of smile curry, which I found disappointing, and did not taste the way I remembered a Japanese curry should taste.

The next day, I dragged my friends back for another round, because I'd spent my whole Japanese trip craving good Ramen, and I wasn't going to leave without having another bowl. This time I had the shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, with a side of the eggplant dish. I think the miso was better, but both were very good. My friends enjoyed theirs also. This time we had spent the day in Akihabara. We bought tickets from Akihabara to the station near our hotel, but then got on a train going in the other direction to Tokyo instead (only 2 stops), had our meal, and then caught the train back to our hotel. Because the restaurant is inside the station gates, we didn't need to validate our tickets at Tokyo station, and so our little detour didn't cost us anything extra.

Both times, we had to queue for a bit before getting a table, but the wait wasn't too bad.

Pros: English menu available

Cons: A little bit expensive, Had to queue for a table

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not that hard to find - Edit

It's not that hard to find if you know your way around in Tokyo a little. As stated in other reviews it's on Keiyo street you can easily locate on the station maps everywhere. To avoid confusion: there are 3 different train companies' ticket barriers and it is NOT within the Tokyo Metro-premises.
The ramen was delicious and the portions were unusually large for Japan. We ordered the menu and were totally stuffed afterwards. I had the "spicy" ramen and it was actually really hot.
We've been to Tokyo many times and now regret that we went there the first time just now. We'll definitely back!
Highly recommended.

Plus for tourists: English menu and English speaking staff.

Pros: huge portions, convenient location, english menu

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Really Convenient Location - Edit

The best thing is the location, if you're going anywhere which stops at Tokyo station on the way, you can get off, eat at T's Tantan without leaving the station, and then get back on the train to continue your journey. I go here often because of that! Its at the very end of "Keiyou street" right near an entrance to the Keiyou line.

The ramen is healthy and delicious without using MSG. My favourites are probably the Miso ramen and Midori ramen. As for sides I love the new salad parfait they added recently, it has a lovely dressing and feels healthy. But they do a fried soy meat side which seems very popular (I'm not that keen on fake meats but the sweet and sour flavour was nice)

Afterwards you can be less healthy and go across the 'road' to the donut place on the corner which does a soy cream filled donut, and plain donut!

Pros: Location, Healthy, Delicious

Cons: Busy At Certain Times

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ramen and soy meat are great - Edit

We went here a few times in Tokyo. All meals were good except the curry. Curry tasted like the foil packet curry from Lamyong in Australia: just bland. Everything else was delicious. Well worth a stop when you are passing by on the subway.

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Great ramen! - Edit

This ramen place is a bit hard to find, and not possible to reach without a ticket I think. But if you are in the station, you should DEFINITELY go here! As a vegan in Tokyo it is hard to find veggie ramen, so eating here was like heaven to me!

Pros: Awesome food, Big portion, Relatively cheap

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Amazing ramen - Edit

The only vegan ramen I managed to find in Japan, but we went back there two days in a row!

Great food, served quickly, reasonably priced and conveniently located for tourists.

Pros: amazing ramen, fast food, good value

Cons: busy

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There ought to be one of these in every station! - Edit

worldwide! loved it. delicious, spicy ramen; sweet sour soy meat and rice. even accompanying carnivore was impressed. very diverse crowd eating, from schoolgirls to lolitas to salarymen to rather grand kimono clad ladies. well worth the price of the platform ticket. other people below have written better directions than I could to get to the right place in Tokyo station (which is like a maze).

Pros: delicious, great value, easy menu

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Best vegan Ramen! - Edit

I took the Midori Ramen which was very good but for my taste a bit too hot.
Nevertheless a wonderful , delicious experience for Ramen fans who want to enjoy it cruelty-free!

Pros: Delicious Ramen, Location (atmosphere and access), Very friendly staff

Cons: No sweets on the morning menu

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Tasty Ramen in Tokyo Station - Edit

Good food in a convenient location. Menu varies: From 7 to 11 and from 11 to 23. We also loved T's Restaurant (other place a little more outside).

Pros: Good Ramen, Convenient Location, Friendly Staff

Cons: No Sweets

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A must visit - Edit

This is a must visit for anyone (vegetarian or not) who is in Tokyo! its actually not difficult to find once you're in the Tokyo subway station- all you need to do is follow the "Keiyo Line" until you reach "Keiyo Street" which is inside the station. The food is very delicious and the serving portion is huge, the taste is quite distinctive and unique. My husband who is a non-vegetarian didn't mind returning to this restaurant as it was truly excellent. not a good option for breakfast (unless you can eat noodle soup/ramen for breakfast), but great for lunch or dinner. their T's Tan Tan noodle soup/ramen is the most popular choice from the menu.

Pros: Central location- Tokyo subway, Quick service, Lovely ambiance and staff

Cons: Can be crowded in peak hours

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Quite amazing vegan ramen!! - Edit

It took us over 1/2 and hour to locate this restaurant in the bowels of Tokyo Station. My non-vegan husband was losing his patience but we persevered and once the food was served, my husband declared that the effort was worth it. Just great vegan ramen. Where else can you find such a thing. The curry is good too. There are lunch sets so you can get a variety of things on one tray. It is very reasonable and the service is great.
The 2nd time we went was by accident since we ran into Keiyo street where it is located, just as we emerged from the bullet train.
Once you get to Keiyo street there is an information booth where a young woman in a uniform who speaks English can direct you to the restaurant.

Pros: Great food/all vegan, good service, reasonable price

Cons: hard to find, only if you are traveling by the station

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Excellent, tasty and quick food - Edit

Fantastic ramen in Tokyo Station. The broth is delicious, the noodles a very generous serve and the curry fantastic. The set meals are excellent value for a huge amount of food. Love that they have space to leave parcels and luggage too, which is very handy if you're on the go from A to B. Just wonderful, one of my favourite places to eat in Tokyo.

Pros: Delicious!, Convenient location, Very friendly

Cons: Can be very busy at times

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Great vegan ramen - Edit

It's hard to find vegan ramen or Japanese-style curry in Tokyo, because of the animal crap they put in the broths/sauces. If you're craving either of those, T's Tan Tan hits the spot. The ramen is delicious -- I especially like the spicier ones, not the clear broth.

Be sure to get there by 10pm as they won't serve you much after that. But they're conveniently located right at Tokyo station, and open later than most vegan spots in Tokyo, so a great option all day long.

Pros: excellent vegan ramen, not too expensive

Cons: not completely healthy, can be hard to find

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Overrated. - Edit

Until now my few reviews have all been 5-star, so I guess it's just as well that after finally trying this ultra-hyped Tokyo institution, I can break that streak.

Basically, I don't really get the endless hype. The food is not specifically bad, but nothing special at all. Now, I'm not exactly new to vegetarian food...have been eating it for years, and around the globe, not just in Japan. This is one of the very few times where I didn't feel all that great afterwards. Frankly speaking, my guess is that the food is not entirely "real", but processed. I'm not sure if it's just my own palate, but it certainly doesn't taste as real and earthy, and feel as good physically, as other veg restaurants I've had in Japan.

The price is average although not expensive for Tokyo station, and the atmosphere is fine I guess although it feels more like a rushed fast-food experience rather than a restaurant. The location of course is super-convenient, which I suspect accounts for the majority of its popularity.

In summary, overrated. It's not overtly bad, but definitely not worth the incredible number of very high reviews here. Frankly, I was disappointed.

Pros: Ultra-convenient location

Cons: Food tastes/feels processed

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Junk. - Edit

We're all for a bit of a junk food splurge, but only if it leaves you feeling good. This didn't.

It tastes like cup ramen... so, not bad but not like real food either. The moment we finished eating it, we felt parched and dry, almost like an MSG dose but probably not. Our hunch is that they probably use dried ingredients - judging from the size and location of the kitchen we doubt they prepare it from scratch on premises and since they sell the stock as a powder, we think our guess is probably not far off.

Gradually as we walked away from this little mid-station sojourn we began to feel tired and under-nourished. The reason why we eat green in the first place is because we like to feel fresh, nourished and energized. It's totally possible to feel good after a ramen (we make it from scratch at home ourselves) but this stuff doesn't cut it, sorry.

Pros: Location in Tokyo station, Familiar ramen-ish tastes

Cons: Bad energy, Probably not freshly made, Zero nutrition

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Pretty good - Edit

Localisation is perfect and easy to find- just follow signs for Keiyo line and Keiyo street. Restaurant is in the end of the street.
The food is okay but I've eaten better to be honest. Some of our dishes were too spicy and my ramen lacked in other ingredients than noodles. There's wide range to choose from, all is vegan and there is a good deal (ramen + side). Portions are also very satisfying.

Stuff speaks almost no English +they didn't allow me to charge my dying phone which was very unproffesional- the lady just went to our table and asked me to unplug it. It was the first time in any restaurant I encountered such situation.

Pros: location, all vegan, big choice

Cons: unprofessional stuff behaviour

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great location, great food - Edit

This wonderful place serves shoyu ramen, tantan ramen and other choice. We loved it so much we ate there once a day while visiting Tokyo. It is conveniently located within the JR Tokyo station - just follow the signs for the Keiyo Line, and Keiyo Street will appear.

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Wonderful all vegan ramen - Edit

During our visit to Japan, one of our companions had a goal to get "genuine" ramen. We had read about this place and made it a priority to visit. We had assistance from an information desk attendant to find the restaurant which is inside the large Tokyo Station. The dining experience was terrific with great food and prompt friendly service. The simple menu is all vegan, with a few varieties of ramen which can be combined with different sides. The sides are basically rice topped with veggies and different sauces. Everyone enjoyed their dishes and agreed that it was terrific ramen. This was a great place to stop over for lunch during a travel day.

Pros: Great food, Comfortable seating, Prompt service

Cons: Inside Tokyo station, No dessert

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Best Ramen I've Ever Had! - Edit

It's so exciting to walk into a ramen restaurant - in Tokyo especially! - and have my choice of everything on the menu. Ramen restaurants rarely have veggie options, and when they do the broth often tastes like water. I found the ramen here incredibly flavorful.

I ordered the T's Shoyu Ramen and I loved it. The broth was rich and salty, the "soybean meat" was thin and light - not too chewy and not trying too hard to taste meaty. Bamboo shoots were great too.

I had no trouble finding the place after reading the reviews on Happy Cow. It is inside Tokyo Station. I entered the station through the South Yaesu entrance, swiped my Pasmo subway card to actually get INTO the station (station has JR Line and regular subways) and found signs for KEIYO STREET almost immediately. It's on the FIRST FLOOR (1F). T's is about 10m into the Keiyo Street shopping area, on the right.

Pros: atmosphere, food, service

Cons: kind of hard to find, almost too salty

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Excelletn - Edit

Located in easy-to-find location in Tokyo Station. Clean and comfortable, nicely styled. The ramen choices were all flavorful and well-priced. This place is a must-try. Would return again and again.

Pros: Flavors and choices, Location, Price

Cons: None

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Vegans looking for Ramen, look no further! - Edit

I cannot even begin to talk about how much this place rules. But first things first. It is kind of a pain getting to it. However, if your appetite for vegan ramen needs to be satiated at all costs, you may find that your trouble is rightfully rewarded. I don't know which access point (there is a myriad of them!) is best to find it, but once you are in Tokyo Station (a major transit point for local and long distance trains) ask for Keiyo Street which is a strip of stores inside the station. You will need to purchase a ticket to go inside (it makes no sense to me, the foreign tourist who is not boarding any trains, but when in Rome... ) and there is no way around this, I believe it's only about 150 Yen or so, so it isn't all that expensive, for people from the US: think of it as sales tax ;) OR if you're already a passenger connecting through that station just find it before you go past the exit turnstiles.

I got the house special which was the Plain T's Tan Tan, the soup was delicious and had a nice peanut taste that expanded with the meatball, which was delicious in flavor and texture. It was absolutely the best Ramen noodles I have ever had and totally worth the price (around 11 USD) as I've had awful overpriced ramen in the US that was not even worth comparing.

My only regret was not being able to go back at least one more time. Next time I go I'll be sure to eat there as many times as possible. All in all a great experience, the staff was great (it's hard to go anywhere in Japan and not notice how polite and well mannered everyone is) and I got exactly what I was looking for: tasty traditional Japanese noodles made vegan.

Pros: Excellent Food, Nice Vibe, Good Value

Cons: Inside paying zone, Not easy to find

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Good for a Quick Meal On-the-Go - Edit

T's Tantan is inside the Tokyo station, is an easy meal if you're on-the-go, and it's all vegan--which is awesome.

However, I was honestly disappointed with the food. I thought the ramen was greasy and the mock 'meat' was lacking flavor. I though the curries were somewhat boring. They also don't have any desserts or appetizers so it's kind of a one-dish place.

I think for residents of Japan or people looking for a stress-free ramen shop (absolutely no meat!) it's a good option. But for visitors looking for tasty and different food I thought it was just ok. I don't think it's a must-see unless you're specifically looking for ramen.

Pros: Convenient location, Authentic ramen that's vegan!

Cons: Food is greasy and somewhat bland, No dessert or appetizers

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Just gorgeous and comforting food - Edit

Love this place. Ate here 3 times in a 2.5 week stay in Tokyo. Nothing new to add to all the other reviews really but this place was always busy and very quick, serving beautiful comforting ramen noodles siup and curry rice bowls. Just go here.

Pros: Delicious, fast, Friendly

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Quick, Delicious And Vegan! - Edit

Very tasty ramen options as well as Japanese curry rice. The menu isn't huge but everything I tried was really good. The food arrives within minutes and is served fresh and hot. One of my favourite veggie places in Tokyo.

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Heavenly place for vegan - Edit

There aren't many vegan options in Tokyo. To get one complete vegan restaurant in Tokyo station is such a bless.

Good food with reasonable price. Love the efficient n lovely staff. Nice ambience too.

Pros: good n healthy food, good value, friendly staff

Cons: not easy to locate, may have to queue up due to many customers

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Great little place - Edit

Tokyo station is very large and confusing but when you find this little heavenly place you'll want to stay! It was so relaxing and the food came out so fast! As hungry travellers this was a god send! Very cheap!! We ended going back 3/4 times while in Tokyo! Only a few items on the menu but they are all so tasty!

Pros: Location, Cheap

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Perfect! - Edit

Delicious vegan ramen! They have other options, curry for example, although I haven't tried them yet. I tried teo different ramen and both were amazing.

Very good priced too, easy to find and well located.

Pros: Delicious food, Good value, Great location

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nice and "oishii" - and really central - Edit

If you have to change at Tokyo station, this is the perfect place to eat. I especially enjoyed the crispy sweet and sour "meat", and the caramel roasted green tea. The service was really good too.

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T's たんたん (T's tantan) in Tokyo Station - Edit

This is T's Restaurant (Jiyugaoka) sister shop _inside_ Tokyo Station. So you do not need to get out of the ticket wicket! It is in an area known as Keiyo Street. "Keiyo Street" is near the Yaesu Exit. Look to your right as you approach the escalators. Shop title "T's たんたん".

It is quite popular and you might have to wait for several minutes during peak hours. Almost the same menu as the main shop in Jiyugaoka. I've tried the T's 醤油らーめん (T's shoyu ramen, soy sauce base soup) and 緑たんたん (midori tantan, green tantan with sesame seeds, medium spicy). Both are good options! They have only one rice-based main dish (彩り野菜のスマイルカレー, irodoriyasaino smile curry). Smaller portioned rice-based side-dishes are available though.

They have English menus. They will pull it out as soon as they realize you are foriegners.

Pros: inside the station, english menu

Cons: can be full (means you have to wait)

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Yum! - Edit

Definitely enjoyed our meal here and would recommend it to anyone visiting Tokyo. Lots of local people eating here, which in my opinion, is always a good sign of good food.

Generous portions to satisfy a hungry belly. Fresh ingredients. Quick and friendly service. English menu.

A little tricky to find, but persevere and you will be rewarded.

Cons: A little tricky to find

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Great and convenient! - Edit

In my stay in Tokyo, we ate at T's たんたん every night. It was easy to order, very convenient location and super cheap. They had good and simple vegan ramen and also rice bowls. Though, the ramen is much more tasty than the rice bowls ^^ If you want food fast, this is where you should go, they serve you superfast!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good value

Cons: a bit stressy

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A great start - Edit

When you arrive in Tokyo, chances are you arrive at Tokyo Station. Do yourself a favour and start you holiday at T's TanTan. It is a unique chance to taste authentic Japanese food without resorting to meat or fish. At TanTan's many traditional Japanese dishes, such as ramen, are available as vegan meals.

When I was there about a third of the visitors were tourists: all in dire need of a vegan meal and ever so happy to find this place (and its English menu). Many of the Japanese guests turned out to be none vegetarians, but they like the quality of the food here so much that they prefer T's TanTan over other ramen restaurants. While most restaurants inside a train station are fast food places, people take their time to enjoy the meals resulting in a waiting line outside!

Prices are exceptionally low for a place that offers such high quality food. Expect to pay about 1,300 yen for a two course meal plus drink.

Enough said? Then here's how to get there:
- it is inside the paid part of the station. So if you arrive by train, don't check out. Otherwise, buy a ticket (base ticket is 130 yen) and go anywhere, nowhere or whatever.
- follow the signs to the Keiyo line, until you pass Keiyo Street (yes, this station is so big it has streetnames inside).
- when in doubt, go towards the Yasesu exit (but don't actually leave the station)

Pros: fantastic Japanese vegan food, low prices, central location in Tokyo

Cons: chance of waiting lines outside

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Amazingnessness - Edit

Not much that I can say that others have not. This place is a breath of fresh air in Tokyo Station -- finally a restaurant where you don't have to worry about what you order. Ramen is the ultimate comfort food, but so much Ramen is in animal broth (ew).

This place is all vegan and it's all delicious. Their namesake ramen, T's Tantan, is my favorite. On a two week stint in Japan I ate here three times, I liked it so much. Service is incredibly fast, which I guess you would expect from a station restaurant. The atmosphere is quite relaxing though: the layout of the shop is designed to hide the station bustle from its patrons.

The only 'con' is that it is in Tokyo station, which can be quite busy. It takes a lot of people-dodging just to get there.

Pros: Great food, Inexpensive, Calm inside

Cons: Tough to get to during rush hour

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I love this place! Awesome little vegan ramen shop in Tokyo Station. I love how the whole place reinforces the fact that everything is vegan! Little signs everywhere saying "no meat, no fish, no dairy" ect. Super cute place. The ramen is delicious. The service is fast and the staff is friendly. I love that I can enjoy vegan ramen in Tokyo! This place rocks.

Pros: Tasty, Quick service, 100% vegan

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