Vegan supermarket est. in 2011 as the first of three Veganz flagship stores in Berlin. Located not far from the Schönhauser Allee Arcades. Features an assortment of more than 2,500 plant-based foods as well as everyday items. Reported closed November 2022.

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First Review by beatlebum


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04 Sep 2022

Is this paradise?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked in! Wow! So much choice!!!! They also have a zero waste section where you can bulk foods.



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25 Aug 2022

My favourite vegan shop

I love this place. When I lived in Berlin, I used to go every week. They have a big selection of vegan products in affordable prices and something new every time.
Also the coffee shop is amazing. Can't wait to go back there in September

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Friendly staff , Affordable prices

Cons: Nothing


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10 Aug 2022

Love it✨

I was amazed by the number of items in the shop, there was great variety. The stuff is super friendly


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23 Jul 2022

A Vegans Dream Store

I first tried Veganz Doppelkeks a few years back which made me excited to finally get to go to a Veganz store. I’m from Portland which has a couple of vegan grocery stores which are great but Veganz has an edge when it comes to there in-house brand and pricing aggressively.

Products here are priced fairly and I was happy to see some rarely found baked items such as croissants and vegan hotdogs in pastry dough. While I didn’t have time to try the Veganz pizza, it looked great and was priced at just around €3.00 which seemed like a great value.

A couple other things I noticed were an excellent selection of vegan cheeses, ready-made items, and a bulk product section. Additionally, I saw a bunch of skin care products which is nice as they are all cruelty free.

Veganz is one of the best places to visit if you’re vegan and I would love to see one open in Portland were I’m sure it would succeed.

Pros: Fully Vegan, Great Value, Has fresh baked items


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11 Jul 2022

So cool

So amazing to have a fully vegan supermarket with so many great options

Pros: Fully vegan , Affordable , Loads of choice


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21 Jun 2022

Best vegan grocer

Well stocked with a wide variety of vegan options ranging from packaged products to freshly prepared deli drinks and meals. As a vegan, it's so lovely to come and shop here. Wish I had one in my own neighborhood at home!


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02 Jun 2022

Große Auswahl, alles vegan

Der Veganz Supermarkt hat viele Produkte, die sich in bspw. Bioläden etc. nicht finden lassen. Man spart sich auch die Mühe, ständig nach dem "vegan" Label zu suchen. Super Laden 🙂

Pros: Große Auswahl , Alles vegan, Kleine Frischetheke


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30 May 2022

Super Auswahl

Der Supermarkt hat eine gute Auswahl und es mangelt an nichts. Jedoch ist er leider etwas teurer, was dazu führt, dass die Produkte nicht für alle Menschen gleich verfügbar sind.

Pros: Alles vegan

Cons: Teuer


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25 Feb 2022

Magical grocer

This store is magical and has everything. Even a vegan cheese monger and butcher! It’s wild and I wanted to give them all my money. Highly recommend!


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23 Dec 2021


I was amazed of how many products they have. Certainly the best place I've been, vegan speaking. I wish I could have one like this near me


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25 Oct 2021

Great selection

While visiting Berlin I checked out Veganz just to have a look around, was so impressed by the number of items in the shop, there was great variety. I'm not used to finding vegan chocolate bars, candy, etc., it was nice to see them there. The prices were reasonable, and they currently have advent calendars and holiday cakes in stock which I haven't seen elsewhere.


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12 Sep 2021

Great to have a vegan supermarket

It's really awesome to have an entire supermarket that's vegan. Everything you need under one roof. There are frozen and refrigerated goods, dry goods and fresh veggies/fruits, unpacked nuts and staples, and lots of confectionary. If you need something specific like vegan cheese or carrot salmon, frozen pizzas or liquid smoke, this is the place to come. The prices are a little high but not higher than elsewhere - veganism is still a niche and they import many of the things.

I find their own brand is good for some things like the dried goods, but I really don't like some things like the protein bars.

There is a section for cosmetics, toiletries, and pets, and also a cake and cafe section.

The staff are pretty nice and there are often items on sale in the fridge section.

My biggest issue with Veganz is the sheer amount of plastic packaging everywhere. I know it's not their focus, but it's a bit overwhelming at times.

Pros: Vegan supermarket!, Incredible selection

Cons: Some items are expensive, Too much plastic packaging


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17 May 2021

Good unpacked supermarket. Great vegan (frozen) pizza

A great selection of unpacked/unverpackt food.
They also have a deli counter that I haven't bought from yet. Looks tasty!
I particularly like/can recommend:
Big soy pieces
wholemeal cornflakes
Sundried tomatoes
wheat gluten
Really good (frozen) pizzas
Yeast flakes/Hefeflocken
VEGANZ chocolate bar with coconut inside (blue and orange packaging)

Lovely staff

Pros: Good selection of unpacked food, Friendly staff


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11 Apr 2020

Wish this would be in my city, too

It’s quite a big shop / almost like a supermarket and everything is vegan. There are also nuts or soy steaks which you can fill in your own box. Moreover, it has a nice atmosphere and it is very tidy.


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04 Apr 2020

Second largest Veganz

This branch of the vegan supermarket chain is about half the size of the one at Warschauer Straße in Friedrichshain.

Nevertheless, it offers their immense variety of vegan and partially environmental friendly products, including vegan cosmetics, pet food and even coal for bbqs.

Due to Corona, the bakery/bistro section is not in operation, but the supermarket is running its regular business.

If you are a student, unemployed or in possession of the "Berlinpass", you are eligible to ask for a 10% discount on Tuesdays.

Pros: large selection of products, discount on Tuesdays


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07 Dec 2019

Infinity of options!

I can find here a LOT of things that I cannot find in Austria, in the pretty traditional region I live. I bought a lot of stuff and stuffed them inside my luggage lol. Bought also a vegan pizza (pesto cheese pizza) which I baked at the airbnb I stayed during my trip - was amazing! Very easy to find and friendly staff. Worth a visit!


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01 Nov 2019

Huge selection

It has the size of a smaller super market and it’s all vegan. They even offer fresh fruit and vegetables.

Pros: Fresh fruit and vegetable, All vegan, Huge selection


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21 Oct 2019

Small, but exactly what you expect

Veganz offers a good selection of vegan alternatives with a huge chilled section. They also have fresh veggies and a lot of dried products and snacks.


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26 Sep 2019

My absolute supermarket favorite

This supermarket offers everything that your veggie heart desires. Friendly and welcoming staff that can also help you easily if you're looking for something specific. Must visit if you ever pop by Prenzlauer Berg

Pros: Huge vegan sortiment, Friendly, knowledgeable staff


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13 Sep 2019

Wish these were everywhere

Great shop, with everything a vegan could want. Wish these were everywhere.


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02 Sep 2019

Probablemente el mejor lugar vegan del mundo

Me parece excelente que la tienda sea 100% vegan. Tienen muchos productos para comprar en la tienda y comida muy sabrosa para comer ahí o para llevar.

Pros: Muy sabroso, Mucha variedad para elegir, Buenos precios


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02 Sep 2019

Supermercado vegano

Encuentras de todo y a buen precio. Tiene hasta zona de cafeteria con bollos y bocadillos para llevar o comer ahí.
La única pega, si vas en Agosto te mueres de calor, no hay ventiladores si quiera (como en la mayoría de locales en Berlín)

Pros: Todo es vegano

Cons: Mucho calor en verano


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29 Jul 2019

Everything is vegan

It's so nice to enter a store and know that everything is vegan, great selection of products.

Pros: Lots of options along with take out sandwiches

Cons: Seemed a little expensive, The heat in the shop was unbelievable?!


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20 Dec 2018

bad experience.

there is no fresh food here...


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04 Apr 2018

Great vegan supermarket!

All supermarkets should be like this!

An amazing choice of vegan products, and there is a little bar in it as well, ideal for breakfast and lunch, all vegan.

Pros: Great vegan supermarket, a most do!

Cons: None


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09 Dec 2017

A real gem

Oh you lucky guys who live in Berlin! You must be blessed with this place. I know it pretends to be a supermarket, but the real gem of Veganz is their own brand. Their chocolates, sweets, processed foods, etc. are very good: one better, other worse, but still worth trying. It is a must for every tourist passing by Berlin.

I liked this place more than the one in Warschauer Strasse, seems bigger.

Updated from previous review on 2017-12-09

Pros: veganz chocolates, bars, vegan cheeses, vegan Baileys

Cons: processed foods, but is OK from time to time


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29 Nov 2017

fab store

Great shop although it’s really more of a health food store than a supermarket but so what.

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