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Country Life - Melantrichova

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Melantrichova 15, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic,

Casual vegan food restaurant behind the Country Life health food shop, alley off Old Square, just south of Astronomical Clock. Restaurant is buffet style and offers fast food items including greens, salads, juices, hot main dishes, veggie burgers, and desserts. Choose what you want and pay for food by weight. Large space inside with many natural wooden tables for seating, or sit outside in the courtyard. June 2016 reported vegan. Open Mon-Thu 10:30am-7:00pm, Fri 10:30am-6:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-6:00pm.

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Reviews (85)

First Review by kamikazekid

Great Food - Edit

This is certainly one of my favorite vegan restaurant, though it costs a little bit more and is located in city center, which means there is always a lot of people there.
The food is so worth trying, because finally it is not fried burgers, fatty sauces or mushroom dips for bland rice-pasta. You can get there amazing rice noodles with vegetables, bulgur, quinoa, all sorts of rices, beans, cooked veggies, salads, side foods, patties. All lovely and tasty.

Pros: Food, Big Plates, self service, Location

Cons: Prices, Sometimes too crowded, Not really nice-smiling staff

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good food in great location - Edit

Have eaten there a bunch of times in the last year and can recommend it for lunch and take out, especially when eating with a group as the place has something for everyone!

To my knowledge the food is not entirely vegan though, unless there has been a recent change to not using dairy.

Pros: fast and central, lots of choices

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jennyc32 04 Sep 2016 - I was really confused about this when I visited, and there were no staff to help! In the window of the restaurant, I'm sure it says "dairy free", so I just hoped for the best.

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Excellent vegan fare in heart of Prague - Edit

Love, love, loved this place! To me there is no greater place on earth than a good vegan buffet, and what a vegan buffet this place was. Salads! Mock meats! Pizzas! Sausages in pastry! My friends, it was all there, and you could load your plate high for under 5 Euro.

It's a great location, right in the centre of the Old Town, so you can visit it in the middle of your sightseeing tour. The salads were fresh & there was a huge variety, and every day there was a different selection of hot foods. I had tofu & mushrooms one day, mock meat in pepper sauce the next, all with a huge mound of salad of course. The place even sells raw ice-cream!

If this place were in my hometown I would go there every week, no question about it. This place is a good solid choice. Would definitely recommend it to others.

Pros: Fresh ingredients, Huge choice, Affordable

Cons: It isn't in my hometown

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Favourite place - Edit

I have been coming back to Melantrichova's Country Life every time I'm in Prague. Unpretentious and tasty food that definitely won't leavy you hungry, suitable for a smaller budget, and a nice casual atmosphere.
The pay-per-weight buffet offers both warm meals and fresh salad bar, bread is a few crowns extra, and there are also vegan desserts and coffee available.

Pros: Affordable, Good selection, Location

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A good place in the heart of the city - Edit

I visited Country Life in Melantrichova twice during my last visit to Prague and I was really glad I found this place. It's a buffet, you choose and put your food on your tray and pay at the counter according to its weight. Most of the dishes were really delicious, apart from one veggie pancake which turned out to be rather dry and bland in taste. But otherwise, I found it delicious.

What's also important - the eatery is situated in the very centre of Prague (2 minutes away from Mustek metro station) and the prices are low for this location - you will pay between 120 and 200 crowns for a really satisfying meal.

You can also get free filtered water, as much as you like. The staff are friendly and eager to answer questions, especially the cook, a really warm lady. I'm just not sure if she speaks English ;)

All in all - to good place to remember about when your looking for a healthy lunch in a city whose cuisine doesn't favour anything meet-free ;)

Pros: location, good food, nice staff

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Just ok - Edit

Located in the Old Town of Prague, we chose it for our first dinner in Prague as we were in that area. When we arrived it was almost closgin time, so they had an offer and the food was cheaper. But it was also a bit cold and looked like leaftovers. We chose a bit of everything but we weren't sure what each dish was, nothing looked familiar to us.
Overall, the food was ok, not very impressive but not bad. Good for the price, Prague is cheap and so was this place. We ended up full and satisfied but we didn't really want to go again the next time as it was not outstanding.

Pros: Located in the Old Town, Price by weight

Cons: The food is not impressive

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Came here because of the reviews - Edit

I'm really surprised all the positive reviews this place has gotten. I mean don't get me wrong, it's not all that bad but not all that great either. I found most of the food to be barely warm, and rather tasteless.
Maybe I just got unlucky and came here on an off day.

A side note, it is the exact same setup to a vegetarian restaurant in Ottawa called The Green Door. I mean it's uncanny the resemblance!

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wonderful buffet - Edit

This place... just fantastic. It's tucked away next to the health food store and easy to miss even though it's in a busy area. Great buffet with tons of variety and a nice mixture of Asian and Czech specialities. Outdoor and indoor seating. From conversations with the cooks, it seems that basically everything is vegan here. Wish they were open till late!

Pros: great variety, local crowd, delicious

Cons: can get pricey, often too crowded

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Fast food, vegetarian buffet - Edit

This is a good place to go when you want vegetarian food in fast, buffet style. It isn't for presentation or finesse but good for a quick lunch.
I am not a fan of mock meat and there is a fair bit of that but it can be avoided. It is more a large volume place than anything finer but that's ok. Just don't be expected to feel like "wow, that was a great meal" after it.

Pros: Fast, Reasonably priced, A lot of choice

Cons: Not finer tastes

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Great place - Edit

Great place to eat in the centre, in buffet style, which could be pros and con in the same time, depending what do you prefer. Food is tasty,nothing to complain at. Opened also on Sunday, bit more expensive.

Pros: Tasty, Buffet, Location

Cons: Buffet

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It is Vegan! - Edit

A czech restaurant in the centre of Prague. I have my lunch there every day it is Vegan, they may have something with milk once per year and it is labeled. The people there are very helpful chefs speak English, you can ask what is on the buffet. They make also very good vegan deserts. Closed on Saturday.

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Really enjoyed it - Edit

Went at lunchtime mid week obviously really popular as quite busy. Salad bar was excellent, good choice of main courses, very reasonably priced.

Pros: good choice, central location, good value

Cons: not all labeled so hard to tell what is suitable f, busy so had to share a table

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good fast buffet style meals - Edit

Very cheap meals, buffet style selection of vegetables, grains, soups, salads and casseroles. Very tasty, nice seating area. Only complaint was some of the food wasnt very hot.
10 euro happily fed a family of 3.

Pros: cheap, fast, vegan

Cons: not very clearly labeled, not hot meals, no croissants

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Love it!!! - Edit

we spent 4 days in Prague and ended up coming here every day.
we loved it, our kids loved it. great selection, friendly staff, yummy food.

Pros: great selection, lots of vegan options, delicious

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Nice food, not so nice staff - Edit

So, first the positives - the location is perfect, it is very clean, and good value even though I'm normally quite wary of places charging by weight, most of the options are vegan, and most of what I tried was fresh, hot and flavourful. I had salad (good selection), mushroom stroganoff (a bit bland), roasted veg (an interesting mix of carrots and beetroot) and sweet dumplings (delicious!), whilst my omnivorous partner did not miss meat at all, having Serbian style veg (very spicy), roast potatoes and vegetable soup, all of which were very good.

On the downside, there is no labelling, and I had to wait a long time for a staff member to appear to clarify what was vegan, and then the person in question, like the cashier, was impolite.

Pros: location, choice

Cons: poor labelling, unfriendly staff

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Ok for a quick bite but otherwise a disappointment - Edit

I went to this place because it had such good reviews here but found it rather disappointing. As often happens with buffet style restaurants, some dishes are only lukewarm and the quality of the food varies. I got my fill on my purchases but in the end I paid as much for a meal here as at a proper restaurant in Prague - and those restaurants offer tastier, far better food! If you're looking for a quick bite during your sight-seeing this place might be for you, but for a true dinner I'd recommend finding another place.

Pros: central location, variety of dishes

Cons: rather pricey, unappealing interior

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Loads of Vegan food options - Edit

This place is nice and spacious and light and wooden! The buffet is extensive and much is vegan but you need to ask as they don't label stuff which is a shame. I wasn't hungry enough to try much but will return here when I can. They charge by weight but it is cheap for those of us used to paying London prices.

Pros: Big buffet, Very central, cheap

Cons: No labelling of vegan options

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Central Location - Edit

Very centrally located- just off old town square near the clock- and right next door to health food shop to stock up on picnic supplies.
Buffet style self service with food sold by weight. Inexpensive. Many traditional foodstuffs- stuffed dumplings, root veg sauce, buckwheat, barley- as well as international dishes. Wide range of salads.

Pros: central , cheap

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disappointing - Edit

based on the reviews and a friends recommendation i went there in the lunch time. super central just round the corner from the main old town square. its a big buffet at that time very crowded. food is weighted in the end. i got some salads but as i was unsure if the food is entirely vegan i felt like checking everything. additionally as i eat gluten free and the food wasnt well labelled i didnt choose some of the dishes as i wasnt sure about them. i felt stressed out as there wasnt any clear descriptions in english and the crowd was literally pushing me forward. at the end i payed much more than i wanted what left me with a bad feeling. the food was ok but a bit tasteless (beans) and i didnt feel full after it.. the interior wasnt very nice neither and all in all i was disappointed and not planning to go back.

Pros: central location, probably a good quality of food

Cons: not labelled food (language barrier), not the best value, a bit tasteless

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Tasty, affordable, good location - Edit

I enjoyed my meal here while visiting Prague's Old Town. They had a nice salad bar and some good hot options. The only bummer was that the take-away food in the fridge didn't have an English label, but I wouldn't expect all of Prague to cater to my language (the rest of the food was clearly labelled!)

Pros: Tasty, Affordable, Nice seating area

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Great taste, location and value - Edit

We came upon this self service casually - 1 minute walk starting from Old Town Square. We discovered grate variety of vegan organic - raw and cooked. TASTED DELICIOUS. We returned twice only to find more diversity and quality.

Pros: vegan organic, location, price

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Not vegan! - Edit

This restaurant is not all vegan. Some things are and the rest are vegetarian. Unfortunately there is no clear labelling and the staff find it a bother to tell you which is which. We have been there three times now (and their stores many times) and probably won't return. On one trip a food will be vegan and on the next it isn't. It depends on the staff person you talk to. The customer service is consistently horrible. The food is bland but ok. It fills you up. The location is terrific and the restaurant is very attractive with a nice outdoor seating area.

Pros: Good location, Right next to their store

Cons: Terrible service , NOT VEGAN, No labelling

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Not the best but good enough - Edit

We've been staying here for 2 days now in Praha for a trip. Visited twice. You put some foods as much as you want in your plate and then pay for it by its total weight.

The food tastes good and the price is moderate. The staff wasn't very friendly though. There's a vegetarian grocery store right next to it.

Pros: moderate price, tasty food, location

Cons: not friendly staff, seems not all vegan

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Glad we found it! - Edit

I love buffet places and this had a really great selection. The salad bar was extensive and the two hot food buffets were all good and varied too. We ate here twice as it was the best vegan-friendly place we found and the flexibility/quality/value was great. Having vegan desserts as well was a treat! We don't know what they were, though, as the labelling was minimal.

The staff were friendly, and told us both days that everything they serve is vegan, and I think explained what some of the items were (but in German and I didn't quite understand). It was a very pleasant place in terms of decor too, with plenty of seating and nice loos.

Pros: Great selection, Good food, Helpful staff

Cons: Not always clear what the food was

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generally good - Edit

Food is decent, not great but pretty good in general, depending what you get. Some of them are just warm, not a place for hot steamy meal. Price is pretty cheap, We got 4 plates of food plus dessert and soup and one non- alcoholic beer, paid just a little bit over 400 czk.
*i am a vegetarian not vegan

Pros: cheap, fast, good food

Cons: no or poor English staff, some foods are not hot

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Bad experience - probably non-vegan items - Edit

I had previously left a review here stating what a great restaurant this is.

I'm deleting it and leaving this bad review, instead.

I will never, ever go back here. My friend and I ate here recently, and we both got EXTREMELY sick afterward. We are certain that there was dairy cheese in the food we ate, and we stopped eating in the middle of lunch and just threw our food away. We tried to ask an employee a question, but her English was not good enough to understand us.

In the end, we left extremely frustrated. We've both been vegan for 10 years, and we were vomiting all day the next day.

I will never, ever go back to this place.

Cons: 'Vegan' food probably isn't

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Really good place for a healthy lunch - Edit

Came here for lunch on a Thursday - our first day in Prague, after stumbling upon it en route to the Old Town Hall Square. You pay by weight, and it costs approximately 30Ck for 100g. There is a large selection of salads (including vegetable proteins like tempeh and buckwheat burgers), and two or three hot dishes (broccoli soup, lentil stew, vegetable curry in coconut sauce, and kidney bean/sweetcorn curry). 90% of the dishes on offer were vegan - but there was one curry which contained milk protein and one sandwich which had organic cheese (and the staff / labelling made this very clear).

Everything we took was really nice tasting and healthy - though none of the dishes completely blew us away. Staff were really helpful in explaining what various dishes were. Will definitely be back here again whenever we visit the City Centre of Prague.

Pros: Great Value, Healthy Food, Great Location

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Great Tasty Food - That's Afforable - Edit

As a mostly vegan & raw traveling Chocolatier, I found this place to be a great respite from the usual meat & potatoes places around the city.

They also have hearty dishes with potatoes. Lol.

But I also found plenty of variety & wholesome nutrition.

Try their juices. I blended beet root with orange & apple.
Delicious !
Happy traveling
Micah Intrator.

Pros: Helpful staff - (english), Good variety, Over 50% organic

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good option when in old town. - Edit

Buffet pay by weight establishment with health food and items next door. Food was fresh, tasty, affordable and a good casual lunch option. Lots of options. Nice to find a cake (fruit/tofu) that wasn't super sweet like every other dessert in Europe. Good location from old town sights.

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Great self service food - Edit

Country Life offers a huge variety of delicious vegan food - an extensive salad bar and hot options, as well as desserts ranging from bananas covered in chocolate to soya cheesecake. Lots of good juices too. Very friendly staff, and food measured in weight so you can load up a tray with everything you want. I had a salad bowl, hot dog pastry and a plate of veggie stew and potatoes, with a lemon juice drink. All great.

Pros: So many choices, Friendly staff, Delicious food

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healthy, fast, veg buffet - Edit

This restaurant is conveniently located and is very fast as it is entirely a buffet. It is also open on Sundays which is good because most of the other veg restaurants are not open.
The food was healthy and reasonably tasty. Note that the cost of our plates without desserts nor beverages was almost as much as Maitrea with dessert and beverage.

Pros: good location, fast buffet, no smoking

Cons: somewhat pricey

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Perfect! - Edit

What a magnificent place! We found it thanks to our guidebook and finally ate there 3 great dinners that were cheap, vegetarian, delicious... Great variety of veg dishes, changing menu in the heart of Prague - how cool is that?

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Vegan food! - Edit

I've eaten here twice, as the location is very convenient + the place is spacious, with comfortable seating (so good to rest after all the sightseeing). Unfortunately, the food was nothing exceptional. It wasn't bad or anything, just nothing to write home about.

Pros: Spacious, Free water, Very easy to find

Cons: Food could be better, Not very cheap

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Good for a Quick Meal - Edit

Was here on a past trip to Prague, and here's my Country Life review for happycow.

The lighting in the restaurant was rather dim which made the buffet food look less than appetizing. However, it was a popular place and people kept coming in to
get food.

My husband and I got our trays and choose the foods that we wanted to eat. He got a soup in addition to the salad bar items, and I got a dessert in addition to my salad bar and hot food items. There was a hot dish made with tofu and broccoli that was quite delicious.

The food we got were all pretty tasty except for the dessert that was a bit on the dry side (a cake with mousse topping). One of the regular patrons told us that the food was all vegan.

Pros: decent food, central location, affordable

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All vegan with a very good selection of food - Edit

I had lunch here and was very satisfied. They offer an all vegan buffet lunch, with many interesting options, from more basic ones (salads, grains, legumes, millet or buckwheat burgers), to fancier ones (pizza, stuffed vegetables, veggie sausages). Desserts are simple but tasty, as well.

Pros: inexpensive, good selection of food, organic food

Cons: can get crowdy

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Great Vegan Buffet - Edit

This place is 100% vegan. I went there 3 times while I was in Prague for 3 days. I loved their orange juice and the avocado sauce !!! In general the food was good but it was very repetitive. The staff spoke English well so there was no problem communicating.

Pros: everything was vegan, close to the city center, friendly staff

Cons: repetetive food, small

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Not the best - Edit

The staff is never friendly, the food is never hot even if it is supposed to be. It is quite sloppy and it always turns out to be quite expensive in comparison with other places.
Though, it's centrally located and it's fun to try Czech specialties

Pros: good location

Cons: unfriendly staff, cold (old) food

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A life-saver! - Edit

I was relieved when I found this shop on my first day into a week in Prague. Located down one of the twisty alleys near the Astronomical Clock, it couldn't be in a better location. The first couple of days I got there too late, and when I arrived early on Saturday I realised it's closed all day Saturday :( When I did eventually make it inside, there was a good selection of vegan produce - mainly fruit and veg, soya milks, grains and wholefoods. I had a bad experience in Tesco the previous day where I bought (and ATE!) tofu which mysteriously contained cheese (sýr in Czech), so I asked the assistant if she could check that all my goods were vegan, which she happily did.

The next day we came back to try the restaurant through the alley to the left of the main shop. It was super busy at lunchtime (which was great to see), but the vegan buffet was definitely worthwhile. It's a pay per weight place, so just fill up and enjoy!

If you had to choose one veggie/vegan place to find in Prague, it would have to be this one.

Pros: Location, Range of vegan good, Helpful staff

Cons: Closed Saturdays, Restaurant busy at lumchtimes

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country life restaurant makes me happy - Edit

i've moved to prague for @ least one year, and country life restaurant is a REAL life-saver. the food is always good - varied hot dishes, yet w/ consistent cold salad bar items. the people that work here are ALWAYS friendly - and the atmosphere is really comfortable. i just moved to an apt. a (cobble)stone's throw away from the restaurant - its proximity being an important factor to my apt. choice. while i don't always get there in time, there is a daily discount time which definitely helps....especially here in prague, where meat, meat, meat is so very prevalent.

the friendliness of the staff is a huge reason i keep returning. and of course, the yummy, VERY HEALTHY food.

Pros: tasty food, friendly staff, nice environment

Cons: not open on sat., more pricey than Loving Hut

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Inexpensive all vegan - Edit

I really enjoyed all the options on the buffet. A comparable vegan meal where I live (Denver) would have cost significantly more. But this was pretty affordable, especially in Prague, which was an expensive city. I liked all the choices and appreciated its location. It was easy to find and near the action. Don't bother with the desserts though. I got them on two different ocassions and both were pretty bad -- weird texture and not a good taste. But the other options were good. Because it's a buffet, the food wasn't particularly hot -- tasty but not hot. Many of the items had English so you knew what you were eating. But most didn't and the staff didn't speak English. Then again, you're in a foreign country and it's all vegan, so who cares if they speak English?

Pros: Inexpensive, many choices, good location

Cons: bad desserts, lukewarm food, not much English

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Bland food... - Edit

The food here was not good and was very bland. There was one thing I got that was decent and had some flavor (they called it soy meat, but it looked like orange mush), and it's certainly not worth going there for. At the end of the buffet line there were some vegan cakes and pies, I asked the employee if they were good and if he recommended them. He spoke very highly of the raspberry cheesecake so I got it. Bad choice because it was disgusting - there was no flavor to the cheese cake part and the raspberries were covered in some tasteless plasticy gelatin-like substance, it was just horrible.

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All vegan buffet - Edit

Visited end of september 2010. Nice buffet with lots of choices. We also entered the restuarant at a saturday when it was closed and the staff was very helpful and told us about another vegetarian restaurant nearby.

Pros: good value, friendly staff

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Great Buffet - Edit

So good we ate here twice within 3 days. Good selection on the buffet, standard salad items and nice "hot" selection which varies daily. The sandwiches were delicious and generously filled but can sell out.

Great central location, the streets were extremely busy in August but the restaurant is in a quiet courtyard away from the hustle.

Charged by weight. The food was very cheap but the drinks were a little more costly. Water cooler is free to use on the other side of the till.

Pros: central location, cheap

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Gross - Edit

The food was very bland, even the "hot" food was cold or barely warm, and was just generally not good food. We had two vegans, one vegetarian, and one meat eater. All four of us thought it was pretty gross. The health food store attached is decent though - save yourself the trouble and just get snacks from the store.

Pros: all vegan

Cons: food is not good, expensive

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A gem for any vegan/vegetarian traveler! - Edit

It's been a while since I was at this restaurant, but all I can say is how thankful I was to find it on my travels. I LOVED the buffet style (weigh your plate), because there were so many organic, vegan dishes and salads to choose from. It was expensive by Prague standards (my friend who lived and was salaried in Prague could not afford to eat there much), but if you have some $ to spend or are willing to shell out for yummy vegan food, then it's well worth it! When I was there, it was closed on Sundays. Hopefully this place is still a good choice now as it was when I visited a few years back.

Pros: Good food, many options, Vegan -in town it's hard to be vegan in, spacious

Cons: expensive by Prague standards

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fantastic self-service buffet on a budget - Edit

wonderful for a light (or even heavy) lunch, right near the old town square. fantastic choice of salad + hot food, with plenty of faux-meat items, i highly recommend the buck wheat salad. very good price (pay by weight), typical of prague veggie eateries it has a very laid back atmosphere.

Pros: choice, price

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Best Restaurant I've Ever Been To - Edit

I was feeling a bit lost and bewildered in Prague and I was so happy to find this restaurant, which I'd read about here before going. I visited in winter last year, and its lovely simple, casual atmosphere and hearty fayre were just what I needed on a freezing December day!

I piled my plate with salads, stews and bean dishes and it cost me the equivalent of around £6. The food was really wholesome and tasty, and it was so wonderful to know that everything was vegan. It made things a lot simpler, especially as I only know 3 Czech phrases!
The staff didn't seem to speak much English (but why should they? They're not in England!)

The desserts at Country Life are really creative and unusual. I'm not even sure what mine was but it involved little piles of berries and nuts, sweet crumbs, a pink pudding and some fresh fruit slices. It was delicious, and cost around £1.50 if I remember right.

I went back a couple of times just for a drink and/ or dessert.
It's really central, close to the old town square, which was where I navigated from so it's an ideal location to stop off for a short break from exploring.

I enjoyed spending up my CZK in the shop at the end of my visit to Prague too!

Pros: All vegan, Variety, Wholesome

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Value for money - Edit

I always get excited when everything is vegan, especially when you get to pile onto your plate as much as you want!! The selection was great, from salads, soups, faux meats, pizza, Burgers, warm dishes and desserts. The pumkin soup was delicious and I also enjoyed the pizza(with soy cheese) and the tofu salad. I got a tofu burger to take away for the journey home, which was great, and also a yummy apple strudel slice. Atmosphere is a bit like a cafateria but all vegan :) great for a cheap,hearty,healthy lunch! Place was full at lunch time.

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Excellent food, surprising amount of selections - Edit

This place has something for everyone. Lots of pseudo-meat options, a very decent salad bar, a soup or two, plenty of desserts, take-away sandwiches. Every time I come here, I wish I were hungrier so that I could try everything they have available. They also seem to change up their menu daily, so there is always something new to try. Also the attached store has packaged food, some produce, bulk bins, fresh baked breads, and a good assortment of tofu, seitan and cheese in their refrigerated section. Which is all to say that the store is just as good as the restaurant.

Pros: Wide and changing variety., Delicious., Spacious and comfortable

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Great place to eat - Edit

Menu changes daily. Everything is vegan, mostly everything is delicious. I like the cafeteria style self service with ingredient cards in english and czech. Some people complained that it is expensive. I believe they charge 29 CZK per 100g. This is cheaper than a number of other restaurants in Praha, and this is the ONLY 100% vegan restaurant in Praha.

While the other vegetarian friendly restaurants are good, they can't rival the vegan selection here. I don't know any other restaurant in the world where you can honestly get a 4 course vegan meal of this variety for under $20 USD.

Pros: large selection , reasonable price, tasty

Cons: cash only

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Jeffrey 31 Oct 2009 - Hi smug vegan, I agree with you on the price issue. While $20 sounds like a lot, there are plenty of vegan restaurants that charge over $10 for a burger by itself.

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Great - Edit

Food by weight is a great concept. We hadn't eaten properly for a few days so the price was a bit high but that wasn't really their fault. Everything was vegan, from the tzatsiki to the creamy pizza. A huge cold buffet as well as a warm one, you could have eaten from it for days and not become bored. They change every day though, so we took a little of everything. Also has desserts, but we were so full we couldn't have that even though the ice cream looked great.

Pros: buckwheat meat, self serving, great taste

Cons: bland

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100% Vegan - Edit

This place is amazing - huge cold salad buffet bar followed by hot buffet bar, cakes, drinks etc. Fill your plate and pay by weight! We were amazed to find that everything was vegan because a lot of it looked like it contained dairy. We didn't try any of the desserts because we over did it on the plates but they looked good.

Pros: quick and reasonably priced, central location, lovely decor - wooden tables!

Cons: sometimes there's a bit of a line

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Did not to it for me! - Edit

*Good that you pick you food youself.
*Super good that everyting is vegan but...
*The food was quite bland.
*The price has gone up alot!
*Not high value any more.
Would have loved to give this place a higher rating but can't.

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Great food, great place! - Edit

The food here is really great! You can take whatever you want and then weigh your plate. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Try the fruit salad for the dessert, is amazing!

Pros: Food, Staff, Location

Cons: Lack of information in English

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No-frills sticks-to-your-ribs, not fine dining - Edit

Country Life deserves a lot of kudos for serving up vegie food since the days when "salad" in the Czech Rep. basically meant "cabbage" and raw vegetables seemed to have been outlawed* ... and their salad bar is great if you need a raw veg. hit with trimmings like sprouts, seeds, etc. That said, most of the hot food is pretty much variations on a theme - where unfortunately the theme is "slop on a plate". There's almost always some version of quasi-baked potatoes, a soup, a dish with pulses, one with "fake meat" stuff, one (or more) vegetable dish(es), etc. If you were blindfolded, the texture would be the only giveaway as to which of the above you were eating, as the flavours tend to be pretty much uniform. Czechs, unlike their Hungarian neighbours, are not even remotely into spicey food, and nowhere in Prague does this become more obvious than at CL.

As everyone else has said, it's self-service, not very expensive, and it's very central. When you can't handle another restaurant in Prague with smoke so thick you could cut it with a knife, and the perennial "vegetarian" dish that comes with ham or bacon (!), then CL can come in handy. The ambiance is possilby best described as "high school cafeteria meets Czech 1980s hippy". They also have quite an extensive social programme, helping many less fortunate members of Czech society.

Summary: If you're after "haute gastronomy", this is really not the place to head to.

*Note: this is actually closer to the truth than I intended - CL is ... Mormon? 7th Day Adventist? can't remember, sorry ... so in fact their emergence, unsurprisingly, occurred after the end of communism.

Pros: non-smoking, free water, not a piece of ham or bacon in sight!

Cons: bland, bland, bland, Ambiance of a rented caravan :(

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100% Vegan!!! - Edit

I was surprised this wasn't listed with the Vegan marker when they told me it everything was vegan. I read many of the reviews below so I'm assuming that is the case. First off, price is so low!!! Its part of a grocery store and I guess they don't mark up the produce??? We had two full plates and a soup for 12$. The food is great, exactly what the doctor ordered, low fat, vegan, tons of grains, hot and cold dishes and nice healthier desserts. If I lived in Prague I'd probably eat here every day!!! Plenty of indoor seating and outdoor seating as well right near the Astronomical Clock in Old Town, perfect place for lunch during your sight seeing! Doesn't get better than this!!!

Pros: 100% Vegan, Healthy!!!, Low Fat!!!

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Wholesome meal - Edit

Since the last time I visited Prague 3 years ago, Country Life has not changed and is still very good. There are many options in buffet style and the food is well-priced. It is popular, so often sharing a table, which is good for people watching and socializing, but the busy-ness can be a bit distracting from a calm meal.

Pros: value, options

Cons: buffet, busy

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Yummy - Edit

This place is great for a healthy & tasty lunch. It is very reasonably priced and as said before you pay by food by weight which means you can have as little or much as you want. There is a big salad bar & a selection of hot food too.

Pros: good food, no smoking

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Fantastic Vegan Desserts - Edit

Everything is completely vegan in this restaurant. They serve cheap, hearty, traditional-ish Czech food.

The desserts were so great. It is true that many taste "healthy" (for lack of a better term) but their creamy, custardy and fruit desserts are simply delicious.

There is also a great little health food store next door which sells some vegan baked goods as well as soy yogurt, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Pros: All vegan, Great desserts, Hearty and cheap

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Great vegan food - Edit

Went here on a busy lunchtime but lots of seating so no problem. Amazing array of food (I was told it was all vegan), burgers, salads, hot dishes and fantastic desserts... the vegan 'cream' horn was to die for. My partner claimed his food was tasteless (a Pumpkin/Quinoa bake) but I think this was a one off as everything I had was wonderful.

Pros: Fantastic choice for vegans, Great vegan desserts

Cons: Tasteless Pumpkin bake!!

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Great food! - Edit

A healthy vegetarian buffet with many vegan options! What more can we ask for? Very reasonably priced. Offers a wide variety of salad bar, hot dishes and some pre-made burgers and sandwiches. The soup was excellent. There was a wide variety of desserts as well which we couldn't eat at that time as we were already full and hence did a take away. Everything was awesome and very healthy. A great place to go again n again if I had lived in Prague.

Pros: Reasonable price, great food & variety, Excellent location

Cons: Too crowded during lunch time

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great place - Edit

it s really a pleasure to eat in this place, great food , nice and quiet court yard, good choice of salad and main dishes and herbe / green tea. pure vegetarian, tasty stew . I eat there almost every day when I was in Prague. too bad sunday its closed. in the shop next door you can get some no sugar cookies. not so much english speaking but since its buffet so its not really a problem.

Pros: good hot dishes, nice court yard, buffet quick

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Best Deal in Prague! - Edit

In a city of overpriced, meat-laden food, what a fabulous find. Bargain prices and super variety of all vegan food. It was great. Desserts were not impressive and the guy next to us said the vegan ice cream was really bad, so skip that. But all the "loaf" food we had and all the veggie dishes were sooo good.

Pros: great prices

Cons: closed on Saturday, ??

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i - Edit

what's better than a healthy vegetarian buffet, nothing that's what, and Country Life was certainly a delicious vegetarian buffet. they offered quite a few options for raw salad bar, hot dishes, and pre-made sandwiches. the veggie patty and curry (i think it was curry) vegetables stood out for me - very tasty. everything was really good and very healthy. oh they also had an extremely interesting version of a coconut date for dessert, i loved it. they had other more exciting looking desserts but i didn't try them. i would eat here every day if i lived in prague :)

Pros: healthy, great variety, delicious!

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I love this place! - Edit

If i happen to go to Prague i always end up at the country life restaurant after i bought some cheap smoked tofu at the Tesco some streets away and cheap tofuspread at the wholefood store in front. Actually i can't remember how often i went there but nearly 10 times i guess. you get food by weight with lots of choices. i love to create my own dishes and to try everything. the place is packed during lunch and the deserts always gave me the rest. Mindblowing!

Pros: central, cheap buffet, fast

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Eclectic, nice, not too vegan-friendly - Edit

This buffet-style place has a nice bio-organic air, and is right in the centre of town. The food is good, especially some of the burgers, but it's hard to figure out what's vegan and what not, and the lack of English speakers in the staff is clearly felt.
Prices are reasonable, but buffet is never too much fun.
This place can be good a a light lunch in a day of touring the old town.

Pros: good location, some good food

Cons: buffet, no marks for vegan food

1 Response

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Caryne 06 Aug 2008 - Many of the other reviews seem to be saying that this place is either vegan or largely vegan yet this review says otherwise. Was this person confused? Can anyone explain?

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Best vegan food in the city - Edit

Living in Prague I eat at Country Life about 3 or 4 times a week, and it is completely worth the 25 minute commute from my home. The food is always delicious, with a very wide selection with never a day the same in all the time I have gone. There is plenty of fake meat, along with hot vegetables, daily soups, and lots of grains. The couscous burgers are something everyone, especially picky omnis, should try (they've been dyed with beet to look authentic)! Yummy, and inexpensive for foreigners (Czechs may disagree!).

Pros: excellent food, non-smoking, vegan

Cons: Not a lot of non-soy food

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long time gem - Edit

ive been to this resaurant several times several years apart. it is a true gem in this city, its exciting to go... not as cheap as the rest of the city but still good. almost everything is really good, but a few things dry sitting out on the buffet heaters. definatly go here, grab a plate, load it up, cause in prauge there is nothing else like it... if your into this place check out at least the one other restaurant location in london (if its still there?)... there may be others too, for some reason its sort of a chain restaurant but they are linked together very poorly

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Super stodge - Edit

If it's cold and you want some warming stodge then Country Life is your best bet. Also have a good salad bar and some good soups as well as pre-made sandwiches if you need something in a hurry. It's not terrible but it's not the best and the staff we encountered were fairly lax.

Pros: Pretty cheap, Warming and filling

Cons: A bit hit and miss in terms of quality, Staff attitude

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