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Part of international fast food chain specializing in falafel and pita. Offers falafel in pita or salad box plus fries, hummus, and other sides. Has self-serve salad bar. This branch reported to be fully vegan (2018). Open Mon-Sun 12:00-00:00.

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First Review by Stevie


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01 Sep 2023

Quick, delicious, customizable

The concept is simple - get a falafel pita, and top it up with any (all??) of the delicious, vegan toppings, such as fresh veg, roasted cauliflower, spiced chickpeas, or pickles, not to mention the sauces. Everything is vegan and you get a really good bang for your buck.



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28 Aug 2023

Des falafels au top !

C’était vraiment très bon, on peut choisir les ingrédients de sa pita 🫓


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14 Jul 2023

Incredibly delicious and customizable!

I got the Falalfel Pita and put almost every topping I could on it. Everything is vegan and very inexpensive!

Pros: Many options, Friendly staff, Good value


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17 Jun 2023

Parfait !

Simple et efficace, leurs falafels sont très bons !


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11 Jun 2023

Good salad bowl

I had a salad bowl with falaffel for 6,90 eur. You get five falaffel and can choose between hummus and babaganush. After that you put vegetables on your own choice in the bowl.

Was good.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-11


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26 May 2023

Good and affordable lunch option

Great place to have a quick and relatively healthy lunch. You can choose between a bowl and a pita. You get hummus or baba ghanoush with 4/5 falafel. The rest of the filling is buffet style and you can fill up with vegetables of your choosing (seasoned chickpeas, fried cauliflower, sundried tomatoes, pickled veggies and jalapeños… and so much more). Also you can top it with some sauce.

Pros: Good value , Quick

Cons: Not very inviting to eat inside


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25 May 2023

Quick Lunch

📝: This is a vegan fast food restaurant serving falafel and pitta. You pick whether you want a pitta or salad, then choose your fillings (hummus) along with your falafel. Then you can pick up with sauces you want. There’s lots to choose from. There’s also little seats at the side, which we chose to sit at. I had a falafel sandwich and fries. Would recommend visiting if your hungry, and looking for something quick to eat!


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16 Apr 2023

Amazing every time

I first went to Maoz in London and when I saw this one in Barcelona I couldn't resist. The food and lemonade was just as great in both locations


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29 Mar 2023

Another vegan fast food restaurant

Small place, you can see the ingredients and choose your sides. The falafel is good.

Pros: You can choose your toppings

Cons: Small place


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25 Mar 2023

You can pack your own toppings!

Small place with nice falafel and nice fries! You can add your own toppings as you like! All fresh and fancy! Will be back soon!

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-21

Pros: Great falafel , Choose your own toppings , Solid fries


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15 Mar 2023

Great falafel

Good good n choice. Friendly.


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10 Mar 2023

The best falafel

Love the option to mix your falafel on your own with prefered vegetables and mayos.


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05 Mar 2023

Filling delicious and great value

This place is a fast food gem with gorgeous salads, tons of dressing and great service

Pros: Lots of vegan toppings , Great value

Cons: Get in early for seating


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02 Mar 2023

Très belle surprise

Super format vegan, très bon, pas cher, et ZE machine à falafels que j ai adorée.
Super accueil, et c est vous qui composez votre pita ou votre bol.
L endroit est super bien situé, 100 mètres des Ramblas, sous la forme d un petit snack de 10 personnes en mange-debout


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26 Feb 2023

Best falafel in town

Very tasty, you can choose your own salad.

Pros: Very tasty , Self service for salad to add to falafel


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29 Jan 2023

Awesome food to go

Very good fries (the aioli was the best i ever tasted). I really liked it that you could put your own vegetables in the pita to have exactly the food you like the most.The staff was very friendly. Pretty good prices (2.9€ for fries,6.9€ for falafel pita/salad)


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07 Jan 2023

Good falafel salad bowl

They have a good variety of salad to add to the bowl.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-07


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04 Jan 2023

Falafel pita okay, fries amazing

They have a nice “salad bar” where you can choose your own fillings of the pita. Tasted average.
However I do recommend their homemade fries with mayonnaise 😋 #Veganuary

Pros: Budget meal , Amazing homemade fries , Friendly staff

Cons: Not the best tasting falafels


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07 Dec 2022

Good things

I remember when Maoz was on Las Rambla at the beginning of the century, I was converted quickly. I visited the in Madrid, London and Paris. I honestly thought they would take over the world.
Unfortunately not, but they have a place in my heart and I believe a place in todays vegan market. Back then there were very little grab and go options that could be trusted.
21st century, not the best falafel ever, but pretty damn good, and you know everything is cooked in a vegan environment.
I had a pitta and Glasgow salad. Top stuff and if you need a quick bite, I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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20 Oct 2022

Supernice place!

You’ll get to design your own salad / falafel. Very fresh, tasty and a good price. Very good place for falafel! 🤗


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12 Oct 2022

Great snack

Fast, but healthy vegan food without a long wait. The falafel is amazing!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-12

Pros: Lots of vegan toppings , Price


Points +244

11 Oct 2022

Tasty falafel

I enjoyed the pita, the falafel and the fresh ingredients.


Points +176

05 Oct 2022

Hey average, not enough space, dirty

Won’t come back, too bad. Not enough space, dirty area

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Not that cheap, not enough space to sit, Organization is poor, Food is average


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03 Oct 2022

Fast & tasty

Good falafel and chips. Very fast food in low price.

Pros: Testy food, You can choose what want inside your pita, No waiting

Cons: Not enough place


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01 Oct 2022

Great quick falafel

If you need a quick vegan meal before going to the Palau Güell, this is perfect! Fresh fixings that you select yourself and very nice falafel and hummus! And the fries were excellent! Very efficient one woman show when we were there … taking orders, cooking, prepping the food, and taking payment … no time for idle chit chat! Only a few seats so we did take away.

Pros: Fries, Fresh, Quick

Cons: Small, not much seating, Efficient - know what you want and be quick


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29 Sep 2022

Fun yummy vegan place

I had the menu option, at this place you fill your sandwich with ingredients of your choosing yourself, I quite liked this.

Pros: Friendly staff, Fast

Cons: Not a huge amount of variety


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21 Sep 2022

Cheap and tasty

After spending a week in Barcelona and visiting many places, in the end I was most keen to return to Maoz. A quick, tasty and above all cheap meal in a great location. Maoz don't pretend to be more than it really is. For me, no drawbacks.

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