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1298 Market St, San Francisco, USA

Last ditch effort when nothing else is available..

12 Jun 2009

Nothing too special about this place. Whenever I visit San Francisco..this place tends to be a standby if our flight leaves early - because it always seems to be on the way to the airport. I can grab a few vegan pastry type snacks and eat 'em later on the plane. The food is very bland..but once there was a mulligatawny type soup that was excellent. I always hope to find it again when visiting. This place really is a last ditch effort if you can't get to any other restaurant or store in town.

6005 Berkshire Ln, Dallas, USA

Went as they were closing -darn wrong hours posted

25 May 2016

Had a nice 5 minute look at the menu - looked pretty yummy. Sad thing is...and yeah maybe a true tear or two formed in my eyes...we arrived 5 minutes before they closed. The fella working was pretty nice about it, but we decided to leave. Surely didn't want to be "that kind of people". Wish I could have tasted the food. I heard that they are under new ownership and that it is a bonus.

1909 W Gray, Ste B, Houston, USA

Organic? Didn't find anything organic...

26 Jul 2016

Okay..so am I missing something about the organic thing? I went here..once. Had a hankering for some beet juice. It wasn't organic. Nothing I saw there was listed as organic. I even asked the woman working there if they had organic juices...she said 'unfortunately, no'. Was I visiting on a non-organic day, but organic items are sometimes available? I was sad to find this place and then to not find organic juices. I tried to go again a couple weeks ago, but they were under renovation. Will try again when they re-open to see their organic options, If I find some..I will update this review,

68 Masonic St, Northampton, USA

Yum, Yum, Yum!

06 Jul 2016

This is a small, cozy, and clean restaurant. Great vibe inside with extremely helpful staff. The food is mainly local and organic. Their tofu and tempeh is also made locally (when possible). Absolutely delicious and fresh meals. I ordered a vegetable stir-fry with tofu & brown rice. It wasn't your usual Chinese restaurant standard fare..it was flavorful, not overcooked, fresh...I want some now just thinking about it. My companion ordered a dish off of the 'daily special' board. He wanted to substitute two items and was able to by making a donation to a charity, So basically, if you'd like to substitute an item you may do so, but a small donation ($5.) will be added to the bill. You will be informed of this and able to agree or change your order to something else. The owner/chef is all alone in the kitchen and although it didn't take an enormous amount of time for us to receive our food (but could have on a busier night), it is one of the reasons there is a donation-for-food-substitution rule in place. Also, I should add, there is a sign on the door asking persons who are perfumed to not dine there due to the chef's severe chemical allergies. That was an a-ok rule by me. Just a heads up for all you eau de toilette lovers out there. (Cash Only Place)

1 Ferry Building, San Francisco, USA

Tiny..with a Coconut Disaster

12 Jun 2009

The food here is okay. It isn't horrible and it isn't the best stuff I've ever eaten. The appetizers were something I could've made at home (a bruschetta type o' thing)...for the price...I shoulda. The main course portions were small, and the flavor was nothing to write home about. I was more excited about ordering dessert than anything else. First let me say: I do not like coconut. I detest it. I cannot help it..it's just part of my make-up. So, when I ordered dessert I was assured the key lime cheesecake sans 'coconut whipped cream' didn't have any coconut near it. When I got it..I took a huge bite into...a coconut filled crust. I blurted out 'this is disgusting' which could be heard by all because it's a really really tiny restaurant. I felt bad..it's just my personal opinion about the coconut, but the waitress had no clue what was in the dessert. If you don't think it's a big deal..just imagine a food you hate..and it secretly showing up in your dessert or main entree. Not good, right? The other dessert was a chocolate pie with tart cherries. The chocolate was so bitter..that the tartness of the cherries left a 'just brushed my teeth then drank orange juice' taste in my mouth. The dining room was dark..romantically lit..which is funny because there is no chance of romantic talk in here unless you're the only ones there. The seats filled quickly and the room became warm..then hot. The door was left open to let in a cool breeze, but a woman complaied that she was cold..the waitress chose to shut the door for her and the rest of us suffered..not in silence. I heard complaints on my left and right. Although my husband and I were seated at a table alone..the other tables are pushed so close together it's more of a communal dinner feeling. So..if you like talking to strangers while eating (c'mon..I know some of you do)..and coconut..this may be a good spot for you. I know everyone's taste buds are different.

315 W 19th St, Houston, USA

homeless man

12 Jun 2013

The homeless man you saw there..well..his name is Harold. He is schizophrenic and has difficulty seeing. The staff there are extremely kind and give him coffee when he shows up. I've had conversations with Harold...he's really confused. I wish he could be helped. What can be done? I give the Crickets Creamery staff credit for giving him coffee..and food. I will remain a loyal vegan customer based on that.

418 W Willis St, Detroit, USA

Well..Well..Well..it was Good!

11 Jun 2016

Walked through downtown and parts of Cass Avenue/Cass Corridor to make it to this little gem. It was sadly window service only as they were under indoor construction...so we were unable to take a nice long leisurely look at everything they offered. The young man working there was really kind and brought several items to the window for us to look at/choose. The major hit of this place was the hibiscus ginger tea. Whoah! I'm not talkin' a bag of tea in some hot water..I'm talking about fresh ginger cooked down into a syrup and added to a very dark freshly made hibiscus tea. I will forever dream about that tea! Alsssooo...their lentil (curry?) soup was absolutely incredible..the best lentil soup I've ever had! They have minimal outdoor seating....and are next door to an organic bakery. This place is definitely worth a visit. Definitely!

3910 Kirby Dr Ste130, Houston, USA


18 Jul 2008

This used to be my favorite Indian food restaurant for years! However, the food and service have gone waaaaayyyy down in the past year or so. Their dosas are still worth the visit, but the food almost tastes microwaved and is sometimes stale. They don't have waiters/waitresses..instead the manager and busgirls take your order. Unfortunately, they don't write any of your order down and items tend to come out at separate times...and sometimes not at all. The tamarind chutney used to bring tears to my eyes..it was that good..now it's just a brown watery liquid with a hint of sour flavor. I also found a roach in my tea glass once..that was nearly enough to keep me from going back again ever, but knowing Houston and the fact that roaches out number the humans (and was perhaps unavoidable)..I gave them a few more tries. The last time I went..though..a part of my order was forgotten and several tables that had arrived after me received their food first. My food finally came out cold, greasy, didn't appear fresh, and almost tasted like there was ghee on it. It was very unsatisfying. I may try to go back again since I have a long history with the restaurant, but it's hard to crave it now..knowing how good it used to be.

9250 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, USA

One Trip

18 Jul 2008

I went here once, and the dish I ended up choosing was pretty tasty. The main issue I had here though is that I couldn't find anyone who spoke english well enough to tell me whether or not the items I was ordering were vegan or not. I haven't been in a while, but will try it again - I hear great things about their tofu desserts and bubble teas.

8800 W Sam Houston Parkway S 150, Houston, USA

Formerly Hometown Vegetarian

22 Aug 2009

Sadly Hometown Vegetarian closed down. Happily they opened up in a new location with a new name (Veggie Wonderland). Sadly it's no longer a full service restaurant - as it's been reduced to a 'mall-esque fast food' type of location in a grocery store called 'Food Town'. Happily they kept my favorite dish. The prices are wonderful. The food is incredibly good. I'd say some of the best Buddhist/Chinese in town. They don't use MSG, and the food always tastes fresh. The menu is rather limited, but I'd say every item they kept is worth eating (and I'm told all is vegan). Sadly they are most likely not going to be visited by out of towners in need of a vegan fix considering their excrutiating distance from the heart of Downtown Houston/Montrose/East End/Heights. Happily they still exist and I strive to visit them at least once a month. Oh and their water is filtered and free.

150 Main St Ste 8, Northampton, USA

Cool and Sufficient Little Market

06 Jul 2016

This market is located inside a "mall" called Thornes Marketplace. The first time I attempted to visit this place (I'm not from around those parts) my GPS took us to some other part of town. If you are utilizing the modern technology of today just GPS "Thornes Marketplace". Now that that is out of the way. what a terrific little store! Super helpful and knowledgeable staff. Nice produce selection. Great bulk section. Plenty of frozen vegan items, a grab-n-go refrigerated section which includes at least 50% vegan items (maybe more). Breads, chips, canned, boxed vegan items. Also a substantial toiletries aisle. Cool place to visit and use to stock up while traveling.

Rue des Chartreux 66, Brussels, Belgium

I Went Hungry Den Left Full

26 Jul 2016

My companion and I went to this little spot up above an organic store back in 2014. Maybe my review is null and void now, cause it's well overdue, but man, it's time to finish some of my to-do list things (such as review some darn good restaurants). This place was an oasis back in 2014. Great atmosphere and seemed super clean. It was super duper cozy, and all vegan at the time (now I am reading it is not). The food was excellent standard macrobiotic fare. The woman working there at the time and I had a slight language barrier, but with a few hand gestures and positive facial expressions all was figured out. We didn't realize that once you load your plate up with food you have to put it on a scale to weigh it...as that's how they determined the price. Not sure if this is still the drill. The prices were pretty good as I remember. The food was delicious. My eyes were bigger than my stomach because I had a bit left over, but I packed it up and all was well in the world. I'd visit it again...just to see how it has changed. Not too keen on vegan places adding non-vegan items to their menu though. That's such a disappointment in life, yo.

8029 Agnes St, Detroit, USA

Elevate Your Soul

11 Jun 2016

When picturing what a Detroit Vegan Soul place might look like...I pictured some funky little house with a family vibe to it. What we walked into was more akin to a somewhat streamlined cafe with the ambiance of a 'quick..eat your lunch..get back to work' type of joint. The food was pretty tasty, but I wouldn't say it is anything most slightly seasoned vegans couldn't make at home. Very nice to discover while traveling, and a terrific place to take that meat loving friend/family/co-worker of yours. While there I was told everything is vegan and non-gmo..the menu said that it tries to use mainly organic items when available with no mention of anything being non-gmo..so I'm not sure which it is..what they said or what the menu said. All in all it was a nice little spot in a town that seems more open to veganism than most.

1001 Fannin St m110 , Houston, USA

For that dosas fix...reconsider the tip

26 Jul 2016

This little humdinger is in the downtown area of Houston..located in the 'Tunnels'. One way to get there is through the Park Shops. Once inside the entrance (door around the side/to the left of The Texas Grille) there is an escalator (kinda hidden next to The Texas Grille, but inside the Park Shops entrance) that will take you down to the netherworld that is known as 'the tunnels' underneath Houston. Keep waking to the right once you get down those escalators and you will eventually find yourself in front of DGN. It is next to a barbecue place. This is a mall-food-court type of place with about 12 tables in front of it for people eating food from any number of places down there. There is a menu board above the register on the wall...and it lists which items are vegan. They have a Gobi Manchurian Dosa and a Sada Mysore Dosa..and maybe one other vegan dosa. They were pretty tasty and certainly one is big enough to fill a person up! They come with sambar and some kinda non-vegan looking sauce (on the side in a small disposable lidded container). I went with a companion and we each ordered a diff dosa to share. Betwixt the two of us we couldn't finish them. It is all served in styrofoam to-go containers (BOO)...and plasticware is all you'll find here. Also, they have a tip jar which turns out to be for the owners to pocket..not the staff. That was a total turnoff...and makes me wonder if it's worth the trip to dine at a place that misleads you into thinking you're tipping the workers. That being said...it's really up to whether or not you feel owners should be tipped.

2320 W Alabama, Houston, USA


26 Jul 2009

I'm a strict vegan. That means I really don't eat cheese...or casein..or whey..or eggs..or egg whites..or anything that comes from an animal. I truly don't. I seriously don't. SO when I go to a restaurant that claims to be serving me vegan food..and it turns out they aren't - I get very upset..no make that furious! That's why I won't give a good review for Field of Greens. I have been served/fed cow cheese instead of soy cheese as well as fake meats with whey and egg whites in them. I've also gotten sick after eating there. I will never go back to this place again.

395 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, USA

Yummy for your tummy

07 Sep 2009

I've eaten here several times..although I only get the chance when visiting San Francisco...um obviously. I've always had a good experience here..and tend to end up at this place on Halloween..two times as a matter of fact. It was unusual seeing children come in for trick or treating. I live in a city where that's just not the case. So that kinda added to the excitement..I mean that in a very non-dorky way. Anyway all dishes I've tried have been worth getting again: from the dumplings to the lemon chicken. I wish there was a restaurant like this in Houston.

702 N Buckner Blvd, Dallas, USA

This place was a gas..gas..gas!

25 May 2016

Pretty nifty little convenience store packed with many vegan options. Heard they even had vegan soft serve ice cream...was too full to partake (stupid small stomach!). Told the fella working there that I'd never seen such a terrific gas station store..and he replied 'working here is a gas gas gas...'. Okay, so he didn't, but I wish he had.

983 Valencia St, San Francisco, USA

Used to be a favorite

07 Sep 2009

This restaurant used to be a favorite of mine. Boy are those days looong gone. I remember back in 2005 visiting San Francisco - heading straight over to Herbivore and getting one of the best vegan meals I'd had in a long time. The following year I visited again and found the food had somewhat changed in quality - from the time it took to get the food after ordering (15 minutes on a non-busy day) to the fact that most of the food was warmish and bland. Two more years go by and I visit again just to be served bland "I just learned to cook vegan this week" type of food. I had gnocchi which was so soft and 'fall apartish' with a red water sauce trying to pass for pasta sauce. I for some crazy reason went back again the next day and tried the sweet and sour noodle soup. This dish really confused me. How can you have upwards of 8 items in a soup and yet it still tasted bland and boring?? I've worked in a few restaurants and know when a chef is preparing the food and when a new barely trained line cook is 'making' the food. It just seemed like the people making the food were no more vegan than a cattle rancher. I doubt they even know what vegan is. I am now highly disappointed in this restaurant and doubt I will return. Having said all of that..I will add that their french toast and carrot cake is pretty tasty. That's about it.

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