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141 Bradford St, Provincetown, USA

Now called 141 To Go

This place is now called 141 to Go. They are less of a store and more of a to-go cafe offering juices, cookies, sandwiches, smoothies and some other small items.

The staff is very friendly, there are lots of vegan and gluten free options . I was pleased with everything I had from there (triple chocolate cookie and a mixed juice). Definitely a great place to pick up something small.

40 Pleasant St, Portsmouth, USA

Great Food

Thai Bistro was awesome. Fresh thai food with a great menu. I had a dish which consisted of rice noodles, veggies, tofu and peanut sauce. It was perfect. They clearly mark what is vegan on their menu and also have gluten free marks too. I would recommend this place to everyone.

19 S 2nd Ave, Highland Park, USA

Great Idea for a Cafe

A Better World Cafe is part of a program that teaches people to cook and allows the community to volunteer in exchange for a plate of food. You can also just pay for lunch up front, but you get to choose the price. They usually use local and organic produce.

Because it's volunteer based there will be different people working there every day, so your portion size and preparation tends to vary.

I would recommend the Better World Salad, which is a nice salad featuring kale, carrots, cabbage, tofu and shredded almonds.

115 E State St, Ithaca, USA

A Nice Option.

I had a veggie BLT from Autumn Leaves one day while I was shopping down at the Commons. It's nothing you couldn't put together yourself, but it was made well and tasted great. The staff is friendly and the prices are reasonable. If you're looking for a quiet place to relax, read and grab some light fare, this is a great option.

227 Lark St, Albany, USA

Extremely Well Executed

I go to Berben and Wolf probably twice a week, sometimes more. I've never had a bad meal. The staff is always excellent. You never have to wait long for your food. These folks are pros.

The Rueben is excellent and from what I hear it's their most request sandwich. If you like dijon, the Cubano is excellent. You'll probably have the best setian philly cheese steak of your life here, featuring thinly sliced seitan, house made cheese sauce and crunchy roll. Don't worry, they have gluten free options as well.

There's a 'grab and go' case featuring a changing cast of salads and deserts. If you're there on a day when they have the buffalo chicken mac and cheese consider yourself very lucky. For desert, the chai cake and pineapple upside cake are totally perfect.

1296 Centennial Ave, Piscataway, USA

Very Good

To echo the last reviewer, the owner is very nice about pointing out which items are vegan. He's very enthusiastic about having many vegan options and this definitely made me love the place even more.

It's a little expensive for the buffet, but you get some really great food. Come hungry and make it worth it.

1000 Chapel St, New Haven, USA

Exceeded My Expectations

I was going through New Haven on my way up to Maine and stopped in at Claires. It was so good that I stopped back again on my home.

The first time I ordered the roasted organic vegetable platter with chipotle 'chicken'. I asked for a side of tahini. It's a well roasted veg platter served over rice. The 'chicken' was excellently spiced. I poured the tahini on top and a great meal was had. The plate was enormous. I barely finished the whole thing (and I can eat quite a bit).

The second time, on my way home, I was not too hungry so I opted for the flat bread pizza with daiya. The sauce is good and they do a great job with cheez coverage (some places skimp here, but not Claires), however the whole 'pizza on a tortilla' thing didn't really pan out as well as I expected. Tough to manage and a bit of a mess.

That said, I would go to Claires whenever I have the chance.

1756 Forest Ave, Staten Island, USA

Sort of Let Down

In my early twenties (circa 2000-2003) I used to love to eat at Chin Chin's. They had a separate vegetarian menu back then. The prices were reasonable and the food was not bad.

I recently went back after having not eaten there in about 7 years. They got rid of their separate menu. Every vegetarian entree is $10.95 (a bit expensive for such a casual place). I got the chicken and black bean sauce. Whatever substitute chicken product they are using is very thin and flimsy. The food was very greasy and underwhelming.

It was disappointing.

479 W Perry St, West Cape May, USA

A little expensive

I found Higher Grounds through HappyCow and checked it out on our most recent vacation. There must be some new staff working because when I asked about the menu being all vegetarian the young girl behind the counter told me that it wasn't. I was particularly interested in the turkey club and was told it was not vegetarian. Then when I asked our waiter about it he told me it was mock turkey and totally vegetarian. It was confusing, though I'm glad to hear the place is totally vegetarian.

The menu on the board and the paper menu don't quite match up, so it was tough to know what they were serving and not serving.

For two cups of soup and two sandwiches our meal cost $36. This seemed a little high compared to some other places I've been. The food was good, about what I would expect an average lunch to be, but not for such a high price.

338 George St, New Brunswick, USA

Lunch Only

Makeda serves good Ethiopian food that is made well. I only go there for the $8.95 lunch special. The dinner prices are pretty expensive and not really worth the money.

The service can be hit or miss. Sometimes it takes up to 40 minutes to get your food, other times, 10 minutes.

89 Morris St, New Brunswick, USA

It's a Shame

It's a shame...New Brunswick needs a veg restaurant really bad. Unfortunately this cafe is prone to the hippie pitfalls of some other veg cafes I've been to. The guy who runs the place seems to be under this impression that everyone has 3 hours to come in, make smalltalk and have a meal. The service is very slow and unprofessional.

I understand their approach at making the cafe a community space, but a little more business minded work would draw more people in.

The food was pretty average. The menu is pretty vague. For example, the juices are listed by name, but have no listing of what is in them. Same with the sandwiches. I understand it's cute and quirky, but I'd like to know what is in my food.

Unfortunately I don't go here very much at all.

11 Division St, San Francisco, USA

Great Food, Great Experience

Upon reading the other reviews I was surprised at what a bad experience people had here. When we went the owner was no where to be found and the staff were all completely friendly.

The burgers are the highlight here. Large portions, great taste and well made. I usually don't get a veggie burger because you can get them anywhere, but SOURCE has made the best burger I've ever had.

This place is a most for me whenever I'm visiting San Francisco.

227 Lark St, Albany, USA

Good food, Nice people, Hit or Miss Service

The Brakes in a very small coffee shop that boasts a great menu of sandwiches, soups, baked goods and hot drinks. I believe everything is organic, and most raw materials are locally sourced.

They are probably best known for their "Bacon Bad" sandwich which is a BLT using a unique soy-based bacon substitute that takes on the consistency of prosciutto.

Any desert is a good choice, and this where the Brakes seems to really shine. With a large selection of gluten free and flour based options, you can typically find something that's going to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The service can be slow at times, depending on how crowded it is. Definitely more of a 'laid back' approach to food service than some folks are used to. I would recommend going if you have a lot of time to devote to it.

336 Commercial St, Provincetown, USA

Best Vegan Food in the Cape

I ordered the vegan french toast and veggie sausage. The food was slow coming out, but once it got there the flavor was excellent. The wait staff was very attentive with refilling water and coffee. For two of us to eat it was $35, which by Cape standards is not too bad for a meal of this caliber. If you're looking for vegan food on the Cape this is the place that seemed to have the most variety and best quality.

711 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, USA

Quite Nice

Asbury Park now has 3 options for vegan ice cream. For such a small town you can really get your sweet tooth going.

Cookman Creamery seems to have their act together. The day that I went there about six vegan flavors to choose from. I had a scoop of the PB&J ice cream as well as a scoop of the blueberry lemon cookie ice cream. Both were creamy, smooth and just the right amount of sweetness. Next time I may try the vegan whipped cream and some other toppings.

Do they have milkshakes? I didn't see the option on their menu.

633 Lake Ave, Asbury Park, USA

Always Friendly, Always Good

Crust and Crumble does a good job with their wide range of vegan options. My only request is that they could maybe start to use Daiya cheese instead of the current vegan cheese they are using now. Other than that this place is great.

If you order a sandwich get a half...unless you are a big eater. Those things are huge!

811 Raritan Ave, Highland Park, USA

Excellent Ice Cream

Vegan flavors of hard ice cream include chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, mint chip and strawberry.

Soy milk is available for vegan shakes. The root beer float is a good option, though it's standard root beer made with high fructose corn syrup.

8020 S Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, USA

Great Spot

I was on vacation last week in Palm Beach. We went across the bridge to get dinner at Darbster. Right off the bat the host was really helpful and outgoing. He told us what his favorites were and answered any questions we had.

They were running a special for a BBQ chicken pot pie, collards w/pintos and corn mash w/gravy. I decided to go with that. The food is cooked well and it seems like a good amount of care and pride goes into it. My girlfriend ordered the burger and enjoyed the flavors (vegan blue cheese, mayo).

It was so good that we came back a few days later and got a couple of tempeh sandwiches. This time we ordered the vanilla gelato sundae for desert. I've had vegan ice cream at many places throughout the country, but this was definitely one of the best. Definitely try the sundae if you go.

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