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Vöner der Vegetarische Döner

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Boxhagener Str. 56, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany, 10245

Casual fast food such as seitan slices cut from a rotating kebab spit, wagenburgers, vöner kebabs, fries, bio burgers, and various sauces. Reported all vegan as of Jul 2012. Open Mon-Fri 12:00pm-11:00pm, Sat-Sun 1:30pm-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Fast food, Beer/Wine, Take-out, German

Reviews (79)

First Review by hack_man

You have to try this! - Edit

The vegan doner is just as tasty as it looks, it's also really reasonably priced and the staff were friendly.
The cheesy fries were delicious and the cafe is in a good location - definitely worth visiting.

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Döner at its best - Edit

This was the best Döner I've ever had and I was not disappointed. Came here for the first time back in 2011 it is just gets better and with more interesting items. Of you're craving for mean fast food this is the place to go.

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Adiós Falafel - Edit

Por fin vuelvo a comer un durum como Allah manda.
Entendedme, los falafel están buenísimos pero de tanto usarlos se me han gastado las ganas y la "carne" tipo kebab de aquí está tan conseguida que me ha dejado feliz por 100 años.
Tienen hasta el pincho para poner el seitan y cortarlo.
En cuanto a las salsas, me ha hecho super feliz volver a comer la salsa blanca típica de los kebabs.
Lo único que no me gustó tanto fue el pan que hizo que se me desmorada un poco.
Igualmente, muymuymuy recomendable si echáis de menos los kebabs !!!

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SO GOOD - Edit

Delicious vegan döner place. You have to go if you're in Berlin ! My boyfriend and I went two days in a row ! We got the voner and the pommes spezial. The cheese sauce on the pommes spezial is to die for !!

Pros: Cheap, Delicious

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Huuuge portions! - Edit

I don’t think you can come to Berlin and not have a Vöner ;) Vöner is the plant-based alternative to Döner – meat on a rotisserie. We also had the special fries with a cheesy sauce and caramelized onions, which was absolutely delicious. The portions are huge!

Pros: Huge portions, Special fries are amazing!

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Amazing Vegan Döner - Edit

Before I was vegan (or vegetarian) I loved Döner. I've tried different vegan döners (or food that should resemble it), but Vöner is by far the best. Some vegans will dislike the fact that they even have it on the typical spinning griller, but I love it. As if that's not enough, they serve amazing cheesy fries on the side.

Pros: VEGAN DÖNER, Really tasty, Affordable

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Currywurst - Edit

My partner really likes Vöner, and we always make at least one visit every time we´re in Berlin. From what I understand, the majority of the food contains soya or nuts, which makes it difficult for me to find anything other than chips and a salad to eat. My partner is always really satisfied with the currywurst, cheesy sauce, chips, and caramelised onions.

Pros: Friendly staff, Cheap food

Cons: Don´t mark their food with common allergens

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Vegan kebab - Edit

If you're in Berlin, you have to try this. It's like a typical kebab place but completely vegan.

Overall the food was great. The seitan was a bit dry, but the tasty garlic tahini sauce made up for that.

Looking for some greasy cheap vegan food? This is the place to be.

Pros: Friendly staff, cheap food

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More than a kebab - Edit

We were requested by a reader to review vöner for 80kebabs.com

Their attention to detail and dedication to full-on veganism made this one of our best reviews:


Pros: homemade sauces, passionate people, chips

Cons: Seitan not juicy

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A revelation. Comes with chips, bread or wrap.

They also offer a burger and mock meat nuggets. The chips are good, as is the salad. Soft drinks and beer available. Good price for the quantity.

On past visits to Berlin I have also seen the odd sweet on the counter top (I had a cinnamon roll) but visited twice on my last trip and didn't see anything.

Voner is handy for Ostkrauz station. Beware it's busy evenings / weekends - you might have to take out.

Pros: Vegan kebab, Close proximity to Ostkreuz, Price

Cons: Busy at weekends, No dessert

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Best vegan Fastfood. Ever! - Edit

I looove vöner. I love the atmosphere and the ffoooood is amazing. My faves are the Wagenburger and of course the Pommes Spezial! sit down with a coke and greasy fast food and just chill with a few friends :-) BUT be aware that at certain evenings, it will be so full that you'll have to wait for like an hour. Just come when it's not horribly stuffed ^-^

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Dreamland - Edit

This place is awesome. I hope I see these popping up everywhere soon. The two guys that served us were lovely, so happy and polite. Extremely good value, food was delicious. We had voner kebab, chips and currywurst. We will definitely be stopping by again on our next trip.

Pros: price, staff, food (so so tasty), atmosphere

Cons: not in the UK

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Tasty Fast Food - Edit

Voner is a good place to get some cheap and cheerful fast food. It was a bit chaotic when we went there on a Friday night, and the service wasn't especially fast or friendly, but the food was good. On the vonerteller we got some salad, beautifully deep-fried chips and a mountain of kebab meat, which was really flavoursome. No complaints at all about the food! The tahini-garlic sauce was great, whereas the salsa wasn't particularly fiery.

Pros: Good fast food, The chips!, Great portion sizes

Cons: A little chaotic during busy times

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The best vegan fast-food cafe in Berlin - Edit

Seriously, Voner is the best vegan fast-food eatery in Berlin. Yes, it hasn't ordinary hipster vibe, but you'll find more. I go here twice (or sometimes more often) a week for 2 years! Its' a little bit wild, still cheap and always very tasty! If you are looking for the great and inexpensive idea for lunch, you are definitely should come here. I feel this place like my second vegan home and I'm really happy to have it! :)

There are no concurrents for Voner.

Thanks you for always fresh and super tasty food, I love you!

Pros: Extremely tasty and fresh!, The best fast-food in Brln, Big portions!

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Tasty and quick - Edit

This place was amazing. I've always wanted a vegan doener. I did not get the kebab though. I got the voener plate with slices of seitan and your choice of sauce (I got chili tomato) and a side salad and fries with chz and onions. All for 6,50 euro. This was such a great deal.
The seitan roast on the spit was so awesome. Especially after seeing so many meat ones around town.
In previous posts it said the seitan was dry. Mine was not. And the fries were super good. The chz and onion was this delicious combo with fat fries. I'm thinking of going again and just getting the fries. It is a huge plate! for 4 euro. Velicious bakery is right down the street too. They did't have dessert so then I went to the bakery.

Pros: good value, good portions, tasty food + bathroom

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You'll voner try this - Edit

As a big doner fan pre-veganism, FM was very excited to try this innovative dish. In the event, there were mixed opinions. One thought it was good but not outstanding: the 'meat' falls into that category of vegan-meats which you can tell are trying to be something they are not.

Another thought it was pretty fabulous, and wanted to give 5 cow faces. So it has a marmite quality; you'll have to try for yourself.


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don't know what to think about it - Edit

Went there on sunday evening and the ladies were so unfriendly.. The atmosphere was so strange omg
But the food was good even if there wasn't enough sauce in the Voner

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4 - Edit

you have to eat fries with onion and cheese here. it is a must be place in berlin if you love fast food, seriously! prices are low but also after you leave all your clothes smell like oil (i used to it but my friends were bit angry). stuff is nice and food.. jesus, i love them!

Pros: low prices, nice stuff, FRIES!!!

Cons: bad smell

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Vöner is nothing special, fries fantastic - Edit

I often tried vegan Döner in several german cities. The Vönerteller was disappointing, really nothing special. I had difficulties to finish my meal. Fries are really great.

Pros: Fries, Sauce

Cons: Vöner, Atmosphere

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Another Vegan Punk Place - Edit

This is one of many vegan places that have that squat feeling. It was good without being mind blowing. Prices are fair but it's a small place and the service was a bit impersonal. It's handy for a local fast food option but not fine dining.

Pros: Fair prices, Varied menu

Cons: Average service , Small size

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Typical Berlin vegan street food - Edit

I didn't like the Vöner as much as I've expected, but I really enjoyed their Wagen burger. They know how to prepare the seitan and the garlic sauce is great too. Since Vöner is a typical street food in Berlin, a must for vegans out there.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty, Cozy

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A great place to grab lunch in Berlin. - Edit

I have visited Berlin on two separate occasions and on both trips I have eaten at Voner. The food is fantastic and it's something a little different as you can have the kebab experience without the animal cruelty. I have always eaten the Voner Kebab accompanied with some chips and a German beer to wash it all down. Last time I ate a Voner I took a meat eater with me and he enjoyed the food also. The prices are quite reasonable and I have always been satisfied with food there. It's well worth a visit if you're in Berlin.

Pros: The Chips, Vegan cheese on the chips., Did I mention the chips?

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Naughty and yummy! - Edit

It took us a little while to find this place but we were glad we did - we had the donners in pitta and it was all amazing - from the bread to the 'meat' to the salad, and we also had the fries with peanut sauce which were some of the best chips we've ever eaten! Definitely recommended.

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I've finally had a kebab! - Edit

This place was a fun find, and great for a cheap, naughty lunch whilst on holiday in Berlin. I was intrigued by the seitan kebab spit, so had the 'voner kebab.' It was delicious, huge, stuffed with lovely salad and a delicious tahini dressing. The staff were not the friendliest on the day I visited, little bit too cool, if you know what I mean? But the food was great, and I would definitely go back. I really love the logo too, and they had free stickers which you could take - bonus!

Pros: Delicious, naughty fast food, Huge portions, Inexpensive

Cons: Small establishment

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Wish they had this everywhere! - Edit

The taste is just really satisfying! They give you a good portion of real seitan meat subsitute with probably the same spices as döner (don't know because I never ate the meat version obviously)!

First I thought this was omnipresent in Berlin, but most if not all other places use the moniker 'vegetarian döner sandwich' to sell simply the sandwich without the döner, i.e. with just salad and sauce! Will come to Vöner every time I'm in the area :)

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it was ok - Edit

I had high expectations of this place, but was not really impressed with the food. It was very greasy. The staff was really friendly and the place looked nice.

Pros: friendly staff, nice vibe, vegan, big portions

Cons: greasy, not so tasteful

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cozy but average - Edit

I like the idea very much: There's actually a seitan heap set up like a standard döner. It's not important to me, but I always enjoy the imitation of meat in a weird satirical way. :-)

The people are nice, the food was ok. I had the Vöner plate with fries and salad. I wasn't so impressed by the tahini sauce. It's ok to eat there, but I wouldn't recommend it over other excellent choices.

Pros: an actual vegan döner!

Cons: average qualitiy and taste

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High expectations or an unlucky day maybe - Edit

I got a tip from my Czech friend about delicious kebab somewhere in Berlin. I need to say that Doner plate was really delicious, filling, nicely served and everything you want, but maybe I had high expectations about the taste of kebab, it seemed to me to be little bit dried and lets say "a short time spent in a marinade". But I appreciate every vegan restaurant in Berlin and this one is the one you need to visit.

Pros: Inside&outside sitting, Original fake meat, Nicely served

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Comfort food joy! - Edit

I really enjoyed this place, perfect when you want a plate of comfort food! I had fries with a 'cheesy' sauce & onions..i LOVED this, some of the best fries i've ever had and would've been happy with this alone! With it i had very tasty strips of the kebab 'meat' with a spicy tomato sauce..so good! Came with salad too. My friend had a sausage with the same sauce which she very much enjoyed. Big portions, good value. The guy working there was helpful and it's a chilled out place to be.

Pros: All vegan, Tasty junk food!, Good value

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Not impressed - Edit

I was excited about this place and its rotating kebab spit. But I got disappointed, unfortunately, in the first bite. Seitan was dry, fries weren't tasty and the ambient was too smelly because of the fried food. I'm glad to see, based in reviews below, that some people love this place. I really enjoy when vegan restaurants have their fans. But, definitely, I won't go there again.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Small and smelly place, Food

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fush n chups - Edit

I like this place a lot.
My favourite is the vish & chips (never had them vegan before but I'm sure they're top notch in the vegan fish and chips world - coming from a kiwi by choice) but the wagenburger and vöner are just as good.
try the peanut sauce!

Pros: delicious, all vegan, seitan based meats (soy-free)

Cons: bathroom's a bit shabby

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Awesome fries! - Edit

Yet another awesome vegan spot in Berlin. My Husband recommended this as he was missing Doner...I never tried the real thing since I've been vegetarian so long, so I didn't have a point of comparison. It was really tasty! The fries were really delicious. My husband loved it. I'd like to go back next time in Berlin to try the burger, as I heard from friends that it's pretty good.

Pros: Very filling, Cheap

Cons: not much seating

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Delicious vegan döner!!! - Edit

Perhaps my favourite place in Berlin. Excellent vegan döner, really tasty and filling. Also amazing chips! Friendly and relaxed staff is another pro. Could be a bit bigger and have more tables but it's the place you can't miss if you're vegan and visiting Berlin!!!

Pros: amazing vegan döner, good portions, excellent sauces

Cons: little too small

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Cheap, quick and tasty!! - Edit

Went here with a group of meat eating friends and I think they were all impressed with the 'meatiness' of the kebabs here!!

We all had variations of seitan kebabs and fries-I can't remember their exact names-which were big portions, and really tasty and filling.
The cafe is small, a bit more like a take away/fast food place, but in a good way. I'd imagine a great place to stop after a few beers!!

Pros: Cheap, Vegan burgers and kebabs :), Relaxed place, good beer!

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Awesome vegan döner - Edit

This is my favorite vegan fast food place in Berlin. Their Vöner is super yummy and the fries with onions and the "cheese" sauce are to die for!
They also make great cinnamon rolls. Only saw them once though. If you see them: Buy them!

I don't like the Börek very much, as it is very greasy and doesn't taste of much.

If you miss this place, you really missed something in Berlin! Easily reachable within a few minutes walking from S-Bahn Ostkreuz.

The staff is very relaxed and friendly. Nothing to complain about! Only the amount of sauce can vary a little with whoever is currently working there, but that's not a big deal.

Pros: Yummy Vöner, Special fries, Friendly staff

Cons: Bland börek

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Vegan doner kebabs! - Edit

For what it is, I'd easily give this place 5 cows. The vegan kebab "meat" slowly spins on a vertical spit in the way that animal meat does at traditional kebab shops. For a veggie or a vegan, just this sight alone is a real novelty! For 5 euros you can get a kebab wrap filled with voner meat, salad and a sauce of your choice (for those who prefer things mild, go with the herb dressing). Very filling and tasty, a single kebab wrap is probably all that is needed. Nice atmosphere with friendly staff and space for sitting in or outside. A little tricky to find, but definitely worth the visit considering how unique the concept is.

Pros: Great tasting vegan kebabs, friendly staff

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Vegan fast food 101 - Edit

A small and cozy grill-like restaurant which is not hard to find if you know where to go. A handful of tables to sit. May get crowded easily but the atmosphere is still peaceful.

Menu is quite small, so there shouldn't be much trouble to choose. Portions are quite large and filling. Prices are low and you get your moneys worth of food.

Big chunk of vöner is slowly spinning on the grill and it's being marinated whenever it gets dry. But vöner is not soaked in oil which is also nice. Slices are thick so no sparing on the main thing. Sauces were tasty and crowned portions!

For gluten-free eaters only one possible portion.

Definitely a place to visit again!

Pros: All-vegan, Tasty portions, Atmosphere

Cons: Only one gluten-free option

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Great fast food - Edit

You get a lot of food for your money here, and the food itself is really good. The selection is simple, just vegan döner in different shapes, but really tasty. The tomato-chili sauce was especially good.

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Unforgettable - Edit

Away from the center but very much in a hip area, this small 4 table eatery has enough space and options on the menu for a whole party of people to stop and eat.

The decor is typical Berlin, cool and interesting; you'll find yourself very relaxed.

The menu is brief, but anything more would be too much. What they do they do well and it's far from expensive.

The food is freshly made whilst you wait, the taste is heavenly and you're bound to be left wanting more - not because it's not filling, but because the taste is so good.

Pros: Unforgettable taste, Good selection of options, All made fresh

Cons: None

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Ok... - Edit

I had high hopes for this place and we made a special trip to come try it, but I left disappointed. I picked a kebab and it was huge- the women seemed friendly enough but they had soaked our food in so much sauce that it overpowered it and made it sickly. It then ruined the bread and ended up all over our hands, so I gave up and left half of it. It's a shame as I think I'd have enjoyed it with less sauce and a slightly smaller portion. Would I bother going back? Meh.

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Yum! - Edit

I love Voner. The place is small and cosy and the food is prepared right in front of you. Very clean and fresh. I had the vagenburger with cheese and fries, which are homemade. All the produce was fresh and the tastes are amazing. It wasn't my first time there and as I am a fan, I'll return again for sure.

Pros: great food, cosy atmosphere, clean

Cons: small - hard to get a table

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good fast food - Edit

we had vegan kebab and a salat here. the voner is tasty and a good size portion which fills you up for a while. it's fast food, but it's tasty.

it's a small place with only 2-3 tables

Pros: good food

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Good, not great - Edit

I got a Voner to go, and ate it at home. They made it very fast. The bread was very rubbery, but the filling was pretty good. I would rate this somewhere in the middle, as I finished my food, but I threw out half the bread. I would eat here again after a night of drinking, but not if I had some other options.

Pros: Decent filling, Fast

Cons: Tough bread

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losthighway 07 Dec 2013 - I think the problem might have come from taking your meal home in the cold weather. The bread often becomes a weird texture. Of course it doesn't help that they put a lot of sauce on too.

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nice Döner - Edit

the staff wasn't that friendly. we got there just when they opened and the woman seemed already a bit stressed.
we got our food fast anyway and it was good, even though the filling of the Döner was a bit dry.

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Fantastic Vegan Doner! - Edit

i cannot say I have ever tried a meat-based doner kebab, but I can say that the sandwiches at this place are incredible. The vegan meat is cut from a traditional doner kebab vertical spit. The flavors are just perfect, and if you decide to go with the garlic sauce on your sandwich, you will have a delightful meal.

I spoke with two women at this restaurant and asked if they were vegan. They said that they were not vegan or vegetarian. When I mentioned that the donar kebab here was vegan, they didn't believe me at first. They thought they were at a regular meat-based doner kebab restaurant.

Voner der Vegetarische Doner is one of my favorite restaurants in Berlin! I wish we had such a place in Los Angeles!

Pros: food, value, service

Cons: None

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Vegan classic - Edit

The Voeners are amazingly delicious and so are their fries. I went here twice on my visit to Berlin, and will go again next time I'm around. I wish they would open restaurants in other areas of Germany nearer to me. The food, price, and atmosphere, service... all great!

Pros: Excellent food, Atmosphere, Service & location

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Stunning Vöner platter - Edit

Great place in Friedricksheim, easy to find it too. Small place with a couple of seats in- and outside. I tried the Vöner platter with French fries and salad. I was astonished that the fake meat (seitan) was cut from the kebab pole just like the meat ones. The place was full of with either local punks or people belonging to the same underground subculture. First time there was a French crust punk couple sitting next to me with a doggy of course. :p I felt like home. :))
The next day I went for the Berliner specialty: curry wurst (French fries+salad). Again, brilliant. Vegan mayo is just amazing, I could not get enough of it, though there could have been a bit more salad for the dishes. All in all both of them were great with a price of at around 4-5 euros each.
Staff spoke English and happily explained me what is vegan what is not. Definitely going visit them again when I am in Berlin.

If you are a snooty health-oriented vegan, who does not like strong flavours, then this might not be the best place for you.
Updated from previous review on Friday August 12, 2011

Pros: good atmosphere, tasty, vegan food, good price

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best vegan kebab - Edit

It is the best kebab I know. I really like the kebab skewer - why aren´t there more Vöner somewhere?

It´s a great place for some fast food, staff is super nice, good prices.

I really like it.

Pros: kebab skewer, food, price, staff

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The only Doner that matters - Edit

Voner is awesome! Good food, great prices, friendly staff, and really stands out!

Voner is something special, something you dont find everywhere like falafel.
It is a place where you can sit comfortably outside, they have a fast service, and the food tastes great (if you like/want a fast food-ish lunch/dinner)
Also, very good fries with spices on it.

Pros: All vegan , Fast

Cons: not that much seats outside

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Best of a Kind - Edit

The best Fish'n'Chips I've ever had I had there. The taste freakishly resembled real sea creatures, so I was surprised for first little while, but quickly realised that I was totally into it. Minimalist design matches minimalist prices, and the food is simple, but soo comforting. When I'm in Berlin again, will be back to this place again and again.

Pros: Great portions, Good value

Cons: none

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Give me. - Edit

I have had reoccuring semi-pornographic dreams about this place during the two years that has passed since I left. This place is/was a gift from above.

Pros: Vöner, Spicy sauce, Price

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hanswurst 23 Mar 2013 - hahahah!

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No longer impressed... - Edit

I came here when I was a young-vegan and was happy. I came again, several times as a more mature vegan and must say I do no longer like the meaty part, taste and texture. The bread and stuffing was OK (though you should use a plate, otherwise your arms are full of sauce as the gread is open). Also, the waitree used the same (unwashed hand) for money, scratching and aranging tomato, cucumber etc... Might avoid this place in future as there are meanwhile other places that do doeners...

Pros: Existence

Cons: Hygiene, taste

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Great vegan döner! - Edit

This is a small takeaway whose main attraction is the vöner (vegan döner kebab, pronounced fur-ner). You can have it on a plate or in a wrap/flat-bread and it comes with fresh salad. You can also choose from a few sauces (e.g. hot sauce, mayo). The kebab itself is made from a mix of tofu, seitan, vegetables and spices from what I gather and it is absolutely delicious! Warning - it does resemble the donner kebab so if you don't like that, you might not like this.

They also do chips/fries (quite good) as well as a couple of burgers, which I personally didn't think were particularly outstanding.

The take-away has limited seating inside and a few tables outside so it can be a little full at times.

It is also located quite near to Boxhagener Platz, often the site of an interesting food market or, on Sundays, an amazing flea market. Simon-Dach-Straße - popular for it's night-life scene - also isn't too far away. Although it's located quite close to Ostkreuz station, I'd recommend having a walk round the area before/after eating, perhaps heading towards Warschauer Straße station or towards Frankfurter Tor station to check out the neo-classical architecture.

Pros: Delicious vegan döner, Cool area

Cons: Often full/busy (is this really a con?)

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crazy & amazing vegan experience - Edit

vöner! what an amazing idea!

it was delicious with a fresh salad &
the vegan tzatziki & chilli sauce :) the voner 'meat' is quite rich though so i would recomment sharing with someone.

burger was really yum too! & we also looooved the fries with onions & cheese sauce!

a really delicious & exciting food experience in the wonderful berlin.

staff who worked there are really friendly too :)

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Nice vegan fastfood - Edit

My wife and I were guests at the A&O hotel and having just arrived there, after having a tiresome day training from Krakow, we were looking for some quick inexpensive vegan food. It turned out we only had to walk out of the door to have our eyes caught on Vöner. It wasn't entirely clear to me that I could order a vöner pita there, because I only looked at the board which started with "vöner teller" (vöner, some salad en deep fried spicy potatoes)... so I ordered that. It was certainly tasty and a nice welcome to Berlin for us. Next time I'll try the pita though, since I'm trying to hold on to a low(er) fat vegan diet, so omitting the fries and having some more salad would be a better option for me.

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I'm just not sure what to think - Edit

Don't get me wrong! the food was delicious! even my non vegetarian father liked it.
the fries were better than those i ate at meat serving places (back then when i was a cannibal) and the voner was tasty and spicy just the way i like it.
But still, the forks and knifes were stained (probably because they weren't dried after washing) and the place was noisy.
Next time I'm at Germany I'll probably come back to this place but I'll order it iside that bread/pita thing (so I won't need a fork) and I'll sit outside.

Pros: excellent food, not too expensive

Cons: noisy, stained cutlery

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Best Vegan Kebab I've had - Edit

While I was in Berlin a friend recommended me this place, and it did not disappoint. Small shopfront tucked away in Friedrichshain, but a nice place to sit in. The Voener's were always excellent, big and juicy with nice bread and salad. The Wagenburgers also went down a treat, as did the fries. Cheap drinks too. Staff were always really friendly, and I never had to wait long for an order. No frills but none necessary. Would recommend to any Vegan food lover passing through Berlin keen for a cheap, delicious meal. A place I'd love to revisit

Pros: Food, Service, Location

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Tasty - Edit

The location is about a 5 minute walk from the Ostkreuz S-Bahn station. The inside is nice and clean. I ordered the Doner with Tahine Garlic sauce and some of their french fries. The serving was quite large because they pack the kebab pretty well with the faux-meat and lettuce/tomatoes. Everything was delicious. The staff doesn't seem to speak English but language is quite unnecessary in this situation.

Pros: Inexpensive, Tasty, Vegan

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good fast food - Edit

I liked the voner. I liked the fact that they where so animal friendly. I liked the handmade fries. And the burger I had. The fake mayonaise was a bit tasteless but they had ketchup also. We had big portions. So you don't have to worry about leaving hungry.

Pros: vegetarian fastfood, big portions, good value!

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Very tasty, cheap price! - Edit

If you like fake meat things, Vöner is a really delicious meal every once in a while. The prices are a bit higher now than they used to be - for a vegan Vöner you will pay 3,4€ which is still a good price. The chips are very, very tasty and together with the vegan mayonnaise are nearly better than the Vöner.
I never liked the Wagenburger too much because I find it a but limp but that's a personal thing I guess.
The is also a "Bio Burger" I have never tried.
For drinks there is organic beer and lemonades - all 1,50 per bottle.
The staff is always very friendly, the music a bit annoying sometimes.

Pros: cheap, friendly staff

Cons: noisy, no fresh food or drinks

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tasty - Edit

when it opened i could not get enough of the vöner, but i switched to be a wagenburger-fan, cause it is a little more crispy. :)
the quality of their fries is not always the same, but when they are good, they are GREAT. and i love the fact that they serve as much vegan mayonaise as you want! :)
they recently raised their prices, but still very moderate.
i like this place, too bad it's not all vegan.

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good! - Edit

we had a hard time finding it, but i believe it is close to ostkreuz if i don't remember wrong.

good döner, but absolutely fantastic fries (according to me, not the biggest fan of fries AND my boyfriend, who IS the biggest fries-fan, which must be a good grade!)

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Great and incredibly cheap! - Edit

such a good little place. I've been there a couple times. Eating fries and Burgers is not the best way to keep a vegan diet but when you just need a little extra fat in your system, this is definitly the way to go. They have great sauces and great burgers. 2 can leave there stuffed for about 7 euros.

Pros: CHEAP!!!!, all vegan except for one sauce, friendly staff

Cons: Greasy

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better then burger, but... - Edit

still riding the fast food wave, that seems to cover all of the Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. I like it once in a while, but i never really liked eating meatless Döner either. Maybe i'm a little preoccupied, since meatless Döner was the only fast food you could get some 10-12 years ago, as a vegan kid living close to Berlin. But now the seitan doesn't make much of a difference to me. they seem to make a good business there anyways.

Pros: good value, open late, friendly staff

Cons: fast food, strange place

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Succulent Seitan Delights - Edit

Located in a pretty cool part of Berlin. We had the delicious 'Voener', in other words a vegetarian doner kebab. This is fast food at it's best. Some people may think why try to emulate the doner kebab? Well, with the voener no animals have come to harm and it's a damn sight healthier. It's also very very tasty, I wish I got a bigger sandwich. As far as fast food goes, this place is superb. You can also get a beer and take a seat outside if it takes your fancy.

Pros: taste, value, concept

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