Organic food buffet restaurant. Vegetarian main dishes, soups, salads, bread and vegan baklava. Casual dining. Sits 50 meters from Hornstull metro station. NOTE: Accepts cash. Please note that many businesses in Sweden are cashless. Open Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-18:00.

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First Review by Veganismus


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30 Sep 2023

Filling and a lot of options

I asked what was vegan since there wasn't any labels at all. The lady showed me a bit fast what was lacto-ovo and I think I managed to stay away from that but I'm not 100% sure. Almost everything is vegan except 2-3 things. The food is good, basic home cooked vegetarian food but nothing extra. Nice baklava!

Pros: Many options

Cons: You have to ask what's vegan



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17 Aug 2023

Awsome food

Very delicious and well made food it makes you full and happy.


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07 Dec 2022

It is what it is

Seyhmus has never been a favourite of mine, and it will never be. My main objection is that their buffet seems repetitive, and especially the fact that you can't really be completely sure what you're getting. I brought this to their attention a decade ago, and even though they mentioned in their response that they could put up signs indicating what was vegan, to my knowledge this has never happened. The reason why I contacted them at the time was that in one instance their way to determine what was vegan had been, lo and behold, to look at and smell the food!

Be it as it may, I paid them another visit the other day, only to find out things hadn't changed one bit. However, that's not necessarily negative: yes, Seyhmus serves their usual fare, devoid of trendy ingredients such as pitaya or chia, but continues to accept cash, most customers appear to be local residents well in their sixties, and the lentil soup that they have had since forever did the trick on a cold winter day. Come to think of it, there has been a change worth mentioning, namely the fact that they also serve baklava. A good combination, soup and sweet, which was precisely what I needed this last Saturday.


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28 Jan 2022


This restaurant offers a nice and well made buffet, but don’t forget to ask the staff which dishes are vegan and not because some of the dishes on the buffet are not vegan (I couldn’t find any signs that said which were vegan and which were not). A lot of dishes included beans and lentils. Over all a good restaurant with friendly staff!

Pros: Buffet


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09 Jan 2022


Good priced buffé enjoyable enviroment with free Wi-Fi

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-09

Pros: Good priced buffé

Cons: A few things not vegan like 2 of 30


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07 Aug 2021

Awesome buffet with plenty of vegan options

Seyhmus offers a price worthy buffet with plenty of vegan options. All dishes were clearly marked with labels, showing if they were vegan, gluten free etc.

Their food is really fresh and tasty, and you get a lot for your money.

Pros: Many vegan options, Labels showing if vegan, gluten free etc. , Price worthy


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28 May 2021

Nice fresh buffé

Vegeterian resturant with Nice fresh buffé with lots of vegan choices. Only 3 options were not vegan, the rest was 100% plant based. Easy.

Pros: Friendly staff, Lots of vegan options


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06 Aug 2020

Best vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Stockholm!

Delicious food!! A lot of dishes, both hot and cold, to choose from. Almost everything is vegan (only three dishes contained dairy products). Nice owner.

Pros: Organic food, no artificial flavourings , Buffet with lots of dishes , Fair price


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14 Sep 2019

Very good buffé

Located on a quiet side street of Hornsgatan. Spacious. Good value. Tasty. Baklava and tea included!

Pros: Good choice of fresh vegetables and tasty hummus, Nice service, Large selectionnof teas to choose from


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08 Dec 2018

super yummy soup and other stuff!

accidentally fell to this lovely place because their competitor did not accept real cash.
This place took my cash with a smile like any normal place would do.
And the lense soup is to die for.

also one of the red sauces is super yummy highly recommended.

The best selection of organic teas.
many things are organic here.

Updated from previous review on 2018-12-08

Pros: lense soup, red sauce, cold food very good

Cons: the warm food could be little better.


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24 Mar 2018

Decent food for a decent price

Staff were very knowledgeable about the dishes and about the ingredients, well informed about concepts about vegan and allergies. Mostly vegan, only 2 dishes was lacto-ovo. Starters and main dishes was nut free. 110 kr för buffé in the evening. Medium standard on the food. Wide selection of The. The, coffee and fruit drink included in the price

Pros: Lots of vegan options., Relaxed atmosphere. , Staff very knowledgeable

Cons: Medium standard on the food, No vegan and nutfree dessert.


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05 Jul 2017


The food was not very good exept the hummus. I got the feeling of a fastfood falafel place but the falafels i could not eat at all. The food seemed not fresh. And there was not many other customers. The soups were really thin and the taste was nothing special. The cold dishes was the best part. We were really dissappointed since they got good rewiews earlier.

Could be that we just got there the wrong day. It was sunday and they were closing in an hour.

Updated from previous review on 2017-07-05

Pros: Hummus

Cons: Service


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27 May 2016

Probably my Favorite

Probably my all time favorite restaurant ever. For so many reasons.

They have great quality ingredients. I find myself just eating their fresh veggies and totally enjoying their unique flavor.

They dont over do any of the flavors and let the veggies be the main taste. I really dislike when I hardly taste the individual flavors. This place definitely got it right.

Tons of options with different styles. All from fresh salads, creamy sauces and pastas like hummus, green pea paste, and more. The also have lost a of delicious cooked, roasted or steamed veggies. Some of them have a little too much oil for my liking but some are perfect.

The price is awesome and 110kr for a student buffé with so much quality is beyond anything I've found before.

Nice casual seating in a great location so close to the subway.

Definitely give it a try. You'll be happy you did.

Pros: Great Quality Ingredients , lots of goodboptilns, price worthy

Cons: a little too much oil in some of the dishes. , no sugar free cold drink


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19 Dec 2015

Very good

The food was great and fresh. I really liked their hummus and lentil soup. They have a nice selection of organic teas. Nice and relaxed atmosphere. Too bad that not everything is organic as they claim.

Pros: food, tea

Cons: not organic


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01 Nov 2015

great bufé

Great bufé, good soups and all organic as far as I can tell. Price is not too bad either.

Pros: good food, decent price, organic


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29 Aug 2015

Lovely Place for Lunch

We arrived here after the previous two restaurants we went to were closed for summer holidays! It was around 1600hrs, and we were the only customers in the place. We paid for the buffer lunch and were advised it included everything. We helped ourselves to soup, bread, juice, numerous cold dishes (various salads, olives etc.) and several hot dishes (falafel, rice, veg stew) The food was really tasty and very enjoyable. We had a long, leisurely meal, finished off with tea/coffee and baklava. By the time we left, the place was jumping - made me happy, as I wondered what they would do with all the food! Very casual, friendly staff, and a good price for alot of tasty food.

Pros: Tasty food, large choice, Inexpensive, Friendly and casual


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25 May 2015

Reasonably Priced Wholesome Food

The buffet style vegan lunch seems to be popular in Stockholm. This is the largest buffet I have seen yet.

The dishes here are hit or miss. Most of the dishes I had at the buffet were quite satisfying, but I can't say I cared much for the mock meat dishes.

I would recommend that you stick with the foods you can recognize, and most of these are very tasty. I really wish this place would label their vegan items.

The restaurant is large with plenty of seating.

The bread is made on premises and is very fresh.

Pros: Fresh bread, Loads of vegan options

Cons: They don't label the vegan options


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01 Oct 2014

Quite satisfying

Quite ok food. Cold dishes were nice and soups were ok too. Warm dishes tasted fine, but it seemed that there was a variation of the same food served in different bowls. And warning - don't eat the falafels. They are rock hard and taste wierd. Good place for someone like me, who prefers cold dishes e.g. salads anyway.

Vegan dishes are not marked. You have to ask.

Pros: Cold dishes taste nice, Ginger drink nice option, Soymilk for the coffee

Cons: Not completely vegan, Vegan foods not marked, Warm dishes somewhat dull


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24 Jul 2014

Nothing fancy

Me and my spouse ate at Seyhmus on a weekday this July. It might have been a little late for prime lunch time... Most of the warm foods were not even warm, not to mention hot. A rather greasy selection of vegetables, potatoes and rice and some vegetable/beans sauce.

For a vegan there were several options but you have to ask, vegan dishes are not marked.

The warm food was nothing special but some of the (many!) cold dishes (middle east style with hummus and other cold, spicy sauces, lentils, beans) were very good.

The bouffet (eat as much as you want) if very reasonably priced. The only dessert option was baklava cakes, not vegan. Too bad, I would have wanted something sweet after the greasy cold warm dishes...

The bouffet also had two different soups. I only tasted one of them, rather lame.

Sorry to hear about the owner not being fair to his employees.

Pros: Lots to eat, even vegan, Not too expensive, Easy, relaxed

Cons: Vegan foods not marked, Some of the foods were not very tasty


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20 Jul 2014

Great food

And a calm atmosphere.

Katt Hernandez

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03 Aug 2013

Horrible to Employees

Seymous (the owner) routinely hires people for short periods of time, then fires them- sometimes charging them several thousand kronor for their supposedly "free" lunch break food. Most of those working for him are in positions where they are having a really hard time getting a job, and he terrorizes them with constant threats- some are immigrants having a hard time finding work, some are arbetsformedlingen assignees who are trying to re-enter the workforce after protracted illnesses or periods of unemployment. I have known two people who worked there- the people they worked alongside were really nice, but I heard really bad things from both of them abotu seymous himself. Please- don't encourage this man's business practises!Its not okay for huge corporations to treat their workers like crap- and its not okay for individual business owners either.

Pros: vegetarian

Cons: owner employs unethical practises


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10 Apr 2013

Good vegetarian place

Good place for vegans and vegetarians. Lot's of food to choose from, especially for vegetarians. Buffet is perfect for a really hungry person - eat as much as you like for a fixed price.

Pros: children friendly, eat as much as you like option, close to public transport

Cons: vegan options unmarked (have to ask)


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06 Sep 2012


The restaurant looks homely and pleasant and is really clean. Two soups to choose from, 5-8 hot dishes and maybe 10-15 cold dishes. I found the hot dishes tasting too specific for my taste, just not exactly 'it'. There were also pieces of pizza etc. under a warm lamp, but those were not warm. Salads were nice. When we were there several families with small children were eating as well. Prize includes water-with-taste and coffee. No desserts available except for grapes and other fruit on the salad bar.

Pros: Pleasant atmosphere, Kid-friendly, Open spaced

Cons: Some food not warm


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04 Aug 2012


Last time i ate there it did not feel fresh at all and food was not at all good. We didn't even manage to finish our food because it was not at all good and we are not very picky with food. It was not very vegan friendly since most of the warm dishes contain eggs or milk. I have no inclination to eat here ever again.

Cons: Unfresh food, Not vey good, Not so vegan friendly


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25 Jul 2011


Great quality and a lot of different dishes to choose from!


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10 Jul 2011

Loved this place. Deserves more attention.

I went out of my way to try this place, so glad I did! Turned out to be more than a pleasant surprise.

Food was very tasty, and the variety was just amazing. Staff were knowledgeable and were able to point out all the vegan options, which were the majority. There were easily over 20 warm/chilled selections including soups, rice dishes and some sides, several kinds of pastries, different salad items, various dips/spreads, etc. I almost screamed with joy when I saw the tub of organic coconut oil they put out for the bread and crackers, who would have known! (BTW the bread was SO good too!) Although the coconut flavor was too mild for my taste, I really appreciated it. Another thing that I particularly liked was the fact that the falafel seemed to be baked instead of deep-fried, another score on the health scale!

The setting was simple, nothing fancy, but it got a certain serenity and peacefulness to the atmosphere that I really enjoyed. Location might be off the beaten track, but it is comfortably reachable by the metro. Just get off at Hornstull on the red line and take the Hornsbruksgatan exit. Turn left, walk down the street, and you will see it :)

Pros: excellent healthy food, great value, variety

Cons: location


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15 Nov 2009

It's awesome

My favotite vegan restaurant. Delicious food. A place to have a nice rest and enjoy life.

Pros: Exelent food, Good Value, Friendly staff

Cons: -, -, -

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