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Opened July 2013 in the center of Prague. Offers vegan versions of traditional Czech meals (Svíčková with dumplings) as well as world cuisine. Fresh juice bar. Cozy setting, take stairs up. FEB 2016 ITS FB MSSG STATES SHUT.

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08 Jan 2016

Fantastic !! Loved it!!

Had a 3 course lunch here with our family of five including a fussy 8 year old. Two of us are vegans and the other 3 dairy free. The food we had was amazing with lots of choice. The avocado tartar , lasagne and loveg burger our favourites The service and atmosphere was perfect. A little vegan haven!! Definitely worth a visit or two .

Pros: Excellent food, Great attentive service, Relaxing atmosphere



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05 Jan 2016

has been better

we where here twice this week. before that we visited this place in 2014 when it was definitely better (nice waitress, very good food) this time the food wasn't as good as it used to be. it looked really nice, also smelled nice but they forgot about the taste. we checked out the place twice to see if it was only a bad day... so to make it clear: the staff is friendly and mostly professional, also the place itself is very cozy but the most important thing - the food - has to be improved! Also they need new menu cards - right now they are filthy - this is a personal thing I know, but this is a restaurant - not a fast food shack. So I think you can expect a clean menu card that you don't have to be afraid to touch...

Pros: nice location, cozy ambient

Cons: food needs to be spiced up!


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06 Dec 2015

Good but not great

When I arrived at this place I was suprised by the location and big signs with "vegan restaurant". I am used to looking for a small entrance in remote places, but this one was very easy to find haha.

I ordered the lasagna and a white wine to go with it. The wine was very good but I was a little bit disappointed with the lasagna. It wasn't bad, but not great. I think I might have just made the wrong choice though, because the other food that was being served looked very good (especially the burgers).

I had a raw fruit cake for desert and this was very good!

Service was friendly and they speak very good english. They were a bit forgetful, but it was very busy at the time I was there.

Pros: Location, Raw fruit cake

Lia Argolo

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14 Nov 2015


Great restaurant, right in the middle of the touristic zone. Good menu and nice people serving the food. The inside is adorable and there are beautiful pictures too.

Pros: Amazing and healthy food and good location

Cons: A little bit hidden, you have to go upstairs, but


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13 Nov 2015

one of those places that make us,vegan people feel amazing

Had the Loveg burger. Absolutely delicious! Homemade lemonade, avocado tartar. Wow! A must see when visiting Prague. / el sitio divino, comi una Hamburguesa deliciosa, limonada casera Wow! Teneis que ir si visitas Praga

Pros: food 100% plant based, service, nice place

Cons: nothing


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10 Nov 2015


I came for lunch and ordered the LoVeg burger, and it was very flavourful and delicious! I would say the portion size was on the smaller side, but overall the meal was satisfying.

Pros: Delicious burger, friendly staff, free wifi

Cons: smaller portions


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07 Nov 2015


Actually we were checking the place in May 2015 and were happy with the results. Starters were ok, but nothing special.
Veg burger with all the trimmings was great and so was tempeh 'svićkova'! Rootveggies sauce was well balanced and knedliky were delicious too. We did not have desserts, so no comment on that.
Price was moderate, we paid slightly more than in Clear Head.
Vegan place, a comfort zone and you do not need to check every single item on the menu if it was vegan! So we Love Veg a lot and will be back

Pros: vegan, great mains, good vibe

Cons: more pricey, many stairs to climb but you can, think it's an execise ;-)


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05 Nov 2015


One of the best vegan experiences ever! Tasty food and very good presentation.


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25 Oct 2015

so nice!

After finally climbing to the third floor of steep stairs you are greeted by a gorgeous waitress who will take you to your table and make you feel at home. The menu is outstanding and I ate here every day on my visit to Prague.

Cons: needs a breakfast menu!:)


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04 Oct 2015

Lovely food over the roofs of old town Prague

Very lovely place in the old town. Climb up all stairs to sit on the balcony and have a decent veg meal mith a view over the roofs of the old town and towards the castle. Friendly staff, lovely food! Be back next time!

Pros: Location, Food , Staff


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15 Sep 2015

not friendly to disabled people not babies

After quite a long walk with the whole family we have finally arrived to the place just to discover it is on a third floor, with steep stairs and no elevator! I would have not mind if it wasn't for the fact we were with a baby stroller and an 86 year old grandfather!
So to be fair- I have no idea how the food tastes like, nor how the service is. But we were all extremely disappointed that at the 21century there is zero respect for disabled persons and for parents with young children.


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28 Aug 2015

Tasty and creative menu!

I had read about this place before heading to Prague but was so pleased when we turned a corner on the way up to the castle and there it was! I love seeing vegan places advertised so clearly :-) We stopped here for lunch after our castle visit and I loved all of the dishes - I had the bruschetta, traditional Czech goulash, and this amazing dessert that was like two warm puffy donuts filled with raspberry filling and topped with more raspberry and powdered sugar - wonderful! The rest of my non-veg group also enjoyed their dishes - my husband had the gratin potatoes and they were amazing; the cashew cheese melted perfectly and they had that delicious crispy-ness on the bottom. The price was a little higher than Clear Head where we'd been the night before, but it food was good enough that it was worth it. Another great choice if you're in Prague!

Pros: Great food, Pretty atmosphere, Good wifi


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16 Aug 2015

Highly disappointing

My sister and I came here with high expectations. The reviews here were great and I was told by other people to visit. We ordered a starter, a salad and raw zucchini pasta. The salad was smaller than expected, there was barely any sauce on the pasta (it was meant to be a cashew/tomato sauce) and the starter never arrived. The service was slow however they were friendly. I also ordered a tea but it never arrived. The menu has some great items so I would be willing to give it another try when I find myself in Prague again.


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16 Aug 2015

amazing - check it out

This place is amazing - we were "wining and dining" our way through Prague, but LoVeg is outstanding. My recommendation: try sitting on the balcony and order a Ceasar's salad... yum!! We've spent a total of 4 days in Prague and had dinner at LoVeg twice :D

Pros: amazing food, balcony with a view, huge selection of food


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16 Aug 2015

Traditional Czech dishes!

When we were looking for our apartment, my girlfriend suddenly stopped: look, banners that say 'vegan'!' Turns out we slept next to the apartment. We went here twice on our trip to Prague. The first time we started with the bruschetta, it was good, nothing special. As main courses we got their two veganized traditional Czech dishes: potato goulash and some sort of meat in sauce, where the meat was replaced by tempeh. They were delicious! We love the idea of veganizing traditional dishes. For dessert we got two pieces of cake: carrot and raw chocolate. Yumyum! The chocolate cake had some berries mixed in, which added a lovely occasional sour kick to the cake. We spent about 30 euros on the starter, two mains, two desserts and two cups of tea. The second time we went we just got 2 mains: lasagna and a burger. The burger was good, the lasagna so-so. We got their homemade raspberry lemonade, which was so damn good! For an actual restaurant is was cheap! I would definitely recommend you to go there and check out their Czech dishes!

Pros: Veganized traditional Czech dishes , Cheap

Cons: Lasagna was so-so


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07 Aug 2015

Really good place to eat!

We were searching for a vegetarian restaurant and instead we saw banners claiming that there was a vegan restaurent nearby. At first i thoųght it was a different one but soon realised that it was the same LoVeg. I really loved the place. We ordered a Lovegburger and a gf burger and were not disappointed. The gf one was a bit salty but apart of that, really delicious and filling. The waiters were really friendly and i would definitely come back to try more vegan food :)

Pros: all vegan, friendly staff, delicious food

Cons: a little pricey


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02 Aug 2015

Vegan version of Czech food

This place is excellent as it gives you a vegan version of the traditional Czech cuisine. This means as a traveller you don't miss out on the local flavours! Really lovely staff and the roof top terrace in the sun is a must while enjoying coffee and dessert. This was the first place I went to the second I got into Prague due to its close proximity to my hostel! It's a must go to place and I will be be back within the next week for sure :)


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02 Aug 2015

Good place to try Czech vegan food

We went here on our way to Prague castle. After climbing a ton of stairs, we arrived at this cozy place. I had the goulash and it made my stomach more than happy :) Everyone was very welcoming and friendly.
Definitely try the beetroot carpaccio!

Pros: Vegan Czech food, Close to Prague castle, friendly staff

Cons: Many stairs


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11 Jul 2015


Nice, cozy place; great dishes and drinks. Price and service were good too. I've great memories about that restaurant! There're no places like that in my hometown, unfortunately T_T.


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05 Jul 2015

Good food, original options, nice atmosphere

Enjoyed the food, they have some original options. This is the kind of place where you can wine and dive vegan/vegetarian style. I took my brother there, who is an omnivore and he enjoyed the food very much, it was easily the beast food we had in Prague during out three day stay. The interior of the restaurant I liked allot, it has a nice cosy atmosphere. The service was good and professional.

Pros: Good food, Nice interior, cosy atmosphere, Professional service


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04 Jul 2015

Very nice and cozy

Small restaurant in the heart of Prague, in close proximity to the castle. The food was delicious, but the portions were kinda smallish.
All in all I would go here again!

Pros: Super cozy, nice atmosphere and delicious food!

Zio Iceberg

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08 Jun 2015

Highly recommended

Lovely place, nice atmosphere.
The restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Prague. The food is really good and well presented. The prices are a little bit high if compared to other restaurants.
Updated from previous review on Monday June 08, 2015

Updated from previous review on Monday June 08, 2015

Pros: Great food, good service

Cons: Prices are a bit high


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08 Jun 2015

Romantic cosy Atmosphere, perfect dinner

I agree my predecessor and can add, actually, nothing.
It is perfect. A wonderful equipment, nice staff, fantastic food. A dream.


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28 May 2015

Worth Climbing Up The Stairs!

LoVeg is up a few flights of stairs, but it is definitely worth the climb - the service was friendly and swift, and the food was really good. We had the bruschetta and avocado tartar for starters, and they were both really fresh and light. Then we tried the traditional Czech dumpling dish for our main courses - it was so nice not to miss out on traditional Czech cuisine. I found the dish itself a bit heavy, but it was all really tasty. The fruit dumplings for dessert were delicious and sweet - better than the carrot cake.


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22 May 2015

A good place for lunch

This restaurant is up a couple of flights of stairs in a narrow old building. The menu is all vegan. There are a couple of traditional Czech dishes veganized plus several other dishes. My husband had nasi goreng which he proclaimed delicious, and I had a vegetable and potato dish in a paprika sauce, really good. They have a couple of tables on the roof that have fantastic views over the Prague castle area

Pros: Very efficient pleasant service, Tasty food, Reasonable prices

Cons: Up a couple of flights of narrow stairs, Only a couple of tables on the roof


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17 May 2015

Yummy food and cosy atmosphere

Successfully navigated the trams to this part of the city to have dinner here on a Sunday night. I really liked the feel of the place, there's candles going up the stairs and in the passageways and the actual restaurant has a nice cosy feel to it. The food was really good, I had just a main of a traditional Czech dish which consisted of a seitan-type meat and sauce with dumplings (which look like slices of bread) with some parsley. Really good food, only 4 stars though because of the portion size, I'm a pretty small woman but even I didn't feel like there was enough on my plate. Needless to say I'll be back again!

Pros: good atmosphere, lovely location , tasty food

Cons: portion size


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29 Apr 2015

Just Perfect

I agree to everything my fellow reviewer already posted. Therefore, I will sum this place up just to one term: Perfect :).

Pros: Great Location, Delicious Food, Very friendly and helpful staff

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