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Serves meat, vegan options available. Fries and fast food snack bar. Has vegan items, like sandwiches, burgers, vege meatballs. Previously named Frituur Royal. Under new ownership, Dec 2019. Open Mon-Tue 17:30-21:30, Thu 17:30-21:30, Fri-Sat 17:30-22:00, Sun 17:30-21:30. Closed Wed.

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First Review by jon active


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17 Aug 2022

Lekkerste vegan burger!

De Royal burger met al de groentjes is mega aan te raden!!!

Pros: Veel keuze , Lekkere gerechten , Vriendelijke bediening

Cons: Niet veel zitplaatsen



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29 May 2022

Delicious vegan snacks, burgers and much more

Really nice to have them in Bruges! So thankfull for their vegan options, very good food!

Pros: Delicious vegan food


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Mostly Veg
26 May 2022


Quand on vous vend sur le net que c'est le palace/royaume de la friterie pour un végétarien / vegan... Et bien on ne vous ment pas !!!! Carte impressionnante... Leurs croquettes de faux fromages vont me manquer :')

Pros: Beaucoup d'options vegan et végé, Boulette et croquettes à tomber !, Super personnel


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14 Aug 2021

Yummy stoofvlees !

Heel lekker vegan stoofvlees gegeten vandaag!!! Ook de V fishburger was lekker!
De frietjes waren iets minder mijn ding maar smaken verschillen natuurlijk . De vegan mayo was gewoon ok!
Vriendelijke service.
Buiten waren twee tafeltjes waar we fijn hbb kunnen eten.
Geen plaats? Om het hoekje van de straat staan bankjes :-)

Pros: Lekker stoofvlees, Lekkere v fishburger, Vriendelijk

Cons: Frietjes waren iets minder lekker dan ik gewoon be


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22 Aug 2020

Lots of vegan fastfood and nice fries

Great selection of vegan options: burgers, small snacks (dumplings, mini spring rolls, vegan shrimps, ...). Fries are also baked in plantbased oil (is still a rarity in Belgium). Vegan options clearly indicated on menu.

Very friendly owners (new ownership recently).

We had a vegan sunset burger, vegan mix (small snacks like dumplings), vegan shrimp, two portions of fries: one with stew sauce and one with veganaise, and two cans of elderflower lemonade).
Total 31,40, so very fair price.

there are also vegan cupcakes available (from Magpies).

There's less than a handful of seatings inside (and I think with COVID regulations now, in-dining is not possible). There are several public benches near the Kruispoort, which is just ten steps away. We had a blanket cover with us, and sat in the evening sun on the grass, overlooking the water.

Beware: it is a fries shop, so food is fried and is greasy, which your stomach needs to be able to handle (which isn't the case for me at this time unfortunately, but I ate it anyway as I really wanted to visit the shop!).

I visited this place once before, in 2012, and since the owner at that time didn't want to open up the toilet to customers and was not really friendly, I hadn't visited again.
So with the new ownership, I wanted to visit again (note: toilet is now open to customers).
Will definitely be making more visits in the future.

Entrance is accessible - no accessible toilet.

Updated from previous review on 2020-08-22


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15 Aug 2020

The new owners took the place to whole new level

Dina and Stan are the amazing new, vegan, owners of Royal. The fries are excellent, you can even choose sweet potato and vegetable fries. The selection of vegan snacks is enormous! And since a while there are 'Royal meals': superb non-fried meals, made with love by Dina (she's truly an amazing cook). There are also vegan cupcakes as a dessert and the menu is still expanding for the vegans 😍


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22 Feb 2020

Great choices

The new owners are fantastic ! New since end 2019.
I really like this place. Plenty of vegan choices! Very tasty. Delicious vegan sauces as well.


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11 Jan 2020

Nice food. Nice people.

Lots off vegan options. Vegan ownership. Tasty food....

Pros: Lots off vegan options.. , Seperate deep-frier for vegan snacks.

Cons: You will keep spending your money on this place...


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04 Jan 2020


1st visit with the new owners.

SUBLIME. Very friendly and welcoming couple! Good chat.

The food was amazing. Fries in their peel are really tasty. Homemade sauces were yummy, especially the (vegan) samourai! The vegan stoofvlees ('beef stew") was good as well.
BUT... The (vegan) "Vleesch" patty was TO DIE FOR. They made a homemade sauce with greens that goes with it and it was really fresh and fingerlicking tasty.

We will certainly return (even if its a half hour drive for us!). We found our Go to "frituur"!

Hint: non-vegan people should really try the vegan patty!

P.S.: Sorry for the picture where our food has already been half eaten, but it was SOOO GOOD we couldn't resist it... damn, writing and seeing this makes me wanna get into my car and drive there again.

Pros: Food, Service, Friendliness


04 Jan 2020

*a 5star review is only possible for fully vegan resto's.


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29 Dec 2018

Take away fastfood

It took a bit long before we could order, but the owner was very friendly.
There were a lot of options. They even have a vegan waffle and brownie.
They do not have a lot of space to sit. I would recommend to take away.
A good place for ordering fast food. I would not recommend it for a nice evening out it is after all a fast food place😉


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24 Oct 2018


Was excited to try the fries here since Belgium is actually where French fries originate from, but they're usually fried in beef fat - this is one of the few places in Bruges I found using vegetable oil.

Unfortunately they were terrible. Looked like they had been sitting around for a while before being refried to the extent to which a lot of the fries were dark brown and virtually inedible.

Got a vegan waffle too, which was equally as bad. Very dry and tasted like cardboard covered in powdered sugar, I couldn't finish it.

The homemade vegan mayonaise was good, but not enough to redeem the rest of the meal. There were also a lot of other vegan options, burgers etc. which might be good but I doubt I'll be going back.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, homemade vegan condiments

Cons: Terrible fries and waffles


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30 Jul 2018

Vegan fastfood

A lot of vegan fast-food items! We ordered two wraps with yummies and a side salad. For the salad you get to pick what's in it. Salad was really tasty, specially thanks to the vinaigrette. The wraps where stuffed and tasty.

It is fastfood, so don't expect superhealthy food.

Pros: A lot of vegan choices

Cons: They use styrofoam


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27 May 2018

terrible service

The owner was so rude, she barely explain me the dishes and act like i was bothering her for trying to order some food. Like wtf? Dishes are small price but small portion, don't get too excited .


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22 Oct 2017

Worst chips ever

We were really happy to hear about this place since there are some vegan options, but we couldn't be more dissapointed. Half of the vegan options weren't available, it's quite expensive (I don't mind splashing out a bit on vegan food, but only if it's worth it, which is definitely not the case) and so greasy! I couldn't finish it and felt sick afterwards. The vegan "meat" they served, can easily be found in most supermarkets or organic shops. I'd say, if you can, make your own.

Cons: Limited options, So greasy!, Serves meat


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20 Jun 2017

Spotless and tasty

Everything vegan is clearly marked and the owner is happy to explain what's available. She doesn't necessarily have every option every time, but the range is pretty good.

She's usually by herself and she is really efficient, but you may need to wait to be served.

I've been a few times and I've found the owner to be very polite and helpful each time.

Pros: Lots of options. Cheap and tasty.

Cons: Occasionally there's a wait if it's crowded, so do


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25 Mar 2017

good for what it is

As mentioned in previous reviews most the food is fried this is a frituur so dont come here expecting healthy food however the burgers dont seem to be terribly unhealthy.

I went several times before reviewing. there is a decent selection of vegan products but of course the vast majority of the menu is meat and standard frituur fair.

I enjoyed the hazelnut paddy burger. And the fries with the vegan tartair sauce, if you are getting a large fries you may want to get two sauces to cover all the fries cause one is not enough.

it is fast food if it is not busy. but it is just one woman doing both the cashier and all the food prep so it can be a wait if there is a lot of customers. in my experience the lady is not rude she is just use to dealing with locals and speaking in flemish.

Pros: lots of options, fairly cheap, good location for my hostel

Cons: can take a wile if theres customers, not healthy


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21 Mar 2017

Surprisingly good

I was a bit apprehensive about going to this place after reading some of the earlier reviews, but in fact it wasn't bad at all.

While everything seems to be fried, there is quite a substantial selection of either vegetarian or vegan options apart from the fried potatoes (which were pretty good).

The non-veg stuff is a bit offputting, but at least it seems to be group together in a separate section (nothing worse than seeing nominally veggy stuff wedged up against some dubious looking wurst).

I just tried the spring roll and some other kind of cheesy croquette. They were quite tasty and not really that oily. The fries were quite good although I would suggest getting some kind of sauce on them since they can be a little dry without one.

The girl serving was quite friendly, and there is a really nice grassy slope area just around the corner with some windmills and a canal which is a great place to sit down with a little picnic if the weather is fine. They also serve an excellent variety of drinks.

The place is about a 15 min walk from the center, along Langestraat, which has various interesting small shops & cafes.

Updated from previous review on 2017-03-21

Pros: Good food + drink selection, Nice location close to a green area & windmills, Cheaper than overpriced places in town center

Cons: Mostly everything fried, Need to check opening hours carefully in advance


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12 Jan 2017

If you need your share of greasy stuff

Frituur Veggie is one of the rare places in town where you can eat vegan fries, every where else, they're deep fried in animal fat !

This place serves a good range of frozen vegetarian and vegan choices, nothing crazy, the vegan chicken kebab brochette was better than anything else, though very small for the price (3,80€). The burgers are inexpensive (approx. 4€) but small, steak is ok, but a blend bun, three leaves of salad and a bit of tomato don't make a real burger. However the fries are good, vegan and inexpensive (approx. 3€).

Pros: vegan fries and frituur, quite inexpensive, opening hours

Cons: nothing crazy tastewise, a bit far from the center


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11 Jan 2017

Good Fast Food

There didn't seem to be lots of veggie options available when we visited Bruges for the day, so we ended up here. Small place, more like a take-away, although we were lucky to get two of the four seats at the counter. Lots of choice, it actually took us a while to decide. As other reviewers have mentioned, it is all deep fried, fast food. We had burgers and fries and vegan spring rolls (we were very hungry!), it was very tasty and hit the spot. But I did feel the need to eat a big apple afterwards! I wasn't too sure about the owner either - at times, she seemed quite surly, like she resented dealing with tourists. But then she asked us if we enjoyed our meal and was quite pleasant. So I'm not sure. Would I go back? I think so, sometimes all you want is a fried food hit. I wouldn't make a special trip, but I would go if I was in the area.

Pros: Lots of veggie/vegan choice, Inexpensive, Enjoyed what I had

Cons: Limited seating, Only if you want fast food!


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27 Oct 2016

Great Vegan Options!

I went here for lunch and got a sweet pepper vegan burger (paid .5 euros more to have bun, sauce, tomato, and lettuce) and a large fry. It under 8 euros altogether and I did not need to large fry (I ended up eating most of them later). It was really really amazing vegan fried food for a good price for the area. Highly recommend! I am adding pic of the menu, everything in green is vegan! Also check the hours before you go as they close between lunch and dinner.

Pros: cheap, quick, yummy

Cons: weird hours, limited seating


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29 Apr 2016

Good fried food

If you're looking for healthy food or something quick, this might not be for you. For me I was just glad to find vegan options close by. I ate there twice and got the same thing both times.
The first time was in the evening around 8pm and it was packed(not a lot is open later, so it made sense), the second time was around 5:30 or so not long after she opened so it was not busy at all.
Also it's just the one woman working there, but when it's busy, she is pretty efficient.
I also think it's pretty cool that she goes the extra step of making her own vegan mayos for fries on top those awesome vegan burgers.

Pros: tasty vegan food and house made mayo , great location for takeout by a park

Cons: all fried food might be a con for some

vagabond baker

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14 Nov 2014

Good For A Fast Food Fix

Absolutely loads of veg and vegan options, the vegan ones clearly marked. I had tofu and sietan burger with frites, pretty good but I'm not one for too much deep fried stuff and this was one huge serving of deep fried stuff! Did the job though, great to have so much choice.

Pros: Choices, Inexpensive, Quantity

Cons: Very Fried!, Toilet Not Working, Had To Go To Nearest Backpacke


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25 Aug 2014

Belgian chippy does vegan...

After a week of the deep friend potato and beer diet that vegans undergo in Belgium, we were quite happy to find a vegan-friendly listing and went out of our way to find it. It was nice to have a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan options, however keep in mind that it is essentially a chippy and the food is almost all burgers and spring rolls and other snacks- not much in the fresh vegetables department. However we were confident that the vegan food was, in fact, vegan and it was nice to have some veganaise with our chips!

Pros: Vegan clearly marked, Veganaise, Cheap

Cons: All takeaways, Minimal seating, Unfriendly owner


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18 Aug 2014

Decent vegan options!

This place is one of the few places in town where vegan options are clearly indicated. Everything is fried and mostly to take away because the sitting area is just a bar with four seats. We came here half an hour before the closing and had not a lot of cash but the women was really helpful and friendly. She kindly indicated me where was the closest ATM, took our order and let us finish our food even after the closing without any problem. She also kindly explained us the menu with the different vegan options.

In terms of food, there are decent vegan options: samossas, spring rolls, 4 or 5 different vegan burgers, 6 different veganaises and fries. There are also good and healthy drinks. We find the food relatively good and tasty and not too oily even if it's a "frituur". It's not fine cuisine but it was ok for a quick bite. In terms of price, we found it relatively fair because several things are homemade: I paid around 12 euros for a burger, a special drink, fries, samossas and veganaise.

The place closes quite early and is small but we were happy of our meal.

Pros: vegan options clearly indicated, homemade veganaise, inexpensive, friendly staff

Cons: opening hours, small sitting area


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09 Aug 2014

Wow vegan in Bruges? Let's try!

Reading the comments here below is a bit negative but true. She was doing her best in the beginning but you know she has to deal with daily fustrations. Clients are not always what you dreamed of. Yes the toilet is always broken she's scared someone makes it again so dirty! The toilet has a wrong place to! She makes her own vegan veganaise and is very tasty but most people rather choose the classics from dairy. It makes me fustrating to! But that's the problem, mixing meat, veggie and vegan is not a good idea. Vegans don't trust it and meateaters don't want it! And in between you have veggies. The choices on the menu takes time as vegans. What can I take and what the hell is vegan? Asking questns takes time, quick go on damned! It's a bit stressy for vegans and even 4 her! Vegans in Bruges are annoying is the mentality. Small business to sit. But she offers food 4 vegans and that's something. It's not easy to start veganfood in Bruges ok but it depend how you bring it and very important you need to be vegan to! The shop need improvements for vegans and the food is very fatty. Yip you can't compare it with quality, it's fried junky food. But if you don't care it's average good. Don't expect it's healthy.

Pros: veganchoices, small but nice environment

Cons: small and grumpy , not so cheap , not much veganchoices


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02 Aug 2014

No fun

Unfortunately I didn't read the reviews before going to Brugge. Otherwise I would have been prepared for the unpleasant experience. The woman in charge was just as inhospitable as earlier reviews described. And I'm Dutch so it wasn't the language. An empty snack bar, no customers but us two, with 3 stools at the counter en 4 outside and not being allowed to sit unless you ordered drinks as well. We didn't want to be forced to do so, so we didn't order drinks. I had a burger in a wrap and my daughter had a burger in a bun, 6 euro's each since we ordered them as a meal. There were some other interesting snacks I would've liked to try but I didn't want to stay there anymore, we took the food with us and ate it by the canal. The food was okay. Oh, and the toilet that was broken 2 years ago still is. You wonder what has happened that the nice lady that was described in the oldest reviews suddenly became the grumpy one somewhere around two years ago. Brugge is a beautiful town but no feast for vegans. I recommend a short stay and then go to Gent for a decent meal.

Cons: rude staff


08 Aug 2014

You got a good humor lol, yip the toilet is still broken and I think for the next years to. She tells us a time ago that she doesn't want anybody on her toilet. Clients makes it to dirty. Some put babystuff in it and then the troubles begins, water overflow, smelly, dirty..... This is her reason.


23 Nov 2014

Hi Els, unfortunately, I agree about your review of the Frituur!
But there are several other options for vegans in Bruges. Check out our blog!


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16 Aug 2013


I went there to buy some vegan food. I was looking at the foods (behind the glass) because I needed time to find the vegan stuff. The lady came out and since there was a French couple behind me I let them choose so I can think. Than I asked a few questions (because I wanted to be sure of things and ingredients since I have also gluten-intolerance) but after the 3rd question the lady got annoyed and started to swear in Flamish. So I left the place. I believe that as lond as I am the one who spends money she should be there for me. I don't know what was her problem, but she lost one client at least.
(and they use too much soy)

Cons: Unfriendly staff, Too much soy, deep-fries, Only a bartable with 3 seats

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