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Living on the Veg - temporarily closed

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2613 Long Beach Blvd, Beach Haven, New Jersey, USA, 08008

Vegetarian deli and juice bar serving daily soups, organic coffee, hummus wrap, sandwiches, veggieburgers, smoothies, and fresh juices. Honey used in some items. Seasonal hours, call ahead. Previously located on W Maryland Ave. NOTE: closed for season as of Feb 2017.

Category: Vegan-friendly, International, Organic, Juice bar, Take-out

Reviews (17)

First Review by vin crap

creative menu - Edit

The raw tacos are my favoriteeee! Usually places miss the mark on this item but not here! Pretty sure this place is all vegan except for using honey in baked goods once in a while. Faux chicken salad is good too and sandwiches are great! Nice offering of seasonal menu items as well.

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Nice Veggie Restaurant With Lots Of Menu Options - Edit

Nice location just off main drag, with plenty of menu options for varying tastes. We will certainly be back when we come back to LBI.

Pros: Menu, Veggie Only, Animal Friendly

Cons: Cash Only

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Best place on the island! - Edit

This is my favorite place to go when I'm vacationing on LBI! Everything is delicious & fresh. Great value. The people working there are super friendly & helpful. It's really small inside, but you can sit outside at a picnic table. If you have your dog with you, they will even bring out a bowl of water for him/her. My only complaint is that I wish they were open for breakfast & open 7 days a week! I really hope they recover from hurricane Sandy and open again soon.

Pros: Delicious, Friendly, good value

Cons: wish they were closer to home

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Perfection - Edit

Delicious, nutritious, vegan-loving, and cheap food in an area where food is otherwise expensive and very carnivorous. I ordered the Chuck-wich with vegan potato salad and everything tasted fresh and delicious; the potato salad was seriously to die for. The environment of the joint is extremely welcoming and the menu makes it very clear that they're happy to accommodate all kinds of food restrictions. Menu options are diverse and innovative, including salads, sandwiches, wraps, burritos, smoothies, and juices! I believe that everything on the menu can be made vegan; most menu items already are vegan, bread and all. Take-out or eat-in, which makes stopping in very convenient. Quick and kind service, and the best part is that a meal generally won't run you more than $10. I wish I'd come here every day of my stay at LBI instead of just my last. I was seriously impressed.

Pros: delicious, very vegan-friendly, inexpensive

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A Solid Choice - Edit

I heard about this place from a friend of mine and just got around to trying it yesterday for lunch. Great menu, great staff, fresh food,..you really can't go wrong here.
I had the tempeh avocado melt with potato salad. The food came out in a reasonable time, the service was prompt and attentive, and it tasted excellent. If I lived in this area I would probably frequent this place multiple times a week. Keep up the great work!

Pros: excellent food, great staff, professoinal

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One word- AWESOME! - Edit

I have been going to the Veg for several years now and it is hands down one of the best places I have ever eaten at. This may not sound like much, but seeing as I am not strictly vegatarian, I think that says A LOT. Their food has such amazing flavor that I don't miss the meat! Their portions are perfect and always filling. You leave there feeling fully satisfied and NOT gross and bloated like most other greasy, fried, processed food establishments. Their prices are reasonable, especially for what you are getting- a healthy, all-natural meal. I can honestly say that there is not a single item that I have tried that I didn't like. My personal favorite is the Chickenless TLT Sandwich, the Three Bean Chili (and any of the soups, actually) and I cannot forget The King smoothie.
Their new location now allows them to sell their salads and sides which I am thrilled about! And I would highly recommend taking a carrot cake home. And perhaps a chocolate chip cookie or two. ;)
Living on the Veg has definitely influenced me in eating healthier, non-processed foods and realizing that you don't need meat to make a meal.
If you are looking for something different, definitely make this your stop. You won't be disappointed.

Pros: excellent food, great value, friendly staff and atmosphere

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Watch the SALT - Edit

I RAW so I could eat healthy and stay medication free.

Just when I arrived, was I happy when I saw a waiter carrying an armful of whole romaine, I heard the Vita-Mix going, and saw WHEATGRASS on the menu. BUT, the sides and dressing that accompanied my salad had tons of salt. I thought everything tasted GREAT, so I took some mock egg salad, and mock chicken salad home, not knowing I just got an overdose of SALT. So much so that my mouth was super dry and by the morning my blood pressure shot through the roof. I had to fill a blood pressure medication prescription the next day. I talked about RAW and Ann Wigmore and the chef hadn't even heard of either.

VEGANS - get your act together. KILLER SALT!

If they use 1/2 the salt, everything would still taste great...so I hope they read this review.

I learned my lesson. Next time, If I can't read the ingredients - I won't eat it. I should have has just a plain salad and no dressing.



1 Response

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Los Ramos 05 Jun 2012 - Thank you for your constructive criticism. In regard to your comments about our usage of salt in our products, when asked, we gladly told you exactly how much was in the products you purchased. One teaspoon of salt per 2 pounds of tofu seems like a sufficient amount, not only to us but our regular customers as well. You, having purchased an 8oz. container has roughly a 1/4 teaspoon. For someone watching their salt intake, such as yourself, they might want to consider that before purchasing said products. As for your comments on Raw Dieting, we certainly know what a Raw diet is and all it consists of. We do not claim to be Raw and the items you purchased were certainly not raw. That being said, we will easily accomodate a Raw diet through our extensive salad selection. Being on a barrier island in southern New Jersey with restaurants on every block that serve the same seafood and meat dishes, we'd like to think that our "act" is as together as its going to get. Granted, there will always be room to grow and learn. The fact that we even exist in said environment speaks volumes. Moving forward, you should heed your own advice and not purchase items you are unsure about, especially if your own health is an issue. We want to thank you for your patronage and want to offer a full refund for the items you purchased to go. We hope you are in good health.

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awesome - Edit

At a time in my life when food began to interest me a friend of mine opened this gret place and taught me that great food doesn't have to mean highly processed... i remember lauren being the first person to ever make me wonder why some foods had sooo many ingredients and that wasn't a good thing. Love Livin on the veg.. even though i haven't gotten over there in a while! miss you laur... love the girl who painted your front window!!

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First Experience - Edit

Great Place! Highly recommend it to anybody, especially when first experimenting with vegetarianism. Very clean, nice people, good environment for all ages. Food is wonderful! Juices/smoothies also great. This place made me a vegetarian :)

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Amazing find. - Edit

My partner and I stumbled onto this cute little restaurant accidentally, and I am so glad we did! Although Living on the Veg is small with only about ten seats, it was doing brisk lunch business, both eat-in and take out. The menu is all vegetarian and mostly vegan, with non-vegan ingredients well-marked, and boasts a great variety of salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies and dessert. The staff was friendly, easy-going and very helpful. I got a summer salad: a mix of baby spinach and romaine lettuce, a little red onion, generous amounts of strawberries and blueberries, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds with a balsamic vinaigrette on the side. My partner got a portabello mushroom sandwich with roasted red pepper on ciabatta and some roasted potato salad, along with a banana berry smoothie. Everything was delicious, and it came fast. We couldn't have been more happy with the experience and will definitely be back the next time we're in the area. Thanks for a great meal!

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Love Lining on the Veg! - Edit

My favorite place! The food is great, the owners are wonderful and will work with special request.

Pros: alot of options, fresh food/juice,smoothies, some gluten free options

Cons: most items have gluten

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Reviewer Avatar

Thankful for the options - Edit

I went to Living on the Veg 4 of the 8 days of my most recent trip to LBI. It definitely gets brownie points for giving me something other to eat there than "vegetable sandwiches" (i.e. portobello and peppers) and pasta w/garlic&olive oil that I have to get everywhere else. The menu is pretty small though, and a lot of it just consists of soy burgers with different toppings. I was hoping they'd have some seitan or tempeh dishes, but they only use tofu. Oh, and they had "soy riblets," which were really good. Another reviewer said that they make all their stuff on premises, but they definitely don't. I specifically inquired about the riblets and the guy said they didn't make them, that he thought they were a Boca product. I'd assume that the soy burgers are too. But I too am a fan of the avocado club (got it on ciabatta because their multi-grain toast, rolls, and wraps have honey in them [wish they'd just use ones w/out honey]), and I liked the chickenless tofu salad. Each sandwich comes with a small side of the day too, which is nice. They have different soups every other day or so, as well. The only one I tried was the "Chilled Pineapple Banana," which was good. Sort of like a smoothie actually. I should've tried the Ginger Carrot Sweet Potato. They also have 2 or 3 vegan baked goods, which I also wish I tried. All in all, I'm glad it's there, but I wasn't blown away by the food or anything. I could easily make all of it myself, but when on vacation, it was nice that I didn't have to.

Pros: vegan options!, pretty good food, reasonable prices

Cons: small menu, close at 5pm, honey in most of the bread/wraps

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kindlizard 02 Aug 2009 - Shaybaby, in addition to your response which negates his review, how about a review of your experience(s) of your own? Be interested to read it. thanks.

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tollyholly 12 Feb 2012 - I know this was over two years ago but in response to shaybaby, (who was bothered by my 4-star "critical review") I was the one who wrote it. It referred to my experience there in 2008. It reflected the menu at the time, I was not making things up. Even the owner's response (which was great, thank you Los Ramos!) attests to that. They did close at 5 at that point, though they are open much later now which is great.

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shaybaby 22 Feb 2013 - Your review irritates me. Im a regular at Living on the Veg and I can tell you that your review is highly inaccurate.

The menu is anything but small. Especially for a restaurant with a menu thats 99.9% VEGAN, the options are incredible.

Just soy burgers with different toppings? No. They used boca burgers several years ago when they first opened, but now all of their menu items are made on the premises. Their two vegan burgers, the black bean and the green burger are NOTHING like your store bought soyburgers.

And to say that most of their sandwhiches are just the burgers?.. What about the tun-o salad melt, the bbq seitan sandwich, the southwest burrito, the buffalo ceasar wrap, the chickenless t.l.t, the red pepper hummus wrap, the portabella sandwich...(just to name a few)?

They DO offer tempeh and seitan dishes, not just tofu.

Most of their bread items do NOT contain honey. Clearly marked on the menu, ONLY the whole wheat wrap and the multi-grain bread does.

They do not close at 5. Theyre open 11am to 9pm everyday except Monday, when they're open from 11am to 4pm.

They no longer have soy riblets, and havent had them for a few summers now. They were store bought, like the boca burgers they sold when they first opened. In the past few years this business has expanded tremendously since your visit. Im curious as to why you felt the need to offer a critical review of Living on the Veg when its obviously been a few years since youve paid them a visit.

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Los Ramos 22 Feb 2013 - Dear Guest, I am the owner of Living on the Veg and wanted to thank you for your review. My husband and I opened our place in 2005, so this year will be our 6th summer. When we began we did our best to provide vegetarians with an alternative place to eat while on vacation. It was a bit difficult to find providers to sell to us, let alone the ones that would provide us with the ingredients we preferred. It has been a slow growth, but we are extremely happy where we are with our menu that we've been offering for the past few years. In the beginning we defiantly used some processed meat alternatives, but we did away with them after the first summer. We now make as much as we can in house, including a vegetable burger, black bean burger, all of our dressings, we offer 3 side salads daily, a daily soup, hummus', mock tuna, egg & chicken salads to name a few things. As for the size of our menu, it has grown extensively, we do use seitan and tempeh. On our regular menu we now have 6 salads, 8 sandwiches, 8 wraps, plus a daily special as well as dinner offered during the summer. We would really love for you to try us again if you are ever in the area again, please let us know what you think since your last visit. We always appreciate constructive criticism. We have always been and will continue to be committed to providing our customers with a great vegan, jersey shoe experience (Yes, unfortunately our sliced bread & wheat wraps do contain honey, but we do offer many other options to accommodate vegans). Thank you again, Lauren
P.S. Thank you Shaybaby, your response makes us smile that we have people like you around us.

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Amazing! - Edit

This place is super convenient with casual but inventive vegan sandwiches, desserts, smoothies, and juices. Very fresh, very healthy, and ultra friendly, knowledgeable staff! It is easy to tell that this place is for the conscious consumer, and not just with regard to animals wellfare. They use the healthiest products available from the soymilk in the smoothies down to the biodegradable cups that house them. We were thrilled with our experience. We got the barbeque seitan sandwich and the avocado club...as well as a fudgey vegan brownie that was out of this world. Everything is made on the premises and we got extremely fast service. We could tell the staff cared about the food and serivice and took pride in being there. What more could a vegan girl at the beach ask for?

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine , good value

Cons: friendly staff, delicious, eco-conscious

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veggie mecca on long beach island - Edit

living on the veg is a great vegetarian deli and smoothie/juice bar in beach haven terrace (in between brant beach and beach haven on the main drag). the owners are really friendly, and the food is amazing. everything is vegan except a few items which contain honey. we were so excited to find this place while on vacation -- there aren't too many other veg-friendly spots on lbi. highly recommended!

Pros: great food, healthy, nice staff

Cons: not open late

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Reviewer Avatar

Yum! - Edit

Being a vegan on Long Beach Island is not an easy thing, and Living on the Veg certainly fills the veggie void. The atmosphere is beachy and fun, with colorful chalkboards and artwork adorning the walls. The staff is very nice and attentive. My favorites were the avocado club and the King smoothie. The burrito and special riblet sandwich were also very tasty. Great prices, excellent food. Can't wait to go there again for Labor Day!

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I'm a regular - Edit

I actually was introduced to this site through the owners of this restaurant. They are honestly the best restaurant I know of. Everything is homemade, right there, and is 100% animal friendly and vegan. On top of that, Rob and Lauren are the nicest people ever.

Pros: Amazing food, Clean environment, Wonderfully nice

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