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Order from the la carte menu of primary Asian style dishes plus vegan burgers, or choose what you'd like from the buffet and pay by weight. Open Mon-Sat 11:00-21:00, Sun 18:00-21:00.

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First Review by Leasy-lou


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26 Aug 2023

Okay food, could use some deep cleaning

I've had the pho, which was okay, not great, not terrible. But the whole place is a bit too dirty sticky tables, dirty glasses...
And only one person for all - cooking and taking orders, so it's a bit slow.



Points +706

05 Mar 2023

Great vegan Pho

Great pho!
You can order from their menu or use the bufet (pay for a meal weight). Do not expect much from the interior.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-05

Pros: Low prices


Points +148

13 Feb 2023


Výborná vegan Husa velmi doporučuji

Pros: Levné , Velmi dobré, Dobra poloha


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19 Nov 2021

Phenomenal Pho

Vegan City is very affordable and delicious. Even though the restaurant’s interior isn’t too pleasing visually, the food is great!
Especially the pho is an absolute recommendation.

Pros: Completely vegan, Affordable, Buffet and Menu


Points +50

08 Aug 2021

10/10 !!

Definitely have to go there!! Absolutely delicious!!!

Pros: Many options, cheap, big portions


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30 Mar 2021

Cheap and delicious!

Love going to this place, buffet style. My favourite is the sushi. Highly recommend


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17 Feb 2020

Vegan bistro with some ala carte options

Affordable "loving hut" style bistro with both buffet and ala carte options. Cheap and quick but I prefer the other Vegan City at Budecska street. This one is not so nice and cozy as the other location.


Points +116

11 Aug 2019

Great asian buffet assortment

I really enjoyed Vegan City’s buffet as it tasted really good and there was a lot to choose from. I especially enjoyed the burrito which I could eat everyday, I feel like - it all tasted very good.

Pros: Taste, Fairly cheap, Free water

Cons: The credit card machine didn’t work


Points +120

09 Aug 2019

Excellent place!

Probably the best food in europe if you ask me! Very tasty seitan with nice selection of vegetables and sauses. Lots of goodies on menu and if you are powerlifter like me and you need a loads of proteins with calories this place will satisfy you for sure. Buffet is also with nice selection to choosefor your need. Normal nice resturant - not a posh place with small fancy looking portion.

Pros: Tasty, good portion, good prices


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20 Jul 2019


I saw the restaurant passing by in the street and it looked interesting so I checked the reviews here and some were good some were bad, I decided to give it a try and came back later. I ordered a thai curry, it wasn’t really good. There were just four pieces of tofu and it was super oily and the whole thing was drowning into some sauce. I ate it cause I was hungry but it wasn’t the best choice, maybe I should have taken the dumplings or a less risky choice. I don’t recommend it if you’re looking for a delicious meal. It’s not because it’s cheap that it shouldn’t be good. Maybe give a try to some sure dishes (the ones without sauce). There is no music in the restaurant, it didn’t bother me though.

Pros: Cheap, Not crowded

Cons: Not really good, Oily


Points +48

10 May 2019


My boyfriend and I had dinner here because the reviews looked decent. Don’t know why everyone is saying the food is delicious or okay. I’m never picky about food but this was a total downer. No flavour and weird atmosphere. Major food FOMO tonight when we walked past a nice looking Indian restaurant not far down the street. Sorry to be negative but just kinda bummed.

Pros: Dumplings were okay, English menu

Cons: No flavour, Weird atmosphere, Weird decor


Points +32

01 Feb 2019

You won’t believe it’s Vegan

Absolutely delicious! We did the buffet and tried a little of what they had to offer and were seriously impressed! My boyfriend is a new vegan and thought it was incredible. Super sweet staff as well, speaks English and free WiFi!

Pros: Authentic mock meats , Amazing taste , Great price

Cons: Only takes cash


Points +89

04 Jan 2019

Quick and good

Nice place for a cheap and delicious bite in Prague! Everything is labeled at buffet in English too!

Pros: Quick, Good , Cheap


Points +126

01 Aug 2018

Simple but good

Had a good vegan dinner here one night

Pros: Buffet and a la carte available , Attentive service

Cons: Decor very interesting / plastic


Points +20

28 Apr 2018

Very easy

A very nice and welcoming owner. Although he didn’t speak any English he was helpful. The food is good and it is easy to get an overview of the dishes in the buffet. Different kinds of food - Cantonese, Asian and Western. The only thing I missed was so more spices in the food, it’s all very mild. Thank you!


Points +128

21 Feb 2018

Tasty chinese

Place is located on Zizkov, easily accessible via bus from Florenc or any other bus station.

This restaurant is very small but quite cozy, staff is super friendly and they daily prepare fresh vegan Chinese food.

They have small canteen with various food like steamed vegetables, big spring rolls, chinese rice noodles with vegetables, tofu meals, roasted potatoes and so on and on. You pay 21czk for 100g which is a good deal! If you don't like canteen food, you can always order something from Menu. They work during the weeekends too. Recommended!

Pros: Cheap, Good location, Tasty

Cons: small place, bit cold in winter


Points +605

22 Dec 2017

the Classic for vegans of Prague

It has been visited frequently by locals (not only vegans) and foreigners for many years.
There is probably the cheapest Pho in the town without being affraid of finding some pieces of meat like in regular Vietnamese restaurants.
Choice is from rice to fries, soups to cakes, saldas...


Points +146

05 Dec 2017

You get what you can expect

I used to eat here quite often, as i was living just nearby. It is a small place run by vietnamese couple, lot of soy meat and seitan options. The food is not the best, but very fair for the price. After 8pm, you get a plate from buffet for 60 crowns. I wouldnt recommend buffet food after 5pm for the normal price, as it stays there for a longer time. It s not a place you would go for a date, but you can get what you can expect - big portions for reasonable price. Updated from previous review on 2017-12-05

Pros: price, free water

Cons: communication problems sometimes


Points +336

30 Nov 2017

Lots of tasty dishes to choose from

I used to live near to this place so I came quite here often. There is plenty of dishes to choose from, mostly Asian-style and all of the food is very tasty. Actually most of the food is very similar to what you can find in Loving Hut restaurant chain, maybe they share the recipes. It is fast food, so don't expect fancy atmosphere to take your date or have a business dinner.

Pros: All vegan, Tasty food, Plenty to choose from

Cons: Atmosphere


Points +166

26 Sep 2017


The food is okay, but the atmosphere is a bit weird. No music, you only hear the noise from the street and the kitchen...

Pros: Food is okay

Cons: Weird atmosphere


Points +42

06 May 2017

Lunch buffet is great

Lunch buffet on weekdays is great, but in evening and on weekends its not that good. I think this is one of the better ones among lovinghuts/veganlands in Prague when it comes to variety, tastes and freshness.


Points +338

27 Apr 2017

So many options

Slightly overwhelmed at the sheer quantity of dishes on the menu. Me and two friends ended up sharing three of them, all very tasty! I especially recommend the Peking style seitan. Much good food for little money.

Pros: Many options, Cheap, Fake-meat heaven

Cons: Some language-confusion


Points +145

31 Mar 2017

what they said

The only reason to go here is if its the closest vego resto to you and your desperate. You have much better vegan buffets and eateries in the city at the same price point. this was very close to my hostel and every other place was a good 20m walk away. definitely not worth travelling for if your not close.

The food would be so much more pleasant if it were just warm and fresh. My suspicion is that they only replace a dish if its empty, if not i think they let it sit all day. Looking at other reviews it seems to be a common complaint raised and from years back.

Pros: location


Points +100

04 Aug 2016

Easily the worst

This place in Prague 5 is easily the worst place I have ever eaten. We had the buffet (we were hungry, it was the only place to eat) and I would never go there again! The food had obviously been sitting around a long time, it was very greasy and the flavour combinations were... odd, to say the least. Tofu in jelly-style dill sauce is certainly not a dish I'll be looking to recreate at home, put it that way. Whilst we were eating our food, a tall imposing man appeared from the back and went over to the TV, where he turned the channel onto a DVD of Supreme Master Ching Hai. He stood there with his finger on the button staring around the gathered diners threateningly, for the entirety of the rest of our meal. We ate our terrible food quickly and then left. I would not go to this place again and definitely wouldn't recommend it to others.


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14 Jun 2016

Won't go back

When we saw the reviews of Vegan City Fast Food, we thought it would be a nice place to visit. But it turned out to be a disaster.. The place looked very sober and cheerless. But we gave it a try anyway. We both ordered the vegan burger and springrolls. The springrolls tasted very gross. The burgers were the worst.. they had a lot of weird tasting sauce on it. It was like the burger came just out of the microwave. Even the red onion on it was burned, it was black. The fries were very oily and the mayonnaise had no taste. Everything was bad. I'm not someone who will complain about food very quick because I love food and eat almost everything, but after a few bites I knew I should stop eating the food. I felt very rude because we paid and left whilst we ate just a few bites but I just couldn't eat it, the food was just horrible.
The service could also be better, the girl who worked here looked a bit grumpy and wasn't willing to help us.
That night me and my friend's stomach hurt a lot.. The next days we had the worst diarrhea..
Not a nice experience. I didn't like this place but maybe it is good for Czech people because they could have a different taste and are used to lots of oil... I don't know. But I certainly wouldn't recommend this place when you visit Prague!

Pros: cheap

Cons: bad food, bad service, too fat


Points +28

10 Nov 2015

Love it!

This place was close to my hostel and I went here most days. Food was delicious and cheap! You can put it on your plate yourself so it is easy to get as much as you like.

There is lots of choice and everything I tried was tasy. The woman working there was friendly.

when I was there it was 22 crowns for 100 gram and for about 4 euro I had a huge plate of food

Pros: Cheap, delicious


Points +41

29 Oct 2015

So tasty!

We dropped in on this place to eat quickly, as we had a little time, and we did'nt expect anything special from the atmosphere and cuisine. But it turned out to be a surprise: delicious food and excellent service. The menu and the buffet contain a lot of options suited to every fancy. There we tasted rare fruit drinks and appetizing hotplates.
The stuff is very friendly. Keep up the good work.

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