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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

Simple and great!

26 Jun 2013

Everyday food tasting delicious! Everything was well prepared and looked very healthy!
The desert was remarkable: crepe with vanilla ice cream. Probably the best vegan ice cream I've ever had (I kind of think about it everyday hahaha)

Overtoom 409, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Good raw food

10 Jul 2014

Lovely place near the vondelpark. The staff was very friendly and the food was really good. They also have some products to take.
Not the best raw food ever, but worth a visit.

Recavarren 298, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

best food ever

21 Jan 2013

With Universo Organico, located in Rio de Janeiro, I consider Almazen to be the place where I could experience a whole different food journey.

The restaurant is quite small with a nice atmosphere. The menu changes everyday, so maybe you'll never have the same dish I did.

So, after checking with the waiter, my girlfriend and I asked for the only vegan dish they had in the menu. To be completely honest, I didn't recognized any of the ingredients of the dish (and I consider myself a "spanish speaker").
After a long time (is this the slow food concept? hehe) the plate came with something that looked like a lasagna (I'm posting a picture of it) and that's when we were amazed. At the first bite we were able to taste a very exquisite flavor that we have never experienced and, of course, I am not able to describe with words.

Maybe I'm pushing it a little, but I can't wait to go to Lima again and give it another shot.
And yes, it is a expensive, but you get what you're paying for.

SCLN 310, Bloco A, loja 42-50, Brasilia, Brazil

nice place

10 Jun 2013

Amor a Natureza offers simple but well made food. There are some vegan options on the buffet and raw salad. Their prices went up over the last 2 years, but it is still fair considering that other places are very expensive in Brasilia.
Once in a while they offer a vegan version of acarajé, a brazillian traditional food that is awesome..

Raadhuisstraat 18, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not that good

10 Jul 2014

Based on the reviews, I expected a lot from this place.
The truth is: if you're vegan you'll only have the bagel with hommus option. The bagel is really good and tasted like fresh, but the hommus is just... regular (just kidding, all hommuses are awesome).
I would go back if it was the only place around.

Baltimore area, Baltimore, USA

Nice people!

05 Jan 2015

If you're planning a visit to Baltimore, find this people on facebook and go to their next gig. You're gonna be up to a lot of fun and a lot of vegan food.

Milady Horakove 831/3, Prague, Czech Republic

spicy indian!

10 Jul 2014

Awesome small place near the National Gallery (if you're a tourist, you MUST visit it. The slav epic by Mucha is really epic and, for reasons unknown, not much visited by foreigners).
So, the food tray is so huge that I shared it with my girlfriend. Really inexpensive and the samosas are perfect.
I would go to this place once a week if I lived in Prague.

SRTVN 701, Bloco P, loja 33, Brasilia, Brazil

It used to be better

03 Feb 2014

Well, I've been to this place like a million times. It was one of my favorite restaurants in Brasilia, but I feel it lost some quality over the last 3 years.
That said, I still think it is worth a visit once in a while.
They have a great variety of salad and hot dishes. Asking about the vegan ones is highly advised.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday June 26, 2013

I went to Boa Saude after almost 2 years and I felt it was really good again. There are notes to tell if the dishes contain milk or not and pizza with Mandiokeijo, a brazilian vegan cheese. Their store also went through some reparations and it is more organized. There's a lot of vegan/vegetarian stuff to buy.

Rua Castro Alves, 101, Bomfim, Porto Alegre, Brazil

great food

22 Jan 2013

This place is runned by a long time vegan activist/chef and great person.
In my visit I was able to taste a delicious black bean soup with shitake and pasta for the main course. The pasta wasn't awesome, but was really good.
For dessert I had a piece of cake that was pretty good also.
Can't wait to come back.

Rua Maracaju 1115, Campo Grande, Brazil

awesome place!

21 Jan 2013

One of the best Chinese food I had the chance to eat.
The restaurant has a lot of vegan versions of classic Chinese food and everything tastes good. Don't miss this place if you are in Campo Grande.

Rua Joao Cachoeira, 275, Sao Paulo, Brazil

great food!

22 Jan 2013

After almost going crazy trying to find this place through the street of Sao Paulo, I had the chance to taste a really good food.

All the vegan options are marked and it is a all-you-can-eat buffet.
Be sure to try the vegan sausage and the dessert made from coffee.
Can't wait to come back.
Updated from previous review on Monday January 21, 2013

Wipperstr. 14, Berlin, Germany

Don`t miss it

10 Jun 2013

I just loved this place. Great variety of burgers and deserts. I almost couldn't walk after eating that much.

I had the habanero burger that almost killed me, but I knew (or thought I knew) what I was doing. Tasty vegan sausage and cheese. And for desert I had like almost everything they had. Cheesecake, lemon pie, chocolate cake, etc. Must come back.

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain


05 Feb 2014

Big portins and a great variety of burgers to pick. I went there twice and everything was great both times.I would definitely go there again. I don't know about the beers, but the staff is very friendly.

1209 N Charles St, Baltimore, USA

Good if you can't find nothing else.

05 Jan 2015

Just like any other Chipotle. 9 bucks for a huge burrito that tastes ok. If you can't find any other place nearby, go for it.

Borsov 2, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

One of the best in Prague

10 Jul 2014

Very crowded place. Be sure to make a reservation.
The restaurant is very well decorated and with different themes inside. The meals are very big and it tastes delicious.
It was a great experience for my last night in Prague.

6 Burlington Gardens, Westminster, London, England

Very good

26 Jun 2013

I ordered a green lasagna that was really good, but not spectacular. Tasted very healthy, though. My girlfriend ordered a risotto that, with a little more seasoning, would be perfect. But I think it is worth a visit.
The desert was very tasty, but I don`t remember exactly what it was.

413 North Wing, Bloco D, 19, Brasilia, Brazil

Great, but expensive

10 Jun 2013

Omega3 offers a lot of vegan and vegetarian options in their menu. Probably, the most famous must be the "Escondidinho de Shitake", a vegan version of a traditional brazillian food.
They have a huge consideration for vegans, but lately their prices went up like there is no tomorrow. Still, they have a tasty sandwich and some good deserts.

203 Norte, Bloco D, Loja 53, Brasilia, Brazil

it could be a lot better

21 Jan 2013

Cafe Corbucci is the first 100% vegan place in Brasilia.

That said, I really wanted it to be my favorite place in town, but that's not the case.

I've been to Corbucci a lot of times and I can say that, at least 90% of them, I left it disappointed.
They are always running out of the main courses of the day, a lot of dishes without seasoning, lazy staff, etc. And always paying a high price for this.
The last time I went there I had to return my empanadas (pastel, in portuguesse) 4 times, 'cause they couldn't make it hot and it was frozen inside.
If you still want to go to Corbucci (you can get lucky), I would recommend the tempeh burguer.

I don't mind paying a lot of money to food, but the reward must be equivalent.

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