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Sublime Restaurant and Bar

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1431 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, 33304

Upscale vegan dining restaurant serving spirits from around the globe and creative contemporary vegetarian cuisine. Exotic interior decor with wall fountain. Open Tue-Sun 5:30pm-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, International, Macrobiotic, Beer/Wine

Reviews (107)

First Review by JohnnySensible

Not good, about average - Edit

We went for dinner there last night and the food quality was not up to the standards of other fine dining vegan restaurants. First, I was very disappointed and surprised that several entrees were made with Gardein products. I agree that it is a good vegan meat substitute but I don't want to go to a restaurant and eat Gardein products and spend about $80 for dinner for two! We ordered a mushroom ravioli and the potato stack. I would rate them both a 5 out of 10. The dessert was homemade, it was a coconut cake for $9. It was dry and not the moist texture I expected. Our appetizer was delicious , a cauliflower breaded and fried with a tasty chili sweet and sour sauce. The restaurant gives a complimentary tasting of polenta that was also good. The atmosphere was nice and I love going to a completely vegan restaurant . I feel that the menu needs improvement along with the preparation.

Pros: Entire vegan menu, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Tasteless food, Uses Gardein products so needs better chefs, Pricey and not worth the cost

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kimveggiequeen 08 Feb 2017 - Wow, you rate the inhouse made mushroom ravioli, not made with gardein a 5 out of 10???? You must find many great vegan restaurants all over all of the time to give this kind of review. The woman who owns this has a foundation and gives everything back to the animals, so much through her foundation. Hope your terrible review doesn't influence people not to go there, they are liquor licensed and not in a way out of the way area and their food is incredible in our opinion with great service.

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violently throwing up - Edit

Don't eat at this restaurant! My Wife ordered appetizers and was violently throwing up right after she ate it. When I told the owner what happened she showed no compassion and was more concerned about stopping the rest of our dinner order. She did not comp any of the food order my wife got sick with. It would be no stars, but website will not post without giving 2 stars. We will not be returning to this place ever again!

Pros: Can't think of any

Cons: Bad service by owner

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Left feeling we paid too much for what we got... - Edit

It's tough for me to give any fully vegan restaurant fewer than 4/5 stars...
There's little excuse for a restaurant to charge $18 for anything with a Gardein patty as the focal point. We tried the cheese plate app - there was a generous serving of cheese and olive tapenade, but only 3 small pieces of bread. The cauliflower app was huge and a decent value. The service was ok - but definitely fast. You can have 3 courses and be in and out in about an hour - a little weird for a place that positions itself as an upscale experience. Entrees were decent enough but for the price, could've been just a little bit larger - or they could've just charged a bit less. Dessert was the highlight of the evening, both the chocolate cake and apple tart were great.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Pricey, Left wanting more out of the experience.

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Fancy and variety filled! - Edit

We went for a special night out on our vacation there. We had the cauliflower appetizer which is plentiful and tasty! We couldn't stop eating them :-) We had the stir fry with rice and split that, which wasn't quite enough to split but the cauliflower made up for it. We took the chocolate cake to go, and i loved it! Tasty, moist, a perfect ending.


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Best Resteraunt - Edit

I went here twice in the same few days and they had already switched up the menu, which shows that there is always something new that they are changing. Food was absolutely delicious and desserts were too, though they sort of fell apart when we took them to go. The owner was also very sweet and was walking around asking customers about how they liked their food both times we went.

Pros: Best and fanciest vegan resteraunt , Amazing and different food options , Awesome employees

Cons: Desserts should be eaten at the Resteraunt

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Comfortable Vegan dining - Edit

We heard a lot of good things about Sublime, so we made sure to have reservations when we visited Ft. Lauderdale. The restaurant falls just short of fine dining. It is set up to move you through quickly. We didn't feel rushed, but the expectation was to order, eat, and move on, rather than lingering over food, wine, and conversation. The food was very good. We had the raw noodle dish, and the Szechuan vegetables. The raw dish was excellent. The Szechuan was mostly white rice; not enough veggies on top, but it tasted very good. The portions are large.
They do use a few commercial vegan ingredients (cream cheese, veggie burger) rather than making them in house.
The portions are large.

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We Loved Sublime! Deserves great reviews! - Edit

I went to Sublime solo and ordered the "cheese" plate and pumpkin cheesecake at the bar and was totally comfortable, food was delicious! Friendly service, chill vibe.
I returned later in the week with family and everyone loved it! We got the mac'n'cheese, gardein cutlet piccata, polenta fries, and we loved all of it. We met the owner , she was super gracious and has such a great cause for animal welfare. My sister made a donation after reading her newsletter and she was very thankful for that. Another time had sliders and flatbread to go. LOVED both. Flatbread nicely thin so you don't feel loaded with carbs. Sliders were delicious!!!

Pros: spacious, full bar, house made cheese!

Cons: i live 2,000 miles away

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Amazing Vegan food - Edit

This is the one and only, it really is Sublime. I just love this place, the food is amazing, you just have to go there. The owner Nanci Alexander is the most wonderful person that you will ever meet, she is also the founder of ARFF. I can not tell you how good the food is, no words can explain. A must visit.
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Pros: Healthy Vegan Food, Vegan drinks, Friendly staff

Cons: Not open 24 hours every day of the week

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Go to Wholefoods instead - Edit

The hype around this place is pretty big, celebrity endorsements & awards but it didn't live up to the hype.

The menu is priced as if it's fine dining but falls short.

I had the soft pretzel appetizer to start, it came out raw in the middle. My main i had the mushroom ravioli which wasn't bad but was microwaved. My girlfriend had the lasagne which came out steaming hot but was cold within minutes (which is what happens when you microwave).

Ft Lauderdale is limited with vegan options so it's either this or wholefoods.

Pros: Good Service, Friendly Staff, Fast

Cons: Small Portions, Pricey, Lazy Food Preparation

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Not what it used to be! - Edit

This was a very good restaurant a few years ago. The food was well prepared with good size servings and I always felt that I got my moneys worth. A few weeks ago my wife and I weren't there for a romantic dinner and we were very disappointed with the quality of the food. The portions were very small and better vegetarian cuisine is served in my own house. The desserts that used to be spectacular were only average. It is a beautiful restaurant though. I'm just disappointed that it has slid so far.

Pros: Ambience is wonderful, Good service, Very clean

Cons: Small portions, Overpriced, Food is not well prepared

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Going downhill - Edit

I've been a fairly regular customer at Sublime for years (always my go-to place for special occasions), and I was incredibly disappointed at my last visit there a couple months ago. It was always so delicious and reliable, but recently the food quality has gone down hill, and they have cut out a lot of my favorite entrees. The menu is now about 1/2 the size that it once was. Certainly, the food is still decent, but not the caliber that I remember it being several months before. The atmosphere is still very nice and the service is good, but there are too many other competing vegan restaurants in the area now, with changing menus who have as good or better food. I appreciate what sublime has done for the vegan community and the good that it does for animals; but it's still a business, and if it doesn't adapt, it won't survive.

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Reasonable prices, Good service

Cons: Stagnant menu (no changes for years), Food quality has recently diminished

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One of my favorite restaurants - Edit

The staff is very friendly. The food and drinks are really good. My husband said that it was the first time that I had a cocktail (tiramisu martini), appetizer (pretzel dip medley)and dessert (chocolate cake) in addition to my meal (sublime picatta...gardein cutlets with mashed potatoes and spinach). My husband had the mushroom ravioli and said it was good. I could eat here every day and eat everything on the menu!

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Dissapointing - Edit

I was visiting South Florida and went to Sublime with my husband, my friend and her two friends. I was the only Vegan in the crowd.

It was very sad because it did a huge disservice for the cause. The food was awful. The only thing tasty was the Battered Cauliflower. There was not even one main course that I could eat. Forget about the non-Vegans who were completely grossed out and will probably never try Vegan restaurants again after something like this. The mushroom raviolis were repulsive.

Gorgeous restaurant and super classy. I guess you could go there and have a drink and some Cauliflower at the bar.

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no food review to write - Edit

i loved sublime - been going since they first opened - stuck with them through rebuild, new chefs, etc - still thought they were very good - 2 weeks ago we wanted to celebrate end of summer with all the kids and grandkids -
we asked a week ahead for reservations for 18 and were told they could not accomodate us - we even offered to split tables - they said NO.
unbelievable -

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Disappointing - Edit

I really wish I could write a better review for this restaurant. I really wanted to love this place. My husband and I love to try new places and we go out of our way for vegan restaurants. Once, we traveled all the way from Orlando to Philadelphia just to eat at The Vedge (which is superb). Unfortunately that was not the experience at Sublime.

First, the good: The restaurant is beautiful. Classy but not stuffy. The staff is friendly and knowledgable about the menu.

While glancing at the menu, the waiter brought us polenta breadsticks. I was really hungry so dove right in. First disappointment. It tasted like corn grits, and nothing else. Just water and corn grits with perhaps the hint of salt. I tried to not give it too much thought and hoped it was not an indication of the rest of our meal.

My husband ordered the thai red curry tofu, I ordered the picatta and our son had mac 'n' cheese. The red curry tasted like bottled sriracha sauce poured all over veggies and tofu without added seasonings. The picatta was actually good and the ONLY saving grace from this meal. My son's mac 'n' cheese tasted like melted vegan cheese (and not in a good way) with unseasoned breadcrumbs dumped on top. I even found chunks of butter in the sauce. Now he is five years old so he didn't care. It was pasta and cheese so he ate it all!

For dessert we splurged and ordered three cakes: carrot, chocolate and coconut. I REALLY wanted to dig in and just rave about dessert from the fanciest vegan restaurant on this side of the southern coast. Boy was I let down! All three cakes tasted like flour and baking soda. Nothing else. The frostings had a little more flavor than the cake and good consistency. So if you want your cake to taste like anything, you need to eat a lot of frosting with it. Or better yet, order just frosting without the cake. The carrot cake was the least horrible one. The slices are GIGANTIC so we took the leftovers back to the hotel but ended up throwing them away the next day. (There went $30) :(

Normally I don't write such harsh reviews but we spent $85 on a dinner we did not enjoy. I read many reviews before we went and some people seem to have enjoyed their dinner. Perhaps it was a bad night or we didn't order the good dishes.

I say save money and go to the Green Bar & Kitchen instead. Way better food and desserts for way less. http://greenbarkitchen.com
Or get some vegan pizza at Pizza Fusion.

Pros: Beautiful restaurant, Friendly staff, Nice vibe

Cons: Terrible food, Overpriced, Small entree selection

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Awe-Inspiring as its name suggests - Edit

Dinner with friends while visiting Ft Lauderdale mostly happens at Sublime. It's Ft Lauderdale's fanciest vegan establishment with foods to die for. The bar is pretty popular as well but I don't drink. The Mushroom ravioli and Lassgana are a must try. I wasn't impressed with the tofu however. Chocolate cake is a must if you burn off the calorie count exercising the next day.

Pros: fine vegan dining

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Wonderful! - Edit

Actually we went there a few years ago, but back then it was phenomenal and very impressive! We felt like in a fancy restaurant. The chocolate cake was delicious.

The service and the owner were very friendly. The food is a little pricey, but altogether the Sublime Restaurant is a wonderful place to go (even for non-vegan friends or family). We'll definitely come back!

PS: Can't forget the restroom-music ("wash your hands) :D

Pros: All vegan , Great Location, Friendly Staff

Cons: Big parking space

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A Very Nice Place To Eat - Edit

The decor and atmosphere of Sublime is really nice. If you're bringing non-vegans to a vegan spot for the first time then I would recommend this place.

On this day of my vacation I had been out hiking all day and just wanted a light meal. I order the chopped salad and cheese plate. No complaints about taste or size of the meal. Everything was excellent. If you just want something light I would recommend this route.

My girlfriend had the Thai curry which was very good. If you're expecting typical Thai curry you might be surprised as this had a little bit of a grilled, smokey flavor to it.

For desert we order the apple tart cake. This was amazing. I can't say enough about how much I loved this particular cake. Caramel, apples, with what seemed to be a vanilla custard all baked into a nice crust.

Pros: Great atmospher, Great food.

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Pleased, very pleased - Edit

Over the years, I had seen positive comments about Sublime and so I was pleased to get the opportunity to eat there. The restaurant was larger than I had anticipated and the atmosphere was great. Everything we ordered had a such fine taste and the portions were very generous. It would have great to have been able to eat there more than once. I was very impressed that the owner introduced herself to us and took an interest in who we were. One strangely fun moment was in the washroom they were playing a recorded song about the importance of hand washing.

Pros: A fine eating experience

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Best Vegan Restaurant - Edit

The atmosphere was nice not too fancy but casual, the service was great, and the food was phenomenal and cheap! Their gnocchi was amazing and perfectly flavored and the coconut cake is a must have. I can't wait to go again.

Pros: great service, low priced , Amazing food

Cons: none

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New Year's Eve Treat - Edit

For our party of four, what a fab place to spend New Year's Eve!
Favorites...in a moment (Chocolate Nirvana will make the list..)
Starting with signature cocktails, our starters included Frito Misto -- our quintessential favorite -- the Pretzels were warm & soft with great dipping sauces and we had one of the great flatbread options.
For main courses, the Thai Red Curry was great (enhanced by the pepper sauce), the Mushroom Risotto Cake was a savory comfort food while the Mushroom Ravioli was sinfully creamy.
Dessert was amazing...The Chocolate Nirvana was decadent, the Coconut Cake was fabulously tropical while the Ice Cream Sunday was rich & creamy.
Our favorites: the Chocolate Nirvana, the Frito Misto & the Coconut Cake.
The festive ambiance is best described as contemporary-upscale.

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Vegan Heaven! - Edit

My wife and I were visiting Pompano for Thanksgiving. As travelling vegans, Sublime has been on our list for several years and we finally managed to get there. What a treat!! The decor is lovely with indirect lighting and cascading waterfall windows. Our waiter was very friendly and informative. We started out with the cauliflower appetizer, which was slightly crunchy, slightly spicy, and marvelous. I ordered the mushroom risotto cakes with lemon cashew alfredo sauce, which were rich and complex. The best plate of the night was my wife's ravioli stuffed with mushrooms and an incredibly rich and flavorful cashew sauce, off-the-charts good! We managed to save a bit of room for dessert, which consisted of a huge slab of chocolate nirvana cake, a deep dark chocolate cake with layers of kahlua buttercream and dark chocolate ganache. We could only eat half of it, the other half made a fantastic breakfast on our hotel balcony the next morning. We will be back!!

Pros: 100% Vegan Menu, Gourmet Vegan Choices, Beautiful Decor

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good and not so good - Edit

Sublime used to he THE place to go in South Florida for a vegan meal. Having not been there for a few years, I went there for dinner recently with about 7 friends. Good news - they've stopped playing the loud 'background' music that was so intrusive that you couldn't have a conversation… the service is great, friendly, prompt. Bad news . . mediocre, inconsistent food quality. My dinner (piccata) was actually very good, but I heard nothing but complaints from my dining companions. Among the things I heard "cold, tasteless, portion too small" . Combine this with the high cost of the meals, well . . No one was happy . . .

I have known the owner, Nanci Alexander, for many years. She is truly a wonderful advocate for animals. My hope is that Nanci is 'listening' to the reviews posted here and will do what it takes to bring Sublime back to the status of the world class vegan restaurant that it was in it's earlier days.
Updated from previous review on Saturday October 11, 2014

Pros: ambience, Location, service

Cons: inconsistent food quality, inappropriately high cost

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Wendy Vegan 09 Dec 2014 - I agree. Nancy is a great animal advocate but does not listen to suggestions about the food. When she stops by your table to ask you how things are and if you make the tiniest suggestion she just turns and walks away. The restaurant is gorgeous. The food, however, is mediocre. There is no reason that they should not be a top-tier restaurant. Thy need a better chef. The used to be fantastic when they first opened many years ago. Food is often flavorless, inconsistent quality, and cold. Very expensive for the small portions. Bar is wonderful and drinks are fabulous, but food is very, very disappointing.

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nice spot - Edit

My initial thoughts were: Amazing place. You walk in and the place is spectacular! Their portions were very big, we were stuffed. The quality of food is top notch. OG. Spendy, its worth it, they give their profits to animal welfare. Strictly VEGAN!!!

Updated from previous review on Tuesday September 18, 2007

If I had anything to add in sporadic times going back, it seems like the portions have decreased and a few things are just easy. So I get the feel that the menu could be in most cafes that aren't dressed up so pretty. Also, the staff when I was last there had no idea about common menu Q's. Still, it has the best ability to turn it on somehow and be very pleasant. The cake is pretty good too.

Pros: quality, atmosphere, charitable

Cons: spendy, incosistent staff and food

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kindlizard 18 Nov 2008 - this response is well after and very aside from my experience there, but just as a note. I was just sent an article from the local FL paper where the chef wrote about being a vegan chef but not eating that way in his own life and eating meat. the article could have done so much for the cafe and for veganism, but i think it did not do justice to the cafe or its philosophy. disappointed greatly by the article. still top 3 cafe in the country though...

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Phenomenal! - Edit

This was, by far, one of the best meals I've ever had! Every time I visit Fort Lauderdale for work I'm going to come here for dinner. In fact, I'm going again tomorrow night. You have absolutely got to eat at this restaurant. Everything from the ambience to the service and the incredible food is well worth the price.

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Loved it - Edit

My boyfriend brought us here for our anniversary. It was a Saturday and we had reservations. They were quite busy.
We had their watermelon margarita which was super fresh. For appetizers we had their pretzels ( came with amazing sauces), for dinner we had their lasagna and mushroom stuffed ravioli. Everything was very tasty. Will return!

Pros: fresh

Cons: not a lot of raw options

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beyond expectations! - Edit

I am vegan and loved this place the first time I was here four years ago. This time I took my non-vegan husband and he thought it was one of the best places he's ever been! Everything was perfect--the food, the service, the ambience. We tried lots of dishes and not one was less than incredible. After 11 years in operation he owner even comes by to greet the customers. We couldn't have been happier!

Pros: romantic, so delicious

Cons: none

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Wonderful Night Out - Edit

We took a non-vegan friend here on a recent vacation and everyone loved the meal. The cocktails were delicious (try the watermelon margarita!) We had the Frito Misto and Mac and Cheese appetizers, which were also quite tasty. The Picatta and Mushroom Ravioli dishes were rich and flavorful. The absolute best part of the meal was the deserts. We couldn't stop praising the Chocolate Nirvana and Apple Crumb PIe. This was easily the best meal I've had in a long time. The service was excellent and the price wasn't bad for the ambiance and food quality. Highly recommended!

Pros: delicious deserts, friendly staff, custom organic cocktails

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Favorite - Edit

This is one of those restaurants I wish I could pick up and take home with me. Also, this is a late review - I went here in 2013.

This place has some of the absolute best food I've had. It's kind of a fancy place, so it's a bit expensive, but so worth it. The mushroom ravioli, apple pie, and cheesecake we tried were flawless. In fact, the cheesecake I had here is easily the best cheesecake I have had in my life. We also got a complimentary dish which was made of grits or something similar and was also delicious. The restaurant itself is beautiful, clean, and spacious, with attentive waiters.

Pros: excellent food, nice vibe, friendly staff

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Vegan and Vegetarian Junk Food with Poor Service - Edit

This restaurant gets good reviews. My review is not so good. The food is junk food that we would call seasoned with SOS (Salt, Oil and Fat, and Sugar), the stuff we leave behind when we become vegan or vegetarian. I notified Sublime restaurant 3 days prior to my reservation, told them I was oil free vegan. When I wound up at my table, the restaurant had done nothing ot prepare for me. Everything had oil. My wife, who eats oil could not finish her meal because it was too oily and salty. This is not good food. The Chef (Corey Greif) would not even take 10 miunutes to prepare me some Quinoa with oil. Like I said everything had oil in it. The Chef lacked talent and the food was horrible. Even worse was the service. To ignore my needs tells me this restaurant is not serious about healthy eating. The food is junk and the customer service does not exist.

Pros: Pricing

Cons: Oily food without proper taste, Horrible service, Overrated and mis-leading

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food is worthy of the hype / price - Edit

The title says it all. We feasted on blueberry caipirinhas, Frito misto, their Mac and cheese, ravioli, and lasagna, and I'm certain we picked the BEST food on the menu. Think about it... You can get vegan lo Mein or a veg burger anywhere, but don't you want to get the most decadent and delicious Italian food at the one vegan spot that does it right? I was actually estimating our bill to be much more than it ended up being. No, it's not as cheap as fast casual, but the service is stellar and the atmosphere is pretty nice, too.

Also... Don't forget to use the bathroom and pay attention to the funny jingle that plays. You've been warned.

Highly recommended.

Pros: food, value, service

Cons: too far away from home!

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The name is programme - Edit

Visited Sublime in Feb. 2014 because of happy cow and its great. Nice atmosphere, stylish, great choices on extensive menu and not that expensive for what you get...we , one veggie and my husband not , we both loved the flat bread and the curry...really good! Highly recommended for vegetarians and vegans who love good food in a nice place!
Big parking space.

Pros: Good choice of food, Nice atmosphere, Value for money

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Sublime Indeed - Edit

The food here is truly "sublime"! One has to eat at this restaurant to really appreciate what an amazing establishment this is. The food is flawless as is the ambiance and the service-all off the charts! And, to top it off, the all the profits from Sublime are donated to animal welfare organizations.

Pros: Excellent food, Great atmosphere, Attentive/friendly staff

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A True Upscale Vegan Restaurant - Edit

Vegan food in the tradition of the finest restaurants. The food was tasty, well presented, and timely. The waiter was knowledgeable, as waiters should be but seldom are. You ask him any question about the food, and he can answer without running into the kitchen to ask the chef. This place is expensive and worth it. To shy away because of the cost is to deprive yourself of an exceptionally fine dining experience.

Updated from previous review on Saturday January 26, 2013

Went back again this year (2014), and had different menu items, but same excellent results and experience.

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Fancy Fast Food - Edit

Sublime is a staple in the vegan restaurant world. It has been mentioned with the likes of Candle 79, Pure Food & Wine, Blossom, Millennium, etc. Unfortunately the only thing Sublime shares with those restaurants is a hefty price tag when you're finished eating.

The best parts of Sublime are the decor and the owner's goal to help with animal welfare. It's simply beautiful inside the restaurant. The service is great and everyone is very friendly. If you come to eat before 7PM there's an excellent chance the owner, Nanci Alexander, will stop by your table to chat. If you looked up the definition of Animal Lover in the dictionary, Nanci's picture would be there. PeTA named an award after and she is a HUGE supporter of animal welfare. So regardless if you enjoy your meal or not, you can at least feel good about the fact that your money is going to go towards a great cause.

The food itself is an entirely different story. If you're down with fried food, get the Frito Misto. It's their signature dish. The reef tacos are ok but you have to ask to get them with the ponzu sauce (it's the way they used to do it, much better than what they are doing now). The Sublime Piccata is the safest bet for an entree. But again, it's fried. Anything with Gardein is going to taste good, assuming you like Gardein. The rest of the menu should be avoided.

The best way to describe Sublime is one word: Outdated. First, there are only two things organic in this restaurant, the tofu and the vodka. They fry most of their food in soybean oil...and unfortunately there are a lot of fried foods here. The best foods they have rely heavily on Gardein. This would be the best vegan restaurant if this was 10 years ago. So much has changed in the vegan culinary world that it makes a place like this a relic of a different era.

Bottom line, if you're in the mood for some fried food and don't mind paying a LOT for it, then by all means this is the place for you. However, in today's day and age, there are much better options out there.
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 10, 2013

Pros: Decor, Support Animal Welfare, Service

Cons: Price, Unhealthy ingredients, Very outdated

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Great Bar, Good appetizers, poor food - Edit

I have been eating here since the day it opened. The main dishes are not good or up to par with any great vegan restaurant. They are expensive, and the portions are small. In saying that, the bar is fantastic. The drinks are the best I've ever had and the appetizers are decent. I would never order dinner there. It is VERY expensive for what you get - I was appalled at the amount of food I was served for the price. They should really get a chef who can take them to the next level. Overall, go for drinks and appetizers (especially the cauliflower misto), but avoid it for dinner.

Pros: Great Bar & drinks, Decent appetizers

Cons: Poor quality entrees, Expensive, Small portions

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As Always...Great!!! - Edit

Great Food! Great Service! The all vegan food menu had a good selection, but it could be a bit more diverse...the food we had was tasty.

Pros: Setting, Ambience, Staff

Cons: Price, Food Selection

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it's okay...but it used to be better - Edit

Let me begin by saying that we used to go to Sublime every week and take everyone we decide to go to dinner there because we absolutely LOVED this place!! It really used to be the best place to eat and didn't matter if you were vegan or not you were satisfied when you left. Well I am not sure if they changed chefs or what but unfortunately it is just not really cutting it... First if you have a gluten sensitivity there really isn't much that you can eat everything is made of processed "meat" which is actually really good for someone that eats the S.A.D. diet because they feel more satisfied. The unfortunate thing is that the food just isn't as tasty. The presentation is not as nice either. They need to step it up again like it used to be. I think it is really important to go above and beyond with flavor in a completely vegan or vegetarian establishment to show others that our food IS amazing and VERY flavorful. Last time I went the lettuce was not fresh and the chopped salad used to come in a tower which looked beautiful but now it is just a regular salad I could easily make better at home. I hope they work on their food a little more and become the amazing place that they used to be... I still try it periodically to see if it has gotten better but I have been doing that for the last 2 years or so and sadly it hasn't. Maybe it is hard for me because my husband is such a talented vegan cook so I am a spoiled little food brat... that is a strong possibility hahahhaaa :-D

Pros: it is totally vegan!!! :)

Cons: not good for gluten free, pricy for what you get, food quality is poor

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I was expecting better - Edit

I only had time for dessert while visiting the area. I went to Sublime for Key Lime Pie but they didn't have any. I chose the next best thing: coconut cake. The price was staggering - $10. Things are overall a little expensive in Ft. Lauderdale but $10 for a non raw piece of cake is a too much. There was too much icing, which is saying something coming from me. I LOVE icing. But this coconut cake had way too much overly sweet icing.
So I wasn't impressed, but if I'm ever back in the area I'll try their savory food.

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beware gluten - Edit

I got glutened on vacation! I am the only one who is veg in my family, so we visited Sublime "for me" but I got sick. I told our server and everyone who came to the table that I am allergic. The good thing for my family was that they did not have to look for restaurant options for me the rest of the weekend as I could not participate in dining. There is a Gluten Free Restaurant Guide that I hope Sublime uses to educate their employees so prevent making future diners ill.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday July 10, 2013

Pros: ambiance, totally veg!, many menu options

Cons: gluten, gluten, gluten

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*Y*U*M*M*Y*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Edit

We were in Ft. Lauderdale for 1 week & ate at Sublime every evening. We tried many differents items on the menu...appetizers, main courses, and desserts...ALL WERE YUMMY!!!!!!!! The staff was helpful & friendly. The restaurant was clean & inviting. The owner Nancy stopped by numerous times to check on us. I believe that even non-veg guests would enjoy this restaurant. I only wish that we had one in our town.

Pros: excellent food & presentation, clean & inviting atmosphere, owner is hands on

Cons: wish they were open for lunch

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Last Visit - Edit

Went there anticipating a good meal like we had the last time we were there. Not the least bit pleased. Wait staff was friendly. Owner stopped, by heard my complaint, apologized said she was sorry and left. I see raves about the mushroom risotto cakes, I must have been there a night the chef was having a bad day. It was dry, over spiced and nothing to counter the spiciness. Don't recall what my friend had but we decided when we left it would be the last time. Paying for atmosphere was not worth the cost.

Pros: Friendly staff, Lovely decor

Cons: Overpriced for what we had, Drinks overpriced also

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Sublime is Sublime - Edit

We arrived for an early dinner and our waitress was terrific - she suggested the appie (Frito Misto), the main (lasagna) and dessert (apple crumble) - all were presented nicely and the food was on par with a top of the line omni-restaurant.

The owner came by to check on our experience several times and as we ate the restaurant filled up nicely - but our service stayed the same - which was excellent.

I took a friend who is an omnivore to the restaurant and she raved about the food as well.

Absolutely great meal and experience!

Pros: Great Food, Great Presentation, Great Service

Cons: on the pricey side

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Fantastic - Edit

This is an update to a previous review. Our experience this time was far superior to the first time. It was too loud, like a night club, the first time with us yelling to hear each other. It was nice and upscale this time making for a very pleasant atmoshere to relax and chat. We were joined by another couple and we were all impressed. After ordering our cocktails, we were served the complimentary polenta as well as ordering the frito misto per the waiter's suggestion. So good! Since we are all mushroom fans, we got the mushroom raviolis and mushroom risotto cakes. Absolutely delicious! We couldn't decide on dessert, so we each got one and passed them around to share. The coconut cake and apple pie were the best, followed by the chocolate cake and lastly, the cheesecake. It was a lovely evening and we would all most definitely go back.

Pros: delicious entrees and desserts, friendly staff, nice atmosphere

2 Responses

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - I like your review, but could you please tell me what does it mean when you say it looked like a trendy crowd that was non-veg? Was it bc they were dressed up? That is normal for fine dining, veg or not. I actually look fwd to a place where you can dress up. Was that it for you? The martini sounds great and I don't drink!

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Sonja and Dirk 22 Feb 2013 - Hey kindlizard, I just read all the reviews beneath mine and I see you really like Sublime! :-) And no, it wasn't that people were dressed up. People dress up for Millenium in San Francisco too. I could be completely wrong (probably am!), but it was just a feeling I got - like yuppies with Louis Vuitton bags here in LA. But I was totally blown away when I walked in. It definitely was awesome visually. I wish there were more vegan places like it! :-)

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Not totally sublime - Edit

I went to Sublime Restaurant yesterday evening with my husband and stepson. We had a lot of expectations, as we had become aware of this upscale restaurant a couple of years ago and had never been able to go. Yesterday was The Night!
Well we were a bit disappointed and had mixed experiences. The place is beautiful enough, that's true, with lots of plants, a waterfall wall, just the right amount of lighting. The wait staff wears charming uniforms, classy black with a touch of green, and they are welcoming. Where it went a bit wrong was with the food. First, the menu struck me as neither particularly creative nor healthy, serving mostly "comfort food". I'm usually OK with that but I was surprised to find this kind of food in such a highly rated restaurant. The soup was very good and the mac'n cheese was said to be "the best" by my stepson, but I had the "chopped" salad which was very ordinary and uninspired, with much too much dressing. Those were our appetizers. As for entrees, I had the grace to pick the Mushroom Ravioli, a delectable homemade pasta filled with a creamy mixture of cashews and mushrooms, tasty and perfectly seasoned with fresh herbs. The Stacked Portobello Mushroom with its Marsala sauce and side of Quinoa did not impress; while the gravy was really good, the quinoa was standing alone and bland, and the stack was a stack of thinly sliced potatoes,with the top ones golden and crunchy, but the rest pretty mushy and greasy. This dish and the ravioli one were small in size, while the veggie burger, on the other hand, with its side of home fries, was a decent size, and was very good too. The desserts (chocolate cake, strawberry cheesecake and coconut cake) were disappointing except for the coconut cake that was moist, delicately tasting of coconut, a very satisfying dessert. The chocolate cake was dry; they served my husband a huge portion of it and as we were there early (6:30 PM),we tought that it was yesterday's cake and they wanted to get rid of it. The cheesecake was unremarkable; I've had much better vegan cheesecakes than that, including the one I make myself. So, with the hefty bill we got in the end we thought that it was not worth the food, though we're happy that any profit the restaurant makes goes to animal rights advocacy. We're glad we went but probably will not return.

Pros: Decor, Comfort food, Pleasant staff

Cons: Pricey, Uncreative, Over rated

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P.S. I miss you, mushroom risotto cakes - Edit

I have easten at Sublime many times and loved every bite, but the food has been elevated to a new level of deliciousness, if that is even possible. Everyone who goes should be exposed to the frito misto appetizer; one bite is all it takes to become a cauliflower lover. My favorite new obsession is the mushroom risotto cakes--they are rich and sophisticated-tasting--a dish that makes you appreciate professionals in the kitchen because you know that it's never going to taste as good at home no matter how hard you try. And the caviar flatbread? Another big yums up. Bravo Sublime!

Pros: sophisticated menu, incredibly friendly staff, waterfall wall and Peter Max originals

Cons: only in Florida

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Great place! - Edit

The atmosphere of this restuarant is wonderful, very modern and upscale. The food is very good and this was my go to place for all special occasions (it is about an hour from my home). They recently took brick oven pizzas off the menu which is really too bad because they were really delicious, they were replaced by flatbreads but those are more of an appetizer and not as good as the pizzas were. The frito misto is always recommended by the waitstaff and it is good but I wasn't blown away by it. The sliders taste exactly like the traditional version. The mushroom ravioli is very good but the portion is a bit on the small side. The sublime picatta is comfort food to me, the sauce is like a gravy. The portobello stack is my favorite overall, a great blend of flavors. The desserts are phenomenal at this place, the coconut cake seems to be their specialty, perfectly moist and huge. If you like chocolate the chocolate nirvana cake is like a fudge, thick and truly decadent. The ice cream sundae is an exact replica of the best non-vegan sundae you have ever had. Unfortunately for some reason the service has really gone downhill within the last few months. The last 2 times we went we had pretty bad service. Our waters weren't refilled at all, items we ordered were forgotten, the bill was wrong, and the service was very slow. Interestingly both times had all of those issues! Next time I have an insatiable craving for an awesome dessert we will go back but it may be a while and I hope the service will be improved.

Pros: Atmosphere, Desserts, Profits go to local shelters

Cons: Service

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Not worth it - Edit

Anyone who is vegan will try this place once, no matter what people write to try to warn you. You read about how cool the interior is, or that there is some great coconut cake, etc., so you must go.

Now, if you like mushrooms, you'll be pleased as it seems like 1/2 the menu has something to do with mushrooms. And, don't worry, the menu appears to have not changed since it first opened. Basically, you're paying (a lot) for them to serve food you would buy on your own as a vegan - like they prepare Gardein stuff for you, that you get at publix, then surcharge it.

Again, nothing special about this place. Take someone there for dessert, but not to eat dinner. ...

Pros: Desserts, Building decor

Cons: Price, Lack of taste, Small portions

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I am in love with their coconut cake. Me and my non-vegan best friend drive 45 minutes for it, we love it so much. I got the pad thai once, and you can get better pad thai at pei wei, so I do not recommend it. But everyone should try the coconut cake, it is to die for!!!

Pros: coconut cake, nice atmosphere

Cons: pricey

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Name says it all - Edit

First thing i do when i travel anywhere is research the vegetarian restaurants in the area. I was so excited to read about Sublime that I could not wait to visit.
It did not disappoint - from the complementary vegetable polenta to the Frito Misto which is truly one of the best things I have ever eaten (and my friend who hated cauliflower could not get enough of it) to the ravioli - everything was superb. The waiter was great. For me this was like the mother ship calling me home.

Pros: Food is superb , Restaurant is very upscale, Wine list is great

Cons: There is only one of them.

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Good but could be so much better - Edit

This is the only vegan restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, I have dined here on multiple occasions, have attended private functions here, and have also even hosted a private function here.

If you come to Ft. Lauderdale and are a vegetarian or vegan, you should definitely make reservations and dine here. The atmosphere is upscale and upbeat. Both herbivores and carnivores dine here. The owner is a committed vegan and regularly sponsors or hosts vegan public affairs. She truly is a wonderful lady who genuinely cares about the welfare of animals, animal rights, and educating people on the benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle. The owner is usually on site and routinely visits and chats with guests.

On the surface, the menu seems interesting on the surface. The food, however, does not always reflect the nicely written descriptions and more frequently than not arrives room-temperature if not cold. The menu rarely if ever changes. For locals, we would greatly appreciate and welcome more creativity. Likewise, we would also prefer using less Gardien products and more local fresh produce. Having said that, I would encourage you to try the chopped salad, the cauliflower appetizer, and of course the cocunt cake--it truly is to die for.

Sublime does have a full bar and a nice selection of organic wines.

Cons: more creativity, more of a selection, expensive

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Wonderful first time visit - Edit

I am vegan, and new to the Ft. Lauderdale area. I found Sublime and was very excited to try it. The service and the owner were extremely friendly. I had the signature cauliflower appetizer, and the mushroom ravioli. Both were TO DIE FOR! It is a little pricey, but definately a wonderful place to go once in a while. I will definately be back!!

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Just right - Edit

I was a bit wary after reading some of the negative reviews of Sublime. But because there is nothing like Sublime in my neck of the woods (Durham NC), I decided to check it out. I felt welcomed from the time I entered: I arrived at 9pm on a Sunday night and got a very friendly greeting from the hostess and waitress who were at the hostess stand.

They confirmed my suspicion that Sublime purposely does not advertise itself as vegan (on website or menu), presumably in order not to scare away potential customers who are not of the vegan/vegetarian persuasion.

Sublime has a nice, upscale look, with pleasing background music. I liked seeing rotating images of classic paintings on the TV screen behind the bar rather than sports or other typical TV fare.

Before my meal arrived, I was given a complimentary portion of pesto polenta--yummy. My dinner took about 20-25 minutes to arrive (longer than I would have liked), but it was worth the wait. I like that the menu is not overly complicated: That made it fairly easy for me to choose. I got the Vegetable Platter ($17): blackened tofu, broccolini, kale, mashed potatoes.

Best part: Food was hot (in terms of temperature), not lukewarm as at so many restaurants. The tofu had a pleasant spiciness and texture. The kale, to my surprise, was cold--but delicious. It was chopped,with lemon juice and bits of tomato and onion. Very reminiscent of tabouli, without the bulgur wheat.

Overall a great experience.

Pros: vegan

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the absolute best - Edit

sublime! the name says it all.
we have been coming here for years. it is so nice not to have to worry about any animal product contamination in our food. thank you nanci for giving us sublime

everything on the menu is a favorite!
ceasar salad, sliders, pot stickers, picatta, sicillian grilled veggies..we can never decide what to get.
and oh the desserts. save room, you will want them all!

Pros: excellent foods, beautiful, friendly staff

Cons: too far from my house

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Food was good - the service was NOT Sublime - Edit

The restaurant seemed impressive enough - the portobello stack was very toothsome, though the potato slices on top were definitely undercooked.

The service was tired at best. The server seemed to care about my food allergy inquiries but never came back with definitive answers. I asked about ingredients in desserts at the beginning of the meal and when he took my plate he never even asked if I wanted coffee or dessert! He seemed to care less that I was there and took care of all the tables around me while I sat waiting (refilling water glasses while mine sat empty.) The wait from time of order to receiving my food seemed longer than normal too.

The owner stopped by my table (a seemingly sweet lady) but quickly left when she realized I wasn't a regular - way to make sure it stays that way!

Go for the food definitely NOT the service.

Pros: Decor, Location, Ambience

Cons: Service, Wait-staff, Timeliness of service

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Beautiful restaurant; incredible food - Edit

I've been to Sublime several times and always had a great experience. The restaurant is beautiful, and has an upscale, yet tranquil atmosphere.

The food is incredible. My favorite dishes are the Sublime Piccata, the Sicilian Grilled Vegetables, and the Chocolate Nirvana cake. Beautiful presentation and full of flavor. My brother is a meat-eater, and when I convinced him to go there, he was really impressed that he didn't miss the meat, and that he was able to fill up on vegan food!

I make it a point to go every time I visit Fort Lauderdale.

Pros: amazing food, nice atmoshpere

Cons: a bit expensive

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Return Vist - Edit

This was the second year that we've had a chance to eat at Sublime before going on the vegan Holistic Health Cruise. We got to Lauderdale a couple of days early and had dinner there twice.
The restaurant is beautiful and done to a very high standard. Staff is friendly and professional. We had a chance to speak with Nanci, the owner and she's lovely. We only wish she could open up a restaurant near us in Canada.
First Night we started with Frito Misto as an appetizer. It's a fried cauliflower dish with a sweet chili sauce. This is their singnature appetizer and it's awesome. The portion is HUGE. Almost to the point of being too large. It will easily feed 4 people. I had BBQ cheddar pizza and while it was okay, it was nothing special. Pizza crust was burnt, coated with BBQ sauce, Daiya cheese and some scallions. Wife had the Vegetable platter which featured tofu (done in your choice of styles), garlic green beans that were perfectly cooked, mashed potatoes and a delightful kale salad. Again, it was HUGE. She couldn't come close to finishing it (and she's not a shy eater). Diner #3 had a small portion of Mushroom Ravioli which she said was tasty, but was very small. It came with 3 large ravioli which left her wanting more. It would have been a good appetizer. Definitely order the LARGE size. Dessert was the fabulous Coconut cake ( another signature item) which was enough for the 3 of us. Total price for 3 people including 2 alocoholic beverages was $90.00 which I consider reasonable based on the level of dining.
Dinner #2 was excellent as well. We started with the Brocomolli dip (very tasty), It came with bread and marinated cucumbers which offered a nice contrast to the dip's hummus like flavour. I had the Vegetable Platter, like my wife's the night before and I couldn't finish it. (and believe me, I can eat!) Wife had the Quiche which was very reminiscent of The Chicago Diner's version and very, very good. Diner 3 started with delicious Lima Bean soup followed by a small portion of Singapore Street Noodles. The noodles were okay but slightly under seasoned. Small portion size was ample. Total cost was $100 including a bottle of wine and no dessert.
Overall, Sublime is awesome. Portion sizing needs to be reviewed as do some menu options. When I go to a restaurant I don't want food that I could easily make at home. I want something special and some menu items weren't special enough.
We'll be back next year!

Pros: beautiful restaurant, great atmosphere , some great dishes

Cons: can get busy, portion sizes too big/too small, some average dishes

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Wonderful - Edit

Just great food, ambience, everything. I have been to this restaurant many times. And often I fly to Ft. Lauderdale from Rockville, MD just to eat here. No other reason.

PLUS..... it is the "front" for ARFF (Animal Rights Foundation of Florida.) What a wonderful combination

Pros: Cruelty free, Delicious

Cons: too far from Rockville

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Vegan food for dummies - Edit

I had done a bit of research before dining here and got the feeling that it might not be the kind of restaurant that I would like; still I gave in to the hype and decided to try it out for myself.

The place was surprisingly trendy and spacious. Ambiance was wonderful as my partner and I were seated at a table next to the window waterfalls. Staff looked professional and spiffy, yet service was somewhat indifferent.

The menu was so standard that I felt like I was dining at an everyday boring western restaurant; the only difference was that the meats were replaced with Gardein and dairy products with vegan substitutes. I was shocked to see some of the entrees offered, e.g. grilled vegetables, vegetable platter, penne puttanesca... seriously? Aren't these the lazy dishes that non-veg restaurants would try to put together randomly just so we could have something a little more substantial than a plain salad? I avoided all these as well as the many fried foods on the menu and ordered -

Broccomoli dip: Just a garlicky hummus, nothing special

Quiche Lorriane: Very creamy, cheesy and rich, too much that I could hardly taste anything else but melted vegan cheese. First few bites were good then it got very salty and overpowering. Side kale salad was bad, too tangy

Mushroom ravioli: Pretty good but rather underwhelming as one of the signature items

Coconut cake: Best dish of the evening. Big portion. I would have liked the coconut flavor to be more prominent though

The complimentary polenta was on the salty side, tasty nonetheless and had a nice texture to them.

Overall it was a passable meal. Food was kinda blah and pricy for what it was, but the setting made up for it. Actually we both suffered from an extreme thirst afterwards due to this sodium overload. Honestly I doubt any of the cooks there are vegetarian themselves, let alone vegan, given the banal menu laden with Gardein and vegan dairy products as if they couldn't prepare a meal otherwise.

I believe a plant-based diet is more than just replacing all animal products with vegan alternatives; it should also be wholesome, feature an array of varied ingredients and have a strong health dimension to it, which is sadly an important message that Sublime fails to deliver. That said, the owner seemed passionate with veganism enough to chat customers up all evening to promote it, which I found admirable of her. Personally I would've given it a 2 if it weren't for the decor and the owner's activism effort.

Pros: beautiful setting , activism

Cons: boring menu, salty food, overpriced

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Bland & Not Organic - Edit

Years ago the food was much better. Now its bland. The person I went with is vegan and not too picky and she thought so too. They have a nerve advertising themselves as organic. There was only one organic item on the entire menu, the side salad! Thats it. The atmosphere is nice but I won't go back again. If you want gourmet, vegan and organic thats worth the price, try Christopher's Kitchen in PGA.

Pros: Vegan, Nice Atmosphere - music & decor

Cons: Bland, Advertise organics but not organic

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Best vegan restaurant I've found in S. Florida - Edit

Sublime has great vegan takes on sliders, ruebens, etc. While everything on the menu I've tried has been very good, nothing rates as the best vegan food I've had. I'd go here more often, but it is a bit pricy. Overall, I would definitely recommend the restaurant.

Pros: good food, healthy cuisine, prompt service

Cons: slightly pricy

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Sublime is a very trendy restaurant with amazing food. I have eaten here a couple of times, and it is consistently delicious. There isn't a huge menu, but there are enough choices to satisfy everyone (it is also a bit on the expensive side). I have taken a meat-eather there and she was shocked, and pleasantly surprised, at how delicious it was! There is one thing that is a must-try -- the coconut cake. While it is a bit pricey for a dessert, it is well worth it. Take my word for it! Sublime is not my typical type of dining choice; I much prefer a local, cheap dive. But, south Florida doesn't have a lot of vegetarian restaurants, so this is a nice splurge every now and again.
Updated from previous review on Monday June 13, 2011

Pros: Great food, Good service

Cons: A bit pricey

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Sublime - Edit

Sublime vegan restaurant is a must if you're in the area - it's a trek from Miami Beach but worth the drive. It's more of a fancy-pants restaurant but you're fine wearing casual clothes, it sort of reminded me of Karyn's on Green (Chicago). We shared a full course meal at Sublime and were delighted overall.

Appetizer: Frito Misto, a crispy cauliflower dish flavored with sweet chili sauce and sesame seeds. My bf said this tasted like Chinese orange chicken, I've never had orange chicken so I'll take his word for it. I liked the dish but prefer plain old deep fried cauliflower with a vegan ranch dressing or BBQ sauce, but that's me.

Main Dish: Sublime Picatta, made with Gardein chicken cutlets, green beans, mashed potatoes, and a lemon caper sauce. I thought this dish was very good but was partial towards the veggies/potatoes. The mashed potatoes and lemon caper sauce were the two best components of this dish.

Dessert: Coconut Cake, a white cake with coconut butter creme and almond tuile. I took this to-go and it made for a nice evening snack. I've had better vegan cakes than this one, but it was good nevertheless.

Drinks: Kosher martinis, my bf loved them.

My only gripe with Sublime has to do with the overuse of Gardein products. That being said, it would be nice if they made a homemade meat alternative or vary the product they use - note that they did a very good job with flavoring the Gardein product. We also appreciated a complementary appetizer, polenta, and were big fans of it.

In my opinion I think this restaurant is a solid 4, however, taking the offerings in the area and the atmosphere of the restaurant into consideration, I've bumped them up to a 5.

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I *wanted* to love this place, but... - Edit

I hate writing a bad review; really. It just breaks my heart. However, I would be less than truthful if I didn't say that Sublime did not meet my expectations.

Growing up in NYC, I understand pretentiousness and I really don't have a problem with it. However, a waiter being rude, condescending, and dismissive is unacceptable at any price. We had to ask a different waiter for drinks and *she* had an attitude. [edit by staff] We quickly advised the waiter that we had owned a store in Fire Island (true story) and asked had he ever been there. Once he knew "who we were" it was smooth sailing; I assumed he didn't want to ruin his tip, and we didn't want to ruin our meal. We got it all worked out, but if we didn't mention 'who we were', it would have been unpleasant all the way through.

Appetizer: Eggplant Rollatini - Excellent - the tofu ricotta was very nice. My dining partner did not know it was tofu.
Salad: Arugula with cashew creme on toast (like goat cheese): horrible. A bunch of unappetizing looking Arugula thrown on a plate with 3 rounds of the 'cheese' on a toast wafer; a waste of money at $11.00
Entrée: We ordered the mushroom/cashew creme ravioli and the signature dish - the chicken piccata. Both were good, the ravioli more so, probably because it was fresh and from scratch. The chicken piccata was tasty, however, for $19.00, 2 pieces of Gardein (a packaged, commercial, store bought meat analogue), 2 slender stalks of broccoli, and a dollap of mashed parsnips (which were a very nice alternative to potatoes) is pricey in my world.
Dessert: This is where Sublime shines. We had the coconut cake and the chocolate ganache cake which was outstanding. There is nothing, absolutely nothing better in the world than vegan buttercream. Amen.

Finally, I love that the owner supports charities that I respect - it is a big plus. However, bad service does both humans and non-human a disservice and losing the attitude would be a step in the right direction for everyone.

So, giving the food a '4' (losing a star for being overpriced for the value, and a really bad salad), and the service a '1' (I didn't penalize the waiter in his tip, but I am penalizing the waitstaff here), calculating my rating at a '2'.

Pros: Decor, Dessert, Animal Activism

Cons: Attitude, Price, Value

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Sublime, Sublimely Delicious - Edit

We ate at Sublime for the first time tonight. The food was delicious. The flavors were perfect and made for a fantastic dining experience. The service was impecible and it was an wonderful experience. My husband and I will definitely go there again.

Pros: Excellent food, Good presentation, excellent service

Cons: none, I could find

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Lives up to its name - Edit

I had dinner at Sublime and it definitely lives up to its name in all respects. The service was great and the food was even better! We had the pumpkin cheesecake for dessert and it was fabulous.

Pros: excellent food, great service, complete vegan menu

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Sublime is sublime! - Edit

Hubby & I enjoyed a wonderful dinner on 11/14/10. We shared a huge serving of Frito Misto (crispy cauliflower, sweet chili sauce, sesame seed) for our appetizer. We moved onto Sublime Picatta (gardein cutlets, grilled asparagus, olive oil shipped potatoes, lemon caper sauce) which was a little pricey for the serving size. Then we finished it all off with their Key Lime Cheesecake! We liked everything so much we even bought their cookbook!

Pros: Ambience, tasty & healthy, great service

Cons: entree pricey

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Smoke & Mirrors - Edit

Unhealthy food, sugar, and bad service. I got sick last time I went. I'll never go again.
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 04, 2010

Pros: decor

Cons: service, healthiness, price

11 Responses

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jglackin 02 Nov 2010 - What is funny is that I now get the pleasure of you following me around to all of my reviews and spewing your vitriol because you have somehow gotten your feelings hurt.

Get a life, Lamelizard.

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kindlizard 02 Nov 2010 - just see a pattern of inappropriate reviews, not really following you as you call it. This site needs review moderation, and if I want to point out the faults w abusers like you, I will do it. Why not talk about the food instead of me (other than lack of kale, of course)? Name-calling is not appropriate either. Use your words instead.

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kindlizard 30 Mar 2011 - again, your claims have gone far beyond bizarre. a place that donates all proceeds to animal welfare is like mcds? you are gone. they have healthy food there. like anywhere, you have to know how to order. if you order the processed food, and want fresh, then you are the idiot and it is your fault, not theirs. S Fl has no real vegan places except this place.

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - wow, an updated review from hate to loathing. Why would yo go back, or did yo just feel the urge to spew more vitriolic nonsense at charitable animal activists? Do you work at another veg cafe nearby? You know there is room for more than one locally , don't you? The entire reason you signed up on this site is to hate on Sublime. Issues.

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - Well coming from someone who added PF Changs to the website, and claims this place is too oily and no kale, I must be wrong here. Your contribution of a non-vegan-friendly CHAIN cafe is so great to this site, we should all stop to listen to your defending these lame attacks on a really good place. Now, kale has not been seen on most veg places I go, some non-veg places have kale, but they always drown it in garlic. A good vegan place has to have kale for you. I don't live in FtL but have been here a few times. And you and Paulie may disagree, that a nice place like this shouldn't exist. Perhaps you'd be happier eating the one eggplant dish vegans can have at a PF Changs and all the money went to slaughter more animals rather for animals. I don't know you or your wacked out trip. Have you ever given instructions or asked questions? Does the pizza have oil? Is it sauteed? Meanwhile, Florida in general is a forsaken wasteland of garbage and these folks have done a tremendous undertaking in representing. I can't speak to a day-to-day item to item, but when I was there it was great and even more inspired they kickdown ALL their money to animals.

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vegini 22 Feb 2013 - The food at sublime is not healthy at all. It lacks flavor, it's over priced, the cake is death on a plate, etc. If you're the type of vegan who enjoys soy nuggets and tofurky then this place is for you. If you are looking for a healthy meal, do not go to sublime. That is 100% fact right there. It's the McDonalds of vegan places on So.Florida. Period.

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vegini 22 Feb 2013 - ps. I have seen the kitchen at sublime and I saw a lot of cans. Cans compared to fresh, organic food makes me say it's like McDonalds. Thought I'd explain myself.

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - plenty of fresh items. this guy is obviously lying to defame a legit place. he has never been in the kitchen, places don't give tours, esp not to people like this.

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vegini 22 Feb 2013 - Excuse me? Name calling because I have a valid opinion? Really. Can you show me the healthy stuff?

I've never ordered the processed meat alternatives, but my family has. I have had a taste of almost everything on the menu from ice cream to their soup to the sushi to their famous mock chicken dish. Oh, and they DO give kitchen tours to people like me. Actually.

In comparison to other veg freiendly places I have eaten, Sublime is EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY. Maybe my standards are high? But either way, It's MY opinion. Sorry for thinking out of the box a bit, but really?

They have like 2 salads to pick from and one is veg friendly Cesar. Their Portobella Stack is OK. I find the potato skins on top to be sooo oily. They took away their quinoa from the menu by the way. Who does that? You cannot order quinoa w your sushi anymore, so I hope you like WHITE RICE. Ohhh the health benefits. Let us not forget about their VEGGIE SHORTENING DEATH CAKES. Try some SOY ICE CREAM while you are at it. They call GREEN BEANS a veggie. They also took away their Mock Meat Loaf which was actually REAL food (verses soy nuggest & gardein). Should I mention the amount of sugar in their cocktails?

Sublime is great if you are not looking for healthy food and just want to spend a crap load of money on low quality food. The atmosphere is chill while the waiters can be inconsistent. It's totally up to you. I am not lying here. This is a very valid judgment.

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - Soy nuggets & gardein? What are you talking about? Have you been to Sublime? They have veggie food, made from veggies, and yes green beans are veggies too, moron. Check the menu, I dare you to tell me what is not vegan! This place may have issues, service can be slow because they are so packed at the one decent place in S FL, but the food is not an issue. You ought to check the menu before you spread misinformation. Anyone checking this out, check my 169 reviews compare to the 2 this person has left. They are not legit, and are only in it to bad mouth not only a very good cafe, but an all time altruistic, animal-friendly place. That alone is worth it, let alone the sometimes amazing food you get there. This person is full of __it; they were never in the kitchen, they don't offer tours of the back to haters.

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jglackin 22 Feb 2013 - Kindlizard, I don't believe that your attack on this person is fair. It could very well be their legitimate view of Sublime. Have you considered this? I have a friend that is a very well known vegan activist, author and speaker that feels this way about Sublime. There are plenty of vegans I know that would not like Sublime at all. They have a very strong belief that vegan food should be vegan as well as healthy and they would not like the oily, salty, fried, processed foods that dominate this menu. I have met the owner of Sublime on a couple of occasions. She is very nice, very passionate about her activism, and I admire her work, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this may be the only vegan restaurant in the world where you can't find kale on the menu, for instance. Sublime used to make great pizzas. Check the menu, the only options now are a sauteed mushroom (sauteed = oily) pizza or a Margherita pizza. In a place as nice as Sublime, with as nice a brick pizza oven as they have, this is the best they can do? Really? Sublime can easily be much better than what they are and I think people are very disappointed because they see the potential of what it could be. Why they don't take it to the next level with healthier and more wholesome food, is beyond me. It has a lot of people I know scratching their heads. In the mean time, I know a number of people that refuse to go there.

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Reasons To Eat Here - Edit

1) The menu is innovative.
2) The ingredients are "always" fresh.
3) The staff is informed and friendly.
4) The decor and furnishings are comfortable.
5) The owner is a strong animal activisit.

Pros: Unique Menu Offerings

Cons: Expensive

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Awesome! - Edit

My gf and I go there every time we're in the Miami-area, which only is around March when Ultra is going on.

This place is nice... it seems like it could be all fancy, but it's warm and the people are nice.

The dishes are well thought out, well prepared, and vegan. It's almost amazing to be able to eat anything on the menu.

I just wish I had more restaurants like this near me.

BTW, if you like Mojitos.. definitely try theirs. It is superbly fresh and smooth.

Pros: Interesting, Classics

Cons: Maybe price?

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its okay - Edit

It was okay, I am a raw vegan and wish they had more option. It's a big restaurant but I prefer the smaller ones that have more catering to raw vegans. My boyfriend went and he is not into the raw vegan or vegan lifestyle (yet) but he was not impressed. I probably will not go again but I will be fair with my ratings.

Pros: organic (mabe)

Cons: price, location, not raw vegan friendly

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Not as good as it was, but getting better - Edit

This was once my favorite restaurant in town, and comparable to the great vegan restaurants of NY & CA. Unfortunately after closing due to hurricane damage they re-opened with a new chef and the food was smaller portions, higher priced and not nearly as good. I have been back since - about a year ago, hearing from friends that they are getting better, and indeed they are, but still pale in comparison to how they used to be.

I will go back again, but it wouldn't be my first choice, hence why I haven't gone in over a year.

I suggest making reservations as you can have a wait without one during peak hours.

Would love it if they could do something about the smokers near the front door, that seemed to happen every time I went during the busy hours.

It's a beautiful restaurant.

Pros: great staff, good parking, beautiful restaurant

Cons: lost quality

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Sublime is awesome!! We have never had problems and the food and service is always delicious. And what can be better, vegan food AND proceeds from that food going back to help animals! No complaints here!

Pros: Delicious food, Great service, Great atmosphere

Cons: None, none, none

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Reviewer Avatar


I had the most enjoyable meal I can recall. Everything was great!The service was the best you could ask for; the waitress was very knowledgeable and was able to assist us in making our choices.As I write this review I salivate for another dish from this restaurant.A must visit!

Pros: Excellent food, wide choices, excellent staff

Cons: Nothing

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I had yet another great meal here and did not experience any of the negative things mentioned in some of these disparaging reviews. Give it a shot if you haven't already.

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Unsurprisingly, more hype than what it really is - Edit

It's a shame that this place is so inconsistent when it comes to quality and service... The owner should definitely and only stick to their animal rights activities. For fairness sake, for a brief period of time they were serving good dishes and therefore their Zagat ratings, however, this quickly changed again just as all their never ending changes in chefs, and quality... On top of that, there's this weird vibe from many in the staff, including owner at times, let alone their arrogance as if they were the best NYC restaurant when in the end one leaves with the feeling of having paid a lot of money for Amy's frozen foods from a nearby Publix supermarket...

Cons: expensive for what it is, weird service

3 Responses

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - wow, having not eaten any Amy's frozen dinners in a long time, please tell which one specifically so I can rush out to my local market (not a Publix, hopefully they have the same ones as you!!) and grab dozens of them for my icebox!! thanks.

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vegini 22 Feb 2013 - Amy's Pizza owns any Sublime pizza or meal for that matter.

One time when I went to Sublime with some friends a new pizza on the menu, which was caramelized onions & mushrooms. I was excited since I enjoy Amy's veggie pizza w/ caramelized onions. Sublime's version of this was so dry & tasteless! I am so shocked it was so bland. I could not even finish it; my husband shared his meal with me. I didn't even want to box it & take it home. I personally cook a lot & I still have no idea how there "WORLD CLASS" cooks cannot even make a tasteful pizza. It's so easy. Children can make pizza, literally.

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - vegini, if pizza is SO simple to make and you have a fave in frozen food (dead palate nothwithstanding) why not order something else? I too personally cook, which is why I choose to order food that I don't make often at home, or seems more difficult/ time consuming to make. Perhaps you need to learn how or what to order?

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Disappointing - Edit

I visited sublime once more (last time was a year ago) hoping to find great vegan food. I love the atmosphere but the food and service were a real disappointment. My servers on both visits had something in common, they acted as if they just didn't care about the customer. If I'm paying for a good meal I expect to be treated as a valued customer, I guess sublime's servers don't share that feeling. The food was still lacking imagination or taste. It was very bad, I wish it was better because this is such a pretty place and they help animals. I will not visit again, two strikes you're out.

Pros: Philosophy, Helps Animals, Ambiance

Cons: Worst service ever, Unimaginitive food, They act as if they don't care

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One of my favorite restaurants - Edit

I have visited many vegetarian restaurants around the world, since I am a frequent traveler, and must say that Sublime is one of my favorites. I especially like that everyhing is vegan and don't have to question any of the dishes.
I have been there about 5 times and have always had great service, amazing food and the best desserts. You must try their famous coconut cake...yummy!
Just recently took 5 friends there, who are not vegetarians and they all loved it.
The ambiance is fantastic and the staff is great! Absolutely love it!

Pros: Excellent & Healthy Vegan Cuisine , Friendly Staff, Great desserts

Cons: Expensive

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very unimpressed - vegetarian food for meat eaters - Edit

Sublime seems to have been designed to entice meat-eaters to try vegetarian food because many of the dishes are named after - and unfortunately, taste like - traditional meat dishes.

For example, some of their dishes were called:
Pot Pie, Sublime Loaf, "Steak" sandwich, and Mac N Cheese.

The waitress recommended the Pot Pie. I should have been more suspicious. I never ate a meat Pot Pie but imagine that this must have been very close in taste. I had to go get a juice afterwards to wash the awful taste out of my mouth. My dining partner ordered the Sublime Loaf and had a similar experience.

I don't get the idea of trying to make vegetarian food taste like meat. Most vegetarians and vegans are disgusted by the taste - or even the small - of meat. This place was a real turn-off.

All of the dishes were overpriced, but on the positive side I must say that the atmosphere was upscale and very nice.

For us, a much better alternative in that area is about 20 miles north- SOMA Center cafe in Lake Worth. Inexpensive, raw vegan food that is much, much better than Sublime.

Pros: nice atmosphere

Cons: dishes taste like meat, overpriced

1 Response

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kindlizard 19 May 2009 - its inappropriate to bash a place and then put an ad for your own. and, hello, if you are not one of the many people who like pot pie, then would it be a better idea to order one of the many dishes they serve that are unlike the potpies? when I go out to eat, i try to pick dishes i think i would like, not those i have never liked and challenge a cafe to change my mind about it.

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Horrible attitude by the owner and bad service - Edit

I have eaten at this place several times and each time it get's worse. The owner told me that if I special order something and it's not right, I can't send it back (I never sent a single dish back there), and I have to pay for it! Nothing about me being satisfied. She could care less. Her "niceness" is phony, the prices are ridiculous for what you get, the service has become indifferent, and they refuse to cater to special requests even though their menu says they do, unless you agree in advance to accept it, no matter how it comes out. I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE. They don't deserve my business and with their miserable attitude, i have no doubt they will be gone eventually.

Dr. Rosen

Pros: Decor

Cons: Horrible attitude, poor service, terrible acoustics

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What happened? So DISAPPOINTED! - Edit

July 2008: Let me warn you that there aren't enough good things to say about this place. The restaurant on the outside looks nothing like its interior and I wish they could find a way to make the two match. The colors are soothing, the tables are varied in size, and no one feels like they are sitting on top of someone else or staring at the back of someone's head. My server was charming, engaging, and thoroughly professional. I was dining alone and he never made me feel like a misfit. How I wish my husband was there because I would have dived into one of those delicious looking drinks from their drink menus. Instead, I opted for pomegranate juice and sampled their herb polenta starter. My server was gracious enough to not only explain the different items on the menu, but how they were prepared, and even told me they are going to have a cookbook out at year's end (Sign me up!) I started with the Frito Misto as an appetizer and I could have eaten just that. Imagine tempura style cauliflower in a thai sweet chili sauce sprinkled with black and regular sesame seeds. Beyond delicious and I probably ate way too much, but it was addictive and I coudn't stop. My entree was the Sublime Piccata made with Gardein, and there was absolutely no room for dessert. The piccata was sexy and filling, beautifully plated and I felt like I was eating at a regular restaurant. Why does that sound strange? Most vegan/vegetarian restaurants are little dives, corner spots, kitchens that serve sprouts and tofu to those who are happy to get something on a menu they can eat. To go into this beautifully decorated restaurant where I could order ANYTHING on the menu and know that I could spend an evening with friends and have fun, turns the idea of vegan/vegetarian restaurants completely on its head. No more settling for vegan food to go or prepackaged for me. I am hoping that Sublime considers opening a restaurant in Boston because I will be the first in line!

November 2008: I have no idea what happened to this place, but I am so disappointed. The servers seemed oblivious of the customers and the food took forever and wasn't so good this time. The wonderful cauliflower appetizer that I had been craving - ugh. Large florets and seriously undercooked. The polenta starter came after our entrees. I ordered the same piccata entree as in July and it was not the same - lukewarm and tasteless. We even spoke to the owner about the appetizer and never saw her again. Seriously disappointed

Pros: Vegan food, Beautiful decor

Cons: Food was lukewarm & undercooked, Staff seemed preoccupied, Overpriced

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Gorgeous restaurant , not so good food - Edit

I understand Happy Cow's policy of rating a vegetarian restaurant's lowest score as a 2, but honestly think that's why Sublime's rating is still so high (not sure how it's 4.5 cows with all the 2's) I've eaten at Sublime several times and while I think the ambiance is fantastic I have never been thrilled with the food. Rather bland (the raw dishes that they used to have were never that great) and their fresh squeezed veggie juices were never too hot. The desserts are killer, but honestly I am hard pressed to say one entree I love there from all the times I'd go (mainly because my vegan friends and I knew we could get a vegan convenient meal with good ambiance. But before I left South FLorida (for the raw foods restaurant extravaganza locale a few hours north) we stopped going. Change of ownership might have sealed the deal but the last time I ate there I knew that was it for me...

Pros: great ambiance, good location, friendly staff

Cons: bland food, few rash dishes, over cooked

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Worth it - Edit

FINALLY got to try this place after living in Miami for a year and a half. It was just lovely. Beautiful restaurant, friendly and helpful staff, and wonderful food. We will definitely be making the trip back up to enjoy this place again.

They also donate all their proceeds to some sort of animal rescue charity. Woo hoo!

Pros: Really tasty food, 100 % vegan, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Expensive

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Perfect for Thanksgiving! - Edit

Sublime's special Thanksgiving menu was fantastic and afforded us the opportunity to have a cruelty-free holiday.

The Roasted Acorn Squash Bisque was outstanding, the Gardein "Turkey" was, in the words of my non-veg dinner companion, "the best turkey I've ever had!" and the Pumpkin Pie can only be described through a series of moans, yummy sounds and rolling one's eyes in pleasure...

Knowing that everything offered was vegan allowed us to not have to pick and choose or worry about ingredients. We were able to simply sit, eat and enjoy!

Yesterday may have been Thanksgiving, but today I have gratitude for Sublime!

Pros: delicious, cholesterol-free, cruelty-free

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postively wonderful food, wine, and service - Edit

I travel often for work and go to this place every single time I'm in FL. The food is fantastic (truly!) and the service is great too. Highly recommended! The wine list is fabulous as well. I take my non-veggie co-workers here on a regular basis and they are all hooked on Sublime.

Pros: great food, great wine , great service

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Wonderful - Edit

We weren't sure what to expect after reading some of the reviews, but since we were in Florida earlier than usual this year, we went for my birthday and it was wonderful.
We started with the butternut squash soup--fantastic! I had the piccata and my DH had the stuffed portobello, both were excellent and we would order them again. We split a dessert that was worth the calories (chocolate Kahlua cake, I think.)

We had great service; warm, friendly and gracious.

We will definately go back the next time we're in the area.

Pros: food, service, ambience

Cons: prices, hours

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Good standby - Edit

The atmosphere makes up for the lack of creativity in most of the dishes at Sublime. I try something different every time I go, and each time I expect to be blown away, but I'm not. I wish I was because my husband loves it there, but I find the food very bland. Their coconut cake is the real reason I keep going back! The restaurant is big (for Florida), decor is very nice, and atmosphere is relaxing and on the romantic side. Good for large parties or an intimate dinner for two. I'll keep going back, but only at the suggestion of other people.

Pros: decor, atmosphere

Cons: bland food, uninspired cuisine, a little overpriced

4 Responses

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kindlizard 30 Oct 2010 - paulie, I responded to your page

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - Lack of creativity? Really? It is among the top three creative menus in the country for vegetarians. You mean the menu is run of the mill in your eyes? I have never had anything like most of what they serve. You act as if they serve tofu scramble and veggie burritos. C'mon, be fair.

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Paulie10022 22 Feb 2013 - In the top three most creative menus in the country for vegetarians? Really? I see you are the bad review police for this place, and it's admirable that you feel so passionate about it. But PLEASE try to stay objective. Take a look at the menus at REAL gourmet vegetarian restaurants - Dirt Candy, Millenium, Candle 79, Counter, Horizons, Green Zebra. I live in NYC, am an orgainizer for the vegetarian Meetup group here and go to Sublime every time I'm in FL. Sadly, it's never quite as good as I hope it will be.

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - and Green Zebra is not veggie and is owned by folks who have a cafe that serves foie and veal. don't dare compare that. you can name drop all you want, if it isn't in your reviews save it. You want to compare numbers search my reviews and see. This place is awesome, just order accordingly.

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Possible change in chef tastes like trouble - Edit

Almost sixty dollars for an oily artichoke appetizer. It was drenched in oil and heavy on the stomach. soggy salad,the lettuce looked old and was dripping with dressing. I took a few bites and knew I was not going to be able to eat it. Even the artichoke croutons were soggy.half eaten loaf, and sushi. To be honest, I was very disappointed. my boyfriend and I both were. I am wondering if there has been a change in chefs? However, that would not explain our pleasant yet unattentive waitress I am trying very hard to not let this experience taint my perception of Sublime. This restaurant has always been a place for me to relax, enjoy time with family and friends, and have some great vegetarian food. I do not understand why this experience was different than the rest of my wonderful memories from Sublime. I hope that my next experience is a good one, it just may take me a little while to return.

Pros: Ambience, Healthy, Non Profit

Cons: Food Taste, Food Quality, Service

2 Responses

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bocadoc 16 Oct 2008 - Just came from Sublime. There is no way you paid $60 for an appetizer. The main courses are under $20. Maybe you confused your appetizer with your bar bill.

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - if you have nothing but wonderful memories except one time, why not write about those as well? can't resist the negativity?

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Expensive, but beautiful - Edit

The food is small, beautiful, over rated and too expensive. the restaurant itself is absolutely gorgeous. i have been to sublime three times and tried to love it, but i don't think i'll ever go back.

Pros: nice atmosphere, clean

Cons: expensive, mediocre food, small portions

1 Response

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kindlizard 22 Feb 2013 - but you have in as 1 of 2 in your top ten?!
is it the price? what don't you like about the FOOD?

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last time was a hit after a few misses - Edit

First time at Sublime (pre -hurricanes) big hit!
next time - miss
next time - big group and hit or miss depending on what we ordered.
last time - hit!

All of the openings and closings have thrown a lot of local vegetarians off. Still, I am grateful to Sublime for showing my non-vegetarian / vegan friends that there can be a classy veggie place with a lovely, hip ambiance.

I guess I have learned what to avoid and what to order, so the last time there I knew to get the piccata, which is unbelievably good! I enjoy taking my friends there whenever they come into town.

Unfortunately, I can only really remember that I like the piccata - but I am optimistic that Sublime will continue to improve and I will go back again.

Pros: atmosphere, piccata dish

Cons: inconsistency in dishes

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Food is awesome; desserts not so much - Edit

Sublime is still one of my favorite restaurants in the world. I only get there about once a year when I visit family in Florida. One thing that I used to dream about was their coconut cake. The most delicious, fluffy white cake with lots of fluffy frosting and coconut - and totally vegan. Went back last night, and the food was just as good if not better than I remember - the stuffed fire roasted artichoke was too die for, the sushi rolls (Floribian and Yin/Yang) were some of the best I've ever had, but the coconut cake was different! It was flat and monotonous and just like every other sad vegan cake I've met. We asked the waiter and found out that the chef had changed, and I guess the pastry chef, too. I would say they should do everything in their power to get that pastry chef, or at least that coconut cake recipe, back.

Pros: Delicious food, Nice atmosphere, Feels like a 'regular' upscale restauran

Cons: Bring back the delicious desserts!, Expensive

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Unique in the world - Edit

Have been to eat here the past two nights and I've been extremely impressed! The decor/ambiance of this place is far beyond the majority of veg*n places I've been to - absolutely beautiful!
Their relatively new chef, Seth produced all wonderful dishes and he told me that soon the menu will soon change to include more raw options as well.
It was also interesting to meet Nancy, the owner. 100% of the profits from this place benefit animal rights organizations which made it extra cool to eat at this place. If you are anywhere near this part of Florida make the trip.

Pros: Ambiance, Great Food, Supports Animal Rights

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Excellent! - Edit

I ate some of the best vegan food I have ever had. The Sumbline Picata is amazing!! The servers were all extremely polite and well versed in the food there. It was just a great experience and the food was excellent.

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Takes vegan dining to a whole new level! - Edit

I think this place brings vegan dining to a whole new level -- and I'm used to NYC standards, with plenty of options. The restaurant has relaxing ambience and an artistic flair, with well-spaced tables and well-trained staff. Many renovations were made using sustainable building materials.

Fried green tomatoes are good, as was the vegan caviar (sounds weird, but trust me it's worth trying!) and I must agree that the coconut cake was delectable. Portions are pretty big, so plan accordingly.

Presentation and service were on par with any upscale restaurant in NYC, and while Sublime isn't inexpensive by any means, the experience sure beats struggling with a "regular" menu! Besides, it's nice to have fine dining establishments with vegan/veg menus in a world of limited options (takeout and juice bars)....

Staff were knowledgeable and friendly and the owner greets diners when she is onsite, which is a nice touch.

Pros: creative presentation, ambience, seasonal, local, organic options

Cons: expensive - but worth it!, beyond waterfall is the driveway

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Can go either way - Edit

When Sublime first opened the Chef and Pastry Chef were out of this world. I'd fly to Ft. Lauderdale just to eat there. The Lasagna / Lunch menu... Keylime Cheesecake. I cry thinking about it. A hurricane wiped them out and that team moved on during the rebuilding. Its never been the same. That being said, its still a don't miss while your in south Florida. The Cauliflower appetizer is amazing. They've got a full bar with plenty of vegan organic vodka drinks :) I prefer to sit at the bar because the bartender is always a better server and you get your food faster. They really hate it when you mention how good it used to be! The Smores Brownie is a must get as well! It'll never be the same as it was, but its still a hip place with great vegan food. They raised my expectations on what vegan food could ever be. If anyone knows what happened to that Pastry Chef please LMK!!!

Pros: Frito miso, Smores

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Reviewer Avatar

Amazing - Edit

This is the most amazing restaurant I've ever been to! My husband and I went here for a date while on vacation and took our family back two nights later. The atmosphere is great, but the food is to die for! I had the Sublime Picatta both times because it was so terrific. Our 4 year old son loved the Sliders on the appetizer menu, very tasty! My husband had the Thanksgiving dinner special which was wonderful. The Fried Green Tomatoes were also very yummy! If we still lived in South Florida I'm sure we would eat there once a week. 100% of profits go to animal welfare. Don't miss this one!

Pros: excellent food, good size portions, supports a good cause

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Florida is blessed !! It *is* "sublime " !! - Edit

After reading mixed reviews here, I was wondering what my dining experience would be. Happy to report I was thoroughly impressed by Sublime. Waiter we had: friendly, uber-professional & knowledgeable about menu. We all tried each other's dishes. Crispy cauliflower appetizer was fabulous. My "Sublime Picatta" was EXCELLENT, so was the "Portobello "Tenderloin." None of us were crazy about the "Grilled Seitan Steak" but it wasn't bad. Ambience here is elegant, soothing, magnificent. The coconut cake for dessert was out of this world !! Owner is attentive & friendly to all guests. Fort Lauderdale vegans & vegetarians are lucky to have this restaurant !! I can't wait to go back !

Pros: non-vegan friendly cuisine, quality food, atmosphere

Cons: Pricy

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One of the best vegetarian/vegan restaurants - Edit

My husband and I ate at Sublime this past weekend while visiting Fort Lauderdale. As a vegetarian of 20 years, this is in the top 3 vegetarian restaurants I've tried. I had the portobella tenderloin, which was excellent. Best prepared portobella I've ever had. My husband had the chili relleno and, as a meat eater, he loved the seitan in place of meat. I may go tomorrow!

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Visit daily - Edit

Perfect for 40th birthday bashes! - if Pammy likes it then it has to be just excellent! Sublime, which is owned by Nancy Alexander, the founder and president of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. Go vegan! Work with Peta! Enjoy human life! http://www.irishexaminer.com/breaking/story.asp?j=117803268&p=yy78x364z&n=117803739&x=

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