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Erin McKenna's Bakery - formerly Babycakes

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Contact 212-677-5047

248 Broome St (at Lower East Side, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10002

New York City vegan bakery est. 2005 as Babycakes and re-branded in 2014 to include one of the founder's namesake. The only non-vegan item offered is dairy milk for drinks. Tiny place but offers a varied selection of all gluten-free and vegan sweets. Open Tue-Sat 10:00am-10:00pm, Sun 10:00am-8:00pm.

Reviews (48)

First Review by Erin P.

Vegan doughnut heaven - Edit

I visited here last summer and I was pretty impressed by the variety of baked goods on offer! :) Had a cupcake which was good but did go a little crumbly and dry in transit, but I ate the doughnut pretty much on the spot and I absolutely loved it, can't say it was like a conventional doughnut you'd get from the supermarket etc, but I was impressed by the taste and the texture, although not as soft it just worked as what it was, I'd recommend a visit if you're round the are, though it seems like it's in an odd location, on a block with no other restaurants, but the shop front did stand out! :)

Pros: Doughnuts

Cons: Bit pricey

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Good, but not the best ever - Edit

I've been here three times, so obviously I like it. :) The cookies are great, but not fantastic (nor "crave-worthy". The cupcakes are mediocre (dry and crumbly). Basically, there isn't anything better in the area, so where else do you go when you want a cookie or a cupcake? But I've had a lot that were 100x better tasting in different parts of the country. This place is worth going to as part of an adventure in the area.

Pros: LOTS of vegan options

Cons: Overpriced, Dry and crumbly

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Delicious! - Edit

The bakery is a tiny storefront on a block without other restaurants around, so we were surprised to see it. There's really only room for about 6 customers so it could easily get crowded; I'd recommend taking to go if you have a comfortable spot to enjoy your treats, EXCEPT if you're getting cupcakes or something else with frosting; it is pretty temperature-sensitive and will fall apart in transit so be careful transporting those items.

The big deal about this place is that it's hard to describe how amazing it is when you live vegan and/or GF and you're so used to not ever partaking in the most decadent things your friends/family are eating, and you walk into a bakery with gorgeous treats and get to choose from ALL OF THEM! It's an awesome feeling. We tried the cupcakes and doughnuts, which were all delicious. At around $4 each I wouldn't call them cheap but I thought the price was reasonable for a special treat made of high-quality ingredients.

We also purchased one of the cookbooks featuring their doughnut recipe and were able to replicate a pretty similar doughnut at home, which is now a favorite treat! :)

Pros: Delicious, All vegan and GF, Fun!

Cons: Neighborhood not super friendly, Little room for eating in

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Delicious but very over-priced - Edit

Don't get me wrong - it's delicious. Very delicious.

However, if you're not looking to pay a month's salary for a few cookies and cupcakes, there are lots of other options around NYC.

Pros: 99% vegan

Cons: Overpriced

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yummy stuff - Edit

We sat at the bar and kept ordering more desserts, they were all very delicious. Our group tried the chocolate and vanilla cake, a couple of different kinds of brownies, a chocolate and oatmeal cookie, and a chocolate cupcake. Our favorite were the brownies, you've got to try them. It was a great place with a cute atmosphere.
Updated from previous review on Sunday December 16, 2007

Pros: brownies, staff, atmosphere

Cons: price

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the best - Edit

Every time I'm in NYC, coming to baby cakes is a ritual....some of the best vegan desserts anywhere....plan on buying a box worth of stuff and taking it with you. I've been known to walk the box to the Starbucks a few blocks away and down half of it with a cup of coffee. Shhh....

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I love Babycakes - Edit

I'm not usually a big fan of cupcakes, but the one I had there was excellent. The best.

And last time I was there, I was amazed to find madeleine and chocolate éclairs. Both were divine.

Pros: Taste, Variety

Cons: No toilet, Few tables

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Ehh - Edit

$5 is waaaaaaaay too expensive for a tiny, mediocre cupcake.

Go to Atlas Cafe, the Cinnamon Snail food truck, Sacred Chow, Teany, or any of the Blossom restaurants for dessert instead.

Cons: Too expensive, Just ok

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Not Impressed - Edit

I was looking forward to going to Babycakes after reading all the reviews, but it was a huge letdown. The staff was rude and didn't even greet us upon arrival. The building was tiny and felt cramped with just six customers in there. Then the cupcake itself was dry and the icing had no flavor. I would not recommend this place at all.
Updated from previous review on Thursday October 03, 2013

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Yummy donuts! - Edit

When I die, I can only hope that heaven is BabyCakes NYC. Then, I will eat their donuts all day, every day and not have to pay for them, not have any health problems from eating too much sugar, and be happy for all eternity. Seriously, this place is phenomenal. I don’t know if it was obvious, but I am partial to their donuts. That’s not to say that the donuts are superior to the rest of this bakery’s treats, since I’ve never tasted anything bad here. BabyCakes is on the expensive side at first glance, with most of their goodies in the $4-6 range, but it's worth it.

The first time I came here, I hadn’t had a donut in years, and I had a raging sweet tooth. The donuts were melt-in-your-mouth, drool-worthy, miraculous creatures of sugary goodness. I am not exaggerating, people, these donuts are everything. Coming back to BabyCakes this time around, a key thing has changed: I’ve had other donuts, so I can compare. The donuts are still miraculous creatures of sugary goodness. I’ve had other donuts (sorry, BabyCakes, I cheated on you). They’ve been awesome. Still, nothing compares. Of the donut flavors the bakery offers, I’ve tried samoa, chocolate covered, salted caramel, and pumpkin cranberry caramel. My favorite was the samoa. This time, I ordered two of the day-old cupcakes, pumpkin cinnamon and red velvet. These cupcakes were good. I know for a fact that had they not been a day old, they would have been excellent. They were just good. Their gluten-free flour tasted more dense than normal and the frosting congealed a little bit. The flavor was not lacking, though.

The bakery itself is very small and seemingly out of place right in the middle of Chinatown, but they have ample seating for the size, and just the cutest decor. There’s so much to look at! The whole time we were there, the workers were jamming out to a ’90s music Pandora station. It was a lot of fun, good music, and the workers were so friendly and engaging.

If you’re in New York, and have some free time, I would highly suggest going to BabyCakes. Bring $6 and you can get nearly anything in there. Worth the splurge.

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Babycakes - Edit

Walked by Babycakes on a day where I wasn't that hungry, but decided to go in there and see what they had. Luckily the sold some mini muffins, so I bought some of those and saved them for later.
The café itself was very small but still nice and cute, but a little bit crowded on an afternoon.
I really liked the muffins, they had a great taste. A little bit on the dry side though, and not as fantastic as people have told me, but they still had a good balance of flavors and a rich taste.

Pros: Great taste, Cute shop, A lot of gluten and sugar free options

Cons: A bit dry, On the expensive side

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Lovely little bakery - Edit

Babycakes is an adorable little bakery. Looking for the most unusual thing on the menu, I ordered a pumpkin eclair. Unfortunately, it wasn't so much an eclair as a giant, oval whoopie pie - but still delicious!

Pros: Cute vibe, Healthy sweeteners, GF options

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So-so - Edit

Finally got to try this place out. We ordered a slice of the gluten-free chocolate crumb cake to share. Like a lot of reviewers have pointed out, it was on the dry side, a little crumbly and pasty, which was all very typical of gluten-free baked goods. Perhaps that was why they aptly called it a "crumb cake" in the first place. Taste was good though, very rich and chocolatey.

Staff was super friendly. I also liked that the majority on offer was gluten-free; some were even (refined) sugar-free. They claimed that their products were easy on blood sugar as well. But I wasn't clear what they replaced the white sugar with - brown sugar, fruit purees, or stuff like stevia, splenda, xylitol, etc? If it was just brown sugar, the nutritional difference would really not be much different compared with white. So I would have liked for them to explain more on that aspect. Setting wise, the place was very small and cramped with just a few seats. Best for a quick bite or take-aways.

Pros: nice staff, quasi-healthy

Cons: tiny and cramped, vague health claims

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Good even when dumpstered - Edit

They were closed when I was in town, but I got to try a lot of their stuff anyway, because they throw stuff away! Dumpstering bags full of vegan treats is like a dream come true! I basically had the whole gamut, but I can't really judge the quality and experience based on dumpstered vittles. Some of the stuff was crumbly and odd tasting, but overall it was still yummy. Try the brownie bites! They have a lot of gluten-free stuff.

Pros: free ;), vegan bakery

Cons: closed

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Amazing cupcakes! - Edit

After becoming vegan I could no longer go to Crumbs or Magnolia in the city, but Babycakes totally makes up for that! Their cupcakes are delicious, the only problem is that they don't tend to stay too well and the icing easily melts. I've had platters of 200 Babycakes cupcakes delivered to formal parties in the city, and have been a total hit. Another perk is that it is right down the street from Moo Shoes!

Pros: Great cupcakes

Cons: No sitting space

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Melt my Heart Babycakes - Edit

this place is a bit pricey, but its well worth it.

Pros: every item is mouth watering , everything in this place is addictive, can't have just one of anything

Cons: place is too,too small, small portions, place is always crowded

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like a kid in the candy store! - Edit

This bakery is amazing. I just want to order everything when I go in. This time we had a vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing and a pumpkin bread. Both were so good we couldn't wait to save them until after lunch. Great for those looking for gluten free and sugar free and it's all vegan. And they are located right around the corner from the Tennement Museum which is a must see, the tours are great, you get to go inside a Tennement building and see how folks lived back around the turn of the century. Very cool stuff.

Pros: taste, colors of icing, price

Cons: none

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delicious - Edit

I had my first Babycakes experience and ordered the banana chocolate chip loaf with maple frosting- what a great combination of flavors and textures! My friend ordered the biscuit with strawberries and cream inside, which was delectable. We both left very satisfied and craving more Babycakes. So many items looked so good, but we only had stomach enough to eat one item each. I can't wait to return for more!

The staff were so nice and helpful. Items were clearly marked with the kind of flour and sweetener used in them.

Pros: all vegan, scrumptious, so many choices

Cons: very small space, no bathroom

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Yum! - Edit

I've heard about Babycakes and have seen the cook book, so when my husband and I were visiting family in Jersey City I didn't hesitate to suggest bringing dessert from this bakery. We were slightly overwhelm walking in, but we asked the woman behind the counter to help us pick out some items "non-vegans" would like. We brought over 8 cupcakes and some of the cookie sandwiches. Everything was so good, but by far, my in-laws LOVED the cookie sandwich. I'm gonna buy the cookbook soon just so I can make these amazing goodies for my family myself! Great little place and helpful staff, highly recommended!

Pros: Helpful staff, Great desserts

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Gooood bakery - Edit

I like the cupcakes and loafs very much, the frosting is just Ama-zzing! very addictive though... I had the loaf with pumpkin frosting last time. I come here once a week for my vegan treat :)

Pros: cupcakes, pastries, strawberry jam,.., gluten free items

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BabyCakes NYC - Edit

Even though the lighting was bad and the door knob almost fell off when I tried to turn it, I love this bakery. It was small and cramped with a constant flow of customers, so New York. If anything, I picked up that this bakery was not afraid to be itself. It has a personality and a story, and it is not trying to be something it is not. Good news about the location, I was able to park on the street, for free, less than a mile away. The name of the store implies that this is just another cupcake shop, but this bakery sells everything. Cakes, pies, cookies, breads, muffins, and you name it. The best part is that it is completely vegan, so there are no weird conversations to be had about eggs, milk, and butter. The bakery also has refined sugar free, gluten free, soy free, and kosher options. Once you visit, you will be in love too. And do not worry about cravings, because BabyCakes delivers local and all over the States.

CarrotCake CupCake
SO GOOD. Fresh out of the shop, the frosting was a little chilled and it taste like the best cream cheese ever. I saved half of the cupcake for later, trying to use portion control, and when I had the frosting at room temp, it was like butter. And if you follow my post, you know how much I cherish a good buttery . . . anything. The whole bite dissolved down my throat before I could even chew, or that is how my mind remembers it happening. You can even see the carrots in the cake, but it is so well made that you can fool you pickiest child. It is just that good. The cake is soft, moist, great chew, great taste, and great color. It has a nice balance of crumble and hold. And the presentation is all in the frosting. There swirl is perfectly brand, but not pretencious. Uniformly hand-made not commercial. I loved everything about BabyCakes and the Carrot Cupcake. I have to say again, SO GOOD.

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Not Impressed - Edit

I was a little disappointed after all the hype. My friend had the lemon cupcake which was moist and subtle, very tasty. I had a mini cinnamon bite and that was also good, not great though. I also bought a red velvet cupcake and a brownie cupcake for later that night. The icing was good but the cake was so dry! Unforgivably so! It's the main part of a cupcake! I had to soak them in some almond milk in order to down them.
The girl behind the counter was super nice! So I give most of my points to service. The place is a little small, but hey it's new york city! It was cozy and I could chat with my friend well enough without feeling intruded on by other customers.

That being said, I'd go back to give it a second chance.

Pros: Service, Frosting, Other baked items

Cons: Dry Cake

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great doughnuts! - Edit

I had read mixed reviews, but I was in the neighborhood purchasing some shoes at Moo Shoes, and thought I'd give it a try. I had two cinnamon sugar doughnuts and really loved them. They had a little savory side to them, which was different, but I liked it, too. The space inside is small, but I had a nice spot on a bar stool and enjoyed my snack while the bakers were preparing other treats behind me. The staff was also very friendly. I can vouch for anything other than these specific doughnuts, as that's all I tried, but they were definitely worth the trip.

Pros: vegan, good doughnuts

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pretty good but expensive - Edit

i find the cupcakes at Babycakes to be a bit dry the times i have tried them. however, i really like their cookies and mini doughnuts. the problem is that the items are small and expensive hence why i rarely go there.

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Super Yummy! - Edit

got a chocolate birthday cake for my mom's 60th. It was super awesome yummy-we all enjoyed it emensely.....and I've never been a cake lover!!
We also got a piece of corn bread which was good but didn't taste like "traditional" corn bread (but still good-more like a slightly corn-y loaf), a powdered jelly doughnut (a little crusty for a doughnut, but hey it WAS a doughnut!), and a skinny bun....which hasn't been eaten yet....
The price was high, but I've always been particular with my diet, so I'm used to paying lots for the good things that I eat!!
Yeah, the service was honest, but not horrible.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: expensive-but isn't all specialty food?

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Good, But Pricey - Edit

I went to Babycakes twice while visiting NYC, and liked it. It was perhaps not the best vegan baked goods I have ever had, but still good. My favorite was the choc. chip cookie sandwich...the cookies were pretty perfect imo. The pumpkin muffin was yummy, and my bf loved his slice of rasberry choc. cake. The doughnuts were kinda dry, but still good (even though very small).
The second time we went we got some things to go (the cookie sandwhich, a doughnut, the raspberry cake, and the pumpkin muffin) and it was $17. I didn't really think this was uncommonly expensive (vegan desserts always seem high), but I probably wouldn't go here much if I was local.
I had no problem with the service.

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Wow, buy a cupcake for $3.65 - Edit

The cupcake was a la vegan betty crocker mix with really good icing. Price: a little steep.We would love to see every vegan place succeed to give us more options, but using spelt flower should not drive up the price by $2.50 per cupcake.

Pros: vegan

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Good but could be better. - Edit

A little out of the way, but that's not a problem for a place that's worth it. The frosting on these cupcakes were amazing. Not like the store brand generic frosting you are used to. The Red Velvet cupcake was a hit in our group. The brownie and banana cupcakes were also amazing. Although the chocolate and carrot were sort of plain tasting.

The service at Babycakes left something to be desired, a little bit rude. People have off days, but if they had even tried a bit it would have made the price and walk worth it. When we asked for suggestions we were given the plain vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. Is that what they are famous for?

So bottom line is it was good, but it could have been better.

Pros: Frosting, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Brownie

Cons: Price, Service

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Not impressed - Edit

Not situated in the nicest area of NYC but as tourists we were determined to visit as many vegan places whilst there. Very disappointing. It was like walking into a sorority house with all the girls behind the counter too busy talking to each other to give much customer service. Horrible techno music blaring out didn't help - not fitting for a cute bakery that they're trying to create. We ordered two cupcakes and two coffees (we had to pour the soya milk in them ourselves!!) and the server was not friendly. Very expensive. The cakes were lovely but nothing I couldn't make from the great recipes on the Parsley Soup website. There were also lots of posters and messages on display about how healthy the ingredients were for people with heart problems and other ailments. Come off it, whilst using spelt and the oils they use is a better choice this is still cakes which are not the healthiest of choices so don't try and pretend otherwise! A cake is a nice treat, not a remedy for heart conditions - not sure that message is great really, they should just sell the cakes rather than try and preach health messages. Wouldn't recommend - there are lots of lovely vegan puddings to be had at other NYC places that it's not worth going to the area, being deafened with rubbish music for these expensive cupcakes!

Pros: food well presented, tasty cupcakes

Cons: expensive, horrible atmosphere, poor customer service

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Just plain good - Edit

I love Babycakes; I've been going there almost since they opened, and whenever I feel like treating myself, I go there and get some stuff. Their "skinny buns" are pricey at $5 a pop, but I like to get them and have them for breakfast. Although I'm not gluten-sensitive, they offer both spelt and gluten-free cupcakes. I'm worried about my blood sugar, which is "high-normal," and I feel pretty safe about indulging here.

I got a birthday cake made there one year, and I found that in terms of quality and quantity, it was an awesome cake! (Yes, I shared.)

Naturally, when I go here, I check their counter first to see what, if any, day-olds they've put out. For a while, they didn't even bake on Mondays and sold their day-old stock at half off; unfortunately, they don't do that currently.

Pros: vegan, gluten free, sugar free

Cons: crowded, tiny, no bathroom

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I've had much better. - Edit

I had heard mixed reviews about Baby Cakes, but from the experience I had today, I won't bother going back. Today I had the vanilla cupcake. I was almost willing to look past the fact that it was small and very expensive, but the frosting was heavy and didn't even taste that great. As I bit into the cupcake, I thought I accidentally ordered a corn muffin- It was try and almost flavorless.

When I first walked in I was expecting a small, cute bakery, but instead found a small, dirty one with an unimpressive showcase.

Next time I was good vegan dessert, I'll go to Atlas Cafe and pick up some Vegan Treats.

Pros: Vegan, Easy to find

Cons: Dirty, Dry, Unimpressive

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Not worth it - Edit

This is the kind of place you visit once to see it and never return again. The cupcakes are small as the ones you could bake at home in a toaster oven (which I do). Yes, some varieties contain "expensive" ingredients like agave nectar for sweetener (which they charge even more for). But that does not justify the insane prices for what you get. If you are on a budget, I recommend you come in right after a large meal and buy the bite-size brownie mini-cupcake (micro cupcake more like it) for about a buck!

Pros: Cute shop, Fair selection

Cons: Insane prices

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An Option - Edit

I was told Babycakes was the go-to bakery in NYC for Vegans. I stopped by there twice during my visit, mainly because I wanted to give it a second chance after my first. During my first visit I got the red velvet cupcake and a chocolate chip cookie. The frosting of the cupcake and cookie both were good, but the cupcake itself was very dry, flavorless, and just disappointing. I decided to go back a few days later and got the vegan donut and a cookie cream sandwich. The donut was soft and cake-like (not the Dunkin Donuts type), it was also very small. I like both of items a lot, so this more than made up for my first visit; however those two items cost $9 and I didn't like them enough to spend that amount there on a regular basis. I did find better tasting baked goods in NYC, so BC wouldn't be my go-to place, but merely an option.

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Amazing vegan cupcakes - Edit

Great place for vegan sweets. They were a bit pricey, but so are the ingredients they use to make them. The shop is adorable and has a lot of personality; it is definitely small, so keep in mind that you may have to take your goodies to go unless you want to stand and uncomfortably scarf down your cupcake. But, you can't complain too much since this is an entire place dedicated to making vegan desserts...you don't find that often.

Pros: Yummy!

Cons: Pricey

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, guilt-free! - Edit

From the moment you walk in the door, you know you're going to have a good experience. The amazing scents of various baked goods hit you immediately as your eyes feast on a delicious array of vegan sweets. It looks too good to be true, but it's not. The food tastes every bit as good as it looks, and it looks phenominal! They make a point to use as little sugar as they can without sacrificing flavor, usually by using agave nectar (which is better for you than sugar is and only has a gylcemic index of 11). The only thing that keeps me from going there every day is the cost--because they use expensive ingredients like agave, they can't afford to offer prices as low as some non-vegan bakeries. It's definately worth it to stop there every so often and its especially handy for convincing non-veg friends that vegan food can taste every bit as good as what they're used to. Or in this case, better.

Pros: mostly uses agave nectar, taste!!!

Cons: price, not a lot of seating

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Cute place, good sweets - Edit

This is a cute little bakery with a great selection of muffins, cakes, brownies and cookies. Our chocolate cake and pumpkin cake were both rich, creamy and delicious. Service was super-friendly. My only complaint is that the place gets crowded awfully easily and there's only space for about six people to sit (and even then you'll be bumping elbows and brushing up against other patrons). This is a perfect place for take-out vegan sweets, but not as good as a cafe---that said, they bake wonderful desserts and you'll be tempted to take home a variety of different treats.

Pros: Prices, Service, Taste

Cons: Limited seating

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You won't BELIEVE they're vegan! - Edit

Oh My God. The cakes in this place are AMAZING. I haven't honestly tasted cakes that good since I had to give up dairy, and I do a lot of baking! The cakes I make are considered pretty good, but they're nothing compared to this. I haven't EVER had a cupcake with rich, fudgey, cream cheese-type frosting before. As for the brownies made with agave instead of refined sugar... out of this world!

Bear in mind that I'm from London, which is apparently the second most expensive city in the world to live in. So US $3.50 for a medium-sized cupcake seems fair game to me - I'm used to spending £2 on a cake of similar size at home. But yeah, I spent about $20 in total, and was satisfied for the next few days. Mmmm :)

Pros: So good you won't believe it's vegan

Cons: Expensive for North Americans

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Reviewer Avatar

bake your own. - Edit

the cupcake i had was just ok. but was very small, and no where near the price. the staff wasn't too keen on helping people who weren't regulars.

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Good but not worth the price - Edit

$3.50 for one cupcake? Come on. It was good but not that good. We were sorry we made the trek out to Babycakes. I think it's great that they exist and offer nice vegan treats, but I think a fair price is closer to $1.95 for one cupcake. We got better desserts at Cafe Viva, Zen Palate, and Teany.

Cons: haughty staff, small and cramped

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