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First Review by Nancy B

vegan soul food - Edit

This is my favorite vegan restaurant in Baltimore ! They have amazing vegan soul food ! The macaroni and cheese is to die for along with the greens and sweet potatoes , brought along some non vegans and they couldn't even taste the difference ! They also have raw dishes and desserts which are amazing . Haven't had anything from here that I haven't enjoyed ! Also large portions for cheap

Pros: great price , amazing food

Cons: not a lot of seating

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Down Home cuisine - Edit

Owners are often in the establishment and are a nice husband and wife. All of the food is great except I haven't tried the breakfast yet. My favorites are the rib tips and the curry chicken.

Pros: cute location, clean, nice staff

Cons: a little pricey

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Really delicious vegan food! - Edit

Land of Kush is perfect for delicious, quick vegan soul food. You can choose from just sides, salads or make a combination platter. The cornbread is slightly sweet and very tasty, so make sure you grab one with your meal!! They are very generous with the portions :)

Pros: Excellent food, Large Portions, Fast

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Twice as nice - Edit

Land of Kush was a neat little spot perfect for a quick and affordable meal. We had all of their entrees. The sauces were delicious! We tried most of their sides as well including carrot tuna, collard greens and mac and cheese. We took a few desserts to go and sampled their homemade lemonade, iced tea and ginger beer. All were hits! If you don’t believe us ask Stevie Wonder. We went there twice when he was in Baltimore!!

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Delicious - Edit

Good value for the money. I had the 3 sides platter, whole wheat Mac n cheese, candied yams and collard greens with a sweet ginger drink, it was all delicious. Nice clean little cafe, order first at the counter.

Pros: Delicious , Friendly , Clean

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Great Find - Edit

I will come back to Baltimore just for this restaurant EXCELLENT. They were out of some of the entrees that I wanted to try but, I enjoyed the chicken salad and the Mac and cheese was great also . Thumbs up!!! The only reason I won't give a perfect rating is because they were out of some of the entrees that I wanted to try.

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Solid, consistent, affordable - Edit

Friendly staff/counter-service. My favorite are the "crab" cakes, served Fri-Sun and the macaroni and "cheese" and the kale salad. Also have good desserts from Cameron's. Very affordable. Consistently good.

Pros: Great food, Friendly, Affordable

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Land of Kush is Lost - Edit

The lowest I can give is two stars, HC? Okay, I guess the fact that I did indeed swallow one of my two bites meant this dish was edible.

It's been at least a year since I've visited LOK. The first experience, and up until today, was the last, was less than favorable. I found the food unpleasant--looking and tasting.

This visit was more of the same. I ordered a side of the Mac n cheese to go. Before I got home, I tried it. Yuck. I swallowed. I tried it again. Double yuck. I spit it out.

I then drove to Red Emma's for Mac n cheese. Much, much, better.

Why, LOC, does your Mac n cheese taste like fake butter that's been burned in a cast iron skillet, doughy flour, and old nutritional yeast?

Pros: Pros: quick service, but without a pleasant smile.

Cons: Cons: unpleasant smile, but with quick service

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Okay... - Edit

Visiting Baltimore and tried LOK for a nice vegan dinner for takeout. Efficiency and service was great. I ordered drummies, mac&cheese, candied yams, collard greens, and pineapple cake for dessert. Food tasted fresh. Flavor and seasoning was just okay. I travel a lot and try many vegan spots around the country and for me this one probably was a one and done experience. You should still give it a shot as you might just love it.

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Tasty Vegan Soul Food - Edit

This place is pretty satisfying if you only want vegan food. It's far away from the popular touristy places, so, that makes parking really easy!

The food is simple and to the point - a few smoothie options, some juices and a handful of desserts like pineapple upside down cake or cheesecake. They also sell some vegan popcorn. The cold display case holds the salads and sides for the day, like potato salad, live kale salad, cucumber and tomato salad, sesame spinach, pasta salad, and carrot "tuna."

If you look towards the back, you'll see them creating your food. There is seating by the window and a few tables scattered around, so it isn't just a take-out place. It has a similar vibe to other vegan soul food places - very low key, understated decor and powerful food flavors.

They offer brunch, which obviously for vegans, is very exciting! Vegan pancakes, vegan spinach lasagna and vegan crab cakes on the weekends? Ok, sounds good, if you like cooked food and can have gluten. All vegan though, pretty sweet traditional style food - veganized! Great to have something like this in B'more.

When you order here, the menu is pretty small for the number of entrees, but, I like it better, because it feels like they can manage a smaller menu and keep it up to date, with fresh ingredients and be fast to cook for you. Add on a side or two - best cooked choices, obviously the collard greens and mac and cheese! Good eating of "comfort food" that will make you forget the challenges of vegan eating when out with your non-vegan friends.

Prices are good, portions are good, staff is nice.

Pros: All vegan, Some raw choices, Mac n cheese, collard greens

Cons: No raw entree

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Good takeout place - Edit

So, if you've eaten at Soul Vegetarian or any of the myriad other vegetarian soul food eateries across the U.S., you should know what to expect here. Smoked greens, mac & cheese, curry chik'n, BBQ 'ribs', etc. However, there is some variability. On weekends they serve a spinach lasagna and vegan crab cakes, and on Sunday they offer a pretty good brunch with blueberry pancakes, seitan scramble, vegan sausage, and home fries.

The main point to keep in mind is that this is mostly a takeout place. Seating is very limited and usually has been completely taken anytime I've been there to eat in. Which means I have stopped going there with the intention to eat in. My girlfriend and I went to try their brunch one day and there was one table open with a single chair. After eating most of my meal while standing, the owner finally came by and told someone to get a chair for me from downstairs. Meanwhile kids were running all over the place and it was very loud due to one large table of customers. So, yeah, get your food to go or catch them at one of the many events they cater in the area. We got catered food from them for my birthday one year and it was delicious. The food is good but rich, as expected.

Pros: good food, good value

Cons: very small dining area, service can be slow

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outstanding! - Edit

Awesome flavor. Friendly service. Will definitely visit again.

I had the curry chicken (seitan) and vegan Mac and cheese. Incredible!

My friend had the BarBQue ribs (seitan) and black bean stew. Also awesome.

Can't wait to visit again.

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I dream about their brunch - Edit

This place is like heaven. Just go there on a sunday and order the brunch. The portion is HUGE and everything is delicious. And it's cheap as it can be. Very nice staff.

Pros: huge portion, delicious brunch

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Delicious meal & Excellent Service - Edit

The lentil burgers with gravy would make a wonderful meal alone, but the kale & potato salads were well worth the money. My only regret is eating it all in one sitting.

Pros: Food , Service , Location

Cons: Tastes Too Good

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Out of this world! 100% VEGAN! - Edit

Don't be fooled by the subtitle of this restaurant, The Land of Kush is a completely vegan restaurant. Not a drop of animal product to be found there. We were visiting in Baltimore for 4 days and ate there THREE times.. That's how good it is.

I don't know how they do it, but they've managed to cram even more soul into soul food without all the nasty animal ingredients. It's a small spot, very casual, awesome music, friendly staff.. Most importantly- the food is unbelievably amazing. They offer down-home soul food-- ribs, chicken salad, greens, potato salad, chicken wings, mac and cheese, etc.. With a full juice bar. No mainstream soda, all homemade tea (the black tea is incredible!), housemade ginger lemonade, etc.. They also offer corn bread to go with your meal and carry a couple vegan desserts-- pineapple upside down cake and sweet potato cake (equally as good!).

The owner is amazing- working hard to bring the downtown Baltimore community healthy, nourishing, and affordable options. It's an inspiring breath of fresh air amongst all the grease and meat laden bodegas and fried chicken spots commonly found downtown. I admire their menu as much as there effort to help make Downtown Baltimore a healthier place. Yum!!!

Pros: 100% vegan, Delicious food, Good value

Cons: small dining area, could use more desserts, wish they served breakfast all week long

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Count me in for Soul Food! - Edit

I love myself some comfort food and I usually stick to cooking it myself when I crave some. However, it's always good to have it cooked and ready to go. I admit a part of me was amused to have southern comfort food in Baltimore, but it's all good.

I found myself in Baltimore for the first time and decided we needed some grub. This place was the closest one to where we were staying so it won out over the others. The place was small but cozy and the people were pretty helpful (we don't eat onion/garlic/leeks/chives) which lead to the fact that if you don't eat the aforementioned items, the fairly decent-sized menu shrunk significantly. We could only eat the Candied Yams, the Mac-N-Cheeze, the drummies, and the other "chick'n" protein (I forgot the name).

We ended up deciding on a medium portion of the Mac-N-"Cheeze" and the 3-pc drummies because the cashier said they were "fun" and I wanted to see how fun they were. I was a little sad I couldn't have any legit veggies, but that's what I get for eating out. It was FILLING. After all, it was carbs, faux cheese, and protein. My husband and I shared and we were "just right" full.

The Mac-N-Cheeze -- the pasta was good and tender, but not overcooked. The "cheeze" was also good - the perfect flavor. It would have been too much if it was just me eating it, but as it were, it was good. Especially since I had been wanting some Mac and Cheese. I was a little apprehensive because vegan cheese doesn't always taste the best, but this was pretty good!

The Drummies -- soy "meat" protein molded onto a stick in the shape of drumsticks and deep fried. Delicious! The "meat" was well-seasoned, tender and though they had bite, it wasn't tough or hard to eat. There was that awesome crispy shell as well.

I'd say this place is pretty good! I would have liked to try the yams as well, but we were full and didn't want to overdo it. Now only if they offered more items, sans onion and garlic!

Pros: helpful/friendly staff, good sized vegan menu, good food

Cons: tiny menu with no onion/garlic items

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Not perfect, but a darn good vegan place - Edit

The service is not the best. The employees didn't seem to be too excited to be serving me, not really smiling or anything. Okay, I'm getting takeout, I don't mind a whole lot.

For my meal I got curry chick'un, mac n' cheese, and smoky collard greens. Liked the chick'un, loved the other too. The curry sauce needed acid and salt. The mac n' cheese was very impressively creamy and delicious and the smoke level on the collards was just right, plus it was served with juicy bell pepper strips.

For about $12 I got enough for a second meal of leftovers. I would go back, and maybe try the ribz.

I don't know if I like the health food claims. Obviously I think that vegan food is healthier in general, but you can eat vegan food and still have too many calories from fat, etc.

Pros: Vegan, Fast

Cons: Unenthusiastic service, Claims of being healthy

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Most Excellent - Edit

I just had lunch from Land of Kush, it was most excellent!!! I got three sides, rice with beans, yams and the smoked greens. Really good and very filling. I could only eat half of the portions, so bonus I now have dinner too! Then of course I had dessert.. sweet potato cake, yummy!! I will be ordering lunch from there from now on!

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Great Vegan/Raw Food!!! - Edit

The food is awesome! If you're in B-more stop by. You'll be in for a treat. My favorite was the Kale since I'm mainly into raw food. Can't wait to go back!

Pros: Raw Food Selections, Vegan Selections, Great Drinks including (Alkaline Water)

Cons: None

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Filling and Flavorful! - Edit

This all-vegan restaurant has ready-made entrees and sides/salads etc. served at a counter. Despite the "fast" aspect of the place, the food was super high-quality and the staff was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

I had an entree special with two sides and a drink - and let me tell you, this is too much food for one person. It was a solid two-meal portion and only cost me $12. Everything I had was super yummy too - BBQ "ribs", mac & cheeze, and collards. I tried "Sorrel" to drink - it's sweetened hibiscus tea brewed with ginger...which I'd never heard of, but was delightful on a hot day.

All in all, I wish I'd tried this place sooner so I'd have time to go back while still in Baltimore!

Pros: HUGE portions/ good deal, All Vegan, Fast and Friendly service

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Reviewer Avatar

amazing! - Edit

Walked in for the first time and let the cashier know that we saw this place on happy cow. She responded, "oh hey, well you tell Happy Cow what is up!"... so I am :).

This completely vegan restaurant is delicious with out qualifiers. My omnivorous boyfriend and I enjoyed their Kush bbq ribs, vegetable medley rice,chickun salad wrap, and potato salad made with Veganaise. The bottled water isn't $14 and the place is nicely located. We will definitely be coming back! This place left a good first impression for Baltimore vegan food. Look out veg restaurants, you have big shoes to fill!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday July 02, 2013

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Awesome! - Edit

My family went here today, before the O's game, and are so glad we did! The food was all even better than expected, and the service and general friendliness of the staff was awesome! We got the ribs, with mac and cheese and cabbage as the sides, and Eggplant parm, as well as lemonade and ginger drinks. Can't wait to go back!! Huge portions!

Pros: freindly, amazing food, easy to find

Cons: not a huge number of choices

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Highly recommended! - Edit

My husband & I went with my parents and our two children (ages 9 mo and 3 years). Even though the dining room is small the staff were warm and very accommodating of our group- letting us rearrange tables to fit us more comfortably.

We tried most of the entrees & all the sides. Everything was delicious! Even our 3 year old ate his dinner. We all agreed that the "chicken" salad was the best but other popular dishes were the kale, lasagna and sweet potatoes. My mom had a smoothie that she also really enjoyed.

We will definitely go back.

Pros: excellent food, good value , friendly staff

Cons: small dining room

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in time they'll get it right - Edit

My first time here was not that great.The young lady that took my order was very slow,considering the fact that the food is already done and sitting on a steam table.The ribs were good,but i don't like the fact that they use agave as their choice of sweetner in the bbq sauce and the smoothies. The mac n cheese is delicious,but too oily. They only had one desert, a sweet potato (bread) cake,that they only get delivered on fri and run out by sunday.The owner seems to lack knowledge on how to run a resteraunt since I was told he never professionally cooked or work in food service before. The employee never stay long, so I think they know more.

Pros: large portions, mac n cheese, ribs

Cons: slow service, agave, owner needs to do his homework

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Best vegan mac & cheese in Baltimore! - Edit

I haven't been here in month or two, but as long as nothing has changed my opinion holds. :)

This is my go-to place for out of town friends and non-vegan family members. My mom loved our visit and couldn't believe everything was vegan. My bf's parents both enjoyed our meal when they were in town and even went back without us! The ribs are fantastic, the collards are smoky and delicious, the mac & cheese is saucy and comfort-y (not healthy, though, as it's a little heavy on the oil), and the yams are fab. I'm not crazy about the lentil loaf, and I stay clear of potato salad since that's a dish I can make "my way" at home. But just about everything on the menu is fantastic.

The space is small, but Greg & Naijha have done a great job with fitting booths, window seating, and cafe tables into the restaurant. The atmosphere is very inviting.

Try out the in-house lemonade and ginger drink. They're so good! Custom-made smoothies are available, too. They have raw dishes and desserts in addition to the soul food. This is definitely one of my favorite restaurants.

Pros: Mac & cheese, Nice big platters, Good service

Cons: Bland-ish potato salad, Plastic cutlery

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A favorite. - Edit

This is one of my favorite vegan spots! Great food, great staff. Mac n cheese & Eggplant Parmesan are amazing!

Pros: vegan, delicious, free samples of food ( just ask!)

Cons: sometimes hard to find seating

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Mac n cheese is a must - Edit

I did not understand about how real the mock meats were could be a negative but I understand now but I did still like it. It was just at times I looked at the drumstick and did a double take to make sure. I also had the crab cakes, there were good but didn't still together too well and were seasoned highly but good. If it were in a sandwich then it would have been perfect. If for nothing else go for this Mac n cheese it is amazing! It is creamy and gooey just perfect. The staff was nice and here was a steady flow of people even though the weather was bad. The music was good but the chairs felt a little unstable.

Pros: Large portions, Vegansoul food

Cons: Small amount of seating

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enjoyable and unique vegan food - Edit

A vegan take on soul food which is really quite good. They make use of seitan and tofu quite nicely though my only complaint is the use of highly processed agave. Very casual and usually plenty of street parking. This place is a must for vegans.

Pros: tasty, unique, affordable

Cons: agave

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Pleasantly Pleased - Edit

Visiting the Glen Burnie/ Baltimore area for the weekend my vegan husband, omni mother in law, and I (vegan) stopped in to The Land of Kush for lunch and were all pleasantly pleased. I ordered the combo ($10.99-- one entree + 2 sides) of seitan ribs, mac n cheese, and collard greens (really liked my entire plate). my husband and mom in law had the rice and beans which they said was yummy, my husband liked the yams (I and my mom in law thought they were ok, not great), and my husband also got the friday special (spinach lasagna---yummy!). My omni mom in law also had the sweet potato cake and loved it (this was her very first vegan meal ever and she was surprised by how much she liked it--and couldnt get over the seitan ribs texture lol). I definitely recommend this restaurant, being soul food it was an added bonus.

ps- they are NOT STINGY with their portions, we all had leftovers for another substantial meal

Pros: fast, good menu, large portions

Cons: needs more drink choices

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Really wanted to love it, but only liked it - Edit

I've been dying to go to Land of Kush for a while but am never really in that neighborhood. I was nearby yesterday so decided to finally give it a try. Well, sad to say, I was sort of disappointed.

Food: 7. I choose the platter (which was $10.99, so it seems they raised it a dollar from when I read reviews about it). They did not have the sweet and sour seitan, which is what I wanted to try, so I decided to try the special: "turkey" and gravy. It was more like a turkey stew than a Thanksgiving style turkey. I found it TOO realistic, meat-wise. I did not like it much. I choose candied yams and mac and "cheese" as my sides. The candied yams were average. The only thing I actually really did LOVE about my meal was the mac and cheese... it was very realistic in terms of taste and texture.

Price: 7. While $10.99 is a lot to spend on lunch, I have to say that they gave me a FULL plate of food. In general, prices seemed a bit high but not super high compared to other veg*n places.

Atmosphere: 7. Kind of plain. Cozy enough, though. I don't like the neighborhood very much, though (e.g. I wouldn't feel too safe walking by myself a few blocks away from it at night... even during the day when I was there I felt like I was stared at in strange ways by passers-by).

Service: 8. Not sure what to say since really all the staff person at the register did was scoop my food onto a plate, hand it to me, and have a monetary exchange. Not particularly friendly but not particularly unfriendly.

Updated from previous review on Sunday October 09, 2011: I have been back to Land of Kush once since this review, and I had the same experience of the mock meat being TOO realistic for me. So I recommend the mock meats only to people who like realistic mock meats.

Pros: All vegan, Realistic mock meat and dairy

Cons: Pricey, Not the best neighborhood

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Vegan Soul Food - Edit

I give Land of Kush 4 stars and myself 1 star (for lack of self-control).

Heads up: ribs are heavy, portions are huge, collards are truly...collards (not oily is what I mean), sweet & sour seitan was perfect (i.e. you'll want to order a medium)

I deducted 1 star, b/c there is SO MUCH PLASTIC AND WASTE. This is 2011 -- shouldn't we be a bit more concious a/b our environment?
Updated from previous review on Friday August 26, 2011

**NEW REVIEW 10/24/11

They have down-sized on the plastic. Now, if you eat in, you can dine using their plates and bowls. Awesome! Still hoping for silverware instead of plastic, but I'm happy they've made changes. Also, I just highly recommend mixing the bbq with rice, because it's heavy. Wonderful, but heavy nonetheless.

Pros: Good portions (size medium), Healthy options (smoky collards, raw kale), Extra saucy (great to mix w/ rice)

Cons: Plastic Usage

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Great range of fast food - Edit

The Land of Kush is a sort of fast food restaurant in the sense that all of the dishes are pre-prepared (as far as I could tell, none of the food is made to order). The main dishes (entrees) consist of mock meat dishes made from soya and/or seitan, and are very filling. There is also a decent range of sides (e.g. rice and beans, candied yams, various vegetables) as well as healthy salads and wraps. The drinks are fresh, homemade and tasty.

I had a platter (one entree and two sides) which was excellent value at $9.99. The lady who served me was very friendly and I am really glad that I found this restaurant.

Note that it is actually open until 9pm, not 7pm as listed above.

Pros: great value for money, excellent range of dishes, friendly staff

Cons: not great for sit down meals

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Happy to have them in town! - Edit

I love having a choice of vegan local restaurants. The prices are a bit better here than the other Bmore spot and you get more food. However, I found that the food could have used a bit more seasoning. I did want to attend the Vegan Drinks that they hosted, but never received word back from the restaurant as to whether or not there was still space available. Staff is friendly, but a tad bit unresponsive.

Pros: great prices, good food, friendly staff

Cons: no parking, lite seasoning, unresponsive staff

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Loved the food! - Edit

What a delight to discover The Land of Kush! The food is healthy,excellent and completely vegan! We were pleased with every item we ordered. We've declared it our new pre-baseball game eatery! wu

Pros: Excellent food, Healthy cuisine, Good Value

Cons: None

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