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11 Vauxhall Grove, South West London, England


I received lots of good feedbacks before going, but unfortunately it betrayed them all. atmosphere is casual... too casual probably (and I am all but posh). menu was poor: obliged choices for vegans, quite small portions and simple plates for an unfair prize. maybe I picked an unlucky night, but next time i will surely go somewhere else.

185 Bleecker St, New York City, USA

Great but chaotic

they offer absolutely tasty food with an excellent price/portion ratio. the only problem is the lack of seating compared with the number of customers they have. You really have to fight for a seat and could also wait long time with your plate in your hands before a chair becomes available.

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, England

Still very good!

Last year I was amazed by this place; I thought it was the best vegan place on Earth. this year maybe my expectation were too high, so i was not so impressed, but I still think it's a great place to eat. If you are in Bristol, you must go!
Updated from previous review on Friday August 24, 2012

Unit 2 Upper Dean Street, Birmingham, England

Awesome Chinese

I really recommend this place if you want some good chinese (or vietnamese) food. They say they love soya and they actually prove it serving very tasty food. Mock meat and tofu dishes, but also plenty of other vegan options.
Quite big portions: I am a bottomless pit but struggled to finish two dishes + boiled rice. Price seems fair, I paid £ 15 for my dinner.

197 Meserole St, Brooklyn, USA

Very Satisfying!

Great atmosphere and food. the tempeh wings, mozzarella sticks and the buffalo sandwich were super; the red velvet pancakes and the cheesecakes were delicious.
Portions are good and prices normal for NYC.
Champs is highly recommended!

277 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, USA

Nice Surprise

ok, I was lost in Brooklyn trying to find Prospect Park and I found this place. They offer a wide range of Vegan cakes and they all look nice. I tried the chocolate and peanut cheesecake which was very good. the maple scone was tasty as well.
I think it has not the fame it deserves unfortunately, but I recommend it if in the area.

299 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, USA

Not memorable

An ok blackberry muffin and a too crumbly gluten-free chocolate cookie cake. Not the best.

Topete 32, Madrid, Spain

Very Good!

The last restaurant I tried when I was in Madrid it was the best one! the normal price for the menu at lunch is 9.50€, but I paid 8€ because of a vegetarian day, what a luck! :) you can choose one between two first plates, a second between four (if I remember correctly) and a dessert, even if when I went there was not a "real" vegan dessert (apple compote)...
The place is quite small, so is possible you have to wait if in group. I was alone so I hadn't problems.
finally, I recommend it as the first place to eat visiting in this city: it is not located in the commercial area, but with the subway you'll have no problems to reach it!

12 Moore Street, Dublin, Ireland


Cheap buffet with different curries to choose. Not the best I have ever had, but surely decent. I was in a rush so have not tried the food on the menu. Looking at the other tables it looked ok, normal portions. The interior is essential but the indian music hits on tv make it a bit more joyous. It's ok for a quick meal and if you want to save some money in a quite expensive city.

Queens and Long Island, Queens, USA

Christmas Market

It was called Marty's V Burger when I went there in a month ago... beside this, the burger is ok, appropriate for a quick snack.

Via Giovannipoli 18, Rome, Italy

notable place

it was the first vegan place in Rome and it was exciting when it opened some year ago. I came here several times, but I realized I never had a comment on HappyCow. anyway, Rewild is still a comfortable and friendly place. It has a big choice of sandwiches and similar to have an easy dinner. prices are ok considering the cost of raw materials and food is tasty. Fair trade drinks are good. I did not check if there still are board games and cards to have fun during/after your meal, but you can bring your own and play. free tap water is not an unimportant detail for roman standard. definitively I recommend it and then a night tour of popular block Garbatella.

Curved St, Dublin, Ireland

Good effort...

but honestly, I think they can do it better. not enough for the "pass mark", I appreciate the try though in a city that offers just few options for hungry vegans. the mexican salad was basically onions and a dull guacamole. the quinoa-and-something-else salad had just a teaspoon of quinoa... not satisfied by this experience, I'd give them another chance just to check if it was only a bad day. they don't sell alcohol before 5pm. after that time (remember that lunch is served until 5 o'clock), it's apparently the only pub in the city centre where you can find vegan beers in bottle (8° sunburnt)... or at least it's the only one that promotes it on the board.

via del Mattonato, 42. Trastevere, Rome, Italy

Nothing Special

I went after reading the enthusiastic reviews on this site, but i really found them too much positive... Yes, it's vegan, it's good, but nothing more. Portions are not big, there's not a lot to choose and... plastic bottle water?! rome has the best water in the world, why they don't use it? and the bread? i expected something home made, not industrial... surely I paid too much for what I ate. moreover, the environmental is too much hippie to me...sorry, but if i can choose, i go to other place!

Via Tuscolana 1388/B, Rome, Italy

not bad

Small and aseptic place. I couldn't understand if it is an actual choice or the owner doesn't want to invest money in it because he thinks it's gonna be a failure... a part from this, vegan sandwiches are not pushed enough, so customers will have to ask to know the options. anyway they're nice and quite big, i'd say good value for money; different kind of bread, good range of fillings. I recommend it if you are nearby, but probably not to go specifically there. positive detail: they use different chopping boards for veg stuff.

89 E 42th St, New York City, USA

Nice Pizza

I had just a couple of slices so not enough to fully get the actual quality. The pizza was alrigt anyway, with a nice crunchy base.
They push a lot the vegan options with flyers and posters, which is a plus.

Piazza di Santa Rufina, 6, Rome, Italy

Good idea

a vegan fast food chain is a lovely idea, especially if it offers plenty of choices to be in trouble about what to pick. probably the "fast food system" is to perfect, creating menu like sandwich+drink+soy meatballs for example. but i think it's a very good start. enjoyable.

33 Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, Wales

Nice place

Food is good but surely not memorable. Portions are big and there are lots of vegan desserts. We spent £7 each for a good lunch.

58-60 Avonleigh Rd, Bedminster, Bristol, England

Good takeaway

lots of vegan dishes with different types of fake meat. Probably not very healthy too, but if lazy and with no will to cook, this is a good solution.

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