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Vantra Vitao

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25-27 Oxford St, London, England, W1F 0TE

Re-opened Nov 2013 after brief closure. May also use the name Vantra. Vegan organic cafe offering a buffet of salads and hot dishes, or choose from the extensive menu. Vegetarian, vegan, and raw food. They now charge by weight of food taken from buffet. Moved from 74 Wardour St, Soho. Note: Vitao London has now teamed up with Vantra London Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-11:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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Reviews (151)

First Review by chaval

Amazing food great prices - Edit

Truley vegan and super healthy food. you wont find any sugar or junk food here yet the desserts are absolutely delicious. eat here before 5pm and its really cheap ... fill a box for less than £8 from a healthy buffet with lots of creative dishes. in the evening food is weighed so costs more , although they still do take outs at day prices. Juices and smoothies are amazing. Owner and staff superfriendly and very hospitable.

Pros: great food, great prices, very helpful people

Cons: can be busy, in evenings better to book , wish it was my local

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Interesting atmosphere - Edit

I liked the unexpected design of this busy streetside café, something like African-meets-woodland-Fairy-grotto.
Pay per weight is a nice and relaxed way to dine, the food that was being kept warm was very inviting, but I was already full from scouting around other vegan places in London so I only had one of their Immunity juices (a bit pricey).
The place was empty when I came in, but filled up very quickly several times. The counter area is a bit too narrow for larger groups, so you end up queuing in the street or inside the café, thus blocking other customers.

Pros: Atmosphere

Cons: Small counter area

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Great food and good taste - Edit

The part I like the most is they seldom use onion and garlic. And they use herbs extensively but the the food is not spicy (hot). All tastes are natural. The fragmented raw fruit and veg are a must try.

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My go to spot in London, huge variety - Edit

Eat from a variety of different cuisines. Even the fussiest of Vegans will take to something. A great spot for lunch or evening dinner, the buffet style adds an interesting concept and experience to the restaurant.

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-26

Pros: huge variety, many organic, gluten free and raw options, unique design with quick no fuss experience

Cons: pollution from Oxford street, heavy chairs , small space

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great vegan restaurant !!! - Edit

I really love this place. Has a perfect central location. Once you step inside the restaurant you feel as though you have been transported outside of London! The food is amazing - if you eat super clean vegan, then you defiantly have good options here as well. I love their desserts - so yummy !! You can either order off the menu - or help yourself to the self service buffet. The staff are fantastic and super friendly. I get really positive vibes every time I am here. Only downside is the food is a bit pricy - so be careful not to overload your plate at the buffet - you might get a bit of a fright when it comes to pay ! But I have to say, it is definitely worth the price.

Pros: awesome location , vegan buffet , quality food

Cons: small venue , a bit pricy

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Vantra - Edit

Reasonably priced with a good range of delicious food but absolute chaos. It wasn't busy when I visited but my friends and I were ignored as we walked in despite there being numerous ways of picking and paying for food. Nobody explained anything to us. We waited around for ten minutes until we finally just asked at the till. We then had to wait another ten minutes to be given our boxes to fill up. Nobody explained drinks to us so we didn't have any drinks. The food was nice but I wouldn't eat here again. It would be more convenient to pop in and grab some food to takeaway, but only if you're in the area.

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Great take-away lunch - Edit

I didn't have much time before my flight, so I could only buy take-away food at Vantra Vitao. It's super-cheap (something like 7 pounds for a large box where you can stuff a lot of things in), and the choice is great, so many things to eat! It was really unfortunate not to be able to sit down and enjoy the full buffet. I would love to go back with more time and do that!

Pros: Great choice, Tasty food, Cheap

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Good healthy food - Edit

This place is awesome. They are truly health focused and prepare simple tasty food. If you prefer salty and oily food with lots of spices, you probably won't be impressed. If you like to eat whole foods with minimal to no salt or cooked oils, then this is the place for you.

Pros: excellent food, healthy

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Bring all your money! - Edit

The food isn't bad but it's not great AND it's way overpriced.

Seriously, expect to pay over the top prices for mediocre dining.

Oh, and the wooden chairs are a bit uncomfortable and the waitress was grumpy.

Pros: Good selection of food

Cons: Too expensive, Poor service, Uncomfortable

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Very good food.. Tasty and healthy can both Co exist.. - Edit

Interesting format.. Pay by weight.. Works well for any one.. And less wastage
Food is superior quality with good spread

Pros: Good spread Pay by weight Kombucha to die for

Cons: Has a standard fare daily.. Some items can be chan

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Great menu choice and lots of options - Edit

So many great options and choices on the menu. All the food choices are nutritionally clean and healthy. So good to see a place which actually uses good quality products and ingredients instead of the usual greasy plate food.

The seating is quite uncomfortable though, it is quite hard and starts to hurt after a while. Also, it's too low so starts to get painful if you're tall and have long legs.

Pros: Clean, healthy and nutritional food, Great menu choice, Vegan milkshakes are yummy

Cons: Seating is uncomfortable

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Amazing tastes, healthy food - Edit

We were exhausted after a day at the museums and we needed to get energy back, and sure we did... The food was amazing. Self service with different culinaire options, all healthy and tasty. The desserts were spectacular. I ate the most amazing chocolate mousse ever.The place is cozy, although it got crowded, but I can understand why. A must go if you are visiting London.

Pros: Tasty healthy food, Amazing desserts, Helpful staff

Cons: Tough seats, small for such a great quality food

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Gud! one can give it a try. - Edit

I went there few weeks back and first thing I got excited about was the dinner buffet was so much about indian food and I being an indian myself was too thrilled. I did not go for the buffet but had something similar to pizza called pizzette. They had used sunflower cheese and it was not a very good tasting cheese but made it an experience still. I liked there 'Love smoothie' and the thing I liked more was that it was sugar free . It felt like you are having something raw. They used almond milk. There are plenty of other options that I wish I could have tried so U cud make ur opinion by visiting. Last I liked there service particularly by the guy who was waited my table.

Pros: Indian vegan food, Buffet, Smoothies

Cons: Replace sunflower cheese with more delectable vega

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nice buffet - Edit

We came here for the buffet which was great, a lot of dishes to choose from and most (all?) vegan. I tried a bit of everything and there were sufficient veggies and also a lot of really flavourful dishes. Only downsides were that the place was quite busy/noisy/cramped and they don't take card.

Pros: has buffet , reasonably priced

Cons: don't take card, noisy/cramped inside

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Excellent - Edit

One of the best vegan places that I have been to in London. Really nice atmosphere and food is amazing. Food is served as buffet and the dishes are fabulous. Price is by weight and it doesn't work out too expensive. They have a menu to order from as well and amazing vegan desserts. Free water. Other drinks available to order. Only problem is it is quite small inside so you might have to wait for a table, if you are going to be in a hurry then maybe call and reserve.

Pros: 100% vegan, Delicious dishes, Fair value

Cons: Small, slightly cramped interior

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Wholesome and Good - Edit

I'm not vegan for health, but eating at Vantra makes you understand why some people are. You can feel –not taste– the healthy. One meal will add at least three years to your life. Satisfying experience.

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Don't miss it - Edit

Fantastic raw and vegan food in the busy center of London. The staff is very friendly, the buffet has a wide variety of dishes (raw, cold, warm) and the atmosphere is very nice. I had the most amazing raw mixed berries cheesecake.

Pros: Friendly staff, Nice and original furniture, Plenty of choice

Cons: It could do with a brighter lighting inside

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Unique - Edit

There was an abundance of choice and all the staff were genuinely friendly... The menu dishes were either a hit or miss, therefore I strongly suggest you go with the food by weight selection.

The real positives here is that they are 100% organic, no fry ups or carcinogens. They have a great probiotic selection with really interesting infused teas that are surrounding the shop in bottles. Almost looks like a science experiment :)

Negative side for me would be over pricing, but hey' which vegan restaurant isn't these days? And they didn't accept cards.. in 2016?.. what real reason do you have not to? Card machines are vegan the last time I checked :)

Pros: Organic, Selection

Cons: No cards - Cash only.., Slightly small seats

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Bon, varié et pas cher - Edit

Idéalement situé sur Oxford Street il est facile à trouver. Pour vraiment pas cher vous remplissez une boîte ou payer au poids avec une assiette. Sur place ou à emporter. Des plats chauds et froids, des incontournables de la cuisson et vegan et d'autres sur une base plutôt saine et simple loin de la junk food vegan des restau de burgers. Les plats peuvent changer d'un jour à l'autre mais le choix est vaste. Le cheesecake au citron est une tuerie :)

Pros: affordable , healthy

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Raw Vegan food - Edit

The food is amazing and so is the price. A must visit when in London. Also very clean and fresh. Lots of raw to choose from. The best in London.

Updated from previous review on Friday October 04, 2013

Updated from previous review on Thursday February 26, 2015

Updated from previous review on Tuesday April 28, 2015

Updated from previous review on Friday November 27, 2015

Pros: Vegan , Amazing value, Friendly staff

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Chakra smoothies, no garlic, peace - Edit

Centrally located at several bus line & subway stops. Thank god lots of food withoud garlic. / Very beautifully arranged dishes from the menu (vegetable flower on top of dish!). Buffet with nice stuff. / Some reviewer mention 'not very tasty/spicy' but that is a good thing coz you taste the real ingredients. / Good music, super friendly staff, all in a slow, peaceful pace. / Interesting 'chakra-opening' smoothies!

Pros: Centrally locaded, no garlic, true taste, peaceful

Cons: Cash only

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vegan, central London - Edit

We went for the plates of food - you get a big warm metal platter, help yourself and pay based on the weight. This is more expensive than the boxes, but the food doesn't merge and you can try a little bit of everything. There are loads of hot dishes and salads, all very wholefoody.
They also do raw desserts, smoothies/juices, hot drinks.
Nice seating area, busy but laid back atmosphere and friendly staff.
Updated from previous review on Saturday April 16, 2016

Pros: all vegan, choice of dishes

Cons: expensive if you go for platters

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great idea, food unfortunately a little boring - Edit

I loved the idea of a veg restaurant on oxford street. the place is easy to find and looks great - i loved the dark inventory. staff was friendly, explained how everything works and i found the price for a box reasonable, so i stayed. I tried nearly everything and was looking forward - but was disappointed. the dish with the kidney beans was great and well spiced but everything else quickly mixed in with each other (I suppose a plate might be better for that, but I was afraid that in the end I'd pay way more than I would have planned on spending as the plate goes by "pay by weight") and in the end tasted rather boring and not very exciting. I left rather unsatisfied. shame.

Pros: staff, location

Cons: (variety of) taste, price (for value)

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tasteless food - Edit

I ate in one there evening, and was excited to see so many options on the buffet, and the fact they dont use much oil, salt, garlic or onion (all of which I never cook with myself) but I found the food wasnt seasoned at all and very bland (even added the hummous to my meal, and this was also tasteless) I think they could use more herbs or something. Also I had a raw chocolate tart dessert which also tasted of almost nothing. Im a big advocate of raw and healthy fresh food, but it can still be very flavourful and yummy. So I dont think I would go back, seeing as it was also much more expensive for the buffet to eat it in because they weigh it, even though I had not much on my plate! If you have a very very strict diet and sensitive stomach and tastebuds, then this might be the place for you, but in general there are much better places in London to eat.

Pros: healthy options, desserts, location

Cons: pricey, not very tastey, some small flies around some food

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a haven of nutritious vegan food - Edit

A lovely place in London that serves all vegan and gluten free food.
They have a brilliant buffet where you pay per weight and an à la carte menu.

They are overall health oriented and suitable for many different diets - they make an effort to explain the benefits of plant based nutrition, raw food, alkaline diets, detoxification, probiotics etc. in their menu.

I recommend their home brewn kombucha and kefir and their mock cheesecakes. Absolutely divine (but pricey, as the portions are small).

Overall has a very cozy, earthy vibe. Great to escape the city madness.
It is quite small however and gets crowded. The staff seemed a little stressed when we where there, but were still very friendly.

Will definitely come again!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday March 23, 2016

Pros: all vegan!, kombucha goodnes, healthy nutritious food

Cons: the cakes are overpriced, gets crowded

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fantastic!! - Edit

a friend had told me about this place before but I never seemed to find it. I randomly stumbled upon it a few days ago and I'll definitely come back soon!
there's lots of options for the buffet and everything I've tried was perfectly seasoned, healthy and delicious! make sure to try their kombucha as well!
the only thing that bothers me is that most people use takeaway boxes to eat in even though there's plates available just by being scared off by the difference in handling the food by weight or size. that's anything but eco friendly

Pros: incredibly delicious, lots of options, nice atmosphere and staff

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nice place but staff lacks of customer care - Edit

I went there with friends and we enjoy small expensive coffees and the same goes for the cakes, however we were ok with that as we know vegan can be expensive (even if it shouldn't be)
On of the girls was nice however when we were leaving the staff couldn't care less when we were asking about the food in the buffet and saying good bye! Really rude!

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A great place in central London ! - Edit

We had a excellent by-weight meal chosen from a large selection of dishes. The food is delicious but a little pricey - especially the juices. Also had a dessert which was beautifully presented and very tasty.
There is some confusion in that you serve your own main course, juices appear at a separate counter and desserts arrive at your table.

Pros: Great Food, Central location, Lovely desserts

Cons: Juices are pricey, Confusing system

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good smoothies not keen on all the food - Edit

While it's all edible and vegan I'm not keen on the food as it all tastes a bit odd? It's like it's not trying to be anything but healthy and vegan...
Having said that I do go for their lovely smoothies as I like the location and decor!

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Great Vegan Restaurant In Central London Location - Edit

Went to this place yesterday and really enjoyed the experience.

The food was delicious. Raw Pizza with cashew cheeze to start then the Volcano for mains. The Volcano was essentially a delicious chickpea curry served inside some kind of squash, which acted as an edible bowl. For pudding I had the Strawberry/Macadamia cheezecake which definitely lived up to expectations.

Very friendly service. And great to find another restaurant that uses at least some organic ingredients.

Updated from previous review on Thursday December 24, 2015 to add: BRING CASH WITH YOU. THIS IS A CASH ONLY RESTAURANT.

Pros: Amazing food, friendly service, organic ingredients where possible

Cons: Quite tight for space, buffet payment system not the best

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Excelent restaurant in the middle of Oxford Street - Edit

This restaurant is awesome! I ate there two times in a row and the food is great, the smoothies are delightfull, the people are very friendly and the price is good for central London.
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 22, 2015

Pros: Weigh you own food, Awesome, Good vegan food

Cons: No

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Disappointing For Raw Foodies - Edit

I've been to their previous location which was okay but end of October I visited the first time their new place in Oxford Street. I was very disappointed. I tried different saladas from the buffet and they were all pretty bland. The sunflower "cheeze" did not taste like cheeze at all. I had a fermented smoothie drink which didn't impress me either and I had the raw berry cheezecake which was really horrible. I only took two spoons of it and left the rest on the table. But if you are into fermented foods, they seem to have a lot of offers for you... However, I don't think I will ever go there again.

Pros: good location, offering a lot of fermented stuff

Cons: raw food didn't taste nice at all

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Wish I tried the buffet - Edit

Popped in here one evening during a recent trip to London. Upon arriving we didn't really know what we were supposed to do at first, but it didn't take too long for a staff member to approach us and take us to some seats.
I ordered the living lasagne, which wasn't quite my taste (I might've been expecting a more conventional vegan lasagne, I'll know better next time) although my partner liked it more than what he ordered, which was some kind of raw wrap, some whose filling had gone missing (lots of red onion and cucumber, but not much avocado and no discernible falafel).
But we loved the vegan lassis! I had to have two because they were so nice.
If I were to go again I'd definitely try out the buffet.

Pros: Nice décor, Fantastic lassi (or vlassi), Food presented well

Cons: Menu is detailed but slightly confusing, Somewhat uncommunicative service, Wasn't too impressed with food taste

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Worth it! - Edit

Went there with a friend who's Paleo and we both got fed. :) The value is really good and the selection of the buffet was big and tasty. The staff seemed a bit confused at times, but they were really really friendly.
Will definitely eat there again!

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Tasty food, somewhat confusing service - Edit

I was a little confused about how the service worked when I first arrived. But after a helpful member of staff explained, I set about filling up my tray. There was a good selection and it all tasted good. There wasn't much seating inside, so be prepared to take away.

Pros: Tasty food, buffet style

Cons: confusing service, not many seats

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Excellent vegan buffet - Edit

We went there quite late in the evening and ate buffet + a slice of a dessert cake.
The buffet was really good, there was a big selection of dishes and everything was completely vegan. The buffet worked that way that you take as much food as you want and pay according the weight of the plate. The price per kilo was around 15 pounds. So the price was moderate.
The dessert cake was also tasty.
The restaurant interior was nice and authentic. Almost everything was made of wood. Although there was a lot of people inside, the atmosphere was relaxing.
The downside was that you weren't able to pay with card, because they only accepted cash.

Pros: Good buffet, Completely vegan, Nice restaurant and service

Cons: Only cash

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Great variety of food - Edit

We went there late evening, maybe too late (we were the last customers) and the buffet , although still on, was a bit cold. The food was great though, but I think I want to go back and try out again at lunch time. I would opt for different dish design as when you put different food tasting so deliciously different you want it not to mix up too much. Price moderate. I did not like the juice, not really blended well and bit watery. But again, I will definitely go back and check it out again!

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Good food, but not so good experience - Edit

We went to Vantra Vitao for lunch. The atmosphere in the restaurant was lovely and relaxed and the lunch buffet was just awesome! So many great foods to choose from. The girl behind the counter though was not very communicative. When we could finally pay, our food was already cold, while it really was supposed to be hot.

Pros: Great buffet, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Bad service

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Pure and divine - Edit

This eclectic and vibrational juice bar -- organic -- and Buffett was the fist vegan stop we made during a 3-day visit to London. The log wood chairs were chill and the music was meditational. Juice bar and buffet are so divine! Prices are reasonable as well. We'll be back for sure.

Pros: organic

Cons: none

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Simply amazing - Edit

Magical place with magical food .
In a great location in central London , just at the very start of the Oxford street ( just besides the tottenham court road station). The place is self service and you pay by the weight (except drinks and desserts). All the food is made freshly (everything is steamed as they want to keep al the nutrients in the food) and being refilled a few times through the day.) The selection varies from salads , rice , lentils. to vegetable stews, pasta and curries, there is something for everyone. Great atmosphere and unique interior, very earthy.
The only negative thing is that they need bowls! as if you put a few different curries on one side of your plate and salad on the other side everything gets mixed up :( .
Other from that, this is one of my favourite place for a quick lunch !

Pros: Great location, Exceptional food

Cons: Pricy, Can be very busy, Needs bowls

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Amazing raw nad vegan food! :) - Edit

I was there about a week ago and I really enjoyed this time. Very good vegan food, delicious and healthy raw desserts. I want to visit this place even more times, it's definitely worth it! :) Perfect!

Pros: excellent food, good value, the best raw desserts

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Eat for your body - Edit

I love what Vantra do soooo much. Like me they avoid refined sugar and don't fry any of their food, it's all healthy. The raw cakes, cookies and smoothies are out of sight. It was coming to Vantra and eating cake that enabled me to go vegan (from strict veggie), because I knew I would never want dairy again. Also it's a daytime buffet so you can grab something as you're passing and be on your way quickly, which I often need to do!

Pros: the cakes, the amazing drinks, the nutrition focus

Cons: small and can be crowded around counter

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Nice place, AMAZING smoothie!!! - Edit

Good food, nice staff and central location, I would especially recommend the coconut mylk, pineapple & vanilla smoothie! It is Ground breaking!! :)

The raw strawberry cupcake was also really delicious :)

Pros: Coconut Pineapple Smoothie!, Good choice of buffet, Central location

Cons: Not many appealing menu choices

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I missed the old Vitao - Edit

Vantra was an offshoot of Vitao, on Wardour street, a long time vegetarian establishment in London. Vantra Vitao serves up similar food, alcohol and provides a good place for vegan lovers. Although the food and recipe has changed, and it isn't as good as its original place, you can tell it is way more commercial and you do have to pay more for less....

Pros: Vegan, Central location

Cons: Pricey, Food not as good

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A unique vegan experience in the west end - Edit

a really unusual place, located in Oxford street, near TCR. The decor consists of artistically cut logs for tables and chairs. There is a buffet for lunch and no menus. It was a little difficult to work out the system, and could not get any help from the staff. You ask for the size box you want and fill it from tbe buffet.

Pros: reasonably priced, all vegan, an inventive variety of food

Cons: non-existent service, mixing hot & cold food on one plate was a little s

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My First Day in London - Edit

I have never been to London up until today. I flew in this morning, and after a long day of shopping in Soho and Camden, my mother whipped out her Happy Cow app and suggested Vantra Vitao.
My experience could not have been better. We both ordered a Sahara Oasis (might have butchered that name, but it's something along those lines), a dish containing avocado, cucumber slices, various sauces, and pomegranate seeds all wrapped up in falafel. I also ordered one of their Super Juices. Although the mix of flavors intimidated me at first, the meal could not have tasted better. The staff was incredibly nice, and patiently put up with my "I haven't slept in 48 hours and I don't really know what's going on" American tourist vibes. I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone, vegan, vegetarian, or otherwise.

Pros: amazing food, kind staff, reasonable prices

Cons: slightly cramped, cash only

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Nice raw vegan place right at the Oxford street - Edit

Vantra is very nice vegan restaurant with raw vegan options as well as warm vegan buffet. They also have pretty wide selection of superfood cocktails, raw vegan/vegan appetisers, main dishes and desserts. The place is nice, has unique interior but it is a little bit dark inside. We loved almost everything we had but I prefer raw vegan cuisine so I didn't like steamed dished as much as the raw ones. I absolutely recommend raw small pizza slices (I can't remember the exact name) as an appetiser and vegan lasagna. As for desserts I really have sweet tooth so I have tried many of them but I was crazy about raw vegan chocolate cupcake. I also took one with me home :D
The only thing I find as a negative is they accept cash only. I understand that they try to be more ecological or sth like that which is nice but I usually do not have such amount of cash in a wallet. Prices are higher but I think when you pay for your health it is worthy for sure :)

Pros: Delicious food, Raw and vegan options

Cons: Cash only

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Nice - Edit

Nice option if you are close to Oxford street. As others have said, the food is simple but tasty and healthy. I really liked the chickpeas with coconut milk and curry.

Be sure to take the box, it's cheaper!

Pros: Food, Price

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Qyaint and Charming - Edit

I had the raspberrynade and various items from the buffet. This is the way that I should be cooking at home. Clean ingredients made simply - so that the actual flavors burst forth. Very welcoming atmosphere. As the evening gets busier, some folks may join you at your intimate table...I was a bit taken aback but it doesn't detract from this experience at all.

In an effort to prevent other area newbies, like myself, from floundering around trying to find their way to this restaurant from The London Eye without WIFI - take the tube to the Tottenham Court Road station (central line will not be stopping at this station until early December 2015), get out on Oxford Road and turn left. Walk down the street about half a block and you have arrived.

Pros: all vegan buffet, friendly staff

Cons: pricey

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Great vegan buffet - Edit

I came here yesterday for a late lunch with a family member and had a really nice selection of food from the buffet. The chickpea and coconut curry was especially nice and got very good reviews from both of us! It was also very good value as a per 100g price, particularly for central London. I also had a mango and pineapple raw cheesecake which was really good, although slightly on the expensive side. The decor was also very nice and the whole experience made for a relaxed and enjoyable meal. I would definitely come here again!

Pros: All vegan and tasty, Healthy, filling food, Delicious desserts!

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V Pricey for eat-ins but tastiest food! - Edit

I particularly love their Mustard Mash but everything is really delicious!
Warning though, if you eat in, they charge by the weight which gets super pricey! I saw someone's plate be charged £20, he'd totally filled it but just be warned.
I always get a takeaway buffet box and have half then/half later and it means it costs a lot less.

Pros: Delicious food, Most nutritious foods& cooking methods, Quick easy take-away

Cons: Very pricey, The place is small but food is worth it!, Cash only, gotta be prepared

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amazing food - Edit

I came here at lunch time and had the buffet. Filled a container for 7 pound which I thought was great value. The food was delicious and it was fantastic being able to taste a little bit of everything. I will definitely be back!!

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Vantra Visits - Edit

I have been back to this restaurant quite a few times.
Ok so I am not a Buffet Fan so we always go at the times that you can order off the menu (check this as there are buffet only times). This is the only 'con' I have put down as if you go at the wrong time you can only eat the buffet unless they have changed.

We have always ordered Raw foods and have had lovely meals with fantastic drinks to accompany them.

We have had some really lovely times, some better than others.

Pros: Friendly, Good Food, Interesting Drinks

Cons: Sometimes only Buffet Service

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Good, but buffet food could be better - Edit

The location of this place is quite central, just a short distance from Tottenham Court rd. tube station.

The vegan buffet selection wasn't too bad, but I felt it lacked something like tofu or seitan, there was perhaps a little too much emphasis for my taste on vegetable dishes instead of pulses or anything cooked with oil like falafel.

Maybe it was just the selection available on the day, but given that it doesn't advertise as exclusively raw, I was hoping for a little more variety in preparation style.

The serving setup felt confusing. You could either go for the buffet and pay by weight (but may be a flat price at times?), or order from the set menu. But if you served yourself from the buffet, you still get served the bill at the end by the waiting staff, which might leave some feeling a bit short-changed if they feel compelled to tip for minimal service.

Having said all that, the food was reasonably tasty, and it did indeed feel quite healthy. I would go back here to try the desserts and set menu dishes to get a better idea of the place.

Also, why not label the dressings instead of having the cashier explain each time?

It would also benefit from more clearly explaining the different charging/serving regimes.

Pros: Good location, Offers both buffet and set menu

Cons: Buffet dishes hit and miss, Confusing table service system, Not much cheaper than Tibits

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the best vegan restaurant I have ever been to - Edit

I go there often when I visit London. Defenitely the best vegan restaurant I have ever been to- healthy, tasty, even with no onion and garlic, which suits me. Also no sugar, no fried stuff, no white flour...
The price is OK, considering good quality of food and very good central location. They don't have all the same dishes everyday, which is nice- some variety is also attractive.

Pros: tasty, good price, healthy

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Cozy vegan refuge on busy oxford street - Edit

This place is a small but comfortable tribal themed restaurant with a great vegan buffet and raw desserts and juices. The buffet offers a delicious selection of choices, from more western options like mashed potatoes and gravy to Asian or Indian options like curries. Everything is warm, rich and soulful and suits whatever you are in the mood for. A great place to stop for a bite to eat after a busy day of shopping!

Pros: variety of options, raw desserts and juices, cozy decor

Cons: not a lot of seating, only buffet available for most of the day

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Best Vegan & Raw Food in London - Edit

During my stay in London I went here twice. I was very impressed with their food: amazing buffet (until 18.00) and great juices and breakfast. Even though it's located at the busy Oxford street, the atmosphere inside is very relaxed and calm. The staff was very helpful and friendly. The best vegan and raw food I had in London so far!

Pros: Food, Atmosphere, Staff

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Very diverse vegan buffet - Edit

I visited Vantra 3 or 4 times when I was in London. It's a great spot because you can really go there anytime - the buffet style works for a snack, a big lunch, or dinner. Entering into the restaurant feels like ducking into a little corner of a forest - the ambience is great and the chairs are all made of tree stumps (very comfortable but heavy).
There's a whole array of dishes set along the counter, freshly made. All of them are vegan, and have lables to let you know what's in them. If you go to Vantra before 6 pm, you pay a flat rate to get a small or large box with which you can pile in the healthy delights. After 6pm they have a wider selection on the menu, and the buffet dinners end up being pay by weight (which costs more generally). It's 7 pounds for a large box, which was always what I wanted.
The food is tasty and varied, with lots of cool spices and tons of vegetables, varying from colder potato mixes to spicy middle eastern chick peas and roasted veggies to spinach salads. All of it mixes together really well.
On top of that there are a large selection of drinks (the kombucha was very nice) and desserts. Defnitely reccomend the visit!

Pros: Huge selection, Tasty and varied, Nice atmosphere

Cons: A little chilly (open-air)

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Great place to eat - Edit

Central easy to get, not keen on the interior and it gets pretty busy but cosy environment nevertheless. Love the paying per food weight , unique idea and gives freedom to pick anything. I find some food it's too flavours I prefer simpler things but that's just me. I am all a bit high carb low fat, indication to fat level would be useful

All in all I think it's a great place to eat and easy to get to

Pros: Tasty food , Central, organic food

Cons: interior / crowded place , some food has too much flavour

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Average - Edit

I'm surprised about all those superpositive reviews about this place. It is really average.
There is a buffet so you can choose how much you can and try every option. But out of 10 I liked only 2, the rest was just not tasty at all. The prices might be little bit lower too.

Plus for location and healthy approach.

I won't visit it again soon.

Pros: location, healthy food, all vegan

Cons: not very tasty food, prices, crowded

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Great place to eat between shopping :-) - Edit

The location of the restaurant is just opposite Primarks, this will help people to find it because Oxford Street is very long and streetnumbers are not commonly mentioned. It is a small long place and very nice decorated with a very friendly atmosphere. Everything is vegan and glutenfree which is very impressive I think. I loved the things I tried and yes they are a bit expensive but hé they are on a very expensive location too! I am very glad with this location on the high street and will come back as soon as I am in the neighborhood!

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

Cons: not much seats

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Pricey but SO good! - Edit

We went there on our last night in London and I wasn't disappointed at all.
The Menu is clearly explained, but careful, they don't always have everything. My advice? If there is a buffet, go for it! It's a pay-by-weight selfservice, pretty expensive but SO DAMN GOOD! Everything was vegan and almost everything was glutenfree. I ate so much I couldn't budge anymore!! The food is absolutely divinely cooked. Just go for it!!!
Plus: On the menu: you have lots of allergies description and they explain very well the concept etc. love it!

Pros: raw food, GF, great care of allergies, food is perfectly cooked (indian side), great loc

Cons: expensive

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Vantra Vitao - Edit

Out of all the restaurants, we liked Vantra Vitao best. The food selection is awesome and you can mix different foods on your plate, so I tried almost everything and I couldn`t believe that every dish had so much taste in it, it was amazing. I could eat there every day. They also have a lot of treats (mostly raw) and different smoothies and juices. Also the ambience was very pleasant.

Pros: Inexpensive , very tasty food

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Vantra Vitao - ultimate healthy - Edit

Looking for raw, non-gluten, organic, no sugar added, no night shades, no GMO, etc etc etc? Vantra Vitao is for you. Not all the offerings meet all of these criteria, but all are vegan, organic and healthy. Oh, they are also quite flavorful. Vantra has a primo location on Oxford St in the West End part of central London. The tables are not immediately visible from the street, but once inside, the decor is stylish and attractive, the ambience pleasant with interesting to excellent. Food is purchased both traditionally via menu and server or via a buffet by weight. We chose the former and ordered one main course called Oasis which featured a wrap made from flax and sesame seeds and avocado, surrounding diced cucumbers, squash humous and brazil nut falafel. I also ordered steamed rice, which I flavored with their 'sauces' provided free if requested. These were highly seasoned olive oil with black beans, lemon or red pepper. My partner ordered Super Green something or other, consisting of zuchini halves atop green beans and stuffed with a basil sauce and covered by broccoli, asparagus and a few black beans. Both meals were quite good. Portions are appropriate. Not overly large or insufficient. The main dishes were each about 13 GBP. I also ordered a smoothie made from orange, ginger and other things which was a bit disappointing, I must admit. Our server, a 20-something local woman of Indian descent was helpful without hovering., and others there were extremely nice and helpful as well - I arrived in a wheelchair and with their help, I managed well.

Pros: Healthy food for every need, Imaginative offerings, Great location, great staff

Cons: A bit pricey, Good not great flavors

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wonderful perfectly spiced vegan buffet & takeaway - Edit

A mere two minutes' walk from Tottenham Court tube station, this mellow little restaurant has terrific organic vegan food for fair prices. (They even show you a comparison of their prices vs local competitors including Ottolenghi and Tibits, and they cost the least at £1.80 for 100g of delicious food.) We got the huge metal plates and filled them up, then paid by weight (mine was £10). I loved everything. The mashed potatoes had a lovely horseradish flavor without being overly spicy. Other flavors included saffron and cardamom. Excellent lentils and chickpeas. The salad was very lightly dressed. We splurged on a raw almond block which was dense and chocolatey with lucuma, coconut and carob. Friendly staff.

Pros: Vegan, Delicious, Fair prices

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Ethical food, decent buffet and nice smoothies - Edit

My partner and I have been here a couple of times during our London visit, once for a quick snack and once for lunch with a local friend. I think the buffet is good for the price. I had the chance to sample a good number that looked appetising: mushroom and radish stroganoff, red pepper moussaka, chickpea curry, and a couple of other spicy dishes. Some were better than others but all OK for a buffet. I tried the Berry Blue smoothie (£2) and it was rich and fruity with plenty of body and so I had it again when I went back. The counter area is a bit of a bottleneck and can get a little cramped if there are other people queuing. The ethical and environmental practices espoused by this place are another attractive quality that would make this a regular spot for me.

Pros: Vegan and ethical, Delicious smoothies

Cons: Cramped around counter when ordering

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happy vegan - Edit

We arrived a bit late in London and weren't sure exactly where the place was. I thought it would be off |Oxford St. but it is right bank on Oxford St. (Tottenham Ct. rd. end) so saw it from the bus. Very dark and no open sign so we thought it was closed but tried door and it was open (about 10:30pm.) Had a nice meal , Friendly unobtrusive staff. Menu a bit of a muddle. No idea what I ate but was delicious and filling as was the other party.
Will go again . Believe they are expanding.

Pros: great location, staf helpful (water topped up), Yummy

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Very good restaurant - Edit

The all vegan buffet consisted of several salads, vegetable mixes, baked and fried food, mushrooms and several sauces, a lot of it Asian meals from different countries. I must say, though, that I liked several kinds a lot and others not so much - some of it was a little tasteless. However, I really liked the style of the interior.
I think it is a bit expensive, but considering that a lot of it is raw food, it's justified.

Pros: All vegan buffet, Great interior, Raw food

Cons: Maybe a bit expensive

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it is now called "Vantra" and relocated - Edit

This place is right next to the Tottenham Court Rd Underground. If you are planning to have dinner here, make a reservation or arrive before 6 pm. Cash only!

The lunch buffet has a large variety of foods and dinner is a la carte unless they have leftovers from the lunch buffet. I ordered the raw nachos - three little scoops of of toppings (one guacamole, one tomato and one pineapple). The green chips were tasty and the topics were ok, but I was expecting something cheesy. I mean, they are nachos after all!

The lassies are made with coconut milk. The Wow Cacao is delicious and it tastes like dessert.

I ordered this fabulous raw dish called Oasis of the Sahara (I think). It is like three raw tacos. Yum!

Prices are decent for what you get - remember that raw food is always on the pricey side.

In an area with so many restaurant choices, they must be doing something right because they are always crowded.

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Perhaps might've been different? - Edit

This is one of the few London restaurants which offers raw cooking, and this was the reason why, on our recent visit, we planned to visit the said restaurant. A table was duly reserved a few weeks in advance.

When we arrived, we were shown to what looked like a first available table. After we have studied the menus for a little while, we were informed that nothing from a la carte menu was available, and we could only have what was on offer in the buffet (which was not raw). As described elsewhere, you collect your own plate and pay by weight.

Something to keep in mind for your visit:
1) you have to pay cash, which is not a huge problem since there's a cash point just across the road
2) reserving a table doesn't seem to make a difference (e.g. guarantee a table)
3) if you are looking for a raw food dinner, make sure it is served on the night

Pros: Location, It's all vegan!

Cons: Disinterested stuff, Not a very nice atmosphere, Pricey side of moderate

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This is it!!!I mean this is the vegan place to go!!!
Amazing tasty and nutritious food.
Also great atmosphere and interior design.
This place is under my top 3 vegan places in Europe.
Go there you will love it.

Pros: amazing tasty and nutritious food, great relaxed vibe

Cons: variety can be bigger, sisters & brothers vitao have to exist

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Vantra/Vitao - Edit

Unless I am wildly off the mark here (as no one else has mentioned it) Vitao is now called Vantra where two restaurants merged and moved into one place on oxford street. It is a couple of doors down from Tottenham Court tube station.

It's a nice little place- cosy (if a little too cramped) and the buffet was pretty decent. Boyfriend got an iced coffee which was nice, and the staff seemed friendly even though it was busy lunch rush hour.

Downsides- the layout unfortunately does this place no favours.
The queue was out the door and we nearly left, when in fact there were plenty of free seats at the back, but due to the layout the front door is totally blocked by people paying for their food, and is a logistical nightmare. And they've put polished tiles on the floor- I slipped and nearly busted my neck. Having designed bathrooms for a living, I know polished floors is a foolish design error,especially in spaces like that with liquids.

Anyway, I'd go back and try some other stuff like juices and cakes etc because i'm not a massive buffet fan (and this one isn't cheap). I'd only go back if it was a quiet time of day too as I got knocked by people's bags on the head a few times whilst eating!

Pros: interior design (except flooring), friendly staff

Cons: cramped space, terrible layout, unsafe flooring

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Give it a try for their exotism - Edit

Vitao offers an exotic food with a lots of flavour and spices. The food is of good quality but their buffet is not offered ad libitum which is relatively frustrating considering the price paid for only one plate. However their juices are good and fresh and the atmosphere is nice. Overall, this restaurant is relatively fair but not exceptionnal in comparison of others vegan/vegetarian restaurants of the area.

Pros: nice flavours, pleasant atmosphere

Cons: a bit pricey for the portion size, limited buffet

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Good Spot - Edit

The food is pretty good, and if you spend at least £10 you get a free drink or soup. It's mostly a serve yourself style place but they have drinks to be made as well. It's per 100mg of food so I suggest bringing £20 if you go big, just to be sure you have enough. Nice restaurant setting, though some of the tables are a bit close together for comfort.. I kept knocking into tables going to/fro.

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Highly recommended for consciously created food - Edit

I marked Winter Solstice with a visit to Vantra Vitao, at their new location on Oxford Street.

The new venue looks great, feeling like a wooded glade hideaway from the hustle and bustle of London's busiest street, and a bit bigger than their previous cafe in Soho, but with the same relaxed atmosphere.

The food format is the same, buffet on display for you to choose from and load onto your plate, but this time you pay by weight, rather than by plate size. There is a wide choice, with cooked and raw dishes, all expertly prepared, organic where possible but with no soya, no sugar, no harmful fats, but still full of taste, thanks to the owners extensive research into cooking techniques and ingredients. Some of the dishes are spicy, some are spice free, the staff can advise if you are unsure.

Those in the know would seen out their a la carte menu for another level of healthy innovation, but sadly, they are not quite ready to resume this service yet at their new venue (they've only been there 3 weeks) - but it should be in place soon after Christmas, along with some new offerings such as healthy wraps as an alternative to the buffet.

However, they did have a selection of their raw desserts, two raw "cheese" cakes and two raw chocolate cakes. And they still have a mind-boggling choice of drinks, hot, cold, nut mylk based, or fruit based, including "vocktails" - alcohol free mixes of healthy and exotic ingredients.

So, I opted for a buffet mix, a rich raw cacao dessert and a "Virgin Orjasm" vocktail on recommendation of the staff - a jasmine-based concoction that is cheekily meant to remind you of "that first-time excitement, in a drink". This came to just under £15, which when you consider the organic ingredients, the careful preparation, and, as it turns out, the amazing taste sensations, I thought this was good value.

The buffet was as I expected from previous visits, each selection taste-full and often with subtle flavours that keep you guessing as to the ingredients.

The raw cacao dessert was satisfyingly rich and sweet despite not containing any processed sugar, and served with a of portion of mixed berries in juice.

But for me the real star was the vocktail! I would normally have chosen a dark berry based drink, but was so glad I went with their recommendation. It really danced on my tongue with an exquisite mix of exotic flavours, better than any "real" cocktail I have tasted, despite me being a buff in a previous life. And this one was healthy

Pros: Friendly and relaxed, A pinnacle of healthy vegan food

Cons: I can't visit everyday

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Delicious! - Edit

One of the best vegan buffets I have seen including 15-20 dishes to choose from: Thai red curry, creamy mushrooms, chickpea & tomato stew, dahl, noodles, broccoli, carrot salad, potato salad, rice, pumpkin, and every dish I tried tasted amazing and obviously had high quality ingredients. The only bad thing is you pay by weight so it can turn out pretty expensive and the heaviest foods aren't always the most expensive to put together. They have a huge menu of different juices and mocktails, one of which comes in a coconut shell. They have a cabinet of raw desserts. I tried the chocolate & raspberry cream pie. Delicious.

Pros: Food, Variety, Ingredients

Cons: Expensive

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Great for lunch if your shopping on Oxford street - Edit

I've been here a handful of times when it was on Wardour Street. The lunch buffet is varied with many hot and cold options of noodles, rice, vegetables and sauces. In the summer the iced V creama lattes are the best with coconut nectar to sweeten it. For dinner there is a menu of many raw dishes, which are very flavourful, however can be small portions. The raw desserts are really delicious and rich, the ice creams and the mango cheesecake are the best.

Pros: Great lunch buffet, Delicious vegan raw desserts, Good selection of juices/ smoothies

Cons: Some dinner options are small, Along time to wait for food at dinner

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Vitao - Edit

Plutôt à réserver aux habitués de la cuisine végétalienne et crue.

Pros: Des plats originaux, Cadre agréable, Belle présentation des plats

Cons: Petites portions, Un peu cher (le soir), Il faut payer en espèces

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nice place, not amazing - Edit

we missed the lunch-buffet, and the evening menu is less attractive, the prices are not super-high, but the dishes are quite small in my opinion, and to order another one do makes the deal too expensive. the service was very slow. we ordered for dessert the mango-cheese cake and it was good. the bottom line - you could give it a try, but London is full with better places

Pros: nice atmosphere, special dishes, central

Cons: slow service, small dishes, not very cheap

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a reggae style place with a great lunch buffet - Edit

a nice place for healthy smoothies, just a coffee or a great lunch buffett.
The buffett is inexpensive and you can pile your food on your paperplate as high as you dare. Very filling, tasty and healthy food.

Pros: healthy, tasty, inexpensive

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Buffet style lunch - Edit

I went here at lunch time and found they didn't take cards. So after a trip to a cash machine, I tried again. Help yourself, but one visit is the way they do things at lunch. I had a large plate, which was paper, making it tricky to fill as it kept wanting to slide off.

The food is a mix of curries, stews, dahls. There was a good mushroom stroganoff type dish and some salads. There was rice and noodles with about a dozen or so dishes to choose from. The food was as one would expect from a buffet, good but it's not fine dining.

One complaint I have about this type of 'fill your plate' eating, is that everything becomes homogenized. Rather than having several tastes of dishes and being able to savour the flavours, it all becomes one. Perhaps I'm being too picky.

I had a citrus smoothy, which was freshly made, and was excellent. Worth a visit for this alone. There was mention of deserts on the boards, but I didn't see any.

The decor is sort of designer hippy trail. Its kinda compact and I would imagine that it gets packed out easily. Good for watching the world go by in this busy end of Soho.

Pros: good range, smoothies, vegan friendly

Cons: no labels on dishes or sauces

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I don't think we've seen it all... - Edit

We've once been into Vitao, but at the time we went, they didn't seem to have a huge variety of foods. It was nice, but we're definitely going to go in again, and see what else is on offer. I think we had food from the 'help yourself' buffet. It was all nice, but I think they've got more on offer, at different times.

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Taste was great but... - Edit

I was looking forward to eating at this restaurant. Taste was great and the price was not too high. I saw staffs are friendly. But I've been discriminated by a man who 's seated front of me, during my lunch, looking at me, saying to a staff " Jps (Japanese)disgusting, she ate so much fast...etc"
I was feeling sad during my lunch. And also the staff's listened to him and given nods... because of Japanese...? Are we hated..? I was thinking like that. But food was so tasty. How can we do.. just born in Japan. Just Japanese may be not welcomed..

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Avoid! - Edit

I went there a few times a couple of years ago, and was not impressed with the food. I thought I'd try it again, thinking things would have changed.

Well, now the plates and the cutlery are paper and plastic. The buffet is quite hot, so it's rather difficult to hold the thin paper plate while scooping the food onto it. The table layout and the decor are uninspired.

All that can be forgiven if the food is good. Unfortunately, it's far from that. As the buffet is kept warm by gas burners, the food is basically cooking all day long. There were one or two dishes that tasted just OK, but the rest was inedible. Everything has a weird, almost moldy aftertaste to it. I had to go to Govinda's afterwards to fill my tummy.

I've given Vitao a few chances now, but it has let me down every single time I've been there. There are many awesome vegan restaurants in London, and this is not one of them. Try Saf, Veggie Vegan 222, Govinda's or Sagar instead.

Pros: Central, Affordable

Cons: Unpleasant food, Paper plates, Food cooks for hours

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delicious, varied and wholesome - Edit

A great selection of beautifully prepared, wholesome, comfort food and fantastic atmosphere, like eating in a woodland goblins grotto. Extensive juice menu too. Significantly pricier than nearby competitors and quite dismissive staff, but otherwise highly recommendable.

Pros: atmosphere, nutrition based meals, great comfort food

Cons: quite pricey, dismissive staff

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not organic! - Edit

If you're looking for a vegan/veg health food restaurant this place is great! HOWEVER despite saying they are organic in their listing here, on their menu, and having it painted on the window of the restaurant, in fact they use some organic staple ingredients (rice, tofu) but ALMOST NONE of the vegetables or fruits used for the dishes and juices are pesticide free, as they will tell you if they ask. I ate here many times before finding this out and felt really lied to! Go to SAF instead if you want organic health food.

Pros: cheapish lunch buffet, tasty, great with food exclusions/allergy stuff

Cons: misrepresentation, prices make sense only if organic food, not always the friendliest

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Interesting food in a relaxed environment - Edit

My husband and I visited Vitao during our trip to London. As long-time vegans we were excited to try this well-reviewed restaurant. Upon arriving we were drawn to the look and coziness of the place but it was certainly crowded and difficult to relax with no place to put winter coats which left us sitting on them which was a bit uncomfortable since the tables are pretty low to the ground.

The selection of food was good though there was a particularly herb or spice they are very keen on using in just about every dish (one that is not particularly mild, perhaps ginger). It is buffet style and you may fill your plate once and the restaurant is cash only!

Pros: Cute Restaurant, Nice Vibe

Cons: Cash Only, Very Small Space, 'Interesting" Flavors

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Really nice spot - Edit

Ate here while on vacation in London. It's in the heart of Soho, so a really cute and friendly area. Food was good. A bit tight on the seating, but everyone had enough room. All the options were vegan, which always puts me at ease since a lot of places that are vegetarian can have seemingly vegan options that have dairy or egg. I definitely would recommend it to people and since you only get one plate I'd recommend heaping as much as you can!

Pros: Good food, Central Location

Cons: Tight seating, Plate for food not that big

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Does the buffet menu change everyday? - Edit

I went there once last year , and just few days ago I went again in the evening and it looked different from outside. They put up a buffet where you can see from the window outside. As I could remembered it wasn't a buffet before but now they have changed and the dishes didn't look inviting to me, maybe just my bad night? so I didn't go in and decide to give the other restaurant a try.

Anyways, I still give a good rating as I went in last year for the very first try with my family while in london, for the good experience and great menu they had.

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Not sure - Edit

I've been there last week. For the first time in my life I didn't finish to eat the food in my plate. Everything was too spicy, big pieces of ginger or bad combinations of food. Maybe I chose the wrong day to go at Vitao.
But for a London lunch I have to admit it's pretty cheap.

Pros: Cheap

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Reviewer Avatar

Vitao - Edit

Absolutely superb food and service. The very best that I ever ate. The only downsides being that one has to pay in cash as plastic is not accepted. The other being that their flyers give out their closed address. (Their open business is located at 74 Wardour St. Their closed business was located at 11-13 Soho St.) Nevertheless - top marks off me.

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Thai Twist With A Green Juvenator - Edit

Not really being a raw food fan, I went to this restaurant for dinner after having a very sugary (and unhealthy) vegan cake elsewhere. I was really up to something healthy for a change. I had a raw dish called "Thai Twist" with papaya and carrot "noodles", mango, pineapple, tomato, chilli, basil and mixed seed crumble, and one of the super juices called "Green Rejuvenator". It was really delicious, and I felt much better after having this as well. I would love to come back and try some of the other dishes, like "Oasis of Sahara", "Lasagna Vivente", "Southern Volcano" or "Buddha Bliss", along with one of the many fresh juices from the juice bar. Of the 2 people of the staff one (the guy) was not very friendly, rather a bit harsh and grumpy, but the other one (the lady) was very nice and helpful. The place was quite crowded and I did not reserve, so I was lucky to get a seat. In general, laid-back atmosphere.

Pros: healthy food, excellent food, special dishes

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Super! - Edit

Bustling vegan cafe with delicious and healthy food. Lots of tasty and creative raw options. Fun and energetic atmosphere with friendly staff. We had the raw lasagne, a laksa, the raw wrap and for dessert the mango cheesecake and raw vegan ice cream. Everything was very impressive, tasty and you feel great afterwards. Love it!

Pros: Fully vegan, lots of raw, So delicious, Beautiful and creative food

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Let down - Edit

I use to eat there nearly everyday cos I work in the neighbourhood and I loved it, no wheat, no sugar all vegan, it used to be all organic, they had tasty spelt noodles with creamy mushroom, seaweed lasagna, and amazing coleslaw, shepherds pie and Greek salad with kalamate olives and brazil nuts, amazing dressings, raw humous, but the owner keeps changing the menu and use cheaper ingredients and the last two years it really went downhill, there,s two many spices in the food which make it un eatable, food is watery too lemony, who wants to eat a hard rock steam spelt muffin? and none of the original dish are on display anymore, a serious let down

Pros: Juices, Smoothies, Seaweed salad

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good value - Edit

wide selection of dishes. my advice go hungry & get refillable plate. price cheaper for lunch than dinner, but reasonable whenever. vegan sugar free deserts, fantastic. intimate, cozy, cool, and romantic with the right person. has a bohemian feel to it that many places aspire to but don't manage. . . . . & cool tables. jus sayin.

Pros: nice enviroment, friendly staff if yo catch the nice ones, intimate

Cons: the selection doesn't seem 2 change much, juices get expensive, nothing else

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Worth a few visits - Edit

The food was spiced in a very interesting way.
However, there was not much salt in it (and I couldn't find a salt shaker), so people who aren't used to it might mistake the food for being bland.
Not all of the food is organic.
An all you can eat is 8.90, and there are a lot of choices, so it's really worth it. You can also take away food.
On a saturday evening, the restaurant can be completely full. I liked the atmosphere.
Staff is helpful.
The only real downside is: There are no regular plates and cutlery, just disposable ones. That really destroys a lot of the feeling and is also awkward to handle.
Some small bowls and plates and proper cutlery would be helpful.

Pros: cheap, spicy, nice atmosphere

Cons: disposable, no salt in food or on table

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Excellent Restaurant - Edit

Vitao is very nice and friendly small lunch restaurant. Not too pricey, you can choose plate size and food from buffet. Very small with few places for sitting, but always some free. Food very tasty and delicous. Worth visiting!!!

Pros: tasty food, quite cheap, nice and confortable

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50/50 - Edit

I really like to support vegan places when I am out and about... this was an interesting experience.

My husband didn't enjoy it. He found the food bland and wondered how they could actually make organic food so tasteless. The dishes did seem either a little lacking in flavour OR flavoured with chilli.

I really like the fact that it was vegan, organic and near to the theatre that we visited on Saturday night.

The cost was £8.90 for all you can eat within an hour (which seems good for London).

They have a nice selection of herbal teas, including my favourite Pukka. They also have juices and desserts.

I can see why some would like it and others wouldn't. I didn't really feel inspired by the staff - it didn't feel as if they overly wanted to be there.

Pros: vegan, organic

Cons: unispiring flavours

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Good except for chairs - Edit

Plenty of choice but salads were not very exciting. Been twice and enjoyed both meals. Another time I took a friend but she wouldn't stay as she has a bad back and the chairbacks give no support and the chairs are wobbly.

Pros: Choice, Price

Cons: Chairs, Cramped

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Buffet lovliness - Edit

I found this via Happy Cow's android app.. it was well worth it! Such a bewildering choice of lovely food, all freshly prepared and full of healthy goodness. I have never seen raw food desserts on a menu before. A lunchtime buffet of goodness. If I lived near here I would go all the time! Will definitely seek it out again.

Pros: healthy cake, vegan options, great choices

Cons: busy

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Best Vegan Buffet - Edit

Small and cozy restaurant tugged in the heart of Soho. It was a bit hard to find but definitely worth the effort! I loved the worm and home feel of the place. The staff is very friendly fast and attentive. All the dishes are greatly displayed, so one can easily browse and fill up the plate! The food was delicious! Hands down the best all vegan buffet I have been to! Rich and flavorful, the theme is Middle Eastern, Moroccan and South Asia! Lots of curry and intense spices. Barely any mock-meets, which to me is always a breath of fresh "air" ( produce ).
I was really hoping for some raw choices but there were none! Though the guy behind the counter suggested me their other locating, which was not too far, but since I was there and everything smelled delicious I decided to stay, and did not regret it.
I also had an espresso drink, which was unmemorable, but I would still go back for the food, curious to see, what is new on the buffet line.

Pros: delicious food, friendly staff, inexpensive

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A must if you're in central London! - Edit

If you're into delicious food and a laid back atmosphere, then Vitao is the place for you. We ended up eating there 3 times. At one instance, we took our non-vegan friend with us. She was skeptical, but loved it so much that I think she will be back on her own. There is a wide variety of dishes and multiple flavours. If you go there for dinner, you pay £8.50 for the all you can eat buffet. It's a bargain really. The place is small, so be prepared to share a table or to wait until one is available. Totally recommend this restaurant!

Pros: Delicious, Big variety of dishes, Great value

Cons: Small place, The tables could be cleaner

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Disappointing - Edit

I didn't really like any of the dishes that much, and I'm not that hard to please. I could have made much better food at home. This place is pretty pricey as well, and the quality definitely doesn't match the price. The decor is cute, but I didn't find much else to recommend about it.

Pros: Nice decor

Cons: Bad food, Overpriced

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Great value - Edit

We came here for lunch buffet and it was very good. Some dishes from the buffet were better than others, but I imagine if you went more than once you'd get a handle on what you like and what you don't. In any case, it was filling and a great value for the money.
We got a brownie too, which was good but not brownie like at all. When I tried to divide it with my fork, it went flying off my plate because it was so hard.
The one thing I really didn't like was how quiet it was in the restaurant. It's pretty small, and you're sitting near other people, so some music would have been nice to help make my conversations a little more private.

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Found through Happy Cow! - Edit

We were looking for an all you can eat place in the Soho area and this one was the first that came up on our Happy Cow search. It's healthy and reasonably priced with some really good raw options for both food and drink. We stuffed ourselves with flavoursome vegetable based dishes until we couldn't move. :)

Pros: Central location., All you can eat buffet., Plenty of food on offer.

Cons: 1 hour limit on buffet., Not enough seating., Staff a little slow.

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Convenient location, but not terrific food - Edit

We ended up eating here twice on a three day visit to London, because it is convenient to where we were situated and because some other places were not open as advertised. The food was OK, but nothing special. As other people pointed out, you don't know what you will like, so you have to take your chances when filling your plate. It is a bit annoying that the different foods get all mixed up on the plate. The staff were not particularly pleasant.

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Okay, but room for improvement - Edit

I settled on Vitao while looking for VitaOrganic, it turns out that VitaOrganic is temporarily closed. Anyway, I realised that I have actually been inside Vitao before, maybe 2 summers ago, I remember walking by, going in and thinking I must come back to eat here. Anyway, I ate here this evening from approximately 18:30 and it was very quiet, nice bohemian decor; wood tables and seats, handwritten menu board...with very laid back atmospheric music. I choose from the all you can eat in an hour buffet which came in at £8.90- very reasonable. The food was largely Asian inspired with aubergine certainly being the most commonly used ingredient. Choices included a chick pea curry dhal, white cabbage, aubergine and carrot in coconut milk which was very tasty; tempura aubergine, a few other lentil dishes, some mock meat dishes and raw salads such as a red cabbage and beetroot mix, cauliflower, broccoli and courgette salad with shreds of seaweed and many starches like pasta stir fry, brown rice to accompany many of the vegetable dishes and a warm potato salad. The food was quite tasty but much of it was luke warm at best when it should have been hot. As far as numbers go there are alot of dishes to choose from but many of them are actually very similar if not the same for example the aubergine, carrot and courgette trio featured in several, yes, several dishes and in about four of them the flavours didn't differ much, actually they were the same. There were also duplicates of the white cabbage, carrot and aubergine in coconut milk dish. There were a few items such as the sweet and sour mock meat with (aubergine) courgette and cauliflower that was tasteless and cold along with another rather unpleasant shitake mushroom and mock mince dish. The lack of creativity with the vegetable dishes and lack in variety of vegetables used drove me to try small amounts of some of these protein, mock meat dishes which typical do not appeal to me and didn't on this occasion, but I was just bored so tried them. Unfortunately, most of the mock meat dishes I tried were tasteless and the texture hardened by them being cold. Worth a visit but I don't see myself eating here again.

Pros: Pleasant atmosphere, Nice staff

Cons: Lack of creativity with food, Small range of vegetables used, Hot food dishes are cold

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healthy salad bar - Edit

Salad bar serving up fresh food will be a sure bet for the health conscious. There's a wide selection of food including both soup and salad varieties; more so on the latter. The taste is well suited to the palate, though nothing very remarkable. The price is okay for the amount you get. Nice atmosphere if you decide to eat-in, but be prepared to pay a little more for it.

Pros: healthy food, wide variety

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Not bad but you can porbably find better - Edit

This is a small, cute, hectic place that is good to grab a smoothie or meal, but dont expect amazing quality. It is very homemade tasting, meaning good, but not really worth paying much for because you can make it just as well.

Pros: price, variety, fun atmosphere

Cons: oily, mediocre taste

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Good food, but too crowded and chaotic - Edit

I think I would have liked this place a lot more if it weren't so crowded, and if I had the time to figure out the system.

You can order either the buffet, which is only the food at the side of the restaurant, and not anything at the counter. The buffet is charged by the plate, which is a little annoying because you can't know what you will like before filling up your plate. We ordered the buffet, which was good, but not spectacular. We also got two drinks, but apparently they didn't hear the order for the second and only ended up with one. I realized later that we weren't charged for the second drink, so it wasn't going to come. To get another drink would have meant standing in line for 20 minutes, so we were stuck with just the one.

The other way you can order food is by the item, but unless you want a small meal, it is likely to end up more expensive than the buffet. Also, that is what slowed the line down, and made the restaurant so crowded.

I would recommend that if you go, you go on a weekend so it's less busy. The line at 1:30 on a Monday was incredible.

Pros: Good food, all vegan

Cons: Crowded, Overly rushed service, single-plate buffet

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Good to grab a quick bite. - Edit

Lovely feel about this place, but I got a little confused about the 'scope' system. I felt it was a little expensive for pre-made counter style food and my moussaka could have done with a little less oil. I love the setting though and wish I had tried those yummy looking cakes, which unfortunately are highly priced so I wasn't able to afford to eat both a meal and a cake.
This place is perfect if you want to have a casual meal with friends or sit by yourself with the paper and has a nice atmosphere inside. It's ideal for those wanting to get a speedy lunch. I might nip in again to devour a slice of something naughty!

Pros: Quick, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Confusing, Pricey

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loved it - Edit

i was very impressed with the amount of choice and the tasty good value for what you get... i have recommended it to others who have equally been impressed. I am not a fan of spice and was happy they had the more bland options. I hope it gets enough money to grow bigger, as it is a small space and possible not as nice if it was very busy...iam going again this sat! yum yum

Pros: quality food, cheap, lots of choice

Cons: small

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Very good - Edit

Went to this place today with a coworker - very nice. You can choose the buffet (consisting primarily of hot dishes) or choose from the bar at the front by the scoop. Each scoop is £1.70 and the serving size is fairly generous. I chose the "black magic tofu", shepherd's pie, and an assortment of salads. While the tofu was fairly bland and generic, the shepherd's pie was very good. My coworker chose the stroganoff which was adequate, although I've had better vegan stroganoff before. The salads were fresh and fun, and you can even choose from a number of the salads to fulfill your "scoop."

I'm eager to go back and try some of the other options, especially the desserts! Although somewhat expensive, the pricing is fairly in line with other restaurants and cafes in the area. The place has a very casual and comfortable vibe, a nice departure from high end establishements such as Manna and The Gate.

Definitely check this place out, you won't regret it.

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healthy place - Edit

needed some time to understand the thing with paying by scoops(didn't know what a scoop should be in german) but then got a good meal all in all. pretty healthy stuff, so perfect if you want to cure the fast food you had in red veg for example ;). The teas and the juices are really good.

Pros: teas, n juices, choose your mealsize, healthy stuff

Cons: probably confusing for foreigners

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Wonderful place - Edit

We went here two days in a row. The first for desserts and drinks, the second for lunch. Both times I was very impressed.

I am allergic to chocolate and to my delight they have carob desserts and drinks! The desserts are pricey at £4.50 but they are truly amazing! I am a big eater but they are so rich that the small serving size did not bother me at all, served with a yummy coconut cream.

The meal consists of you choosing a "scoop" out of a variety of dishes. Each scoop costs £1. I had an amazing stroganoff (haven't had that for over a decade) and some other great dishes that I forget now. All was tasty.

I found the staff helpful and friendly. I really recommend checking this place out if only for the desserts and hot carob lattes.

Pros: great desserts, carob options, reasonably priced

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Recommended - Edit

Only had tea and cakes, but that's reason enough to go here. Real ginger and lemon tea (with actual fresh ginger and lemon) and delicious raw pies (we had the apple and the chocolate). Very small restaurant with very interesting furniture :-)

Pros: raw cakes

Cons: very small