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Serves meat, vegan options available. Cozy coffee and tea house that offers casual fare like sandwiches, salads, and breakfast bites plus daily soups and bakery treats. Vegans could get a sandwiches, kale salad or grain salad, sweets such as vegan muffin or scone, and always a hearty vegan soup. Plant milk available for drinks. Sources local ingredients. Hosts open mic on Thursday evenings. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-3:00pm, Sat-Sun 10:00am-3:00pm.

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First Review by kmilitello


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02 Feb 2024

It was ok

It was nice to have options but the food was just ok, the staff could be a little friendlier, and the place could use a good cleaning.



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09 Jan 2024

rundown, unfriendly and made me and my mom immediately ill

Ordered the VLT (vegan bacon lettuce tomato sandwich) and the vegan breakfast sandwich. The staff was distant and cold, the place was rundown and odd, and the food tasted ok, but it made us both immediately ill.


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15 May 2023

Vegan Brunch

I went with a friend and they brought back Sunday vegan brunch! I would just conform before going though as it has been off and on. I like their vegan breakfast burrito too. I would NOT recommend the hot chocolate as it tastes very off to me. Solid vegan options! Order the vegan breakfast burrito

Pros: Vegan options variety, Cozy atmosphere

Cons: Vegan hot chocolate


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17 Feb 2023

Amazing breakfast

We got inside the cafe and the vibe was great. The employees were nice and friendly. Ordered green and black iced teas. As expected. We ordered the vegan breakfast sandwich and the vegan breakfast burrito . Both were delicious but the sandwich was more flavorful. Definitely a great spot to have breakfast. 8/10.

Pros: Good breakfast options , Restaurant vibe, Reasonable price

Cons: Can take couple minutes to get your food


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18 Jun 2022

Don't bother for vegan food. Just Terrible

You don't serve VlTs hot.You don't serve them on cuban bread. You are aupposed to serve on toast. This is all bread! The vegan bacon should be the only hot thing and if you crisp it in a pan or flat top rather than with a panini press or microwave, its a lot better. When u press the cuban bread it heats the lettuce, tomato, purple cabbage and smashed avocado (charged me $1 for maybe a tablespoon of smashed avo) that you added to the inside. The tofu scramble was watery and pure turmeric... no other flavor, no veggies what did you "scramble"? The vegan cheese was a slice cut up and not melted. None of us could eat it. The coffee was good. But we wasted nearly $40 and I would not have tipped 15% if I knew that your staff would be rude when I asked for the remake. She looked at me like I was being crazy for wanting a VLT where my lettuce, tomato and veganaise wasn't hot. Then once it was ready she set it in front of me. Not a word. Never a sorry or thank you or how do you like it. She's not vegan and doesn't know what it should taste like (i overheard her say this to another customer). And we were served a everything in to-go containers on a plastic bag, although we were seated with a 2yr old at a table obviously wanting to dine in. Not that we were asked. Just bad customer service. We won't return.

Not worth the money or effort to come here. Only 3-4 vegan food options and they suck.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-18

Pros: Decent iced vegan latte, Cute cafe with art and big clean bathroom

Cons: Rude customer service , Vegan options tasted terrible- worst tofu scramble, Um a HOT VLT? Gross. Remade cold- all bread


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05 May 2022

Delicious vegan options

We had a vegan VLT with tomato and added avocado. It was delicious. We originally ordered 2 items on the menu (breakfast vegan burrito and vegan breakfast sandwich) but they were not available because they did not have any tofu scramble. Disappointed to miss that but will be back next time we are in Tampa.

Pros: Vegan options, Chill vibe


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25 Oct 2021

Breakfast of champions

Vegan sandwich options with an array of fresh homemade vegan baked goods. The vegan breakfast sandwich is amazing and I ordered it every single time. I add Avocado ,onion, and hot sauce to really seal the deal. It’s extremely filling and fresh so it’s light on your stomach and allows you to go about your day!
The staff is so nice and are always smiling! Love this place!

Pros: Filling , Good pricing , Customizable food


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12 Sep 2021

Very good spot!

Cute little quaint cafe ordered the V-LT and the Vegan breakfast sandwich. Both were good options, the sauces boosted the flavor profile. The guava turnover was very reminiscent to the Hispanic “Pastelito” without the extra grease which I loved. Also, their Vegan hot chocolate with the condensed coconut milk was a hit for me. Though I don’t love coconut milks, the mix between that and the steamed oat milk was delicious!

Pros: VLT And Vegan breakfast sandwich , Vegan hot chocolate , Brownie


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16 Jul 2020

So good!!

Went here a couple years ago and absolutely loved it, I would like to go back soon. They also have amazing tea/coffee. Highly recommend for a little quick breakfast/coffee stop!


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01 Jun 2020

We went for breakfast

My wife and I stopped in for breakfast. We’ve been here several times, but this is my first review. I got the Vegan Breakfast Sandwich and my wife got the Vegan Burrito. Both were fresh made and tasted great. I also got a side of Vegan Pasta Salad and was very happy with it. Dine in was closed due to COVID 19. My only critique is I wish they had more vegan sides to go with the breakfast.

Pros: Made fresh , Tastes great, Fairly priced


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17 Feb 2020

Vegan breakfast Sammy

Tasty little spot! Breakfast sandwich was savory. Tofu scramble, sweet earth bacon and vegan provolone all served on fresh toasty pressed Cuban bread.

Pros: Breakfast sandwich, Quick, Vegan treats!

Cons: Not many plant based choices


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19 Jul 2019

Good vegan brunch

Haven't eaten here for their regular menu, but have done their monthly vegan brunch. I really appreciate having vegan brunch options in Tampa, but it's a little disappointing when parts of the meal (veggie bacon, sausage, etc.) are frozen store bought items that I can make at home. Wish there was more that was made from scratch.

Pros: Vegan brunch options

Cons: Store-bought items I can make at home


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17 Jul 2019


The VLT is my favorite vegan option here. They do always have sweet vegan goodies as well that are delicious.
There are not many fully vegan options listed on the menu, but there are a lot of items that can be altered to fit the vegan diet.

Pros: Vegan options , Big portions , Nice staff members

Cons: Location for parking


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08 Mar 2019

Vegan brunch!

Lucked out and visited during vegan brunch, I think it’s once a month on a Sunday. It was so good! They mentioned always having vegan baked goods but they had an extended brunch menu. Biscuits and sausage were great!

Pros: Vegan Sunday has loads of good options, Great baked goods like donuts

Cons: No parking lot, Not all vegan, No table service

The Veggie Cook

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26 Nov 2018

Vegan options

Saw this on happycow that they offer vegan food and was pleasantly surprised. The VLT sandwich with avocado and fake bacon, the day's soup (contained beans), coffee with non-dairy milk were all pretty good. Low-key, neighorhood coffee house kind of vibe.


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24 Feb 2018

Cafe Hey

We went once. The prices were pretty good, and the food was good, but no thrill. Wish they had more vegan options. The people who worked there were nice.

Pros: vegan options


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21 Dec 2017


I just moved back to Tampa from Orlando and have been missing this “BLT” I used to get up there. I saw this place had one and was in the car so fast! It did not disappoint, their VLT is one of my all time favorites now! The cafe is so cute and the people working there are just the nicest! Cafe Hey also carries the lavender mojito flavored Mother Kombucha which I’m obsessed with so this place is all around my favorite!


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14 Oct 2017

Great food, especially for brunch.

We come to cafe hey at least every couple weeks. There brunch (once a month) is such a treat. In addition to the brunch (where most items are vegan), the salads and soups of the day are always vegan unless marked as are the baked goods. My sons loves the VLT.

Pros: great vegan options, good coffee and cookies, hip atmosphere

Cons: super sketch part of town, parking is a pain sometimes


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13 Feb 2016

We love this place!

This little place has some great food. We love the VLT with avocado served on amazingly fresh cuban bread. We've had some great soups and some wonderful brunch offerings (last Sunday of the month). They serve Kaleisia teas that we love and the baked goods are both reasonable and wonderful. Yesterday's Blueberry Almond Coconut cookies were a prime example!

Pros: Food, Teas, Baked goods

Cons: Some of the art


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08 Sep 2015

Best VLT!

This place rarely disappoints. I love the coffee and the VLT is the best in Tampa. The bread is the perfect amount of crispy and soft. Mmmm! It's wonderful. There are vegan offerings that change daily: chili, minestrone, quinoa salad, "tuna" salad wrap (this one kind of turned my stomach


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Mostly Veg
15 May 2015

Never Disappointing always Inspiring

The vegan options are based on what's in season and they make creative inspiring things daily. Their vegan cheesecakes are near perfection. Soups and quinoa are always vegan. I never get tired of eating there because there's always something new to try as well as old favorites, the kale yeah salad, the vlt w avocado added, the almond butter, banana and apricot jam
sandwich known as the ABBA could be eaten as a desert. I always leave feeling happy and healthy.


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14 Jan 2015

VLT is tasty

I had an hour to spare recently in downtown Tampa and decided to give this is a try. I ordered the VLT with the optional avocado to go. I was there on a Saturday morning, which means the shop was pretty busy and it took a while for my sandwich to be ready (the guy at the cash apologized for that). I liked the atmosphere of the place, and the VLT was tasty. Based on this one visit, I would definitely come back here. Cannot confirm staff arguing, as mentioned in another review.

Pros: atmosphere

Cons: was a little slow (but not excessively)


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28 May 2014


This cafe was really close to my job so I went a few times to get their VLT (vegan bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich. They dry press it on Cuban bread. It's an ok sandwich but nothing that I couldn't make at home. The main reason I don't eat here more often is their limited selection of vegan food, the smell of incense and staff arguing. Not exactly a relaxing coffee shop vibe!

Pros: Close to work, Decent vegan sandwich

Cons: incense , Limited vegan menu


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16 Mar 2014

Few but good vegan options

Food is pretty good but I wish they had more than a handful of vegan options. The kale salad is fresh and delicious. I've had a few vegan soups there and they were ok but mild in flavor. They did taste freshly made. The VLT is good but not especially healthy. It's made with vegan bacon and served on fresh Cuban bread. The Abba is delicious, but I eat it for dessert because it is so sweet with almond butter, banana, and apricot jam, also served on Cuban bread. Neither sandwich is particularly filling and should be ordered with a soup or salad side. For vegetarians, there are a few more options with cheese or egg. They have soy and almond milks for coffee or tee and occasionally vegan cookies. Coffee is very good. Lots of events with local music and artists. Few outside tables with hooks to clip your dogs to when you eat outside.

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