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10804 Bellaire Blvd Ste E (at Lion Square), Houston, Texas, USA, 77072

Houston Chinese vegetarian restaurant in a busy strip mall. Offers an extensive menu with many mock meat dishes. Food is supposed to be all-vegan. Open Mon 11:00am-11:00pm, Wed-Fri 11:00am-11:00pm, Sat 10:00am-9:00pm, Sun 10:00am-11:00pm.

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34 Reviews

First Review by TexasVegan

great food and friendly staff! - Edit

A bit over price but totally worth it! Friendly staff and delicious food I always get the vegan chicken fried steak it's a large portion so it can feed two people unless you're like me and eat a lot

Pros: good portions, friendly staff, delicious food

Cons: a bit over priced , a lot of traffic in the area

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w - Edit

Cute and cozy little spot we went today in celebration of mother's day with my daughters and granddaughters. The food was absolutely delicious but one of the servers was not the most pleasant. I do understand that there was a language barrier but the younger guy seemed to have somewhat of an attitude.
Other then that I would definitely go back... food and prices totally excellent. ...

Pros: lot of options

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Vegan Pho & Oysters - Edit

This place has delicious food in an unassuming environment. I have eaten at this restaurant about 5 times so far and every time it has been great. They have great mock meats dishes but also all vegetable dishes. I suggest for people to try to the mock fish pho soup or the vegan oysters.

If you come here for the first time I greatly suggest you dine in versus take out, a lot of the staff here do not speak english very well and you might have a hard time ordering for the first time over the phone.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty , Different

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Delic vegan food - Edit

Super delicious. Get the vegan tofu meat, pieces of fried tofu in a brown vegan "meat" sauce. There are a few things on the menu I don't like, i.e. the rolling ham. So I usually stick to my favorites.

Pros: Excellent food

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Amazing! - Edit

Not totally vegan but there is a lot of vegan options. definitely a good place to go if you crave animal products!

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Quan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant - Edit

Excellent Service and atmosphere.
Excellent vegan Asian style cuisine.

Pros: Excellent staff., Excellent service, Excellent vegan cuisine.

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Quan Yin satisfies. - Edit

Quan Yin is a go to goodie destination for Houston's vegan & vegetarian Communities, where you take people who think a meal isn't complete without meat. The menu has abundant tasty "mock meat" options to quiet that crowd, while filling them with cruelty free food.
Usually open for foodie holiday feasts, when veg options are either eat at home, or pay exorbitant prices for a hotel or restaurant buffet with only a salad & a few sides that don't include animals.
Prices moderate. Family style, where everyone orders something different & then samples, or individual servings. Quan Yin satisfies.

Pros: All vegan, Mock meats for veg curious, Good food

Cons: White rice, Tight seating when busy, Busy strip mall location

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Vegan restaurant in a vegan desert - Edit

I was losing faith in finding vegan places where I could confidently invite my non vegan friends out to dinner, and this place is def one of 2 or 3 places that I've found so far.

Pros: Lots of good dinner food.

Cons: No desserts :/

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First visit was today and I can't wait to go back! - Edit

This place is a bit out of the way for me but I am so glad that I made the drive out today! The service was very quick and the menu was huge! There were so many options to choose from - you could easily get something completely different for many, many visits.

Today we got the fried dumplings as an appetizer. They were great. My husband, who usually isn't a fan of dumplings, ate two of them!

From the entrees, our party ended up ordering the sweet and sour pork, fried rice, and the vegetable and vegan meat medley on fried noodles! Steamed rice came with one of the entrees, so there was more than enough rice to go around. Everything we got was extremely fresh and full of flavor. The portions were huge - we ended up having to take a bunch home!

The sweet and sour pork was the group favorite today. I also loved the mushrooms in the vegetable medley. Cannot wait to see what the other dishes taste like! You are definitely getting your money's worth here.

Pros: Great Value, Great Flavor, Friendly Staff

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Just ok - Edit

The food seemed average. The dishes selected did not seem very healthy.

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Good food - Edit

We had dinner here and the food was good. We had one faux meat dish with rice. The sauce was very tasty. The other dish was a vermicelli dish did not impress us that much. The food was served quickly. The price is reasonable.

Pros: All vegan , Good choice of dishes , Parking

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Deplorable - Edit

On Sunday, August 3, 2014, at approximately 1:15 p.m., I entered Quan Yin's Vegetarian Restaurant with two of my friends. After choosing a table that would accommodate the three of us, a waitress approached with a stack of menus and abruptly dropped all of them on the table. This puzzled me initially, as we only needed three menus. After sitting, talking some and deciding what each of us would order, we waited for the waitress to return. She didn't. After about 15 minutes a group of three Asian individuals entered the restaurant, were politely seated, and given menus. Their beverage order taken was promptly taken and the waitress retreated to the kitchen. We continued to sit in silence, but no server ever approached our table. After a time, we simply left. I have visited Quan Yin's Vegetarian Restaurant on several occasions, and I regret to state that this experience has been more the rule than the exception. Admittedly, the food is excellent and the prices very reasonable, but the service (for people of color) is deplorable. If you happen to be Caucasian or Asian you will find the experience rewarding. This is not an unfounded charge of racial discrimination- it is in fact an observation. Fortunately, there are several other vegan restaurants in Houston from which to choose.

Pros: Excellent food, Good Value

Cons: Deplorable service

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Excellent Vegan Chinese - Edit

I visited Quan Yin while on a business trip to Houston and really enjoyed it. The menu is huge, and filled with many items I used to enjoy before going vegetarian 9 years ago, such as cashew chicken, orange peel chicken, kung pao chicken/shrimp, etc. I had the vegan sweet and sour pork and hot and sour soup. It was so much food and all delicious. The soup especially impressed me because I used to really like that as a non veg. And I thought since it was under the appetizer menu it would be a small portion, but it could have been an appetizer for a whole family (I actually wish they had a smaller option because it can be hard to deal with leftovers while traveling). The sweet and sour pork was delicious, but note that as at many Americanized, standard Chinese restaurants, there were really not many veggies with my protein dish (some pineapples and slices of green pepper). Anyway, this is not a health food establishment, nor is it fancy, but I had an excellent meal very reminiscent of non vegetarian Chinese meals I used to eat.

Pros: Delicious faux meat dishes, Huge Portions, Extensive Menu

Cons: Not many veggies with faux meat dishes

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Tasty Vegan at a great price, huge portions - Edit

Quan Yin is 100% vegan deliciousness! I have dined a lot at this restaurant over the years and was so happy they went 100% vegan a few years ago. The flavors are superb and very authentic. Their House Special Fried Rice is the best in Houston. You'll love the Vegan Pho, the Orange Peel 'chicken', the Veggie 'beef' Gai-lan, the authentic Vietnamese-style spring rolls, and the sizzling veggie 'fish'. It's great to know everything is vegan and you don't have to ask about ingredients. If you go on a weekend, there is such an eclectic mix of customers. The servers are very sweet, even when they are extremely busy. This restaurant has been around for over a decade and you can see why. Vegan thumbs up!

Pros: Vegan, friendly staff, good price

Cons: sometimes long wait if really busy, not greatest part of town

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Great fake meats and flavors - Edit

My husband I are vegans and this place is close to our offices. We go here once in a while for lunch, usually for some fake meat dish. I call this type of food 'comfort food', because it tastes really good. You can get a Peking duck and dumplings all vegan and you wouldn’t taste the difference. This is a place where some of my carnivore friends compromise going to.

Health wise I would be careful. You will not find brown rise or grains. The vegetables are usually not the base of the dishes, but added for flavor. If it is fried or deep fried it can be oily of course.

Again, I love that places like this are available. They helped me transitioning to being a vegan and are still my 'once-in-a-blue-moon-treat'. Nutritional wise this should probably not be your main food source.

(They are closed on Mondays.)

Pros: great fake meat replacements, friendly service, 100% vegan

Cons: not very healthy diet

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Loved everything I have ordered - Edit

I don't go in for the faux meat but the Vietnamese dishes I have gotten were excellent and very reasonably priced. My wife does usually get the faux meat soups, and she likes them. Wait/cashier was quick to attend and refill waters. Kitchen was fairly quick (given their extensive menu). They are closed on Mondays.

Pros: Good Vietnamese dishes, Price, Reasonable wait for food

Cons: Not in my part of town, Closes at 9pm, Closed Mondays

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Great food - Edit

Food is AMAZING. Their salted tofu dish is among the best tofu I've had anywhere! And their cajun soup is great! Personally, I stay away from anything that has vegan squid in it (I pick it out of the cajun soup), but other than that their food is amazing!

Updated from previous review on Tuesday March 05, 2013

Pros: Food can be AMAZING , Wide menu, All vegan

Cons: Sometimes service is not great

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Mostly Vegetarian

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All vegan menu - Edit

Good food and nice prices. Staff is very accomodating to make substitutions for those who also have gluten issues.

Pros: Good Food, Good Prices, Nice Staff

Cons: Service a little slow sometimes.

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Very good! - Edit

My mother (who is not veg) actually recommended this place! She was looking for a new place for us to eat (because I am vegetarian), and came across this restaurant. We went (after much difficulty finding the place) and tried it out, and it was very very good. :) My mother even enjoyed it very much! She loved the veg beef. Salt-toasted tofu was amazing! I ordered some lo mein, and I loved it!

Pros: great food, good service, good value

Cons: difficult to find

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yummy - Edit

I will go back just for the Quan Yin soup

Pros: Vegan

Cons: far

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Delish Vegan - Edit

I had the pleasure of finally making it out to Quan Yin. This restaurant had been on my short list for like, two years!

We had six different dishes: spring rolls, fried mushrooms, sweet/sour soup, tofu curry, spicy eggplant, and stir fried bean sprout dish. They were all very good. I especially like faux meat - the vegan ham and beef were very good in the stir-fry. I think the highlight was the soup which was so fresh and full of flavor. Every dish was delicious. I definitely plan on going back.

Pros: Fresh, Variety, Vegan

Cons: Small wait staff, TV in background

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Not a health restaurant - Edit

Maybe I am wrong, but to me a vegan is not only a person who avoids eating all animal products, but also a person who wants to eat healthy. Since meat, dairy and oil are now known to be the very cause of cardiovascular disease (read EAT TO LIVE by Dr. JOel Fuhrman) being a vegan means we want and need to know who serves vegetarian, healthy food.

Well, this place is a complete joke if you want healthy food. Everything, and I mean everything on the menu is either deep fried or stir fried. Even the soups are loaded with oil by the managements own admission.

Are they themselves health conscious and educated on a healthy lifestyle? NO Way. They think that deep fried is great and oil is king. They acted like I was a nut for asking if there was at least one dish that did not have oil. This place does not even have brown rice.

And as for the fake meat dishes. Hydrolyzed Soy protein. And whey. If you call that healthy and even vegan, you and I are not on the same page as to what being vegan is all about.

If you like deep fried so much and if you like oil so much, heck, just go to McDonalds and get fries and a Big Mac.

Vegan is more than just not eating animal products, its about eating healthy and this place does not have the slightest idea what eating healthy means.

Pros: no animal products

Cons: oil, oil, oil

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harrybhappy 20 Feb 2012 - I have to agree with you, just being Vegan does not always mean healthy, I have also come to find out that they microwave many of their dishes. Under their original ownership, they made amazing food but when they sold to new owners the quality dropped severely. Still I go back every 4 to six months trying to see if it gets better, be well,happy, and healthy  

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joyofveganism 12 Jul 2012 - I don't necessarily agree with you on vegan=healthy. My personal reasons why I became vegan was because I did not agree with the cruelty that goes into the meat industry. I pretty much eat healthy meals, but theres nothing wrong with enjoying a greasy indulgent meal, and this place hits the spot! And I mean they are VEGAN! I applaud them for that.  

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rvasquez 23 Dec 2012 - I have to disagree with you that a vegan is someone who necessarily wants to eat healthy; I'm healthy by default, but only became vegan for animal reasons. If you don't like fake meat, then this is not the place for you. I don't think they're trying to represent themselves as a "healthy" restaurant, and they have pictures of all their dishes on their website so you can get a pretty good idea of what they have. Sorry you didn't like it, but personally it's my favorite!  

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veganwerewolf 16 Dec 2013 - I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. This is why vegans get a bad rap; why we're considered anorexic; and why people think vegan food is bland/disgusting.

I think by making vegan food more appealing to the general public, it will be accepted more readily. Being vegan is about not eating animals. If I want to deep fry some onion rings, I'm going to do so, and I don't care if it was fried in vegetable oil. If it's just onion, flour and cornmeal deep fried in vegetable oil, who cares? Eat what makes you happy as long as you aren't eating animals.

That said, if they use whey, then that is definitely not vegan. That, I will agree with.  

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ok but can enhance the menu and setting. - Edit

The menu was filled with mock meat recipes, which I'm not sure would appeal to a vegetarian. Was hoping for just a nice vegetable selection but only found a handful or so options. Overall ok but they have an opportunity to do better.

Pros: mock meat

Cons: few non-mock meat options, location & setting

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TexasVegan 06 Sep 2013 - Why wouldn't mock meats appeal to vegetarians or vegans? I've been vegan nearly 18 years. This place is my favorite restaurant in Houston. I very seldom make it over there because it's so far - but it's fantastic.  

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Disappointed - Edit

Oh my where do I start... My husband and I had been trying to get out to Quan Yin for a while after hearing so many good reviews about it and it is so close to Loving Hut and Pine Forest Garden which we frequent a lot, so finally we decided to have lunch there this Saturday afternoon and words can't describe our disappointment. Maybe we had our expectations set too high? We ordered the fried dumplings, chicken curry, and kung pao chicken. Dumplings were drowining in oil but after drying them off in our napkins they were good; First, no choice of brown or white rice... the chicken curry was breaded (??wha??)strips of soy chicken product with what seemed like frozen peas and cubed carrots as the veggies (so few we could count them)in a disappointing dreary sauce, the kung pao I asked for not spicy which it wasn't, which was nice, but asked for broccoli (which was $2 extra to add broc...?) but the vegan chicken seemed like it was just warmed in a microwave and un-or very under-cooked. I was just puzzled the entire time. I couldn't believe this was the place everyone was gushing over. I was wondering if we were in the right place. The service was beyond slow and we were one of three occupied tables. I ate about 4 bites of the kung pao and actually didn't even want to take the rest home which is insanely rare for me because I am a HUGE leftovers person who hates wasting food. [edit by staff]

Pros: vegan

Cons: microwaved food?, slow service, bland

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Mmmm...Yum - Edit

Excellent, authentic Asian vegan food with a ginormous menu (including photos of every dish) and good portions at good prices. Try the Green Pepper Steak(topped with cilantro and peanuts), the Roasted Vegan Pork(if you're like me and dig crispy stuff), the Orange Peel Vegan Chicken, the egg rolls(told you I like crispy), the fried dumplings, and the Seaweed soup. Heck, try everything else while you're at it. Methinks it's one of the best restaurants in Texas, and although it is an absolute travesty that Quan Yin isn't next door to my house, it's totally worth the long drive from the inner city.

Pros: fantastic food, good value, nice staff

Cons: long drive from inner city

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Nice place great food! - Edit

Just a nice and pleasant place with great food.

Pros: food, price, clean

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I'm going back - Edit

I enjoyed the restaurant and the meal. It was pretty busy the whole time I was there. I had Eggplant in spicy sauce (though not so spicy) and salted Tofu. I really like getting tofu and trying different versions of fried tofu to find things I can try at home. I probably won't get this again, only because I should stay away from the salt. I did like it, I was hoping for the inside to be softer, but alas it wasn't. Very good just the same. Spoke with a man on the way out, I told hom I found him via Happy Cow. He said they were 100% Vegan now. That they used to have dairy in some of their dishes but don't any longer. I saw the previous note about whey products, didn't know that, didn't ask, so you probably should check if that's a concern. I will be back, am anxious to try one of the dishes with the mock chicken.

Pros: Good food, Reasonbly priced, within 20 mins. of my hotel

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