Cafe-style vegan restaurant in the Chabara Complex shopping mall, underneath the train tracks, next to the UDX building, and close to Akihabara station. Est. since 2013. Offers simple shojin ryori (temple cuisine). Order from the menu (has English), or choose from a small selection of the day's dishes. Rice and miso soup re-fills come with purchase of meal. Dessert options include ice cream and shaved iced. Reservations are highly advised and must be made for more than four people. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-2:30pm, 5:00pm-7:30pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-7:30pm.

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First Review by syrupofipecac


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Mostly Veg
17 Sep 2023

Fine and simple

We had the udon noodles, the curry, the “omelette” with rice and matcha cheese cake. The food was good but a little average taste wise, no complaints but also not very special. It surprised us that this meal was our most expensive in Tokyo, not that it was expensive but compared to other places where we got more value for money.

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Pros: Close to Akihabara St., English menu, Simple and healthy



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09 Sep 2023

Good, traditional food in a handy location

Good food. Quick service. Reasonable price. We would definitely go again.

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30 Aug 2023

Delicious shojin ryori

I had the fried kuruma fu set and it was so delicious, very flavourful and crispy. The desserts are also really good both the matcha cheese cake and the chocolate mousse were creamy and not too sweet!


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25 Aug 2023


This is such a adorable restaurant. Its very local and traditional. Very easy to reach cause its so close to akihabara station.

Loved the food! The place is beautiful and the staff is so friendly.

Pros: Traditional , Beautiful restaurant , Good food


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23 Aug 2023

Really Good!

Really good experience! Lovely place, lovely staff, Really good food


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21 Aug 2023

Average shojin ryori

Solid choice for shojin ryori (temple cuisine) near the Akihabara Electric Town. Food could have been more flavorful and docked star for slow service, but still a good meal.


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16 Aug 2023

Best food!

Very delicious, nice stuff, fast serving, nice atmosphere and a lot of options. You get traditional Japanese food, curry, etc. and it has a lot of options for dessert. I really recommend it!

Pros: Delicious, Fast serving, Many options


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11 Aug 2023

Bon resto

Les menus changent le midi et le soir, les glaces ne sont pas disponible que le soir. Les udon ne se font plus.

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10 Aug 2023

Un sitio excelente

Trato muy amable. Comida muy buena.


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07 Aug 2023

Wonderful food

So happy to find this lovely little restaurant survived the pandemic issues. The food was just as good as we remembered it.

Pros: All vegan, Very tasty , Friendly staff


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01 Aug 2023

Nice restaurant!

Very yummy vegan food with great taste and style, cozy interior.

Pros: Delicious food, Cozy, Fast serving time


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21 Jul 2023

Great vegan food!

So good vegan food and also dessert options. Friendly customer service and lovely atmosphere! Japanese green tea was also delicious.

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Pros: Tasty , Good customer service


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18 Jul 2023

little hard to find but worth it!

It’s not quite where it shows on Google Maps, it is under the tracks and inside a small building. Look at street photos shown for accuracy.

I had the curry and it was incredible. A bit pricey compared to normal restaurants but it was such a deluxe meal, it was worth it. The owner is very kind and the atmosphere is wonderful. They have a special lunch menu that is a bit cheaper than normal but overall quite reasonably priced regardless.

Pros: Quality of food, Taste, Overall meal


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13 Jun 2023

Good food and price

Good food and price near Akihabara


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08 Jun 2023

Dango Delight

After a few days of conbini onigiri, it was great to get some real food again in Tokyo. Lovely food and fast service (it was quite empty when we came). A highlight for us was the roast-your-own dango. Probably poisonous fumes from the cute little cooker, but totally worth the experience for melty hot dango.

Pros: Food was hearty , Nice atmosphere under the train tracks


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05 Jun 2023

Wonderful shojin ryori!

Wonderful assortment of Japanese dishes. High quality food, and fully vegetarian. Hearty meal - often times in Japan found myself eating meals lacking in something or the other, but this meal was complete and delicious.
Staff was wonderful, and they asked us for feedback before we left! We both appreciated that and were happy to provide it.

Pros: Fully vegetarian menu, Great staff


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18 May 2023

Very good traditionnal vegan japanese food

Traditionnal japanese food. We took two set meals for dinner with dango for dessert. We had to wait a little but it was worth it.

Pros: Traditional Japanese food, All vegan


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09 May 2023

Very nice

Very nice food. We came 50 minutes before closing, so no time to order desserts. Friendly staff, nice atmosphere.


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08 May 2023

Poor service the second time around

I’m really sad that I have to write this review. I never want to share feedback that reflects poorly of a place, but people should make informed decisions. This is why I write reviews.

I came here once a few months ago and had a fairly good experience, although the price is a bit more mid-tier for what is offered. However today, I came with a larger group of 5 people. No reservations so we waited outside and that is totally okay. When it was our turn, the staff informed us that they are low on rice and it’s fair — they close at 8 and we were making the order around 7. So we went ahead and ordered 3 sets of the rice, 1 set of udon, and 1 order of fries. We received the first three sets and the fries first, but we only got 3 pairs of chopsticks. I asked for one more because we have 5 people in total and she said no sharing. I pushed back just a bit more and said we also ordered the fries. She impatiently put it on our table in a relatively aggressive way.

When we were eating, we also noticed that a customer went up to pay and asked if credit card was possible. However, he made the mistake of holding cash in his hand, so the lady just said no, the machine isn’t working today. Obviously after he left, a few other customers paid with card, no issues whatsoever.

When we went up to pay, she asked us if we can pay cash. We don’t carry cash and knowing that cards are accepted, we let her know that we can only pay by card at this time. She went back inside and then came out, telling us okay, let’s give the machine a try. Magically, the card payment was clearly fine.

I don’t know. I had a fairly good experience first time, but this second time I left with a really upsetting experience. There’s clearly no service and I understand because the place is understaffed. I respect the lady for her work in managing the front by herself and later helping out with the kitchen as well, but clearly, it was a red flag after a red flag.

The price isn’t the fast food kind and it’s clearly not a self service place either. When she gave us a hard time for asking for an additional pair of chopsticks, I felt sad and disappointed.

I hope that others can make an informed decision whether or not to support this kind of business with this kind of service. I know for a fact that I won’t be going there anymore and will look for alternatives.


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06 May 2023

Tasty and fulfilling Japanese meal

The restaurant is found at a very unique location, which was directly underneath the metro train tracks. We had the set meal for dinner inclusive of rice, miso soup, and a few side-dishes. We didn't have to wait too long and the food was delicious

Pros: Traditional Japanese Food, Friendly staff


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03 May 2023

Tasty food and great service

Really yummy lunch set, healthy and filling. Wait time about 10 minutes at 1pm on a weekday. Service was fantastic, really friendly staff. English menu and they take card


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30 Apr 2023

Great Japanese food

I came here and ordered the karage meal set.
The set menu doesn’t include dessert on a weekend and is ¥500 more.
I really enjoyed the food here and the variety.
I was very full after and I would come back.

Edit: I came back and tried the other set, it was delicious but the karagee one is still better😄

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17 Apr 2023

Great combination

We ordered the komaki and soymeat set and both look great. Very reasonable price as well. The dongo is fun to cook by your self and tasty. We went there on a Sunday afternoon around 5pm and the wait time was like 10 minutes.


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14 Apr 2023


Good little place, not the biggest menu but the options are tasty and they have an English menu too


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10 Apr 2023

Must go

We randomly found this spot because it was super close to our hotel. Both of our trays (I forgot what I ordered) were amazing. I also got the anmitsu which was everything I've ever wanted.

Pros: All vegan, So delicious, Very well priced


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04 Apr 2023

Delicious and quaint washoku

Delicate and flavourful. Worth the wait during busier times.


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03 Apr 2023

Kleines feines Restaurant mit traditionellen Gerichten

Sehr guter Mittagstisch! Vegane Fleischbällchen und Seiten Streifen.

Pros: Traditionelle Gerichte , Komplett vegan

Cons: Versteckt , Wenige Sitzplätze

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