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Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe

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1620 St. Michaels Dr, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 87505

At this location in St. Michaels Village West Shopping Ctr since Jan 2011, Annapurna features Ayurvedic cuisine, chai tea, and in-house bakery. Menu items include breakfast meals, paneer, idli sambhar, kitchari, masala dosa, rice and dal, chai, lassi, vegan carrot cake, dail specials, and more. Vegan friendly with gluten free options. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-8:00pm, Sun 10:00am-8:00pm.

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Reviews (27)

First Review by cynthiaab

So happy to find this place! - Edit

After 10 days of traveling through the desert wilderness, it was such a joyous relief to discover this cafe. I love kitcheri and vegan Indian food! For raw vegans they do have salads and fresh coconut water. They have ayurvedic teas, and the tulsi ginger was delicious! I had their vegetables of the day and a dosa. I was so happy!

Pros: Very positive healthy environment, Delicious food, Vegetarian with many vegan options and salads

Cons: Wish I could have tried more items :)

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Outstanding !!! - Edit

I just ate one of the best meals of my life and it was completely vegan! It was a delicious pasta dish that included an amazing salad with vegan ranch. For desert I had a piece of vegan pecan pie that was to die for scrumptious!!

Pros: everything

Cons: I didn't have enough room to try the vegan burger

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Fast Casual Veggie Food - Edit

The sandwiches we got were very good, dessert a bit unimpressive (not bad just not great), except for the cranberry loaf. I liked that the menu had a decent variety. You can get Indian-type dishes to plain old burgers.
They are located in a strip mall and you order at the counter and they then bring your meal to the table when it's ready. This is good if you are going following say a day of hiking, aren't dressed up and just want to grab a bite to eat. Not so good to take a date to.

Pros: menu variety, outdoor seating

Cons: not entirely vegan, located in a strip mall

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Wonderful food! - Edit

My husband and I ate here for both breakfast and lunch and we loved everything we had. Very vegan friendly. We had extras each meal so we had the wonderful leftovers for later. Would highly recommend.

Pros: large menu - lots of options, reasonably priced, delicious

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Yum - Edit

love this place
unique variety of Indian and American items
great selection of teas
owner very nice
vegan cheese options
laid back atmosphere

Pros: Vegetarian, wifi, creative options

Cons: not vegan, lots of gluten free things(could be a +)

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Healthy Food at Great Prices - Edit

My girls and I ate here twice while on a trip in Santa Fe. Really yummy, food, large portions, desserts are sublime! Some dishes that were not Indian inspired were on the bland side, thali plate was wonderful, the kitchari and dahl very delicious. Wonderful and friendly owner also owns the Ayurvedic store next door and will chat with you about this. Healthy and yummy!

Pros: Large portions, Great Price, Desserts are deleicious

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Incredible! - Edit

A really great restaurant with a super friendly staff. The Lebanese wrap was fantastic (and neither of us are fans of eggplant!). They could easily make their menu completely vegan and have a lot of options for vegans. We'll definitely be eating here again the next time we're in Santa Fe.

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly Staff, Reasonable Prices

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Oasis - Edit

Awesome find in a shabby strip mall in suburban Santa Fe. Gigantic portions, delicious and healthy. We had tofu scramble and breakfast burrito but could have shared one breakfast. Well prepared, nice sauces and vegetable sides. Very sweet person working here. She is warm, friendly and helpful. You order at the counter but they bring your food to your table.

Pros: Varied menu, Huge portions, Friendly

Cons: Flies, Strip mall location

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Ayurvedic Vegetarian Restaurant - Edit

I love this restaurant because I follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle. If you are looking for traditionally westernized Indian food you will NOT find it here. That's not the type of restaurant it is.

If you are looking for healthy, gluten-free, ayurvedic cuisine that's totally vegetarian with a huge selection of vegan options this is a great location for you.

Pros: organic, gluten-free, variety

Cons: addictive

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so called Indian food - Edit

When traveling, my husband and I always check out Happy Cow listings to find suitable vegetarian options. After viewing the choices in Santa Fe and checking the restaurant's online menus, I had a craving for south Indian food. Although Annapurna seemed to fit the bill perfectly, the food was totally unacceptable, tasteless, and a mockery. If you want real Indian Cuisine, Annapurna is not the place. Their chef needs to be taught how to make Indian food.

The rating for this restaurant is zero cows. Unfortunately, the website does not allow this rating.

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Fair price late portions - Edit

A few friends and I hate here yesterday and really enjoyed it the proprietor was very friendly and engaging. I had the ABLT it was delicious. itcame with fries and a salad! That's my kind of meal! Very pleased

Pros: Friendly staff, Good atmosphere , Good food

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A Good Reason to go to Santa Fe - Edit

One of the many reasons we like to make the drive from Taos to Santa Fe regularly is to have lunch at Annapurna's. The food is consistently good, always comforting, and always vegan (with the exception of paneer in a very few dishes). The atmosphere is relaxed, casual, and pretty, and the staff is always friendly. For vegans and vegetarians traveling in New Mexico, Annapurna's is a safe haven, not to be missed.

Pros: good food, friendly staff, calm atmosphere

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Delicious - Edit

I had been to one of their locations in Albuquerque and enjoyed it and was pleased to know they opened in Santa Fe. For a town like Santa Fe, I'm always surprised that their Veg dining options (not "veg friendly) are lacking, especially for dinner. Annapurna's doesn't disappoint. Their food is always very good. We went there twice during this last weekend. We enjoyed the breakfast burrito and selections from the dinner side of the menu the night before. There's something for everyone on their menu.

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Awesome! - Edit

Annapurna is an excellent restaurant. The menu is expansive and has tons of vegan options. I was happy to see that they had a ton of non-Indian options.
We ate there twice and my favorite dinner was the veggie burger. The highlight, however, were the masala fries. Somehow Annapurna has done the impossible by improving upon the perfect. The masala fries (with huge help from the garlic sauce) were a-freakin-mazing. Seriously, put them on your bucket list now.
For dessert we had the pecan pie (vegan!!). It was just as good as I remember it being.
If I had to nitpick and pick one thing I didn't love about Annapurna it would be the music. Not really my thing!
Other than that, a perfect dining experience.

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Fries to Die For - Edit

I had their masala fries for dinner and, for dessert, I took to go their ginger cookie. The cookie was mediocre and, at three bucks, terribly overpriced.

The fries, on the other hand, were memorably delicious, and for around $6, they were a bargain. By themselves, they are the best fries I've ever tasted. But you also get to choose two of the three available dipping sauces, and those make it even better. The chipotle sauce is fantastic, and the garlic sauce if pretty damn good, too. (I didn't try the homemade ketchup, so can't comment.) The fries are greasy and spicy and probably unhealthy as all get-out, but these are fries you will remember.

My waitress was friendly and professional. The atmosphere of the restaurant is upscale. The menu identifies vegan items clearly, and there are many listed. (There are some fully vegan restaurants that don't offer as many vegan choices as this place does.)

Pros: the fries, the staff, Did I mention the fries?!

Cons: the "Gingerella" cookie is a rip-off

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Oasis of bliss - Edit

Wonderful variety of vegan options for all three meals. Owner Prakash is present and hands-on, friendly and available. He teaches Ayurveda and offers classes and workshops for those who want to learn more. If you're just hungry and want a fabulous meal or two, this is your place! When in Santa Fe, this is my go-to place.

Pros: healthy, delicious, great value , charming ambiance

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Quiet restaurant, free wireless. - Edit

Good place to do computer work (free wireless!) and has organic food, primarily Indian fare. Ample menu and the chai comes with a free refill. Full service and the food will be delivered by a waiter if you dine in. Carrot cake is good. I endorse this place since it is the only one I know of in Santa Fe that is vegetarian and I believe mostly organic. I am a picky vegan and Santa Fe is lucky to have a restaurant like this one. Conveniently located next door to the Co-op (Montanita) which has all items a veg traveler/visitor may need. It is a spacious restaurant with an ez access free parking, large enough to handle large vehicles and RVs. Also convenient for the walker/hiker/biker and on a bus line. It is located in a mini shopping center area with the name of Solana and there is a laundromat close by. The traveler could make this a pit stop for all of their needs.!! Stock up, wind down, eat well, clean up and enjoy Santa Fe! Chai happy hour in the afternoon.

Pros: all services/full fare, ez location for travelers, full amenity petite shopping mall

Cons: closed Sunday, you may have to wait (Santa Fe time)

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Highly Recommended - Edit

I absolutely loved this restaurant and as a vegan was so glad it existed while I visited Santa Fe. It claims to be World cuisine but for the most part is an Indian Fusion with some twists on western dishes (i.e. their lentil and sweet potato based Shepherd's Pie. Which by the way is excellent).

The also have some interesting appetizers like their spiced fries, very good but a bit too hot for my tastes. They also give you huge portions for the price. Sometimes I wanted to try several dishes but would just about have to stuff myself silly to finish. I did end up taking a few things home which I enjoyed later, but like a lot of environmentally conscious vegetarians felt guilty about the packaging.

I also liked the atmosphere which is super chill with dimmed lighting, a variety of seating (i.e. floor cushions, tables, or bar area), and nice music in the background. I even liked the large super-afro picture of Sai Baba behind the counter. I find it a bit comical but definitely fits the decor.

Annapurna is also mindfully located, somewhat near to the central of town, within walking distance of several locations, and is situated next to the local co-op. There is lots of cross over business and whoever thought to be in the same complex made the right decision.

I also enjoyed their little celebrations. I got free vegan carrot cake for the Indian Festival of Lights. Really nice.

Oh, I almost forgot there is a little shop inside the restaurant that sells religious items and art as well as tarot readings. The woman who does the readings is very talented. It's also nice to browse there while waiting for ones food.

Overall Annapurna's (aptly named after The Goddess of Food) is a wonderful experience, especially for the vegetarian inclined. I highly recommend it and will be back again when I visit in March. Great job guys, and gals. : )

Pros: Good Food, Friendly Service, Nice Atmosphere & Location

Cons: Too Much Food if u call that a con, Sweet Potato pie could be a tad sweeter, Can't think of 3. This place is great!

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The ONLY Totally Vegetarian Restaurant in Santa Fe - Edit

After a yoga session, I love to come in for some dal and chapati. And of course, the chai is incredible. I am grateful for the free refill offered. The food here is healthy and so tasty. The World Vegetarian Cafe menu (totally separate menu from the Ayurvedic menu) is very creative. The masala fries are fantastic with the chipotle dipping sauce. The tofu scramble plate is my favorite. The menus to the Santa Fe and ABQ locations are here: http://www.chaishoppe.com/

Pros: Healthy, Delicious, Organic

Cons: That I can't eat there every day : )

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* The "famous" soy chai sucked. It tasted watered down and left an awful chalky taste in my mouth. In fact it hardly tasted like chai at all. More like chai tea spilled into water soy milk.
* The "famous" carrot cake was a let down too. The icing tastes like you're licking earth balance or crisco. Not in a good way! The cake is dense and doesn't taste much like carrots. It's not even orange. I love carrot cake and have never been so disappointed.
* The cashier didn't speak english. or spanish.
* the staff is unhelpful. I asked for help with the menu because I can't handle spicy food and while the lady was nice all she had to say was that she loved spicy food. That's nice. I don't.
* The staff tried to force me into paying $8 for steamed veggies when I decided against eating Indian or cheeseless Pizza (Pizza in an Indian place?!)
* The have a HUGE smoothie menu on the wall but don't actually sell smoothies.
* The brown rice tasted like it was cooked in coconut milk
* EVERYTHING on the menu involves coconut milk
* 90% of the menu is deep fried

Most of the menu is vegan
The staff is nice and friendly
Good parking
Gluten-free options

My husband ordered a sample platter and said it was pretty good but not anything he'd rave about or eat regularly.

Pros: many vegan options, friendly staff

Cons: unhelpful staff, unhealthy food, slow service

1 Response

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SantaFeVeg 22 Feb 2013 - I have been a regular customer of Annapurna since it opened and the above review does not do justice to the restaurant I love. First of all, here is a link to Annapurna's menu, so visitors to Happy Cow may see the items offered for themselves: http://www.999dine.com/nm/annapurna/Index.html
The restaurant is ayurvedic. Nothing on the menu is spicy. The chai is the best chai in Santa Fe, in my opinion, and the closest to the chai that I have had in India. This is the only purely vegetarian restaurant in Santa Fa. There is food here for the vegan and many gluten free options. The "World Vegetarian Cafe" part of the restaurant serves more familiar "western" dishes such as sandwiches, salads, etc. Most dishes do not have coconut milk as stated above. And I think it is offensive to suggest that the lovely staff do not speak English. This is the purest food in town. I love the dal with a nice warm chapati, the tofu scramble nourishes my soul. The atmosphere is very peaceful. Give it a try. Namaste

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Organic/ Ayurvedic/ Food as Medicine - Edit

I live in Santa Fe and eat here 3x a week. For a vegan who loves organic and Indian Food, this place is hard to beat. Dosas, Stir Fry, Soy Chai, daily specials for a great price, its worth my 20 minute drive . It is also in a great setting, since the room is airy and with the Indian music in the background has a great atmosphere.

Pros: Organic Food, Homemade Soy Chai, Vegan and vegetarian

Cons: closed Sundays

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Terrific Vegan Desserts! Great Ayurvedic Cuisine! - Edit

I used to go to school in Santa Fe, and when I did, this was a daily stop for me for soy chai. I have yet to have chai as good as at Annapurna! Whenever I go back, I have to come here for chai and their delicious vegan carrot cake. They have all sorts of deals for students, etc. Try their daily specials!

Pros: Friendly staff, healthy

Cons: Busy on 1/2 Price night!

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