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CLOSED: Pure Cafe

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Contact 03-54662611

Minami-aoyama, 5-5-21, Minatoku (at 1st floor of AVEDA), Tokyo, Japan,

Vegan cafe offering sandwiches, soup, salad, sweets, breakfast. Staff speak English. At 東京都港区南青山5-5-21. Affiliated with Eightablish vegan bakery. CLOSED MAY 2016 - REOPENED AS PURE DELI AND STORE JUNE 2016. Open Mon-Sun 8:30am-10:30pm.

Category: Vegan, Japanese, Organic, Western, Fast food, Beer/Wine, Take-out

Reviews (46)

First Review by Baza

great breakfast spot - Edit

Was having troubles finding breakfast in Tokyo but this cute little Cafe with window seats saved us for at least 1 morning. They even had snacks for sale which were life savers for the next day of adventuring.

Pros: to go snacks avail, desserts, easy to get to

Cons: price, small portions

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Very tasty - Edit

Good vegan food in Harajuku, expensive due to its location and the portion was a little bit small (I'm not a very big eater either!). But the food is very tasty, they do a really good home made soy lassi!

Pros: great location, soy lassi , all food can be take away

Cons: a touch pricey, not many seats

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Well worth the trip! - Edit

This cafe is located in Omotesando/Harajuku, one of my favourit places in the whole world with its vibrant dynamic culutre life, you´ll find design shops next to graffiti shops.

The cafe has a lot of diffenret options and since I´m not a fan of salads myself I can recommend their sandwiches. Their smoothies and deserts are also great! This is a place I can highly recommend, the staff is super friendly and the place is super cozy, however, even though the food is great I´m missing that extra "wow" factor to it (the food) to give it a five star rating.

Pros: Great options, Great staff, Great deserts

Cons: a tiny bit too pricey, missing that "wow" factor on the food

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Its a good restaurant that can be improved...:) - Edit

I dinned there with my wife two nights ago and it was a good experience. We were very hungry and the portions weren't small. The soup was good, the salad regular, the enchilada was good, it had avocado, my wife liked the tempeh burger ans loved the pudding fruit cake, but I didn't like the cheesecake, it was just a regular lemon and walnut taste. The deli isn't special, it's just regular beens, salad, boiled or fried vegetables but it is healthy. The drinks were overpriced indeed. Our only observations were that it was too cold inside, that the prices were too high for regular food and that you have to go order and pick up your food at the counter.

Pros: English and friendly speaking staff, good burger, great pudding cake, relaxing atmosphere

Cons: a little too expensive, a little too cold inside, the iterms for sale - small and pricey

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Too successful? - Edit

Based on the many happy reviews on this website we went to the Pure Cafe in Ometesando, Tokyo. It seems like this cafe is suffering from its own succes! During lunch it was so busy that people had to stand in line just to wait for a table to become available. The chef was working very hard to deliver all the orders, but the waiting time wasn't too bad.

I think the chef read the complaints about small portions on Happy Cow, because our lunches were huge and looked different from the photos on Happy Cow! We even had trouble finishing it all. The quality of the ingredients was top notch. The preparation, seasoning and presentation was also spot on. Prices are high, but considering the quality of the product it's worth it.

Although the Pure Cafe is a good restaurant, I still prefer the "Brown Rice Cafe" a few blocks away in the same neighbourhood (even higher quality, easier to get a table, even more relaxed atmosphere).

Pros: good quality food, easy to find, nice atmosphere

Cons: high prices, can be very busy (wait for a table)

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One of my favorites in Tokyo! - Edit

This is the cutest, nicest most wonderful place. First time I went I asked if it really was vegan because it seemed too good to be true! When i went for breakfast I had the banana bread with tofu cream, and the banana bread is so yummy! My friend got the home made granola which also was very nice! For lunch I tried the tempeh sandwich and OH MY, it's the best sandwich I've every had, absolutely incredible. My friend liked her cheesecake and their muffins are also really nice!!!

Pros: Yummy yummy yummy, Reasonable prices, Great place

Cons: Time limited menu which can be hard

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Breakfast sets - Edit

We have had breakfast here before and enjoyed it so we went back. Staff are friendly, place has a great atmosphere- only detracted from by the rather odd EDM music that was playing at 9am! Last time we came here it didn't have that kind of music so maybe it was just a one-off. Portions aren't big by any means but the price is only around 650¥ for a set so it's very reasonable. We just bought a couple of homemade cakes afterwards.

My set consisted of toast with a choice of either tofu cheese, peanut butter or tofu cream, with a drink and a side salad. My boyfriends set consisted of a small bowl of homemade granola (it had whole pecans and chopped dates/fresh banana in it) with rice milk and a drink.

They have 6 breakfast set options and loads of dinner options so I'm looking forward to going back.

Pros: Price, Staff and general atmosphere, Variety

Cons: Music was too pumped for the AM!

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so great - Edit

This is the first vegan place we have found that is open for breakfast in Tokyo!!!!!!!! Very reasonably priced and fresh and good! Highly recommend. Only had the breakfast but will defiantly go back for lunch and dinner

Pros: nice space and area, good prices, breakfast

Cons: none

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Perfect! - Edit

Nice and cosy little restaurant with good food and helpful staff. We had an amazing dinner and have no complains at all. It's sort of a tapas place, you order a few dishes and share. We ate the brushetta and rainbow salad (so good!), wraps, fried tofu and fries. We will come again before our weak here in Tokyo has come to an end!

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Cute café in a great area - Edit

We had delicious sandwiches, soup, mini cake, and salad for our Lunch Set in Pure Café. We were both full, so the portions are definitely not small, but just right. The café was clean, and the service was friendly; they spoke English too. As someone suggested here, only 1 minute from the Omotesando station! Take exit B3, and turn immediately left - it's in Aveno building! Easy! The best part was looking out the window at all the dressed up Omotesando walkers as we were enjoying our lunch. It's an affluent and stylish area of Japan, and it's a whole sightseeing experience in itself. Great for a date :) Will be back to Pure Café - their dinner looked different, had burgers, so want to try that too.
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 13, 2015

Pros: 1 minute from station, good service, cool vibe

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yum! - Edit

We had a delicious lunch set which consisted of a tandoori tofu sandwich, a soup, a salad and a small piece of banana bread - delicious! Will definitely visit again to try the other things on the menu. Nice and relaxed vibe with friendly staff.

Pros: easy to find, yum

Cons: not cheap but worth it

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A lovely Tokyo vegan standby - Edit

This is one of the few places I know of in Tokyo where you can get vegan breakfast.. I'm talking muffins, scones, smoothies, soy yogurt with muesli, tofu spread or peanut butter on toast, etc and it opens early enough in the day to eat there for breakfast. It's also a fantastic spot for a top notch lunch or light dinner (think salads, sandwiches and soups) - I like sitting by the window and people watching! It's also in a great location for those planning on exploring Omotesando street! Downsides are that portions are a little on the smaller side and the desserts and drinks are especially pricey. The location, ambience, good hours, and high quality food still warrant giving this place 4 stars :)

Pros: good location, very close to station , chic, laid-back vibe , great hours

Cons: small portions, a bit pricey

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one of the two best vegan places in Japan - Edit

the reviews already cover how great this place is.
ive been coming here for years for dinner-
favorites are the deli plate, the vegan burger, tempeh, and enchiladas.

If you are looking for volume, you'll need to order more than one thing- forgivable considering the quality of food and the expensive location they are at.

Pros: Its basically all pro

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Pure Indeed - Edit

This classy cafe inside Aveda is dynamic and vibrational. I love places that serve pure foods opposed to fake, fried and processed proteins. Grain salads, smoothies, homemade granola, vege enchiladas, vegan, natural breads and much more are all at your disposal. The menus are English, the music is comforting and the staff also speak English. We went during lunch hour when the meals are served in sets such as the masterful Tempeh Sandwich and the scanty Salad Set. Everything was divine and fulfilling except the salad. The vibe is more sophisticated than nomadic and most of the customers were dressed very fashionably on this day. Next time I will arrive in proper style!

Pros: Alkaline foods, Cozy environment

Cons: Lunch can only be ordered in sets , Many items are overpriced such as the $6 Lemonade

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Great vegan breakfast/lunch spot - Edit

I was exhausted after my arrival in Tokyo and need to find a place to have breakfast at 1pm on a Sunday. I clumsily negotiated the subways do eventually made it there. I ordered a green hummus sandwich and the muffin with tofu cream - plus two organic fair trade coffees with soy milk. The sandwich was a fairly ordinary salad sandwich. The berry and pumpkin seed muffin was nothing exceptional either (and the cream was a bit thick), but in all it was good enough for me to think I'd like to come here regularly while I'm in Tokyo. It's nice to know everything's vegan and the service is really friendly. I'm plus I could use my foreign money card which was convenient. As for the coffee...I'll keep looking.

Pros: Vegan breakfast that's not fried, Friendly staff, Organic and fairtrade foods

Cons: Coffee is not great

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pure cafe - Edit

Attached to Aveda salon this place was super easy to find

Very fresh westernised style cafe
We got the sandwich sets which were ridiculously good

Please note if looking for caffeine, a lot of the drinks were caffeine free.

A lot of great takeaway items and vegan packaged food

Mid price for lunch

Pros: location

Cons: super busy

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outstanding - Edit

Pure Cafe is out of this world good. The staff are super friendly and helpful, and the food blew my mind. Those muffins. So goddamn it.
They sell vegan bread items also, which I bought all of when I was there, and were dangerously good.

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Delicious little place... - Edit

Another great place in the Omote-Sando area is Pure Cafe, in the Aveda store. This is more casual than Brown Rice and is a great place to grab lunch. I usually get the sandwich set, which includes soup of the day, salad (lovely dressing), whichever sandwich you chose, and a small piece of cake. The sandwiches are delicious, and, after avoiding Japanese bread & cakes (I read somewhere that they are made with lard) it's a great treat to have some "safe" bread! I've also been for dinner and had veggie enchilladas and a tempeh burger, both of which were fabulous! I'd read in previous reviews that this place was expensive and the portions were small, but that has not been my experience. I'm always full when I eat here, and I would say the price is average. My only problem is that I am tempted into the Aveda store, where I can spend a lot of money! Take metro (Chiyoda or Ginza lines) to Omote-sando station. Exit at B3, turn immediately left when you come out of station, down a small side street, walk for about 1 minute and you'll see Aveda is right in front of you.

Pros: Excellent food, Great vibe, Inexpensive

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Most tasty vegan food in Tokyo - Edit

Im a very big fan of the Tempeh Katsuretsu (Deep Fried Tempeh) plate and the Avocado Enchiladas Plate. Each one of these alone does not fill me up so I always get both. Costs about 2400yen together. I am not a big fan of the white sauce they put on the Enchiladas so I always get it without the white sauce.

I usually get the above. However, once in a while, I go for their "deli plate" which comes with 3 dishes you can choose from approximately 6 offerings. You can see it right in front of you. So if you see 3 that look real appealing, you might want to consider that.

Also, their Tempeh burger is killer.

They sell books by the way with all their recipes (in Japanese).

Pros: Best Vegan food I know of in Japan, Like the location

Cons: pricy for the amount but still worth it., I sometimes wished they had waitresses

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Pure Cafe... purely oishii! - Edit

Pure Cafe is a favourite for me in Tokyo. We've been many times and it never disappoints. Friendly staff, fresh, delicious, healthy vegan food. More Westernized than Japanese style food. Breakfast options include tofu spread or peanut butter on toast, or amazing granola. Lunch options include sets with a drink, soup, rice and a main. Dinner at Pure is the best as there are a few 'deli' choices, or a burger or enchiladas or the vegeholic with tahini sauce which is my personal favourite.
Only a few minutes walk from Omotesando train station, exit B3. A great long walk from Harajuku station (20-25 minutes).
A must for vegans travelling Tokyo!

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Non-smoking

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A pure must in Tokyo - Edit

We went to Pure Cafè three times and we tried many things: from burgers to soups! Everything was delicious and healthy. It was good to taste something different from what we're used to eat in Italy. It's not an "à la carte" place, there are some "combinations", that include a soup and water.
They make breakfast and they also sell some goods (such as soy/rice milk, cookies, sauces...)
Nice atmosphere, quiet and friendly.

Pros: Quick service, Position, Staff can speak english

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Tasty Muffins - Edit

We were there two or three times during our Japan stay.
I especially loved their muffins and the chai latte.
Nice comfy atmosphere.

Pros: tasty muffins and tea, english menu, atmosphere

Cons: no wifi

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Like this place a lot! - Edit

Love the atmosphere and ambiance- so chilled out- can spend a long time here and just relax after walking a lot in Shibuya/Omote Sando.

The food is a bit expensive tho.. but still worth it. their spiced carrot cake was good, and so was their sandwich or burger with tempeh inside it. very very delish! however I didnt like their muffin (way too dry).

Pros: Lovely ambiance, Good food

Cons: A bit expensive

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Great cafe in Tokyo - Edit

Pure Cafe was one of my favorite spots in Tokyo. Their hours are longer than most places (open early and stay open late), which is great. The food was delicious and filling, very healthy and not overdone with seasonings, sugar or fake meat, etc. I loved the granola with soy yogurt and the tofu dip and toast for breakfast! The were many options for side dishes and desserts as well. As with many places in japan, the beverages are very expensive so I usually just drank the water provided on the counter!

Pros: all vegan, English menu with pictures, open late

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TINY expensive portions! - Edit

We ate here a couple of times for breakfast only at the start of our long stay in Tokyo, mainly chosen out of neccesity as it was the nearest vegan place to us that opened early enough for breakfast. We tried it again for dinner later on in the trip but it was so packed and only serving cakes at that time (around 5pm).
I knew from reviews it was going to be on the pricey side but wow. First time we had a muffin 'set' although it only turned out to be a muffin and a tea. We initially thought we just made a bad choice so next I had a the 'bread and salad set' and got a tiny bread roll and handful of dressed salad leaves. My husband did better with a peanut butter and banana sandwich which was more filling. I guess it's attached to Aveda and in fashionable omotesando but otherwise the prices vs portion were inexplicable. Cannot recommend

Pros: poor value for money, tiny portions

Cons: friendly staff, nice location

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Convinient - Edit

I ate here twice. It's a little pricy, but kind of convinient because of it's location. The desserts are delicious and are available for take away. They have quite a lot of meal options and update them often enough. The place is clean and quiet, although a little crowded sometimes. It would be wise to make a reservation on the weekends.

Pros: Desserts!

Cons: Price

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First time today - Edit

I just finished my breakfast. Cozy little place. Yeah small servings! Quite expensive for the size. I always thought being vegetarian is expensive and this restaurant does instill that. Food quite good though and they have vegan cakes for your sweet tooths!

Pros: good food, easy to find

Cons: price, serving

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Great cafe :) - Edit

We ate here twice on our recent trip to Tokyo. We found it pretty easy to find and when I saw it was located next to Aveda skin and hair products I was even more excited as I love these natural products!

The cafe is nice and clean with a great ambience and lots of great take-away vegan snacks.

They serve lunch sets and we had the sandwich plate one with veggies, the other falafel - the falafel one was better. The creamy soup was delicious and we had second serves each! We also ordered the grain plate and it was really good even though just a bit too cold - could have done with heating up, or at least room temp - maybe better if you went there in summer?

Service was friendly and fast and overall was a good experience, I would recommend going if you are in the area :)

Also the whole menu is in English, and it was the only place in Japan we went where we weren't given chopsticks - only proper cutlery.

Pros: Easy to find, Food, Service

Cons: No chopsticks :(

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Great little cafe - Edit

I had the curry lunch special and it was excellent! Hip and trendy little vegan cafe right next door to Aveda salon. Nice selection of teas, coffees and desserts as well. It was a bit smaller than what I imagined.

Pros: Delicious, Nice environment

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Decent Western-style vegan cafe - Edit

Food is good. Some items too expensive - for example, a bag of granola costs 1800 yen ($18)! Small portions (there's no excuse for high prices on small portions in Japan). But good food.

Attached to Aveda - which products I LOVE.

Pros: Clean food, Attached to AVEDA

Cons: Some items Expensive, small portions

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Easy, appetising vegan lunch - Edit

Came twice during my last visit - a sandwich set both times, just the right size for lunch, easy to order and an appetising array of cakes and veggie ingredients for sale too.
Another lovely Tokyo vegan location :)

Pros: Quick, Varied, Friendly

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Vegan sweets buffet - Edit

We came to Pure to eat breakfast really but they happened to have a vegan sweets buffet that day :) First we got some soup, sallad and food muffins and then got to help our selves to the buffet table with lovely vegan sweets of different kinds. Very nice surprice! Staff was very friendly and some of them spoke a bit of english which was very helpful.

Pros: Tasty, Nice staff

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Great Place for Lunch - Edit

We had a terrific lunch at Pure Cafe. They had great selections, including lunch sets which we had. It was so nice to know that we could choose anything on the menu and not worry about what was hiding in it. Printed menu was bilingual, blackboard menu was all English, staff happily spoke adequate English, even though we can speak Japanese.

Pros: excellent food, creative & healthy, delicious

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Okey. - Edit

I liked the food, but the staff did'nt speak much english, and the menus was confusing. The portions was small, and it was a little bit pricy. Location, and interior of the cafe was great.

Pros: location, a place to get vegan food

Cons: confusing menus, communication, food not fantastic, but okey

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Nice - Edit

We went here in April 2008. It was nice, but overpriced for the tiny portions. Don't get the set dinner if you actually want a decent size dessert. My husband got exactly 3 slices of cheesecake. The slices were one inch by 1/4 inch. He paid about the same for his soup, main, "dessert" and beer, as I did for a main, starter, and normal sized dessert (tiramisu) so keep that in mind! We ended up ordering the spicy carrot cake as well. The desserts were really good, but you can get the same ones at their sister restaurant, which is much better in my opinion.

Pros: tasty, friendly staff

Cons: small portions, overpriced

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a must for lunch time,,,the best - Edit

pure cafe rules,,,! its either here or cafe 8,,,,depending on which side of shibuya i am,,,it shares doors with an Aveda shop,,,
get the lunch set,,and arrive early for tandoori tofu sandwich,,comes with small soup and small salad,,and coffee or tea,,,,and then i always get another sandwich togo!!!!!

Pros: tofu sandwich!

Cons: they sell out of sandwich early

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