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7168 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, USA


16 Jan 2008

Been here serveral times, usually with a friend or two, and we would share our food. I've had the currys, the stir frys, most of the appetizers, and a couple of the soups.

Food in general is okay and can be improved. The flavors are strong but too much on the heavy side - lots of sauce, salt, and sugar. I would suggest for the kitchen to tone down the sauces, and let the aromas of the vegetables themselves surface.

The atompshere is pleasant.

113 Metropole Ave, Avalon, USA

Good Option on Catalina

14 Apr 2012

Saw this place listed on HappyCow when I was planning my trip to Catalina a few weeks back. Ate here and enjoyed it. Our server was very accommodating to veggie inquiries & requests.

Both the roasted vegetable plate and the falafels were delicious, and the lemonade was good, too.

A good place to get veggie food when in Avalon / Catalina.

717 Broadway Ave, Santa Monica, USA

Delicious Salads, Pies, Kale Chips

27 May 2012

I had learned about Better Life Cuisine from Happy Cow a couple years ago and have been here many time since, usually when I am in Santa Monica and feel like getting a quick bite of something light and refreshing. I tend to order straight from the deli case of salads. Most times the salads tastes good and fresh, and the owners are friendly. Their nacho kale chips are usual my favorites.

12113 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 207, West Los Angeles, USA

Sometimes good but not always

15 Jun 2008

I've eaten at Calfornia Vegan many times, and generally, I like it all right. But my most recent visit (today) was a disappointment.

Why? Because the fresh spring rolls we ordered were NOT fresh. It was served WARM! (oddly enough, a first) because the kitchen had heated it up. The lettuce inside became soggy because of the heat. I suspect the kitchen had made the rolls earlier or the day before and refriegerated them. And that's why they had to heat them up before serving them. A big No-No because the rolls are supposed to be served fresh and at room temperature.

And the California chow mein we got (flat rice noodles instead of yellow noodles) was tasty but too saucy and thus salty. Made me really thirsty afterwards.

My friend got got a pad thai lunch special, and he had asked for no sprouts and peanuts / substitute broccoli instead and was charged extra $2 without being told so by the waitress. It seems to be the customary policy for the Thai vegetarian restaurant around LA to charge extra anytime one asks for a substitue. Would have been nice if the waitstaff tells you that upon ordering.

On the plus side, my friend liked his pad thai. And I liked the "lek tom yum" soup, which was very tasty. It's thin rice noolde, fried tofu cubes, and bean sprouts in a soup.

Suggestions: If ordering any of the fresh rolls, ask your waitstaff if they can make it fresh for you. And if you don't want salty noodles, let them know. Otherwise, food is generally okay, and lunch specials (without substitutions) is a bargain. Soups are good.

7378 Center Ave, Huntington Beach, USA

All right

07 Apr 2009

Was in the neighborhood recently and dropped in for a quick bite. I was impressed with the varied range of food choices. Loved the fresh juices choices, and you can choose your own pizza toppings however you like. I had a wrap and it was all right.

11938 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Good Food

26 Feb 2013

Leaf has expanded into a full-service restaurant with larger menu choices (it used to be counter service). You can get both raw as well as cooked food here. I come here occasionally with friends for lunch, and the foods has been consistent. I like the raw salads.

609 Broadway Ave, Santa Monica, USA

Creative Cuisine - Recommended

17 Jun 2009

Two friends and I ate at Juliano's Planet Raw restaurant today. We all had been here a few times before separately though a long while back. Our past impressions varied (good and not so good), but we were eager to give it another try.

Today was a nice sunny day, so we sat in the back patio area. We took a while to examine the menu, and our waitress was very patient with us. All the other staff (waitress and kitchen people) were also very gracious with us.

The prices are average/typical to Santa Monica sit-down dining, not expensive not cheap. The fact that it's pure veg and organic is worthwhile to me.

I had a Chai smoothie which was an interesting blend of berries and chai spices topped with bits of walnut, cacao, goji (very tasty - I especially enjoyed the topping bits).

For appetizers, we shared the Spring Rolls, which had interesting wrap and filling accompanied by a creamy sauce (attractive, okay taste) and the Bruschetta which was olives and baby tomatoe halves over a savory nut cheez on top of cracker/bread (rich, delightful, but salty for my liking).

For main, a friend and I shared the Thai Salad (very delicious dressing, nice greens, avocado) and the Monster Wrap (many flavors in a nori wrap, filling, tasty, spicy).

Overall, we all enjoyed our meal. The presentation of the food was artful, attractive, and colorful. The portions were good (fair), and the taste somewhat complicated and very interesting though a few things a bit on the salty side (I usually eat low salt at home).

I definitely would recommend Juliano's Planet Raw to anyone interested in gourmet raw food cuisine.

Elys Yard, Old Truman Brewery, London, UK, East London, England

One of a Kind

26 Nov 2007

The set up of this restaurant is truly unique and very interesting. It's housed in a red Routemaster bus on the Brewery block in the east end of London. The inside is narrow and long, and it serves up decent vegan food.

16350 Ventura Blvd, Encino, USA

Like the crispy pizza

18 Mar 2014

We love the crispy pizza - simply with marinara and fresh basil. Yum! The whole wheat spaghetti with garlic and spinach sauce is hearty, too. Mmm.

530 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, USA

It's been Interim for a long while

05 Apr 2008

This cafe was supposed to have been converted to another cafe in 2007 but nothing has changed, and it continues to be Interim Cafe (formerly Newsroom).

Went there for lunch today with a friend. The menu had many vegan options, about 1/2 of the menu. I got the mushroom topped tamales special that came with a side of wild rice and green salad. The dish was tasty, had a lot of seasoning and flavor, though the portion was on the small side.

My friend got the provencial stew with mashed potatoes that came with a side of green salad. I tried it, and it was rather spicy, gingery, and a bit strange for my taste.

Overall, the experience was okay. I think it's cool that vegetarians and vegans have choices here.

12 Marina Boulevard 02-05 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Central Singapore, Singapore

Yummy burgers

04 Apr 2014

We saw this HappyCow, and this was the outlet closest to where we were meeting our friends. Stopped in for lunch and order a few of the burgers plus fries to share. Everything tasted good. The space is well designed, too. Next time we'll try their other outlets.

1525 Broadway Ave, Santa Monica, USA

Deli and Refrigerated Food Case

28 May 2008

The deli is not all vegetarian but offers around 4 vegetarian sandwiches (hummus, veggie, tempeh, veggie burger). The changing hot foods bar usually has a few veggie options. Vegans have limited choices but can find something to eat.

The ready-to-eat refrigerated food section offers a larger selectio of vegan and vegetarian options, including many raw meals and raw desserts, as well as cooked veggie food.

Prices are reasonable and cheap, except for the prepared raw food items which are on the pricey side.

Gets busy at lunchtime. But a decent place to get a quick bite or take something to go.

Frans Halsstraat 29, Amsterdam, Netherlands

only one vegan dish?

08 May 2013

Saw this place listed on happycow and went to check it out when I was in Amsterdam this spring. When I went inside, no one greeted me. Perhaps the owner/staff were having a bad day? They seemed upset that I even showed up. Eek. I inquired about menu options for vegans and was told there was only one dish that I could have; everything else had cow milk or what not. Too bad, cuz I wanted to eat here, but I left.

Belehradska 90, Prague, Czech Republic

Pure vegetarian food in Prague

10 Sep 2013

I saw Dhaba Beas restaurants listed on HappyCow and made a note to try them on my Prague trip. Very glad I did. The staff working at this one location was friendly, and the food was good and cheap. It's steamtable style where you can see the various dishes and choose what you want.

Na Pankraci 1683/127 - Gemini Building A, Prague, Czech Republic

Thank goodness for Dhaba Beas

10 Sep 2013

I did some research for my Prague trip and saw the Dhaba Beas restaurants listed on happy cow. Ate at a few of them while in town and was pleased. It's nice to find pure vegetarian food when traveling. The staff is pleasant, and the food is inexpensive. Good for a casual bite.

Na Porici 26, Prague, Czech Republic

Lovely place, good food

10 Sep 2013

I ate at a few of the Dhaba Beas while in Prague, and this one seems to be the newest and largest. It's quite impressive, actually. The food is pure vegetarian, and there are many choices--from salads to Indian style dishes to samosas and snacks. I like this buffet style service where I could choose what I wanted. A good place to get a pure veg meal and relax. Nice outdoor seating, too. Thanks for listing this on happy cow.

2135 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Pretty Good

07 Nov 2007

The place is tiny, but it sure gets busy with lots of local hipsters. The food is pretty good, a mix of lacto-veg and a few vegan choices. Friendly servers. Prices are reasonable for the type of cuisine but not cheap.

3818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Good Concept and Could be Better

07 Nov 2007

I've been here a few times since the beginning, and each time the food has been just okay. The space is a bit cramped inside, and the deli counter takes up a huge space. It's noisy, too. But the servers are cheerful and it's good to come to an all vegan place. Should get better.

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