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5-22-1 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 110-0005

ヴェジハーブサーガ, at 東京都台東区上野5-22-1 東鈴ビルB, moved this space in summer 2015. It's an Indian vegetarian restaurant that offers also Jain food. Note: kitchen may stop serving 30-60 minutes prior to closing, check ahead. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-11:00pm.

Categories: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Indian, Take-out

28 Reviews

First Review by Aya

great!!! - Edit

Fantastic vegetarian/vegan option nearish Akihabara. Very flavorful and nuanced meals. My favorite place in Tokyo now.

Pros: stellar Indian food. close to akihabara. English m

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Delicious, friendly, so much choice! - Edit

I arrived bang on opening time, so it took them a little while to get going, but the staff were all so friendly. I’m pretty sure that they speak both English and Japanese well, there were a lot of languages going around anyway.

Food was delicious and the menu is huge with tonnes of vegan options! I just told them I was vegan after I ordered and the waiter said “no problem”.

I felt like the price was good for what you get.

Updated from previous review on 2017-12-27

Pros: Friendly, Delicious, Well priced

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good - Edit

Pretty good indian food with good understanding of the meaning of veg. Super nice staff.

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Tasty Authentic Indian - Edit

Enjoyed a delicious masala dosa and an eggplant curry. The server understood vegan dietary requirements well. My only complaint would be that the food took a little long to come out of the kitchen, but this was understandable as all seats were taken pretty much as soon as the restaurant opened.

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Top choice for Indian food in Tokyo - Edit

Very delicious Indian food, especially considering the limited options in Tokyo. Service is great as well, staff are extremely accomodating to requests. My mother visiting Japan is a (vegan) picky eater and loved it.

Pros: Many delicious vegan options, Accomodating staff, Easy to find

Cons: Mild language barriers (both Japanese/English)

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Original Taste of India :) - Edit

I have been coming here for seven months. Try whatever you want, you will not be disappointed.

Pros: The original Taste of Indian Food.

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plenty of options, massive portions - Edit

Massive menu for vegans and vegetarian, so there's something for everyone! The food was yummy and came in rally big portions.

Pros: lots of options, good price

Cons: a bit boring environment

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Great vegetarian indian! - Edit

A great place for people that loves indian -vegetarian food. Almost 190 different dishes, all vegetarian! Good food but a bit spicy... polite staff as well.

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Lots of vegan options - Edit

Huge menu with heaps of vegan options. We ordered the tofu curry, a potato curry and some roti bread. We were provided with papadum and a spicy onion tomato soup to start as complimentary. Overall it was good however the portions were relatively small for the price.

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Excellent food - Edit

Excellent vegetarian food with authentic Indian flavors rightly plated by regional cuisines. They have got the right balance if spices suitable to all pallet.

All in all excellent food, no complaints whatsoever

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Excellant Indian foo - Edit

The right place for Indian food lovers, they also serve Jain cuisine! There's a lot options suitable for vegan.

Pros: Excellent food, Good value, nice staff

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Great... - Edit

The menu is variety and open late night till 11pm which super convenience. There are also free appetizers while waiting the food too.

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Good Indian curry house - Edit

Went here for a quick meal and chose the four curry and roti set (¥1350). The curry's were all tasty and had just the right amount of spice. Of the six curries on offer, four were vegan, and the waiter was very accommodating. The roti was a vegan substitute for the naan. Overall, a solid curry house which is more than capable of serving vegans.

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A+ - Edit

Awesome food, more on the spicy side of life heads up!

Pros: Quick , Vegan friendly, Spicy

Cons: Didn't know it was so spicy, Not much English speaking

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Awesome food, friendly atmosphere - Edit

Always a treat to find an entirely vegetarian place in Japan-- I almost panicked having so many choices! Had some amazing navratan korma (cashew cream to die for), and paneer paratha. It certainly is a bit pricey-- but for ~2000 yen (~$20 USD) I got enough food to last me for two meals. So for me it was well worth it.

I found the staff to be very friendly, polite, and accommodating. I also didn't have a problem with the decor-- the place is small, but quiet and comfortable. From my experience, some of the more negative reviews left here seem very unreasonable, and frankly, prejudiced. Please don't be dissuaded by naysayers, and give this place a shot!

Pros: Excellent food, Lots of options, Friendly Staff

Cons: On the expensive side

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Very standard Indian Veg food that is extortionately priced - Edit

This restaurant serves only vegetarian Indian food. It would appear that they use their pure vegetarian concept to charge exorbitant prices when in fact it ought to be the other way around.

To give you an example, the price for a 2 piece starter masala vada is Yen 900, and anyone who knows Indian food would tell you that that is criminal.

On my visit, one of the staff members engaged in friendly banter about Indian food etc. Mind you by that time I had already looked at the menu and was appalled by the extortionist prices. I decided that I would order the only thing that appeared to be within value for money - the masala dosa ( and that to only during the lunch set specials).

[edit by staff - see tos]

This place is not worth visiting. If you do go, go at lunch time only, order the masala dosa, eat and leave.

Visited July 2016

Updated from previous review on 2016-07-29

Pros: friendly workers who try hard but undone by owner

Cons: overpriced, obnoxious owner

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Wait! There's more! - Edit

Indian restaurants are a safe haven for vegetarians all over the world. Every Indian restaurant has at least a few vegetarian dishes on the menu. "Vege Herb Saga" takes it one step further and only offers vegetarian food. Reason enough to pay them a visit.

But wait, there's more! As it turns out the menu of Vege Herb Saga offers much more variety than other Indian restaurants. Most Indian restaurants in Japan only offer curry, while a few offer rice dishes like biryani. Even fewer Indian restaurants offer South Indian meals like dosa. And they're all on the menu at Vege Herb Saga!

But wait, there's more! On request many meals can be made vegan instead of vegetarian.

We ordred three kinds of dosa and all were made vegan on request. The dosa usually comes with soup, but since that contains milk it was replaced by a tasty glass of fruit juice. The taste of both the dosa (kind of pancake), the stuffing (spicy potato) and the dip (five different kinds ranging from insanely spicy to sweet coconut) was excellent.

But wait, there will be more! Next time we visit...

Pros: great taste, wide variety

Cons: shady looking place

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rohp 29 Jul 2016 - "iokan" are you from this restaurant? I ask this because my experience with them falls far short of a 4 star rating. The food is overpriced, the staff are suppressed and the owner is an obnoxious cunt.  

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iokan 29 Jul 2016 - Hello Rohp,

No, I don't work at this restaurant. Perhaps things are better when the owner isn't around? Because we had a wonderful time there.

And as to price: I must admit I never looked at it. When we go to a restaurant it means it's a special occasion, otherwise we would have eaten at home.  

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rohp 29 Jul 2016 - iokan- you are right, the owner is a degenerate  

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JesseD 29 Dec 2016 - Rohp what is your problem with the owner? I have been many times and enjoyed many a pleasant and interesting conversation with the owner, who strikes me as one of the most genuine and friendly restaurant owners in Tokyo (or anywhere). It seems to me that you are criticising him without due cause, as I believe he runs this restaurant for all the right reasons. Please consider that if he were just wanting a fast buck he would sell alcohol (which is how most restaurants in Japan make most of their money) but he doesn't because he stays true to his Jain principles. There's not much to dislike about this restaurant, or its owner.  

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Good value near Akihabara - Edit

A lot of variety in this authentic Indian, there is plenty to choose from. I went for the set lunch while my partner picked and chose individual dishes. Menus are labeled with individual choices as veggie/vegan. We came near to closing time so don't know if that's why service was a little slow, unfortunately. They didn't try to rush us along at the end of service which was appreciated. Portions were decent and you can always find room for another naan or some more rice if you are hungry.

We go to various curry houses in the UK and on the whole this is comparable. Nothing really stood out but very useful to find for vegans in Tokyo, it is worth a bit of a walk out of Akihabara if you are in that area. Certainly it was nice to have something different while on our trip. If you are a veg curry fan, you will quickly become disappointed looking at all the Japanese Style Curry places and realizing it is a very different kind of curry. If we went a few more times and explored the menu I'm sure there are some specialities in there but for now the set menu lunch is perfectly acceptable and very good value.

Pros: Lots of variety, Value, Authentic

Cons: Service okay, English okay

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Good indian food - Edit

We were there for lunch and I can not agree with the bad reviews. It is not the prettiest restaurant in town and the metal plates are not really aesthetic, that's true, but besides the decor it was clean and tidy.

Also, we had a very nice waitress who was able to speak english! So they don't just have an english menu, but also the lady was able to explain the dishes to us. That is really rare in Tokyo and we were happy about that. Besides that, the waiting time was very short.

No on to the food: My husband had one of the lunch sets, so he was able to try three curries and a soup with Naan and I had the rice dish. All the dishes were very tasty. Although I have to say, if you are not able to eat spicy food, this is not a place for you. Included in the sets were either lassi, tea or coffee.

Pros: Good indian food, Nice waitress

Cons: decor, metal plates

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updated review: pricey - Edit

Vege Herb Saga used to be located in a rather dingy basement with service that was sometimes shockingly slow. However the food was very good, the menu extensive, and the prices were reasonable so I happily frequented the place on weeknights when they weren't so busy. They've now moved to a much nicer venue right around the corner from before. They also have several chefs on staff so wait times aren't bad even when they're busy. Unfortunately with the move, their prices have gone up quite a bit. Although the quality is still good, I just don't think the overall dining experience is good enough to charge as much as the high end Indian restaurants in town like Dhaba India or Nirvanam. If you want authentic Indian food at lower prices, I suggest heading out to Nishi Kasai.

Pros: authentic, good quality, huge menu

Cons: pricey

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Not worth it. Uncomfortable dining experience. - Edit

I don't know what the hype is about for this place. My partner and I went out of our way to dine in this restaurant, only to be disappointed by it.

When we first entered the restaurant, we immediately noticed that the environment was dirty, messy and shabby. It was unpleasant to look at.

The service needs improvement. One of the staff was friendly enough to point out which are our vegan options but the waiter who served us the food was grumpy. He handed us a metal plate which was dripping wet. He then quickly retrieved it and exchanged for a dry one. When the food was being serviced he basically dumped our food on the table. 'Thump' job done, moving on.

The food was mediocre. Not the best curry I have had but not the worst either. Ordered Chana Masala and it was a bit too dry. The roti was OK.

I really do not recommend this place. There are better places to eat in Tokyo.
Updated from previous review on Saturday May 02, 2015

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Dirty environment , Bad Service

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Avatar FangedHare

FangedHare 14 Jul 2015 - There's just one thing I don't really get. How does a small relatively obscure restaurant which normally gets one review every few months or such, suddenly get three absolutely scathing ones all on the *same day*? It seems odd. Did you all come on the same tour bus or something? If it weren't for you specifically (Stephie), whose reviews I trust, I might have been inclined to call some kind of foul...  

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StephieLin 19 Oct 2015 - Hi FangedHare! James Bell and I travel together and we were so put off by the experience that we needed to share this with the community.

Channellehazel was there on the same day and we met afterwards after seeing each others review on Happy Cow. It was quite a funny experience, meeting because of a bad restaurant experience.  

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Dodgy and Weird - Edit

Funnily enough we were seated and eating slightly before the last reviewers came in. I laughed the whole way through their review because I couldn't agree more.

The curry was mediocre at best, I've had better so all the people here saying its 5 star obviously don't know curry.

The restaurant looked dirty and not just shabby. One dude was friendly enough but his other staff was grumpy and it seemed like they were all arguing. So weird.

Bad service, below par food, and we got asked for ten yen too. Freakin weird.

Would not recommend.

Pros: food not as bad as it could have been

Cons: crap service, crap atmosphere, awkward

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Food OK, That's About It - Edit

My partner and I were pointed to a 4 person table when we arrived. When I asked about the blue dots on the menu, guessing it meant vegan, the staff said it meant no garlic and onion. It was vegan though. While waiting for our food, we couldn't help but notice the lack of cleanliness. The walls were dirty, the tables hadn't been wiped properly, the steel plates given to us had water droplets still on them and the container with the cutlery in it was unclean too. The staff member serving us barely spoke to us, so we didn't realise we had to get our own cutlery until he had seated two other customers at our table (which we weren't asked/notified about either).

We could hear hoicking sounds (the ghastly sound many old men tend to make before spitting) from the kitchen, and saw a customer being served an order of a glass of coke. The staff member pulled out a 3/4 full pet bottle of Coke, opened it and poured it into a glass and handed it to the customer, then drank directly from the bottle himself in front of the customer. It made us concerned about the missing initial 1/4 from the bottle.

My curry was OK, but when the staff member put a curry down in front of the lady beside us, we weren't sure whether it was hers or ours (turned out it was ours). His curry was also reasonable tasting at least. The rotis were just OK as well, and the rice we had ordered was forgotten, so got that pretty late.

When going to pay, the staff member asked me for ten yen to make it easier. I didn't have ten yen, which is why I didn't give him any in the first place, but he insisted so I asked my partner gave me his. Partner had the same problem, being asked for ten yen repeatedly even though he didn't have any. Eventually the staff gave him the correct change. Very uncomfortable.

Would NOT recommend.

Pros: Food, Price

Cons: Cleanliness, Service

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JamesBell 02 May 2015 - Oh hey dude! I think you came in just when we were finishing up. We were thinking about sending you warning signals to bail but didn't muster the courage :( If you need help finding good vegan food in Tokyo, we have been weeding out the good from the bad and would be happy to grab a feed with you guys :)  

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StephieLin 02 May 2015 - That is just gross. It really makes me worry about the food i just ate. I feel nauseous.

The place is so budget and serves low quality food.  

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Great Food, ignore the decor! - Edit

I never would have found this place had I not read a review, and, having found it, I'm not sure I would've gone in! It's in the basement of a building, a tiny place, and really shabby looking. But the food! Delicious! I've been a couple of times now, tried the masala dosa,coconut rice, aloo gobi, and the kofta. And the naan bread is some of the nicest I've ever had. The two staff (owners?) are lovely, one in particular is super-friendly, he sings as he works, and really wants you to try the chai tea. They seem really concerned that the spiciness level of the food suits you too. The decor may not be up to much, but honestly, for great Indian food at a good price, I really recommend this place. Easy to find. Take the Hibiya line to Naka-Okachimachi, Exit 2. On street level, turn right and walk to the first side street. Turn left down this street, walk along to second street on your left. You will see a sandwich board outside, directing you down a grim-looking set of stairs! Don't be afraid, there is good food down there!

Pros: Great Indian food!, Inexpensive, Friendly staff

Cons: Very small, Interior a bit seedy

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The Best In Tokyo. - Edit

The most delicious Indian food I ever had in Tokyo.
The best.

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Ueno Vege Herb Saga - Edit

I've eaten here 2 times. It is a long way from my apartment. On weekdays they have lunch sets. Choose 1, 2 or 3 curry servings from a list of 5-6.

The restaurant is open until 3pm for lunch but you have until 2:30pm to order food. They shut down the kitchen at this time.

Spicy means spicy! And I love it.

The space is small. And large groups can become noisy.

Pros: competitive price, good food

Cons: small

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A Little Piece of India - Edit

This cluttered, aroma-filled basement is a little piece of India, where beaming chefs, run off their feet, turn out the best Indian meals in Tokyo. Owned by a Jain, this is where vegetarian Indian business people come to eat authentic Indian food like they'd get at home without worrying about contamination of their food. But it's not just vegetarian Indians: many Japanese I've met there come because they've seen it on TV, where it wins awards as one of the top Indian restaurants in Tokyo - a great advertisement for vegetarian food in Japan. Beware that being a tiny place, you'll often need to share a table with other guests (not necessarily a bad thing as I've had many an interesting conversation there, but something to consider when planning a night out) and if you order a time-consuming dish it may take a while - up to an hour, or two on a really busy Saturday night, but of course side orders will come out earlier - as the two chefs freshly cook all the meals, regardless of how busy they are. Even the curry powders etc are roasted on site from fresh ingredients, regularly imported from India. This is the only specialised South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo (apart from a few dishes at the new Govinda's Edogawa) if not Japan, and the dosas and other snacks are divine. Vegan items are clearly labelled on the menu. This is one of my favourite restaurants in Tokyo.

Pros: South Indian food like masala dosas!!, friendly staff, reasonable prices

Cons: located in a cramped basement, sometimes long waits for food

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