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Seasoned Vegan

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55 St. Nicholas Ave (at Harlem, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10026

Vegan eatery providing a menu of changing themed specials. The meats are made from blends of soy, bean curd, tarot root, mushroom, yam, and vegetables. Re-opened at this location in 2014. Open Tue-Fri 5:00pm-10:00pm, Sat 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Organic, Juice bar, Take-out, Caribbean, Catering, Southern American

Reviews (25)

First Review by DJL2011

Harlem's Seasoned Vegan is Plant-Based Food for the Soul - Edit

Seasoned Vegan uses the term ‘soul food’ loosely as they aren’t referring to typical cuisine specific to the Southern region of the United States, but rather any food prepared by a chef who uses flavorful ingredients and infuses love and care into the process (trust us, you can taste that love!) Seasoned Vegan's menu offers a variety of foods from cooked and raw appetizers, fresh juice smoothies, salads, burgers, wraps, cooked and raw entrees including a special of the month, along with hot and cold beverages and dessert.

We ordered the tuna melt and BBQ riblets. The latter came with collard greens, and sweet potato soufflé, although we substituted mac-n-cheese for the soufflé, for it was a day for comfort food, it was a day for creamy vegan cheese!

We were happily surprised to also receive a mixed greens salad to start everything off, so we deer-noshed on the crispest field greens tossed in a sweet, fresh vinaigrette.

The BBQ riblets were sweet and filling (think General Tso’s), and the sides were amazing! The classic collard greens with umami tomatoes were spot-on, and that absolute “OMG cheesy” mac-n-cheese was no joke; rich, tangy and filling, the ideal accompaniment for a cold day. However, it was the tuna-melt that stole the show. Seasoned Vegan's tuna melt was a perfect blend of toothsome chopped protein, rich melted cheese and creamy vegan mayo, seasoned to perfection and served inside a toasted tortilla wrap.

Seasoned Vegan is an absolute gem. If you are in search of soulful plant-based food prepared with love, give Seasoned Vegan a visit, and then return again and again!


Pros: Black Owned Business, Plant-Based (No Meat, No Dairy), Located in historic, gorgeous Harlem

Cons: One server for full dining room., BBQ sauce was a little too sweet

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A gem in Harlem - Edit

We went there recently on a Friday night and it was quite full, but they still had room for two people. The atmosphere is nice, if a tad too loud to be comfortable (though I've noticed that in a lot of NYC restaurants). We each had an entree, the pepper steak and the BBQ riblets (weekly special). Both came with a salad and two sides of our choice: we got collard greens (special), mac and cheese, broccoli, and sweet potato soufflé (special). The salad was nothing special but anyway nice, we had forgotten that we'd get one when they brought it :-) The mac and cheese might have been the best that I've had in NYC, I truly enjoyed it. The sweet potatoes were also extremely tasty and nicely spiced. The "meat" had a good texture. The BBQ riblets were tasty thanks to being slathered in BBQ sauce. The pepper steak I found quite bland - it was not particularly pepper-y and lacked flavor overall.
I appreciated the portion size - I typically find myself unable to finish almost all meals served at restaurants, and I am generally not that bad of an eater.
We shared a marshmallow/chocolate/chocolate ganache (something like that) cupcake for dessert that was quite nice, but nothing I'd go back there for.
The price was perfectly alright - $15-18 for an entree with two sides and a salad that will leave you satisfied.

It's great to see a place like this in the neighborhood. The clientele was also a nice change from other vegan restaurants in lower Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-17

Pros: affordable, delicious, great service and a nice place in upper Manhattan

Cons: noisy, some foods may be bland

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meh - Edit

I visited Seasoned Vegan in Harlem in December 2015 after a race in Central Park. We ordered the pizza quesadilla with fried chicken, the Harlem chopped cheeseburger wrap, and the po' boy wrap with fried "crawfish" that was actually made out of burdock. While the restaurant itself was cute, I have to say the entire experience was mediocre at best. We waited an inordinate amount of time to just place our order. The restaurant was not even that crowded.

The pizza quesadilla was a little sweeter than I was expecting. The fried chicken was very good. I was a little disappointed to see that the quesadilla was made out of the same wrap used for both our sandwiches, and more disappointed to see that the sandwiches seemed to be almost identical except for the substitute meat product used. To be fair, the fried crawfish was very good. I've had the vegan po' boy at V-Life on Seventh Ave in Midtown and the Seasoned Vegan's po' boy is much better. It actually tastes like a fried crawfish and it's not dry like the V-Life version.

That being said, I'm not sure that I would return to Seasoned Vegan.

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Great local option, highly recommended! - Edit

Vegan choices in my neighborhood are very limited so it's great to finally have a place to rely on. The quality and flavor of the food great and always consistent. My favorite items on the menu are the crawfish entree, crawfish po boy and SV burger. The food is a bit pricey if you have a big appetite. I'd love a heftier portion and would even be willing to pay a little more for a more satisfying experience. I wish I could give it 4.5 stars

Pros: Consistent flavor , Reliable , Friendly service

Cons: Costly , Small portions , Wait time could use improvement

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My New Favorite - Edit

I absolutely love Seasoned Vegan because it stays true to its name. All the dishes I tried were so flavorful and well seasoned. It has the kind of menu that makes you think there may actually be meat in some of the things you're eating, so it's an excellent place to drag your omni friends to and show them what vegans eat. The staff is incredibly friendly. Ms. B (the owner) is almost always in the back and she is one of the nicest restaurant owners I've ever met. This is a must try!

Pros: Delicious food, Amazing staff

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Fantastic vegan restaurant - Edit

I am truly amazed by this restaurant, they serve really tasty food inspired by classic american dishes, made vegan. Really friendly staff and quick service. I would definitely go again. Also, delicious raw cheesecake for desert

Pros: Impressively tasty, Nice staff, Quick service

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Yum - Edit

In the UK we had become used to the same handful of vegan options, so the interesting menu at Seasoned Vegan was enough to get us to trek over there straight off the plane. We were glad we did; excellent food, excellent value, excellent staff. Make sure you try this place if you haven't already. We both had the 'chicken' parmesan wrap which was absolutely delicious and we hope to try more of the menu before we leave!

Pros: Delicious, Affordable, Good service

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Guilt-Free Recidivisim! - Edit

Oh sweet blissful cheeseburger verisimilitude. When impure nostalgic cravings take control get thee to Harlem where texture and flavor conspire to devilishly sate the cruelest culinary impulse guilt-free! Even if your "minimal standard of decency" includes the use of animal products you owe yourself the 'cheddar cheeseburger' from the seasoned vegan. My 5 year old omnivorous son swears that he'd choose the chicken nuggets here over anything included in a happy meal (if they came with a toy). gratifying umami and saucy soul sublimate carnivorous urgency through the crawfish po'boy. Bring friends and share your entrées. I thought that I had perfected baked vegan mac&cheese. Tonight, I humbly - and with toasty comfort - concede defeat. Takes an hour for delivery to park and 117- but it is well worth the wait (and the food comes hot). Its a little above our budget for twice-a-week delivery, so we'll move some numbers around to accommodate.

Pros: exceedingly delicious

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One of my favorite places in NY - Edit

When I lived in New York, I was glad to see that there was a vegan place in Harlem, where I lived at the time.

I was quite excited to go there and certainly wasn't let down: I've had different proteins there - tried the "crawfish", "chicken" nuggets, bbq ribs... All really tasty. I had mac'n'cheese and the veggie medley as side dishes the first time... and after that didn't bother trying any of the other side dishes because I would be happy eating nothing but mac'n'cheese and the veggies for the rest of my life. LOVED it. I took a couple of my friends (not all vegans) there and they loved it, too!

The only thing I wouldn't recommend are the cupcakes. Maybe I'm spoiled because I make some really mean cupcakes from scratch myself, but I just don't see how the cupcakes were worth their money. They were not bad, but very simple and very overpriced.

Service was always good and attentive. We met the chef once and she is a delight!

Pros: Great Food, Good Service, Awesome Floor

Cons: Cupcakes

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Not only is the food delicious at Seasoned Vegan, but the atmosphere and vibe of the place is super welcoming, and inviting. On my first visit there (shortly after they opened), the host greeted my friend and I with a big smile and a sample of one of their tasty smoothies before seating us for lunch. The waiter was equally friendly, and gave us great suggestions for what we should order (basil "crawfish" was my fave!). Then Aaron (half of the mother & son ownership team) came by and talked to us for a while. I felt like I was in his home, and that he was so excited to have us over.

I've been a couple times since and have no complaints...Oh, except that I'm sad they are no longer open for lunch on the weekday :(
Otherwise Seasoned Vegan is a welcome addition to our neighborhood. I can't wait to go back to have their po'boy again!

Pros: friendly staff, delicious food, great location

Cons: closed for lunch, not the healthiest

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Best Meal - Edit

I had the brunch special which included their "crawfish" and grits with "cheese". It was excellent - maybe the best vegan restaurant meal I've had in the past 2 years. The flavors were slightly surprising and delicious - maybe even better, but at least equal to, the original dishes on which they were inspired. I plan to dine here on a regular basis.

Pros: Delicious food, Very helpful, friendly staff, Reasonable prices

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Great food, nice ambience - Edit

We really enjoyed our stay at the Seasoned Vegan. Unfortunately we arrived shortly before their lunch break, so we advice you to check out their opening hours before going there.

We had the stuffed avocado and the cheese and chicken wrap. Both dishes tasted delicious and were prepared skilfully and lovingly, despite the approaching lunch break.

We definitely will come back when we are back in the area.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff, Welcoming atmosphere

Cons: Closed during lunch break, A little pricy (but worth it)

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Disappointing - Edit

I was so excited to check out Seasoned Vegan that I literally picked it out days before I got to NYC. It is a real let down.

The appetizer: chicken salad and chicken nuggets.

Chicken salad was very good: crunchy and fresh.

Chicken nuggets: above average. The server insisted we try both sauces (for an extra .50). I would be impressed if I had never had BBQ sauce in life.

I had high hopes going into the entree.

BBQ ribs with Mac and cheese and coconut yams:

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Looove this place. - Edit

I order delivery from this place so often that I think they can tell my address by my voice.

Delicious mock meat and seafood entrees - their mock seafood is way better than the competition IMO. I also enjoy their take on vegan mac'n'cheese. And the desserts!! That salted chocolate chip pecan cookie is to die for as are all the cupcakes. Seasoned Vegan is an extremely welcome addition to the neighborhood.

They raised their prices for dinner a bit after the grand opening so it's no longer the cheapest place around, but lunch is still a great value.

My only very minor complaint is that their specials change daily so without calling or going to the restaurant it can be a little hard to know exactly what your options will be.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff

Cons: not a huge menu

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Fun to try - Edit

The mac and cheese was good (I was craving this), the lemon-crusted chicken nuggets were bland, but came with a good sauce. The masala chicken was pretty oily and not the greatest. The stuffed avocado was great though - good for getting a fix of fresh food. The desserts were amazing! The Manhattan fruit crumble was a wonderful mix of peaches and pears and the cinnamon roll cupcake was great.

Pros: Friendly staff, Great desserts

Cons: No bathroom, Had to request water

1 Response

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SquirrelofNOM 23 Mar 2015 - Hey, since you listed "no bathroom" as a "con" point, I wanted to point out, they actually do have a bathroom. If you walk past the counter, it's a little hidden to the very left.

Wonderful food and service - Edit

My wife and I had an amazing meal at the Seasoned Vegan while on vacation in NYC. Both my wife's raw meal and my cooked one were so flavourful, the plating presentation was appealing to the eyes, and the service was great too! An added touch was having the owner, Miss Brenda come out of the kitchen and talk to each patron.

Pros: Delicious food, Great service and food presentation, Lovely decor

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Grand Opening - Edit

In June 2012 Season Vegan held a Kick Starter campaign and surpassed its goal of $20,000.

This past Saturday they held a jolly Grand Opening with seats filled well into the evening, music and ah-MAY-zing food.

Vegan from top to bottom, it is not just the food that is wonderful at Seasoned Vegan. The art on the walls is stunning, the staff is warm and accurate and the overall vibe made for a very pleasant meal.

My family each got different entrés and the special that night was a crispy fried "chicken." My "Crawfish" in Basil Sauce was another mock meat like none I had ever had before and I know I will order it again. We had appetizers and dessert and when our son kindly picked up the bill he said, "The prices is really reasonable!"

The food was all presented really well even though they were slammed with customers. The sides of Mac and "Cheese", veggies and starches were nicely seasoned.

The best part honestly is the staff. Pascal greeted us warmly, stopped by to check on us and fill us in on a little history of the place and challenged us to guess how many pennies it took to decorate the unique floor (I won't spoil the guessing game for you)! One of the cooks/chefs came out to see how we liked our food and we left with hugs all around. How many places can you come in a stranger and leave hugging the staff!?

Harlem is blessed with this restaurant so make the trip (subway stop close by)and you will be so glad you did.

Pros: wonderful staff, vegan comfort food presented with class, lovely restaurant

Cons: parking is tricky - take the subway

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Seasoned Vegan Hiding in Harlem - Edit

For the full review and pics see my blog Marty's Flying Vegan Review at www.martysnycveggiereview.blogspogt.com

Life is serendipitous. Look in just the right place at just the right time and you spend the rest of your life with your soulmate. Sliding Doors and all that.

So I was bored and just looking at my iPhone Tweetdeck and I see the menu of the day scroll by. Serendipitous, right? I ask half heartedly where this feast is being served thinking there are a million places I'm NOT going to be this beautiful fall day, ready to file it away for a visit to some distant city, but the answer actually is the one place I AM going to be. (Or could easily take a little detour to). 283 West 118th Street. I'm game. You never know, in New York City, about a neighborhood. Or a particular block. You can find either a diamond in the rough or a blemish in a diamond. As you can see in the picture below this area of New York City has new Co-ops going up and still has blocks of what the quintessential NY is architecturally known for; brownstones. This isn't really Harlem but Morningside Heights. I just liked the Hiding in Harlem title. What goes with Morningside Heights? MMMmmm...?

This "restaurant" is a little subspace inside of a little space called Lee Lee's Bakery. Lee's has it's own, (non vegan) history and a tradition of baking Jewish traditional sweets like rugaluch, and it was a tad disappointing, although I'm trying to limit my sweets to between none and non existent, to not be able to sample Mr. Lee's delicious looking treats.

There is nothing indicating that a vegan establishment lives here. You just gotta know.

You have to force your eyes away from the sweets and 90 degrees to your right is a hot counter manned by Aaron, the chef/owner's son. About 10 items await your selection and there is a standup menu board at...

Aaron is dishing out the comfort on a plate. Mom was out and didn't get back before I left so I owe her a picture.

Different days have different themes and this was Soul Saturday. Others are Fish Friday and Italian Night. All vegan. I got the XXLarge plate for 15 bucks plus an extra side for 4. XXL. It sort of sounds like I'm just a fat man buying a shirt. I'd work on those names a bit.

I had a taste of the Lemon Crispy Nugget and although I could see chowing down on 6 or 20 of them with a side of fries I opted for the more sauced items. I just like to sample the work of the chef and a fried nugget turns my

Pros: menu changes daily, flavorful comfort food, friendly staff

Cons: tiny venue, street parking, not one in my neighborhood

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Food is a 15 out of 10 - Edit

It's my favorite restaurant. The food is great. They have the best imitation chicken. The macaroni and cheese is good. I like how they season the yams. I highly recommend this to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are vegetarian.

Pros: Great Food, Great Customer Service, Near the C train

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