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Scenario Kaikan, Floor B1 5-4-16 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 107-0052

Macrobiotic restaurant using organic seasonal vegetables to create the food. Makes its own miso paste. Moved here in 2013. Minimum order 6000yen for credit card. Note: kitchen may stop serving 30-60 minutes prior to closing, check ahead. Confirmed closed October 2017.

Categories: Vegan, Japanese, Macrobiotic, Organic, Beer/Wine

23 Reviews

First Review by sglcklch

cerrado closed - Edit

Deception to finally get there and learn it is closed!

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just the tonic - Edit

Our second night in Tokyo and thanks to Happy Cow we walked straight to this find. Wonderful food and service. It surprised out friends and delighted us. Wonderful set vegan meal that was reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

Pros: simple choice of vegan set meal. lots of great jap

Cons: can't think of any.

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Nice place for lunch - Edit

We got the Japanese dinner set as recommended by the lady who runs the store, it was delicious! A bit of a language barrier but she was incredibly nice and friendly and very enthusiastic about japanese food.

Pros: delicious food, friendly service

Cons: Set was a little small for price

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Best Vegan Japanese food ever! - Edit

This restaurant just made my day. The place is run by the nicest ladies ready to answer any questions you may have about vegan recipes. They prepare the food themselves so you'll find home made, full of flavour and healthy dishes. I had the special which is a combination of traditional Japanese food including miso soup, rice,and soy meat. Very tasty indeed. For dessert I had ice cream which was the perfect finish for dinner. I'm definitely coming back again.

Pros: Flavor, healthy, great service

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ice cream was awesome - Edit

Cozy atmosphere and relax vibe.
We had a nice time.
Food was good too!

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Tasty and lovely - Edit

The cook is a real nice person and the food is tasty.

Pros: Tasty, nice vibe, friendly staff

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Excellent - Edit

The owner makes her miso from scratch, everything is carefully planned out and delicious. The lunch set was 1200Y including a small dessert, miso soup and refillable tea. I think the Happy Cow address might be wrong - it's next to the Family Mart across the road. Look for the sign with the word vegan on it and it's directly to the left.

Pros: Entirely vegan. , Cookies at the counter for takeaway.

Cons: In a basement but vegan restaurants in Japan are a

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Amazing - Edit

Super friendly staff even with the language barrier, food is amazing - clean veggie dishes made from organic produce, lightly spiced and prepared expertly. Presentation is just so beautiful, I ate here twice and had two different meals consisting of 5-7 small bowls.

English menus available. Poor attempts at speaking Japanese accepted with a smile

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Home Away from Home in Akasaka - Edit

This is a wonderful vegetarian restaurant with great tasty food freshly prepared by a kind lady who will make you feel at home. I went to eat there two or three times in February 2017 and this would definitely be my favorite restaurant in Tokyo if I had to eat a meal alone (I hate to eat alone).

How to find it: Remember that it is downstairs... Look for a sign board on the sidewalk with VEGAN FOOD and then look for the stairs going down. Don't be shy! It is there and just when you are about to despair, you'll probably right in front of it. Worst case call... the lady speaks English.

Pros: Great food, Wonderful host, It is like a home away from home

Cons: Slightly difficult to find

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BEST Miso Soup in Tokyo! - Edit

Last January, I wandered into Kobachi-ya late on a chilly weeknight on my way to Tokyo Tower. The entrance to the restaurant is down some stairs from street-level (the first thing I found neat about the place). Upon entering Kobachi-ya, I was pleased to discover I was the only customer there!! Akasaka was pretty quiet that time of night. The two nice ladies working there were more than welcoming, and gave me a hearty amount of food. The miso soup I got was the best of any of the 10 vegan restaurants I visited whilst in Tokyo--dark, rich, steamy warm and VERY flavorful. The older woman working there was very proud of her miso, which she said was homemade. I can tell you firsthand: she has reason to be proud! The two were very accommodating in helping this weary vegan late in the evening, and I am very grateful. :) go here!

I should've posted this review a year ago, after I went. But after this whole year, I have always remembered Kobachi-ya.

Thank you from Wichita, Kansas!

Pros: cool interior style, harkens back to a groovier ti

Cons: every person in Tokyo should've been there eat

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Lovely Restaurant - Edit

All the delicious food on the daily set menu is freshly and lovingly prepared by the lady who owns this restaurant, takes the orders and does all the cooking. The food was absolutely amazing and we shall definitely go back here when we are next in Tokyo.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Nice vibe

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Great vegetarian restaurant in Akasaka! - Edit

If you live or work near Akasaka, this is a great option to have. The place is quite large and spacious, so they must have renovated it since the reviews of others who said the place was quite small. Signs in front in both Japanese and English make it easy to find. There's quite a large menu, both western style food using soy meat, and lots of Japanese style food as well. I had a great conversation with the owner, and she is very passionate about the vegetarian lifestyle. Would recommend!

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nice place to eat - Edit

This was a great find for me. The food was very good, can definitely recommend having a meal there! There were a few set meals, the woman behind the counter recommended Set A so I went with that. It is a little bit hard to find, look for the cross walk and Family Mart. It is just to the left of Family Mart as you are facing it and down the stairs. I posted pictures of the outside to help. Thanks to all the previous happy cow reviews for this great find!!!

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nice - Edit

Very nice home atmosphere and delicious food. Hard to find!

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Non Vegetarian

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One of the Best Restaurants in Tokyo - Edit

I am not vegetarian but I don’t go to Kobachi-ya because I am vegetarian. The reason I go to Kobachi-ya is because the food is great, period.

As a Tokyo resident, the options around me are endless, yet I keep coming back to this place. Sometimes I wonder why but I think it is because the food is so pure and the casual style makes me comfortable. Yuriko-san, the owner is a fun character. This is Japanese food at its best. Just having a simple salad there makes me happy. Everything is so pure and fresh.

I cannot comment on lunches at Kobachi-ya because I cannot leave my desk to go out for lunch. I know they have a “Lunch Plate” but just eating the lunch plate and thinking you have experienced Kobachi-ya would be a shame. I really think you have to go there for dinner.

When having dinner, my suggestion is to tell the owner “omakase”, which means, “I leave it up to you”. She will usually explain what she plans to serve so you can always opt out of what you don’t like.

If you want to be on the safe side, give her your budget. Even if you don’t, it will be reasonable. In my case, the bill ends up being about 4,000-5,000 yen (excluding drinks) which in Tokyo is very reasonable considering the good organic vegetables she uses.

For people who like a more structured meal, there is the “Ichi-ju San-sai” which means “one soup and three small dishes” but frankly I just go for the omakase.

One secret that very few people know is that Kobachi-ya has great sake (Japanese rice wine). The owner purchases it directly from the sake maker (Terada-ya) in Chiba. This is really, really good sake (believe me, I am a salesperson who has entertained a lot over the years). The owner also does annual trips with customers to visit the sake maker.

With the good food and good sake, even if I over eat a little, by the time I go home I am feeling good.

I think it is always better to make reservations. Not so much because it gets busy during the evening, but the owner holds cooking classes and you would not want to go there and not be able to get in.

The owner does not speak English much but she makes up for her language with great hospitality.

Pros: Great Japanese food, great Sake (rice wine), nice hospitality

Cons: Limited lunch options

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Lovely Place, - Edit

I came here for dinner one night after work, and I was the only customer. The lady who owns the place was so friendly, we got chatting about vegetarian/vegan food (her English was perfect) and she recommended a tasting plate for me, so that I could try lots of different things. I went with her suggestion, because I have enjoyed this way of eating whilst in Japan. I had miso soup, brown rice, braised tofu, seaweed salad, braised cabbage (I think!) and something that was mashed (and delicious!) It was such a filling and enjoyable meal, and she made me feel so comfortable and welcome, I didn't want to leave. She plied me with yuzu fruit free of charge, because I had mentioned that the heating in the hotel was drying out my skin. And she gave me a business card that she had made, which stated in Japanese characters that I didn't eat meat, fish, bonnito etc. so that I could use it in non-veggie restaurants. Such a kind person, she made my evening so enjoyable. Quite easy to find: Take the Chiyoda line to Akasaka station, exit at gate 7, and at street level, turn right. It's literally a 2 minute walk to this restaurant, it is on the right hand side in the basement of a building. No English signage, but I spotted a sign with photos of veggies and healthy looking things on it, and worked it out from that! Well worth a visit.

Pros: Lovely food, Incredibly friendly staff, Inexpensive

Cons: Not open at weekends

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Good Vegan food - Edit

I come here about once every two weeks for lunch. They do dinner as well but Ive yet to do a dinner. The lunch is very good. There are two options usually. A standard plate, which includes many servings of many types of food. And a vegan curry plate. I usually go with the standard plate as she changes it up a bit each time. Once in a while I go with the curry.

The place is in the basement of the Scenario Kaikan.

Pros: Vegan food, Friendly Service, Central Part of Tokyo (Akasaka)

Cons: Lack of English Sign - hard to find, Wouldnt mind more variety during lunch

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CLOSED - 2-4-14 - Edit

Saw an empty building with this shops name on the front. Definitely was closed down, but may of moved, would love confirmation...?

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Ricardo 05 Apr 2014 - Hello, I wonder if you went there on a Sunday or a Holiday, because they are closed on those days (the information in Happycow is not accurate regarding this).
Also, I've been there in February, and the building did not look empty to me.  

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nanamagari 06 Apr 2014 - You went to the shop's old location. Yes, the old building is still vacant and the shop's name is still there. Very confusing indeed.

The new location is here:
Scenario Kaikan (name of building)
Floor B1
5-4-16 Akasaka
Minato-ku, Tokyo

and here is a Google maps street view link.,+Minato,+Tokyo,+Japan&hl=en&ll=35.670951,139.735022&spn=0.0031,0.004823&sll=38.341656,-95.712891&sspn=34.447337,79.013672&oq=akas&t=h&hnear=Akasaka,+Minato,+Tokyo,+Japan&z=18&layer=c&cbll=35.671002,139.735074&panoid=rcn3U56tTj2SwuR-5mFRcQ&cbp=12,301.46,,0,11.52

The new location is hard to find because Kobachiya has no real clear sign. Ive complained to the owner about it. For sure they are open for lunches and dinners Monday thru Friday. Sundays and Holidays they are definitely closed. Ill check about Saturdays. I believe they are closed on Saturdays but will double check.  

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nanamagari 08 Apr 2014 - Allow me to follow up on the question of whether open on Saturday or not....
I saw the owner just coming out of her shop at closing time yesterday and confirmed about Saturday. She is only open Saturday by reservation. So to sum up Kobachiya's open days/times:
Monday - Friday Lunch (11:30 - 2pm I believe) and Dinner (5pm - 10:00pm with last order 9:30pm)
Saturday: open only by reservation in advance
Sunday and holidays: closed.  

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Great vegan place in the heart of Tokyo (Akasaka) - Edit

To say that its difficult to find vegetarian food in Tokyo would be a mild understatement. So having a vegan restaurant right near my place was a godsend- I was here 2 or 3 times a week. However, in late 2012 I believe it was, they closed their doors and I never got notice about any reopening.

Today, by a series of concidences, I found Kobachiya at their new location. I have always been a Kobachiya's fan when it came to lunch and was once again not disappointed. I will once again be visiting very often.

Regarding their dinners, in their previous location, I ate dinner a few times. The food was great. Very elaborate and not surprisingly a bit expensive (3000yen range). Once in a while an elaborate meal is nice. However, there were many times I just wanted the basics (kinda like they have at lunch). So I was pleased to learn that at their new location, they now have various dinner options, some of which are priced along the lines of their lunches. Now I am looking forward to more dinners here as well.

I love their genmai brown rice and reasonable sized portions for the price that include vegan miso soup and salad. The owner is great and she is very passionate about what she does.

I am also very appreciative of the owner's flexibility. I am a picky eater and dont do well with white creamy milky looking things (including any kind of tonyuu). The owner more than a few times changed something out for me and Ive always appreciated that.

Pros: healthy, delicious, good value

Cons: on a main road, but a bit tricky to find

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My favorite restaurant - Edit

Kobachi-ya is one of the best vegan restaurants I've ever eaten at. I eat the lunch plate here two to three times a week . I sometimes go to their cooking lessons, and learn how to make vegan dishes. I learned that organic food is important for our health. If you'd like to have a lunch plate, I recommend that you come here after 1pm. And if you're not very keen on traditional Japanese foods, such as seaweeds (wakame, hijiki), konnyaku, ask them to substitute some ingredients in simple English before you order.

Pros: Healthy cuisine, Excellent food, Good value

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Best meal in Japan - Edit

Finding vegetarian restaurants in Japan is hard, finding a gem like Kobachi-ya feels like a blessing. This restaurant is very small (only two tables), so the chef prepares a meal just for you and even comes and explain everything to you.

Basically we had a traditional Japanese meal, but with all macrobiotic and vegetarian ingredients. While I ate all the same things in other restaurants, the meal from Kobachi-ya was a world apart. The freshness of the ingredients, the subtile taste (the tempura isn't fat, greasy food) and of course the skilful preparation made this the best meal I've ever tasted in Japan (and I've been here for quite a while).

Pros: taste, personal service, only two tables, so very personal

Cons: seriously expensive, just two tables, so do make reservations, hard to find address

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Wonderful! - Edit

We had dinner here while visiting Japan on our honeymoon. The food was absolutely delicious! We couldn't decide what to have, so we asked for recommendations from the owner. We shared a variety of dishes including the tofu mushroom steak, veggie tempura, brown rice, pickled veggies, daikon with umaboshi, miso soup, and something with seaweed. Despite the fact that we speak/understand very minimal Japanese, the two ladies working there were so sweet and helpful. They even gave us little cards with Japanese writing, to show at other restaurants, to explain that I am a vegetarian.
Would highly recommend this place to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Pros: Welcoming staff, Delicious food, good value

Cons: none

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Friendly owner, nice homecooking - Edit

My partner and I came here for dinner, and were surprised by how easy it was to find this place (Everybody knows Japanese addresses can be quite tricky). It was just steps away from Akasaka metro station.

The place was small but open, and super clean. They teach cooking classes there as well, which may explain the open setting. The owner (?) was an old lady, whose kindness reminded me of a loving grandmother, and we felt like guests in her own kitchen.

We ordered a dinner combo plate as recommended, which included a platter of nine different items, miso soup, brown rice, and a drink. We also got a sweet and sour soy meat with a brown rice onigir set. Nothing fancy, but tasty home-style cooking. The bill came to JPY5400, which was reasonable. The owner also gave us a bag of homemade vegan cookies to go, so nice of her!

Pros: homecooking, easy to find, very friendly service

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