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2201 Silver Ave SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, 87106

Vegetarian restaurant by University of New Mexico, Annapurna's Cafe features Ayurvedic Indian cooking and a variety of teas and chai tea (with soymilk option), and in-house bakery. Vegan-friendly with gluten free options. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-9:00pm, Sat 8:00am-9:00pm, Sun 10:00am-8:00pm.

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30 Reviews

First Review by Sprout

We LOVE Annapurna's! - Edit

I can never bring myself to order anything other than their breakfast burrito! I know it's an Indian restaurant but it's just soooo good! Tofu scramble with their awesome fries inside and topped with green chile and pico de gallo! Mmmmm. Oh and don't forget the vegan cheese on top. If you order the fries they come with vegan mayo dipping sauces! I also love their soy chai ❤️

Pros: Fully vegetarian restaurant that caters to vegans

Cons: sometimes service is a little slow. one time I wai

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My friends and family are now blacklisting Annapurnas - Edit

The administrater on annapurnas facebook page blocked me from writing a review on them because it was negative, they blocked my Facebook account. What the??? I am appalled at the actions of Yashoda, the manager of the Annapurnas on Silver. I am long time loyal customer to Annapurnas, I have been calling in orders for the last few years only to be stunned when I saw my name and number listed under the title "Black List" right behind the register for all the public to see. I thought it was a mistake but the cashier rudely informed me that it was not and that they will not remove my information after I had asked them to. I was informed that I was blacklisted by Yashoda for canceling an order when an Annapurnas cahier called to inform me that they did not have the main ingredients for the items that I ordered. I did not want the substitute ingredients that were offered, we live in America, you can't use public embarrassment to punish customers for canceling orders when you don't have the ingredients to make the items. I emailed Yashoda and received no response, also requested 4 times that my information be removed and was met with a rude cashier stating that the manager said she will not remove my information, and that she is now going to refuse service to me for requesting them to remove my information. I won't spend a dime there nor will my friends and family anymore, and I will spread the word. Thanks annapurnas for publicly shaming me, and for your wonderful customer appreciation, sarcasm. I have a photo of the blacklist but i will not submit it due to it having mine and other peoples sensitive information on it. This website doesn't allow 1 star ratings or that's what I would have rated it

Pros: I have dined at this place for years, never again!, close to my house, vegetarian

Cons: Rude employees and manager, Put my personal information on a public blacklist, Manager ignored my concerns

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Sort of disappointing :( - Edit

My priority is always to support local business, but I have a hard time being enthused about Annapurna's. I've been to this location a half dozen times and to their 4th street location as well, and had fairly similar experiences in both. In my opinion, the food is overpriced for what you get, and not particularly hot or flavorful. Their staff is generally not too friendly, but that doesn't bother me that much. What really grinds my gears about this place is how slow and inconsistent it is. Last time I went, I was with two friends. They got their meals 30 or 40 minutes after we ordered at the counter, and were already finished before mine came out, some 20 minutes later. That wasn't an isolated incident, either--it's happened before. When I have vegan friends in from out of town, I generally try to steer them elsewhere if they are looking for good vegan food. On a more positive note, they have a great selection, and I like that there are so many vegan options.

Updated from previous review on 2017-03-01

Pros: Good selection, Generally pretty quiet, Good location

Cons: Very slow and inconsistent service, Overpriced, Unfriendly staff

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Meh - Edit

Food is bland, service is slow. There are better options in Albuquerque for a vegan meal.

Pros: Vegetarian/Vegan

Cons: Bland.

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YUM! - Edit

I love this place. The dosas are awesome (especially with the ABLT), all the dinners I've tried have been great, and there are a lot of delicious drink options.

My only complaint is the desserts. I've tried three different ones and been VERY disappointed each time. They just taste too....healthy. If I want a healthy dessert, I'll eat an apple. These desserts are what people think of when they mentally build the "sad vegan food" stereotype. I wish they had at least a couple options for a more "normal" dessert option.

Pros: Food options and quality, Location

Cons: Desserts

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great find - Edit

Thanks to Happy Cow we found a wonderful restaurant. Our first night here we had take out. Not huge portions but very filling. So we returned this morning for breakfast! The burritos were awesome and huge. We took enough home for breakfast tomorrow. We also are some of the bake goods. They were also great! I would recommend this to anyone.

Pros: vegan options, variety , excellent food

Cons: pricey

Photo of Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe - UNM  by <a href="/members/profile/cwarrick1">cwarrick1</a> <br/>breakfast burrito  <br/> January 27, 2015  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/6410/91456'>Report</a>

breakfast burrito

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Lovely Indian food - Edit

We went to Annapurna looking for a early dinner, and they delivered fantastic Indian food for us. From order to serve was about 10min and both the taste and the presentation was wonderful. We tried 3 Indian dishes and they were great. They have traditional American food like burgers as well - other customers had this and it looked quite good...

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Amazing - Edit

While traveling to New Mexico on business for two weeks, I visited Annapurna's on a regular basis. All of my vegan meals were delicious. The entrees and desserts were amazing. All vegans should visit this location when in the area.

Pros: Delicious, Healthy, Menu Variety

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Vegan Food that's Comforting - Edit

This was my very first visit....I'll be back. Thanks HappyCow.

When 1st walking in, I was unsure what to do (do I wait to be greeted, do I find my own table) the girl behind the counter must have saw my confused look-she asked of I'd ever been there- she told me to take a menu, have a seat, the. Go back to order when ready....

I have to say it was a little overwhelming since I'd never been- I ordered and it came out fast and was good. It was a very large portion (I took over half home with me).

I asked for a to go box and she brought me a paper bag, foil, and container -a bit of a strange experience but good overall.


Pros: Quite a lot of vegan options and flavorful , vegan desserts, fairly fast service

Cons: parking was difficult

Photo of Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe - UNM  by <a href="/members/profile/Evolving">Evolving</a> <br/>vegan veggie burger-if you like your food lightly seasoned or bland do not get- otherwise enjoy the spices! <br/> August 6, 2014  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/6410/76178'>Report</a>

vegan veggie burger-if you like your food lightly ...

Photo of Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe - UNM  by <a href="/members/profile/Evolving">Evolving</a> <br/>South Indian sampler  <br/> June 5, 2014  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/6410/71417'>Report</a>

South Indian sampler

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Very Delicious, relaxed and nice people - Edit

I've had some very delicious things here, like the Samosa with coconut chutney. Their muffins are moist and amazing, and their chai tea is really good too. I ate here even before I was vegan/vegetarian and still liked the food. The people are also very nice and mellow.

Pros: good food, not too expensive, friendly staff

Cons: some foods are strange/unique

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Favorite food of all time - Edit

Annapurna's is my favorite place to eat by far. It is the most vegan, gluten free friendly place I have ever been. The one in Santa Fe is the most consistent and tasty but I now live in ABQ and have to say the Silver Ave spot is the best out of the 2 here, 4th street undercooks stuff a lot. If you have dietary restrictions like I do this place is a haven. Dosas, GF vegan lentil burgers, and Idli sambhar are my favorites. Thai stir fry and veggies and soup of the day are always great too!

Pros: variety, Chai happy hour, relaxed atmosphere

Cons: no soy free, caffeinated chai

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Fresh & Satisfying! - Edit

Was thrilled to have a place to get some really fresh vegan food while visiting Albuquerque. The atmosphere is pleasant and visually exciting. I had the lebanese wrap with fries & chipotle dipping sauce. The entire dish was wonderful. Having a dish with lots of veggies is wonderful when so many veg restaurants offer up fake meats instead of glorious veggies. I took about half of my food to go and unfortunately didn't have room for dessert!

Pros: lots of veggies, yummy flavors, large portions

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South Indian Sampler - Edit

The food here is good not great and the service can be a little lacking. The South Indian Platter is really tasty as well as any quinoa dishes.

Pros: Good food.

Cons: Long wait times

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Wish it was in my home town! - Edit

Great options. Tasty. Fast service. Great value. Will stop in next time I'm in town. Enjoyed the vegan Shepard's pie with an excellent salad and the chilled ginger mint drink. Ahhhhh....

Pros: Many vegan and veggie options, Tasty, Quick service

Cons: Not in my town :(

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great food, great perspective! - Edit

We stopped in off of I-40, on our way from NJ to CA. Some SERIOUSLY tasty grub was much appreciated after recovering from crazy car troubles a few hours before.
First of all, I have to say that the restaurant is absolutely beeyuutiful! Colorful murals grace almost every wall and table-top.
Secondly, THE MENU. It is veryyy extensive. We ordered the samosa, masala dosa, and masala fries with some kind of chipotle aioli. Deciding what to order took forever, I would have been happy with almost anything on the menu. Because the restaurant follows the hindu practice of Ayurveda, the quality of their food and the health it provides is vital to their philosophy. I swear you can taste the positive energies and love. They share, on back of their table-number card, the wisdom of an ancient ayurvedic proverb, "When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need." You can't beat that.
Anyway, when you walk in, there are open tables for you to take a seat. You can grab a menu, take a look, and then go up and order from the counter. In a little bit a friendly server will bring out your food and perfectly steamy mug of soy chai =P. It's pretty cool, the way they operate. It feels like a mix between a coffee shop, cafe, and little lunch bistro; so it's really comfortable whether you're just looking to grab a mango lassi and study by yourself, or have a nice sit-down lunch with friends.
So all-in-all, the restaurant was a beautiful paradise. The staff were so pleasant and easy to talk to. The food was delicious and unexpected, and we left with smiles and full stomachs.
Totally my happy place, considering moving to albuquerque just so I can hang out here everyday ;)

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Vegan Oasis - Edit

We enjoyed everything we had. The Kitchari was delicious. I would also recommend the shehard's pie. It's cooked lentils, vegetable, with sweet potatoe on top then baked. We went again to the Santa Fe Annapurna's and it wasn't as good, but still good, so I guess it depends on the chef of the day.

Pros: Vegan, lots of choice, tasty

Cons: location a bit hard to find

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Absolutely delicious! - Edit

My partner (an omnivore) and I (vegan) ate at the north location last year and decided to try this location for breakfast. We were not disappointed! Our meals were delicious. Excellent food, good value, friendly staff, clean dining room and restrooms. We shall return the next time we travel by ABQ.

Pros: many vegan options, good value, healthy, tasty food

Cons: none

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great food and atmosphere - Edit

I have had almost everything on the menu there, and love most of it, I try to copy their recipes at home. I like the masala fries, mango lassi, mango cheesecake, and the chef's plates. I think the burger is my favorite entree, all the parts of it are made from scratch. My wife's favorite is the bhaji with basmati rice. Eat something from the pastry rack when you go, I like to support the baker there, she's a cutie.

Pros: unique atmosphere, unique food, kid friendly

Cons: ayurvedic water, hot in the summer

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some pluses - Edit

The main advantage of Annapurna's is the ability to accomodate special diets, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. There are a few good dishes, and some of the food seems to be made in advance. Service is inconsistent. Still, for those with special diets, it is a light in the dark.

Pros: special diet friendly, healthy food

Cons: service inconsistent

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Slow service, but good food - Edit

We stopped here around 2pm before heading to Santa Fe as it was close to the airport and I-25. The decor is bright and cheerful and the menu has color photos. The service was slow. It took over a half hour to get our food even though we ordered at the counter. The people who ordered right before us had pretty much finished all their food by the time ours showed up. Except for the service, the place was good. We ordered the utthapam, brunch burrito w/fries and chipotle ranch sauce, a samosa with a side of beet soup and the sweet potato pie for dessert. The utthapam had too much cilantro for Dirk's taste, but otherwise it was tasty with two chutneys included (coconut and date-tamarind). The burrito had an Indian twist to it and was excellent. The fries were awesome as they tasted baked, not oily. The samosa was good, but the soup was really good. Lastly, the pie tasted more like pumpkin pie, but good nonetheless. Overall, we are glad we went, but good thing we weren't in a hurry!

Pros: good variety , tasty

Cons: slow service

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Wonderful - Edit

I loved it. Being a vegetarian that's pretty strict about my dairy consumption as well, this place was perfect. I am a avid eater of Indian food too - so it's perfect for me. Try the ABC - it's fantastic. I love the decor, the vibe and the chai tea!

Pros: Everything Vegetarian, Healthy, Great Energy

Cons: No Vegetable Korma

Photo of Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe - UNM  by <a href="/members/profile/vivaluv">vivaluv</a> <br/>Fair Trade, Organic and Locally Roasted Coffee <br/> May 3, 2010  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/6410/4416'>Report</a>

Fair Trade, Organic and Locally Roasted Coffee

Photo of Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe - UNM  by <a href="/members/profile/vivaluv">vivaluv</a> <br/>ABC (Avocado, Tempeh Bacon and Cheddar Cheese w/ Masala Fries) <br/> May 3, 2010  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/6410/4415'>Report</a>

ABC (Avocado, Tempeh Bacon and Cheddar Cheese w/ M...

Photo of Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe - UNM  by <a href="/members/profile/vivaluv">vivaluv</a> <br/>Inside Annapurna's  <br/> May 3, 2010  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/6410/4414'>Report</a>

Inside Annapurna's

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Not too Good - Edit

I have seen mixed reviews of Annapurna. We stopped by for lunch a few days ago. The restaurant was not busy (mid afternoon). The service was very slow. The samosas were filled with mushy overcooked veggies and were pretty tasteless. The chutney was good. The kitchari was equally mushy and tasteless. Another time we tried the cardamom pancakes, which were huge, underdone, and other than cardamom, tasteless. I have had friends tell me that they had wonderful meals here, but I have yet to visit on a 'good' day.

Pros: vegetarian, can be gluten-free

Cons: service, food prep

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fantastic vegetarian food! - Edit

This cafe is just a few blocks from UNM campus so my daughter and I decided to try it one day after getting a positive review from a co-worker who is vegetarian. The menu is very large, the variety of dishes is quite extensive, and every dish we have tried there (we have been 5 times now) have ALL been excellent. The soups and "veggie of the day" are a definite must (coconut soup with sweet potatoes and greens is to die for!), along with the puri bread. My carnivore husband even ate there with us one day and really enjoyed his veggie burger with fries, even though he thought the bread was too heavy. The choice of teas is also HUGE, the black orange mint and the freshmade chair are fabulous!
If you love veggies, or just love spicy food, go to Annapurna and give it a try. We will be pleasantly surprised.

Pros: healthy, fresh, spicy

Cons: service can be slow

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Good food, typically lousy service - Edit

Visiting from out of town, my wife and I were delighted to find this vegetarian option. The food is very tasty, affordably priced and plentiful. However, unfortunately, as is typical of most vegetarian restaurants, the decor is non existaent, and service is cafeteria style. As a vegetarina, I wonder why don't vegetarian restaurants aspire to the same level of service and ambiance as other restaurants?

Pros: Taste, Portion Size, Value

Cons: Ambiance, Service, Cleanliness

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Looking for Veg-Friendly Breakfast? - Edit

As happy vegetarian foodies, we are always on the lookout for a new place, especially for breakfast. We were excited when we found Annapurna's here on Happy Cow. Having said that, my partner and I were incredibly disappointed by both the food and service (and even the chai) at Annapurna's. We waited nearly 40 minutes after ordering (there were only 3 other patrons), watched as both of the other tables and even one of their own servers were given their food. When we finally asked after our food, they brought us our pancakes and tofu scramble stone cold. Aside from the temperature, the pancakes were soggy and the tofu scramble WAY salty. Disappointed, we're still looking for a great veggie-friendly breakfast joint in ABQ. (If I could rate this restaurant 1/2 or 1 cow, I would).

Cons: SLOW service, Cold Food, To much salt

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So Good! - Edit

We had breakfast and tea, though didn't have room to try some of their delicious-looking vegan cakes and cookies. Their tofu scramble was good w/ Indian spices and the owner combined it w/ sides he thought would be best for each person (I don't know if that's based on the ingredients we ordered in the scramble, or what). Annapurna is based on making food that is more than just physically nourishing, but the best for an individual's overall "dosha". I would say this was the best veggie food I found in ABQ.

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Simply Fantastic! - Edit

My wife and I tucked in here for lunch while in town this week and ended up returning for dinner. The Uttaparam, Kitchari, Samosas, and soups are tasty and cooked to perfection - not to mention the great selection of teas. The service is great and they seem to have (good) live music now and then. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and they even offer free wifi!

We plan to return here every time we return to Albuquerque!

Pros: Food/Teas, Variety, Atmosphere

Cons: Parking

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