Gluten-free vegan bakery and kitchen providing a quick lunch menu of soup, sandwiches, chili, and corn bread. Makes cakes, muffins, brownies, cookies, pastries, cinnamon buns, and even vegan dog treats. Moved here 2012 from Keyport. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-6:00pm, Sun 9:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by Carrot91


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30 Nov 2023

Good local bakery!

They have a great variety of baked goods. I love the new cannolis! The only downside is I went to grab cupcakes for my boyfriend’s birthday & was told they were only selling them for next day pickup due to waste.

Pros: Baked goods, Local, All vegan

Cons: Cupcakes are pickup only



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21 Oct 2023

Vegan Heaven

Holy mother of God. So good. I got the Mac & cheese, eggplant parm & pastalitos. 😋

Pros: Friendly, Delicious, Variety

Cons: Pricey.


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25 Aug 2023

Best Desserts Ever

A bit pricey, but understandable; some of the best desserts I've ever had.


27 Dec 2023


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24 Dec 2022


Had a black and white cookie, some other funky lookin’ one that was super tasty, and a cupcake. All were great!

Be sure to get good ones though! Ask the staff for recommendations and they’ll help you get something good. I’ve been told that the pastries can be pretty hit or miss (a friend told me that!)!!

Pros: Fairly priced


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26 Aug 2022

Not really vegan as the staff and owners aren't

I was super excited to find an all vegan bakery but we also were very hungry and stopped in for lunch. They took the cold entrées from the refrigerator and literally stuck them in the microwave for less than 30 seconds. I had to ask twice to have them warmed up. The overwhelming smell of Windex that was being used made it impossible for me to enjoy the meal inside. No worries though because the food wasn't worth eating I actually ended up throwing it away that's how bad it was. My daughter's pasta was still in the shape of the bowl it came out of no presentation whatsoever. Upon arriving we asked to use the restroom as we had just driven an hour to get there and were refused they sent us down the street to Starbucks. I hate leaving a bad review for any vegan restaurant but this place is owned by non-vegans who are just profiting off the plant-based trend. They are not vegan.

Pros: Vegan sweets

Cons: Refused use of restroom after an hours drive , Cold food , whom ever is on their ig isn't vegan and is rude


27 Dec 2023

Papa Ganache is a bakery, not a restaurant. They offer foods/sandwiches from the cooler mainly for takeout but they accommodated you and heated up your food. Not sure why you were expecting a restaurant experience. Most small businesses do not have a public restroom either. I’ve been going there for years and nearly everything they make is incredible and the staff is great.


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20 Aug 2022

Love, love LOVE Papa Ganache bakery.

I would drive to Matawan from Belmar before new location opened near me. Essential for new vegans & still the best vegan baked goods I’ve had anywhere in years.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-20

Pros: Fully vegan, Great for new vegans, Best baked goods


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20 Nov 2021

Safest and best Bakery

My wife has been taking me to this bakery for a long time. I always feel safe eating here because they have a whole separate gluten-free section with no cross contamination whatsoever. Unfortunately we moved to another state and there is no bakery that is dedicated celiac friendly, but we will always visit whenever we get the chance again.

Pros: Celiac friendly, Food options, Delicious

Cons: None


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22 Oct 2021

Sometimes yes, sometimes no

There are hits and misses at this bakery. I had a brownie with cookie dough, which tasted bland and days old. My husband's apple cheesecake was so so.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-22

Cons: Expensive.


31 Aug 2023

Update. .Im done with them. Overly sweet, amateur baking.


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22 Jun 2021


Incredible baked goods as well as some pre-made meals to go.


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19 May 2021

I've only been once and I'm in love

I had the Green Tea cupcakes and the PB&J ones. The green tea were good but not quite my cup of tea. It's pretty heavy on the almond extract and I'm not a big fan of that flavor. The PB&J was so good it curled my toes! I'm a freak of nature so I find the amount of frosting to be going a little overboard. For those who are like me or just tired of getting icing up their nose, I have a tip. Tear of the bottom half of the cupcake and put it on top. Cupcake sandwiches are much easier to eat.

I also love the decor inside and would love to eat in the outdoor area once the weather gets warmer.

Updated from previous review on 2012-04-23


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06 Jan 2021

Jewel of Monroe

Small Bakery with a fully loaded vegan display of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cakes, and everything you’d find in a ‘normal’ bakery. The fridge is also stocked with some of their cookie dough, Stromboli, & pastas. I’ve been multiple times and have loved every visit. Perfect for bringing to parties or birthdays. If you’re on the fence, I certainly say to go for it 👍🏼


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29 Sep 2020

Delicious desserts!!!!

They offer tons of baked goods and savory foods as well. I got a piece of eggplant Stromboli for about $10, and a small pint of penne vodka for $12! I didn’t ask about prices beforehand, and I was treating myself, as I do not have many vegan options where I live. But I was a little surprised at those prices. But that being said, I will definitely go back for the baked goods if I’m in the area again

Pros: So many delicious options

Cons: A bit pricey


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26 Jul 2020


Haven’t been to their location, but have had their food at the Asbury Park Vegfest. Absolutely killer stuff.


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11 Jul 2020

Told that they “hate vegans”

Got treats from here 2 Christmases ago, so it may have changed.

Firstly, their selection is incredible. It was a vegan dream to walk into a bakery with so many options that I can actually eat. And the Gluten Free selection is half the store. They also had Mac n cheez and some other meal options to take home and re-heat.

That being said I’ve heard some weird rumors that the owner and employees “hate vegans” which is really odd. The business is not owned by vegans.. so in the long run your money is going to people who still eat animals. I also felt they were ridiculously overpriced being that it doesn’t cost much more (and in some ways can be cheaper) to bake vegan desserts vs nonvegan. I felt like they know vegan bakeries are rare and jack up the prices due to that.

Pros: Amazing options, Huge Gluten free selection

Cons: Overpriced , Non-vegan owners, They “hate vegans”


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18 Feb 2020

So delicious! Great gluten free selection

Everything here is delicious. They also have regular food (limited options), a great gluten free selection. Everything is vegan!

Pros: All vegan, Lots of gluten free options


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13 Jan 2020

Ladies who lunch

Went for lunch today and ordered practically everything on the menu. Lol. Rice Ball w/Sauce Vegan, Eggplant Stromboli Vegan, pepper and onion burrito, sausage and onion Stromboli, mini pizza bagels, Mac n' Cheese Vegan, and Quiche. Everything was super yummy, I would’ve enjoyed the food coming out a little hotter, but besides that, everything tasted delicious. I was so full when I left, but I still ordered a cupcake 😂

Pros: All vegan, Lots of gluten free options

Cons: Food not served super hot


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18 Dec 2019


Everything I have ever ordered here was wonderful. I wish I could bake as well as them, but until then I will keep coming in for breakfast!

Pros: Great variety , Everything tastes wonderful

Cons: Can’t make a left out of the parking lot


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04 Nov 2019

Pastry me all day long

We arrived by noon and got a bunch of vegan SWEET pastries. And brunch too. French toast, sandwich... all so tasty and delicious. Check all the pictures the food is amazing.

Pros: So vegan, Friendly environment


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24 Sep 2019

Vegan Dessert Heaven

I'd heard good things about Papa Ganache so I stopped by to try some. I bought the cake pops, which were yummy, but the real highlight of my visit were the pop tarts. They were beyond delicious and I've been dreaming about them ever since!

Pros: Taste like the original thing, Lots of variety

Cons: On the pricier side


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26 Jun 2019

Might give it another try

I like the idea and was super excited to finally try it. The Swiss roll was BOMB. I would def get that again if I go back. Tasted better than the actual thing. The cinnamon roll was okayyyy it was very grainy feeling. The banana cream cupcake itself was good but there was so much icing on it... Not much of an icing person so maybe you might like it.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Kinda expensive ($4/cupcake, $5/cinnamon roll)


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06 Apr 2019


Disclaimer: I have not been here in two years. My dad used to live near here, and when I visited, we would always get cupcakes from this bakery. I tend to write HappyCow reviews when my wife is busy running her marathons and I am just sitting here on my [censored].

SO -- I remember when they first opened in Keyport. They were delicious then, and I am sure their desserts are delicious now. My wife and I had our wedding cake made here; I have had a birthday cake and many treats with my dad. He wasn't vegan, but he just loved Papa Ganache's treats, too.

If you have to go a bit out of your way for these sweet treats, I recommend it. Unless they've improved in the last three years, I don't really recommend their non-sweets. The macaroni and cheese was passable, but nothing special for the cost.

This place started out as a bakery and that's what they do best.

Pros: Delicious desserts, All vegan, Pretty easy access from the Garden State Parkway

Cons: They should stick to desserts, A little pricey for some things


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16 Feb 2019

Excellent bakery

Love it. As good as Vegan Treats but much closer to me. Their baked goods are great and I also love their stromboli, soups and the thanksgiving wrap they make.


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24 Dec 2018

Rude staff, expensive why?

Overpriced, poor customer service and then look at ingredients 🤮

Cons: Expensive


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01 Jul 2018

Vegan gluen-free gourmet desserts

Some friends bought me a variety of treats from this excellent vegan bakery recently. The best were carrot cake muffin, crème brulée muffin, Samoa (Girl Scout cookie) cheesecake. I want to eat it all! They also reposted my share on IG and seem super friendly and open to new ideas. A must try!

Pros: everything is vegan , great presentation , tastes good to non vgs


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18 May 2018

best bakery for vegans

all of their food is great. staff is very friendly. their stromboli is my favorite lunch item and I love their cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, brownies, and cheesecake. Their broccoli cheddar quiche reminds me of a broccoli casserole my grandmother used to make. It's delicious. pretty much everything there is amazing. We order cakes from here for our birthdays. They made an adorable cookie monster cake for my son this year, and last year we had them make a Daniel Tiger one. It's always so good and the party guests love it, even the omnivores!

Pros: all vegan, really good

Cons: you may gain weight!


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20 Feb 2018

I want a cupcake.

I live 5 minutes from this place and it’s like a dream come true. Everything I’ve had has been amazing. The regular lunch/dinner food is really delicious too. Definitely worth checking out.


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09 Feb 2018

The best!!

What more is there to say? Great doughnuts (Somoa is best), love their Rugelah but very expensive (worth it for me)!

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