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Calle Mayor, 53, Zaragoza, Spain

Friendly Tavern

In the middle of the old city of Zaragoza near to Pilar Square, is located this tavern with aragonese, revolutionary and liberal ambience. Inexpensive prices for good vegetarian (mostly vegan) food. Large bar and half dozen od wood tables. Friendly owners and people,you can chat easily with them. Today a nice B/W photograph exibition is in the main wall.

Lange Herentalsestraat 23, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium

Veg Indian

This is a large restaurant in the "indian quarter" (there are lots of indians and a israelish in same street) fully vegetarian with vegan options. Nice ambience and fast serving. very spicy food.

C/ Zorrilla, 11, Madrid, Spain

Why meat in a vegetarian?

This is a elegant vegetarian restaurant with a large menu with most of them vegan, but the surprise is an outdoor banner with a 12 euros daily menu with chicken optional! It is necessary? A pity!

Overtoom 409, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vegan in the channels

If you ride far from the touristic centre, you can find this medium-size vegan restaurant. Served by two friendly women, you can taste a lot of excellent raw-vegan food.

Ventura de la Vega, 4, Madrid, Spain

Another option

Same owners, menu and foot than Artemisa Gran Via. Only different place, waiters and deco.

Calle Tres Cruces 4, Gran Via, Madrid, Spain

Familiar restaurant

Finally, after offering veal and chicken they decide remove this products form the menu and became FULL VEGETARIAN again. They delete this products from the external board yesterday. CONGRATULATIONS. A dozen of tables in a familar ambience. Many vegan options marked V in the menu. Big rations size. Moderate price a full meal cost 20 to 25 euros.

Calle Arzobispo Apaolaza, 10, Aragon, Zaragoza, Spain

Modern vegetarian

This is a large and modern restaurant with dozen of tables. Menu with numerous options, most of them vegan and marked with "V" or for celiacs "C". Moderate price or inexpensive if you select a "light" menu. Quality of products.

C/Universidad, Zaragoza, Spain

Friendly ambience

In the quarter "La Madalena" is placed this vegetarian restaurant, with anarchist-cultural ambience (even it has a large library) and spacious room in two areas: bar with tables and more tables in the back. All food is vegetarian with some vegan options. Good quality and size of all food. Very friendly service. Inexpensive prices.

Calle San Nicolas 4, Jaca, Spain

For mountaineers vegetarians...and more

In the center of Jaca city, close to the cathedral, there are a 200 square meters old house (made in stone and wood) where is combined a vegetarian restaurant and a 20 places rural hostel. Prices for each client in shared room (2-3 pax) is 15 euros.

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

The first vegan in Barcelona

This was my first visit to a vegan restaurant in Barcelona. It is a small place fully of people that nigth. Specialized in beer. Good food. British owner makes english as predominant languaje. Mainly foreign customers. Good price and quality. To come back.
Updated from previous review on Saturday March 01, 2014

Topete 32, Tetuan, Madrid, Spain

Familiar for daily meals

With a dozen tables, this familiar restaurant has a home-made menu. The daily menu has very good price, 9.5 euros with 3 starters, 3 main courses, various desserts and tea. Some of them can be vegan. It is expensive to eat "a la carta": 10 -14 euros each dish.

Corredera Alta de San Pablo 2, Madrid, Spain

Only for Hot Dogs

Walking in the street, I was stopped by a "Hot Dog Man" offering me leaflets to enter in the bar. I said him "no thanks I am vegetarian" and said, please enter, you are also welcome. Inside, we can found a table with two chairs and in green banner, a vegetarian menu is offered at 5 - 6 euros. I ordered a simple veg hot dog for 2,5 euros. The friendly owner explain me she offer tofu hot dogs because everytime there are more vegetarian people. Cheap and quick option. No vegan mayonaise.

Autopista AP-7, salida 786, San Javier, Spain

Is Closed

This is the standard golf club restaurant. In the past served vegan food. Years ago they finished this activity.

Argumosa 10, Madrid, Spain

Traditional food

This is a medium size restaurant with 12 clasical tables. In the wall the metallic hangers show that pictures exibitions were frequently exposed. The menu is painted in a wood board. Prices are affordables, a complete meal can cost 15 euros.Good quality and quantity of food. Few vegan options and no marked in the menu (you must ask to the waiter). No easy parking in the street, near is available a paying parking in Primavera Street #3.

Calle Segovia 17, Madrid, Spain

Go up girl!

A very friendly and encouraged girl who decide open a full vegan business in this crisis times. Small place with great products and other that must be improved. Cheap prices and reasonable quantity. I suggest to support her initiative to be day by day much better.

Calle de Atocha 12, Madrid, Spain

No so moderate price

Close to "Plaza Mayor" (don't go to Atocha station based in the name of the street) is placed this restaurant with two big floors and dozens of tables. The deco is nice and charming. Quiet ambience. Expensive price: a standard 3 courses can cost 30 - 35 euros. Starters no so good like the main course. Most of them are vegan (marked with V)or almost vegan adaptables (the cheese is changed to tofu but no to vegan cheese, honey is changed to caramel, etc). Recommended the "Solomillo salvaje" and the "Jungle Hamburger". One of the two vegan dessert, carrot cake, was excellent.

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain

Good breakfast

I'd take an excellent vegan breakfast in this place. Good price and friendly waiter.

C/Hospital 74, Barcelona, Spain

Good for lunch

A large restaurant with a good-price day menu. Excellent food, all vegan of course. Friendly danish owner. Colurfull deco.

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