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Vegan Indian food cart making dosas. Take-out only. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-3:00pm.

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First Review by Yeliz


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01 Jun 2023

A must go

I love this man. Show up right around 11 or before to catch him setting up and get in the line early. Yummy dosas and all vegan.

Pros: All vegan, Cheap



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16 May 2023

Worth the wait!

Ny dosas lives up to the hype! Thiru is extremely kind and I love making small talk with him while he prepares my order. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience and one of the friendliest people you'll meet. All items are delicious and he asks how spicy you want the order so that you can add however much you like. Can't go wrong with the Masala dosa and samosa!

Pros: Delicious food, Affordable, Big portion

Cons: Long line (worth the wait)


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13 Apr 2023

Incredible, Worth the Wait

So so good! Very friendly man, the food is definitely worth the wait!

Pros: all vegan, delicious food

Cons: long wait


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18 Feb 2023

Delicious and such a treat on a warm day!

We had so much fun and were able to get dosas just as he was running out for day. We were so happy to have made it just in time and enjoyed a wonderful lunch in the park.


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21 Sep 2022

Worth the wait

I didn't believe the other reviews - but the food was indeed worth the hour long wait. The man making the dosas was super nice, and the food has been great every time I've been. Would recommend spicy masala dosa (pretty mild) and the samosas


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25 Aug 2022

Great food, great experience!

We got the masala dosa, the Pondicherry dosa and a samosa, and everything was delicious! I also loved the experience of watching the crispy, fresh dosas getting made right in front of me. The owner was super friendly and was letting people with small kids get ahead of the line, which was pretty long but moved along quite fast.

You get to choose the level of spiciness in your dosas, medium was perfect for me as I like pretty spicy food.


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10 Jul 2022

Worth the wait

2 1/2 hour wait on a Saturday but you get to watch him make your dosa to order (spicy? Yes please!)
As good as reported. He is very friendly with his guests and happy to take selfies. And he accepts Venmo if you don’t carry cash.

GF Cookie Monster

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14 Jan 2022

Affordable, QUALITY South Indian street food

This isn't a restaurant, it's a food cart in Washington Square Park, near NYU. The food has been consistently good over many years. Most or all the items are gluten-free. It's mostly dosas (made from rice and lentil flour) filled with potatoes, vegetables, and spices. Affordable enough that you could eat here everyday if you lived nearby.

Pros: Gluten-free options, Extremely reasonable prices, Spicy and non-spicy options


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29 Oct 2021

Nothing Better

Iconic NYC vegan, South Indian food. Amazing that this delicious food comes from a cart. He grows many of the veggies in his garden. Best bang for the buck in NY.

Pros: Delicious, Satiating , High quality ingredients

Cons: Very long line (but moves pretty fast)


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27 Apr 2021

Amazing, amazing, amazing

Don't miss this!

You can check his latest hours on Facebook/Twitter because he has inconsistent hours.


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24 Jan 2021

Simply the best vegan lunch in NY.

Crepe made with fermented rice and lentils filled with potatoes and 14 different vegetables. Served with different chutneys and lentil soup. Samosas are also great.

Pros: Ingredient Quality/Freshness, Delicious , Bang for the Buck


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19 Sep 2020

Amazing dosa

Really close to NYU, amazing dosas for a quick lunch, great spicing and friendly service. Prepare to que up :)


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10 Dec 2019

A must do!

The sweetest owner and a proud vegan foe 22 years. Such a sweetheart. The food is incredible.


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29 Sep 2019

Best vegan food in NYC. There, I said it

Granted, I did not stay long enough in the city to eat all the vegan food, and I know it is almost impossible to do so. But on my trip, I tried to hit the highlights- Champs, Bakeries, Donuts, Vegan Dim Sum- nothing. I mean nothing, compared to NY Dosas. Fantastic food. I could eat this and this only for the rest of my life and be content. Thiru Kumar is a GEM. Get the Pondicherry!

Pros: Everything. EVERYTHING is a pro.

Cons: Absolutely no cons at all


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24 May 2019

Excellent Dosas!

I had the #2 Special Pondicherry and a Samosa. On a nice day, there's nothing better than sitting in the park and having a great lunch. The owner is truly as nice of a guy as you'll ever meet. I think he opens at 11:30am. That's when I got there and he was just getting started. The line gets long quick, but it's worth it if you have the time.


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24 Dec 2018

it seems tasty

passed by and decided to eat there, the service and the kitchen very much. I think I will come again


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25 Jun 2018

Delicious Dosas

It's been a few years since I've been here but I remember the food being really good and the owner was really nice. It is a cart by NYU so it has limited hours. If you're in the area you should give it a try.

Pros: food and prices

Cons: hours


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12 Jun 2018

Definitely a must try

Loved the food. Lots of options at a good price. I would recommend it to anyone.


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26 Apr 2018

Great food, friendly service

Great food truck. Look up the position on Google Maps. Check Twitter to be sure the store is open.
During Lunch time there was a long waiting line. Was worth it though.

Pros: Good food, Cheap, Friendly

Cons: Long waiting time during Lunch


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09 Apr 2018

17 yrs Washington Sq Park across from law school

Follow Sullivan Street right into the park vegan 17 years first dose a plain goes to the birds because his mother taught him always be kind to animals /// amazing food very kind man. You can really just taste the food vegetables. It’s amazing to know that he’s been here for so many years and into word. It was very touching to see him give the birds the first dosa plain - Highly recommend supporting him

Price good generous generous food. He uses some oil but not a lot and the seasoning is just excellent you can get it as spicy as you want or not.

There’s also a bathroom right there you can wash your hands we can sit in the parking and eat.

The only criticism I have is if you take the food to go and Styrofoam

Pros: Excellent customer service, Really incredible seasoning, Not oily

Cons: Styrofoam


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18 Sep 2017

Super tasty!

There's a reason this place is so highly rated, and as you'd hope it is the food!
Big serves of fresh tasty food at a very reasonable price.


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05 May 2017

excellent south indian vegan food

We had a lovely lunch here on our last day in new york. If it hadn't have been our last day we'd have come here more .

Loved the food and the vegan vendor.

Great dosas and lunch curry. And with different levels of spicyness to suit different palates
Filling and decent portion sizes. And only 7 dollars each. Bargain.

Pros: all vegan, great friendly vendor, super tasty and cheap

Cons: outside (for bad days)


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25 Nov 2016


The dosas were so tasty and I liked that he asked how spicy and then made them accordingly. It was nice to sit in Washington Park and eat this. Wish I was staying longer to try it again!

Pros: reasonable price


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22 Aug 2016

Loved it!

Great tasting, healthy, affordable food in a lovely park. Really enjoyed having these dosa's for lunch!


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04 Jan 2016

Best food cart!

The Dosa Man is unbeatable and makes yummy food! It is a great experience to enjoy his food sitting on a table, enjoying the sun and spotting all the things happening in the square. I believe it's very typical.
Check on his twitter page if he's there to avoid disappointment.


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Mostly Veg
04 Apr 2013

Great Lunch

Check twitter to make sure the cart is going to be in the park!!!
I go here for lunch quite often. Usually get the Pondicherry or the Vegetable Uthappam. The soup is super spicy so be careful. Samosa is good, too.

Pros: Vegan, Reasonably Priced

Cons: Schedule can be erratic, Uses styrofoam


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20 May 2010

Wow, delicious!

I had to take a couple of laps around the park to find him, but, boy, am I glad I did. The man who runs the cart was incredibly friendly, and whipped up my dosa very quickly. I just asked him to make me whichever dosa he'd recommend, and I ended up with an enormous plate of goodness. The dosa had a mixture of veggies, with potatoes in the forefront. Plus he added some lentils on the side. For $7 I had enough food to completely fill two people. I sat in the park and enjoyed this wonderful treat, and noticed passersby eying me enviously.

Pros: vegan dosas, friendly cook, food cart fun!

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