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Gopal - Vegan Deli

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Carrer Escudellers 42 (at Placa George Orwell), Barcelona, Spain, 08002

Offers quick vegan bites including snacks, salads, a daily menu, juices, and bocadillos. Has vegan cheese, seitan, tofu, vegan empanadas, tortilla de patata, and cakes. Eat inside or take place on the stairs of Plaéa Tripi to enjoy the spectacles of locals. Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-11:00pm, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-12:00am, Sat-Sun 12:00am-12:00am, Sun 12:00pm-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Western, Fast food, Juice bar, Take-out, Spanish

Reviews (180)

First Review by buzzlambert

Go-Gopal-Go - Edit

Excellent vegan deli, which we visited multiple times during our recent stay. Gopal is perfect if you want a quick snack and the menu includes a number of burgers, sandwiches, cheeses, meats, cakes and donuts. We were lucky enough to purchase some freshly made donuts that were delicious especially the chocolate oreo donut. The chocolate and nut donut was outstanding as well. For the flight home we visited again and ordered the crispy seitan sandwich and chorizo sandwich for €9. Both sandwiches were superb and value for money.

Pros: Delicious food, Inexpensive

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Not very nice - Edit

We had the cupcakes and the potatoes which were alright, but the doughnuts we had were probably a couple of days old. Not very nice staff and the place looked quite dirty. My friends didn't even wanna eat there...

Cons: Dirty, Old (?) food

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Has been better once. - Edit

We came here for the second time (1st time 2014) and sadly we had to realize some changes. It's no longer possible to sit in the restaurant - it's restricted to take away now. What was even more striking was that plastic is used now for everything from cutlery to plates. And for the coffee there are not just one-way-cups but coffee-capsules to prepare! So much rubbish! Even for a take away there are much better and ecologically options! It's a choice. The food was still good, but they changed the fries against nachos (same price). We left after having a nice meal but not with a good feeling. So we recommend to go there but ask them about the rubbish. ;-) Hopefully they rethink the decision.

Pros: Tasty food, central, nice staff

Cons: loads of plastic-rubbish, no seating anymore

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Stunning - Edit

As soon as I came in I thought to myself: "this definitely can't be all vegan, let me just ask..." And then I saw the little sign saying: "Is everything here vegan? Yes, everything."

We had two burgers and they were both delicious. Best vegan burger I have ever had. We also shared a doughnut coated in chocolate which was tasty but super rich. I wish I could have gone again and tried all their food, because it was just amazing.

Pros: All is vegan!!!, So tasty

Cons: No cons

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Amazing - Edit

Everything was brilliant, the food is bomb af, the people working there are actual angels sent from the heavens, everything was affordable and super filling, they were the most "vegan" place I've been to as in they had lots of info about veganism and cute little things saying to go vegan and all that if that makes sense. I would 110% recommend, spend all your money there.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-21

Pros: Lovely staff, Super inexpensive , Tasty food

Cons: No/few seating

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to try ASAP ;-) - Edit

We ate the Gopal Burger and the tortilla, it was delicious. The price was ok. No possibility to eat on a table but there is a Space to eat standing up.

Pros: delicious burger, delicious tortilla, price

Cons: no table to eat

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Lovely typical place - Edit

Wondeful staff! Very welcoming and kind. Food is cheap and nice. I particularly enjoyed the typical potato tortilla.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-31

Pros: cheap nice food, lovely staff, animal friendly place

Cons: no place to sit

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Best burgers in Barcelona! - Edit

We ate burgers from Gopal a few times and I found them to be very good and perfect after a day of walking and visiting. The staff was very friendly and helpful and I really enjoyed this place. The only inconvenient thing might be that in the summer there`s no place to sit and eat, but it`s understandable since there are too many people at the same time trying to buy the delicious burgers :)

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Donuts! Doughnuts! - Edit

Visiting Barcelona for the first time I happened to walk past this Deli and stopped drooling at the window. Vegan 5 years and 5 years without a donut, I was in heaven ;) I think I ate a different donut every day. And I got the burger and chips and it was one of the best burgers I've ever had, the dressing was so good! Couldn't believe how cheap it was, too. There was often a long queue of customers and the staff didn't rush to serve people, but I found this kinda quirky. Definitely worth the wait anyway.

Pros: Donuts!, Cheap!, Burger!

Cons: No seats inside or close by

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Lovely! - Edit

Junk food love! Tried the seitan and bacon sandwich - both really good! The chocolate donut is to die for. Friendly staff but not all that good at English, but not a problem. Ordered one of the sandwiches cold to eat later, tasted as good then as heated :)

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Great vegan junk food restaurant! - Edit

I loved the food selection of Gopal. They have great burgers, lots of different donuts and huge layered soft cakes!

I had a burger with mock chicken steak and mayo, and it was so good.

Then I bought take away chocolate cake and it was perfect, the cream was not too thick.

I also bought take away spanish potato tortilla because I had never had spanish tortilla. It was great too. I´m glad that you can find vegan junk food in Barcelona, because sometimes you deserve it. You can eat salad at home :)

Pros: Great burgers, Great cakes, Lovely selection of vegan junk food!

Cons: No seats inside. , Staff were a bit quiet, shy or bad in English

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Excellent vegan deli - Edit

I loved this place! We didn't have a chance to try the burgers, but enjoyed a few takeaway items. The cinnamon rolls were delicious for breakfast, they're huge, sticky and sweet. We also tried a few of the doughnuts, the tortilla and a kind of stuffed bread bun full of ham, cheese and tomato sauce - everything was incredible!
Be aware that it is a deli, not a restaurant - there are a few counters you can stand at, but no seats.

Pros: Great sweet baked goods

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Awesome - Edit

Awesome vegan fast food restaurant. The burguers are delicious and same for the seitan sandwiches. It's located on the Barri Gòtic, the centre of Barcelona and very close to places like Pl. Sant Jaume or La Rambla. Very recommended!

Pros: Awesome food, Cheap

Cons: Little place

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Best vegan donuts! - Edit

Gopal is awesome, and was conveniently located only a 3 minute walk from where I was staying in Barcelona! The staff was very friendly and informative on the menu items. I tried one of the burgers and probably three different donuts. The portions are big and definitely satisfying. A must stop when visiting Barcelona!

Pros: Donuts

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Big portions :) - Edit

This take away place is located in the beautiful Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. The staff was helpful and we got our ordering fast. The portions were big and the bun was homemade. The burgers lacked a bit on the tasty side though. The burger was still good and the nachos tasted good. It is too bad that you cannot sit anywhere since there aren't any benches in the area. I recommend that you try this place.

Pros: Excellent location , Great service , Good portion size and homemade bun

Cons: No sitting area , Lack in taste but still worth eating

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Wow, just wow!! - Edit

This place is literally vegan heaven. The doughnuts are exceptional. The burgers are delicious. You walk in and temptation surrounds you! It is vegan fast food at its best! I went there twice! I intend to go back! I love this place so much! The only downside is the fact that there are no tables so it is just a takeaway, but find yourself a bench and enjoy Barcelona ! It is a must! I highly recommend going here! I'm having a hard time staying away!

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Kleiner Laden, nur essen zum mitnehmen - Edit

Gopal war meine erste Anlaufstelle nachdem ich in Barcelona angekommen war. Ich hatte einen Burger und einen Donut. Geschmacklich war der Burger nichts. Das pattie Geschmacksneutral und der Vegane Käse ging gar nicht. Der Donut war aber wirklich lecker und fluffig. Für so einen kleinen Laden gab es recht viel Auswahl.

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Delicious takeaway food - Edit

The sandwiches here are absolutely delicious. I recommend the seitan crujiente and the chorizo - both delicious!!

They also have great vegan cakes and desserts. If you go in and they have the cinnamon rolls or chocolate mousse available, do not pass up the opportunity!

As a side note, it is very refreshing to see Gopal regularly a lot busier than the kebab shop next door!

Pros: Delicious sandwiches, Amazing vegan cakes and desserts, Easy takeaway

Cons: Often a long queue!

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Great takeout food - Edit

Really lovely little takeout place. Ordered a vegan burger with chips and a piece of carrot cake; all were delicious but super duper filling! Good value but my friend and I easily could have shared one meal instead of having one each.

Pros: Delicious food, Nice location, Good value

Cons: Too delicious and filling!

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yum yum - Edit

Best vegan burgers in Barcelona! I had to go back for multiple visits in one trip. Delicious donuts and cakes too. Good prices. It was really nice having the option to get vegan food late at night, they are open later than any other place. :)

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Amazing food - Edit

First of, Barcelona is the Vegan Capital of Spain and it's becoming the Vegan Capital of the world. I live in Los Angeles and I thought we were good here and I was pleasantly surprised with Barcelona.
I stumbled into Gopal while walking through El Barrio Gotico (Gothic neighborhood). El Barrio Gotico is located a few blocks away from the end of the Ramblas and close to the beach. Gopal is located near a beautiful plaza in the middle of El Barrio Gotico. The location is very small and does not have sit down service, only take away. However, the prices are so affordable that you're gonna want to eat and take everything they have there. The first time I was there was the first day of my 15 day European trek. I was going to France after Barcelona so I decided to take some pate in case I didn't find Vegan options in France. Oh was I right, the pates were such a life saver and do not get me started on how DELICIOUS and cheap they were. One of them was 5 Euros and the other one was 4.5 I think.
The Menu is written on the wall and has several combos like in America, in which you can include a burger, french fries (patatas bravas) and a drink. He does not sell alcoholic beverages but he has non-alcoholic beer. He also had some sweets and he had some moose, which he claimed to be the first time he received them. Everything was beyond delicious and super cheap! I took 3 combos, 3 types of sweets and the 2 pates and I ended up paying about 36 Euros!
I went back last week for the end of my trip and again, I went there to eat two times. This time, I tried the Tortilla de patata, which is Vegan Version of a Spanish Tortilla. OMG!!! I do not know what they put in that tortilla but it was so delicious and addictive!!! I let the cook's girlfriend know that I loved it and I went back for more!
The only inconvenience is that I had to go back to the hotel to eat my food because he doesn't have seating space. During a nice day, you might be able to find some park benches near parallel but when I went, it was too cold to sit down and eat al fresco. I hope that they're able to eventually get the tables back. I heard that at one point, they had them.
From the burgers, I would recommend the Teriyaki and the Gopal Burger. He recommended me the Mexican but I was not that impressed. The patatas bravas are so fattening but you're on vacation, so indulge :) I highly recommend this place.

Pros: Delicious Food, Varied menu, Very affordable

Cons: No sit down service

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The place to go for sweets. - Edit

We were going to have lunch, but took one look at the cakes and donuts and pigged out on them instead. had two different donuts. yumm.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday April 27, 2016

Pros: Sweets and Cakes were great.

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Give me my shitake burger! - Edit

A friend told me: "you have to there!" I went and now it is my favourite place. I usually go there because burgers are excellent and not to expensive. My favourites? SHITAKE and MEXICAN. I recomend to take away because inside it is very small and the last time I went there they didnt have tables anymore. The staff is very friendly.
PS: Cake is very good!!!!

Pros: Excellent food, Cheap, Fast

Cons: Small place

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Tasty food but not quite what we were expecting - Edit

We enjoyed our burgers from here tonight but over all we didnt feel it quite met the hype. We went on a friday evening and the selection seemed to be a good bit smaller than what I had seen online. There wasn't really a great atmosphere but that could just be down to the time we visited at. My teriyaki burger was really tasty but it I'm a bit unsure what was "teriyaki"about it as it tasted quite plain (possibly I was given the wrong burger).

Pros: Tasty burgers

Cons: lacking in atmosphere

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wish we could have eaten more - Edit

This was the first all vegan restaurant we found in Barcelona. So wonderful to start the "is _____ vegan" and have someone say EVERYTHING is vegan. the pastries looked absolutely amazing. You got a lot of food for a reasonable price. Had vegan Spanish items, like the potato omelette. After the first bite my boyfriend turned to me and said, "I think this is the best veggie burger I've ever had." We ate here twice.

Pros: All vegan!, Reasonable prices

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Cheap and delicious - Edit

Every now and then you find amazing vegan junk food - this is one of those times. I mean, you could get healthier options but we opted for the vegan hot dog and fries and then giant slabs of chocolate cake. Very reasonable prices, open late and nice staff. Food was really great.

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Patatas y burguer? Aquí estan! - Edit

Por una vez los veganos tenemos la opción de comer "marranadas" deliciosas y dentro de nuestra filosofía de vida. Se pueden elegir distintos tipos de menús o bien bocatas sueltos, pinchos de tortilla vegana, patatas, bebidas veganas...
El menú de hamburguesa + patatas + bebida no llega a 8euros y si está muy lleno puedes llevártelo y comer en el centro una combinación deliciosa de sabores.
El tamaño y cantidad es más que justo con el precio y la calidad es impresionante. Lástima que las patatas no sean artesanas.

Pros: Totalmente vegano. Para comer hamburguesas, salchi

Cons: Las patatas no son gran cosa aunque la cantidad es

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Great Food - Edit

Firstly, the food is very good here, Other things let it down but the food is great. I think I had a seitan steak sandwich and chocolate donut - fantastic. There is minimal seating and its all inside, service is slow and its not the cleanest place, lots of flies buzzing about which is offputting.

Pros: great Vegan Food, Not Expensive

Cons: Seating, Service, Cleanliness

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I ate here 3 times in 2 days - Edit

I would move to Barcelona just to eat at Gopal everyday for the rest of my life. While visiting Barcelona for 2 days I ate here 3 times.

I ordered a crescent, chocolate covered donught, the chocolate cake, the Mexican burger, the Chorizo sandwhich, the fries, the cinnamon roll, and the tortilla española. Everything was AMAZING besides the cinnamon roll which was a little dry. I wish I could eat that chorizo sandwich and tortilla española everyday of my life. I found the staff to be in a hurry but willing to listen and be patient when I didn't speak Spanish. Seating is limited but there is a cute park to sit at or just sit next to strangers, its not so bad.

Pros: delicious, super cheap, authentic spanish food

Cons: minimal seating

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Great on the go - Edit

This place is fab if you like vegan fast food. Lots of veggie meats and cheezes. I don't particularly but the staff are very accommodating and will do you anything as a salad if you ask.. I like the vegan chorizo or croquettes with the salad (comes with vegan creamy dressing)
Good for a place to go with friends of for grabbing something on the go.

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losing quality - Edit

I have to say this is the first time I'm writing a bad review. But I hope this is read, rather than anything, as a constructive review by the owners/managers of Gopal.

For the past three years I've been going there (every now and then). The food was never striking for its healthiness but it was always, in my opinion, perfect for munchies and hangovers:) let's say it was a good vegan take away, fast food place. Grab a burger and savour it in the sunny plaza George Orwell.

Though, fast it started decreasing its quality standards. The "seitan crujiente" simply stopped being crujiente (=crunchy) and I can say for a fact it wasn't a one time incident. In a more recent visit to Gopal the whole recipe of the sandwiches had changed. What had used to be avocado and mustard sauce was replaced by "unsauced" and "unspiced" couple of lettuce leaves, tomato slices, PICKLES and an unmelted slice of cheese (which seemed to have been thrown in there to make the sandwich worth its price). The same happened with the aubergine sandwich, which's "magic" was its tomato sauce that ceased to exist.

But because this is a vegan place and to end on a more positive tone, I want to encourage you guys- Gopal- to do better, as you've done before:)

Pros: great location, inexpensive

Cons: losing quality

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A happy find - Edit

I had seen the place here on Happy Cow but stumbled upon it by chance on my travels. Sadly it was closed at the time but at least then I knew where to find it.

When we visited they had a limited menu (burgers or sandwiches) but the food was lovely. Good portions and value for money especially with their meal deals.

Pros: Good Food, Lovely Staff, Meal Deal

Cons: Limited Menu, Very Small

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Nice place for vegan fast food - Edit

Nice place to buy vegan burgers and other fast food, great sauces. Besides, they sell vegan cheese!
If you are looking for healthy food, probably it's not a good choise, but we knew where we were going :D

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Fast food - Edit

If you like fast food burgers you will love this place.
Tasty burgers but just dont expect healthy stuff here.
Croissants and icecreams are nice but cakes and muffins were too sweet for me. Croquettes are nice, omlette was just ok. Loved all burgers I tasted until now.
Very few seats and it can get very crowded and hard to get a place to sit

Pros: Tasty fast food

Cons: Small, can get crowded

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Burgers - Edit

The staff does not strike me as vegan - more like low-class. The food is all vegan but not very healthy - basically bad fast food. They sell burger deals which one might be able to stomach a few times a year, but which are greasy - as other reviewers have written.

It's worth a visit just to marvel at the audacity of the whole thing, or if you're dying of hunger.

Pros: convenient location, not expensive

Cons: unhealthy, vulgar staff, greasy / sugary fast food

2 Responses

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jesse Oh please spare me... I'm not the only one who has stated how rude the staff are at Gopal, and how disgustingly bad the food is. And in regards to your issues with my citing their low class behaviour: frankly the two women cashiers I had the misfortune of having to deal with were classless trash. I don't write that frivolously. I've never been in such an unenlightened vegan / vegetarian / health food environment, and I still find it hard to imagine that Gopal even exists, as it is such a negative place to suffer as an experience. Your heart may bleed for your "friends" - but that doesn't make up for what they put me through.

Best Croissants - Edit

Ever since going vegan I have been looking for vegan croissants. The ones at Gopal are really tasty, almost like the butter ones and have a bit of chocolate. Also tried their coconut donut, but it was too dry for my liking. They have quite a large choice.

Pros: Best Croissants

Cons: Working Hours

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cheap and oily food - Edit

You can eat for 10 euros approx (cheap), disgusting and very bad service , dry cakes, not very clean , no toilet, only 2 tables for sitting ... I don't repeat again I can eat for this prices in other BCN places , without indigestion and with much better customer service

Pros: vegan, cheap

Cons: Oily, unhealthy, only oil flavour,stodgy, No toilet, no sittings, not very clean, Customer service

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Cheap & Tasty fast food - Edit

Nice little place with a good selection of vegan ‘junk food’...so not the place to go for a ‘wholesome meal’. I had a burger, which was a good size and very tasty. I also took some chocolate covered doughnuts and a cinnamon roll back for some non-vegan friends – they were pretty impressed! It was great value for money and the service was good. If I were looking for seating it may have been a little problematic... Happy overall :)

Pros: All vegan!, Cheap & Tasty food, Has vegan sweet stuff

Cons: Little seating, Decor lacking

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Cheap and tasty! - Edit

Nice little vegan joint with a great choice of sandwiches, burgers and deserts, and the staff was kind and helpful.
The Bacon sandwich was amazing. Also had the chocolate glazed doughnut but it didn't feel so fresh.
The place was a little dirty when we arrived but the staff quickly cleared it out (might bother the pickier types).
Note that there's no bathroom on premise.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty, All vegan

Cons: Not a tightly run ship

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A must visit! - Edit

Visited this place pretty much every day during our stay in Barcelona. The tortilla was great, the burger too, but the absolute highlight was the (daily) chocolate donut.
Not much seating (and definitely not restaurant like for that matter) - but with a great city and lovely weather around it didn't matter to us.

We'll make sure to head back when are in Barcelona next time.

Pros: Well priced, Chocolate donut, Great food

Cons: Not much seating

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Great Burger, staff really nice - Edit

We went to this restaurant several times and really enjoyed it.
Their hamburger is rich and tasty, and their donuts really special.
Cakes were not special but the biggest slices in my life!
Staff was always kind and attentive, to the point that a single nuggett ordered with a Burger was served on a separate dish with its own salad.

Pros: Burgers, Staff, Value for money

Cons: If crowded you may have to wait a bit

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A bit of a let down... - Edit

After reading all the stunning reviews here, I was so excited to try Gopal. My husband and I decided to share a bacon cheeseburger and nachos in order to save room for the amazing donuts. I get that this is fast food, but I was disappointed to see the nachos and cheese being warmed in a microwave, and the burger was quickly warmed on a panini press. As a result, the nachos had a strange rubbery consistency (chewy, not crunchy) and the cheese was not fully melted. Now, I have to say, I've been vegan for 6 years and still do not love vegan cheese unless it's totally melted, so this could just be my own hang-up.

Same deal for the burger. The cheese was not melted at all, and the bacon was really just a piece of veg balogna. The burger itself was not warmed through and didn't have much flavour. Very disappointing.

Unfortunately we weren't up for trying the donuts after this meal, but I will say they looked really good. Staff was friendly, location is great, prices are good, but we were not impressed with the food and would not return.

Pros: Good prices, Friendly staff, Good location

Cons: The food was disappointing

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Les millors hamburgueses! - Edit

No és un restaurant normal. És una botiga amb unes cadires per seure i menjar (no hi ha lavabo). Tot i això tenen el millor menjar fast food vegà que he provat! Espectaculars (i grans) hamburgueses, algunes tapes (xoriço, truita), i postres de Lujuria Vegana!

Pros: Hamburgueses i altres entrepans!, Postres espectaculars!

Cons: No hi ha lavabo!, És petit

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Gopal Vegan Eat-In and Takeaway - Edit

Hot meals, pastries, coffee, tea, cold drinks
Wide range of vegan burgers with salad or fries
Friendly staff and good prices

Pros: Wide range selection from friendly staff, Hot and cold meals, Savoury and Deserts/Cakes

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Comfort food in the center - Edit

We went to Gopal in early June 2015 and had dinner there. The staff was really friendly and accomodating, pointing out the gluten free options on request. The menue is rather small but that prevents having to wait long. The food is prepared fresh in an open kitchen. They also sell cakes and cheeses for take out.
We had very delicious burgers with crispy fries. If you are looking for a quick bite, Gopal is the place to go.

Pros: Location, food, friendly staff, not expensive

Cons: small menue

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Great for a meal or a snack! - Edit

We visited Gopal twice in our stay, the only veggie place we bothered returning to. It is that good!
Their prices are very good considering the central location. The staff were friendly and helpful and there was always nice music playing.
There was a nice variety in food, including vegan versions of meats and cheeses and some delicious desserts/cakes.
They offer meal deals which are good value but it's also perfect for a quick bite on the go.
It's an ideal place for any time of day as they had options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.
I wanted to try the vegan hot dogs which were sadly not available on both visits.

Pros: Great location, Cheap prices, Large portions

Cons: No hot dogs

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Go gopal! - Edit

Super nice place in the most beautiful square of Barcelona (dedicated to George Orwell!). The staff was really kind, there was a plenty of different burgers and ice creams, all delicious and cheep. Perfect to eat something fast and tasty while visiting the old town. Hopefully, the chose an ethical vegan style in the decorations (empty cages, free the animals slogan etc) rather than the usual bullshit about how healthy, bio and natural the vegan food is.

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Buen lugar - Edit

Mi lugar favorito para comer comida rápida.
Las papas fritas y la veganesa son excelentes, las hamburguesas muy ricas. No es comida de autor ni muy diferente, pero para ir y comer fast food, es de los mejores en Barcelona.

El lugar es lindo, el display con la comida también, aunque muy pequeño.

Pros: Precios, Comida rica

Cons: Lugar chico, Incómodo comer ahí

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Best Vegan fast food! - Edit

nice burguer, nice fries, nice vegan mayonaisse. it's fast food and there is no much place to stay, but if you want some burguers and fries, Gopal is really good!

Pros: Price, Yummy food

Cons: Small place

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Sweet little place! - Edit

Right on the infamous "Plaza del Tripi," this is a little oasis of cheap, delicious, fast vegan food. All kinds of cool sandwiches, vegan cheeses, deserts, and other treats. It's usually open late, and is a great place to go for a quick bite. Love it, together with a few other places in the area it really makes this the vegetarian heart of BCN.

Pros: quick, tasty, cheap

Cons: limited options, area not for everyone

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Good burgers - Edit

Nice & tasty burgers (a bit expensive though) the menu also has good formulas with french fries or salads.

the have cake and ice-cream but I did not tried them, they looked good !

This little restaurant is perfectly located in the historical center of the city (Gotico)

Pros: Tastiness, Good location, Nice menu formulas

Cons: A bit expensive, "Fast-food" only (mainly burgers)

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Todo delicioso - Edit

100% recomendable, desde sus hamburguesas (que tienen un tamaño respetable) hasta cualquiera de sus postres (tienen berlinas, rollitos de canela y tartas según el día). Llevo en Barcelona desde septiembre y sin duda es al sitio que más veces he ido. Muy barato y rico :3.

Cheap and delicious. Great burgers and great desserts (donuts, cinnamon rolls, cakes...). It's my favourite so far.

Pros: Nice staff, cheap, big portions

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Best vegan burguers I've ever had - Edit

The place is quite small but it has take away! Right in the middle of the fantastic Bairri Gotic, Gopal is an excellent choice for a vegan treat. The burguers are amazing, I wish I could come back!

Pros: Vegan Burguers, Vegan desserts

Cons: Small place

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amazing food, excellent prices!! - Edit

This has been my first trip to Barcelona and Gopal really did not disappoint!! I ordered the gopal burger and fries and it was absolutely delicious. My boyfriend isn't vegan and he enjoyed it as much as I did. For a burger, fries and drink it cost around €8. There's plenty to choose from on the menu including a few different cakes. I had a cinnamon roll and it was amazing. There are a few seats inside and the staff (although they speak little English) were extremely friendly and helpful :) I'd definitely eat at Gopal again and recommend it to anybody ( vegan or not) that is in the area :)

Pros: inexpensive , friendly staff , delicious food

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Nice fast food place in the heart of BCN - Edit

A nice burger place which offers vegan burgers and sausages with cheese. I had the teriyaki burger which was quite nice. The fries with sauce also looked quite tasty.
Only 4 points because I found better burgers in Germany.

Pros: vegan good price, burgers

Cons: quite busy few tables

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Vegan deli, fast food, has desserts! - Edit

I came in here after having a great lunch at Vegetalia just two doors down. It was quite busy so it seems popular. They offer a variety of vegan burgers, cheezes and charcuteries. They also had chocolate covered donuts, cinnabuns and chocolate croissants. I had a choco croissant and it was very tasty...wish I could have brought back a dozen with me!

Pros: has vegan desserts, take out, inexpensive

Cons: no/very little seating, small

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The idea is fantastic, and the menu prices are good.
Different sauces, textures and mixes.
I would do better to add more leaves and greens in the menu...

pd: Beetroot burger and lentil burger my favourites!

Pros: Price, Good fast food, Non alcohol in the place :)

Cons: No enough greens, Fried stuff

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Yum! - Edit

Seriously delicious burgers and fries (or salads) in very generous portions, for a reasonable price. Lots of different options available. Great location. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Be sure to out Pili Pile (Gopal's healthier, more sophisticated and still incredibly good value sister around the corner!)

Updated from previous review on Thursday January 22, 2015

Pros: Great food in generous portions, Good location

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Vegan in November - Edit

Great place for a lunchtime stopover or carry out it served us well throughout our long weekend stay in Barcelona. Good location.

Pros: Good value, Good food

Cons: Too small for a lot of hungry people

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Nice and Cheap - Edit

I have been there for twice, the salad has good taste and is highly recommended, with a price lower than 5€.For me it's worth for it. Those staffs are friendly too, it's like a small house because the space isn't very large.

Pros: Taste, Full, Price

Cons: Space

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Gopal and positive vibrations? do not think so. - Edit

We came down today to have our last meal in Barcelona and enjoy ourselves only to find a tiny place on a square full of winos and junkies. The quality of service has left a lot to be desired - we were rushed to make a choice, no suggestions were given to what would be tasty, only a mantra of "everything is in English in the menu" even tho we tried our best Spanish as well to get some help. We have not really been hungry, we were willing to go with anything that the staff would suggest, but forget about that, the staff soldierly like forced us to make a choice without any help.
After a humiliating experience of being rushed to order anything, we waited only to find the chips and burgers way too salty, and a salad tasteless.
I have been a vegetarian for last 15 years and I have never come across such rude behaviour from the staff in various veg restaurants around the world, the service in meat-eating places around Barcelona was way better and made you feel way more welcome.
All in all that was a low point of our last moments in Barcelona, I would not suggest going there to any of my friends.

Updated from previous review on Monday November 03, 2014

Pros: short waiting time

Cons: too salty food, rude and unhelpful staff, ghetto localisation

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Great vegan treats of all descriptions - Edit

One downside of being vegan is that you can really miss things like baked goods and fast food... i.e. Stuff that's considered bad for you. This place is great, the sandwiches, burgers, patatas bravas and cakes are all delicious. Really wish we had a place like this in Ireland.

Pros: Value, Convenience, Taste

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WOW - Edit

Barcelona's best fast food with incredible burgers, good chips and the very very very best donuts I've ever had!
I'm serious: you really have to taste their donuts and berliners, they're just amazing!

Pros: tasty tasty tasty, friendly staff, a lot of choices

Cons: a bit fatty

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Interesting vegan burgers - Edit

This is possibly the best vegan burger I've ever eaten in my life... it's not traditional in a sense, but that doesn't matter. It fed me for two days straight and I am not one for processed foods... you can tell they cook with love & have great ideas. DO IT!

Pros: Very quick service, Speaks English, Fills you up

Cons: Virtually no seating available, Small restaurant, Very hot inside

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Yummy burger, fries, and mate cola - Edit

This is a small deli-style restaurant in the Gothic quarter with a really impressive selection of burgers and sandwiches. Made for a perfect quick lunch before spending a couple hours shopping around the nearby boutiques. Enjoyed the quirky paintings on the walls.

Pros: great food, awesome vegan cheeses, great location

Cons: small, cash only

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A must for vegans! - Edit

You can choose one burger ( they are 6 or 8 choices), hot dogs, croquetas, a few sweets ( we tried the chocolate cake, chocolate donuts) Yummy!
They had some cupcakes by Igualdad Animal :-)

Pros: 100% vegan, Vegan desserts

Cons: They open late in the morning so no breakfast

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Best Vegan Fast Food in the World! - Edit

Gopal serves a range a delicious vegan fast food - burgers, hot dogs sandwiches with several varieties of mock meats and vegan 'cheeze'. They also sell a lot of vegan products, though these are mostly refrigerated and so wouldn't survive the plane journey home! They are clearly very passionate about animals and have a notice board with all of the latest animal rights campaigns, events and happenings in Barcelona.

Pros: Friendly staff, Great Atmoshphere

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Donuts to die for - Edit

Staff dont speak much English but do their best to communicate. The burgers were tasty, the croquettes (the white one) and the tortilla was amazing. But the donut covered in chocolate was amazing.

Pros: Quick service, Inexpensive

Cons: Limited seating area, Limited English

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Best Vegan Burgers in Barcelona!! - Edit

I came here daily on my holiday to Barcelona. The main choices here are burgers, there are 8 varieties, I tried the Seitan, the Teriaki and the Shitake variety. You can choose from the Burger and chips meal with a bun or a burger salad and chips. They also do delicious packed sandwiches, amongst my favourite the Faux chicken and chorizo which was really 'meaty.' They put a generous dollop od sauce with each burger, sandwich and fries too. For dessert I tried 3 types of donuts, one was a coconut topping with a chocolate filling and a giant chocolate ring donut which was lush. They also sell ice lollys and smoothie drinks. The strawberry and coconut was my favourite.

Pros: Good Value Meal Deals, Delicious range of foods, Friendly Service

Cons: Not much seating

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Among Barcelona's bests! - Edit

Gopal is one of my favorite vegan places in Barcelona. It offers an excellent vegan junk food with different faux-meat and cheese burgers and sandwiches. The burgers' bread is particularly very tasty, as well as their desserts (I tried a creamy carrot cake, their chocolate donuts and their cinnamon rolls: loved them all!). They also offer water ices with a lots of flavours. In terms of price, Gopal is very cheap since their portions are generous. The staff is friendly and efficient.

If you like burgers and american food, don't miss the place which additionally has a central location!

Pros: excellent vegan junk food, inexpensive, large portions, friendly staff, central

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Amazing - Edit

This small and cozy deli offers a wide range of vegan burgers which are delicious! You'll find different combos as well as desserts. They also carry vegan ice cream. Friendly staff, but they don't accept credit cards.

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Good - Edit

Very nice restaurant! Few seats but that doesn't seem to be a problem. Many different burgers to choose from, I got a burger with salad which was really good. Nice staff as well. Ask for the menu in english if you don't speak spanish.

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Great burgers & sandwiches - Edit

So many flavors of burgers/sandwiches to choose from and they are both huge! Spinach tarte(?) is also nice and all the desserts looked really goos. We actually liked the sandwich (chorizo and avocado?) more than the burger but for the bread, the burger buns were more tasty (both were good of course). They have seatings inside but the place doesnt have much atmosphere. We had them to go, had them at our place and it felt like a real restaurant meal.

Pros: tasty, inexpensive, many options

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Well worth a visit!!! - Edit

Been twice to Barcelona and always have to make a stop here. Great location and selection of simple food to go. Veggie chicken and chorizo with soy cheese was my favourite. The donuts are amazing, in particular the chocolate filled one covered in coconut! I do not leave Barcelona without eating one of these, indeed last time I bought a stack to take back to UK. The croquettes, and homemade chorizo are very tasty. Vast selection of home made veggie burger patties. I tried the mushroom and the veggie chicken ones, both had great flavour and texture. Everything is reasonably priced. Small area to sit i side store, but I get takeaway most of the time., ie on the way to the beach, excursions etc. Luckily for me my hotel was on the same block! Literally 2 mins walk! I was soooo happeeeee! No searching or starving Vegan in Barcelona! Already looking forward to my next visit as Barcelona has great dining for Vegans so you can actually enjoy your holiday or trip with ease : )

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Gopal - Edit

Discovered this little place on my first day in Barcelona and ended up going back for lunch almost every day of my trip. I've never been keen to try 'fake meats' but after trying the bacon and cheese sandwich I was impressed. The food is really tasty and pretty cheap too. I think it was around 4euros for a big sandwich. Tried all the sandwiches and the chocolate doughnut too, which was delicious. They also do a range of burgers, fries and other sweets too. The place is quite small and there aren't many seats but you can take away the food anyway and go sit somewhere nice to enjoy. Would definitely recommend!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 13, 2014

Pros: Inexpensive, Fast service, Friendly staff

Cons: Limited seating

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vegan but not so healthy - Edit

maybe I was dissapointed by this place because it was so passionatly recommended to me by a friend...
the burguers are not bad really, sometimes a bit salty, most of the times (been there 3 or 4 times) too oily, and they really don't look so healthy, I miss some fresh vegetables in them, not just a fried burguer with some sauce and fries on the side...
it's a good quick vegan bite if you're in a rush and in the area, but that's about it...

first time I went they sold sweets by "Lujuria Vegana", a vegan bakery wich makes amazing cakes, last time I passed, the sweets were different

Pros: open all day, good location, city center, quick bite

Cons: oily, salty, not really healthy, no more lujuria vegana, no real food

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Ideal for transition into vegan style - Edit

- Very affordable.
- Great quality.
- Take away place but with capacity for around 10 people to eat there.
- Lots of different kind of Burgers, sausages, omelet, sandwiches, dougnuts, cakes, soja milk for coffee.

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Vegan Fast Food Paradiso - Edit

Very pro animal rights with many thought provoking posters displayed around the premises. Quite right too! The selection of burgers is quite sublime and the patatas bravas simply delectable. They have a special deal of burger, potatoes or fries and soft drink for approx €7 which is definitely worth getting. You can eat inside in the very small and tight seating area or ask to take out. A very popular and bustling little place, definitely worth a visit in Barcelona if you want a deserved fast food fix.

Pros: Selection of burgers, 100% vegan, Atmosphere

Cons: Can get packed, Dirty dishes when busy

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Tasty, cheap and conscious vegan fast-food - Edit

Gopal is one of the most interesting vegan projects of the city, because it makes history in the defense of vegan movement. Is very well situated in the heart of the town. Offers good fast-food, with home-made burgers and sandwiches, and more typical plates as spanish omelette or croquettes. For my taste, maybe there is an abuse of fried food, but it always depends on your choice! Ideal for low-budget and take away. Friendly staff also.

Pros: good value for.money, tasty fast-food, location

Cons: long-waiting

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Great food, good prices, very friendly staff - Edit

I first came here in 2010, when I was still an omnivore. A vegan friend of mine took me to Gopal and it was the first time I ever tried vegan food. Loved it so much! Last summer, I went back to Barcelona but couldn't remember the name of the place -- and then our hotel turned out to be about 200 metres away from Gopal. Needless to say, I ended up there almost every night for a week. Great food, good prices, very friendly staff.

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très bon fast food vegan dans le barri gotic - Edit

Un grand choix de burgers vegan, tous excellents!
Il y a aussi des donuts, des rolls, des gâteaux magnifiques et délicieux.
Le prix est très abordable, le patron sympa.

Pros: burgers et desserts excellents, beaucoup de choix

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simple and tasty! - Edit

One of the best places in Barcelona. Big portions, tasty and cheap. I wish I could go there once a week...
They also have a lot of sweet stuff that I really enjoyed (and I am not that crazy about sweets).

Pros: tasty, cheap, dessert

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Excellent pollo - Edit

I've had a lot of fake chicken in my day, and the pollo in my pollo and chorizo sandwich here was the best I've ever had. I actually had a moment of doubt when I first saw it (this is a vegan place, right?)

The food here was delicious and affordable. As mentioned, the seating is limited, but this was perfect takeout for our long train ride the next day.

I was a little disappointed with the "cheese", as it was kind of just a creamy spread. It tasted good, but I was hoping for something closer to a cheese slice. Still, the sandwiches were truly delicious. Next time we are in Barcelona, we will definitely come back and try the burgers.

Pros: awesome pollo, inexpensive

Cons: limited seating

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Excellent Vegan Food in the Heart of the City. - Edit

We love this place! It is an excellent place to pick up a burger or a sandwich to eat al fresco or take to the beach. There is limited seating inside and a few seats in the square outside.
There is a really impressive range of burgers and sandwich fillings to choose from as well as excellent value salad plates.
Gopal also has beautiful vegan cakes including doughnuts.
The staff are friendly despite the very busy and, at lunchtime and weekends, slightly frenetic pace.
You can find a lot of local information on yoga and meditation on the various flyers which would be excellent for those staying a little longer than the average holiday.
Fabulous, filling and excellent value for money.

Pros: Vegan, Great burgers and sandwiches, Great cakes

Cons: Gets very busy at lunchtime, Limited seating indoors

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Amazing desserts + vegan donuts! - Edit

All I had here was donuts and a sticky bun, but they were all great!

The employees were super friendly, the desserts were good, and the prices were fair.

Definitely recommend going here.

Pros: Vegan donuts, All vegan

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Fantastic vegan food - Edit

I very much enjoyed my visit to Gopal, my favourite food place i visited in Barcelona. I had a burger with patatas bravas, all very tasty and a huge portion. It's all vegan which was wonderful It's a very laid back, friendly environment. I ate there on my own and felt entirely comfortable, sat at a table with a couple of other people. The staff were very friendly and helpful. There is limited seating and no toilet. A lot of people were getting takeaway and it was very popular which is a good reflection on the place. Want to go back!

Pros: All vegan, Tasty food, Friendly

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Great sandwiches - Edit

During my stay in Barcelona I came very often to Gopal to buy something.
My experience is that the burgers are not so good, I didn't like any of them (I tried 3 different). They are eatable, but not special.
The menu is too expensive for what you get. So I ordered just loose items from the card.
There is not much choice in sweets, but I liked a coconut bun. The donuts were OK too, but not special, I mean, - they are just donuts :) I like special desserts. The cake is good.
What I really truly loved with all my heart were the SANDWICHES! Fake everything - chorizo, bacon, cheese and so on, I first doubted if I would order them, but when I did I just became addicted.
There is no doubt - one sandwich provides the same calorie value as a burger and is cheaper or the same price as a burger.
So I would definitely advice you to go for a sandwich, dear hungry traveler!
I will upload pictures I made of their menu card (in English) to give you an impression of all the choices they offer (September 2013).

Pros: Cheap, Great sandwiches with fake meet & cheese, Fastfood paradice :)

Cons: It's fastfood, yes. Not healthy., No place to sit outside :(

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The sort of place I really want to do well - Edit

All vegan, in a prominent place in the city with a range of inexpensive and innovative fast food choices to take out or eat in. I just wish the girls had been friendly and welcoming as it's exactly the sort of place I should have been spending my money.

Maybe it's just the Barcelona approach to service as there were many surly waitresses and barmaids throughout the city.

Pros: Tasty, generous portions, Central and easy to find, All vegan

Cons: Not welcoming or friendly

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Not so good - Edit

In the past, this was one of the references in fast vegan food in Barcelona. I recently went to Gopal and I have to say that there has been a drop in the quality of the burguers.

It is not that they're bad now but they are not that good.

Pros: Price, Vibe

Cons: Small place

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AMAZING donut! - Edit

I wish there was a Gopal near my home. The food was amazing. I had a traditional Spanish style tortilla as an appetizer and it was delicious. My friend ordered croquettes and they too were very good. I ate a very tasty mock-chicken style with fake sausage on it. Desert was the best part. I had the most amazing donut I have ever had in my life. It was coated in really fresh tasting coconut and had a wonderfully creamy chocolate center. Foolishly, I did not buy more than one.

Pros: fairly priced, delicious

Cons: no restroom

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Greatest place in Barcelona - Edit

On my holiday in Barcelona I tried a lot of vegan places but kept coming back to Gopal. It became 'our place' in Barcelona. Gopal is a vegans wet-dream, chocolate dipped donuts, crazy good burgers and cheesecakes and sandwiches with faux meats and amazingly good sauces. This place made me consider moving to Barcelona. A lot of vegan propaganda on the walls which I like, nice vibe!

Pros: Crazy good food, Good value, Nice vibe

Cons: Too big portions, hah, Unhealthy temptations too hard to resist

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Great value and tasty - Edit

I ate here a couple of times in the last week and would definitely go again if in the area. The women serving were helpful and friendly. We both had different burgers with salad so we tried four burgers over the two visits some were better than others. The salad was made more interesting with toppings. Overall I would recommend it as great value tasty food we were very happy to find this place just around the corner from where we stayed

Pros: Great value, Tasty, Quick

Cons: Burgers not consistent, not much seating, no outside seating

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Bad experience. - Edit

I wanted to go Gopal since I was in barcelona on holiday. Today I went to get a burger and potatoes. First the good news: potatoes were amazing 'cause of the mayonese, yummy. But everything else was ****. The burger was dry and gross and it was served cold.
The service was bad, staff were rude so it was uncomfortable to even be in the shop.
I can't recommend the place to anyone. :(
[edit by staff]

Pros: Good potatoes

Cons: Bad customer service, Bad food, Bad atmosphere

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Lovely savoury and sweet food - Edit

I visited Gopal twice during my recent stay in Barcelona. If only they had a bigger place with more seating or could put seats outside this place would be pretty perfect. It's nice to see it is busy though.

We did manage to find a perch both times and had very nice meals. They have 6-8 different types of burger on display in a glass fronted counter and do a menu deal where you get burger (in a bun or with salad), patatas brava and a drink (incl a local alcohol-free beer option) for less than 8 euros. My companion had burger in a bun while I had my burger with salad instead of a bun both times. There is a good selection of salad items (grated carrot, lettuce, sweetcorn, large tomato slices, gherkins) but the first time it came with olive tapenade and sun dried tomato paste as well as mayo, the second time just with mayo. The burger in a bun comes half wrapped in a napkin which is ideal if you can't get a seat and need to take it away to eat on the go. The burger with salad comes on a plate with cutlery.

The cakes, supplied by lujuria vegana, were amazingly good. For take away they have a machine which seals a film lid on a take away container to keep it fresh, though some things like the doughnuts and cold burger patties, they wrap in foil.

On my first visit the person serving spoke very good english and was able to describe all the cakes to me. This was handy as the second time the server had very little english.

George Orwell Square has a few 'colourful' characters hanging out, drinking and arguing but it did not feel in any way unsafe.

Pros: Good food, served quickly, Fabulous cakes & desserts

Cons: Can be hard to get a seat, & there are no bathroom facilities

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yummy and nice part of town - Edit

Though English wasn't spoken it was good food with fast service. I saw thia place on a walking tour, its great for a quick bite if in the old city. I got a sandwich that was a mystery because I pointed to a random one, as well as potatoes. They were both delicious. They potatoes had a nice cheese sauce over them too

Pros: location, cheapish, Tim

Cons: no English

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Marvellous - Edit

This place is my favourite vegan outlet in BCN and now there are so many vegan places to eat in BCN thats saying something! This last visit I had a truly wonderful chocolate gateau that was rich, moist, think, crunchy, creamy, and everything a sweet toothed cake pig like myself dreams of! The Shitake burger and Seitan sandwich were also great.

Pros: lovely food, friendly staff, Very Central

Cons: Sometimes rather busy so slow and nowhe

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tasty vegan fast food - Edit

Vegan café, a few seats available inside, mostly take-away. They offer veggie burgers and other fake meat bocadillos on homemade bread, literally the best vegan cakes in Barcelona from lujuria vegana, and they also sell vegan products such as soya cream, vegan cheese, fake bacon. Recommended for a quick, tasty and economical bite to eat. Fast food, wouldn't class it as "healthy" but great if you want a dose of vegan burgers and fries and great creamy cakes. Some salads available.
Updated from previous review on Thursday February 18, 2010

Pros: friendly staff, good value, good portions

Cons: not many seats, small

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prefect for a quick bite. - Edit

on my last visit to barcelona, a year ago, i stopped at gopal a few times. it's a great vegan deli with a few burger choices. the seating area is limited, so getting something to go is a bit more ideal. everything i tried at gopal was flavorful and good.

Pros: deli foods, burgers, location

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Food fast but not good. Don't serve everybody - Edit

They do burgers. Pre-prepared, just warmed up. Average tasting.
I would also have loved their salad but they refused to give me one. I wanted a salad and a burger, both on the menu but they said its too much (staff actually discussed it and spole about me), I still wanted it. I could have had a salad and a pattie which I finally agreed to after which they only gave me the burger. And I speak spanish. After I saw more customers I think it was because I was not pierced. Or maybe because they do not like foreigners.
Ate a few doors away at Vegalia the next days...
For the food being so poor (and the burger was just bread, pattie and sauce, not really a meal) and being treated like sh... I cannot say that I find this a good place to eat...

Pros: Existence

Cons: Tastless fast food, Restrictions on what aou are allowed to , combine

1 Response

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For vegan Burger lovers - Edit

Very good burgers (few options) made with delicious Burger Buns. If you love burgers like me ;) you have to visit Gopal.

Pros: very good burgers, Club Mate, cheap

Cons: no toilet, No English-speaking staff

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Reviewer Avatar

I really wanted to like this place... - Edit

If I lived in Barca and needed desperately to stock up on vegan cheese, or some kind of processed meat, I think I'd have written a better review. I came to the city as a tourist, with a little Spanish under my belt and a friend who spoke a lot more than me. I'm vegan and she's vegetarian, so finding food we can eat is challenging in Spain!

Some of my friends raved about Gopal, so perhaps I set my expectations too high. I liked the interior, but the staff were really unfriendly. I'm not sure if they dislike tourists, or Spanish speaking people (my Spanish friend says that some Catalonians get fed up with people trying to speak Spanish to them... In retrospect, I would have learned the language before, instead of assume it's OK to speak Spanish), but they very clearly treated us differently to other customers. It made us feel a bit uncomfortable. We're both very friendly, laid back people.

The food was extremely average. The teriyaki burger was basically a tasteless burger with the same sauce as the 'patatas bravas'. That said, it was cheap and you get what you pay for...

So I would like to end the review on a positive note, as I think that all vegan businesses should be encouraged. The location was cool and the place was clean. I liked the animal rights theme and it didn't come across as confrontational. Whilst I wasn't impressed by the food and service, hats off to people for actually putting a veg place in a carnivore city.

***Note: Maybe things are better in season? Or maybe we came in on a bad day?

Pros: It's cheap!, Animal rights stuff on the wall, It's probably a good place to stock up

Cons: Unfriendly staff, Food ain't amazing..., Few seats

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Crazy vegan 'meat' and other comestibles - Edit

You can get chicken nuggets €4.75, nachos with jalapenos and cheese €3.85, paella made with brown rice (integral), pinchos (Basque country tapas) made with vegan chicken and empanadillas - all for €5.90.

There are more than ten types of veggie burger including seitan and vegetables; quinoa and olives; and tofu.

There are a number of menu options such as: quinoa burger, patatas bravas, a drink and a dessert. Or salad, burger, patatas bravas, a drink and a dessert. These menus both cost €6.90.

The strangest thing about Gopal is the vegan charcuterie where you can buy rolls of vegan chorizo, mortadella and polony. Not really my kind of thing but quite unique.

Pros: location, attitude, variety

Cons: no healthy food, not enough room

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Nice fastfood ! - Edit

Gopal is a cool vegan place.
I had a menu : the burger of the day with bread (a dahl burger), fries and a drink. The burger was really good, tasty and big enough for me ! The fries were good too and the sauce was a little spicy !
It's cheap (7,90 euros for the menu) and there is a lot of choice. The cakes looked delicious but I was full, I'll try them next time.

On the downside : there're only a few chairs to sit and there's no bathroom (too bad when you have to eat with your hands and no place to wash'em !).

Pros: Lots of choices, Good

Cons: No bathroom, Small

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Just Vegan Deli - Edit

This is the only good vegan deli.They have a lot of vegan burgers which are just like burgers...only vegans. Nothing really to be excited about. If u do not want to eat "take away" you have to be lucky to get the place because it does not offer much room to sit. I was there three times while I was in Barcelona and I had to be really unlucky because every time the place was packed and I had to eat outside which wasn't a pleasure. I was also surprised when I get there with a big smile that I found the first "safe" vegan place to eat in Barcelona but the staff didn't seem to be friendly at all. excluding fact that the communication was very difficult because they couldn't speak any English ( which happens twice). I do believe that I was just unlucky to have that experience there. The good thing about gopal is that this is a vegan, cruelty free place and that how I want to remember :)

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Nice place - Edit

Even though I was well informed with vegan eatings in Barcelona through HappyCow I was surprised to find both Gopal and Vegetalia on the same square just around the corner of our hostel. Great! We went the second night to eat there and took the menu with a burger (no bun), salad and fries, very cheap and including a drink. The burger and fries were great but I was surprised about our quitte luxurious salad - where mostly you only receive some lettuce and some tomato this one had olives, avocado, etc. and nice sauce. Also I liked the "all lives are precious - go vegan!" sign outside and the animal liberation/rights messages inside. After seeing all struggling living lobsters on ice and the poor turtles, rabbits, ducks and you name it being sold like worthless things on the Ramblas, good to see there are people who care everywhere.

Pros: Good portions, Cheap, Animal rights things

Cons: Staff spoke a little English

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The Amazing Gopal! - Edit

After following my GPS through the maze of the city streets, I finally found Gopal in an open square. It was late in the evening on 16Jun12, but luckily for me, Spaniards are also late owls and the restaurants all seem to accommodate. Gopal is a nice, small eatery. I liked the seating area that faced outside, so I could people-watch. The pro-vegan propaganda made me smile. Their display case showcased desserts and food, giving you the chance to see what you're getting, which is something that I very much appreciated. I only had 1 shot since I was leaving the next morning so I played it safe and ordered 1 of their veggie burgers with patatas bravas. Veggie burger was yum. Patatas bravas estaban deliciosas y perfectas!! The lady taking my order was very helpful and full of infectious energy. Loved her! I ordered a piece of carrot cake and a donut (for the nxt morning) to go. I gobbled up my carrot cake once I got back to the hotel. T'was devine!! I wish I could've taken the whole cake. The next time I'm in Spain, Gopal will be my 1st stop. (Oh & the donut was yum too!)

Pros: Vegan patatas bravas deliciosas!, Amazing vegan desserts, Awesome staff

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punky vegan fastfood at his best - but... - Edit

If you are looking for burger and fastfood then here you are at the right place. If not, then forget it :-)
we tried last year and we found it funny (once you have to do it) but... delicious vegan food is something else.
Good if you are making a walking tour in the city center and you need a break... I would not advice that for an evening
dinner. 4 Star as a fastfood restaurant, 3 if you need more then that. Dessert are fine.
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 29, 2012

Pros: fastfood, burger, for youngsters

Cons: only fastfood, unhealthy

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One of my fav restaurants IN THE WORLD - Edit

Oh my goodness, I wish so so badly that there was a Gopal in my city! I absolutely loved this place and visited many times during my stay in Barcelona. The food is all absolutely delicious; I tried several of the various 'menu' deals and all of them were great. Crispy deep fried cauliflower OH MY GOODNESS. Went back pretty much every day for vegan croissants for breakfast. The vegan donuts and cakes were the stuff of dreams. While we were there we also got them to custom-bake a birthday cake for one of our party. They did so quickly and it was amazing! The staff are great - one guy in particular served us a few times and was super friendly, patient and attentive. The only downside is how small the place is and often all the chairs are taken. But we got take-out a few times and it was really no bother. A few chairs outside might be a good improvement as there seems to be loads of room in the courtyard outside. Oh also, they are great for sandwich fillers (fake cheese etc) and other bits and pieces if you're self catering, as we were. In short, Gopal was vital to our enjoyment of our trip and we utterly loved it! I daydream about it still... we'll be going back for sure!

Pros: Amazing food, Great service, VEGAN DONUTS

Cons: Lack of seating