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Loving Hut

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92 Boulevard de Beaumarchais, Paris, France, 75011

Part of international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individual family operated - this one since 2009. Serves vegan meals and dessert plus coffee and non-alcoholic beverages. Also features a small vegan grocery corner. Nearby train Saint-Sébastien Froissard/line 8. Renovated and re-opened May 2016. Open Mon-Sat 12:00pm-3:00pm, Mon-Thu 7:00pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 7:00pm-10:30pm.

Category: Vegan, International, Organic, Western, Juice bar, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (146)

First Review by jbgranick

Good choice - Edit

I've been there last week with a lot of expectations, and while the personnel is really friendly and outgoing, the food itself was only 3/5 stars, I have to admit. I had some noodles with fried tofu which were alright, but also not the greatest food I've ever had in my life. My company had a quiche which she, however, loved. The soup that came along was also very tasty. As dessert we shared the vegan ice cream, which was alright, my company didn't like it so much, tho. Overall 4/5 stars, because her food was better than mine.

Pros: Nice menu, good choices, Nice place, very cosy, Friendly personnel

Cons: Food was only "okay", Ice cream wasn't the greatest, either..

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The Safe Choice for Vegan Food in Paris - Edit

Visited several times in the last couple of years.

For me, Loving Hut is one of those places where you know what to expect. The menu doesn't change much; but every plate I've had is very good.

Similar to other Loving Huts, the dishes are mostly asian. I particularly like the Vietnamese crepe, the bruschettas and the cheese cake.
Prices are also fair, given the portion size and location.

In summary, whenever I cannot decide where to go, I go to Loving Hut and I always enjoy it.

Pros: tasty, price, location

Cons: none

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Large selection of good food - Edit

Nice vegan place and a large selection of dishes. You can find veggie burgers, Italian spaghetti, Chinese and Vietnamese food. Everything I tasted was great. There are also some wonderful desserts, for instance a delicious cheese cake.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-04

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Limited soyfree options - Edit

Unfortunately the majority of the food contained soya or/and nuts. I ended up having the mango and coconut sorbet. after visiting Barcelona and having excellent sorbets, this was a disappointing experience.

Pros: Marks their menu with common allergens

Cons: Hardly any soy-/nutfree options

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sadly average - Edit

We had quite a few dishes and really wanted to love the place but what was served was unfortunately rather average. For example, the noodle dish had just two or three veggies in it. Come on folks, let's see some broccoli, snow peas, nuts. Make it interesting. To me it was like an American food chain.

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Never fails - Edit

This chain is always a winner. I ate like a pig here. I started with the golden nuggets (fried to perfection on the outside; slightly softer than expected on the inside - but still tasty), had the mushroom cream crepe (the only crepe I actually had during my stay and it was to die for!!!!!) for an entree, and then finished my meal with the cheesecake. Enjoyed every morsel. Many thanks to whomever it was that included the metro station near this place.

Pros: really good food, excellent prices, convenient to metro

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Génial - Edit

Énormément de choix, cuisine asiatique ET occidentale. Un must pour ceux à qui la cuisine asiatique omnivore manque !
Les prix sont tout à fait raisonnable.

Pros: Le choix, Les prix, Présence de cuisine asiatique dans le menu

Cons: Horaires, Portions assez petites, Taille du restaurant

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Amazing Meal - Edit

This was one of the best meals I've had in Paris and it was one of the cheapest.
I had lunch and chose the daily menu. It seemed like home made food. I also had nuggets and it was one of best that I tried.
I really recommend this place!

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Nice vegan food - Edit

Nice food, with a good selection of choices, even if sometimes they are not all available.
We tried the potage de légumes, a thick, hearty vegetable soup, and l'assiette de la mer, an incredibly tasty vegan cod fillet fried and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I then had the veggie and tofu quiche, which was quite good, even though not exceptional.
One of the drawbacks of this place is the smell coming from the kitchen which will probably stick to your clothes and hair.

Pros: good food, tasty vegan Chinese specialties

Cons: strong smell

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Nice vegan restaurant - Edit

I've been there a several times, and I've tried everything on the menu !

They serve few plates tasting/texturing really like meat (and that's my 3 meat-eating friends who tell's that !), but not only, and If you don't want to have stuff tasting like meat you also have the choice ! They also have desert ! The service is good, people are nice.

The only downside : they don't change the menu often :( In 3 or 4 years I didn't see new stuff, that's why now I've stop going there.

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Good sit-down meal - Edit

There is less Asian food on the menu than in Loving Huts elsewhere in the world, but there is a good range of Western food, including "junk food" staples like burgers which can be hard to find in Paris, and the quality is good. They also have a little shop selling vegan books and products.

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Best meal in Paris - Edit

We had the rice paper rolls and the avocado salad, both were delicious. The pho we shared for the main was huge and was by far the best thing we ate in paris, superb! The cheesecake the waiter recommended was also amazing and went well with the lovely rose leaf lattes! Wonderful place.

Pros: Kind staff, great food

Cons: Overheated inside

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Great food & Service - Edit

My boyfriend and I went here after a very long day, and we ordered a ton of food. Our server was very kind and friendly, and spoke fluent English. They had English menus as well. We started with the Samosas, which were fantastic. My boyfriend said they were the best he had ever eaten (and he loves samosas). I order the Pho Soup, and he ordered the tofu and vegetables with fried noodles with a side of Rainbow Rice. My soup was great, and it had a lot of flavor! Both the rice and the tofu were wonderful as well, and all were uniquely filled with flavor. We order the vegan cheesecake to share as well for dessert (yes-I said we ordered a ton), and it was by far the best I’ve ever had. It was very inexpensive for the amount we ordered, I was actually surprised when I got the bill! I really recommend taking a trip here.

Pros: Inexpensive, Unique food choices, Friendly service

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Good, but nothing in particular - Edit

the food here is good and the staff is nice. the vast majority of the items on the menu contain tofu, which sucks for someone who doesn't like tofu, but I ate here twice with my boyfriend and we enjoyed our meals nonetheless. last time my boyfriend had the burger and i had the pasta. there isn't anything special about the restaurant's food though, at least nothing that caught my attention. i did like however the decorations on the walls, there was much vegan inspiration that was very uplifting and i believe they had some vegan cookbooks available to either buy or just look at, which is always great to have

Pros: nice decor, friendly staff

Cons: nothing too special about the place, not much atmosphere

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5 Sterne +++ !!! - Edit

Wir haben dort einen Salat gegessen, eine vegane Käseplatte(!), eine Suppe, einen Burger, Durian-Eis(!), Käsekuchen - alles vegan und es hat wunderbar geschmeckt!

Ich finde, es ist eins der besten Restaurants in Paris!


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Fake food. - Edit

I did not become a vegan because I wanted to eat fake chicken or fake beef. To me, being vegan is about being healthy and eating good food as nature has provided it...not raw, but certainly not textured veggie (soy) protein.

If you like good food, find somewhere else to go.

If you like pretend meat, jump right in!

Pros: English and French menus, French service - you need to be pushy!

Cons: fake food, French service - you need to be pushy

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Delicious and tasty - Edit

The food was great, we had 3 mains, 1 starter to share, and 3 juices (split between 3 people came to a total of 70€ so an average of between 20€-25€ per person). There is a good amount of options and I liked that they had variety of french dishes (crepes and cheese), Italian dishes (pasta etc) and Asian cuisine (vermicelli, spring rolls etc). the juices are absolutely amazing and homemade and the food is very flavourful. location is great if you want to have a stroll around Paris after. the place is small but sweet and not too busy. all in all it was a great experience.

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Overpriced and looks better on the photos - Edit

I was really looking forward to visiting this place, but when I finally did I was disappointed by both the food and the survive. The restaurant is really nothing special. I found the food overpriced and not really tasty. Also, was not too happy with the service, no wifi either. Needs improvement.

Pros: Large choice

Cons: Overpriced, Not very nice interior , Stuff not really friendly

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Amazing vegan food - Edit

This is definitely a just try!! My meat-eating family loved it and i highly recommend it. We tried a lot of the dishes and the absolute winners for me were: the spring rolls (classique), pho soup (tasted even freakishly meaty it was so hearty and perfectly balanced) and the sushi!! They have a lot of edgy stuff like a vegan cheese platter and tropical fruit sorbets!!

Pros: Wide variety , Super tasty, Suitable to people not used to vegan foo

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Small cozy place - Edit

With friends we went there for the new year eve 2015. Same menu as every day of the year, but we had to pay 10eur more per person because it was new year's eve.

The ambience was nice, only a few people who weren't vegan, and some music improvisations.

The owner seems nice and I spoke italian with the waitress Silvia who's adorable!

Pros: good vegan meat substitutes

Cons: too much fat for me, but once in a year.

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Loving Hut Paris - Edit

I could tell from the get go that the lady working there is very passionate about what they do. All the food is vegan, I think it is also all organic. I noticed that they are also very health conscious through small details like: smoking is forbidden everywhere in the restaurant even outside on the terras, the don't serve alcohol (they do have some alcohol free beers), the pasta is whole wheat. They waitress was so sweet and kind it kinda touched me. She paid attention to all my needs as I requested a few minor changes to my dishes. The food was delicious, low fat, low sodium, nutritious and healthy, very hard to find this combination in a place like Paris if you are not an insider. This will be my goto place the next time I visit Paris.

Pros: Delicious and nutritious food, Excellent service, Good atmosphere

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Awesome yet simple restaurant in Paris - Edit

Where to start? They are nice, the food is nice and actually seduced many meat-eating friends (a vietnameese friend loved their pho soup so much, he went back with other meat-eating friends!), and kids do love it.
They have a vegan burger which is delicious with vegan cheese, spring rolls, banana split, and many other things.
Definetely a place to try!

Pros: Food is good, Not too expensive, Kids LOVE them (and adults too)

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A must - Edit

This is perhaps the best Loving Hut there is. Definitely the best I've been to. The great thing is they mostly serve vegan versions of classic French cuisine, so you can have crepes, etc. We have been a number of times and the food is always good, quick and inexpensive. The service is great and they also sell vegan croissants and pain au chocolate and cheese, which is great.

Pros: Great, French food, Good service, Vegan croissants!

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My Savior on a Rainy Day in Paris - Edit

Perhaps I did a poor job researching vegetarian restaurants before going to Paris, but this city was really rough for me! I honestly felt so grateful when I came across this Loving Hut. It was a delicious, warm meal when I was starving, and the service was so friendly. It was a bit more expensive than your average Loving Hut, but I was happy to put a real vegan meal on my credit card. The veggie burger and pho were both good comfort food. My partner had never been to a Loving Hut before so the videos made him laugh. At this point those videos have a certain charm to me, like a quirky friend. Thanks so much for feeding me in Paris, Loving Hut!

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Great food - Edit

Loving Hut never disappoints in terms of food. I had Pho which was delicious, and my partner a vegan burger with fries which she liked too. And we shared vegan cheesecake with berry sauce for dessert, which was to die for. The seating, however, is really a downside in this place, since tables are small and plenty, and there's barely any room to move. We were still glad to get a spot without a reservation on a Saturday night, so I won't complain.

Pros: Good food, Friendly, attentive service

Cons: In winter it's very cold by the window, Very little space for seating

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Bon resto :) - Edit

Un peu dans le même style que VegeBowl, plats asiatiques vegans, cuisine saine qui change des burgers ^^
Les plats sont variés et très bien cuisinés, la quantité suffisante, et le prix est juste (sauf le banan split bio vega que j'ai trouvé un peu cher pour ce que c'est).
Pas mal de places à l'intérieur, et métro juste à côté donc facile d'accès.
J'y retournerai avec plaisir :)

Pros: Plats variés, Cuisine saine, Facile d'accès

Cons: Banana split un peu cher

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Saved my life! :D - Edit

It's so difficult to eat vegan in Paris... after 2 days eating just salat l was so hungry for real Food... l found this reataurant through this app(thank god!) and really saved my life:) Food was delicious, springrolls were fantastic! friendly personal even l arrived just 15min before closing they served me with smile. merci beaucoup!!!

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'''Vegan in Paris'' - Edit

Loving hut the staff was helpful. We went to loving hut with our family. We ordered two starters one soup and a samosa. The soup and the samosa was nothing special. The kids had a vegan burger with fries this looked like a snackbar dish. We ordered fried vegetables and we ended up with zuchini in sauce... Just like an old fashion chinese restaurant.... Being a vegan in Paris is very difficult. If you want to survive get an appartement and cook your own meal. By buying your groceries in the vegan supermarket in the city or go to the organic supermarket.

Pros: friendly staff, like a snackbar

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Quiche, crepe & pain au chocolat here!!! - Edit

Paris is a nightmare if you are Vegan and don't know where to eat. I nearly starved on my first trip. So it was a joy on my next trip (after I discovered Happy Cow) to get to eat Vegan French food. I had the quiche, and the mushroom crepe. Delicious & very satisfying! Nice ambiance. Clean and cheery! If you know Paris you'll understand what a rarity this is. I bought the Vegan Pain au chocolat to take home. Smart move! See you soon Loving Hut Paris!

Pros: Quiche!, Crepe!, Pain au Chocolat!

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Cool place. - Edit

I like how Loving Hut fits in chameleon-like with its menu options depending where it is. In Paris i had the tofu and leek quiche and soup of the day. The soup was creamy and rich in that French style. The quiche kind of salty, but good.

In a country in which it's often difficult to eat vegan, it's good to be able to sit down in a 100% vegan restaurant and feel secure about what's in your food.

The weird brain-washing TV channel was at low volume and not too disturbing. The price was moderately expensive, but i'm sure that's probably normal for Paris.

Pros: Friendly staff, Traditional menu choices

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Pleasant - Edit

So I had a little trouble finding the place but eventually did. Plenty of vegan dishes to chose from but I had the cheese burger, it was amazing and the cheese melted in my mouth! One of the best vegan cheese burgers I've ever had. The food did not take long to come out at all and the coffee I had was one of the best I had in Paris. We had an entree of the samosas which were delicious but couldn't fit dessert in which was sad because the deserts of the menu sounded amazing. It was a good experience and would go back.

Pros: Heaps of vegan meals, Great service , Good size portions

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Vegan in Paris! - Edit

This was my go to place on my last visit to Paris. Amazing vegan food and very friendly staff. I'm not embarrassed to admit I went here three days I a row, the food was that good and the location that convient! The vermicelli of heaven is to die for, I also had the spaghetti with vegan cheese and was a bit skeptical but it was absolutely amazing! Metro stop about one block away so very convient...a must for any vegan in Paris :)

Pros: Great food, Reasonable price for central Paris, Friendly staff

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Try the burgers!! - Edit

I was in Paris for a day and wanted to explore the vegan options nearby. I settled on loving hut and went there on the metro (very easy to get to!) I went in and was ushered to a table. The staff were very friendly and the restaurant itself was on a pretty leafy road. The menu was full of delicious looking food but decided to be boring and order a cheese burger. It arrived and I can't begin to describe how good it was! (not bean burger) safe to say it wasn't on my plate for very long! Hands down the best burger I've ever eaten. I ordered cake as well and that was also fantastic. It all came to about €18. Overall I got the impression the staff took great pride in what they were doing and it came across in their food. Very highly recommended.

Pros: Great food, Good location, Friendly staff

Cons: None

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Lovely food at loving hut - Edit

1st Vegan restaurant that my friend and I visited in Paris. Very good location, and easy to find. I was especially pleased by the non-alcoholic beer selections. Read pros and cons below.

Overall excellent experience, and would love to come again! 9/10

Pros: Great menu and delicious choices, Good break from the endless cafes in Par, Friendly staff

Cons: Too many good starters, would be nice to

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Not impressed.. - Edit

Me and my partner had high expectations after falling in love with the Loving Hut restaurants in London, which to us was the best vegan food we ever had.. but we were disappointed. The golden nuggets appetizers were soft and had no texture. The french fries were tasteless. The burgers weren't anything special and the vegusto cheese they used was awful and ruined the food. The cocktails were nice though. Verdict: Not impressed, unfortunately.

Pros: Cocktails, Nice looking restaurant

Cons: Tasteless food

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Great lunch in Paris! - Edit

This was our first time visiting Loving Hut in Paris, on 5/5/2014, for lunch. Didn't have to make any prior reservations, it was almost empty when we arrived around 2 pm. It is located in a lovely neighbourhood so the walk to the restaurant was quite nice. The waiter was really friendly, spoke perfect english and offered us english menus. The restaurant itself is simple but nice, nothing too fancy but not too fast foodish as I've expected based on some reviews. Prices are around 12-15 euros for main meal.

We came in really hungry so we both ordered two meals.
I had zucchini quiche that comes with big salad (letucce, carrots, sprouts) and a side dressing. It was really tasty, prepared well and looked amazing too. I also ordered some extra rice and peas that were delicious, and a quite big of a portion, could not eat it all.
My boyfriend had mushroom crepe that was so yummy, I would highly recommend ordering that. The portion is quite large. He also had veggie burger with fries, he says it's the best one he ever had, and I had a bite and can confirm. It is smaller though, so ordering two meals wasn't such a wrong decision (but again, we were really, really hungry).

All in all, would come again and this time leave room for some dessert ;-)

Pros: Nice friendly staff, Tasty food, Location

Cons: A bit expensive

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Great! - Edit

I guess every person who knows the "Happy Cow"-Homepage, knows the Loving hut restaurants nearly all over the world as well. So i don't want to write anything more than just yummy as always! Very friendly staff there, cool interior and also a small corner where you can buy foods and other stuff for at home.

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Don't miss it! - Edit

Loving Hut in Paris is one of those key restaurants you have to try. Everything is vegan, the food has a consistently good quality and the staff is friendly. I ate there a very high number of times, and will continue to do so.

Among my favourite dishes, there is the vegan cheese burger, the mushroom "crêpe", the Phô soup and the banana split!

I also tried some special days like this new year's eve, but I found the menu a little bit disapointing: the main dish consisted of one vegan omelette and vegetable fritters, simply disposed in your plate without any special presentation.

I really like this place but I find that prices are relatively high and portions of certain dishes relatively small. But food is so tasty that I'll come back again and again...

Pros: excellent food (amazing banana split), consistent quality, friendly staff

Cons: pricey, small portions

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Great Dinner - Edit

We eat very well in this restaurant. The crepes with champignon is excellent! And a good choice of dessert too.
There a little shop with yummie vegan food.
Updated from previous review on Friday April 04, 2014

Pros: All Vegan, Good Choice

Cons: Expensive

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Great experience - Edit

The food was great(a bit costly, but then again that is the norm in Paris)
The staff was very friendly, and the cook sat with us for a few minutes when when we asked how something was made.(She was also very nice)

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff

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Great Vegan Food - Edit

My daughter had a burger which she said was very delicious, unfortunately too small and therefore too expensive for the size.
I had the Pho soupe which was delicious and large! As a dessert I had cheese cake which was delicious, just a little bit too salty.
As we did not like the restaurant itself and the TV was on while we were eating (I know it is Master Ching Hai but I prefer some chilly music when eating..) we would rather go to other places.
The staff was very friendly and we were served very fast!

Pros: Very friendly staff, Great food

Cons: TV running, Furnishing

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Very nice meal - excellent cheesecake! - Edit

This was our first time eating at a Loving Hut. Not the best vegan food we've eaten, and they do tend to focus too much on meat-substitutes, but we still enjoyed it all the same. My husband had the burger and fries and enjoyed it. I had the Pho Soup which was really nice and filling. We also shared the New York Crisps which were not too bad, and the vegan cheesecake which turned out to be the highlight of the meal. I couldn't believe it actually had a cheesecake texture and taste to it. Very nice indeed. The service was excellent. Our waitress spoke English and they had English menus. The prices were a bit on the high side.

Pros: Awesome cheesecake, Excellent service

Cons: Expensive, Too much focus on meat-substitutes

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Reviewer Avatar

fantastic - Edit

An oasis in a sea of fromage and jambon. Great food and friendly service. Definitely going back.

Pros: variety, English speaking, tasty

Cons: no wine, decor, really it's great

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I was traveling throughout Europe and was not expecting to find any quality vegan food. This completely changed that expectation. I brought four meat eaters and we all agreed it was the best part of our trip! This was a perfect blend of French food and Vegan food.

Pros: French influence

Cons: make sure to have a reservation!

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Great options and good service - Edit

I like the selections on the menu as it is different to the usual Asian food options you get at the Melbourne branch. I took the veggie burger, a non alcoholic "cocktail" and a banana split with 3 different ice cream flavours. All were delicious and the service was efficient.

Pros: menu choices, service

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Disappointing. - Edit

Having been to quite a few Loving Huts, this one... isn't very good. The menu is much smaller than I expected, the preparation was sub-par, the prices much higher than normal. I took a meat-eating friend, telling them that Loving Hut is consistently good all around the world and had to backtrack after we ate there.

The menu is also not the Westernised pan-Asian experience I was expecting. Though that's not a big deal, I did think consistent menu options was one of the reasons for having a chain or franchise.

Cons: Very ordinary food., Too high a price.

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Absolutely delicious! - Edit

This place is lovely. The guy working was really sweet and brought us menus in English. It's true, the mushroom crepe is amazing. My friends had noodles and the burger and everything was delicious. I've never been to a mediocre Loving Hut and will definitely be checking out the ones in London. I'm vegetarian but these places have made me want to experiment with my vegan cooking. Fully recommended.

Pros: Delicious food, Variety, Friendly/calm

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OMG the crepes!!! - Edit

I have traveled to Paris almost purely to eat the mushroom crepes at Loving Hut. Last time I went I also had the wonderfully sweet tea with mint, lime and agave. The Supreme Master vibe is not as obvious as in some Loving Huts around the world, and the serving staff are pleasant and helpful. A+++

Pros: everything

Cons: too far away from home for me to eat there every d, wouldn't give me the crepe recipe, no matter the p

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slightly less than okay - Edit

I was excited to try a loving hut for the very first time and was very disappointed. My husband had a asian-somewhat-bowl which was small and would have probably tastes good (instead of nothing) with some sauce or soy sauce on it, who knows? I had a burger which was good. The fries were the worst kind of deep-fried-baked-in-the-oven-stuff you can imagine. We had a starter, which was okay, but was absolutely overpriced for the tiny bit you got. We didn't try any desserts, because we were so underwhelmed already.
It's not a completely bad place though. The waitress was very sweet and spoke perfect English. The atmosphere was absolutely aweful. Very cheap with plastic flowers and thin paper tablecloths, and a tv in the corner. For what you get it's absolutely overpriced.
When you're in Paris, spend your money on a bottle of wine and a baguette, and you'll be better off by far!

Pros: firendly and english-speaking waitress

Cons: cheap atmosphere, food tastes like not much at all, too expensive for what you get

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Absolutely not what i expected. - Edit

I've been to other Loving Huts in Prague and i though this restaurant chain would be kind of the same in every place (Buffet and big dishes for a cheap/reasonable price). Not at all. Although is always good to have as much 100% vegetarian restaurants as possible, i would definitely not recommend this one to anyone if you have other available options in Paris. The food is not that bad but you will be forced to pay at least 9€ for one dish that would not be enough for a meal. I felt hungry even after eating a whole dish and sharing half of another. I appreciate their contribution to make this world a better place but it's counterproductive because if you go with a non-veg friend to try for the first time, he won't feel seduced about the idea of becoming veg if he thinks that those are the normal prices of veg restaurants.
Updated from previous review on Sunday October 06, 2013

Pros: The food is not that bad, 100% vegetarian

Cons: Small dishes, Expensive (very i would say)

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Amazing Crepes! - Edit

I had an amazing time at Loving Hut, and I would have never expected it. I have been to over 12 Loving Huts all over the world, and the Paris location is the best Loving Hut I have been to!

I had been to some disappointing and expensive restaurants in Paris, with rude or just uninterested waiters. I had also been sad to hear that I had to walk by hundreds of creperies without eating anything!

Luckily, Loving Hut came to our rescue with the amazing crepe dish they offer. It was so good, and I miss it so much! The waitress was very nice and spoke a little English. They also sold vegan croissants in a bag, vegan dark chocolate spread, books, and more. I bought up everything and ate that the rest of the trip to curb my cravings for sweets.

I highly recommend trying this Loving Hut out, you won't regret eating the crepe!

Pros: Crepes!, Friendly service!

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Organic Vegan But Not Tasty - Edit

How can you make such untasty food?
Very tiny plates (expensive for what it is).
Fast service if you are an early bird.
Needs improvement.
Too bad.

Pros: Mostly Organic, Vegan, Fast Service

Cons: Not Tasty, Small Portions, Service Not Smiling

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Yumm! - Edit

We were in Paris for our honeymoon and ate here almost every day. The food is very nice, simple and healthy, the staff is friendly. The place is somewhat odd with TVs with some kind of message but just sit outside or at the window and ignore the TVs and all will be fine! They sell vegan chocolate bars which is a nice snack to have during the day.

Especially good is the burger with fries, and the menu with the noodles and springroll!

Pros: Good food, nice staff and other guests

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Just Nice - Edit

So I've been there a few times and each time I had a pleasant enough meal and time. It's not out of this world but it is a sweet quaint place to dine. It's slightly annoying that it doesn't open earlier. I love almost all of the dishes. I haven't been enough times to know them all. It could be a good thing that the desserts are so expensive because it helps me..in a way ;) All in all, if you're in the area, I'd say definitely try it out. The staff speak english. Are very friendly and patient with people who aren't in the loop on Veganism. The deco is not very appealing but the food is good. I keep going back.

Pros: Food, Staff, Location

Cons: Deco, Dessert Prices, Expensive Beverages

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... - Edit

limited selection, great smiling staff but slow service, food not very tasty but maybe i'm too picky
plastic flowers on all tables!
looks like Ching Hai likes it the cheap way

Pros: 100% vegan

Cons: plastic flowers... really?!!

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Tastes of nothing - Edit

I know some of the Loving Huts in the U.S. and my expectation was not that high - however the burger was the juciest I had lately. Salad was barely nothing for EUR 9,50. Three scoops of icecream which basically had no taste. Happy that there is something in Paris and would eat here again if I have no time to go somewhere else.

Pros: Existence, Staff

Cons: No taste / bland, Deserts more expensive the mains, Drinks selection

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not a bad option - Edit

its been a while since i been to this place but i remember it to be friendly and in a very good location. obviously it is a big restaurant chain and prices could be little cheaper but overall it is a not bad option. dont put your expectations too high. there are much better options in paris!

Pros: location, menu

Cons: price

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I liked what I got - Edit

The vegan crepe and sweet potato soup was great. This loving hut did not disappoint! Would have been nice if there were more soy free options, but with the lack of vegan options in Paris, this was surely a treat.

Pros: friendly vibe, yummy food

Cons: lack of soy free options

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Great vegan fast food and more! - Edit

This is a great place for healthy comfort food! Vegan banana-spleat, burgers, bo bun, crepes.. Everything you can ask for. And the people who work there are adorable, you can even buy vegan products to cook at home.

Pros: good, nice employees, vegan store inside

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yum! - Edit

I had the crêpe champignons there last night and it was delicious - so happy to get a vegan crêpe in paris and a very tasty one too! The man running the place was very friendly and helpful and I felt quite comfortable as a single young female traveller eating there alone. The menu looked good - it's just round the corner from my hostel so I may have to go back and try something else before I leave Paris!

Pros: crêpe , atmosphere, location

Cons: it could say more clearly on the menu that EVERYTH

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Yummy - Edit

Yummy vegan comfort food ! Burgers, french fries, chinese rolls, "cheesecake"... everything tastes delicious ! It is not the place where you go to eat super-healthy, but it tastes great !

Pros: Good food, Good portions, Prices OK

Cons: The place is not very nice

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Un vrai vegan, très agreable... - Edit

J'aime Loving Hut, chaque restaurant respire la paix, et c'est une expérience nouvelle à chaque fois...

Plus qu'un restaurant, c'est une philosophie... et ce ne seront pas les papilles qui diront le contraire...

Faites le détour, vous ne le regretterez pas...

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The place to go in Paris - Edit

I love this restaurant and I will regale each time. I've never eaten something that has disappointed me yet. This is a very good point, because it is difficult to find consistent quality in Paris. The team is very friendly and the TV does not bother me. I just do not care, because what is really interesting is what is the plates. However, prices are a bit expensive, especially for desserts.

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly Staff

Cons: Bit expensive

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An Expensive Loving Hut - Edit

Visited 11th February 2013. My girlfriend and I arrived at about ten past three in the afternoon and despite the fact they normally finish serving from three the friendly waiter said it was fine for us to sit and eat. I had a vegan cheeseburger with fries, my girlfriend had a mushroom crape. Both were good. Like most loving huts the menu is mostly Asian and American although there were some French offerings (such as the crape) on the menu too. I liked the Loving Hut in Paris, my only criticism are the prices - very expensive, but then Paris is very expensive in general.

Pros: Good food, Clean place, Varied menu

Cons: Too Expensive

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To much love will kill you - Edit

I've visited the "Loving Hut" a few days ago and was really, reaaaally excited about going there (especially after reading all of the positive reviews).

The restaurant is small but very cute and everyone was really lovely.

The food was too expensive according to what it tasted like ... I ordered a burger with fries and fried soy-meat.
The burger was pretty small, it tasted okay but was not suprisingly special.
The fried soy-meat tasted bad. It was fried in fat with a gentle taste of cinamon or something like that. not good.
Including a drink, I spent almost 25 euro for a pretty lame meal. A friend ordered a piece of cheesecake. It was very expensive (7,8€ for a tiny piece) and tasted like pure sugar with (I guess) a cheesecakecream made of silken tofu.
At least the berry-sauce tasted good.

What I didn't like "in the restaurant" was the tv which showed a pretty esoteric dvd which also seemed anti-empancipationary with words such as "be a good wife and work in the kitchen. make your man happy. don't listen to loud music, instead go and meditate [...] it was HORRIBLE.
It is because of this kind of videos, too, that omnivores don't take most vegans seriously.
I really wish that the "Loving Hut" would not shows these videos anymore.

I will not come again. Really sorry.

Pros: Friendly hosts, Nice location

Cons: Expensive, Dvd-program, Didn't taste good

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yummy "fast food" ! - Edit

after vegan folies, gentle gourmet cafe and the eastside burger resto we finally went to loving hut in paris !

we had two different salads as starter, the awesome cheeseburger menu (*its melty cheese from vegusto, switzerland) and for dessert a banana-split with chocolate / vanilla & mango ice cream.

the food was really really good and organic :) !
we went on a saturday so it was really crowded but the staff was friendly and fast :)

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good prices

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would eat if i had to - Edit

year or two ago when i first went to loving hut paris, i was expecting something more when it comes to food but i didn't get it. and i still don't. the prices are not synchronised with the quality of the dish, and i find mostly the entrees overpriced. paying around 17euros just for food and feeling hungry is not my best food experience.
my biggest gastronomical disapointment is their bland and sad overpriced burger where they charge you 1.50euro for the cheese. For 8.50euro i expect flavour, juicyness and home made pattie, but in loving hut i got a pattie that needs to be camouflaged with ketchup, mayo, tomatoes and lettuce in order to be eaten and i thought that the pattie is the main carachter of a burger.
in loving hut you are exposed to cheap life-style propaghanda from their own tv program on big screens and coca-cola in the fridge. and you're paying it big time.

Pros: they have chairs

Cons: a sect atmosphere, too expensive bad food for rich , there's something wierd abou this chain

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tasteful good food in a friendly place - Edit

I had tonight a very good and tasteful dinner in loving hut.The name is perfect because it is possible to feel that food is made with heart and care.
the sausages with mashed potatoes were sooo good! as entree we took the New York crisps and the seven seas delights and the golden nuggets: they were all deliciuos. dessert wevtried the banana split and I can just tell it was simply perfect ,the coconut sorbet tasty and the cheese cake very nice even though it was a little bit heavy. It was interesting to have a look to the products they sell in a corner.Chocolate made with rice milk even white vegan chocolate and many different choices of vegan cheese.I can say I was very happy of this experience in Paris and hope to come back soln to explore more the menu.

Pros: good tasteful food, friendly place, great veg cheese choice

Cons: basic accomodation, no wine

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Great food - Edit

Went here twice this week and both times the food was great.

Recommend the golden nuggets and New York crisps. They change specials regularly too. A must go place in Paris.

Pros: Good service, Tasty food, All vegan

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One of the best vege restaurant in Paris - Edit

As an Asian vegetarian for more than 20 years, I am not a fan of salad or raw vegetables but still liked to try every western vege dish. Therefore I would like to recommend the vege burger of Loving Hut Paris, especially with the soja cheese. It reminds me of the vege burgers I had in Chicago or Taipei and I didn't feel it greasy at all. It was simply delicious, in my opinion. If you just started to be vegetarian, that will be a good choice. If you are an Asian, that should be very interesting and not so easy to find in Asia. I would also love to recommend the French pancake with mushroom which I've never found elsewhere without containing eggs/milk. The soup Pho is also very good, much better than a similar one I tried in the Green Garden restaurant, located in Paris Chinatown. Some people also criticized the price, but it is no different than the other restaurants in the neighborhood and quite a typical pricing in Paris. Of course, there are still some points that could be improved, but really not serious ones.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly Staff

Cons: Service could be a little bit faster

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Bright and cheery vegan restaurant in Paris! - Edit

We've never been to a Loving Hut before and were more than happy with our visit. It's a bright and cheerful place, that's easy to find (bonus). The menu had plenty on offer and we both went for the vegan crepe. Being a vegan for over 100 years, we'd never had one before so being in France, we had to order it! It was lovely.
We would definately go back as we would like to try other dishes on the menu.

Pros: good selection, easy to find

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super cheesecake ! - Edit

The place serve mainly fast-food, and it tastes quite good. It's lovely to find a whole vegan place :)

The cheesecake is just amazing : very tasty, excellent texture, I loved it !

The staff is OK, but the place is a little small and you're very close to the other customers.

It's a good place if you're in a hurry and you want vegan food.

Pros: delicious cheesecake

Cons: small place

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One of the best Loving Hut locations! - Edit

We had a light meal here, but the vegan cheesecake was outstanding! It was very rich and hard to believe totally vegan. In the heart of a french neighborhood and we had a lot of fun people watching as well.

Pros: Excellent Vega Dessert, Great Food, Fun ambiance

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It's OK - Edit

It's not easy finding vegan/vegetarian food in Paris, but in a city which prides itself on culinary excellence, Loving Hut isn't a great example of how good vegetarian/vegan food *can* be.

I found the food nice, but definitely not daring. It's almost as if they're scared of flavour! The selection's not great, but what there is is well made, but just that bit bland.

The staff are OK, too. Unfortunately, the style of the place is almost mixing a fast food restaurant with a normal restaurant, and that's a shame, too.

Would I go again? Probably not. I like food with flavour and I can cook veggie/vegan food which has a lot more than the food they cook at Loving Hut.

Should you go? If you don't mind food which is a bit bland, why not? Just don't expect a culinary experience to match the flavours France can offer!

Pros: Location

Cons: Bland, Unpolished

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Predictable, if you like that - Edit

If you've ever been to Loving Hut before, you'll know basically what you're in for. This was my third one, so I knew. I ordered the vegan burgers with fake cheese, a dish I've also ordered in Belgium and Germany. In each country it has been a bit different. I've ordered two each time, but only in Belgium did I really want to eat the lot. The "meat" on the burgers in the French ones somehow tasted too fake, and the fake cheese just took it into another level of grossness. I took the cheese off of both of them and they were a bit better that way, but I still couldn't eat both of them.

At the same time as I ordered the two burgers in the Paris store, I also ordered a scoop of coconut sorbet. It made me realise that when people say Paris is expensive, they may be right--it was 2 euros and it was the size of a golf ball. it did come with a speculoos cookie, though. Both of these things were really delicious. If I go back to Loving Hut, it might be just for desserts, because that sorbet was amazing.

I thought I would end up going back to Loving Hut before I leave Paris because the location is so convenient if you get a bus (bus stop exactly opposite it and another in front of it), but I don't know...people seem to think it's affordable but a lot of the mains are 13 euros. For something as processed as the food there is, I don't think that's good value. I know being vegan often means that even the junk food is less unhealthy than the non-vegan equivalent would be, but I still feel pretty gross being vegan and having dinners that have barely any vegetable in them and are mostly fake meat and processed grains. The portions aren't big, either.

Pros: Very convenient location, Desserts so good, Staff can speak English

Cons: Mains iffy, Religious mumbo jumbo, Too much fake meat?

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My favorite vegan chain - Edit

I am a huge fan of the Loving Hut chain and couldn't wait to taste their Parisian version. I made my way over here on my last day in Paris, 26Jun12. It was an easy find, a straight shot from the metro. Personally, the pictures on the menu have always been one of my favorite things about this chain. I'm a picky eater and the pictures are extremely helpful to me. I ordered spring rolls, golden nuggets (both very good), veggie burger (they put "cheese" on it, & even after pulling it off I could still taste it. Gross!), and ice cream (it was good). I won't let the burger mishap spoil my view. The waiter was nice, food was good, and it remains a fav of mine. It appeared to be quite the popular place too, which is a good thing. As always, I'd def recommend it.

Pros: Great 100% vegan chain; easy to find, Good food, Reasonable prices

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Tasty but industrialized - Edit

Went there yesterday and the food was very nice and tasty but it seemed so industrialized and didn't seem very homemade. I got the cheeseburger, because it annoyed me that there were pictures of everything in the menu - it seemed so boring.
My mother got a very tasty and delicious soup :) The place was very nice, but it is right out to a very noisy street and it is not my kind of thing. But the food was very tasty and delicious but at the same time boring and sort of conventional.

Pros: Tasty, Friendly service

Cons: Lot of noise, Didn't seem to be homemade

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Tasty food! - Edit

It was our second visit to Loving Hut Paris since it opened. The food was as good as the first time. The menu is great and has different types of food: Vietnamese, French, pasta, burgers. The restaurant was packed this time so it's great to see vegan restaurants doing well in Paris. We had the mushroom crepe and the vermicelles du paradis. Both were very delicious. Had no room for dessert but the selection did look pretty good too. As a bonus, Loving Hut sells vegan goodies, and we got some swiss vegusto, the best vegan cheese around. Highly recommended restaurant in a city/country where vegetarianism is virtually unrecognised.

Pros: fast service, large portions, great choice

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awful - Edit

My first evening in Paris I tried this restaurant and I was really disappointed. I love Loving Hut in Vienna, but I had a bad experience also in Warsaw and Madrid.

I am have high demands on vegan food because I have tried a lot of restaurants around the world and in Paris you expect even something better since you can get something vegetarian in many non vegetarian restaurants (at least a fantastic salad or pasta!).

First of all the place was really hot because no good air condition. The service was slow and when I finally got the food it was something worse than I could make myself!

Stirred fried noodles with some tofu. Really sloppy and I could not even finish the meal.

I chose spring rolls as starters, which were ok, but nothing out of the ordinary.

My whole impression of the restaurant was that it was just some people who like to cook vegan food who decided to open a vegan restaurant without any special skills of cooking or service.

Pros: in Marais, easy to find

Cons: strange place, not professional, no good cooking

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Really felt like a loving hut - Edit

I really liked this place. The atmosphere was friendly and food was really tasty. We stayed in Paris for three days and visited this place twice, tells you something. The first time I had a quiche with salad and my partner had a crêpe filled with creamy mushroom & tofu filling. Both were delicious, especially the crêpe (crispy from the outside, soft from the inside). The quiche was also really good, and I really appreciated the chance to eat something French and local. We also had a cheese plate with five or six different cheeses as a desert. What fun, tasting so many different cheeses at the same time. As a vegan, that doesn't happen too often!

The second time we had soy nuggets as starters and vegan cheese burgers for the main course. Both tasted good. As a desert we had soy ice cream, mango and lemon flavored. Especially the lemon flavored was really, really delicious. We didn't have a banana slit as it's a bit expensive, 10,5 euros and we were already quite full at that point. But we saw another couple eating those and the dish was HUGE!

I also liked the way the place was decorated really nicely (good taste). Even if there some religious thoughts as a driving force, the restaurant itself felt like a neutral space, if you don't count the TV sending a constant program about the supreme master. But they didn't come forward with the ideology otherwise, so no worrying about that.

All in all, I can really recommend this place. Great food, nice atmosphere, close to the metro. The best of the vegetarian restaurants we tried in Paris. Definitely worth a visit or even several visits!

Pros: Friendly staff, Excellent food

Cons: The TV that was on all the time, No wine served

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Hearty nosh - Edit

I'd read mixed reviews about Loving Hut. I read that the food was a bit plastic and focused to much on fake meat. There are a lot of 'alternative' dishes using fake meat or cheese but I thought they were well-considered, hearty dishes that made a nice change from all the salads. I had the tofu quiche, which was tasty and such a huge portion that I couldn't finish it. My partner had the spaghetti which he loved. I'd also read that the atmosphere was a bit off-putting with blaring TVs, but they were all on mute when we were there and the atmosphere was lovely, relaxed and friendly. The waitress was helpful and fast, and the food arrived quickly as well. The desserts were also great, we shared the chocolate cake and ordered ice cream on the side. Divine! We loved it there so much, we even stayed for coffee and I had a delicious soya hot chocolate. There was loads of vegan choice on the menu and plenty to tempt us back. Overall, a pleasant surprise!

Pros: Great choice for vegans, Hearty and filling food, Fast and friendly

Cons: Probably not the healthiest

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Excellent place, but food could be better - Edit

I liked the Loving Hut a lot, and it was a nice change from all the macrobiotic restaurants out there in Paris.

I LOVED the pizza and the banana split, as well as the small shop inside the restaurant where you can get vegan goodies like cheeses, meats, spreads, mayo, etc.

I DIDN'T like the French fries, the salad was just okay and everything is quite pricey.

Pros: Banana Split, Small shop, Pizza

Cons: sometimes bland, pricey

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One of the best in Paris - Edit

I'm shocked at some of the negative reviews on here, but to each their own. Sure, it's a smaller menu than the Loving Hut we ate at a lot in San Diego, but it has enough options. I had the Pho one night and the Veggie Burger tonight. Wife had Crepes and we had the New York something for an appetizer. It's like a chicken breast cut into strips with a sauce. Good food that brought us back. It was busy both nights. Love seeing that in a vegan restaurant. Easy to find off metro stop. Maybe 100 yards...

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Good food

Cons: Smaller menu

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Great food, too bad about the cult vibe. - Edit

Straight up I will say I disliked the ambiance of this restaurant... it was extremely uncool and I felt like I was at a cross between a fast food restaurant and a cult's dining room (and not in a good way). Even the waitress was in an 'Loving Hut' uniform... I feel like this aesthetic really let the restaurant down, as the food was actually really good, but I would be hesitant to eat there again due to the the clinical vibe.

Anyway, as I said the food was indeed very tasty, and skillfully prepared. I had the vegan crepe, my partner had the vegan 'quiche', and for desert we shared an extraordinary vegan cheese cake. Compliments to the chef!

Pros: Skillful vegan interpretations of French

Cons: Cult-like ambiance

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Good - Edit

I was reading comments quite long before deciding to check this place. A good point is that the resto is not far from Bastille. Plus I liked the interior design, Loving Hut looks cosy and clean. I arrived for a lunch at 14:30, the restaurant was supposed to be closed at 15h, but a waiter told me "no prob". The staff was very friendly, and I didn't wait long for my order, food was good. ( I got croutisllant, vegeburger and crumble aux fruits frais).

Listing the disadvantages: first of all, their sign outside is not visible at all. Then, the menu is quite small and consists only from fast food items. It's kinda pity to support vegan resto that offers only burgers, pizzas etc. But even for pizza you can have only 1 slice, not a whole one :( And nothing really organic or FRESH. Indeed, for this menu the prices are higher than expected. My entrée+plat principal+dessert went to be €24. It's too much for this food. The resto was absolutely empty since there are other restos around. I think, it's a shame that neither for lunch nor for dinner there are no formulas available, which could decrease the menu cost and attract more clients.

Pros: Staff, Design

Cons: Fast food, Prices, Invisible

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Love the 'hut' - Edit

We stayed just down the road from Loving Hut on our second trip to Paris. With baby in tow we had lots of takeaway from the restaurant and ate there a few times. The food is consistently great. We got a bit addicted to the cheeseburgers, even if they are a little 'fast-foody'. The quiche is also sublime and the staff friendly. Definitely a great vegan option if you're not after ambience.

Pros: Really tasty food, Good sized portions, Friendly staff

Cons: Very little ambiance, Not huge variety in the menu

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Simply amazing food! - Edit

even though i was full, i kept trying other dishes because i knew they'd be fantastic! GO GO GO! ya hear?

Pros: cheese like dishes, many deserts, good chef.

Cons: not a great enviroment, i wouldn't take a date, dosen't do the food justice

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Pretty different from other Loving Huts - Edit

I'm a fan of the Loving Hut; I eat there every day when I'm in California. But I can't shake the fact that the dishes in the Paris location cost more than double the amount it does in the U.S. Aside from that, the food was great. My husband ordered the New York crisps starters, which was amazing! I ordered the pho noodle soup, which was delicious but the portion was smaller than what I expected, and it didn't come with the herbs for dressing. It was pretty far from our hotel and the hotspots of Paris, but it was the only vegan place opened.

Pros: All vegan, Excellent food, quiet

Cons: location, Cost

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Not even close to other Loving Huts - Edit

Can't agree with the positive reviews on here unfortunately. This has been an awful experience. Apart from the obvious weirdness of this place like the Supreme Master TV spots shown on TV all the time like in any other Loving Hut this is definately not a place to visit while you're in Paris - there are simply so many better places to eat vegan food. Putting slogans like the one that being veg is good for the environment everywhere doesn't make the food (served on plastic plates) better. It's 2011 and vegan fast food isn't something special anymore - there are good places to fill your need for burgers and kebabs in almost every big city in the western world these days. The food at Loving Hut Paris reminds of the first attempts to produce fast food yourself after becoming a vegan shortly before. A charred, otherwise almost tasteless veggie kebap with rice noodles is far below the average - especially as the food is quite pricy for what it is. Staff was ok but not really friendly either. The place lacks a nice athmosphere but is ok, as far as you aren't placed right besides one of the electric heaters...Unfortunately this one doesn't come close to other restaurants of the Loving Hut chain.

Cons: taste, pricy

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Great 'Naughty-Vegan', lots of fake meat. - Edit

I didnt know what to expect of Loving Hut, however I was both pleasantly satisfied, and slightly dissapointed.

I call it naughty-vegan because it resembles vegan-takeout food, kind of deep fried and nasty in a good way! (though not all of it, they do have great salads and noodles etc..)

Firstly, the venue is quite cosy, a little bit cheap looking, but cosy non the less..
The Supreme Master channel running on the tv in the back of the restaurant is curious, but not imposing, in fact alot of the people Ive spoken to weren't aware of this Vegan Chain's origins.. (Doesnt bother me, as long as the food is good!)

The menu is pretty extensive, with a mix between alot of deep-fried asian'ish entrées (Spring rolls etc..) and then a mains menu that spans Italian, French and Asian!
(Soupe Pho, Spag-Bol, Pizza, Crepes, Noodles etc..)

We had the soyprotein-mushroom 'pepites dorée' (kind of deepfried nugget) for entrée, which wasnt bad but kind of had a weird texture, which was a bit off putting after 1 or 2.

I then had a Vege Cheez Burger, which to be honest was so damn good I couldve sworn it was a MacDonalds cheeseburger.... (Ketchup/Mayo/Mustard sauce, soy-protein patty/pickles and salad)
It was devilishly delicious..and even a little messy. I loved it..

My friend had the vermicelles and 'beef', which was tasty but very filling.

I didn't try the desserts, they looked a little 'out of the box' mass-manufactured (though, they might not be, it just appeared that way in the photos..)

Instead I had a hot-chocolate, which was pretty bad to be honest...
The chocolate powder hadnt mixed through with the milk (which wasnt hot enough) and they'd topped it with foam which made me almost think it might have been made with milk...

Overall, this is a great vegan-takeout/comfort food place.
I wouldnt eat here everyday, and all that fake-meat scares me a bit (feels a bit fake, ironically) but I am keen to go back and try their big salad plate with veg-cheeze and some of their other meals..

Pros: Amazing burger, Good selection, English speaking staff

Cons: Tastes a bit fake, A tad sterile..

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love it! - Edit

AWESOME restaurant.. staff speaks English well, prices are fair, food is delicious, great-tasting filtered water, and they sell packages of pains au chocolat (which I eat for breakfast every morning when in Paris).

Pros: friendly, multilingual staff, decent pricing, Amazing tasty food and pains au chocolat

Cons: there's only ONE in all of Paris!

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Amazing food! - Edit

I visited Loving Hut during a short stay in Paris and will definitely come back on any future trip there: I only ate there once, and I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to explore their menu more.
The food itself was simply amazing: tasty and seasoned to perfection, from appetizer to dessert. I wish they'd open more restaurants with this quality in Europe.
On a side note, it wasn't particularly cheap, but then again so is eating out in Paris...

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff

Cons: Somewhat expensive

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Pleasant Lunch Option! - Edit

I dropped in here, by myself, last week. I had the seitan steak with creamy mushroom sauce which I was very happy with. I also had a mango lassi which was less impressive, seemed pretty sure it was made with mango syrup rather than fresh fruit. The staff weren't overly friendly but they certainly weren't rude. It was a nice, no nonsense vegan lunch with speedy table service. I would go back!

Pros: healthy, fast, english menu

Cons: plain decor

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Nice place - Edit

Quite varied menu with several different styles (asian soup, spring rolls, burgers, crepes, ...). On the other hand, there aren't that many options in each category. We had crepes and the asian soup, both of which were good.

Overall a nice place with good food and a decent selection, but nothing extraordinary.

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Television - Edit

Last weekend we where in Paris and because of the many great reviews of this place we decided to give it a try. My wife had noodles with tofu and rice, I had the veggieburger. My wife really liked her dish, I myself thought the burger was allright. The burger was nothing really special and certainly not something we could not make more delicous at home.

Something that was surprising was the Supreme Master television that played at the background. Two televisions in a rather small place who scream for attention with it's thousands subtitles. First of all, I wonder myself what two televisions are doing in a restaurant and second of all why they needed to have that content. I understand that the owners are followers of this character, but do they really need to disturb their costumers with this while having diner? Surely there are other ways of informing the people about your believe!

We decided to move our seats outside, so we could eat in peace. In reaction, they just put the television louder. Are these restaurants there to make profit with giving people a good vegan meal or is it merely a way of trying to indoctrinate people in following a sekt? I think it is the last option. All in all not really a place that puts vegetarianism in a positive view.

After diner the waiter just picked up the dishes with only the question: anything else? We could hardly finish the word NO and the bill was already on our table. At paying a "thank you" or "have a nice day" was also to much to ask.

This makes this place for us a disappointment.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Television, Unfriendly waiter

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Good food, informal atmosphere - Edit

My spouse and I enjoyed our meal. My spouse had the vegan burger (but the bun was not whole wheat), though he liked the seitan steak at Saveurs VegetHalles better. I had a vegetable pie that I thought was excellent. The bread that came with my meal was whole grain and tasty. The staff was very pleasant, the atmosphere pleasant and informal.

Pros: good food, friendly staff

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Worthy addition to the chain - Edit

This is the second Loving Hut we've been to, and it definately lived up to our expectations!

We started off with some vegetable rolls and the 'delights of the seven seas', which were both delightful.
As a main course my girlfriend had a noodle soup (pho) with tofu and seitan, and I had a vegetarian spaghetti Bolognese. This was a good choice, and it's not a dish that's easy to make interesting.
Our desserts were a piece of chocolate cake and a piece of cheesecake, both of which were very, very good.

The service was very nice, and when we asked what was in the cheesecake, the waitress went to fetch the spread that was the main ingredient.
The prices were very reasonable, as is the custom in Loving Hut.

Also noteworthy is the free water that is served with the food.
Reservations are recommended.

Pros: good food, low prices, friendly staff

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Great food - fast food style dining - Edit

The food here was great and all vegan.

We had to wait about 10 minutes for a table so I'd recommend booking. The staff were very friendly and there was a sunny atmosphere about the place.

We had starter, main and desert which was a lot of food. The restaurant is good value and seems to operate on the basis of only opening for a few hours a day and reusing elements/constituent bits of one dish in other dishes (i.e.the rasberry sauce will show up with the crumble and the cheesecake) but that doesn't really matter as it all tastes great and means it's quite cheap.

Overall: Really good food and a nice atmosphere

Pros: cheap, fun feel

Cons: food could get repetitive

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Perfect! - Edit

This is what I was looking for in my vegan Paris dining experience. The restaurant is in a great, attractive location and is decorated very nicely. The menu is small but has some great choices. We went with a seafood appetizer (I don't remember the name), crepes and quiche for mains, and pear cake for dessert. Every dish was better than the last! Particularly the cake, which has to be one of the best cakes I've ever had. Truly amazing.
My one quip is the price, but I guess everything in Europe is more expensive than I'm used to.
Loving Hut is not to be missed!

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Vegan Love in Paris - Edit

This was my first visit to a Loving Hut anywhere in the world, and I've since discovered the menu varies a lot on a country by country basis. The Paris restaurant is not far from the Place De la Republique, so is well placed. The Atmosphere was good, staff busy but helpful, and it was clean. The food is Asian/French, and we enjoyed the wide range of choice including crepes, pho soup and quiche. Best of all though was the New York Style cheesecake, quite simply the best thing I've ever tasted anywhere!

Pros: Good Choice, Good Value, The Cheesecake!

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Loving it....but a bit expensive - Edit

We went here for Saint Valentines night. We were lucky that we turned up just as it opened, at 18.30, as the whole restuarant was nearly resevered for the night, so we managed to get one of the few free tables available. The table may not have been in the best location, right in front of the front door, but as not many people came in until after we were finished, it was fine for us. The main problem with this, as with all of Parisian restuarants is that the tables are tiny. The Parisians seem to love being piled on top of one another. For me, it is off-putting. However, as our reserved neighbours did not come until after we were gone, it was ok that night. I wanted a private night with my partner. I recommend calling ahead and reserving a table, and preferably one of the tables at either side of the door by the front window, at the entrance, as they are more private, with no neighbours. The menu is available in english or French. I am not sure if there are others available, but I don't think so. The staff are nice soft spoken women who leave you be and allow you get on with your meal in peace. The service is fairly fast and the food is original and quite healthy feeling. We, as usually, had a selection of starters as our meal, which we shared, and a 1 litre bottle of the lovely organic juice. Unfortunately there is no alcohol available, as I would have liked a glass a wine with our Valentines meal. However, as is suggested here, I would not call this a cheap place, even for the extremely expensive city of Paris. Our meal came to about €70 with no wine.

Pros: Originality, Friendly, Fast

Cons: Not as cheap as it says here., A bit out of popular areas, Tiny tables

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perfect pit stop - Edit

We were fortunate to find this great place on our walk from Gare de Lyon to Gare du Nord train stations--it was right along the main street and open! After walking through the snow it was so cozy and inviting. The woman behind the counter was very friendly and had good suggestions for our meal. The food was delicious and filled our stomachs and warmed our hearts. The service was also excellent and we had some nice conversations with the staff who were pleased to feed us. Great experience and the perfect meal.

Pros: healthy food, good value, friendly staff

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Loving Hut Paris France - Edit

I live in Atlanta Ga USA and I am a regular at the Loving Hut restaurant in Atlanta. I decided to try out the Paris France location while on a business trip and loved it! Some of the menu items are very similar to the Atlanta location and some others are not. The atmosphere is relaxed and vibrant with mostly young visitors. The service is excellent and fast. Highly recommended. Enjoy it.

Pros: Great food, superior service, nicely priced

Cons: small room

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Disappointed - Edit

We came on the Saturday night before Paris Vegan Day. It was very busy and they were unable to seat us - our bad for not making a reservation. We placed an order to go. I can't remember exactly what I had, a red soup was involved (pepper?), but I was left with the impression that the whole meal was mediocre. The following day, at PVD, I went to their stand to grab lunch. The Asian-style dish didn't appeal so I once again had a soup, a different kind. The woman who served me was a bit brusque and was unable to break my bill. She wouldn't let me go over 50 cents or something. Somehow the lady beside me ended up paying for me. It was all very strange and unpleasant. Overall, not particularly impressed.

Pros: healthy

Cons: poor service

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Great place - Edit

Fresh summery clean atmosphere all done in white. We came here twice in a 4 day holiday it was so good! Very nice staff, fresh healthy food, lots of choice, resonable prices, great place!

Pros: Great tasting food, Friendly staff, Fresh atmosphere

Cons: TV showing in the background

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The best in Paris - Edit

The Loving Hut is definitely my favorite place to eat out in Paris. The food is fantastic and the staff is very friendly. It's great that they also sell the vegan Vegusto cheese. The only thing that I don't like are the two TV screens displaying the supreme master tv. I don't think the sect is a bad one, but I don't like watching TV while I'm eating. The place can be very hot inside in summer.

Pros: fantastic food, friendly staff

Cons: TV screens

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Lovely Loving Hut - Edit

I don't know how I missed this Loving Hut during my January 2010 visit, but I was around the corner from it in August and I dined here every day. It was practically the only open vegan restaurant.

I loved everything I ate except the asian style noodles. The desserts were wonderful espsecially the chocolate cake and ice creams. I loved the rice and brochettes.

It's a wonderful gem for vegan Paris with decent prices. Service was also wonderful.

Pros: inexpensive, great service, brochettes

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Lovin' the Loving Hut - Edit

On a recent short break to Paris this was our best meal out. The English menu was really 'order by picture' as explanations of each dish was minimal.

We shared a starter which was like a spring roll without the crispy pastry with loads of fresh shredded veg, seitan and hint of mint, wrapped in a lettuce leaf and then encased in a light green dough mix - hard to explain but so tasty!! You get 2 substantial rolls, so really glad we shared!

Next course, my other half had mushroom crepe with loads of fresh salad and I had kebabs with noodles and loads of salad. Kebabs were mix of tofu chunks, seitan chunks, cherry tomatoes and green pepper. Amazing!!

We just couldn't manage a dessert after all this! We ate here the day before we left Paris, if we'd had another day we would definitely have returned. There was a great buzz here, very popular for Saturday lunch and people queuing to get a table. Lots of locals too which is a great sign for any restaurant.

NB if visiting in August beware that some veggie restaurants and cafes close for a few weeks for vacations.

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, friendly staff

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. - Edit

We went here twice during our 2.5 days in Paris - that's a good sign, right?
Between us we had the samosas (on the good side of passable but I've been spoiled by great ones in Vancouver), the mushroom crepe (not my style but my husband loved it), délices des sept mers (faux unagi? great texture, loved the sauce), the quiche (so good, I want it again), vermicelles du paradis (plus 2 pâtés impériaux) (best fake beef I have ever eaten, very filling), fries (basic, good), and the pear cake (weird texture but great taste). Always cheap, always filling. We picked up some pre-packaged chocolate bars (rice milk chocolate, yum) and some vegan pain au chocolat for breakfast the next day, too. The pain au chocolat was pretty boring but it was still nice to have a vegan pastry in Paris.

Pros: Vegan!! , small selection of baked goods

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Repas Vegetalien a Paris! - Edit

On the eve of leaving France, my fiancée and I ate here on its opening night (waited patiently for days) and loved it. Very limited menu then, but nice to have vegan versions of French food a block from our apartment. Reasonable prices but helpings could be a bit bigger.
As soon as we came back from Africa, a year later, this was where we went. And now the menu has grown enormously, although two options weren't available that night. And the banana split was delicious! Piled with vegan whipped cream and creamy sauces. Treat yourself!

Pros: location, fully vegan , large menu

Cons: price, noise from traffic

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worth a meal - Edit

Fun vegan food in Paris! A real treat to order crepes, tarts and quiche, knowing all ingredients are vegan. All food was good- appetizers, meals, dessert (a banana split!) and drinks- fresh juices & rose lemonade was available. Also for sale were various soy cheeses in a cooler and other products for sale, such as canned pate and books. The people were very nice. Menus in English are available.

Pros: 100% vegan, kind helpful staff, good food

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Well-priced and delicious - Edit

Very cute little cafe with outdoor as well as indoor seating. It was clean and the service was friendly, if not very fast. The food is delicious! We had the Feuilleté aux légumes and the quiche, both of which were excellent. They came with a very tasty side salad. We also got a couple of seitan sandwiches to go, which were perfect to eat later in the park. Overall, the food was very filling and seemed to be prepared with love. A very good experience and we would recommend this place.

Pros: Close to metro, Reasonably priced, Yummy!

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The most friendly Staff I ever saw in Paris - Edit

These people love what they do, they're so friendly! The service is great, the menu options are fantastic! We went there twice, big place with outdoor sitting, delicious food! Vegan dishes, raw salads, great extended list of both meals and drinks (including fresh squeezed and smoothies). Try the lemonade with rose petals, sweetened with agave! mmm.
Great sauces too. This is the best in Paris, as an overall. It is also very clean and has a store with great vegan swiss cheeses (try the mozzarella melty one!Amazing!).
This is a must go, safe to say you'll have a great experience!

Pros: Great Staff, Great Food, big space

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great food but noisy and hot envirnment - Edit

they make the best immitation of meat and fish with asian style. price is reasonable for this is paris. and the best is the soy cheese cake !!! however the wipped cream we bought there never worked.

But they do not have air condition , only one fan can face one direction.
And it is on a big boulevard, cars run by like on highway !
Yet because it is hot, they kept all the windows and doors open. noisy covers the music .

hope when they make more money with the good food, there will be an air condition and closed door.

It is a good place to take away I think.

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Easy asian - Edit

Quite a few options: salads, spring rolls, stir fies, quiche, textured soya in different forms too (if that's your thing).

We were surprised to find this in Paris: nice food and reasonable price. Also nice cakes and juices!

Pros: variety

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Fantastic - Edit

My husband and I went to Loving Hut just a couple of nights ago, and had a great meal. I got the mushroom crepe with a salad, both of which were very impressive, and my husband got the plat de jour, which was a savory pastry alongside creamy potatoes (almost like scalloped potatoes) and a seitan steak--also incredible. We split a banana split for dessert--I would highly recommend it. It has a mound of whipped cream, on top of chocolate sauce, on top of three different kinds of homemade ice cream, on top of fresh banana slices. When we went up to the counter, we bought some vegan mayo and *vegan croissants* from La Borie. Fantastic.

Pros: Friendly, Very tolerant of poor French, Amazing food