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El Piano - Malaga

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c/San Juan de Letran, 13, Malaga, Spain,

Opened in Dec 2011, this is another outlet the El Piano restaurant; other locations are in Granada and York, UK. Provides 100% vegan and gluten-free food, served in biodegradable small pine boats; fleets and armadas are also available. Visit their website to learn about El Piano cookbooks. Sept 2013 reported offers Arizona brand beverages that contain honey - pls check. Summer hours vary slightly.

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Reviews (32)

First Review by Tara HD

Soooooo good - Edit

Wonderful little cafe with an amazing value for money meal deal as the other reviews have mentioned. Everything was delicious and the reheating of the food makes sense due to the size of the cafe and the style of food. Everything still tastes fresh and is very well seasoned. The lady behind the counter was also very kind!

Pros: Good amount of delicious vegan tapas to choose fro, Kind and friendly staff, Amazing value for money

Cons: Not much seating if it was a busy time of day.

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Try it! Delish - Edit

tucked in a side street of plaza de la merced, this tiny restaurant was delicious and well priced! I got 4 fairly-sized tapas, a small cup of soup, a small beer, and a brownie foe 9.95! The food was delicious and warmed my soul to have such international vegan tapas.

Pros: food, price, variety

Cons: a bit hard to find

Pros: food, price, variety

Cons: hard to find

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Nice :) - Edit

Nice and small place in Malaga. There are some various tapas like vegan albondigas, dhal, rice, mushrooms and many more, which are relly great and tasty.
after that you can get cake.

Everything is vegan and not expensive.

We will come back to eat here.

Pros: Food, Price

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Wonderful! - Edit

I've eaten here three times already and will stop in again before leaving Malaga. The food is awesome, there's a great variety, it's very reasonably priced and 100% vegan.

It's setup just like in the first picture. All of the food is displayed in a glass case. She has specials for two dishes or four dishes and you just pick the dishes you want to eat. I always get the four dish special, which is a ton of food but worth it because I get to sample so many different dishes. I haven't found one I didn't like yet. Oh, and every time I go I get the chocolate cake because it's so inviting and sooooo good.

The restaurant is very small, maybe three or four tables. There's one table inside and two or three outside. I ate there once and carried the food out the other two times. The owner doesn't speak english, but she's sweet and we were able to communicate just fine. Oh, it's cash only too.

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Cheap vegan tapas in Malaga - Edit

A note of explanation: I've been in Malaga for a long weekend with my girlfriend with the intention to eat at the four vegan/vegetarian places of the city. Unfortunately one was closed, therefore we managed to eat at (in order of preference): Cañadú, El Piano (but it was "almost closed", see below), and El vegetariano del Alcazabilla.

On Friday August 14th we went to El Piano and found it basically closed (a sign on the table was saying "On holidays from August 14th to August 23rd"...). The owner was in, though, and we managed to buy some tapas. I had 4 tapas for 5.95 EUR, and my girlfriend had 2 tapas for 3.95 EUR. We also bought two chocolate brownies (2.50 EUR each). So one thing is clear: everything is very cheap!

The tapas were good, but it was strange to see that there was nothing prepared with chick peas/beans/seitan/tofu... basically it was vegetables all around. Nothing wrong with that, but we would have appreciated something more "substantial". Also, maybe the lack of choice was simply due to the place being essentially closed for holidays!

Brownies were good, but a bit dry.
Updated from previous review on Monday August 17, 2015

Pros: Cheap, Many tapas to choose from, All vegan

Cons: Food tastes good but not amazing

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Dreadful - Edit

This place is totally rubbish! Poor food quality that becomes even worse after microwave heating, with some bits hot, some lukewarm and some cold.
There is nothing I can save of it, not even the price: 4 tapas cost 6€, "normal" tapas places are 2€ per tapa drink included.
Not to mention the broken plate they used to serve us... (see photo)
Unfortunately I cannot rate it less than 2 cows. Seriously guys, set your standards higher.
Do I need to say it is definitely NOT recommended?

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Friendly staff, average food - Edit

There were sooooooo many options when we got there and you could choose a number of tapas as part of a meal deal along with a beverage. Good portion sizes too. The food was average tasting, but fills a hole and very reasonably priced.

Staff were very friendly too

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An OK place to have expensive Tapas... - Edit

Being Vegan in Spain can be challenging,so when I discovered a Vegan Restaurant in Malaga I thought :this is it! Well...Been there twice in six months and found pretty much the same menu..4 Tapas, one little bowl of soup,one small drink and a cupcake 10 Euros? Everything gets microwaved on the spot,no hot drinks and the dishes are a bit strange:tarka dhal and tabbouleh in Spain???? Random!!! But,hey,I m Vegan,hungry and don't t eat anything with eyes...

Pros: Vegan

Cons: No hot drinks, Everything microwaved, Limited Menu

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cheap, yummy and good for non-vegans! - Edit

my friends and i visited over the weekend, one of whom is not a vegan or even a vegetarian. we found it a bit cramped (mainly because we had lots of shopping bags with us). anyway, all of us really enjoyed the tapas. we got a menu deal, that came with this really creamy pumpkin soup, 4 tapas, a drink and a dessert (i chose the brownie). the dhal and banana curry were superb, chilli was good considering it was meatless, but the tabouleh and falafels were a bit dry and tasteless. my brownie was good for something gf and vegan, maybe not as chocolatey as it could be but it curbed that sort of chocolate craving. staff were really polite and kind! wish there was something like this a bit closer to where i live.

Pros: good food, cheap, kind staff

Cons: dry food ?, small space

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Portion sizes are a bit too small - Edit

As someone who likes to eat a lot I found the portion sizes and the selection of food to be quite small. Otherwise it's a nice place with friendly staff.

Cons: small portion size

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delicious food - a couple of tables - great value - Edit

Great place to grab a to-go lunch or to get a couple of small plates and sit at one of their outside tables on this pedestrian only street. The food is all premade and displayed. You can either have it at this temperature or have them heat it up in a microwave. Either way the food is delicious. Factor in the very reasonable price and El Piano Malaga becomes a perfect vegan/vegetarian option in Malaga for lunch or a quick tapa snack.

Pros: delicious, value, pleasant staff/location

Cons: less than 20 seats

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Fantastic, if you're not in a hurry... - Edit

Visited here with 2 friends in Oct 2014. The staff were really friendly and smiley. We each took a plate of 4 tapas, choosing different ones so we could try a variety. Everything was delicious. The downside was that we were in a hurry and they didn't seem to grasp this (a common issue in this area). Between the cafe opening late, and the sluggish staff, it took 20 minutes to get 3 cold tapas plates to take away. One of the party had a flight to catch and ended up not eating his lunch. If you want a lingering Spanish-style lunch, this is the place to come. If you want to grab and go, try somewhere else.

Pros: Delicious food, Varied menu, Friendly staff

Cons: Very slow, Somewhat pricey

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All Vegan Tapas! - Edit

Update: I was thrilled to get back to El Piano yesterday - it has been difficult getting vegan food in the area. Again I had the "menu" with different tapas this time. The potato-tofu pastel, flavored with anise seeds, was out of this world. Also amazing was the tofu seviche and guacamole. The service was wonderful both times.

I can't say enough how much I loved this place!

First review:

Located near the Picasso Museum on a pedestrian-only alley lined with lots of lively tapas bars, El Piano is a vegan oasis!

The gazpacho was just the thing for a hot summer night. I got the "menu" deal for €9.95 - soup, 4 tapas, a drink and dessert. All was fresh and delicious. The carrot cake was superb!!

And the lovely woman who waited on me made it a great experience. I will try to get back there.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday September 02, 2014

Pros: Delicious, All vegan, Lovely waitresses

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El Piano Malaga - Edit

I've been to the El Piano branch in Granada twice before, so decided to check out the Malaga branch when I was there last weekend.

The Malaga branch is much smaller than the one in Granada - it's pretty much a small eatery, with limited bar stools and some seating outside (as opposed to tables and chairs and an actual piano in the middle of the Granada restaurant) and I believe there was a slightly smaller selection of food available in Malaga.

Nevertheless, both my friend and I were pleased with our choices - I had daal,a veggie burger, falafel and chili and an organic ice tea, all which were hearty, wholesome and tasty. The woman working there was also super friendly and warm. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was that in Granada you can get a meal deal - so, 4 choices of food, a soup and a drink - in Malaga there was no meal deal, no soup and the price was the same (so less food for the same price - also I think the serving size itself was smaller, as in Granada the 'boat' is usually filled to the brim).
Updated from previous review on Sunday December 09, 2012

Pros: Great wholesome food, Lovely staff, Cute little place

Cons: No meal deal, Slightly smaller serving sizes

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Magdalena, owner Thanks for your comments. It was interesting to read about the contrasts between EL PIANO MALAGA and EL PIANO GRANADA. Cities so near to each other and yet so very different from each other. The weather in Malaga never seems to invite soup consumption so that's part of the meal deal gone...even when it's FREEZING there (when I was working there last February) I couldn't seem to BEG people to have soup...there is no deal on cakes with a meal but there is a great deal on cakes at the weekend (which Granada doesn't do), buy 3 and get the 3rd half price...Check it out...

vegan heaven in malaga. - Edit

This food joint is near Picasso home in malaga.They have got lot of varieties to eat and serves the purpose.Although,they don't have any fresh juices but good variety of food compensates the same.The meals are not expensive and i would say that 5-6 tapas are enough for one person.The 6 tapas will cost you around 6-7 euros.One can eat their meal outside in the street and enjoy the view of street where pablo picasso spent his childhood.
Updated from previous review on Saturday May 17, 2014

Pros: good variety of vegan meals, order as you like ,cost effective, fast food

Cons: no fresh juices available

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good choice of food - Edit

Hi. The staff is welcoming and the choice of food allows to come and eat various meals for many days. You can take away or enjoy the two or three tables in the quiet street. Very central.
It's tasty and not expensive. You can eat for 6€.

Go and enjoy !

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Practical location and friendly staff - Edit

We tried this small but (announced) vegan restaurant at the end of September 2013. Not far from the Plaza de la Merced, the location of the restaurant is practical when visiting the city center of Malaga. We ate outside in one of the three tables available directly on the pedestrian street.
The food is vegan and gluten free, which is very nice. We chose 4 different dishes put into 4 small plates. Among them, salads and fried mushrooms were good but the chili was a little bit dry and not spicy at all. We also took a brownie as a dessert. It looked great but lacked a little chocolate taste! To summary, food was ok for the price paid (really inexpensive) but with a little bit more taste would have been perfect.

Last but not least, we found that the restaurant offers Arizona brand beverages that contain honey... which was quite surprising for a restaurant identified as a vegan one...

Pros: vegan and gluten free, inexpensive, good location and friendly staff

Cons: beverages that contain honey, lack of taste

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Magdalena, owner Thanks for such a comprehensive review and also for the HEADS UP on the honey in the beverages...Actually we are careful to claim that the FOOD is vegan and gluten-free (we make it all ourselves so we know) whereas DRINKS often contain hidden ingredients, change their ingredients literally from season to season and beer of course is generally FULL of gluten...Interesting to read your remarks about the spiciness of the chilli. I am sure you are right. IN GENERAL the Spanish palate cannot accommodate spicy food and we tone down our recipes for EL PIANO in Spain...too much for you unfortunately...We take on board your comments and thank you very much for taking the time to make them.

Not tasty! - Edit

The staff were reeeeeally lovely!!! That's as far as the compliments go. I have been a Vegan for many years and really not happy that the vegan minority in Spain are being represented by food of this standard. Perhaps this was a bad day as all other reviews seem very complimentary, however since we tried everything there and not one nice dish, I don't hold out hope. Will not be going again.

Pros: Lovely Staff

Cons: Horrible food

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Shut? - Edit

Went on 17th December about 3pm. The shutter was down :-( had to go elsewhere.

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Lovely, small place - Edit

El Piano is a lovely place- the owner is very nice and welcomes you warmly. I liked the food because it was so international (african, indian, andalusian) and good spiced. You can choose from different dishes and get them in special plates or "boats" (to take away).

It seems to be a nice vegan community, also the owner brought out cookbooks with the receipts.

The cake wasn't my taste.

Pros: international food

Cons: very small, a bit messy

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Flavoursome - Edit

I wrote a review about this restaurant at my blog: http://alaliza.wordpress.com/personal/review-vegan-restaurant-el-piano-malaga/

Read it if you are interested in this restaurant!

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Affordable and really good food, worth it. - Edit

This place is more a take away than a restaurant, because It's really small. But the food really worth it.

I went there with a non vegan friend and she was as satisfied as me. For 5.90€ we tried almost everything in the menu, and for 16€ we both had a great time.
We had some indian bajhi (hope its that how they call it), vegan kebab with soy yogurt sauce, rice, hummus, chilly and I don't know what else.

In conclusion: I would go back!

Pros: Great food, Good prices, Friendly staff

Cons: Small, Maybe too much fried food (?)

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Tasty - Edit

El Piano is small; very small. However, the food packs a punch that makes it worthwhile.

I first came across this family-run, dual-nationality organisation in York, UK. That is a fully-fledged restaurant, whereas this is more of a take-away eatery. The style of food is similar - tapas in small or large 'boats.

It is exclusively vegan and the food is diverse and tasty. The basil pasta and the banana curry were particularly flavoursome, but the rest was great too. I went with two non-vegans who eat so much, they were full, which is as good a recommendation as any.

Places like this, where the emphasis is on friendly service and healthy uncompromisingly vegan food need to be supported but I do so in the confidence that unless you are particularly picky, you'll love the food on offer here.

Pros: Service, Choice, Quality

Cons: Too small!!

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Magdalena, owner Yes. VERY SMALL...Especially when compared with EL PIANO YORK which is in two buildings (conjoined), on two floors AND with a pretty big courtyard outside...but we have applied for permission for 2 more tables in EL PIANO MÁLAGA and our total seating outside will then be the magnificent total of 20...

You are right that there is more emphasis on TAKE AWAY - you may have noticed in Spain that this is a much more developed sector of the food industry with many people eating with us quite regularly in this way.

The challenge in any performance art is to deliver a minimum standard EVERY TIME - and not just play a blinder once in a while. We are lucky to have so many family members involved who are very keen on quality - our senior QUALITY CONTROL person is in York but he recently visited Målaga and Granada and was pleased with what we are producing. And before you get the impression that he is in a suit and descends occasionally to grace us with the equivalent of a white glove test, he spends most of his Saturdays chained to the food service counter in York - so say hi to him when next you are there!

Good food, cheap and tasty - Edit

I visited El Piano in Malaga in Feb. 2013. It's hidden away on a small side street just off Plaza Merced. Like others have said, they have a cafeteria style "choose 4 items for 5.95 euro" option and a 3-item option for cheaper. The 4 items option was pretty good for a light lunch.

The lady at the counter was very friendly and helpful - I speak maybe 3 words of Spanish and she spoke about as much English, but we managed to have some conversation :-)

At least 2 of the 4 dishes I tried were really amazing - they had some kind of pan-fried carrot fritters, and a slightly spicy estofado. The other 2 were fairly good.
The Indian-style cilantro chutney that came with the meal was surprisingly authentic, and she also served a pappadum with the meal.

Pros: Good food, Cheap

Cons: Very little seating

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Magdalena, owner Thanks for your comprehensive review. It's very helpful to us to read our reviews and thanks to HAPPY COW we learn a lot.

The pan-fried fritters are the biggest wheeze out., SO SIMPLE. A recipe from Bolivia all you do is grate carrots and chop the same quantitiy of spring onions or leeks. Add salt and a touch of sugar and then make a wet mix with rice flour and deep fry. That's it...Have a go and email us if you get in a jam with it...

We have seating for 20 outside now (just applied for permission for 2 more tables) and there is seating inside at the TINY bars...but it all gets filled up fairly quickly...best to come before 2pm when you are almost certain to get a table...

nice owner - Edit

we have been there in summer 2012. its really small but u can sit outside to enjoy the small streets. the owner was very friendly and i liked the food (my boyfriend not but he dont like the style). its great to try very different things - also some sweets. the price was ok.

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Warm Welcome, Tasty Food - Edit

Located a two-minute walk from the house where Picasso was born, El Piano is a convenient stop for vegans/vegetarians/gluten-free to enjoy a tasty meal with a glass of natural wine or organic beer.

The formula is simple: You choose any five items from the deli case (some are hot, others cold; the hot bits get microwaved)and either a standard or large-size "boat," AKA a bamboo plate with curved sides to hold the food in.

The choices span the flavor spectrum, from curried potatoes and squash to mexican cabbage salad to corn fritters and falafel. Everything I chose was perfectly seasoned and delicious.

I didn't eat dessert, but there were several choices and each looked mouthwatering. I also appreciated the wine and beer selection, and the pour of natural red wine was generous.

Pros: friendly, tasty, totally vegan

Cons: portions are a tad small, service is casual (not necessarily bad)

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Lovely food - Edit

Excellent tasty vegan and gluten free food from around the world. A real treat for anyone, but a very special treat for those who sometimes find it difficult to find good food they can actually eat. Friendly staff, fluent in spanish and English. Caters for take away, great to take a picnic to the beach - and has a few street tables for those that want to enjoy eating in situe.

As well as delicious main courses lots of cakes and sweets. Also, wine, beer and various fresh fruit juices available

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El Piano - Edit

El Piano in Malaga is a little shop with limited seating. The food is displayed behind a counter. You can buy a small or a big "boat" and fill it with 2 (small) or 4 (big) items. Some items count for 2. Food that is supposed to be warm will be heated in a Microwave.

We needed 3 big boats between the 2 of us to fill our empty stomachs. We chose many different items, e.g. a mini pizza, a vegetable patty, salads, the chili mexicana, sushi frito, quiche etc. The esperience was mixed. Some items tasted OK.

We went to the El Piano in Granada and had cake there (avoiding the other food which looked exactly the same as in Malaga). The cake was fine.

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Magdalena, owner Thanks for reviewing our new site in Malaga. We are delighted that the food in both Malaga and Granada is maintaining its family resemblance...it is good for vulnerable diners to know that the same great vegan AND gluten-free food is in all our units. As our cooks circulate it's easy to see how we keep the food at the same standard. We also aim to continue to offer the boats of four choices for under 5 euros each...at least we hope to for 2012...and that way people can dine with us frequently.

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