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1431 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, 33304

Upscale vegan dining restaurant serving spirits from around the globe and creative contemporary vegetarian cuisine. Exotic interior decor with wall fountain. Open Tue-Sun 5:30pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by JohnnySensible

Poor Food, poor service - Edit

We went there recently to celebrate a special occassion and had a terrible experience. The food was extremely substandard and the wait staff downright curt. For $18 - $20 dishes one would expect some class or quality but the food they serve is worse than fast food. The portion size is also very small, which in some cases I don't mind if the food is good and well presented. But sadly at this place both are missing. Even a novice cooks better food. Service is also not something you would expect at an upscale restaurant. This place is a scam in the name of Upscale Vegan dining.

This place used to be good at one point, but not anymore. If you are looking for good vegan food there are plenty other options in south florida. Save your money and time, go some place else.

Pros: none

Cons: Food is not good , Wait staff is rude, Pricey for quality and quantity

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Not good, about average - Edit

We went for dinner there last night and the food quality was not up to the standards of other fine dining vegan restaurants. First, I was very disappointed and surprised that several entrees were made with Gardein products. I agree that it is a good vegan meat substitute but I don't want to go to a restaurant and eat Gardein products and spend about $80 for dinner for two! We ordered a mushroom ravioli and the potato stack. I would rate them both a 5 out of 10. The dessert was homemade, it was a coconut cake for $9. It was dry and not the moist texture I expected. Our appetizer was delicious , a cauliflower breaded and fried with a tasty chili sweet and sour sauce. The restaurant gives a complimentary tasting of polenta that was also good. The atmosphere was nice and I love going to a completely vegan restaurant . I feel that the menu needs improvement along with the preparation.

Pros: Entire vegan menu, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Tasteless food, Uses Gardein products so needs better chefs, Pricey and not worth the cost

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kimveggiequeen 08 Feb 2017 - Wow, you rate the inhouse made mushroom ravioli, not made with gardein a 5 out of 10???? You must find many great vegan restaurants all over all of the time to give this kind of review. The woman who owns this has a foundation and gives everything back to the animals, so much through her foundation. Hope your terrible review doesn't influence people not to go there, they are liquor licensed and not in a way out of the way area and their food is incredible in our opinion with great service.  

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violently throwing up - Edit

Don't eat at this restaurant! My Wife ordered appetizers and was violently throwing up right after she ate it. When I told the owner what happened she showed no compassion and was more concerned about stopping the rest of our dinner order. She did not comp any of the food order my wife got sick with. It would be no stars, but website will not post without giving 2 stars. We will not be returning to this place ever again!

Pros: Can't think of any

Cons: Bad service by owner

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Left feeling we paid too much for what we got... - Edit

It's tough for me to give any fully vegan restaurant fewer than 4/5 stars...
There's little excuse for a restaurant to charge $18 for anything with a Gardein patty as the focal point. We tried the cheese plate app - there was a generous serving of cheese and olive tapenade, but only 3 small pieces of bread. The cauliflower app was huge and a decent value. The service was ok - but definitely fast. You can have 3 courses and be in and out in about an hour - a little weird for a place that positions itself as an upscale experience. Entrees were decent enough but for the price, could've been just a little bit larger - or they could've just charged a bit less. Dessert was the highlight of the evening, both the chocolate cake and apple tart were great.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Pricey, Left wanting more out of the experience.

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Fancy and variety filled! - Edit

We went for a special night out on our vacation there. We had the cauliflower appetizer which is plentiful and tasty! We couldn't stop eating them :-) We had the stir fry with rice and split that, which wasn't quite enough to split but the cauliflower made up for it. We took the chocolate cake to go, and i loved it! Tasty, moist, a perfect ending.


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still my fav in Lauderdale - Edit

I have been going to sublime for many years now and enjoyed the service and food. Perfect place to take your cherished ones.
When you get there, make sure to try the cauliflower .

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so nice! - Edit

Take your date here and experience the Mac and cheese! So vegan and good as you!

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Best Resteraunt - Edit

I went here twice in the same few days and they had already switched up the menu, which shows that there is always something new that they are changing. Food was absolutely delicious and desserts were too, though they sort of fell apart when we took them to go. The owner was also very sweet and was walking around asking customers about how they liked their food both times we went.

Pros: Best and fanciest vegan resteraunt , Amazing and different food options , Awesome employees

Cons: Desserts should be eaten at the Resteraunt

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Comfortable Vegan dining - Edit

We heard a lot of good things about Sublime, so we made sure to have reservations when we visited Ft. Lauderdale. The restaurant falls just short of fine dining. It is set up to move you through quickly. We didn't feel rushed, but the expectation was to order, eat, and move on, rather than lingering over food, wine, and conversation. The food was very good. We had the raw noodle dish, and the Szechuan vegetables. The raw dish was excellent. The Szechuan was mostly white rice; not enough veggies on top, but it tasted very good. The portions are large.
They do use a few commercial vegan ingredients (cream cheese, veggie burger) rather than making them in house.
The portions are large.

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We Loved Sublime! Deserves great reviews! - Edit

I went to Sublime solo and ordered the "cheese" plate and pumpkin cheesecake at the bar and was totally comfortable, food was delicious! Friendly service, chill vibe.
I returned later in the week with family and everyone loved it! We got the mac'n'cheese, gardein cutlet piccata, polenta fries, and we loved all of it. We met the owner , she was super gracious and has such a great cause for animal welfare. My sister made a donation after reading her newsletter and she was very thankful for that. Another time had sliders and flatbread to go. LOVED both. Flatbread nicely thin so you don't feel loaded with carbs. Sliders were delicious!!!

Pros: spacious, full bar, house made cheese!

Cons: i live 2,000 miles away

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Amazing Vegan food - Edit

This is the one and only, it really is Sublime. I just love this place, the food is amazing, you just have to go there. The owner Nanci Alexander is the most wonderful person that you will ever meet, she is also the founder of ARFF. I can not tell you how good the food is, no words can explain. A must visit.
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Pros: Healthy Vegan Food, Vegan drinks, Friendly staff

Cons: Not open 24 hours every day of the week

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Go to Wholefoods instead - Edit

The hype around this place is pretty big, celebrity endorsements & awards but it didn't live up to the hype.

The menu is priced as if it's fine dining but falls short.

I had the soft pretzel appetizer to start, it came out raw in the middle. My main i had the mushroom ravioli which wasn't bad but was microwaved. My girlfriend had the lasagne which came out steaming hot but was cold within minutes (which is what happens when you microwave).

Ft Lauderdale is limited with vegan options so it's either this or wholefoods.

Pros: Good Service, Friendly Staff, Fast

Cons: Small Portions, Pricey, Lazy Food Preparation

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Not what it used to be! - Edit

This was a very good restaurant a few years ago. The food was well prepared with good size servings and I always felt that I got my moneys worth. A few weeks ago my wife and I weren't there for a romantic dinner and we were very disappointed with the quality of the food. The portions were very small and better vegetarian cuisine is served in my own house. The desserts that used to be spectacular were only average. It is a beautiful restaurant though. I'm just disappointed that it has slid so far.

Pros: Ambience is wonderful, Good service, Very clean

Cons: Small portions, Overpriced, Food is not well prepared

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Going downhill - Edit

I've been a fairly regular customer at Sublime for years (always my go-to place for special occasions), and I was incredibly disappointed at my last visit there a couple months ago. It was always so delicious and reliable, but recently the food quality has gone down hill, and they have cut out a lot of my favorite entrees. The menu is now about 1/2 the size that it once was. Certainly, the food is still decent, but not the caliber that I remember it being several months before. The atmosphere is still very nice and the service is good, but there are too many other competing vegan restaurants in the area now, with changing menus who have as good or better food. I appreciate what sublime has done for the vegan community and the good that it does for animals; but it's still a business, and if it doesn't adapt, it won't survive.

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Reasonable prices, Good service

Cons: Stagnant menu (no changes for years), Food quality has recently diminished

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One of my favorite restaurants - Edit

The staff is very friendly. The food and drinks are really good. My husband said that it was the first time that I had a cocktail (tiramisu martini), appetizer (pretzel dip medley)and dessert (chocolate cake) in addition to my meal (sublime picatta...gardein cutlets with mashed potatoes and spinach). My husband had the mushroom ravioli and said it was good. I could eat here every day and eat everything on the menu!

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Dissapointing - Edit

I was visiting South Florida and went to Sublime with my husband, my friend and her two friends. I was the only Vegan in the crowd.

It was very sad because it did a huge disservice for the cause. The food was awful. The only thing tasty was the Battered Cauliflower. There was not even one main course that I could eat. Forget about the non-Vegans who were completely grossed out and will probably never try Vegan restaurants again after something like this. The mushroom raviolis were repulsive.

Gorgeous restaurant and super classy. I guess you could go there and have a drink and some Cauliflower at the bar.

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no food review to write - Edit

i loved sublime - been going since they first opened - stuck with them through rebuild, new chefs, etc - still thought they were very good - 2 weeks ago we wanted to celebrate end of summer with all the kids and grandkids -
we asked a week ahead for reservations for 18 and were told they could not accomodate us - we even offered to split tables - they said NO.
unbelievable -

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Disappointing - Edit

I really wish I could write a better review for this restaurant. I really wanted to love this place. My husband and I love to try new places and we go out of our way for vegan restaurants. Once, we traveled all the way from Orlando to Philadelphia just to eat at The Vedge (which is superb). Unfortunately that was not the experience at Sublime.

First, the good: The restaurant is beautiful. Classy but not stuffy. The staff is friendly and knowledgable about the menu.

While glancing at the menu, the waiter brought us polenta breadsticks. I was really hungry so dove right in. First disappointment. It tasted like corn grits, and nothing else. Just water and corn grits with perhaps the hint of salt. I tried to not give it too much thought and hoped it was not an indication of the rest of our meal.

My husband ordered the thai red curry tofu, I ordered the picatta and our son had mac 'n' cheese. The red curry tasted like bottled sriracha sauce poured all over veggies and tofu without added seasonings. The picatta was actually good and the ONLY saving grace from this meal. My son's mac 'n' cheese tasted like melted vegan cheese (and not in a good way) with unseasoned breadcrumbs dumped on top. I even found chunks of butter in the sauce. Now he is five years old so he didn't care. It was pasta and cheese so he ate it all!

For dessert we splurged and ordered three cakes: carrot, chocolate and coconut. I REALLY wanted to dig in and just rave about dessert from the fanciest vegan restaurant on this side of the southern coast. Boy was I let down! All three cakes tasted like flour and baking soda. Nothing else. The frostings had a little more flavor than the cake and good consistency. So if you want your cake to taste like anything, you need to eat a lot of frosting with it. Or better yet, order just frosting without the cake. The carrot cake was the least horrible one. The slices are GIGANTIC so we took the leftovers back to the hotel but ended up throwing them away the next day. (There went $30) :(

Normally I don't write such harsh reviews but we spent $85 on a dinner we did not enjoy. I read many reviews before we went and some people seem to have enjoyed their dinner. Perhaps it was a bad night or we didn't order the good dishes.

I say save money and go to the Green Bar & Kitchen instead. Way better food and desserts for way less.
Or get some vegan pizza at Pizza Fusion.

Pros: Beautiful restaurant, Friendly staff, Nice vibe

Cons: Terrible food, Overpriced, Small entree selection

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